FANDOM - Chase McFly - Korra Anoethite - Michael Haptic - Baroness Lagomorph (FOUND BY CONRAD) - Jane Fiss - Belle Moon - Hailey McFly (FOUND BY CONRAD) - Althith (FOUND BY CONRAD)

https://storge.pic2 .me/c/1360x800/656/55532d0d7a625.jpg - Xeren (FOUND BY FERRY) - Raven - Meadow (FOUND BY CONRAD) - Eric (FOUND BY FERRY)

As concluded by Conrad and I, James Anoethite is an edited image and it was extremely difficult to find the original - Blood Queen (FOUND BY CONRAD)

Delilah's source was provided by Conrad, but the website was extremely sketchy - Lewis (FOUND BY CONRAD) - Echo Outlaw (FOUND BY CONRAD)

Falco Lombardi's page is an image from Nintendo for their character also called Falco, and a contestant from RuPaul's Drag Race

We could not find the source for Scarlet Outlaw or Kaz Heater.

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