The following is a list of weapons featured in The Demon's Light.


This section is for weapons such as clubs, swords, knives, etc.


Ahriman is a longsword created by Xeren. When Dasim asked the Power what would happen if he was defeated in battle, Xeren showed him the sword. When Xeren held it, the blade became dirt. The dirt fell, revealing ice beneath it. The god switched hands. The ice became smoke, then flame, then something Dasim could not perceive. Xeren claimed that if he was to be defeated in battle, he would enter the next with Ahriman in hand.


Melissa Devlin's favorite dagger given to her by her father before he died.

Plasma sword

Chris Wellington comes equipped with this weapon, which is useful in fights and cutting through objects. Unlike a normal sword, however, it provides Chris with substantial amount of energy by harnessing kinetic energy from motion.

Marshall's butterfly knife

A butterfly knife Marshall took from the armory in the Laboratory of the Mind. In "Safe Haven," Marshall threw it to Samuel.

Li's dao

Wen Li's dao was a fine Halan steel dao from the armory in the Laboratory of the Mind. Li dropped it when he surrendered to Nabi.

Vorpal Blade

The Vorpal Blade was a sickle-sword known as a khopesh wielded by the Munese king Nzulk, who was believed to be an immortal demigod. It later fell into the hands of the Dream Eater Xanvi. A replica was kept in a monastery owned by the Chang family.


This section is for weapons such as guns, magic wands, etc.

Atticus' pistol

While preparing for the attack on Remnant Rock, Atticus Anoethite and his group were taken to an armory where he choose this gun for his weapon of choice.

Baptiste's pistol

A standard-issue Alchemilia Corporation service pistol used by Baptiste Rousseau from "Bare Trees" to "Silver Lights." After he threatened Dexter and Savannah with it, Savannah unintentionally manipulated reality and brought it to her possession. Savannah gave the pistol to Dexter to dispatch Baptiste's goons. Dexter keeps the gun following the confrontation at Manta.

Throwing knives

Small handheld knives that can be thrown at small distances.

Integrity and Deference

Two pistols named by Marshall that were acquired from the armory in the Laboratory of the Mind, to be used during the attack on Remnant Rock.

Magnus' revolver

Magnus wields a silver double-action revolver. In "Silver Lights," Magnus attempts to use it against Aaron Fontaine. The shot misses. Aaron subsequently disarms Magnus, taking the gun. He uses it to incapacitate Magnus and the other mobsters.

Natalya's shotgun

Natalya Smirnov wields a 12-gauge shotgun.

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