This proposal is in three parts. You can give a support or oppose to it as a whole, or vote differently on the different parts.

PART I - If this passes changes with the policy and user roles need to be approved by a majority (more than 60%) of the community. The only exceptions are specific promotion and demotion requests, as specified by Requests Policy and Part III.

PART II - The "Co-Leader" role will cease to exist on the wiki and Discord. Nothing can bring it back accept for a future proposal.

PART III - There will be an added requests for demotion for all users except temporary promotions (users will be demoted anyways and can have their role prematurely ended at the discretion of a bureaucrat). Demotions for rollbacks and moderators are handeled by Bcrats, demotions for admins and bcrats are handled by the community. Any demotions performed by staff agreement can be reversed by a seperate community discussion.

Vote Support, Oppose, or Neutral.

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