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"IT IS TIME TO GET FUNKY! Let's have some fun in Thales!" —Wen Li

Wen Li, also known as Wan Li, Short Round, Jackie Chan, Master Wu, Egg Shen, and Mr. Miyagi, is a character in The Demon's Light. He owns Vegetation Station.


He is very, very old and Asian. He sports a Fu Manchu and spiky white eyebrows, which were unfortunately sprained permanently when he was 12 years old. He enjoys wearing greasy, stained robes and rice hats. He is surprisingly agile and graceful despite his old age.


Wen Li was born to Shen and Sunshine Li in her private hospital within her mansion. Frequently during his youth and upbringing in Hala, Sunshine would beat Wen Li senseless, even once causing him to sprain his eyebrows. He and his father soon boarded a salty fishing boat to escape the demon that was Sunshine Li and move to Silivia. There, Wen Li started driving buses illegally to the to support his sickly father. He soon came to the realization that old people are burdens and left Shen to fend for himself in an alleyway behind a barbershop. Wen Li quickly became a good friend of Missa Alchemilia and gained his respect. After a sudden dispute involving a comb, a trash can, and a camel, enraged, Li shot Gabriel.

They went their separate ways and Li moved on to fuck up the sciences. He enrolled into the University of Silivian Biology where he studied botany with his future waifu, Yu Li. After graduating, they married and with the help of Da Fangchangjangyangmang and his rich parents, they opened Vegetation Station. There, he lived out his days, a hermit, slowly rotting on the inside becoming an empty shell until one day, a drunk young man stumbled into his shop, bought some low quality plants, and dragged Li to a mandatory brunch meeting at a warehouse or something. They made some cookies and celebrated Hallowthankstermas or something and then went and trespassed on and bombed up Big Gabe's quaint little cottage. Whatever.


Li has the personality of a rock. He is a very bland, overrated, and frankly unneeded character in The Demon's Light. I support his deletion. — Quinton1721, He Who Will Fight All of Asia 21:28, March 20, 2020 (UTC)

Role in Series

Wait, what's Role in Series? Never heard of it.



  • He likes plants.
  • He looks old.
  • He is eccentric.
  • He hates the color brown.
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