The Demon's Light Wiki is a community dedicated to the role-play The Demon's Light. Due to this, we aim to provide the best possible assistance for users and to create an enjoyable role-play experience everyone can enjoy, both new users and regular. Below are some guidelines on how to create an OC (original character) for the role-play, join the role-play, and how to role-play properly.

Section 1: Creating a character

So, you've decided you want to join The Demon's Light role-play, but you're not sure on how to create a character? The preferred way of creating an OC is to begin by working on the page in a personal sandbox and adding all the needed details for it until it meets the qualifications to become a page. In order for an OC page to meet the qualifications, it needs to have a formatting system similar to:

Role in series

as well as full detailed sentences, at least three hundred words, and a connection to The Demon's Light role-play. A character needs to be original and with a strong background. Any OC page created before these qualifications are met will be moved to the author's sandbox by an administrator, assistant, or content moderator and the original page will be deleted.

Tips on making a good character

A good character is realistic. When creating your character, do not make the character have an abhorrent childhood, or unloved. for no reason. Remember the allegory of Chekhov's Gun -- "if in the first chapter there is a rifle hanging on the wall, in the second or third chapter it must absolutely go off." Rather than simply typing in "X grew up in a bad childhood", and never expanding on it, consider how you can build on it. Will this be a set-up for the character fleeing some place? Will this make them have trust issues, or try to get to close to everyone as possible? Perhaps add some drama, make this bad childhood cause the character to be "clingy", and discuss how this causes other characters to have a negative opinion on them.

Another important part of creating a good OC is to make sure to not to have a dry narrator. Do not have your character written as so: "X has red hair. X has blue eyes. X grew up in a bad life." Make sure to have everything flow well and relates to each other when writing, or add a cynical whimsical narrator.

Section 2: Characters' appearances

Whenever you introduce your character and begin to roleplay, always make sure it is at a convenient time which will not inconvenience others and break the current chain of dialogue or actions, therefore derailing what was planned. So remember, always consult the people currently roleplaying when it is best for you to start!

Section 3: Formatting

A common differentiation between role-players is that there are two main types/forms or formatting. The first is a very disorganized format, not really having any order to it and riddled with spelling mistakes which aren’t even changed via editing the post, poor grammar, and use of overly informal words in descriptions.

The other form is the preferable format which is a grammatically correct, organized layout. This format is also good at helping distinguish characters portrayed by the same person by putting their name somewhere in the post to make things straightforward, and conversations between characters portrayed by the same person are easy to read with the use of paragraphs and stating who is saying and doing what.

The second formatting system is the preferred format of this wiki and administrators, assistants, and Discussions Moderators will make necessary changes when needed to match these guidelines.

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