The following is a timeline of events occurring in The Demon's Light.

Ancient History

1 AT
  • The universe is created by the Powers, a group of deities.
  • Eden and Euclid are created by the deities Elo and Xeren, respectively.
  • The demons and angels wage several wars against one another in Eden, with Xeren intervening and taking the side of the demons.
  • Xeren sires a demigod son, Cicero.
  • Humans become the dominant species of Euclid.
  • A young boy in Aiola named Silas climbed the highest mountain in Aiola, trying to prove his village wrong. He eventually went back there, building himself a house and living his days out as a hermit. He planted a tree, too. As he grew, it grew. By the time he was an old man, a peppercorn vine had grown around the tree. He was careful, and took care of both the vine and tree. He started harvesting the pepper slowly, storing it in small jars. When he died, both plants died with him.

Modern History

5965 AT
5987 AT
  • Gabriel and Luther Arsene create Alchemists Co., which grows into a technology conglomerate that produces the first Androids.
5980 - 5999 AT
  • Luther Arsene vanishes during the Alchemilia Wormhole Project's formative years.
  • Gabriel changes his name to "Gabriel Alchemilia" and renames his corporation after himself.
  • Xeren is killed by the Powers for starting a war with Elo. His soul is fractured, part of it orbiting around Euclid and part being reincarnated several times.
6000 AT
  • Cicero and his army invade Euclid.
  • Former Alchemilia Corporation administrator Andrew Wellington forms Wellington Robotics, which also produces androids.
1 TP
  • Due to the chaos caused by losing Xeren, Gabriel Alchemilia creates a portal between Euclid and Eden. The angel army, led by Ezekiel, comes through the portal to invade Euclid.
  • The human population rapidly declines during the Great War. Some cities manage to survive, such as Silivia.
  • Andrew Wellington creates his first successful android, Charles Wellington, who considers Andrew to be his father. Over the next few years, he makes more androids.
13 TP
  • On Centenus 20th, Andrew Wellington creates a new version of his 9th android, Chris, as the old one was destroyed. This time, he makes him have emotions.
239 TP
  • Elijah and Irene Devlin found the Laboratory of the Unexplainable.
249 TP
  • On Elos 49th, Wen Li is born.
281 TP
285 TP
292 TP
301 TP
302 TP
  • On Centenus 3rd, Blossom Cane is born.
  • On Centenus 36st, Savannah Whitesmith is born.
  • Elina Anoethite has an affair with a friend of Carter Anoethite's, Gabriel Alchemilia.
  • On Socielus 16th, Atticus Anoethite is born. The bastard child of Elina and Gabriel, he is passed off as Carter's son and is given the surname "Anoethite."
305 TP
  • After the death of his parents, Atticus is put in an Silivian orphanage and adopted by Theo Rosington and his wife.
319 TP
  • Supay is killed by the Power Iblis, who decimates a large amount of Midgarde's population and severs Tyr's arm. The Dream Eaters flee to Eden.
  • Atticus Anoethite and Melissa Devlin fight off invading forces and take refuge in an abandoned barn where Chris Wellington had been left prior to the Great War.
  • Atticus and Melissa suffer brain damage during the attack, inducing retrograde amnesia.
  • Xanvi makes a connection to Euclid, bringing his apprentices with him.

Season One

Socielus 28th, 319 TP
  • Savannah Whitesmith discovers Atticus, Chris, and Melissa in the barn. They catch a ride in an Alchemilia van, with another boy, Token Jin.
  • They are dropped off at Alchemilia Corporation and greeted by Gabriel Alchemilia. He sends them off with a doctor.
  • Gabriel takes Chris to his office and has a chat with him. Gabriel offers him a place in the company.
  • They have their wounds treated before Token wanders off. Token steals a laptop and they are chased out of the building. They get away in a van and Token reveals himself as Marshall Rooke, shortly before being run off the road.
  • Chris refuses Gabriel's offer and is placed in a holding cell, before being taken to have an analysis performed on him by Dexter Wellington. Dexter convinces Chris they need to leave and they escape through a trash chute.
  • The group leaves the wrecked van and are approached by hungry demons. They run, and the group separates.
Socielus 29th, 319 TP
  • Melissa and Savannah are approached by a man. Savannah goes with the man while Melissa declines.
  • Melissa is woken up on a bench by her uncle, Richard Devlin, who takes her to his lab where she meets her twin brother, Steven.
  • Marshall and Atticus make it to Silivia and 'dine and dash' at a diner, being pursued by the police before hiding in an alleyway.
  • Alchemilia Corporation hacks every screen in Silivia and announces a manhunt for Chris Wellington.
  • Savannah is spotted by John Fontaine and soon killed by him.
  • Marshall and Atticus try to rob a barbershop, but are stopped by Baptiste Rousseau and his men. They are chased throughout Silivia until being finally apprehended.
  • Fontaine fights Chris in the alleyway, and Chris knocks him out before running off.
  • Melissa, upon hearing the announcement, goes out to find Chris.
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