Hello everyone, welcome to The TDL awards based off of this blog I will be using some of Pyro's categories plus adding some of my own.

You can nominate any TDL member it has to be someone whose a member of the wiki though, you can nominate more then one person per category you can not nominate yourself nominations will be closed on June 28th and another blog with the final voting for the people with the most nominations will be held. The categories are:

Most Chatty:
Best Friend Duo (please nominate two people):
Most Opinionated:
Best Username:
Most Likely To Be Here In 10 Years:
Life of the Party:
Most Random:
Most Helpful:
Best Avatar:
Most Creative:
The Memest:
The Evilest:
The Best Friends trio (must name 3 people):
The Coolest:

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