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Zade Santello is a supporting character in The Demon's Light. He joined the Port City Eight after an encounter in the Blackwell Forest.


Zade is a man in his mid-thirties, who usually wears a rugged dark brown coat, a tan shirt underneath, dark gray pants and black goggles covering his eyes. He has white hair and wears a backpack that contains many items, such as weapons or drinks. He also carries around a large hiking stick.


Zade is a composed and humble traveler, who enjoys wandering around into strange lands and is intrigued by the unknown. Despite being blind, he often states that he can still engage in combat, as he doesn't want to be seen as useless. Following the loss of his original home to a flood, he is determined to find himself a new suitable home for himself.


Zade originally belonged to a large group of travelers who lost their town due to a disastrous flood. With nowhere to go, they ventured to the Blackwell Forest. However, as they arrived, they encountered the Beast of the Blackwell Forest, Crolak. It proceeded to kill them all, except for Zade, who did his best to protect himself from the beast. However, he lost his vision to the monster in the process.

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