Template:Infobox character Xeren is a demonic figure of intense power, and is the main antagonist of the first two seasons of The Demon's Light.


Xeren is a muscular, ten foot tall horned figure, who wears a sleeveless black top embroidered with intricate white designs in an almost Aztec-esque style, and he wears a black cuirass overtop. Most of his arms are exposed, but he partially covers them with black couters and gauntlets. Xeren's legs are covered by dark gray pants with black greaves and sabatons. Overall, he is not flashy.

His skin is a pale purplish-blue and very dry and cracked, giving off a scaly appearance. His lower jaw, absolutely destroyed from a decisive battle during the Great War, is replaced by a large metal jaw, with two small spikes jutting from the chin. His nose is sunken like a skeleton's, and his face is gaunt yet powerful.

His eyes are bright white, void of pupils, and his horns are pitch black. They shine in the light, and are constantly polished and sharpened whenever necessary.


Xeren, formerly a god, created the realm known as Euclid. Unfortunately, due to early, small portals from Eden, Demons came to this world in its prehistoric stages. Xeren, roaming the planet in the form of a regal human, eventually fell in love with a Demon woman, bearing a child known as Kaz.

Unbeknownst to Xeren, blind with love and happiness, his wife was grooming their son to steal Xeren's soul so that she could rule. Kaz, who was quite intelligent, decided to do this with the inherited godly powers as well as his mother's dark magic, and promptly murdered his mother to take power himself, though he did not account for what would become of Xeren without his soul.

Xeren was enraged, and this rage manifested into a form similar to that of a massive Demon, which Xeren decided to take the identity of. No longer was he Xeren, God of Euclid. Instead, he was Xeren, the Demon King. Changing his form to a smaller one, Xeren used many women to bear his children, who would be raised to be obedient servants to him. He also, notoriously, orphaned people and took them in as soldiers, forming the lowest rank of his military.


Xeren is a highly intelligent being, and has a lack of empathy and emotion, due to his soulless nature. He feels only rage and apathy, not even glee when committing atrocities. He kills anyone if they disobey, believing them to be of no use.

Unfortunately, despite creating his children for war, he has a primal connection to them, one so embedded in his psyche that he cannot stand letting them die. That is, except for Kaz. Kaz could burn in hell, for all Xeren cared.

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