Request Accepted

Hello! You all know me, Quinton1721. I have been here since roughly late March or early April and have been editing since April 16, 2019, so over eleven months now. In my time at The Demon's Light Wiki, I have acquired 839 total edits and 469 mainspace edits here, as well as 9,371 global edits and 5,213 mainspace edits since I created my account on December 28, 2017, 2 years ago. I have also made 254 discussion posts.

In my time here, I have contributed much to the wiki and the RP. I have single-handedly roleplayed as two main characters, Wen Li and Marshall Rooke. Other, smaller roles I have roleplayed as are Yu Li, Richard Devlin, Da Chang, and Santo Giovanni. In more recent times, I have become Samuel Brownlee's understudy, a sign of trust, dedication, and availability. I also acted as a huge catalyst to revive TDLRP in early 2019. I may also mention, very recently, I have contributed many works to TDL, such as Harvest Moon (tale) and a large portion of Silver Lights. I, and many others, see myself as having a large presence in chat, on the wiki, discussions, and the roleplay.

I have shown myself to have much knowledge of wiki coding, as shown in Template:Event, The Demon's Light Videogame, and User:Quinton1721/Table. I also am not unfamiliar with the features of Content Moderator or how and when to moderate, as seen by my contributions on the Ninjago Wiki.

Now, I must admit, my behavior in previous times wasn't always the best, but I have and will continue to work on improving.

If my request happens to pass, I promise I will not let you down.


The voting for this request will be held here.

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