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Character Pages without Info-boxes

All the character pages without info-boxes need to have them added. The infobox is located here.

Crediting the art on Character Pages

More than half of the pages here have art on them, but....none of it is credited. So, we need to go through and credit the art.

Adding "Abilities" Sections on Pages

We need to replace all the sections on characters pages that say "Powers" with "Abilities".

Getting Rid of Unneeded Categories

We have a ton of unneeded categories. It would be helpful if someone could remove duplicate or unneeded categories and then an admin can remove the category itself.

Deleting Tiger is leaving

Page is a broken re-direct.

To Do List

We need to replace the link to To Do List so that the re-direct can be deleted. MediaWiki:Wiki-navigation contains a link to the re-direct, but since none of the other pages link to it, the re-direct should be deleted.

The Demon's Light Wiki Staff

This page should be moved to The Demon's Light Wiki:Staff. It is a project page, therefore it belongs in the project namespace with the other project pages.

Yet another Broken Link

Another broken link leftover from a page move. Looks like it's been a few days since the move. And it's on the main page, so it's important that it gets fixed, and pointed towards the intended blog post.

Broken Redirects

Could someone please take care of these broken redirects here?

User blog:Messenger Deception/The Demon light wiki's rebellions, fights, troll and peace
User blog:Rain Of Warmth/New Roles on TDL Wikia.
User blog:The Legacy of The Demon's Light Wiki
User blog:Blue Tree Roots/New Roles on TDL Wikia.

There's no need to keep them if they redirect to nonexistent pages.

Wiki Rules

We need to replace all the links to Wiki Rules and replace them with The Demon's Light Wiki:Wiki Rules, so that the re-direct can be deleted and removed from the list of dead end pages.

Broken Redirects

It would be great if these broken redirects could be deleted, since there's no need to keep them.

Removing Years

Due to the recent story-line change, TDL has no year. As such as, birthdates should be removed.

Removing the edge and cringe from Character Pages

A lot of the characters pages have a sad background full of edge and some pages are downright cringey. We need to fix both of those problems.

  • This task was completed.

Relation to TDL

We need to make sure EVERY page has well-written connections to TDL and expands upon those relations.

  • This task was completed.

Removing Over-Powered Characters

More than half of the characters here are over-powered, we need to shorten that number to make the amount of over-powered characters non-existent.

  • This task was completed.

Removing Modern Locations

Due to the recent story-line change, TDL takes place in an alternate reality. As such, modern day locations must be removed.

  • This task was completed.

Team DL Transition

As of April 2, 2018, Team Demon's Light has been moved to Protagonists. As such, that page needs to be re-written to remove all aspects of the team, and all sentences on other pages mentioning the team need to be reworked.

  • This task was completed.

Chat emoticon image categorization

Categorize all images used for chat emoticons under Category:Chat emoticon images and remove Category:Images from them.

  • This task has been completed.
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