I have to admit, The Demon's Light Wiki has undergone some rapid improvement in the past few months. Just a few months ago, The Demon's Light Wiki was a candy-store, were everyone could come in and be promoted to bureaucrat and administrator instantly. At one point, there were 55 bureaucrats and 108 chat moderators. Fifty-five users free to completely do whatever they wanted, and they had no limit, there weren't even any rules.

Let's take a moment to analyze some of the most recent improvements on The Demon's Light Wiki.


This one is, without a doubt, perhaps the greatest achievement The Demon's Light Wiki has made in the past few months. As stated above, the Wiki once had 55 bureaucrats, as well as 108 chat moderators. Have a look at, Special:ListUsers. As of now, there are currently 'four bureaucrats. Seven' chat moderators. Some users during the early period of The Demon's Light Wiki could not even dream about reducing the staff to this small of a number. All of the current staff were hand-picked, no-one simply came in, and were instantly promoted. 


As stated in the introduction, there were no rules. No rules whatsoever. Go to the Wiki Rules, A complete set of rules. All punishments are now clearly defined, and users now understand how to conduct themselves in the chatroom.

There are also page guidelines. For the longest time, anyone could make a page, good or bad, and it would just stay there. There are now a complete set of guidelines found on the rules pages, along with an efficient system to delete pages: if a page violates the guidelines, they are given a one-week period to fix it. Pages that were poorly written, had no relation to the roleplay, are now finally being improved. 


Thanks to the fantastic coding team, The Demon's Light Wiki has acquired: a nice front page, a fully functional chat bot, username colors, various templates, the WHAM! script, profile tags, chat hacks. and more emoticons. 


The Demon's Light Wiki has a bright future. If we were able to achieve all of this in the span of a few months, imagine what it will be like in the future. We must continue to accomplish more, if we stay on the right path.

Before this blog ends, let's thank everyone who helped:

    1. TheKorraFanatic, Rick Sanhez, and South Ferry for assisting in the demotions.
    1. South Ferry for proposing and drafting the original rules, editing the rules, providing page guidelines and roleplay guidelines
    2. TheKorraFanatic and Messenger of Heaven for overhauling the rules to fit more with the ideas of The Demon's Light Wiki
    1. Fully functional chat bot, chat hacks -- Mario&LuigiBowser'sInsideStory
    2. Username colors -- South FerryMario&LuigiBowser'sInsideStory, Rick Sanhez, Chase McFly, Social Innocent
    3. Profile tags -- Rick Sanhez
    4. More emoticons -- Mario&LuigiBowser'sInsideStory, Messenger of Heaven, South Ferry, Rick Sanhez
    5. Suggesting WHAM!, Front Page, Various Templates -- South Ferry

And of course, to Teira Harpuia for founding this Wiki.

-South Ferry (Talk) (Contrib) 01:00, June 22, 2017 (UTC)

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