"There is so very much to learn... You understand so little." —Xanvi, "In Somnis Veritas"

Xanvi is an extra-dimensional being, Oneirois-class reality manipulator, and the founder of the Dream Eaters.


Xanvi wears black robes that hide his face.

When disguised as John Fontaine, Xanvi dresses himself in black coats and turtlenecks, along with a prosthetic eye. At the time of "Primo Victoria." he dressed in an Alchemilia uniform.


In much the same way that a dream is simply an extension of the dreamer's mind, Xanvi sees himself as the center of reality itself. Xanvi considers the world around him to be an extension of his own being, and he feels a need to make sure that he is in control of every aspect of 'himself.'

Xanvi is incredibly well-read and intelligent, though he prefers endeavors of philosophical nature to the sciences. Due to his personal philosophy and beliefs, Xanvi cannot understand why an individual would commit to an action that doesn't directly benefit them.


Xanvi resided on a moon of Midgarde known as Sabin for a very long period. At some point, he brought apprentices from various realities to serve him and carry out his ambitions. Xanvi and his apprentices made contact with Euclid, becoming very important figures in Munese tribal mythology. Xanvi personally spoke to a king known as Nzulk, offering the monarch the ability to become an apprentice if he created a device that would allow Xanvi to enter Euclid physically. The king declined, preferring his social status and position.

Eventually, the Powers discovered Xanvi's numerous dimensional travels, and attempted to stop him. A fight ensued, in which the Power Iblis ultimately killed one of the apprentices known as Supay. In retaliation, Xanvi triggered an event which would result in the death of a large swath of Sabin's population. Xanvi and his apprentices fled to a small desert planet. The seven survivors came to discover a device that would allow them again to enter Euclid, which they took full advantage of.


  • Levitation - One of Xanvi's more mundane abilities, he is able to defy gravity to a degree where he can hover up to four feet off the ground.
  • Dream Manipulation - Xanvi is able to traverse dreams and control them, giving himself an incredible degree of reality warping power within them.
  • Illusion Generation - Xanvi has the ability to create incredibly vivid illusions, able to mimic every sensation including touch. He uses this ability to "shapeshift," without truly changing his form.
  • Telekinesis - Xanvi can move relatively small objects with his mind, though nothing that he wouldn't be able to pick up himself.
  • Energy Draining - Xanvi gains sustenance from draining plants and animals of their energy through touch.
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