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The following is the staff of The Demon's Light Wiki.


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Hi, I'm TheKorraFanatic. I'm supposedly a bureaucrat here, but, honestly, I just mindlessly steer my way around and bouts of productivity seemingly happen. But, hey? It works. If you need my assistance for some reason, I can generally be found being stupid on the Discord server, or you can leave a message on my message wall.


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Downtown Freezy
My favorite character is
Chris Wellington!


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Octopus Wizard
Hello, I'm Octopus Wizard. I am a long-time Fandom user who has been active on TDL since April 2017. If you want to contact me, use Discord or my message wall.

Content moderators

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Hi, I'm Quinton1721/Quinton/Q1721/1721 and I'm the local content moderator — solely due to South Ferry. My pronouns are he/him and my zodiac is a Virgo. I am very active on the Discord server, and if you need me you can usually find me there, being begged to reply as Marshall or Li. My Direct Messages are always open! I love to edit. You can always contact me at my message wall if you need me for anything, though I'll probably ignore you — but hey, it's worth a shot.