Aloha everyone,

I'm Messenger of Heaven, though I'm pretty sure everyone knows me by now, lol. I am former bureaucrat here on TDL, I stepped down after some personal events in which I had to step back and work on myself to fix my issues, many months have passed since, so I'm starting the climb all over again, I'm requesting rollback here so I can slowly start to help out TDL more again along with all the other work I've done here and will be doing to keep TDL growing.

A few people may question rather I've changed and I can assure I have alot, I've learned alot of important lessons the last few months as well as matured more and I've accomplished alot over the month not just on TDL but on Fandom as a whole.

I know I will be a good for TDLCrew because I was in the past and I'm better then before, why should I be given rights? I have done alot for the wiki since it was created and I've always been good at providing a different prescriptive on a large range of topics and I'm really good at creating new ideas as well as helping users and the crew. The Mythical Guardian (Message Wall) (Guestbook) 19:33, January 30, 2019 (UTC)


The voting for this request will be held here.

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