Hello Everyone.

I haven't been on this wiki for months. Why did I leave? You can read the reasons here

You may be wondering, "Why are your reasons for leaving on Kit's page?"

Well my dear visitors, that is because I actually AM Kit.

That's right. I am Asami.

I guess that ties in with the username now, doesn't it?

I made this account so that people wouldn't judge me for what I said. On @itisthekawaiigirl (uggghhh, I'm cringing so hard. Why did I ever think that username was a good idea?) I felt as if some people had a set personality for me. If I said something outside my 'personality', I thought it would change what people thought of me. It made me a little sad that people would say things, and it would be totally fine, but when I said the same things, I would be disliked, possibly kicked, and pm some quite hurtful things to me, all because it didn't fit in with some peoples idea of what I was.

I didn't like the set personality, so I made up Asami. This account was something I could use to get away from the personality. I was free to speak my mind, to vent, to call out people who were doing some pretty awful things. However, I realized that it was kind of decieteful. I stopped using this account.

I would like to say, all of you are amazing. You are kind, loyal, leaders and creative. Those qualities are what is needed to keep TDL running. The community you built out of one girls idea is astounding, and I admire the leaders of this wiki very much for it.

I hope you all have a great time on here. Your messages on my goodbye were beautiful; I consider you all to be good friends. I admire you all for the hard times you've been through, and how you have gotten past them.

Don't forget that every single one of you are amazing, each in there own, special, unique way.

Much love

- Kit. 

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