Sometimes, someone looking purposefully to disrupt chat or the wiki may come around. These users are known as trolls, and what they want and are looking for is attention.

Tips on ignoring trolls

  1. Expect that the moderators are handling the situation. More than likely, a mod will be present in chat or on the wiki during the occurrence. There is no need to freak out — a simple ping in chat will do. If no moderators are presently online, you can ping them on Discord in #reports.
  2. Do not tell the trolls to stop. Any interaction with the trolls gets them what they want, which is as stated before, attention. Even if no mods are present in chat, telling them to stop is useless, as more than likely they will continue.
  3. Do not join in with the troll. The troll, even if not obvious, is most likely doing something that violates our policy, and joining in will most likely result in a ban.
  4. If a troll is vandalizing wiki articles or making inappropriate comments in comment sections, do not leave a message on their wall. Instead, you can help by reverting the edits (if possible) and leaving a report in #reports, and an admin or moderator will be able to assist you.

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