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A list of various tasks for editors to work on in order to improve the wiki. Completed tasks have been crossed out. Feel free to add to this!

Chat emoticon image categorization

Categorize all images used for chat emoticons under Category:Chat emoticon images and remove Category:Images from them.

  • This task has been completed.

Stub pages

The wiki has around 27 stub pages. They need to be edited and filled with information until they meet the qualifications listed on the wiki policy.

Template categorization, cleanup, and /doc page creation

Categorize all templates properly under their template types. For example, a non-article template would be categorized under Category:Non-article templates. Do not add Category:Templates to regular templates, that should only be added to template type category pages, as seen here. If you see the usage of this category on regular templates, please remove it and properly categorize the template. Also, make sure to create /doc pages where needed, select "Non-article" as their template type, and to categorize them under Category:Template documentation.

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