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1- Downtown Freezy - Downtown Freezy be the straightest bruh on TDL. You may be going "wtf no JFL" but hear me out: Downtown Freezy does not rub his straightness in everyone's face, even going so far as to act a little gay. He be so secure about being straight that HE jokes around.

2- Professor Hartington - Hartington be number 2 on our list. Hartington does not flaunt "hot girls" or "hoes" around. Why would he do this? Same as Downtown Freezy; straight 


Straighter than gay but not straightest:

1- Qstlijku - This man.. this man plays all kinds of straight games: GTAV, Mafia, Half-Life - and almost never links females he considers "hot"

2- South Ferry - Ferry be black; and gay black people are extremely rare - so chances are he be straight are 68.1/2% - 

3-Endercat TM - Claims to be bi, but could not name one female she finds hot other than Emma Wattson - What comes to mind about Watson be that  Watson played some role in Harreh Pottah when like she was a kid - and females are most manly from 0-13 - making Endercat TM very straight  for a bi 


1- TheKorraFanatic - TheKorraFanatic commonly flaunts his harem and random hot foids; along with having Kpop female icons in skimpy clothing - sounds insanely gay to me. Any straight man would not put it in your face, but do you KNOW who would? A gay. THE biggest gay. 

2- Quinton1721 - Quinton1721 be a bisexual obviously attracted to Downtown Freezy and Hartington; coincidentally the two straightest users. He tries to hide his gayness by acting like he hates those two - sound familiar? Quinton1721 BE a tsundere. 

3- Messenger of Heaven - MoH may seem straight for a bi, but do not let looks deceive you - MoH has pandered to the local leftist (non-communist) sides of several communities - while going on several straight tangents on TDLC before. Clearly very gay