As TDL grows we need to reach out to other communites who have the skills that will help us grow. I have been discussing with other wikis about potential partnerships: In these parterships we both have things we must do to help make each wiki grow. Such as,

  • Promoting parters with a channal on the wiki servers named "partered-servers" promoting each other and shall give slight updates to make people intrested.
  • Making a small discusses post giving a shout out to the wiki and just a small info to what it's about.
  • Following each other on twitter, and giving a shout out once a month to the wikis twitter account.
  • Giving shout-outs any other site that both wikis have access too.

If said partner does not hold their end or tries to kill off the wiki, or tries to steal anything from the wiki the partnership ends and we unfollow and delete any shout outs given during the partnering.

Vote below what you think. Ideas for this and any thoughts are welcomed, but please don't shut it done for the sake of it. Actually think this over and think of the good that could/will come our of partering.

Messenger of Heaven (MESSAGE WALL) (CONTRIBUTIONS) 00:43, September 2, 2017 (UTC)

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