The Demon's Light Wiki

The Demon's Light is a roleplay series about humanity struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic world caught in the middle of a centuries-long war between angels and demons. Our wiki is a community dedicated to roleplaying and documenting the content of the roleplay. As such, this page is a basic introduction on how to join the roleplay.

Familiarizing yourself

Before you think about joining the roleplay in The Demon's Light, you need to familiarize yourself with the series. It's a good first practice to read the roleplay, starting with "Catching Smoke" (episode one) and onward. Check out the terminology page for various links to episodes, locations, and characters.

Character creation

So, you want to be apart of The Demon's Light roleplay, but you don't have a character yet? Don't fret, there are two ways you can obtain a character on TDL:

  1. Character adoption. Check here if there are any characters available to adopt.
  2. Creating a character. If you have an original character in mind that would fit the TDLRP setting, then you may certainly add it if there is an opening. Use the following steps in order to create your character!

Getting started

Make sure your character fits the setting of The Demon's Light. The story is always evolving, so feel free to propose new ideas and ask other roleplayers if they are appropriate. Check the list of species for an idea of what character you want to make.

A good piece of advice is to have your character's background matter. If your character has an extensive history, try and reflect it in their traits. Use your character's background to shape their identity rather than adding things just to add them.

Introducing your character

Not every character will end up being important. Have a good discussion with other roleplayers to create consensus on what role your character will have. You may be able to add your character in the current episode being roleplayed, or you might have to wait. This planning is essential before your character can debut.

Draft your ideas in a sandbox to keep track of them.


Once you have communicated your ideas and the time is right, you can start roleplaying! Refer to the roleplay guidelines to see what is expected from you.

Being active on the Discord server is important to roleplaying successfully. You need to see what scenes are being planned, know when it is appropriate to control other characters and see reviews of your replies. Please keep track of the discussion thread so you can reply promptly.


After roleplaying for some time, consider how your character fits into one of the following:

  • Main character
  • Supporting character
  • Recurring character
  • Minor character

Depending on your character's role, they may or may not need a page. Assuming they are minor, you will only need to write a short summary about them in the list of minor characters.

If there is a clear plan for them to be main, supporting, or recurring, you will need a page. To start out, create a blank page in your personal sandbox with the following layout:

Basic information. 
== Appearance ==
== Personality ==
== Background ==
== Abilities ==
== Weapons (optional) ==
== Trivia (optional) ==

The page guidelines and Manual of Style provide a detailed overview of page requirements. Refer to other character pages for examples. Once you have worked out the page in your sandbox, you may add it to the Wiki.

Once you have a feel for the roleplay, feel free to create more characters and pages!