I wasn't able to snag this info until today, because I was doing pretty deep research on this. Before anyone panics, let me make one thing clear. This is not the first time that the FCC has voted yes on repealing NN.

"But, Haze, they voted on it yesterday for sure! It was voted yes for a repeal!"

Yeah. That did happen. I watched it. HOWEVER. Anytime an act for something gets voted on to be passed, this act must be taken to the courts in order to be supported or rejected. That is where the NN repeal act has already been tossed away TWO TIMES.

This doesn't mean don't panic, but this also means don't panic. People have already taken to the streets and the internet again, protesting harder than before about this. The court has yet to approve or deny the repeal of NN. I'm not entirely sure when or if it'll be signed off, but as of now, keep calm. It's not over yet.  PLEASE visit the link provided below to help fight for freedom on the internet. There is still a chance to win back NN.

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