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TheKorraFanatic March 13, 2017 Hi, I'm TheKorraFanatic and I am a veteran member of TDL, having been here since before any of its current members. I can often be found in chat and editing on the wiki. If you need my help, feel free to contact me on my message wall.
South Ferry May 14, 2017 Hello, I am South Ferry. I'm a long time member here. I am very active in chat, and if you need me you can usually find me there. I do some editing from time to time. You may contact me at my message wall if you need me.


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Qstlijku April 2, 2017 TBA

Discussions moderators

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EarthlingnAkumi July 26, 2018 Hi, I'm EarthlingnAkumi, a chat and Discussions moderator on this wiki. I am often on chat daily, eager to help out users. If you need me, please don't hesitate to message me on my message wall.

Chat moderators

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Downtown Freezy June 1, 2017 tba
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