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This page serves as an introduction to common The Demon's Light terms.


  • Atticus - Adopted son of Theo Rosington. Awoke in the Gladea barn with no memories.
  • Aaron - John Fontaine's brother who joins the Search Party.
  • Blackmore - Young member of the Svatovid that joined the Port City Eight at Headre.
  • Baptiste - An Alchemilia Director of Robotics. Later became a Svatovid member.
  • Blossom - Assistant at the Silivia Cognitive Science Center. Girlfriend of Atticus.
  • Chris - An android created by Andrew Wellington.
  • Charles - Chris' mechanical brother who cannot feel emotion.
  • Dexter - A descendant of Andrew Wellington.
  • Fontaine - Alchemilia Corporation operative.
  • Gabriel - Infamous CEO of Alchemilia Corporation.
  • Cicero - The only offspring of Xeren. He searches for the fragments of his father's soul.
  • Jordan - Atticus's childhood friend who goes searching for him.
  • Lisa - Atticus' ex-girlfriend who joins the Search Party to find him.
  • Marshall - A thief who joins the protagonists.
  • Samuel - Director of the Silivia Cognitive Science Center and a neuroscientist.
  • Savannah - Girl that travels with the protagonists.
  • Steven - Twin-brother of Melissa. Assistant in the Laboratory of the Unexplainable.
  • Matthew Rockwell - Assistant at the Silivia Cognitive Science Center.
  • Melissa - Twin-brother of Steven. Former squad member of the Silivian Militia.
  • Nabi - An Alchemilia produced artificial tiefling. She is both a general and member of Alchemilia's bio-engineering department.
  • Reti - Rebel Alchemilia general.
  • Richard - The guardian and uncle of Melissa and Steven Devlin. Owner of the Laboratory of the Unexplainable.
  • Tessa - Cicero's daughter. She helps to look for Xeren's soul. Her alias is "Beth Darwin."
  • Warren - Silivian author.
  • Wen Li - Owner of Plant Empire.
  • Xeren - The God responsible for the creation of Euclid. Three hundred years prior to The Demon's Light, he was killed by the Powers.
  • Xanvi - The leader of the Dream Eaters.
  • Zade -A blind demon hunter who joins the Port City Eight in Headre.


  • Aiola - A continent on Euclid.
  • Eden - A planet originating from a parallel universe. It is the home of demons and angels.
  • Euclid - The planet in which the events of The Demon's Light take place on. It was created by Xeren.
  • Gladea - Small town in Thales. It is the location of one of Alchemilia Corporation's headquarters.
  • Hala - A continent on Euclid. It has a large empire rulled by the queen, Ki'Yoki.
  • Headre - A city in Muné occupied by skinwalker demons. They take on human forms to lure and kill travelers.
  • Laboratory of the Unexplainable - A two-story building that researches the origin of demons and angels. It serves as the living quarters of Richard Smith and Steven Devlin.
  • Muné - A continent on Euclid. It is the most wartorn continent.
  • Nuyö - A continent on Euclid. It is known for its isolationist and atheist views.
  • Port City - A seafaring city on the coast of Thales. It is most known for its proximity to Remnant Rock.
  • Remnant Rock - An Alchemilia created artificial island. It is a military installation that appears similar to an oil rig.
  • Silivia - The largest city on Euclid, and the human capital. Demons are unable to enter.
  • Silivia Cognitive Science Center - A three-story building that operates as a neuroscience research facility.
  • Thales - A continent on Euclid. It is known for being the location of the human capital, Silivia.


  • Allucinor - Device capable of linking dreams between multiple people. Developed by Samuel Brownlee.
  • Xeren's soul - Soul of the slain deity Xeren that orbits Euclid's atmosphere.


  • Angels - An intelligent and strong humanoid species, capable of flight due to their wings, originating from the world Eden. They appear as androgynous humans.
  • Demons - Beastly species that originate from Eden. Unlike angels, they posses a wide variety of experiences.
  • Humans - Sapient species native to Euclid. They were created by Xeren.



  • Alexander: A class of reality-altering entity. Alexander-class reality manipulators are capable of making drastic changes to the universe at will. Most Alexander-class entities are Powers.
  • Aegis: A class of reality altering entity. Aegis-class reality manipulators are capable of controlling a substance known as Aether. By default, demigods are Aegis-class entities.
  • Oneirois: A class of reality-altering entity. Oneirois-class reality manipulators interdimensional travel and manipulating the dreams of other creatures. Many Oneirois-class entities are Dream Eaters.