• Since the administrator vote was delayed, I will be making my case for Junior Admin, which is content+discussions+chat mod.

    If I am given this position of Junior Admin, I would have the most legitimate contributions out of any Junior Admin ever. My 603 (the third highest edits on this wiki) edits consist of valuable contributions, I have edited the front page, the staff page, the rules page, MediaWiki pages. I have helped with category removal, and changing the "Powers" in pages to "Abilities". I have had experience in all levels of staff on this WIki, Bureaucrat, and Administrator. As stated in my administrator case, I am extremely helpful, and I will always be open to assist users on whatever they need, no matter how difficult it may be. In addition, as stated in my administrator case, I will not abuse my new rights, if I am given them.

    I have vasts amounts of experience, and I wish for these rights so I can further help this Wiki with the removal of trolls, and the moderation of the chatroom.

     South Ferry (send me a message) (Contrib)  17:12, July 23, 2017 (UTC)

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