I've created a proposal that may revise how promotions are handled on TDL. If this passes, the following project pages will be created:

  • Requests for Permissions: Applications for rollback, chat moderator, discussions moderator and content moderator. Managed by admins and bureaucrats. If you are already a discussions or content moderator, you need to apply for assistant.
  • Requests for Temporary Promotions: Applications for all roles except bureaucrat. Managed by admins and bureaucrats. Applicants must state what right they want, for how long, why they want to be promoted, and what qualifications they have.
  • Requests for Assistant: Applications for content+discussions moderator (assistant). Voting is done by all users who wish to participate, including the applicant. Voting ends after one week, and user is promoted if there is 65% or higher support in favor.
  • Requests for Administrator: Applications for admin. Voting is done the same as requests for assistant.
  • Requests for Bureaucrat: Applications for bureaucrat. Voting is done the same as requests for assistant and admin.

Aside from that, some changes will be made to user roles:


  • All normal user roles.


  • Assistant Team: No longer a team. Administrators who previously served are considered Community Admins.(unless they also served on Coding Team or wish to be considered Technical Administrators). New admins who wish to be considered Community Admins may add themselves to the list.
  • Coding Team: No longer a team. Admins who previously served are considered Technical Admins (unless they also served on Assistant Team or wish to be considered Community Admins).
  • Junior Administrator: Renamed assistant.


  • Co-Leaders


  • Community Admins: Administrators primarily interested in moderating chat, discussions, and the wiki. Listed separately from other admins on the staff page. A user is only recognized as one if they want to be. 
  • Technical Admins: Administrators primarily interested in editing MediaWiki pages, writing bot code, and less active in moderation or content editing.

Please vote on whether you Support or Oppose this, or vote Neutral if you're unsure.

- Arch Wizard Megumin (talk)

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