The Beginning

The Demon's Light Wiki was founded by Teiko14 to promote her book. The first members were Teiko14, Saphiraa17, BaronessLagomorph, AnonyomousTaylor 2161 TheKorraFanatic, and myself.  We had fun at The Demon's Light Wiki, laughing and enjoying oursleves we would roleplay and play Truth or Dare it was fun and free there were no rules or anything we thought that was a good thing but we were wrong. Later, we asked some of their friends to come.

Teiko14 decided to promote everyone. At the time it seemed like a great idea. Sadly, none of us knew the problems it would cause. We were all new at running Wikis, if we knew then what this mass promotion would cause, we would have never of considered it.  after more users started to come the 'no rules.' thing turned out to be a huge mistake.

Everything changed the day the user "The Real Murph" joined The Demon's Light Wiki. Teiko promoted me to bureaucrat, and I proceeded to make the other bureaucrats. The first day the real Murph attacked The Demon's Light Wiki, he had over twenty accounts. I was banning The Real Murph repeatedly with the assistance of my brother Korra and friends. The Troll attacked everyday for weeks with army of accounts . Everyone who helped in the resistance of the first attack was promoted. The infamous events are known as The Battle of The Demon's Light Wiki.


As The Real Murph attacked, more bureaucrats and administrators were promoted to assist. Sadly, it got to the point were there were way too many administrators, and infighting began. There were rebellions, and arguments. There were two conflicting ideals, some people believed staff should be elected and the people should have a say in what is going on, and others believed that a select team of staff should make the rules.


Despite all of this fighting however, the Wiki was still united with one common goal in mind, the eradication of The Real Murph, which is why we are still together. Soon after this, The Demon's Light Wiki joined a network known as "The People's Wikis of Wikiacare". This network tried to assist in the re-unification of this Wiki, and provided rules. These rules governed the Wiki for sometime, but eventually Korra and I opted for modified rules from the Jane The Killer Wiki with some of the wikiacare rules.

Speedit, a moderator at Community Central, told The Demon's Light Wiki that "Most active Wikis have a touch of drama centered around one topic, and one person is trolling or badgering them constantly. It is impressive you have a system to deal with it."

There will always be fighting at The Demon's Light Wiki, but we are a strong community built around friendship, and we will continue to grow.

Things I've learn from this. 

You can make a wiki free but everything needs rules if not everything falls apart,always remeber who your frien ds are we had alot of people leave during all this but are true friends stayed to help. TDL is more then just a community it's a family that we hope will continue to grow

Written by Messenger Deception and Revised by South Ferry.Some grammar edits by Chase Martin.

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