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Theodore "Theo" Rosington is a minor character in Season One and a supporting character in Season Two of The Demon's Light. He is the governor of the city-state of Silivia, and the adoptive father of Atticus Anoethite.


Theo Rosington is a tall man with tanned skin, brown eyes and dark hair that is generally combed back. Generally, he is seen wearing professional clothing — his most common outfit is a navy blue suit, a buttoned light blue shirt, and a red tie.


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The Rosington family has been in Silivia for centuries and have managed to remain well-connected and influential. Theo's father, Patrick, was a respected military general and Theo originally followed in his footsteps. Graduating from his military class with high rankings, Theo took an interest in pre-war technology and studied it extensively to help boost Silivia's military.

Gaining high praise for his various studies published, he was invited to join the Global Union's military division as an advisor and moved to Nuyö. Leaving the role in his early thirties, he returned to living full time in Silivia with an interest in politics. Reconnecting with a college girlfriend, Vanessa,

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