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The Demon's Light Gaiden: Shadows of Eden serves as a sidestory to the traditional version of The Demon's Light. In this sidestory, members of the Demonic Coalition serve as the main characters and the plot revolves entirely around them and their battles to unite the realm of Eden under one true ruler.

The series begins a good few months before the events of The Demon's Light, and continues to run in parallel with the main series.


Episode One - The Demonic Coalition

An introductory episode to those unfamiliar with the characters of the Demonic Coalition. Viper serves as the narrator, detailing the history of the Coalition and providing a brief introduction to its characters. There is little to no character development in this episode, seeing as it is just a rundown of the situation.

Episode Two - A Suspicious Snake

An episode focused around Cottonmouth and Viper. Seems one of the two were responsible for eating Lord Diamondback's final piece of food, and he will be having none of it. The two generals investigate each other to the best of their abilities. Serving as a comedic episode, this eases readers into the characters that will be featured in the series.

Episode Three - Darkling Woods

The first truly serious of all the episodes. There is no main character, as the perspective swaps between Keelback, Lord Diamondback, Viper and Cottonmouth almost equally. Cottonmouth and Viper lead a distraction unit into enemy territory, where they are pursued into the Darkling Woods - a large and dense forest populated with many dead trees. Keelback launches an ambush, setting the forest ablaze while the Demonic Coalition escapes safely. This is the first of their many victories, and the episode shows to highlight their power.

Episode Four - TBA

Diamondback probably does something stupid and everyone else has to fix it. Keelback probably outsmarts everyone. Who knows, I'm still working on it.