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Final Notes:

  • All characters, locations, and objects that I have created and added to the roleplay from 2017-2020 is on-track to be completely deleted. All goals were accomplished.


  • The Carpe Diem prologue will be deleted. Matthew Rockwell and Rachel Ariel may not be seen in Season One, or at all.
  • Now, 1 (one) First-Aid kit was taken to Remnant Rock. Li put it in the van at the last second. He grabbed a bag from the center.
  • The van used in "Primo Victoria" is silver. Samuel and Li purchased and customized it.
  • The Samuel Brownlee genealogy information will be deleted.
  • The tire rims are gold-plated.
  • The windows are bullet resistant.
  • The interior is black leather.
  • This van seats 11.
  • Samuel has slicked-back straight hair in "Surrealism." He adopts the curly look in "Primo Victoria."
  • In Somnis Veritas happens in a room upstairs. There are a few large windows.
  • Atticus and Melissa are hooked up to a small IV and vital signs monitor. They are on a simplified hospital bed. Blossom, Steven, and Richard sit nearby on a chair. They have a pillow they can pick up when ready. Everyone else gets spare beds.
  • Jonathon is what we know as a "Rottweiler." He was a rescue puppy.
  • Samuel, Piett, and Matthew are there when everyone wakes up.
  • Samuel takes a sniper and a revolver to "Primo Victoria." He uses the revolver to shoot an artificial tiefling in the eye.
  • The weapons for "Primo Victoria" are in a storage closet.
  • The SCSC launches a charity food drive and party on "Harvest Moon."

Silivian Cognitive Science Center

  • Established 93 years ago.
  • Deals in the treatment of prion, neurodegenerative disease, and general trauma to the brain. Has developed several medicines used in Silivian hospitals and pharmacies. They receive government grants.
  • An IV procedure for easily, completely treating amnesia & dementia is being developed. Samuel and Richard helped bring it to its current stage. It is not currently in widespread use.
    • Based on what is already in the plot right now, the treatment slightly works on Melissa. It does not work as well on Atticus.
    • Note — treatments for memory loss were already undergoing development and trials before the war. Much of the science for this was lost and forgotten in the chaos of the war, among many other things. Samuel and Richard, as well as the Center in general, helped reintroduce and develop the lost science.
  • Director: [Open[
  • Assistant Director: Samuel Brownlee. He previously was a Junior Scientist. He worked his way up.
  • Scientists: Matthew Rockwell. Rachel Ariel.
  • Clerks: Piett. A 17 year old blonde boy.
  • More minor characters can be added if required. These are only the named ones so far. The facility presumably has more scientists.
  • Junior Scientists: Blossom Cane. Samuel Brownlee helped her get the job.
  • The facility also has general medicines and hospital equipment.
  • The facility has a dog. His name is Jonathon.


  • Keep the Protagonists Active
  • Remove Brownlee Manor
  • Less Villain of the Week
  • Fix Samuel Brownlee

I'm On My Way Home: The protagonists arrive in Muné. They walk for a while and discover a Munése ruin. There are various cracked status, pillars, domes, monuments, and the like. They feel very worn out and they are forced to sleep here after holding funerals. They rip out chairs from the Hummingbird to sleep in if required. Their first night on the continent is sleeping on cold, withered stone. Samuel Brownlee does not have plan for them to go the ferry. He first asks if anyone knows anything about the continent, and he is able to cough up small bits of information about the environment being bad after Li says what he knows. As of now, they have no plan.

Husky Raid: The Centerfold and The Blackmore have a guerilla fight with the protagonists outside in the ruins. Atticus kills Centerfold with a Sword from a statue in a pillared ruin. They go to Headre in this episode. Here, they will argue about if it was right to go through with the plan to destroy Alchemilia.

Kick it, Quit it: A fight occurs with the Skinwalkers, but outside in the streets. Alternetivaley, no fight happens and Blackmore bails them out. When the skinwalkers start to surround them, the protagonists make the first attack. The protagonists will be active and put up a strong fight, but they are nearly overwhelmed before The Blackmore arrives and runs them over with his car.

Not a Hero: They meet the "Zade Santello." There is no Beast. He tells them about the Ferry and the Continent's History. They discuss what their life has been like so far. Character-building scenes are included instead of the fight. They hope Melissa is okay. In exchange for the group protecting Zade, Zade serves the role Samuel originally had in the original.

The Less I Know the Better: Samuel reveals he feels he failed as being the adult and leader of the group, and he would consider himself a liability. However, he imparts them the simple advice to not pretend to be something you aren't and be realistic with your goals. He gives Blossom a photo of his relative he found off screen in Headre.

  • Baptiste Rousseau - Completed
  • Nabi - Pending
  • Laboratory of the Mind - Pending
  • Samuel Brownlee - Pending
  • Brownlee Manor - May have to be kept.
  • Allucinor - Pending


  • "Baptiste Rousseau," introduced in a joke reply during the roleplay "Alchem. Corp: Part II" (2017) - Removed.
  • "Baptiste Rousseau," as roleplayed in the episodes "Divided we Fall" to "The Hounds." - Removed.
  • "Baptiste Rousseau," as written in the revisions before the current one. - Removed.
  • Rips of Inception (2010) - Pending, Clarifications:
    • Steven's car driving through Silivia during a rainstorm.
    • The dice used by Atticus, Chris, and Melissa. These are based on the totems used in the film. Possibly may have to stay to keep in line with the ending, which was the best part of the original episode.
    • The Allucinor being used to link dreams.
    • The Laboratory of the Mind being focused on dream linking.
    • The two different dreams can be removed in favor of one, if required.
    • Samuel, Steven, and Melissa knowing that it is a dream.
    • Samuel using the Allucinor after leaving the protagonists with John Fontaine.
  • Notes on Samuel
    • Samuel Brownlee is a 30-38 year old man with an awkward demeanor. He studied pharmaceuticals when he was younger. He still has experience as a doctor. Samuel joined the Silivian Cognitive Science center in hopes of gaining status and developing life saving medicine. On the side, he studies Dream Eaters and rare animal life.
    • He has met Richard Devlin before. He helped Blossom Cane get her job at the center.
  • The "Brownlee Manor," as roleplayed in the Season 2, Episode 1: "Until Dawn." Note: This is an inspiration based on Until Dawn (2015) and Resident Evil: 7 Biohazard (2017). - Pending.
    • The protagonists accidentally crashing by the manor is to be removed. This is a divergence of the original plan I was going for. It was scrapped because of the introductory reply. This can be accomplished by removing the "Brownlee Manor" completely, if required. The concept of a manor can be removed in favor of something else, even.
    • The Munése climate can be changed, if required.
  • "Nabi," as roleplayed in the the Season 1 finale, "Primo Victoria: Part II." (2019) Note: This character is a combination of Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005), and Jack Baker from Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (2017).
    • Most of the work needed for this has been prepared.
    • Nabi surprising Li and Samuel by coming from a door is a candidate for removal. The "What a Nice Door" bit can be moved somewhere else, if required.
  • The Laboratory of the Mind is to be removed.
    • There will be no breakfast. The emphasis on food was an unconscious rip based on Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen and Youtube Channel "Epicurious" video, "4 Levels of French Toast: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious."
    • The Cognitive Science Center will replace the Laboratory.
    • Samuel takes them to a private room to discuss matters with Fontaine. He leaves immediately.