"The Lost Ones" is the second episode in Season One of The Demon's Light.


After seeing a mysterious light streak across the sky, the group decides to move on from the barn and find shelter elsewhere, not really knowing where they are going. They encounter Marshall Rooke on their search.


Seeing the red light streak across the sky, highlighting everything in an eerie blood red light in its wake, Atticus stepped back.

"What is that?" He exclaimed.

"What was that?" Melissa asked, having only seen a flash of the red light which had startled her.

"Atticus and I appear to have perceived a lightning bolt of abnormal scarlet coloration," Chris explained.

Savannah ignored them, instead continuing to stare in awe of the beautiful red streak. She watched as it went over the trees and out of view, turning the sky back into the typical orange.

"What should we do?" Melissa asked, looking to the others for suggestions.

"I suggest our primary objective should be to investigate the anomalous lightning," Chris paused and turned his head slightly. "Or, discovering the provenance of the unidentified humanoid l have just identified."

Chris pointed raised his non-sword hand and pointed forward. The others looked where he was pointing but saw nothing. It was too dark to for them to make out the entity Chris had described.

"What 'humanoid'?" Atticus asked.

Chris saw the others were confused.

"My apologies for the incorrect terminology," he said. "Would any of the following suffice to describe the entity: unknown stranger, mysterious individual, person of unclear ori-."

Chris was interrupted by the muffled yell of "Identify yourselves!"

The man Chris had seen earlier was now uncomfortably close to him. The group could now see he wearing a gas mask and an ascot, reached into his coat and wielding a sawed-off revolving shotgun. Next to him stood a little girl, no older than eight.

"My name is Cunning Humanoid..." Chris began, stopping himself. "Actually, my name is incredibly long. You may use the diminutive Chris Wellington."

"I'm Atticus Anoethite," Atticus said.

"Cunning Humanoid... Chris... Oh!" The man took off his mask.

"Hello, Chris. I'm... a friend of your father," Gabriel straightened his suit and put the gun back. "Pleasure to finally make your acquaintance. If you need a ride I can give you a lift."

"Dude, we just woke up in the middle of nowhere with no memories. We're not going to get in some random weirdo's truck," Atticus said.

Melissa stood close to Atticus. "I'm Melissa and I agree with Atticus. It's not safe to just get in a truck with anyone. How did you even find us?"

"That outta be the least of your worries, ma'am. Nothing's safe anymore." He turned around to walk back to his truck, and the little girl, with her face painted like camouflage, walked with him. He turned his head and said, "Come with me if you want to live."

"...Well, best option of several million terrible choices," Atticus said, casually walking forward. Atticus looked behind him to see if he could still see the little girl. When he realized that he couldn't, he went back to following the man.

The semi-truck appeared to be strangely clean and even a little advanced. On the side, there was an emblem of a beaker encased in the letter "A".

"What does the A stand for?" Atticus asked.

"Alchemilia Corporation," The man laughed. "Multi-billion dollar corporation. I'm the CEO, Gabriel Alchemilia."

Savannah was wary of getting into the truck. "Are we sure we can trust this guy?" she asked.

"The humanoid identifying himself as 'Gabriel Alchemilia' has claimed to be an acquaintance of my father and my sensors do not indicate he was being consciously deceptive. I have decided to trust him in the hopes that he is willing to supply additional information regarding my origin and our current situation," said Chris.

"If the robot super-genius trusts him, I don't see why I shouldn't," Atticus said, climbing into the truck.

"Although," Chris continued. "I still must present a query before entering the vehicle. Mr. Alchemilia, where exactly is our intended destination?"

"Yeah, where ARE we going?" Savannah asked, crossing her arms.

Gabriel spoke, "We're going to Alchem. Corp headquarters."

"I have detected a noise of unclear origin" Chris suddenly exclaimed. "I must remain here in order to investigate."

Melissa also heard a noise from the woods. It sounded like footsteps.

Chris moved away from the group and towards the noise. He saw some sort of structure and a figure slowly walking, hunched over as if they were limping.

Melissa walked closer to Chris, looking over at the odd figure.

The figure looked up at them and saw a few more people nearby. He glared at Chris and Melissa, wondering what they were doing here.

"Uh, hi?" he said to them.

"Hello, what brings you here?" asked Chris.

Melissa asked him, "Who are you?"

The figure slowly limped to a tree stump, sat down and said: "I'm Marshall Rooke, 14 years old and expert survivalist." He groaned. "You guys got any medicine? I hurt my leg." Marshall attempted to stand up but struggled so he remained on his tree stump.

"It is marvelous to make your acquaintance, Marshall," Chris said.

Atticus stepped forward. "How badly are you injured?"

Marshall stared away from them and said, "Really bad. Like, probably bleeding-level bad. I got hit by something. Dunno who did this, but it scared me." Marshall then looked down in pain, not revealing the truth behind what really happened.

"Well, we're kind of lost ourselves, so we can't help you much here. There is a truck farther back that the driver is going to take us somewhere," Atticus said. "Maybe you can come with us?"

Marshall looked up and smiles to say, "Thanks, I appreciate the help. Please, tell me when I need to get ready. Well, I think I am actually. One of my friends has my things."

Melissa walked over to Marshall smiling at the injured boy trying to give him some comfort. "Will you need help getting to the truck?"

Gabriel answered a call on his cell-phone. "No, I'm not going through with thi- He's there? I'll be on my way soon." Gabriel hung up and yelled, "Hey! You comin' or not?".

Impatiently, he got up and went to help Marshall over to the truck. The young girl watched.

"Mr. Alchemillia," said Chris. "Before we enter your vehicle, I would still like to ask for more information about yourself."

"I've been around a real long time, I'll tell you that much. This is my daughter, Galena." The girl waved.

"I'm a billionaire scientist," He smirked.

"Billionaire scientist..." Chris was lost in thought for a moment. "My father was a scientist... he created me with all my brothers..."

"What do you know about my father?" Chris demanded.

Gabriel let out a loud and unsympathetic laugh, "Your old man was a thief and a liar. I'm glad he's dead."

"That would explain why he made my programmed my brothers to perform immortal actions, but it still leaves the question of why I was given a concept of right and wrong to begin with. Would you mind elaborating for me on what exactly he stole, and how did he lie?" Chris asked as everyone boarded the truck.

"Andrew Wellington stole the entire concept of androids from my company. You and your brothers were made with stolen blueprints."

Chris was still pondering the implications of Gabriel's words as Gabriel began to drive off towards Alchem. Corp.

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