Dr. Yu Ruolan Xiao Li is a minor character in Season One and a supporting character in Season Two of The Demon's Light. She is the wife of Wen Li and co-owner of Plant Empire.


Yu Li is an elderly woman with many wrinkles and age marks. She has gray hair which she often wears in crown braids and a bun. Yu's daily attire includes long, ankle-length skirts, wool sweaters, coats, and the occasional shawl. For footwear, she wears white knee socks and Mary Janes.


She is very kind and ambitious. She cares deeply about Wen Li, his family, and Da Chang and is very passionate about her work. Yu is optimistic and is a reliable and responsible person. She is exceedingly humble and modest and extremely sincere. Yu is also selfless and gives to others as much as she can. While she cannot fight as well as her younger self, what she lacks in physical abilities, she makes up for in knowledge. At a young age, her parents got her interested in botany and floristry.


In 285 TP, she married Wen Li and encouraged him to open Plant Empire.

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