[11:55] <Messenger of Heaven> <span style="font-weight:bold;">Users are allowed to enter until next Monday at which point this thread will be closed with a link to the first challenges for each contests</span>
[11:55] <Messenger of Heaven> 
[11:55] <South Ferry> Just delete the thread.
[11:55] <Messenger of Heaven> Nope!
[12:38] <TheKorraFanatic> o/ 
[12:40] <Qstlijku> o/ 
[12:41] <Qstlijku> (facepalm) 
[12:41] <Qstlijku>
[12:41] <TheKorraFanatic> Epic.
[01:03] <TheKorraFanatic> Almost everyone left.
[01:08] <C.Syde65> o/ 
[01:19] <C.Syde65> Has Jack been on recently?
[01:29] <Messenger of Heaven> not that i know of
[01:29] <C.Syde65> Okay.
[01:29] <C.Syde65> South! o/ 
[01:31] <Alex.sapre> howkey
[01:34] <C.Syde65> Hey Alex! o/ 
[01:49] <Stanjeff123> hello
[01:50] <TheKorraFanatic> Welcome, Stanjeff123.
[01:51] <C.Syde65> Hey Stan! o/ 
[01:51] <C.Syde65> Or Jeff.
[01:51] <C.Syde65> Not sure which you prefer.
[01:51] <C.Syde65> Or maybe simply Stanjeff, lol.
[01:52] <Stanjeff123> either one work
[01:53] <UtaiteTeiko14> hey
[01:53] <TheKorraFanatic> Welcome, UtaiteTeik14.
[01:53] <Stanjeff123> hello
[01:53] <UtaiteTeiko14> how are you all?
[01:54] <Stanjeff123> i'm good
[01:54] <TheKorraFanatic> Oh yeah, the next time you see Saph, can you tell her I left her a message on CCC?
[01:54] <TheKorraFanatic> She came to chat last night and I was too busy to notice, so I left her a message saying hi.
[01:54] <TheKorraFanatic> Not last might
[01:54] <TheKorraFanatic> Last month.
[01:54] <UtaiteTeiko14> thats surprising
[01:54] <TheKorraFanatic> *night
[01:54] <C.Syde65> Hey! o/ 
[01:54] <UtaiteTeiko14> I'll talk to her later today
[01:58] <UtaiteTeiko14> I sprained my ankle yesterday ^^ I really am getting clumsy
[01:59] <UtaiteTeiko14> I was dancing and I fell
[01:59] <TheKorraFanatic> Ouch, hope you feel better soon.
[01:59] <UtaiteTeiko14> thanks ^^
[02:00] <South Ferry> Interestin'
[02:00] <UtaiteTeiko14> is it
[02:00] <South Ferry> Sure.
[02:00] <C.Syde65> wb Mess! o/ 
[02:00] <South Ferry> Welcome, Messenger of Heaven.
[02:00] <UtaiteTeiko14> I'm going to a wedding soon
[02:01] <UtaiteTeiko14> I'm flying over to the other side of the country for my sister
[02:01] <South Ferry> And what country is this?
[02:01] <C.Syde65> Nice! :D 
[02:01] <UtaiteTeiko14> australia
[02:01] <UtaiteTeiko14> going from nsw to western australia
[02:02] <UtaiteTeiko14> it will be my first time on a plane, and the first wedding I've attended
[02:02] <South Ferry> I see, Western Aus. 
[02:02] <UtaiteTeiko14> yep
[02:02] <UtaiteTeiko14> for two weeks
[02:02] <TheKorraFanatic> Sounds nice.
[02:02] <TheKorraFanatic> Have fun.
[02:03] <UtaiteTeiko14> I'm really nervous, but also looking forward to it
[02:03] <UtaiteTeiko14> anything interesting happening for you guys?
[02:03] <TheKorraFanatic> Other than being sick, not much.
[02:03] <TheKorraFanatic> Though my mother's birthday is in two days.
[02:03] <UtaiteTeiko14> thats pretty cool
[02:04] <UtaiteTeiko14> not being sick
[02:04] <UtaiteTeiko14> the birthday
[02:04] <UtaiteTeiko14> being sick is not cool
[02:06] <UtaiteTeiko14> its pretty quiet around here, huh?
[02:06] <UtaiteTeiko14> its time for me to go
[02:07] <UtaiteTeiko14> it was nice talking to you again ^^
[02:07] <UtaiteTeiko14> bai
[02:24] <TheKorraFanatic> Rip, didn't get to say bye.
[02:24] <C.Syde65> lol. Sad.
[03:08] <Bob Hartington> dead chat
[03:08] <C.Syde65> I guess so.
[03:40] <C.Syde65> Hey Mess! o/ 
[03:41] <Messenger of Heaven> test
[03:41] <Messenger of Heaven> hi
[03:58] <C.Syde65> Aii! o/ 
[03:58] <Aiihuan> Hi! ^^
[03:59] <TheKorraFanatic> Aii! <3
[03:59] <TheKorraFanatic> Or should I say
[03:59] <TheKorraFanatic> i. ^^
[04:00] <TheKorraFanatic> ; - ;
[04:01] <C.Syde65> R.I.P.
[04:13] <Qstlijku> o/ 
[04:14] <TheKorraFanatic> o/ 
[04:14] <Qstlijku> Ember's reaction on CC lmao
[04:15] <Qstlijku> Korra did you get my PM?
[04:15] <TheKorraFanatic> I saw, lol.
[04:15] <C.Syde65> What was her reaction?
[04:16] <Messenger of Heaven> someone PM it to me
[04:17] <Qstlijku> I did
[04:17] <Qstlijku> and to Syde too
[04:18] <C.Syde65> Okay.
[04:18] <TheKorraFanatic> Heading out in a few minutes.
[04:18] <TheKorraFanatic> Well, more like 12.
[04:18] <C.Syde65> I'm guessing the PM didn't come through.
[04:19] <TheKorraFanatic> I already replied on Discord. (facepalm) 
[04:19] <C.Syde65> Yeah, I just saw now.
[04:19] <TheKorraFanatic> I am sorry,
[04:19] <TheKorraFanatic> But you must learn <span style="font-style:italic;">patience.</span>
[04:19] <TheKorraFanatic> 
[04:20] <Qstlijku> Sent another one
[04:20] <C.Syde65> I have learned it. Or do I need to be even more patience.
[04:20] <Qstlijku> Really only needed to send it to Syde but I did to Mess as well :P 
[04:20] <C.Syde65> No, I got that PM.
[04:20] <TheKorraFanatic> I am sorry,
[04:20] <C.Syde65> I was talking about the one I sent Korra.
[04:20] <Qstlijku> A different screenshot
[04:20] <TheKorraFanatic> But you need to be a lot more patient. :P 
[04:21] <C.Syde65> Okay. Well I'm already more patient now than I was in the past. Hopefully I'll be even more patient in the near future.
[04:23] <TheKorraFanatic> 8 minutes left.
[04:25] <Bob Hartington> k
[04:26] <C.Syde65> Okay.
[04:30] <TheKorraFanatic> Bye.
[04:31] <C.Syde65> Bye! o/ 
[04:32] <Bob Hartington> That was not 8 minutes 
[04:33] <Qstlijku> It was!
[04:33] <Qstlijku> Well
[04:33] <Qstlijku> 8 or 9
[04:33] <Qstlijku> Not much difference really :P 
[04:33] <C.Syde65> I'm pretty sure he didn't mean the precise amount, just the approximate amount.
[04:33] <C.Syde65> It was about 9 minutes to be honest.
[04:36] <Bob Hartington> It was exactly 7 minutes and 43 seconds 
[04:36] <C.Syde65> Sure?
[04:37] <Bob Hartington> I am sure, C.Syde65.
[04:44] <C.Syde65> <span style="text-decoration:line-through;"> Q needs to stop kicking users (including himself)</span>
[04:44] <C.Syde65> 
[04:44] <C.Syde65> JK.
[04:44] <C.Syde65> He doesn't have to stop kicking himself, lol.
[10:17] <Jamesb1> o/ 
[10:42] <C.Syde65> Hames! o/ 
[10:42] <Jamesb1> sup
[10:45] <C.Syde65> My new computer would be up, except it's not up. It's not down either. It's level.
[10:46] <Jamesb1> ah
[10:46] <Jamesb1> (think) 
[10:47] <C.Syde65> lol.
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