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In General

  • [OW] Characters do not question the circumstances they find themselves in: Blackmore and Giannis' attack is entirely forgotten and never brought up again. They never speculate on the identities of the attackers. Savannah doesn't really seem phased by the idea of being Xeren despite the circumstances.
  • [TKF] Other than Steven, the characters never reflect on the companions they lose throughout the season. Change this, especially in regards to Melissa.
  • [DTF] Blackmore is neglected, pretty much a useless character beyond his incredibly OOC fight scene in SH.
  • [Q1721] Give Zade a point. Fix him up.
  • [CMF] Marshall swears in every sentence he says. Fix up his dialogue to sound more natural.
  • [CMF] Rewrite SP scenes to include Da and Richard if Silivia is going.
  • [CMF] Expand some of Melissa's actions before her departure.
  • [DTF] Samuel goes through half a year of being a prisoner in his own body and forced to do terrible things, but he just goes back to normal after Crumbling Castle until TLIKTB

Crumbling Castle

  • [Q1721] Add to the main hall scene before everyone goes to bed
  • [Q1721] A Marshall-Li scene occurs after everyone is asleep - in the dead of the night. Now, they are gathering materials for the morning and seeing what they can salvage after the crash. They talk while doing this and and encounter Enoch.
  • [DTF] Make sure Marshall and Li don't encounter Enoch.

Roaming King

Safe Haven

  • [OW] Li doesn't follow the bird.
  • [Q1721] Add more to Samuel. He did do something before the scene was deleted. He should have at least some development.
  • [DTF] Make Skinwalkers more obviously sapient post-transformation to differentiate from BoTSL

Marked Map

The Less I Know the Better

Riding the Wave

  • [Q1721] Perhaps readd Li freeing the birds.
  • [Q1721] I'd like to see a market scene. It's doable.

Centuries of Damnation

The Master

  • [TKF] Rewrite the map room discussion. The Changs, Isaiah, and Zade should speak.


  • [DTF] Proper conclusion to the NDC scene.