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Xeren is minor, posthumous character in The Demon's Light. He is a deity that created the planet Euclid and all life native to it, including humans.


Xeren is a muscular, ten-foot-tall figure, who wears a white suit of armor, with golden sashes throughout it. Most of his arms are exposed, but he partially covers them with black couters and gauntlets. Xeren's legs are covered by dark gray pants with black greaves and sabatons.

His skin is a pale white, along with his eyes, which are void of pupils. A gold-plated crown often sits upon his bald head.


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In his original form, Xeren allied with the demons in a war against their creator, Vritra, another deity. Vritra's angels and Xeren's demons fought for control of Eden, a world created by Vritra, in a long-lasting war.

The other deities, known as the Powers, initially refused to intervene, however Xeren's eventual slaying of Vritra forced them to take action. Xeren was killed and his soul departed from his body. The soul, a glowing red sphere, ascended into Euclid's atmosphere and began to orbit around the planet. Centuries later, fragments of it could still be seen streaking across the sky.

Despite the deaths of Xeren and Vritra, the war between angels and demons continued. The deity's son Cicero sought to find the soul to empower himself and enact revenge on the Powers. After the demon army had invaded Euclid, Alchemilia Corporation opened a portal and brought the angels from Eden. Humans had looked to the angels as their saviors only to find they were indifferent to (or wholly against) the preservation of their species and civilization.

302 years after the war had been brought to Euclid, Savannah Whitesmith was born in the village of Jasinski, Thales. She was the reincarnation of Xeren as his soul sought new hosts over the years, all dying upon reaching adulthood due to being unable to sustain the mass-energy of his soul.

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