Hey all!

If you don't know Who I am, this is Kit , former B-crat/admin/mod.

Hello! I used to be on this wiki a lot. You could have called it a slight addiction.

So I haven't been on at all for like the last 2 months.

My parents may or may not have blocked this site.

But anyway!

This is sort of a formal goodbye. I hope the new users are enjoying themselves! I hope the admins and stuff are doing well. 

For some reason now I can acess this. But I don't want to come back, not because I hate it here, I just don't want to go back to the old lifestyle I had.

And also half the stuff on this wiki now confuses me.

but then again, aren't I always/mostly confused

Anyway, if y'all wish to talk to me/contact me/ roast me/ vent to me/ send me memes, just talk to me on quotev! (@itisthekawaiigirl)

anyways, I'm a little hungry so I'm going to get some food from my kitchen

or I guess you could say KITchen *rimshot*

(get it cause I'm kit..... hehe)

That was my ending pun

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! *le exits*

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