[23:56:26] [CHAT] Chase McFly: They are if tehy're not trolls
[23:56:27] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Ah.
[23:56:27] [CHAT] Lewis ryder: hi
[23:56:27] [JOIN] Michael I HPNG Shadow has joined Team Demon Light.
[23:56:27] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: A sockpuppet?
[23:56:28] [CHAT] Arch Wizard Megumin: sorry to ask if it's rude but whomst were your friends
[23:56:29] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: hi Lewis
[23:56:32] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: aren't i your sister?
[23:56:34] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Korra
[23:57:17] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: broke no rules
[23:57:37] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: theres no need 2 ban him
[23:58:22] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Now move on.
[23:58:38] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Mike i kicked him
[00:00:53] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: then i'll fuking go
[00:01:16] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Hey my man South Ferry
[00:01:16] [CHAT] Arch Wizard Megumin: you're friends were kicked or banned because they misbehaved
[00:01:30] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Logging...
[00:01:30] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Vape didnt
[00:01:30] [CHAT] Arch Wizard Megumin: they're welcome back if they're willing to follow the rules
[00:01:30] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: but he was
[00:01:30] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Or should I say, πŸ…±outh πŸ…±erry
[00:01:30] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Logging...
[00:01:35] [CHAT] Arch Wizard Megumin: he's not banned he can easily come back
[00:01:35] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah, the B emoji
[00:01:35] [CBOT] SlendyBot: An error occurred. Reverting logs to a non-broken state...
[00:01:51] [CHAT] Chase McFly: What emoji?
[00:01:51] [CHAT] South Ferry: They lost their power.
[00:01:54] [CHAT] Chase McFly: The B) emoji?
[00:01:54] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: The πŸ…± emoji
[00:02:05] [CHAT] Arch Wizard Megumin: πŸ…±rch πŸ…±izard πŸ…±egumin
[00:02:20] [CHAT] Lewis ryder: (doge) (mario)
[00:02:33] [CBOT] SlendyBot: BROKEN LIGHT666 spammed chat and made inappropiate sexual jokes. Paki are us trolled saying filthy things, and Vape was apparently a alt of Paki are us.
[00:02:47] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: HE CAN TALK?
[00:02:56] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah
           [CHAT] .
[00:02:57] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I was using him to talk with.
[00:02:57] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: And im the guy whos going
[00:03:09] [CHAT] South Ferry: The hell happened in Louisiana,
[00:03:13] [CHAT] South Ferry: Korra?
[00:03:18] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Nothing. Our wifi is bad.
[00:03:22] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: dont come 2 me for help fighting West
[00:03:32] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: bcoz im out
[00:03:40] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Mike PM
[00:03:42] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Quit making a scene. Move on.
[00:03:49] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: ok
[00:03:52] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: PM me Korra
[00:04:09] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: I'll finish there >:(
[00:04:23] [CHAT] Lewis ryder: micheal wats up πŸ‘
[00:05:11] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: nm Lewis
[00:05:35] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: just fucked up thhings going on
[00:05:35] [CHAT] Lewis ryder: like i come in and people kiked πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚
[00:05:49] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: ikr
[00:07:37] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i think he has been here before Mike's talked about Lewis before but he had another account
[00:08:00] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: yh
[00:08:25] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: but you always banned him for no reason
[00:08:28] [CHAT] South Ferry: 😠😠😠😠😠😑😑😑😀😀😀😀😒😒😒😭😭😭😭
[00:08:29] [CHAT] South Ferry: .
[00:08:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Oh, so he's a sockpuppet?
[00:08:50] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: no
[00:09:17] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: & c where i go
[00:09:20] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: i dare you
[00:10:22] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: hi Quajohn
[00:10:22] [CHAT] South Ferry: Jesus, no one is banning anyone
[00:10:22] [CHAT] Lewis ryder: who me i just joined
[00:10:22] [CHAT] BROKEN LIGHT666: hI
[00:10:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He's a sockpuppet. His other accounts did.
[00:10:38] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: ban him, i quit
[00:10:48] [CHAT] South Ferry: Goodbye, Michael Haptic.... ;(
[00:10:50] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: hes not causing harm
[00:10:54] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Korra wrong
[00:10:57] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: No one has banned anyone.
[00:11:02] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: that account was never banned
[00:11:10] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Ugh,
[00:11:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I know not this one.
[00:11:14] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ugh
[00:11:16] [CHAT] BROKEN LIGHT666: Hes not doing anything wrong
[00:11:17] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Lewis didn't break rules with his old account
[00:11:20] [CHAT] Arch Wizard Megumin: micheal pm
[00:11:29] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: ok
[00:11:35] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: he was never banned
[00:11:43] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Mess, Michael has brain-washed you. That's the honest truth. Lewis trolled the wiki before with many accounts.
[00:11:55] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: ok
[00:11:57] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Michael and Lewis have both been banned from here.
[00:11:57] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Korra no
[00:12:06] [CHAT] South Ferry: This is complete insanity.
[00:12:07] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: im going for a sec
[00:12:15] [CHAT] Lewis ryder: no i havent
[00:12:16] [CHAT] South Ferry: I believe Korra and Mess,
[00:12:16] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and no one has brain-washed me you idiot
[00:12:19] [CHAT] South Ferry: are to go to Staff-meetings.
[00:12:23] [CHAT] South Ferry: [b][big]Now.
[00:12:28] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: It was Lewis who was here spamming with the911Bomber
[00:12:40] [CHAT] South Ferry: [b][big]Staff meetings and discuss it there :)
[00:12:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Ugh, I done messed up the coding on my new wiki.
[00:12:53] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: no Lewis was in the Fazeraven account
[00:12:58] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic:
[00:13:08] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: No, Mess.
[00:13:14] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Korra w
[00:13:16] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: That was no Lewis. That was another guy.
[00:13:22] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: wasnt 911 West?
[00:13:23] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: *Not*
[00:13:23] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i think 911bomer was the same guy as Vade
[00:13:34] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: 911 was you, Michael.
[00:13:38] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I remember another Lewis
[00:13:43] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: You and Lewis were here spamming.
[00:13:44] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: korra that was Lewis
[00:13:47] [CHAT] Chase McFly: DZyR StrafeArmy
[00:13:51] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: he was on CC with that account too
[00:13:56] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Who is banned here, @Chase
[00:14:01] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Look,
[00:14:08] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Fuck u Korra. It wasnt bcoz i wasnt autoblocked
[00:14:10] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: DZyR StrafeArmy is Mike
[00:14:22] [CHAT] South Ferry: Go to Staff-meetings, or Bo3 chat,
[00:14:24] [CHAT] South Ferry: or something!
[00:14:26] [CHAT] South Ferry: Or pms!
[00:14:27] [CHAT] Arch Wizard Megumin: does anyone have any real proof besides accuasations
[00:14:30] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Oh, so there si no Lewis Strafe
[00:14:33] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Got it
[00:14:35] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Rick stop
[00:14:40] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I can pull up the old account if I can find the name.
[00:14:40] [CHAT] South Ferry: This is insanity.
[00:14:47] [CHAT] South Ferry: I ate, and I come back to this?!
[00:14:57] [CHAT] Arch Wizard Megumin: also this is one of the several times a day i wish the checkuser request worked
[00:14:58] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: this is the internet there is never REAL proof other then IP checks which we can't do
[00:15:12] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: @South you know you can leave chat for a break if you want
[00:15:14] [CHAT] Lewis ryder: i just joined today cause my brothe goes on the. community. here
[00:15:16] [CHAT] South Ferry: Messenger plans to try a third time Sanchez.
[00:15:24] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: no
[00:15:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: [[User:DZyR StrafeArmy]]
[00:15:38] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Sannse said they stopped giving it
[00:15:47] [CHAT] South Ferry: sad
[00:15:49] [CHAT] Lewis ryder: is strafe here
[00:15:51] [CHAT] Arch Wizard Megumin: wait what
[00:16:06] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Lewis
[00:16:09] [CHAT] Lewis ryder: yes
[00:16:10] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Sannse said they stopped giving Checkusers to wikis
[00:16:16] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: u remember Strafe?
[00:16:20] [CHAT] BROKEN LIGHT666: hi lewis
[00:16:24] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: DZyR Clan
[00:16:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Lewis was Strafe.
[00:16:25] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Creating [[Project:Chat/Logs/6_Aug_2017|chatlog]] 0 kicks and 0 bans reported. 2 joins, 0 leaves, and 159 messages logged.
[00:16:28] [CHAT] BROKEN LIGHT666: strade
[00:16:30] [CHAT] BROKEN LIGHT666: No
[00:16:38] [CHAT] Lewis ryder: yes i do with kj
[00:16:39] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: KJ, Quove, Strafe
[00:16:39] [CHAT] BROKEN LIGHT666: He want's
[00:16:39] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Korra  it's best to drop this and Strafe was Mike
[00:16:42] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: me & u
[00:16:47] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and KJ was Mike
[00:16:48] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: IT WASNT
[00:16:51] [CHAT] Chase McFly: This says Lewis Strafe aka Michael is not blocked
[00:16:55] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Mihael PM
[00:17:02] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: see what i mean?
[00:17:10] [CHAT] South Ferry: Smh
[00:17:12] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Im getting the blame
[00:17:25] [CHAT] BROKEN LIGHT666: SMH
[00:17:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: We have 81 pages now. :)
[00:17:33] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: for somthing thats not me
[00:17:35] [CHAT] Lewis ryder: chase i know strafe army off xbox i was in his friends clan
[00:17:37] [CHAT] South Ferry: And around 63 characters.
[00:17:38] [CHAT] Chase McFly: 83 Korra
[00:17:46] [CHAT] South Ferry: 71 of them are TDL content or so
[00:17:47] [CHAT] South Ferry: :)
[00:17:51] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: ^ @Lewis
[00:19:13] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i was thinking that we could change the badges
[00:19:15] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: idc
[00:19:19] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: @ light
[00:19:21] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: This character sounds hot. :P
[00:19:32] [CHAT] BROKEN LIGHT666: IDC
[00:19:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: "She has pale white skin and her hair is blue and straight - kept perfectly beautiful, even when she was genociding the majority of the human race. She wears heavy makeup, so that even if she kills you, at least the last thing you see will be something beautiful. She wears a denim jacket with the logo of Alchem Corp on the back."
[00:19:50] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: like let the B-crats and admins have badges that don't look alike
[00:20:11] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Korra
[00:20:20] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: that wont b beautiful
[00:20:30] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: thatd be fucking creepy
[00:20:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Lies.
[00:20:36] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: One more edit and the Androids are 100% finished
[00:20:37] [CHAT] Lewis ryder: messenger i remember it nowπŸ‘πŸ‘
[00:20:50] [CHAT] BROKEN LIGHT666: NICE
[00:20:52] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: .............
[00:20:58] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: remember what?
[00:21:01] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: MIKE
[00:21:04] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: PM
[00:21:05] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I wonder if there should be other good androids in existence besides me
[00:21:06] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ASAP
[00:21:08] [CHAT] South Ferry: Indeed, I could do that Messenger
[00:21:08] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: ok?
[00:21:11] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Cool the caps.
[00:21:27] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I think the badges are fine as they are.
[00:21:32] [CHAT] Lewis ryder: the mike
[00:21:41] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: The heart badges South uses from Undertale wiki do not fit this wiki at all.
[00:21:43] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: KorraFantastic
[00:21:52] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: *Fanatic
[00:21:54] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: PM
[00:21:56] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Lmao.
[00:22:46] [CHAT] Lewis ryder: why kick me ive done nuttin wrong
[00:22:46] [CHAT] South Ferry: Huh?
[00:22:47] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: How about grey?
[00:22:48] [CHAT] South Ferry: Can you link me the SVG,
[00:22:49] [CHAT] South Ferry: Korra?
[00:22:58] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Lewis yes the fuck you did
[00:22:59] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Chat mods have gray.
[00:23:08] [CHAT] Lewis ryder: what
[00:23:22] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Lewis
[00:23:24] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: chill
[00:23:29] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: u 2 Sis
[00:24:07] [CHAT] South Ferry: Prolly request temp admin, and work something out, if the community wants it
[00:24:09] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: OR I GO
[00:24:16] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: MIKE YOU WEREN'T THERE
[00:24:18] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Sorry for all the edits I've done if it counts as farming or sumthin
[00:24:19] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: YOU DID SEE
[00:24:21] [JOIN] Lewis ryder has joined Team Demon Light.
[00:24:22] [CHAT] South Ferry: [b][big]Messenger, please be professional, one kick is enough.
[00:24:24] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: DIDNT*
[00:24:27] [CHAT] South Ferry: it is not farming Paladin!!
[00:24:29] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Mess
[00:24:33] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: plz stop
[00:24:35] [CHAT] South Ferry: You are making good edits to your page
[00:24:36] [CHAT] South Ferry: :)
[00:24:38] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: for me
[00:24:44] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: plz Mess
[00:25:18] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: what about me Shadow what about what this bastard  did to your sister
[00:25:20] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: @Sis
[00:25:21] [CHAT] South Ferry: Why is this situation even being discussed in main smh
[00:25:25] [CHAT] South Ferry: Korra would be ashamed.
[00:25:31] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: IDK WTF HE DID
[00:25:32] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Let's take it to PM.
[00:25:37] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Dude, I am right here. @SOuth
[00:25:38] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I just had an idea for my page
[00:25:41] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: JUST STOP KICKING
[00:25:47] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Drop it
[00:25:49] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: ok, bro @Korra
[00:25:50] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Ca I add it, or would that be farming?
[00:25:56] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Add it.
[00:26:00] [CHAT] BROKEN LIGHT666: OOps the message did not send at this time please try again
[00:26:11] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: TBH, I like the gold bureaucrat badges.
[00:26:15] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: XD
[00:26:17] [CHAT] South Ferry: Indeed, farming is just doing stuff like,
[00:26:20] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Korra
[00:26:25] [CHAT] South Ferry: editing one page multiple time to get the caffeinated badge
[00:26:35] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: how long have we been brothers?
[00:26:46] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: since birth?
[00:26:47] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: XD
[00:26:52] [CHAT] Lewis ryder: messanger pm me we need to sort this out
[00:26:58] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Since March of this year. :P
[00:27:06] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: ok XD
[00:27:11] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: WAIT
[00:27:13] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: No
[00:27:14] [CHAT] BROKEN LIGHT666: ok
[00:27:20] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: it must b longer
[00:27:36] [CHAT] BROKEN LIGHT666: ok
[00:27:37] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: ages
[00:27:48] [CHAT] BROKEN LIGHT666: ages
[00:27:59] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ages
[00:28:11] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Mike PM
[00:28:14] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: (illuminati)
[00:28:28] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and Korra how about we change the admin badge
[00:28:43] [JOIN] DB511611 has joined Team Demon Light.
[00:28:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: To what though? I'm not against it. I just don't want those heart badges.
[00:28:48] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Ask the ESB people
[00:29:03] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: IDK
[00:29:03] [CHAT] Chase McFly: They know
[00:29:09] [CHAT] South Ferry: As stated,
[00:29:15] [CHAT] South Ferry: Obviously we will not use SOULs,
[00:29:20] [CHAT] South Ferry: and we will use a different color
[00:30:00] [CHAT] South Ferry: I did the SOULs thing once to test
[00:30:10] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Ah
[00:30:15] [CHAT] DB511611: ew undeetale
[00:30:16] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Wikia Shittya
[00:30:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: What is Loygan's full username?
[00:30:18] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: oops
[00:30:23] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: wrong wiki
[00:30:25] [CHAT] South Ferry: It was from another wiki, i was learning how to do custom things
[00:30:26] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: sry
[00:30:31] [CHAT] DB511611: Pls no talk about undrtall, it trigtrs me 😠
[00:30:37] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: ^
[00:30:40] [CHAT] BROKEN LIGHT666: Wikia Shittya
[00:30:42] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: i h8 sans
[00:30:44] [CHAT] South Ferry: Poor, poor DB
[00:30:46] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Ah, I see it now.
[00:30:47] [CHAT] Chase McFly: DB, this chat si often triggering too me
[00:30:54] [CHAT] South Ferry: See what?!
[00:30:58] [CHAT] South Ferry: What do you see?!
[00:31:26] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: WTF
[00:31:32] [CHAT] South Ferry: This is insanity.
[00:31:41] [CHAT] BROKEN LIGHT666: WHAT
[00:31:43] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: i said wrong wiki, dumbass
[00:31:44] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: @DB you're the IHE of wikia pretty much
[00:31:56] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: :P
[00:32:02] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: can we use anything as a badge?
[00:32:07] [CHAT] South Ferry: Korra and Mess have teamed up to deliver a [b][big]brutal simultaneous exhibition unloading
[00:32:11] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I was just joking. @BROKEN LIGHT @ Michael.
[00:32:23] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Korra, ur a fucking [big] DUMBASS :P
[00:32:38] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: South, PM.
[00:32:43] [CHAT] BROKEN LIGHT666: LOLπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
[00:32:44] [CHAT] BROKEN LIGHT666: πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
[00:32:45] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: im a fucking a saaaaaazvage
[00:32:45] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sure, Korra
[00:32:48] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: XD
[00:32:51] [CHAT] DB511611: Disliking undertale = hating everything
[00:32:59] [CHAT] DB511611: πŸ‘Œ
[00:33:10] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: South, msg me on xbox one tomorrow
[00:33:12] [CHAT] South Ferry: Indeed, the meme was based on how you disliked many things.
[00:33:14] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sure, Mike
[00:33:21] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: thnx
[00:33:30] [CHAT] Lewis ryder: messanger pm we need to talk i feel like im gonna shit a brick
[00:34:20] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: wtf
[00:34:21] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: watch the caps
[00:34:24] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: ^
[00:34:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Cool the caps.
[00:34:27] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: ^
[00:34:37] [CHAT] DB511611: peepee weiner buthole πŸ˜‚
[00:34:43] [CHAT] South Ferry: wtf
[00:35:12] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: XD
[00:35:15] [CHAT] DB511611: wow
[00:35:23] [CHAT] BROKEN LIGHT666: cool the caps
[00:35:25] [CHAT] South Ferry: πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜Ž
[00:35:27] [CHAT] DB511611: No jokes allowed i guess 😟
[00:35:30] [CHAT] BROKEN LIGHT666: XDD
[00:35:37] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: No inappropriate jokes allowed.
[00:35:38] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: XD
[00:35:42] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Korra
[00:35:43] [CHAT] DB511611: Hypocritw
[00:36:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: IDK.
[00:36:26] [CHAT] BROKEN LIGHT666: cool caps
[00:36:34] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Lewis I PMed you
[00:36:40] [CHAT] DB511611: Because the rooster was on strike?
[00:36:41] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: 2 meet an annoying guy @Korra
[00:36:46] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: WAIT
[00:36:55] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Korra, knock knock
[00:36:56] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Lag killed me
[00:36:58] [CHAT] Chase McFly: /me sighs
[00:36:59] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: BROKEN LIGHT, stop minimodding.
[00:37:04] [CHAT] Lewis ryder: mess i pmed u
[00:37:05] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: IDK can be in all caps.
[00:37:06] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: the chicken
[00:37:38] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Michael, why did the turkey not cross the road?
[00:37:51] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: coz i 8 it
[00:37:56] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: I think adding an autorefresh to would make it a lot easier to see new changes
[00:37:59] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Any admin wanna do it?
[00:38:10] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I've wanted to before, but IDK how.
[00:38:15] [CHAT] Chase McFly: No becuse he wasn't chicken!
[00:38:24] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: ???
[00:38:28] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: wtf
[00:38:47] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: O Ferry the Allknowing, we require your greatness!
[00:38:51] [JOIN] Downtown Freezy has joined Team Demon Light.
[00:38:57] [JOIN] Lewis ryder has joined Team Demon Light.
[00:39:02] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: bye lewis
[00:39:06] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: hi lewis
[00:39:11] [CHAT] South Ferry: do it like how we got slendy, copy paste this
[00:39:13] [CHAT] South Ferry: ;)
[00:39:17] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Ah, Freezy
[00:39:32] [CHAT] Lewis ryder: mess pm wat u said please
[00:39:39] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah, DOwntown Freezy
[00:39:39] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Yup
[00:41:25] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: That is what "idgaf" stands for
[00:41:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Why not, Freezy?
[00:41:46] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: She does not like humans
[00:41:55] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: She killed a lot of them
[00:41:57] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Oh damn.
[00:42:06] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Future Tiger doesn't like humans, Present Tiger isn't THAT evil yet :P
[00:42:24] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Indeed, they are all simply Gabriel's prototypes
[00:42:30] [JOIN] BaronessLagomorph has joined Team Demon Light.
[00:42:42] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Dr. Gabe, my main man
[00:43:27] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Indeed, Gabriel Alchemilia, also known as Dr. Gabe, has made many mistakes
[00:43:44] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Me and my 7 brothers are not prototypes, I'm a reject hile they're profuction models.
[00:44:43] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: The Hound, Tiger and Owl are completed 100%, while Panther was left unfinished - that's about it
[00:44:45] [JOIN] MisterXenomorph has joined Team Demon Light.
[00:44:49] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: These Androids also function a special purpose fo Shell, the next OV
[00:44:51] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Hi Xeno
[00:44:53] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: OC*
[00:44:54] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: (IDK what's going on)
[00:45:04] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: hello,
[00:45:06] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Freezy and Paladin made OCs
[00:45:14] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Yah
[00:45:15] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: And?
[00:45:20] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah, [b][big]YAH.
[00:45:26] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: I was just explainin em
[00:45:27] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Most of them are androids like me
[00:45:31] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Yes, me and Conrad are developing the 34 years in the future
[00:45:34] [CHAT] Chase McFly: But like my brothers they are evil
[00:45:42] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Except Owl
[00:45:47] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Owl is very good
[00:46:05] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Can we not say they're one of four androids?
[00:46:42] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Because these specific Androids are the Alchem Corp (tm) Androids
[00:46:52] [CHAT] Chase McFly: My android is "Cunning Humanoid Android Syntehtic Emotion" MK1
[00:46:58] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Can we specifuy that on teh article?
[00:47:06] [CHAT] Chase McFly: It makes them sound like the only andoids?
[00:47:24] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: Okay,
[00:47:27] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Ask Conrad, those pages are mostly his
[00:47:33] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: He wrote them
[00:47:36] [CHAT] Lewis ryder: korra
[00:47:42] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Lewis.
[00:47:44] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Paladin, what do you think?
[00:47:45] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: i'm signing off.
[00:47:49] [CHAT] Lewis ryder: pm
[00:47:57] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: I don't think it's needed
[00:48:09] [CHAT] Chase McFly: But they're not the only androids
[00:48:28] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Bye Baroness
[00:48:35] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: see you guys later.
[00:48:35] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Bye
[00:48:35] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Well, a click of the "Androids" category will tell you that right away
[00:48:41] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: See ya
[00:48:41] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: bye
[00:50:14] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: hehe i sent like 20
[00:50:18] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: just get me over discord
[00:50:24] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: K
[00:50:24] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: ok?
[00:50:32] [CHAT] Lewis ryder: korra can we talk
[00:50:36] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: whats ur discord?
[00:50:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Lewis, I PMed you.
[00:50:54] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: He was talking to me Michael
[00:51:07] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: mine is Shadowrath115 #4701 @everyone
[00:51:12] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Korra PM
[00:51:33] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: send me ideas for random things XD
[00:52:11] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Wikia Shittya
[00:52:14] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: thats my motto
[00:52:27] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: I wonder if anyone can guess what Shell will be
[00:53:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: This is ironic coming from the guy who voted on a chat moderator request here when he isn't staff. :P
[00:54:11] [CHAT] Chase McFly: [[User:DZyR StrafeArmy]]
[00:54:23] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: what
[00:54:32] [JOIN] Michael I HPNG Shadow has joined Team Demon Light.
[00:54:53] [CHAT] Chase McFly: That's the guy who said Michael was dead
[00:55:03] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: wait
[00:55:05] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: WTF
[00:56:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: So, how are we going to fix the main page?
[00:56:33] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: idk
[00:57:48] [CHAT] South Ferry: fix what on it
[00:58:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: The main page.
[00:58:05] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: It's all zoomed in due to an edit made.
[00:58:45] [CHAT] South Ferry: Send a screenshot at once.
[00:58:56] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Lower
[00:59:25] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin:
[00:59:27] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: There's ur screenshot, u BUTT
[00:59:35] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: [[user:Monchoman45]]
[00:59:38] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: XD
[00:59:50] [CHAT] South Ferry: A simple screenshot.
[00:59:55] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Monchoman45
[00:59:55] [CHAT] South Ferry: Let's fix it.
[00:59:55] [CHAT] South Ferry: A simple screenshot,
[00:59:58] [CHAT] South Ferry: edit*
[01:00:03] [CHAT] South Ferry: Fixed by editing some formatting.
[01:00:18] [CHAT] South Ferry: Btw, this was here before, and no one addressed it.
[01:00:58] [CHAT] South Ferry: A very, very basic fix.
[01:01:01] [CHAT] South Ferry: It's already done.
[01:02:04] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: ?
[01:02:04] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: I like spongebob
[01:02:39] [CHAT] Lewis ryder: patick
[01:02:53] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Mr Krabs = A money hoe
[01:02:58] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: The IMissGreaves users
[01:03:02] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: XD
[01:03:05] [CHAT] BROKEN LIGHT666: XD
[01:03:08] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: *user*.
[01:03:08] [CHAT] BROKEN LIGHT666: πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
[01:03:09] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Korra did you finish the thing?
[01:03:44] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: stop
[01:04:37] [JOIN] BROKEN LIGHT666 has joined Team Demon Light.
[01:04:40] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: hi
[01:04:40] [CHAT] BROKEN LIGHT666: hi
[01:04:43] [CHAT] Lewis ryder: hi
[01:04:51] [CHAT] BROKEN LIGHT666: im crazy
[01:04:51] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: hi
[01:04:51] [CHAT] Lewis ryder: hi
[01:04:58] [CHAT] BROKEN LIGHT666: some times
[01:05:01] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: JINX BITCH
[01:05:01] [CHAT] Lewis ryder: hi
[01:05:01] [CHAT] BROKEN LIGHT666: HI
[01:05:26] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: (wave)
[01:05:35] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: u like my fucking cussing skills? @Korra
[01:05:39] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: XD
[01:05:45] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Woah you shouldn't fucking cuss
[01:05:50] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: i taught u so
[01:05:53] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Thats fucking bad
[01:05:54] [CHAT] BROKEN LIGHT666: Im a north korean
[01:06:04] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Oh, im fucking sry Freezy
[01:06:24] [CHAT] BROKEN LIGHT666: NUKeS
[01:06:24] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: I've met Sir Ferry yes
[01:06:24] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: I like his profile pic
[01:06:33] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Ah
[01:06:33] [CHAT] BROKEN LIGHT666: North Korean
[01:06:36] [CHAT] Lewis ryder: 🀒🀒🀒😎😎😎
[01:06:37] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: someone messaged me on fb
[01:06:37] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Korra
[01:06:40] [CHAT] BROKEN LIGHT666: πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜‘
[01:06:44] [CHAT] Lewis ryder: who
[01:06:47] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: they said bung my booce
[01:06:51] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: like wtf
[01:06:53] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Test.
[01:06:55] [CHAT] BROKEN LIGHT666: wtf
[01:06:55] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: did you do the [big] THING
[01:07:06] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: @korra
[01:07:09] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Bung the booce, my dudes
[01:07:10] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I can't. I am lagging so bad.
[01:07:27] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Korra
[01:07:30] [CHAT] Lewis ryder: bung my booce do it to me
[01:07:32] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: /me hugs
[01:07:39] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Guess what
[01:07:42] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Bung me daddy
[01:07:46] [CHAT] BROKEN LIGHT666: RaPe
[01:07:52] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: @Korra
[01:08:07] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: guess what
[01:08:29] [CHAT] Lewis ryder: /mehugs
[01:08:29] [CHAT] BROKEN LIGHT666: @forean swung
[01:08:37] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Wavey, chill
[01:08:37] [CHAT] Lewis ryder: /me bung my booce harder
[01:08:37] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Korra PM
[01:08:54] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: use the !bk command
[01:09:04] [CHAT] BROKEN LIGHT666: i cant laugh
[01:09:06] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: btw its not him
[01:09:47] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Hi
[01:10:31] [CHAT] Chase McFly: And being inappropriate
[01:10:33] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Light is banned for a week
[01:10:36] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: What did he say?
[01:10:39] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: That was banned?
[01:10:42] [JOIN] DB511611 has joined Team Demon Light.
[01:10:47] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Who's Paki are us?
[01:10:52] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: idk
[01:10:54] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !test
[01:10:57] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Shadow
[01:10:57] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: a troll
[01:11:00] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !on
[01:11:02] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Also
[01:11:03] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Shadow's firends
[01:11:04] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: KORRA
[01:11:08] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Was anyone having problems with chat earlier?
[01:11:10] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: IF IT WAS ME
[01:11:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I still am.
[01:11:18] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: ID B BLOCKED R N
[01:11:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I corrected it, Michael.
[01:11:20] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I had some lag
[01:11:24] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: You saw that.
[01:11:25] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I was having problems with the whole site too
[01:11:25] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: yeah Q
[01:11:29] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Good
[01:11:31] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: same
[01:11:33] [CHAT] Qstlijku: May have been my wifi
[01:11:37] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Same, Q.
[01:11:38] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: @Q
[01:11:49] [CHAT] Qstlijku: ok
[01:12:00] [CHAT] Qstlijku: [[Special:BlockList]]
[01:12:04] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: [[user:ISoapMyDucky]]
[01:12:09] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Shadow did you get my PM
[01:12:20] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: no
[01:12:25] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: wait
[01:12:33] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: the story one?
[01:12:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: yes
[01:12:42] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: yes
[01:12:47] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Did DZyR StrafeArmy come to chat?
[01:12:47] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: its good
[01:12:56] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: idk @Q
[01:13:06] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: No, we was testing his IP using auto-blocks.
[01:13:41] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: no Q i need you to do a IP check of Lewis and Strafe
[01:13:50] [CHAT] Qstlijku: ok
[01:13:53] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I was already on it
[01:13:53] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: DZyR StrafeArmy was wither Lewis or Michael.
[01:13:55] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: kk
[01:13:55] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: I recently heard about when Strafe said i suicided
[01:14:16] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: [small] he did more then that
[01:14:23] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: im confused & mad at them
[01:14:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Kittynator:
           [CHAT] Korra Are you trying to cause a script loop? 
           [CHAT]  8:14 
           [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic:
           [CHAT] script loop?
[01:14:37] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Kitty is always so random af.
[01:14:54] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Kitty Kat
[01:14:56] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: ?
[01:15:06] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Kittynator:
           [CHAT] Its where the script constantly loops, instead of stopping
[01:15:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Anyone know what he means?
[01:15:20] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: no
[01:15:21] [CHAT] Qstlijku: brb
[01:15:21] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: nope
[01:15:26] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: KK
[01:15:34] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Maybe
[01:15:48] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: IDK how to reply to him.
[01:16:30] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: [[user:BROKEN LIGHT666]]
[01:16:32] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: say your new to coding so you don't really understand any of that yet \
[01:16:45] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: [[user:lewis ryder]]
[01:16:48] [JOIN] Qstlijku has joined Team Demon Light.
[01:16:56] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Q, thats them
[01:16:58] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: stop linking them
[01:17:03] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: lol
[01:17:05] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I checked the IPs
[01:17:07] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: ok
[01:17:09] [CHAT] Qstlijku: They're all different
[01:17:16] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: hmmmmmmmmmmmm
[01:17:34] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Lewis said at first he was Strafe then changed it once i told everyone what he did
[01:17:43] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: so whats gna happen?
[01:17:45] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !test
[01:17:47] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Κ‡sǝʇ‘
[01:17:48] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !log
[01:17:50] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Logging...
[01:18:02] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Adding to [[Project:Chat/Logs/6_Aug_2017|chatlog]] 0 kicks and 0 bans reported. 0 joins, 0 leaves, and 5 messages logged.
[01:18:03] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Mike he still broke rules
[01:18:03] [CHAT] South Ferry: I see creepypastafangirl1999 has not done much on quotev
[01:18:20] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: i didnt kno theyd b idiots here
[01:18:49] [CHAT] Qstlijku: [[Special:Log/chatban]]
[01:18:55] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: not everyone
[01:19:00] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Emily
[01:19:03] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Lea
[01:19:12] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Alisha
[01:19:35] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Possibly all three.
[01:19:51] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: :|
[01:20:06] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: HOW CAN I DATE MYSELF IRL
[01:20:10] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: OH W8
[01:20:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: IDK!
[01:20:16] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: IT'S ODD AF.
[01:20:23] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Korra, you just said Michael's almostwankism.
[01:20:24] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: I MIGHT ASWELL PROPOSE
[01:20:25] [CHAT] Qstlijku: idk but to me they didn't seem like him
[01:20:27] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: ffs
[01:20:30] [CHAT] South Ferry: So,
[01:20:32] [CHAT] Qstlijku: At least Emily
[01:20:34] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Its
[01:20:35] [CHAT] South Ferry: Haptic dates himself?
[01:20:57] [CHAT] Chase McFly: South, stop stalking Mess on Quotev
[01:20:59] [CHAT] Qstlijku: But when I talked to Emily they spoke differently from Michael
[01:21:01] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: No south, wtf
[01:21:35] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Michael, according to you, Alisha dumped you today because I showed you a picture of Jessa Duggar in PM saying she was hot and you agreed with me. No one dumps someone over that.
[01:21:40] [CHAT] Chase McFly: BRB
[01:21:41] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: no
[01:21:44] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Korra
[01:21:49] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: its worst
[01:21:51] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Emily wasn't @Q
[01:21:53] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: The other two was.
[01:21:56] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: *were*
[01:22:00] [JOIN] SSJRhys has joined Team Demon Light.
[01:22:03] [CHAT] South Ferry: Indeed,
[01:22:04] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Korra
[01:22:08] [CHAT] Qstlijku: But Emily was banned for that reason
[01:22:13] [CHAT] South Ferry: Korra has said around 10-15 girls are hot, and he is still with Jane
[01:22:14] [JOIN] Supreme gamer12 has joined Team Demon Light.
[01:22:14] [CHAT] South Ferry: :)
[01:22:15] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: /me gets upset
[01:22:20] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Um
[01:22:23] [CHAT] Qstlijku: What's her new name?
[01:23:06] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: South look at my last post lmao
[01:23:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: The ones just kicked.
[01:23:24] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: of who?
[01:23:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: !unban TheAshesOfThePast
[01:23:25] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I blocked them to check their IPs
[01:23:26] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Unbanning TheAshesOfThePast...
[01:23:47] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Never mind
[01:23:51] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Whos that
[01:23:56] [CHAT] Qstlijku: The other IPs were already blocked so they have to be different
[01:23:57] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I see ESB had the same problem with Thursday we did.
[01:24:12] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: whos AshesOfThePast?
[01:24:18] [JOIN] TheVinnyLord has joined Team Demon Light.
[01:24:27] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Ayyy, Vinny
[01:24:34] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Emily Haptic
[01:24:34] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: hi
[01:24:38] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Greetings.
[01:24:42] [CHAT] Qstlijku: She renamed
[01:24:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hi?
[01:24:48] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: oh
[01:25:39] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ay Messenger Deception,
[01:25:57] [CHAT] South Ferry: the two people you just banned, are not socks
[01:26:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: They were kicked, not banned.
[01:26:10] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Who are they then?!
[01:26:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ^
[01:26:26] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: ^ @Q
[01:26:34] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Did you know these accounts were created the other day?
[01:26:41] [CHAT] Qstlijku: TheShadowFanatic and TheShadowrathFanatic
[01:26:48] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: XD
[01:26:49] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: :/
[01:26:52] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: shhhh
[01:26:58] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: XD
[01:27:05] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Korra knows
[01:27:09] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: XD
[01:27:23] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I still don't like it. Also, I only knew about one.
[01:27:51] [JOIN] TheShadowFanatic has joined Team Demon Light.
[01:27:57] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Test
[01:28:01] [CHAT] TheShadowFanatic: KPDZ
[01:28:27] [CHAT] TheShadowFanatic: see
[01:28:28] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: :/
[01:28:28] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I'm gonna unblock TheAshesOfThePast now
[01:28:28] [CHAT] TheShadowFanatic: im going bk
[01:28:28] [CHAT] TheShadowFanatic: brb
[01:28:28] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !test
[01:28:28] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: She's blocked?
[01:28:29] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Κ‡sǝʇ‘
[01:28:59] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Because she was thought to be Michael's sock
[01:29:12] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: tl;dr Banning "SSJRhys" also banned "Downtown Freezy". This is because Rhys and Nicky are having a dumb little sleepover I wasn't invited to. Rhys spied Nicky playing on "The Demon's Light Wiki" and tried to enter, only to be painfully erased. The poor man!
[01:29:14] [CHAT] Qstlijku:
[01:29:51] [CHAT] Qstlijku: [[User:Downtown Freezy]]
[01:29:56] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: What the hell was that, Paladin?
[01:30:25] [CHAT] South Ferry: Poor, poor Freezy.
[01:30:44] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: That is what is happening
[01:30:46] [CHAT] South Ferry: O Damned IP block
[01:30:49] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: The destruction of Rhys led to the fall of Freezy
[01:30:54] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Intriguing.
[01:31:08] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: South PM
[01:31:25] [CHAT] Qstlijku: ok I confirmed that
[01:31:33] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Freezy's IP is now unblocked
[01:31:34] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: @South I bet you'll invite SecondEdgeOfTheBlade next
[01:32:14] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: why?
[01:32:16] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Who here has heard of Sugar Rush Racers?
[01:32:16] [CHAT] South Ferry: However, Jazmin will not be coming to this Wiki
[01:32:22] [CHAT] South Ferry: Indeed, I do not like Y's spammed in my Pms
[01:32:24] [CHAT] South Ferry: :)
[01:32:26] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: @South and you'll invite Jillips I bet
[01:32:29] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: XD
[01:32:44] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I haven't Q.
[01:32:56] [CHAT] South Ferry: Nah, Jillips will not be coming to this Wiki.
[01:33:04] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Apparently it's something Disney related
[01:33:13] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: i need 2 do things
[01:33:17] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Someone PMed me and was surprised when I haven't heard of it
[01:33:21] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: i'll need 2 go
[01:33:35] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: South did you get my PM hehe
[01:33:43] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Wreck It Ralph spin-off?
[01:35:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: That was random af.
[01:35:21] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: no
[01:35:23] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: y
[01:35:23] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: y
[01:35:23] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: y
[01:35:24] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: y
[01:35:26] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: XD
[01:35:37] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Lots of line breaks
[01:35:42] [CHAT] South Ferry: Jeff the Killer is an ugly ass guy
[01:35:52] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: bye guys
[01:36:01] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Okay, now she gave me her address. This girl is weird af.
[01:36:03] [CHAT] South Ferry: Farewell
[01:36:15] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Ey
[01:36:19] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah, Freezy
[01:36:23] [CHAT] South Ferry: Welcome back.
[01:36:25] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Hello Freezy.
[01:36:33] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: However, Jeff the Mailman is just (Blush) (Blush)
[01:36:37] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Well, I have to go for now. Goodbye.
[01:36:43] [CHAT] South Ferry: Farewell
[01:37:48] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: @Korra block her PMs!
[01:37:48] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: JEFF THE KILLER IS HOT AS HELL
[01:37:49] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: (wave)
[01:37:55] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: So my friend Rhys is blocked
[01:38:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Not anymore, I think.
[01:38:20] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Yeah, just for two hours
[01:38:27] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: I'm gonna head off, very tired and whatnot
[01:38:35] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Night Conrad
[01:38:42] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Don't do anything stupid Nicky ;)
[01:38:52] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Don't count on it
[01:39:09] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Mess please stop saying that
[01:39:17] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !test
[01:39:19] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Κ‡sǝʇ‘
[01:39:21] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !log
[01:39:23] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Logging...
[01:39:25] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Q no
[01:39:30] [CHAT] Qstlijku: yes
[01:39:32] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Adding to [[Project:Chat/Logs/6_Aug_2017|chatlog]] 0 kicks and 0 bans reported. 0 joins, 0 leaves, and 15 messages logged.
[01:39:37] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: no
[01:40:01] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: JEFF THE KILLER IS HOT
[01:40:08] [CHAT] South Ferry: nope
[01:40:09] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Incorrect
[01:40:12] [CHAT] South Ferry: False.
[01:40:27] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Not true
[01:40:55] [CHAT] Qstlijku: ^
[01:41:10] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: it is true
[01:41:17] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: False
[01:41:26] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: but y'all don't like guys soooooooooo of course you say that
[01:41:50] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Sad
[01:41:50] [CHAT] Qstlijku: lol
[01:41:50] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I gotta go
[01:41:51] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Bye
[01:41:54] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He is ugly af.
[01:41:55] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Bye, Q. (wave)
[01:42:01] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: I wouldn't like a pure white girl with slices across her face and no eyelids either
[01:42:02] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: bye
[01:42:37] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me unlease korra
[01:42:38] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Sa
[01:42:39] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: d
[01:42:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Jane doesn't have slices across her face and she has eyelids.
[01:43:01] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Her eyes are just solid black.
[01:43:07] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: I think Link (from Legend Of Zelda) is hot
[01:43:09] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Ah
[01:43:22] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I think Zelda from LOZ is hot.
[01:43:37] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: There are over 20 different Links that are simply related
[01:43:41] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Across the timeline
[01:44:40] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Zelda from Twilight Princess was the hottest out of all the Zeldas, imo.
[01:45:25] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Link from Breath of the Wild is hot
[01:45:31] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Ah
[01:45:43] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i agree Falco
[01:45:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Zelda from Breath of the Wild is hot.
[01:45:49] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: i dislike almost everything about BoTW
[01:45:53] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah
[01:45:53] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: :O
[01:45:59] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: BOTW is awesome.
[01:46:01] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: It isn't a proper Zelda game, it has bad mechanica
[01:46:09] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: mechanics*
[01:46:53] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Hyrule Warriors is not supposed to be a Zelda game
[01:47:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Sadly, the cord on our Wii U broke so we can't play BOTW again until we get a new one.
[01:47:03] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I like Hyrule Warriors, tbh.
[01:47:06] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Same
[01:47:17] [CHAT] DB511611: Whats a zelda
[01:47:52] [CHAT] South Ferry: first
[01:48:12] [CHAT] South Ferry: You purchase a good console, such as the Xbox One, or BUILD a PC
[01:48:14] [CHAT] South Ferry: :)
[01:48:23] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I am currently multi-tasking. I am chatting and playing Xenoblade on my 3DS.
[01:48:24] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: :P
[01:48:35] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Mime built a PC the other day.
[01:48:51] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ik
[01:49:16] [CHAT] South Ferry: You and Mess shall work on a PC.
[01:49:22] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: no
[01:49:24] [CHAT] South Ferry: And then sell your laptops
[01:49:24] [CHAT] South Ferry: :)
[01:49:26] [CHAT] South Ferry: Why, Mess
[01:49:27] [CHAT] South Ferry: ;(
[01:49:32] [CHAT] South Ferry: /me cries well done
[01:49:39] [CHAT] South Ferry: /me screams rare
[01:49:45] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and i called in Paris for back up lolol on that post Korra look at my last post
[01:50:03] [CHAT] Messenger Deception:
[01:50:17] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !test
[01:50:18] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Κ‡sǝʇ‘
[01:50:25] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !log
[01:50:26] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Logging...
[01:50:33] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Adding to [[Project:Chat/Logs/6_Aug_2017|chatlog]] 0 kicks and 0 bans reported. 0 joins, 0 leaves, and 22 messages logged.
[01:50:44] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Paris tackled someone at one point
[01:51:36] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Bishop South Ferry SouthFerry8451
           [CHAT] Whomst'd is Komaeda
[01:51:48] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He talks like that everywhere. :P
[01:52:07] [CHAT] Qstlijku: idk
[01:53:04] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I wouldn't be surprised if WikiFans422 is a sockpuppet
[01:54:35] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Wait,
[01:54:37] [CHAT] Qstlijku: wb Slendy
[01:54:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: wasn't Yumeko Jabami x banned for like six months?
[01:54:48] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: How are they back?
[01:54:51] [CHAT] Qstlijku: idk
[01:55:26] [CHAT] Qstlijku: No
[01:55:32] [CHAT] DB511611: Hello, food?
[01:55:35] [CHAT] Qstlijku: They were banned for a week which was shortened to 3 days after discussion
[01:55:38] [CHAT] Qstlijku: And then a week again
[01:57:17] [CHAT] Qstlijku: No?
[01:57:34] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Oh, it looked like something for PM.
[01:57:46] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I thought she accidently linked it on main or something.
[01:58:20] [CHAT] DB511611: Huh
[01:58:22] [CHAT] DB511611: Who got kicked
[01:58:24] [CHAT] DB511611: Who what
[01:58:28] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Ember.
[01:59:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: (wave) Rick and Vinny.
[01:59:41] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I wouldn't be surprised if that
[01:59:42] [CHAT] Qstlijku: if
[01:59:48] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Yumeko is the same person as Mio
[01:59:50] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Hello again
[01:59:54] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !test
[01:59:56] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Κ‡sǝʇ‘
[01:59:58] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !log
[02:00:01] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Logging...
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[02:00:19] [CHAT] Qstlijku: brb
[02:00:22] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I got some help:
[02:01:05] [CHAT] South Ferry: alright, fuck that quotev thread, im out, i aint gettin' involved
[02:01:08] [CHAT] South Ferry: thats on some crazy shit
[02:01:15] [CHAT] South Ferry: Because of a contested grammar discussion
[02:01:53] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: I cannot tell whether this is DF speaking or not, Ferry.
[02:02:08] [CHAT] DB511611: If your profile picture is from an anime, your opinion doesn't count
[02:02:18] [CHAT] South Ferry: Research is being done to see if Dark Ferry can be extracted
[02:03:06] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Shit, so my opinion doesn't matter?
[02:03:21] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Well, that sucks
[02:03:32] [CHAT] DB511611: Yes
[02:03:36] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: But my avatar is not from an anime, so yeah
[02:03:46] [CHAT] DB511611: Sorri wheaboo no opinions alowed βœ‹
[02:04:01] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: DB, what is your avatar?
[02:04:04] [CHAT] Arch Wizard Megumin: >If your profile picture is from an anime, your opinion doesn't count
           [CHAT] excuse me sir i will ban you
[02:04:20] [CHAT] DB511611: Ban me for what
[02:04:23] [CHAT] DB511611: The truth?
[02:04:25] [CHAT] DB511611: πŸ˜‚
[02:04:27] [CHAT] Arch Wizard Megumin: if you don't change your icon to anime i will ban you forever
[02:04:30] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah
[02:04:37] [CHAT] Arch Wizard Megumin: you have 5 minutes
[02:04:50] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: XD.
[02:04:54] [CHAT] DB511611: My avatar is beauty when incarnated into visible form
[02:05:05] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: I remember a quote fitting for this occasion:
[02:05:12] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: "You can silence me but you can't silence the truth!"
[02:07:05] [CHAT] South Ferry: That whole thread outta go look in the mirror,
[02:07:08] [CHAT] South Ferry: and be ashamed of itself
[02:07:26] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Welp, I died on my game. So, I'm back here. :P
[02:07:28] [CHAT] Arch Wizard Megumin: @DB 2 minutes left
[02:08:01] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: So much time wasted
[02:08:09] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: now my friend Palkia is having a panic attack ummmmmmmm i'm not sure how to help her
[02:08:25] [CHAT] DB511611: niπŸ…±πŸ…±a no
[02:09:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: You're lucky I didn't ban you for that, DB.
[02:09:01] [CHAT] Arch Wizard Megumin: you bullied me first
[02:09:10] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ok stop
[02:09:11] [CHAT] DB511611: No i didn't
[02:09:44] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !on
[02:09:44] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: South shh
[02:09:45] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Already up and running!
[02:09:47] [CHAT] DB511611: Arch stole my pencil
[02:09:48] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !log
[02:09:50] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Logging...
[02:09:57] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Setting a fine example. Maybe.
[02:09:58] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Adding to [[Project:Chat/Logs/6_Aug_2017|chatlog]] 0 kicks and 0 bans reported. 0 joins, 0 leaves, and 15 messages logged.
[02:09:58] [CHAT] South Ferry: I am going to call both your parents.
[02:10:17] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: He ain't messing around.
[02:10:46] [CHAT] Arch Wizard Megumin: no please mr ferry
[02:10:58] [CHAT] DB511611: 😭πŸ˜ͺ
[02:10:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: then get back to work
[02:12:14] [JOIN] DB511611 has joined Team Demon Light.
[02:13:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Did you see the message West left Mime?
[02:13:23] [CHAT] Qstlijku: no
[02:13:27] [CHAT] Qstlijku: On which account?
[02:13:29] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: 1 sec.
[02:13:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic:
[02:13:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic:
[02:14:04] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I'm back
[02:14:18] [CHAT] DB511611: Hi, Back
[02:14:28] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hiya, Back. (wave)
[02:14:35] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Welcome, Back.
[02:16:25] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Oh
[02:16:32] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I saw that account but not its messages
[02:21:49] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: I strongly recommend a better meme selection, sir.
[02:23:36] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: 16:50, August 5, 2017 Jr Mime (wall | contribs) banned Addy Garcia23 (wall | contribs) from chat with an expiry time of infinite, ends 15:50, December 6, 3016 (sockpuppet) 
           [CHAT] β—Ύ16:50, August 5, 2017 Jr Mime (wall | contribs) banned Addy Garcia22 (wall | contribs) from chat with an expiry time of infinite, ends 15:50, December 6, 3016 (sockpuppet) 
           [CHAT] β—Ύ15:59, August 5, 2017 Jr Mime (wall | contribs) banned PurpleDino101 (wall | contribs) from chat with an expiry time of infinite, ends 14:59, December 6, 3016 (sockpuppet)
[02:23:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Ummmmmmmmm
[02:23:54] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: When Wikia lags
[02:25:02] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I wonder if Dino was banned by mistake.
[02:25:39] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: There was a surge of alternative accounts earlier, right?
[02:25:54] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Yes, sockpuppets of WestHeater.
[02:25:57] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Those were Michael?
[02:26:03] [CHAT] Qstlijku: No
[02:26:05] [CHAT] Qstlijku: West Heater
[02:26:15] [CHAT] Chase McFly: On TDL they were <ichael
[02:26:15] [CHAT] Qstlijku: And possibly another troll from ESB
[02:26:24] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Well, usually if an account was banned during a raid or something the owner would probably complain on a message wall
[02:26:26] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Or maybe Dino happened to have a similar IP
[02:26:33] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Maybe.
[02:26:53] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I think it might have been a mistake. Dino joined in the middle of that and Mime banned him as well.
[02:27:45] [CHAT] Qstlijku: It was later though
[02:28:03] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: True.
[02:28:06] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: One minute difference, though
[02:28:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Even Kocka was like "Wait, why was Dino banned?"
[02:28:33] [CHAT] Qstlijku: No
[02:28:51] [CHAT] Qstlijku: An hour difference
[02:28:53] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Look carefully
[02:28:58] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /me looks carefully
[02:29:22] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: An hour and a minute.
[02:29:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Then Addy Garcia 22 and 23 came.
[02:29:30] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Maybe Dino should contact Jr Mime about his ban
[02:30:02] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: I do believe if a user was wrongly banned (or just trying too hard as a troll) they would've done so right when it comes to their attention.
[02:34:52] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: [small] can someone ban strafe for a week instead of 2 hours
[02:35:01] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: aka Lewis
[02:35:59] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: By the way, what wikitext code is enabled in chat? ([small] etc)
[02:36:15] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: (Whoops, [small ])
[02:36:24] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I just beat Ember in PokΓ©mon. :P
[02:37:02] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: we have colored text big and small
[02:37:33] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: No strikethrough? I'll be sure not to abuse big, though.
[02:40:43] [CHAT] DB511611: Ember - weakest fire type move in Pokemon
[02:40:55] [CHAT] DB511611: ☝
[02:41:01] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I just beat her again. :P
[02:41:24] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Merciless
[02:43:11] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Where are you playing with Ember?
[02:44:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: [s]Sad, we do not have strikethrough
[02:46:19] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i love it when i have a friend that all i need to say is "Back me up" and they jump in taking my side it always surpries folks i have backup like that (Paris just hopped into something cuz i yelled at her to back me up) lolol
[02:46:37] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: What a contradictory comment, Ferry.
[02:46:42] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: Im back Guys
[02:46:42] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Hi Choip
[02:46:48] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: hi chase.
[02:46:57] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Belle is like that for me. :P
[02:46:57] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Greetings
[02:47:11] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: Chase how is inboxdollars
[02:47:24] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I don't want to use it after you wanted to hack me
[02:47:44] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: i did not want to hack you, why dont you understand
[02:47:53] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: i have 23.14$
[02:47:54] [CHAT] Chase McFly: You wanted my password
[02:48:01] [CHAT] Chase McFly: That's my PRIVATE business
[02:48:08] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: i didnt want to hack you
[02:48:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I don't even have to call her, Mess. My parabatai [small](bitch) knows when I need her help.
[02:48:27] [CHAT] Chase McFly: But I don't want you finding all thsi personal indo about me
[02:48:59] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: Chase can we discuss some things in pm.
[02:49:12] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: guys
[02:49:15] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I don't want to talk to you in Pm
[02:49:17] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: take this to PM
[02:49:18] [CHAT] DB511611: >guys
[02:49:20] [CHAT] DB511611: What about girls
[02:49:22] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: now
[02:49:38] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Chase and Chiop are both boys baka
[02:49:47] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: Mess is it okay if i pm you.
[02:50:09] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i guess and Chase PM chiop and sort this out there
[02:50:18] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: well korra
[02:50:59] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Paris and i don't even need to say something is wrong she say Hey and i just know same with her she can tell i'm not my happy self same with her
[02:51:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Same with Belle and I
[02:51:34] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Paris is my true Parabatai
[02:51:38] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and my true BFFL
[02:52:07] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Belle is my parabatai, BFFL, and my [small] bitch.
[02:52:37] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: we go together like Peanutbutter & Jelly sandwice
[02:52:43] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: lmao
[02:52:55] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: that is actually a joke we have
[02:53:10] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Belle and I have a joke.
[02:53:12] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Is Paris' name really Paris
[02:53:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Indeed.
[02:53:22] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: no
[02:53:23] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: @Mess
[02:53:55] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Paris isn't her real name it's the name of a OC she made a while ago and started going by that ik her name wel her first name
[02:54:02] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Ok
[02:54:04] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: what's your joke Korra?
[02:55:29] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: It is a sworn secret.
[02:55:33] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: [big] INDEED.
[02:55:55] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: you don't have one
[02:56:02] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: We do.
[02:56:22] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: how do yall get that font like that
[02:56:25] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: nope
[02:56:31] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: @korra
[02:56:35] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: [big ]?
[02:57:35] [CHAT] Chase McFly: [[big text]]
[02:57:36] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: [big ] < No space, and the text goes here
[02:57:41] [CHAT] Chase McFly: And then the text
[02:57:52] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: [big ]Test
[02:57:55] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: [big]AmIevenright
[02:58:02] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: No space between big and ]
[02:58:23] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: [test big]
[02:58:24] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: nevermind
[02:58:40] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: It doesn't work in PMs, so I'll send it to you.
[02:59:04] [CHAT] Chase McFly: [big]Big text is fun
[02:59:49] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Okay, it does work in PMs.
[03:00:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Ah damn, she beat me this round.
[03:00:31] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: You must regain your title as champion
[03:00:40] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Indeed. And I shall.
[03:03:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: It went from 2-0 to 2-2.
[03:03:12] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Sad.
[03:03:41] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: can the name City of Lost Souls be used for anything?
[03:04:00] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: are you talking to me?
[03:04:05] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Indeed.
[03:04:13] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Korra, you must not lose hope
[03:04:14] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i was asking main
[03:04:26] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: It sounds worthwhile using
[03:04:34] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Salutations, Freezy
[03:04:42] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Greetings
[03:05:16] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Greetings, DB
[03:05:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Greetings, Freezy.
[03:11:46] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Shall I make a Quotev account?
[03:12:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Indeed.
[03:12:47] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !test
[03:12:48] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Κ‡sǝʇ‘
[03:12:49] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !log
[03:12:51] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Logging...
[03:12:53] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: And she beat me again.
[03:12:59] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: It's now 2-3.
[03:13:06] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Hope, comrade!
[03:13:07] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Adding to [[Project:Chat/Logs/6_Aug_2017|chatlog]] 0 kicks and 0 bans reported. 0 joins, 0 leaves, and 7 messages logged.
[03:13:21] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Do not lose faith in your accomplishment!
[03:13:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I won't!!
[03:13:50] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: To the battlefield!
[03:14:13] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Korra what are you playing?
[03:14:41] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: PokΓ©mon.
[03:14:56] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: mess i pm'd you
[03:15:07] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Nextstepfangirl has been in CC chat all day
[03:15:15] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I wonder when they'll leave
[03:15:25] [CHAT] Qstlijku: And AshleyApollodor is still there
[03:16:11] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Sad.
[03:17:17] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sad
[03:17:18] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: I now have a discord
[03:17:26] [CHAT] South Ferry: Very good
[03:17:32] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Quotev* not discord
[03:17:36] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: I already had a discord
[03:18:14] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Does this take place more on Quotev than chat?
[03:18:19] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Chase?
[03:18:24] [CHAT] Chase McFly: What?
[03:18:29] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: Mess I messaged you there?
[03:18:32] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: PM
[03:18:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and ok
[03:19:17] [CHAT] DB511611: Shrek joke
[03:19:21] [CHAT] DB511611: funny joke haha
[03:19:29] [CHAT] South Ferry: wha
[03:20:41] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: 2-4
[03:20:58] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: This honestly reminds me of a casino now
[03:21:07] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: What does?
[03:21:25] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Winning early on, trying more and more and losing
[03:21:35] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: XD
[03:21:57] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: Mess PM
[03:21:59] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: She won.
[03:22:21] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Shall you continue?
[03:22:37] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Nope. She won the final round.
[03:23:16] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Defeat stings
[03:26:29] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: spuffyπŸ’™ - Today at 10:21 PM
           [CHAT] Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Cyber Bullying Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Walk Away From The Screen Like Nigga Close Your Eyes Haha
           [CHAT] Messenger - Today at 10:25 PM
           [CHAT] ...........
           [CHAT] spuffyπŸ’™ - Today at 10:25 PM
           [CHAT] O
           [CHAT] Messenger - Today at 10:26 PM
           [CHAT] .................
[03:27:03] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ...................
[03:27:23] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sad, I wish it could help our Messenger
[03:27:26] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Insensitivity, a plague that is so widespread.
[03:27:28] [CHAT] South Ferry: /me cries.
[03:27:37] [CHAT] South Ferry: Spuffy, an interesting man.
[03:27:43] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: mess is anyone else intrested
[03:27:44] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: I wonder how you are not Dark yet, Ferry.
[03:27:45] [CHAT] South Ferry: Despite all of this he has thrown at Messenger for weeks now,
[03:27:51] [CHAT] South Ferry: She stays with him.
[03:27:56] [CHAT] South Ferry: And he helps her with discord, I believe.
[03:28:29] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: .........
[03:28:39] [CHAT] South Ferry: For now,
[03:28:41] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: mess i messaged you
[03:28:43] [CHAT] South Ferry: It's best to take a break.
[03:28:46] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: IK
[03:28:52] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: @Choip
[03:28:56] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: "For every day claims a piece of me. Every waking hour claims my inner piece."
[03:29:00] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: dude one thing at a time
[03:29:09] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: wikia take time to bulid
[03:29:13] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: (Wait it's peace*, lol)
[03:29:14] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: wikis*
[03:29:17] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: k.
[03:29:55] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: this wiki is 5 months old and still need ALOT of work you need to learn to take one step at a time
[03:30:19] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Yeah, stop rushing episodes in when premise and xcharacters are what matter most Choip
[03:30:33] [CHAT] South Ferry: Wb freezy
[03:30:34] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ^^^^^
[03:30:39] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: @Chase
[03:30:43] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: sorry i will learn
[03:31:02] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: cuz i'm going to teach you how to run a wiki
[03:31:11] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: mess can we discuss there
[03:31:30] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: sure join the chat
[03:31:31] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: is anyone else coming or its just us.
[03:31:33] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Chat is kinda boring today
[03:31:43] [CHAT] Qstlijku: That's why I keep going in and out
[03:32:04] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Chat is lagging for me.
[03:32:08] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: My home wiki is three years old and still needs a lot of work
[03:32:18] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ZoZodemon:
           [CHAT] Sorry for pming you there is just nothing really to do  
           [CHAT]  10:25 
           [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic:
           [CHAT] It's not a problem
[03:32:27] [CHAT] Messenger Deception:
[03:32:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /me sighs.
[03:32:50] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: um Korra is Quotev wiki our home wiki or is TDL our home wiki
[03:33:05] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Hi guys
[03:33:24] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Hello
[03:34:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: TDL.
[03:36:46] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I think EF wiki is my home wiki
[03:36:50] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Goth is being random af again.
[03:37:35] [CHAT] Qstlijku: How?
[03:37:59] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: 1 sec.
[03:38:53] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ZoZodemon:
           [CHAT] Are you sure  because Fred said you hated me.
           [CHAT]  10:25 
           [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic:
           [CHAT] Who?
           [CHAT] 10:26 
           [CHAT] ZoZodemon:
           [CHAT] Ugh…never mind
[03:38:59] [CHAT] Qstlijku: lol
[03:39:07] [CHAT] Qstlijku: What was before that?
[03:39:28] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ZoZodemon: Sorry for pming you there is just nothing really to do 10:25 TheKorraFanatic: It's not a problem
[03:39:42] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Sorry
[03:39:43] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Cool the caps.
[03:39:44] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: sm wiki?
[03:39:45] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I'll stop
[03:39:47] [CHAT] Qstlijku: wtf
[03:39:52] [CHAT] Qstlijku: 10:37
           [CHAT] Yumeko Jabami x
           [CHAT] 4:40
           [CHAT] 10:37
           [CHAT] Robot Jones is Omnipotent
           [CHAT] 4:20
           [CHAT] 10:38
           [CHAT] Qstlijku
           [CHAT] ?
           [CHAT] 10:38
           [CHAT] ZoZodemon
           [CHAT] 8:358
[03:39:57] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Can someone tell me  where to RP on Quotev
[03:40:40] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Mess, plz can u link it?
[03:40:45] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: this wiki anyone can come
[03:40:50] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: ok
[03:41:10] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I don't see how they are driving you insane.
[03:41:26] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: What's that wiki for?
[03:41:40] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: IDK.
[03:43:57] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I gotta go
[03:44:01] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Bye
[03:44:01] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Bye
[03:44:02] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !log
[03:44:03] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Logging...
[03:44:13] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Adding to [[Project:Chat/Logs/6_Aug_2017|chatlog]] 0 kicks and 0 bans reported. 0 joins, 0 leaves, and 26 messages logged.
[03:44:16] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Bye, Q. (wave)
[03:50:18] [JOIN] Rufus The Spaceman has joined Team Demon Light.
[03:51:03] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Hi Shadow
[03:51:07] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Now who the fuck?
[03:51:07] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Oh.
[03:51:25] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: lmao
[03:55:58] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Guys what if COLS becomes our new hang-out instead of TDL
[03:56:17] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Let's hope nothing would change
[03:57:31] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Nah
[03:57:37] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: TDL is better
[03:57:58] [CHAT] South Ferry: Indeed,
[03:58:03] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Indeed indeed.
[03:58:04] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I agree
[03:58:12] [CHAT] South Ferry: COLS will never become a new hang out.
[03:58:12] [CHAT] South Ferry: .
[03:58:21] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Slendy, when did you last see North Canoe?
[03:58:27] [CHAT] South Ferry: !seen North Canoe
[03:58:28] [CBOT] SlendyBot: South Ferry: I last saw North Canoe 67 days, 5 hours, 52 minutes, and 17 seconds ago.
[03:58:31] [CHAT] South Ferry: wtf
[03:58:33] [CHAT] South Ferry: |{K
[03:58:42] [CHAT] Chase McFly: He was here last night!
[03:58:49] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I want to apply for councilor again. But I know I'll only get turned down again. But I do have a ton more edits than last time.
[03:58:53] [CHAT] South Ferry: wait until 2020
[03:58:54] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I mean, I was
[03:59:00] [CHAT] South Ferry: or
[03:59:12] [CHAT] South Ferry: wait until an invite
[03:59:15] [CHAT] South Ferry: is perhaps
[03:59:15] [CHAT] South Ferry: betts
[03:59:15] [CHAT] South Ferry: betta
[03:59:15] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Betta
[03:59:17] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Hi Rick
[03:59:32] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: XD
[03:59:51] [CHAT] South Ferry: [b][big]ripped into korra
[03:59:55] [CHAT] South Ferry: [b][big]complete destruction
[04:00:10] [CHAT] Arch Wizard Megumin: top 10 best anime roasts
[04:00:11] [CHAT] South Ferry: [b][big][c="red"][font="Times New Roman"]DAMN.
[04:00:19] [CHAT] DB511611: Top 10 anime battles
[04:00:25] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Wow.
[04:00:31] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I get rights on a new wiki:
[04:00:34] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Rufus The Spaceman:
           [CHAT] fuck, he has rights 
           [CHAT] :/  
           [CHAT] eh
[04:00:41] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Sad.
[04:00:50] [CHAT] South Ferry: ???????????????
[04:00:54] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah,
[04:00:55] [CHAT] South Ferry: I see.
[04:01:27] [CHAT] DB511611: Hey korra
[04:01:40] [CHAT] DB511611: Gues wat
[04:01:46] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Last time I applied for councilor, Sannse told me to edit at more large wikis than just CC.
[04:01:50] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: What? @DB
[04:01:53] [CHAT] DB511611: u
[04:01:54] [CHAT] South Ferry: wait for an invite,
[04:01:56] [CHAT] South Ferry: is betta korra
[04:01:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: :0
[04:01:59] [CHAT] DB511611: are
[04:02:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: XD
[04:02:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: Do not apply
[04:03:02] [CHAT] South Ferry: :)
[04:03:28] [JOIN] C.Syde65 has joined Team Demon Light.
[04:05:14] [CHAT] Arch Wizard Megumin: south please don't say unloads i'm pretty sure that's a gay doublentedre
[04:05:48] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ^@Rick
[04:05:51] [CHAT] DB511611: What
[04:05:54] [CHAT] Arch Wizard Megumin: maybe its just me but read this "DB UNLOADS on korra."
[04:05:57] [CHAT] DB511611: You serious
[04:06:02] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I get it, Rick.
[04:06:35] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Rick UNLOADS all over South Ferry!
[04:06:42] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Omg.
[04:06:50] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Say whay?
[04:07:02] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Nothing.
[04:07:03] [CHAT] Chase McFly: *What?
[04:07:07] [CHAT] South Ferry: Oh dear
[04:07:17] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Now you sound like North South
[04:07:24] [CHAT] South Ferry: Oh my!
[04:07:40] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: What have you done
[04:08:03] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Has anyone heard of [[User:East Cabin Boat]]
[04:08:13] [CHAT] South Ferry: ah
[04:08:22] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Or [[User:West Motorboat]]
[04:08:26] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Lol
[04:08:30] [CHAT] Chase McFly: South parodies
[04:08:38] [CHAT] South Ferry: ah
[04:10:56] [CHAT] DB511611: Watch out
[04:11:00] [CHAT] DB511611: Im gonna say a mean swear
[04:11:06] [CHAT] DB511611: Get ready 😎
[04:12:09] [CHAT] DB511611: [big] meanie head [/big]
[04:12:29] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Lmao.
[04:12:52] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I miss Belle. :(
[04:15:54] [CHAT] Chase McFly: ;(
[04:16:03] [CHAT] Chase McFly: You'll miss me too
[04:16:10] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: hi. (wave)
[04:16:11] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I start school Monday
[04:16:15] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Nu.
[04:16:31] [CHAT] Chase McFly: 'I can pop in briefly every day, but 15 minutes tops
[04:16:38] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Sad.
[04:16:49] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Okay, now what the fuck?
[04:16:55] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I've been on FANDOM 5 months.
[04:17:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: In my time here, TK-999 went from CC chat mod and admin to FANDOM staff.
[04:17:24] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Now he is FANDOM Staff and Helper.
[04:17:27] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: ive been on fandom since June 2015.
[04:17:28] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He's like a god now. :P
[04:18:24] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Bye![
[04:18:29] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Bye, Chase. (wave)
[04:18:59] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Goodbye.
[04:19:22] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Oh, He's also VSTF.
[04:20:34] [CHAT] DB511611: Why does ZoZo keep asking for PMs
[04:20:38] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: IDK.
[04:22:17] [CHAT] C.Syde65: Is there a reason Junior Admins keeps getting changed to Assistants? I thought it was decided that it would be Junior Admins?
[04:22:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: IDK, tbh.
[04:23:51] [CHAT] DB511611: Hello Mess
[04:23:58] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: hi
[04:25:16] [CHAT] DB511611: Hello
[04:25:34] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: [[User:TheKorraFanatic/chat.js]] I am lazy linking.
[04:25:51] [CHAT] DB511611: Hello.
[04:26:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hello.
[04:31:35] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: gtg to bed goodnight
[04:39:53] [JOIN] DemisionalDarkAngelCatgirlBlogger has joined Team Demon Light.
[15:58:17] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: (She is crazy over Jeff too)
[15:58:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Sad.
[15:58:17] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: no not sad
[15:58:17] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: my best friend loves him too
[15:58:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Sad.
[15:58:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: So does mine and IDK why.
[15:58:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hi, Rick. (wave)
[15:58:17] [CHAT] South Ferry: Welcome AWM
[15:58:17] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Restarting...
[15:58:18] [CBOT] SlendyBot: SlendyBot v1.9 is online!
[15:59:22] [JOIN] Michael I HPNG Shadow has joined Team Demon Light.
[15:59:31] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Korra
[15:59:49] [CHAT] South Ferry: Good afternoon Haptic
[15:59:54] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: was it in Dec or Jan when i first made my quotev account?
[16:00:00] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: south
[16:00:08] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: its 11:59
[16:00:11] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Nieither.
[16:00:11] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: AM
[16:00:15] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: nvm
[16:00:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I joined Feb 9.
[16:00:19] [CHAT] South Ferry: Indeed, it is 12 PM
           [CHAT] .
[16:00:23] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: XD
[16:00:25] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: yup
[16:00:31] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: You only joined a week before me.
[16:00:34] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Korra i had accout like moth before you
[16:00:40] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Ah, 11;59 PM.
[16:00:42] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: month*
[16:00:55] [JOIN] FalcoLombardi99 has joined Team Demon Light.
[16:01:11] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Do you mean 5:00 PM, Michael?
[16:02:26] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Korra Michael said he was English yeterday
[16:02:26] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Is he?
[16:02:41] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I thought he had VPN
[16:02:42] [JOIN] Jamesb1 has joined Team Demon Light.
[16:02:42] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He is English.
[16:03:38] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I want to get to 200 pages.
[16:03:39] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: sooooooooooooooo it's start shit with Michael time?
[16:03:44] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: lol
[16:03:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Then we can get a spotlight.
[16:03:59] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: lmao
[16:04:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Soooooooooooo its being a puppet of Michael time?
[16:04:04] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: :P
[16:04:21] [CHAT] Jamesb1: Soooooooooooo its excessive o's time?
[16:04:22] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: soooooooooooooooooooooooo is it insulting time?
[16:04:48] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He's not even here.
[16:04:50] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: So calm down.
[16:04:58] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i am calm
[16:05:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Ah.
[16:05:33] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: #triggered
[16:06:25] [CHAT] Jamesb1: /me hugs south
[16:06:30] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Why not?
[16:06:43] [JOIN] TheKorraFanatic has joined Team Demon Light.
[16:06:59] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Why was I kicked?
[16:07:04] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me kills everyone who talks like South
[16:09:11] [CHAT] South Ferry: Poor Korra.
[16:09:20] [CHAT] South Ferry: First, I will make the rules on cops
[16:09:29] [CHAT] South Ferry: Cols
[16:09:29] [CHAT] South Ferry: So they are not just
[16:09:30] [CHAT] South Ferry: Copy paste.
[16:12:01] [CHAT] South Ferry: Since [b]nobody even enforces the page guidelines.
[16:12:14] [CHAT] South Ferry: Who is going to fix that rules page?
[16:12:21] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I fixed it
[16:12:33] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Choip, no saying people's names like that
[16:13:56] [CHAT] South Ferry: Eh
[16:21:01] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I miss Belle.
[16:21:21] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: (jeff)
[16:21:31] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Korra will miss Belle AND me after today.
[16:21:33] [CHAT] Chase McFly: :(
[16:21:58] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: (jeff)
[16:24:42] [CHAT] Chase McFly: No (jeff) emoji, unhappy.
[16:25:38] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sad.
[16:25:47] [CHAT] South Ferry: [[]]Sad.
[16:25:51] [CHAT] South Ferry: Test
[16:25:53] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Certainly.
[16:25:54] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sad
[16:25:56] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Passed
[16:25:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: O damn it all
[16:26:01] [CHAT] South Ferry: [[]]sad
[16:26:09] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Gosh darn everything!
[16:26:19] [CHAT] South Ferry: [big]the person who did this shall be punished :)
[16:26:24] [CHAT] South Ferry: [[]]Indeed
[16:26:38] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: lmao
[16:26:41] [CHAT] Chase McFly: The perpetrator should be put to a horrible penalty.
[16:26:46] [CHAT] Chase McFly: For certain.
[16:26:49] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: In[[]]deed.
[16:26:57] [CHAT] Chase McFly: For certain lol.
[16:26:59] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: lol
[16:27:09] [CHAT] South Ferry: What are you, r coaxed into a snafu?
[16:27:27] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Are you being a snafu against your will?
[16:27:28] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: wha
[16:28:20] [CHAT] South Ferry: First,
[16:28:28] [CHAT] South Ferry: You will go to coaxedintoasnafu on Reddit.
[16:28:29] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Ah.
[16:28:31] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Sad.
[16:28:32] [CHAT] Chase McFly: To start,
[16:28:37] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: O Damn It All!!!
[16:28:53] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: jeff is so hot
[16:28:56] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: (Belle)
[16:28:56] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Are you being a snafu against your will has a Reddit account.
[16:29:28] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: S[[]]ad.
[16:29:30] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: Korra i messaged you on City Of the Souls wiki
[16:30:49] [CHAT] Chase McFly: BRB in an hour tops
[16:31:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: KK. Bye for now. (wave)
[16:31:14] [CHAT] South Ferry: Jeff is not hot [[]]indeed
[16:31:17] [CHAT] South Ferry: Farewell
[16:31:23] [CHAT] South Ferry: Fix the emoji, at once
[16:31:24] [JOIN] Qstlijku has joined Team Demon Light.
[16:32:04] [CHAT] Jamesb1: testing
[16:32:08] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Κ‡sǝʇ‘
[16:32:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: A[[]]h.
[16:32:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Got around it. :P
[16:32:39] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !test
[16:32:39] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: not for long
[16:32:39] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !on
[16:32:39] [CHAT] Jamesb1: testing
[16:32:39] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Logging...
[16:32:39] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Restarting...
[16:32:39] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: had to make him refresh
[16:32:40] [CBOT] SlendyBot: SlendyBot v1.9 is online!
[16:32:45] [CHAT] Qstlijku: When was Slendy told to restart?
[16:32:54] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: IDK
[16:32:55] [JOIN] TheKorraFanatic has joined Team Demon Light.
[16:33:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: A[[]]h.
[16:33:19] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: damnit
[16:33:20] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Still got around it. :P
[16:33:24] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: !log
[16:33:25] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Logging...
[16:33:26] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: F U
[16:33:33] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Adding to [[Project:Chat/Logs/6_Aug_2017|chatlog]] 0 kicks and 0 bans reported. 1 joins, 0 leaves, and 14 messages logged.
[16:33:39] [JOIN] South Ferry has joined Team Demon Light.
[16:33:50] [CHAT] South Ferry: You cannot do this Messenger!
[16:34:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: We will not stand for this!!!
[16:34:07] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Yes we will
[16:34:14] [CHAT] Qstlijku: At least for today
[16:34:18] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Lol.
[16:34:22] [CHAT] Arch Wizard Megumin: refesh then type (jeff)
[16:35:10] [CHAT] Jamesb1: what hapened
[16:35:20] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sad
[16:35:44] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Ah
[16:35:48] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Ah.
[16:35:50] [CHAT] Jamesb1: wtf is that
[16:35:54] [JOIN] MisterXenomorph has joined Team Demon Light.
[16:36:05] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: It has been fixed, indeed.
[16:36:10] [CHAT] MisterXenomorph: Hello
[16:36:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Our hero, Rick Sanhez, saved us. :P
[16:36:21] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: I'M GETTING JEFF BACK
[16:36:23] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hi, Xeno. (wave)
[16:36:40] [CHAT] South Ferry: Welcome Mr. Xenomorph.
[16:36:48] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i wanted Xeno to see that so i'm getting Jeff back losers
[16:36:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: Oh really?
[16:37:20] [CHAT] Jamesb1: im not a loser :(
[16:37:37] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: refresh everyone
[16:37:44] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and Jamie yes chu are
[16:37:54] [CHAT] Jamesb1: ;(
[16:38:21] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sad
[16:38:27] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Sad.
[16:38:29] [CHAT] South Ferry: [[]]Sad.
[16:38:43] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Sad.
[16:38:46] [CHAT] South Ferry: First, we will not do Pusheen Cat ver 2.
[16:38:54] [CHAT] South Ferry: We shall delete this, [[]]indeed
[16:39:03] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: no
[16:39:20] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Paris is laughing hard over this
[16:40:14] [CHAT] South Ferry: Eh?
[16:40:15] [CHAT] South Ferry: It's not that funny
[16:40:21] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: later I'm going to make alot of emojis for my SM wiki
[16:40:47] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: actually South it is
[16:41:06] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i told my Quotev friends and discord friends and they are all laughing this was great
[16:41:25] [CHAT] South Ferry: ,why are they laughing, [[]]indeed
[16:41:28] [CHAT] Jamesb1: (giggle)
[16:41:32] [CHAT] Jamesb1: crap
[16:41:33] [CHAT] South Ferry: I do not see the joke [[]]indeed
[16:42:06] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: had to make them refresh
[16:42:13] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and don't mess with Jeff
[16:42:27] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Ah
[16:42:30] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Stop kicking me. Lag is making it so had to come back.
[16:42:41] [CBOT] SlendyBot: *hard*
[16:42:50] [JOIN] South Ferry has joined Team Demon Light.
[16:42:59] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Sad
[16:43:09] [CHAT] South Ferry: Now this is getting stupid [[]]indeed
[16:43:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Sad.
[16:43:14] [CHAT] South Ferry: Korra kicked, me kicked
[16:43:21] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Ah.
[16:43:54] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: Mess can we discuss the wordmark for are new wiki
[16:43:55] [JOIN] FalcoLombardi99 has joined Team Demon Light.
[16:44:08] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: not right now
[16:44:56] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: i will design the main page, i am a good designer
[16:45:45] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Cava was blocked on CC
[16:46:53] [CHAT] South Ferry: First
[16:46:55] [CHAT] South Ferry: Raven makes the front page
[16:48:30] [CHAT] South Ferry: Messenger has gone insane.
[16:50:20] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Cava wasn't blocked on CC.
[16:50:40] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He was asking about another block using the admin's CC message wall.
[16:50:40] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Choip no
[16:50:46] [CHAT] South Ferry: So
[16:50:54] [CHAT] South Ferry: Who will design the front page
[16:50:56] [CHAT] South Ferry: ?
[16:51:07] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Can Choip do anything?
[16:51:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: You keep telling him no over and over.
[16:51:42] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: welli guess Choip and i both can
[16:51:48] [CHAT] South Ferry: First,
[16:51:54] [CHAT] South Ferry: Mess will code the front page.
[16:51:55] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Ah, teamwork.
[16:52:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Fuck.
[16:52:18] [JOIN] Mysterious Paladin has joined Team Demon Light.
[16:53:01] [CHAT] South Ferry: Welcome Paladin.
[16:54:15] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Hello Sir Ferry
[16:58:31] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: i just finished the front page
[17:02:05] [CHAT] South Ferry: A good page
[17:02:34] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: South can you edit more there
[17:03:15] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: (chase)
[17:04:53] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: [[MediaWiki:Chat.css]] [[MediaWiki:Wikia.css]] I'm lazy linking.
[17:04:55] [CHAT] South Ferry: I'm not sure what I could edit there
[17:06:39] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: just think you could create a character
[17:10:16] [CHAT] Jamesb1: is this dead or is this lag
[17:10:38] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Both.
[17:12:24] [CHAT] Jamesb1: i feel ive got something in my throat
[17:13:04] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Sad.
[17:13:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Shit.
[17:13:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: S[[]]ad.
[17:13:25] [JOIN] Spiderman Wolf has joined Team Demon Light.
[17:13:42] [CHAT] Spiderman Wolf: Hi
[17:13:52] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hi. (wave)
[17:16:31] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: mess we have to create season 1p gae
[17:16:38] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: *page
[17:16:40] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: no
[17:16:49] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i said we won't for a week
[17:16:55] [CHAT] South Ferry: I'll think about how I can help,
[17:16:58] [CHAT] South Ferry: That wiki.
[17:17:25] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: mess why are you saying no to everything, you only have 11 edits and your the founder.
[17:17:39] [CHAT] South Ferry: So,
[17:17:43] [CHAT] South Ferry: Mess founded that wiki
[17:17:50] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: yeah
[17:18:00] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: it's my wiki one 2 we need to make characters and places first
[17:18:02] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: i had the idea to start it.
[17:18:10] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: no
[17:18:20] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: you made another wiki i made that wiki
[17:18:32] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: why cant we make the places we have the ideas
[17:18:35] [CHAT] Jamesb1: is there a rule against cross wiki drama
[17:18:45] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: no
[17:19:06] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: that is CC not TDL
[17:19:14] [CHAT] South Ferry: Choip nay need to make his own wiki tbh
[17:19:22] [CHAT] South Ferry: May*
[17:19:27] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Choip your page is a stub
[17:19:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: how about you add to it before making more
[17:19:40] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: i like the idea but she is controlling
[17:20:32] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i'm not letting you mess my wiki up with a lot of stub pages
[17:20:35] [CHAT] South Ferry: ;( you may need your own wiki
[17:20:39] [CHAT] South Ferry: /me cries
[17:20:46] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: South shh
[17:20:55] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Choip you need to listen sometimes
[17:21:16] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i know how you tried to force chase to do stuff well you can't do that here
[17:23:41] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I'm going to pull a Mime.
[17:24:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Use one bot for everything. Can I make JANETHEBot the City of Lost Souls chatbot?
[17:24:05] [CHAT] Jamesb1: /me pretends im in a box
[17:24:07] [CHAT] South Ferry: First
[17:24:15] [CHAT] South Ferry: Make a bot called korras bot
[17:24:16] [CHAT] Jamesb1: oh that sort of mime
[17:24:18] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: i know you wont let me do stuff
[17:24:20] [CHAT] South Ferry: And use it for everything
[17:24:31] [CHAT] South Ferry: Choip, you may need your own wiki
[17:24:32] [CHAT] South Ferry: That you run.
[17:24:32] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: But I already have a bot.
[17:24:35] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sad
[17:24:40] [CHAT] South Ferry: [[]]Sad
[17:24:55] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Choip i'm telling you to slow down
[17:25:19] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: one page at a time go ahead and make Winged Angel Highschool page
[17:25:25] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ?
[17:25:31] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ahead
[17:25:34] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: So, can I use JaneBot for that wiki?
[17:25:35] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: HOW
[17:25:39] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: yes Korra
[17:25:47] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Ahead
[17:25:52] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: You're saying "Ah", not "and"
[17:25:53] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ahead
[17:26:06] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Ah
[17:26:07] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Ah
[17:26:08] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Ah
[17:26:09] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Ah
[17:26:16] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: sorry had too
[17:26:21] [CHAT] South Ferry: [[]]ah
[17:26:23] [CHAT] South Ferry: You didn't
[17:26:32] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Don't tell me that'll end up like giggle
[17:26:43] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: wtf
[17:26:47] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: my page is not a stub anymore
[17:26:47] [CHAT] South Ferry: Speaking of Jeff, there is no lemon in jtks lil girl
[17:26:47] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Messenger Deception is not on chat. Cannot kick.
[17:26:57] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sad
[17:27:07] [CHAT] South Ferry: [[]]Sad
[17:27:07] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: actually South have you read chater 7?
[17:27:10] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: check out Summer's Page
[17:27:16] [CHAT] South Ferry: Perhaps I must reread it then
[17:28:09] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: there is a lemon between Jack and Angela
[17:28:36] [CHAT] South Ferry: I wouldn't wanna see that
[17:29:09] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: well you have to since you are helping with the typos
[17:29:43] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: South can you help with the typos
[17:30:10] [CHAT] Arch Wizard Megumin: ran out of avatar ideas so i'll just use the generic fish
[17:30:10] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: well
[17:30:13] [CHAT] South Ferry: Shit, seems I will have to read it
[17:30:18] [CHAT] South Ferry: Welcome AWM
[17:30:27] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i'm going to reread my copy
[17:30:41] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: I don't like lemons, I think limes are tastier :)
[17:30:42] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i believe it was in chapter 7
[17:30:55] [CHAT] South Ferry: Fuck
[17:30:58] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah, Paladin
[17:31:03] [CHAT] South Ferry: [[]]Ah*
[17:31:15] [CHAT] South Ferry: Yeah, this emoticon will have to be removed
[17:31:25] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: Mess i agree one week becuase season 1 going to have more content than the other pages
[17:31:57] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Sighs* South you don't have to read it i'll find someone else too
[17:32:05] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Where did you find your profile image, Sir Ferry?
[17:32:07] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: I like it
[17:32:13] [CHAT] Jamesb1: I'll read it for u messe
[17:32:34] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: read what?
[18:04:59] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i swear anything like that again and i'll ban you Emily
[18:04:59] [CHAT] TheAshesOfThePast: srry
[18:04:59] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: :/
[18:04:59] [CHAT] TheAshesOfThePast: i was only messing around
[18:04:59] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: that pissed me off for sure
[18:04:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: :/
[18:04:59] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and South that was a lesson never mess with my brothers
[18:04:59] [CHAT] TheAshesOfThePast: /me hugs Messenger to say sorry
[18:04:59] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me hugs back
[18:04:59] [CHAT] Jamesb1: ...yay im ur brother, im protected!
[18:05:00] [CBOT] SlendyBot: SlendyBot v1.9 is online!
[18:05:05] [CHAT] South Ferry: !log
[18:05:06] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Logging...
[18:05:13] [CHAT] South Ferry: !seen Addie Bradley
[18:05:16] [CBOT] SlendyBot: South Ferry: I last saw Addie Bradley 9 days, 16 hours, 20 minutes, and 20 seconds ago.
[18:05:21] [CHAT] South Ferry: !charge 10
[18:05:23] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Charged and ready! Count: 5406 messages ready to spam!
[18:05:28] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Adding to [[Project:Chat/Logs/6_Aug_2017|chatlog]] 0 kicks and 0 bans reported. 0 joins, 0 leaves, and 13 messages logged.
[18:05:33] [CHAT] South Ferry: !charge 100
[18:05:34] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Charged and ready! Count: 5406 messages ready to spam!
[18:05:49] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: SOUTH IF YOU DO I WILL BAN
[18:05:56] [CHAT] South Ferry: Nah
[18:06:00] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Why is that a feature
[18:06:03] [CHAT] South Ferry: I don't think discharge even works
[18:06:09] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me hugs James
[18:06:15] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: yes your protected
[18:06:21] [CHAT] Jamesb1: /me hugs back
[18:06:23] [CHAT] TheAshesOfThePast: gtg
[18:06:26] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: bye
[18:06:32] [CHAT] South Ferry: !boyhood
[18:06:34] [CBOT] SlendyBot: How long did boyhood take to make?
[18:06:45] [JOIN] TheKorraFanatic has joined Team Demon Light.
[18:06:53] [CHAT] Jamesb1: Donald trump upset me, can u beat him up? @messe
[18:07:04] [CHAT] South Ferry: !seen Dove of Death
[18:07:05] [CBOT] SlendyBot: South Ferry: I last saw Dove of Death 75 days, 19 hours, 59 minutes, and 37 seconds ago.
[18:07:09] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me beats up Trump
[18:07:12] [CHAT] Jamesb1: !help
[18:07:14] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: there
[18:07:22] [CHAT] South Ferry: !info
[18:07:23] [CBOT] SlendyBot: SlendyBot v1.9: Commands are found [[Project:Chat/Bot Commands|here]]. Swear checking: disabled. Commands: enabled. Operator: TheKorraFanatic.
[18:08:06] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: What did Emily do?
[18:09:03] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: well Michael was upset about something and he hugged me and she did /me pushes Michael down the stairs so i kicked her she was only hurting him more
[18:09:25] [CHAT] South Ferry: Indeed, she was kicked around 6 times
[18:09:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: [small] Michael kicked himself down the stairs?
[18:09:47] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: don't fuck with my brothers
[18:09:49] [CHAT] South Ferry: [big]No
[18:09:58] [CHAT] South Ferry: [big]o Damned Korra
           [CHAT] .
[18:11:21] [CHAT] Jamesb1: !avatar
[18:11:22] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Usage: !avatar USER NAME
[18:11:32] [CHAT] Jamesb1: !avatar USER NAME
[18:11:37] [CBOT] SlendyBot:
[18:11:52] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: I do not think it works like that, sir
[18:12:08] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: The "USER NAME" is replaced with the name of the user you wish to see the avatar of
[18:12:32] [CHAT] South Ferry: !avatar CCChatBot
[18:12:36] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sad
[18:12:37] [CBOT] SlendyBot:
[18:12:47] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Seems I was right!
[18:13:17] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: !avatar Jeff The Killer
[18:13:22] [CBOT] SlendyBot:
[18:13:23] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: had too
[18:13:31] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: waht
[18:13:33] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: wait*
[18:13:40] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: is that a rreal User?
[18:13:44] [CHAT] South Ferry: Nope
[18:13:48] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: [[User:Jeff The Killer]].
[18:13:49] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: DAMNIT
[18:13:54] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Seems not
[18:14:00] [CHAT] Jamesb1: yeh thanks paladin, i think i worked that out
[18:14:11] [CHAT] South Ferry: [[User:JMurph Misses family friends mess paladin2]]
[18:14:14] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: actualy it's a disabled account
[18:14:21] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: @Paladin
[18:15:19] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: I have an idea
[18:15:23] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: [[User:JANETHEBot|My Bot]].
[18:15:33] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: [[User:Jeff The Killer 3 & Knuckles]].
[18:16:30] [CHAT] South Ferry: [[User:JMurph and knuckles]]
[18:16:53] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: [[User: SlendyBot| My Bot]]
[18:17:36] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: [[User:The Mechanical Hound|South Ferry's bot]] :P
[18:18:01] [CHAT] South Ferry: !seen WestHeater
[18:18:02] [CBOT] SlendyBot: South Ferry: I last saw WestHeater 139 days, 9 hours, 24 minutes, and 41 seconds ago.
[18:19:05] [JOIN] Mendes2 has joined Team Demon Light.
[18:19:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: (wave) Mendes.
[18:19:58] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: West is on CC
[18:20:52] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: [[User:BlackHatBot|my bot]]
[18:21:01] [CHAT] Jamesb1: and now, i must leave
[18:21:03] [CHAT] Jamesb1: bye o/
[18:21:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Bye, James. (wave)
[18:21:20] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: bye
[18:21:22] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Fare thee well, Sir James.
[18:21:24] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me hugs Jamie
[18:21:28] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Did he get banned?
[18:21:37] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: BreakItUp BreakItDown BackItUp:
           [CHAT] sup
[18:21:50] [CHAT] Jamesb1: /me hugs back
[18:21:58] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: yeah
[18:22:10] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: bye
[18:22:21] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: hi
[18:22:22] [CHAT] Jamesb1: i may never return
[18:22:53] [CHAT] Jamesb1: *i
[18:22:53] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: never?
[18:22:54] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Why?
[18:22:54] [CHAT] Jamesb1: ..nvm
[18:22:56] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: why
[18:23:03] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: why
[18:23:19] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: tell us we deserver to know
[18:23:23] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: JB, i fucking need ur help. dont go
[18:23:28] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: I think Sir James is joking
[18:23:30] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: u go
[18:23:31] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: i go
[18:23:33] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: deserve*
[18:23:42] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: no way out of it
[18:23:47] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: give him a chance to talk
[18:23:54] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: ok
[18:24:14] [CHAT] Jamesb1: For some insane reason, i thought it was a joke
[18:24:35] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: West didn't get banned, Mess.
[18:25:06] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: korra
[18:25:09] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: he left?
[18:25:16] [CHAT] Jamesb1: yeh
[18:25:17] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: What happened?
[18:25:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Yeah, I checked the ban logs.
[18:25:19] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: like
[18:25:29] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: the origins of west
[18:25:36] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: BreakItUp BreakItDown BackItUp wasn't banned.
[18:25:39] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: how'd it start?
[18:25:46] [CHAT] Jamesb1: west was one of the compass points
[18:25:50] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Well,
[18:25:54] [CHAT] Jamesb1: like south
[18:25:59] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: West has been trolling Q since 2015.
[18:26:04] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: i think i should kno
[18:26:08] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: ik that
[18:26:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He was on CC one day and saw that Mess and I were friends with Q.
[18:26:41] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: *sighs*
[18:26:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: So, the friends of his personal enemy are his personal enemies as well, according to him.
[18:26:57] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: oh
[18:26:58] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: That's who it started.
[18:27:02] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: well
[18:27:04] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Now her legit hates Mess and I.
[18:27:07] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and he was banned later on CC
[18:27:08] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: *he*
[18:27:20] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: im his personal enemt then
[18:27:26] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: *enemy
[18:27:38] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and he came to my friend's wiki with another account because the one he had had been globalled
[18:27:50] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: oh
[18:27:53] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i didn't know
[18:28:12] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: he staed talking about Q and i had said we were friends
[18:28:31] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: he asked me to ask Q to unblockfrom from his wiki
[18:28:33] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: all i knew was West seemed ok for a week then he got pissed & started trolling
[18:29:01] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: thats all i knew
[18:29:16] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and i started digging arouns asking questions then i told him i couldn't help
[18:30:26] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: ok
[18:30:28] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and he invaded with alts and that's when he first said "I WILL RAPE YOU MESSENGER!" and Neko banned him
[18:30:40] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and that's how this all started with us
[18:30:43] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: O.O
[18:30:48] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Then he went to Quotev wiki and met me.
[18:30:56] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: oh
[18:31:04] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He came to chat one day when Mess and I were there
[18:31:08] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: and we had some friends with us.
[18:31:10] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: i guess that was WANK then
[18:31:18] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: The admin Fern banned him after a while.
[18:31:28] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: good
[18:31:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and she promoted us to mods
[18:31:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: And he used his ThrobbingPenisMan account to message me and say "LOOK AT YOUR JANE THE KILLER WIKI"
[18:31:50] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He had vandalized it.
[18:31:56] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: :(
[18:32:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Around that time, we had already started coming to TDL.
[18:32:18] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: then he found tdl?????
[18:32:30] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: he left a message on my wall saying "Oh look i found another wiki"
[18:32:31] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He got the link from Mess's profile and used JMurph's account "The Real Murph" saying "Look, I found another wiki"
[18:32:39] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: oh
[18:32:49] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Then he raided the chat April 1st with 20 accounts.
[18:32:51] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and i had banned him before he came
[18:32:53] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: You were there for that part.
[18:32:57] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i was only a mod then
[18:33:13] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: damn
[18:33:14] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Jr Mime had to show me how to ban someone before they enter chat
[18:33:25] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: i remember when i was admin
[18:33:27] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: XD
[18:33:31] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: then a few days later Teiko made me B-crat
[18:33:32] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: XD
[18:33:34] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: not anymore
[18:33:41] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and i blocked him after Mime told me how
[18:33:42] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Mess
[18:33:53] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ?
[18:33:54] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Teiko promoted
[18:33:57] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: EVERYONE
[18:33:58] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: XD
[18:34:12] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i was the first B-crat promoted
[18:34:19] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: my 1st ever promotion...
[18:34:29] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: [small] Even though I am the veteran member. :P
[18:34:30] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: straight 2 fuking admin
[18:34:38] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: IM THE VETERAN
[18:34:56] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: IK WESTS WEAKNESS
[18:35:00] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: we both are korra
[18:35:22] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Michael, do you know what veteran member means? :P
[18:35:28] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: we are the only members left from when the wiki very first started
[18:35:33] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Ik how 2 defeat any enemy
[18:35:35] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: guys
[18:35:44] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: No, Mess, you are a veteran member. I am THE veteran member as I was here first. :P
[18:35:44] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: ik how 2 defeat West
[18:35:54] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Yeah, block, revert, ignore.
[18:35:55] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: but u wont like it
[18:35:58] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: no
[18:36:10] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: To fully stop an enemy
[18:36:38] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: u make them ur ally
[18:36:39] [CHAT] South Ferry: Alright, it is time to make some template
[18:36:39] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: it may take time
[18:36:39] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: NO SHADOW
[18:36:39] [CHAT] South Ferry: And close some requests
[18:37:26] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: /me bombs Googles wall
[18:37:28] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: So,
[18:37:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Michael
[18:37:32] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: is
[18:37:32] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: fuck ur wall
[18:37:33] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: the
[18:37:37] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ALLY
[18:37:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: of
[18:37:42] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: WestHeater?!
[18:37:46] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: damn
[18:38:01] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: i wish there was a MIDDLE FINGER EMOJI
[18:38:08] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: There is.
[18:38:09] [CHAT] South Ferry:
[18:38:10] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: there is
[18:38:10] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sad
[18:38:11] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: (middle)
[18:38:15] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ^
[18:38:26] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: (middle finger) this is the middle finger emote
[18:38:29] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: how?
[18:38:34] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Korra get your ass to discord
[18:38:55] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: And do what?
[18:38:55] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ( middle) @mike
[18:39:08] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: we are trying to talk to you in that DM
[18:39:27] [CHAT] South Ferry:
[18:39:30] [CHAT] South Ferry: [b][big]HURRY.
[18:39:33] [JOIN] Michael I HPNG Shadow has joined Team Demon Light.
[18:39:42] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: msg ppl
[18:40:25] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: (middlefinger)
[18:40:31] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: FUCK
[18:40:48] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Space between middle and finger
[18:41:09] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: ok
[18:41:12] [CHAT] South Ferry: This is ridicoulous, it's time we get a wordmark
[18:41:16] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: (middle finger)
[18:41:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Indeed.
[18:41:29] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: @South
[18:41:34] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: thats for u Korra
[18:41:39] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: (middle finger)
[18:43:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I voted.
[18:43:54] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: for wot?
[18:44:05] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: me demotio........ nvm
[18:44:13] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: *my
[18:44:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Click the link.
[18:44:18] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
[18:44:20] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: sry
[18:45:28] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: im illegal
[18:45:34] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: deal with it
[18:45:53] [CHAT] South Ferry: wtf
[18:46:43] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I'm back
[18:46:53] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: im illegal
[18:47:01] [CHAT] South Ferry: Welcome back Chase McFly.
[18:47:03] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Hi back o/
[18:47:15] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hi, Back and Illegal. (wave)
[18:47:20] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: no
[18:47:23] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Im Weed
[18:47:26] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: nvm
[18:47:31] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: :/
[18:47:32] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Im Korra
[18:47:35] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: XD
[18:48:05] [CHAT] Chase McFly: GTG
[18:48:06] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: The kick was for the weed comment.
[18:48:09] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: bye
[18:48:10] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: ok
[18:48:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Bye, Chase. (wave)
[18:48:33] [CHAT] South Ferry: ,
[18:48:34] [CHAT] South Ferry: .
[18:48:45] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: .
[18:49:09] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: .
[18:49:09] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: .
[18:49:09] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: i win
[18:49:53] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: it was 3 periods
[18:49:53] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: & i win XD
[18:50:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: South, please update SFNN. I'm going to update Community Corner and Wiki Notifications.
[18:50:41] [JOIN] CavaX has joined Team Demon Light.
[18:50:52] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: whos this?
[18:50:57] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Cava.
[18:51:01] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: ?
[18:51:03] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Former Admin.
[18:51:12] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He's also my friend.
[18:51:44] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Okay.
[18:52:20] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: bye
[18:52:27] [CHAT] CavaX: O/
[18:52:53] [CHAT] CavaX: Hi South O/
[18:53:08] [CHAT] South Ferry: o/
[18:53:21] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: (wave) South.
[18:53:34] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: o/
[18:55:04] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: [[The_Demon%27s_Light_Wiki:Featured_Article/Voting]] I'm lazy linking.
[18:56:24] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: smoopyπŸ’œ - Today at 1:51 PM
           [CHAT] Mess I hope you develop a dangerous disease that swiftly ends your life
           [CHAT] RT if agree
           [CHAT] spuffyπŸ’™ - Today at 1:51 PM
           [CHAT] mess is a dictator
           [CHAT] mess is a dictator
           [CHAT] mess is a dictator
[18:57:20] [CHAT] South Ferry: Why the hell do you even continue...?!
[18:57:24] [CHAT] South Ferry: ??????????!??!??????
[18:57:29] [JOIN] WNBX has joined Team Demon Light.
[18:57:35] [CHAT] WNBX: hi
[18:57:51] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hi?
[18:57:58] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: WNBX, how did you find this wiki?
[18:58:08] [CHAT] WNBX: what is this wiki about?
[18:58:22] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: A roleplay
[18:58:23] [CHAT] Mendes2: you created your account here, you should know
[18:58:23] [CHAT] WNBX: a friend told me about it
[18:58:33] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hmmm.
[18:58:37] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Who's the friend?
[18:58:55] [CHAT] South Ferry: Argh, Damned account logs.
[18:59:09] [CHAT] WNBX: its not someone you know
[18:59:24] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Then how do they know about this wiki?
[18:59:58] [CHAT] WNBX: they just told me I'd probly be Intrested
[19:00:13] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: WNBX, which user invited you?
[19:00:44] [CHAT] WNBX: they didnt tell me their account name
[19:00:44] [CHAT] WNBX: they texted me the link
[19:01:11] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: That sounds suspicious
[19:01:15] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: mods
[19:01:15] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin:
[19:01:18] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Okay.
[19:01:18] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Admins please
[19:01:24] [CHAT] WNBX: is this a public wiki
[19:01:27] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: West Heater was just on CC.
[19:01:38] [CHAT] WNBX: or its only for select members
[19:01:57] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: The main page has been vandalised
[19:02:22] [CHAT] WNBX: alright
[19:02:25] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: what
[19:04:38] [CHAT] South Ferry: So
[19:04:38] [CHAT] South Ferry: Whomst
[19:04:38] [CHAT] South Ferry: Did not protect the main page?
[19:05:20] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: it was already fixed
[19:05:31] [CHAT] WNBX: huh?
[19:06:29] [CHAT] Mendes2: it wasn't
[19:06:38] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: the guy was autoblocked so lets see if he rejoins
[19:06:48] [JOIN] WNBX has joined Team Demon Light.
[19:06:50] [CHAT] South Ferry: 15:27, August 5, 2017 TheKorraFanatic (wall | contribs) removed protection from "The Demon's Light Wiki" (hist | change)
[19:06:51] [CHAT] South Ferry: ???????????
[19:07:03] [CHAT] WNBX: why was I banned
[19:07:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I did because Mist was going to edit the amin page.
[19:07:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: *main*
[19:07:23] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I thougth I put the protection back.
[19:07:25] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: WNB we were checking something
[19:07:37] [CHAT] WNBX: what
[19:07:38] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: West is back
[19:08:56] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: fuck i asked that question before he joined and lag made it jon now
[19:09:08] [JOIN] Arch Wizard Megumin has joined Team Demon Light.
[19:09:40] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I block the vandal for infinite.
[19:10:03] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: good
[19:11:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: BreakItUp BreakItDown BackItUp:
           [CHAT] you mean TDL 
           [CHAT] the demons light 
           [CHAT] cuz you banned me there for no reason
[19:18:04] [CHAT] South Ferry: .
[19:19:15] [CHAT] South Ferry: Identity unknown
[19:19:16] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: that is West
[19:19:29] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: he is banned here already
[19:19:41] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: he was banned when that account joined Chat
[19:21:19] [CHAT] Arch Wizard Megumin: we sure that's west
[19:21:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Yep, CC banned for socking as well.
[19:22:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: IDK who vandalized the wiki today. West doesn't write "HELL HITLER" when he vandalizes, so I don't think it was him.
[19:22:35] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Logging...
[19:23:03] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Adding to [[Project:Chat/Logs/6_Aug_2017|chatlog]] 0 kicks and 0 bans reported. 0 joins, 0 leaves, and 8 messages logged.
[19:23:38] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: oh shit Korra is it that one troll with dealt with on that wiki remember Hitler?
[19:23:50] [JOIN] Loygansono55 has joined Team Demon Light.
[19:24:05] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I doubt it.
[19:24:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He spams porn. I think it was Net, tbh.
[19:25:24] [CHAT] South Ferry: Why is Messenger the friend of so many people who say mean stuff about her?
[19:25:25] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sad.
[19:26:29] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: because i'm dumb and can't stand up for myself and idk
[19:27:55] [CHAT] South Ferry: wtf
[19:27:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: .
[19:28:53] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Test.
[19:29:05] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Passed
[19:29:54] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: South, can you update SFNN?
[19:29:58] [CHAT] South Ferry: already did
[19:30:06] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Thanks.
[19:30:18] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I'm going to update Community Corner.
[19:30:20] [CHAT] South Ferry: KK
[19:34:06] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Messenger Deception
           [CHAT] Speedit look at Discord
           [CHAT] Veralann has left the chat. 
           [CHAT] Veralann has joined the chat. 
           [CHAT] 2:30
           [CHAT] Veralann
           [CHAT] Is it really necessary to ask someone to check discord here?
           [CHAT] Number 1 Dev has joined the chat. 
           [CHAT] KockaAdmiralac has joined the chat. 
           [CHAT] 2:32
           [CHAT] Messenger Deception
           [CHAT] i pinged him on discord but i guess he didn't see it so i pinged him here i'm not the only one who does not it everyone does
           [CHAT] Number 1 Dev has left the chat.
[19:49:21] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: How do I shorten Discussions links again?
[19:50:15] [CHAT] South Ferry: [ what you want it to say]
[19:52:11] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Thanks.
[19:53:52] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: can you lik that Vandal's account?
[19:54:06] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: [[User:Gamr2000]]
[19:54:39] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ohh fuck
[19:54:39] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i think Net is West
[19:54:46] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Why?
[19:54:47] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Xeno is saying it now
[19:55:06] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Also, look on CC.
[19:55:12] [CHAT] South Ferry: SO
[19:55:12] [CHAT] South Ferry: Net,
[19:55:25] [CHAT] South Ferry: IS
[19:55:25] [CHAT] South Ferry: West?
[19:55:42] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I don't think so. But IDK.
[19:55:52] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Net called himself West earlier and deleted before him and Fibb started cyberbullying me and JMurph said last week before i blocked himhe believes Net is West
[19:56:23] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: They have different trolling styles.
[19:56:55] [CHAT] Mendes2: That is the way of different mains, korra
[19:57:05] [CHAT] Mendes2: I have experience with multiple mains lol
[19:57:22] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Multiple mains?
[19:57:53] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: sometimes Korra like on CC that day Net sounds like West
[19:58:01] [CHAT] Mendes2: An alt is usually an account you use a lot less
[19:58:46] [CHAT] Mendes2: But I used to use 2 accounts around the same amount of time
[19:58:54] [CHAT] Mendes2: not on wikia, i'm not that stupid
[19:59:19] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: um we all have alts other then korra and well you
[19:59:21] [CHAT] Mendes2: and then you have to use two different styles, so they don't suspect you
[19:59:24] [CHAT] Mendes2: I know
[19:59:34] [CHAT] Mendes2: but you don't use them for evading purposes
[19:59:38] [CHAT] Mendes2: or trolling purposes
[19:59:56] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: tru
[20:00:24] [CHAT] South Ferry: question
[20:00:30] [CHAT] South Ferry: I still dont understand,
[20:00:35] [CHAT] South Ferry: why are you in dms with someone who cyberbullies you?!?!?!
[20:00:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ^
[20:01:18] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ......i answered that earlier
[20:01:42] [CHAT] South Ferry: /me cries medium
[20:01:49] [CHAT] South Ferry: You h-have t-to l-leave....!!!
[20:01:50] [CHAT] South Ferry: ;(
[20:02:13] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: 2:25
           [CHAT] South Ferry 
           [CHAT] Why is Messenger the friend of so many people who say mean stuff about her?
           [CHAT] Sad.
           [CHAT] 2:26
           [CHAT] Messenger Deception 
           [CHAT] because i'm dumb and can't stand up for myself and idk
           [CHAT] 2:27
           [CHAT] South Ferry 
           [CHAT] wtf
[20:02:54] [CHAT] South Ferry: /;(
[20:02:56] [CHAT] South Ferry: ;(
[20:02:57] [CHAT] South Ferry: ;(
[20:02:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: /me CRIES
[20:03:10] [CHAT] South Ferry: im sorry f-for it-t a-all...........
[20:03:13] [CHAT] South Ferry: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[20:03:17] [CHAT] South Ferry: everything!!
[20:03:20] [CHAT] South Ferry: /me SCREAMS
[20:03:34] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Wow.
[20:03:40] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Just wow.
[20:03:42] [CHAT] South Ferry: HUH
[20:04:19] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: wow
[20:04:21] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: just
[20:04:22] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: wow
[20:04:27] [CHAT] South Ferry: /me cc-ries
[20:04:28] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: like
[20:04:29] [CHAT] South Ferry: ;(
[20:04:33] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: super wpw
[20:04:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: wow*
[20:04:48] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: !log
[20:04:49] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Logging...
[20:05:11] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Adding to [[Project:Chat/Logs/6_Aug_2017|chatlog]] 0 kicks and 0 bans reported. 0 joins, 0 leaves, and 47 messages logged.
[20:05:41] [CHAT] South Ferry: ww-whats w-wrong korra and messenger...?!
[20:06:15] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Damn, Mess. You broke South.
[20:06:20] [CHAT] South Ferry:
[20:06:48] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: "Ye had to kill him. The boy cries you a sweater of tears... And ye kill him."
[20:06:52] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: -Mr. Krabs
[20:07:02] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sad
[20:07:23] [CHAT] Arch Wizard Megumin: "WOAH!" 
           [CHAT] -Crash Bandicoot
[20:07:31] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Lol.
[20:09:08] [JOIN] Downtown Freezy has joined Team Demon Light.
[20:09:25] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: WOAH
[20:09:32] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: What's up Nicky
[20:09:43] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: The roof
[20:09:46] [CHAT] South Ferry: Welcome Freezy
[20:09:57] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Hello, Ferry
[20:10:33] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Question:
[20:10:44] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Is the main page zoomed in again?
[20:11:49] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: It should be right above the rest of the page
[20:12:18] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Yeah.
[20:14:51] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: "The Demon's Light Wiki gives full and all credit to the owners of each image used on this wiki." is that good for crediting the art?
[20:15:31] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Yes
[20:15:35] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Legally, you'd have to gain permission from all artists + Give their names etc.
[20:15:42] [CHAT] South Ferry: Before,
[20:15:49] [CHAT] South Ferry: that text was in fine print.
[20:15:49] [CHAT] South Ferry: I changed it
[20:15:50] [CHAT] South Ferry: :)
[20:16:00] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: not really Paladin
[20:16:14] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i seen disclaims ike that before
[20:16:17] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: I've*
[20:16:26] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Technically it would depend on your country, too
[20:16:33] [CHAT] South Ferry: first,
[20:16:33] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Some people do not wish for their art to be used without their acknowledgement
[20:16:35] [CHAT] South Ferry: we do it like SCP wiki/
[20:16:41] [CHAT] South Ferry: First,
[20:16:45] [CHAT] South Ferry: We will list the names and the website.
[20:16:49] [CHAT] South Ferry: If we cannot get the name,
[20:16:51] [CHAT] South Ferry: We use the website.
[20:16:54] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: If any of the artists ask to remove it, it is removed
[20:17:02] [CHAT] South Ferry: Indeed.
[20:17:04] [CHAT] South Ferry: First,
[20:17:07] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Paladin they wouldn't have posted it online then
[20:17:14] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Yes they would have
[20:17:16] [CHAT] South Ferry: Indeed,
[20:17:22] [CHAT] South Ferry: some people do not wish for their art to be used by anyone,
[20:17:25] [CHAT] South Ferry: but they wish to show other people their art.
[20:17:26] [CHAT] South Ferry: :)
[20:17:43] [CHAT] Arch Wizard Megumin: tbh you need to
           [CHAT] - only use public domain images
           [CHAT] - ask the owners if you can use it if it's not
[20:18:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: what's on the forht page is good enough
[20:18:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: [b][big]SAD.
[20:20:15] [CHAT] Mendes2: but as long as "they" don't ask, you should be fine
[20:20:25] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Net just spammed FFSC
[20:20:31] [CHAT] South Ferry: You must get the courage.
[20:20:33] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic:
[20:20:34] [CHAT] South Ferry: You must get the,
[20:20:36] [CHAT] South Ferry: STRENGTH.
[20:20:38] [CHAT] South Ferry: The POWER.
[20:20:42] [CHAT] South Ferry: The COURAGE,
[20:20:48] [CHAT] South Ferry: to DEFEAT,
[20:22:27] [CHAT] Princess Chey14: Hey South
[20:22:50] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Mendes you wouldn't talk
[20:22:56] [CHAT] Mendes2: I know lol
[20:23:04] [CHAT] Mendes2: but I did talk :~
[20:23:37] [CHAT] South Ferry: I must get back in
[20:24:53] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Should we cross crediting the art off the [[To Do List]]?
[20:25:20] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Well, I'm currently working on that
[20:25:20] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: I'll compile it in a blog
[20:25:23] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: yeah
[20:25:31] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Okay, Freezy.
[20:25:35] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: I am assisting Sir Nick in this tremendous task
[20:25:43] [CHAT] South Ferry: Interesting.
[20:25:46] [CHAT] South Ferry: A hard task,
[20:25:46] [CHAT] Mendes2: yes?
[20:25:49] [CHAT] South Ferry: that I shall help with.
[20:25:56] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Oh, apologies
[20:26:00] [CHAT] South Ferry: I also saw Korra's picture on his page on a bad Quotev quiz.
[20:26:04] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: the word "tremendous" contains your name in it, I did not mean to ping.
[20:26:43] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: What, South?
[20:26:50] [CHAT] Mendes2: no, i was answering korra lol
[20:26:54] [CHAT] Mendes2: pings don't work for me
[20:27:07] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: This is... awkward.
[20:27:17] [CHAT] Mendes2: (it was both actually)
[20:27:38] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: A hard choice:
           [CHAT] Do I play Xenoblade Chronicles 3D or Shin Megami Tensei 5?
[20:27:43] [CHAT] South Ferry: The pic on Korra Aneothite, was on a quotev quiz.
[20:27:49] [CHAT] South Ferry: First, p
[20:27:49] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Shin Megami Tensei 5 is not out yet >:(
[20:27:51] [CHAT] South Ferry: lay Pokemon Sun
[20:27:53] [CHAT] South Ferry: :)
[20:27:58] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and Ember is saying i should say sorry for being rude yesterday i was never rude i demoted her because of of a communitly vote whatever
[20:28:02] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Wait,
[20:28:07] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: 4, not 5. Lol.
[20:28:30] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: 4 is a good game, but I somewhat prefer Xenoblade.
[20:28:36] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: 4 Apocalypse is also great :)
[20:28:43] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I love Xenoblade.
[20:28:54] [CHAT] South Ferry: You were never rude, Messenger :)
[20:28:55] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: 4 Apocalypse is what we have.
[20:29:06] [CHAT] South Ferry: Nobody wishes to support her, you did what was done :)
[20:29:16] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Chase! I have found the source of the art on your page!
[20:30:32] [CHAT] South Ferry: Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[20:30:43] [CHAT] South Ferry: Finallly, art will be credited!!!!!!!!
[20:30:52] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Do not get excited yet, Sir Ferry.
[20:30:55] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: A large task still awaits us
[20:31:26] [CHAT] South Ferry: Indeed!
[20:31:30] [CHAT] South Ferry: We can do it!
[20:32:10] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Let us go, Sir Nicholas has beaten my current score! I cannot let him win this!!
[20:32:30] [CHAT] Arch Wizard Megumin: mess why do co-leaders need to exist
[20:32:37] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Korra's image is... A pokemon character from the manga
[20:32:45] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Named "Aaron", it seems
[20:32:58] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Indeed
[20:33:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Ah.
[20:33:08] [CHAT] South Ferry: Only messenger is FOR co leaders,
[20:33:09] [CHAT] South Ferry: sad.
[20:33:10] [CHAT] Mendes2: Ah-ron.
[20:33:11] [CHAT] Mendes2: Yes
[20:33:31] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Oh no.
[20:33:43] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: The image of Aaron comes from an "x Reader" story
[20:33:49] [CHAT] South Ferry: Oh dear
[20:33:51] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sad
[20:34:07] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: I saw this!
[20:34:09] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: It was an...
[20:34:12] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: interesting story
[21:49:49] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: I sincerely hope he is not scarred for life by clicking a link
[21:49:49] [CHAT] South Ferry: big ass hair aswell
[21:49:49] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: But the image is not
[21:49:49] [CHAT] Messenger Deception:
[21:49:49] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: A bit repetitive, wouldn't you say?
[21:49:49] [CHAT] South Ferry: @Messenger stop spamming this same link
[21:49:49] [CHAT] South Ferry: .
[21:49:49] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: So, admins and b-crats, can you vote on my request?
[21:49:49] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: nah
[21:49:49] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: :(
[21:49:50] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: @South
[21:49:52] [CBOT] SlendyBot: SlendyBot v1.9 is online!
[21:49:52] [CHAT] Arch Wizard Megumin: mess idc if your the """co-leader""" stop sending the link
[21:50:02] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: !seen WBNX
[21:50:03] [CBOT] SlendyBot: I have not seen WBNX. Did you mean WNBX?
[21:50:05] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: what request Freezy?
[21:50:09] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah, "co-leader"
[21:50:20] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy:
[21:50:24] [CHAT] South Ferry: removed in one proposal, already
[21:50:30] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sad this proposal was not considered,
[21:50:38] [CHAT] South Ferry: and it was illegally placed back.
[21:50:43] [CHAT] DVINTHEHOUSEMAN: my baby kitten climbed on my lap
[21:50:44] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Paris has been friends with Summer her whole life Summer sometimes helps her out at the store. One day Summber and her other friend notice people going missing. It worried them some until Paris's Father was one of them as her and her friends start looking into the disappearings they realize there is a dark side to their town they never knew about.
[21:50:48] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: how does that sound?
[21:50:52] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: !block WNBX
[21:50:52] [CBOT] SlendyBot: [[Special:Block/WNBX]]
[21:50:57] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Who are Paris and Summer?
[21:51:05] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah, Reverend Samuel Parris
[21:51:08] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: City of Lost Souls characyers
[21:51:13] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: The first sentence could be made a bit more fluent
[21:51:14] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ^
[21:51:21] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Ah I see
[21:51:22] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: @Freezy
[21:51:23] [CHAT] South Ferry: Paris, based of Messenger's friend I see :)
[21:51:42] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Messenger's best friend***
[21:51:51] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah, best friend
[21:51:56] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Shall I join the CoLS chat
[21:52:02] [CHAT] South Ferry: So, she is the "Parabatai",.
[21:52:04] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: I'd make a character based on my friend...
[21:52:04] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: she is my oldest and closest friend
[21:52:06] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: !seen BlackQuinn
[21:52:07] [CBOT] SlendyBot: TheKorraFanatic: I last saw BlackQuinn 18 days, 4 hours, 52 minutes, and 45 seconds ago.
[21:52:08] [CHAT] South Ferry: Making BlackQuinn simply a friend.
[21:52:09] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: ...If I had one...
[21:52:12] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sad
[21:52:16] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: You have me :)
[21:52:22] [CHAT] South Ferry: Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[21:52:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: If Paris was to go missing for 18 days, would she be replaced?
[21:52:36] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: (crying)
[21:52:46] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i have known her for 8 months now
[21:52:56] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Why are you so sad, Conrad?
[21:52:57] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: almsot a year
[21:53:07] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Because it's fan-
[21:53:09] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Nothing, :P
[21:53:23] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah.
[21:54:00] [CHAT] Arch Wizard Megumin: i want "woah" to become my "ah"
[21:54:01] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah.
[21:54:14] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Ah
[21:54:28] [CHAT] DVINTHEHOUSEMAN: >test
[21:54:30] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: South Ferry, stop being conceited, passive aggressive, egotistical and egocentric!!
[21:54:37] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i was there everytime Dennis hurt Paris she was there the night Wank first attacked us she cried for weeks over what happened and even changed her name to Pairbear Misses MeMe  she was the first person i wrote to when i got back on quotev
[21:55:14] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: before i got back Q was sending messages back and forth between me and her
[21:55:15] [CHAT] South Ferry: A good meme, Paladin
[21:55:19] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah, Q
[21:55:20] [CHAT] South Ferry: A good man
[21:55:26] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Ghost Q?
[21:55:32] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: no?
[21:55:38] [CHAT] South Ferry: Qstlijku,
[21:55:39] [CHAT] South Ferry: a nice man.
[21:55:40] [CHAT] South Ferry: First,
[21:55:45] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Damn, Ghost Q is a good friend of mine
[21:56:01] [CHAT] South Ferry: Messenger can no longer fall for guilt-trips. You are to deliver an agressive unloading to Ember.
[21:56:25] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Q made a quotev account just to contact paris and a few other people or us
[21:56:29] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: for*
[21:56:42] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: !seen WNBX
[21:56:43] [CBOT] SlendyBot: TheKorraFanatic: I last saw WNBX 2 hours, 44 minutes, and 50 seconds ago.
[21:57:05] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i'ma say this once
[21:57:09] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: told ya so
[21:57:18] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: remember i had banned him
[21:57:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I knew it was him too.
[21:57:26] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: No one every said it wasn't.
[21:57:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: *ever*
[21:57:39] [CHAT] South Ferry: I shall help you write this letter,
[21:57:41] [CHAT] South Ferry: Messenge.r
[21:57:46] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: !seen WestHeater
[21:58:05] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: !seen WestHeater
[21:58:07] [CBOT] SlendyBot: TheKorraFanatic: I last saw WestHeater 139 days, 13 hours, 4 minutes, and 45 seconds ago.
[21:58:07] [CHAT] South Ferry: !seen WestHeater
[21:58:08] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and he came with that some old "A friend told me about this wiki)" story
[21:58:09] [CBOT] SlendyBot: South Ferry: I last saw WestHeater 139 days, 13 hours, 4 minutes, and 47 seconds ago.
[21:58:11] [CHAT] South Ferry: !seen JMurph
[21:58:11] [CBOT] SlendyBot: South Ferry: I last saw JMurph 23 days, 19 hours, 18 minutes, and 11 seconds ago.
[21:58:13] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sad,
[21:58:16] [CHAT] South Ferry: the negative thing
[21:58:19] [CHAT] South Ferry: glitched up the time.
[21:58:34] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: holy fuck he came right after he heard about the other troll fucking up the wiki
[21:58:46] [CHAT] South Ferry: Hm.
[21:58:56] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: No, WNBX was on at the same time.
[21:59:01] [CHAT] South Ferry: Yeah
[21:59:03] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i wonder
[21:59:09] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: was it him
[21:59:16] [CHAT] South Ferry: probably not
[21:59:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Maybe.
[21:59:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: IDK
[21:59:26] [CHAT] South Ferry: Let's move on from it,
[21:59:31] [CHAT] South Ferry: it is most likely nothing major.
[21:59:46] [CHAT] South Ferry: I will help you write it, Messenger :)
[21:59:49] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: West never writes "HEIL HITLER" when he vandalizes.
[21:59:52] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: West has also never talked about eating people before wither
[22:00:06] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: either*
[22:00:25] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: West is getting well worst
[22:02:06] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: True.
[22:04:20] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Who vandalized?
[22:04:31] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Sir Nicholas!!
           [CHAT] You have one support so far! I am proud of you :)
[22:04:52] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: :D
[22:05:54] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: :D
[22:10:27] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: An account named Maddie5737 may join soon.
[22:10:40] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Why the huge spaces?
[22:10:41] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Okay.
[22:10:49] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Anyway, it's my friend.
[22:10:50] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Seems legit
[22:10:58] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Spaces can be caused by shift+enter, I think.
[22:11:24] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: IDK.
[22:11:42] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Correct.
[22:11:58] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Indeed
[22:12:06] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: anyway Choip said earlier it's were i'm founder of COLS and i have 13 edits THE WIKI WAS MADE YESTERDAY NIGHT
[22:12:11] [JOIN] Reginald Tyson has joined Team Demon Light.
[22:12:46] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ?
[22:12:48] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ?
[22:13:04] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Observe.
[22:13:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Freezy, can you link your Quotev account for me?
[22:13:48] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: It's just "Downtown Freezy"
[22:14:14] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: I can't use Quotev right now
[22:14:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: K.
[22:14:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Oh.
[22:14:14] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: This is a shared computer and my sis has a quotev
[22:14:16] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Ohhhh.
[22:14:20] [CHAT] The True Wolf Pack XXTES AdmiralXX: im leaving now so cya o/
[22:14:28] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Bye :)
[22:14:41] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Bye. (wave)
[22:14:42] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: bye
[22:14:42] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Goodbye.
[22:14:48] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Is it allowed to nominate an article I co-own for Featured
[22:15:19] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: @Freezy I just followed you on Quotev
[22:15:21] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Ah, thanks!
[22:15:29] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Perhaps I shall write stories on Quotev
[22:16:58] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: I'm logging into Quotev right now
[22:16:59] [CHAT] Messenger Deception:
[22:17:02] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord:
[22:17:21] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Ah, good job Vinny
[22:17:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: But anyway, you can't nominate anymore pages for this month. You can only vote on pages that got nominated. So, Mess, I don't think Kent was nominated.
[22:17:38] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Ik, I mean for september
[22:17:48] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Sure.
[22:18:03] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ummm not sure
[22:18:17] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: What shall I name my original story on Quotev?
[22:18:32] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: What's the plot of the story?
[22:18:34] [CHAT] South Ferry: ,
[22:18:39] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: I have not decided
[22:18:40] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Welcome back, Ferry.
[22:18:45] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Ah, I have a plot
[22:18:49] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: These are the nominated pages
[22:19:05] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: It stars a slightly comedic alien bounty-hunter
[22:19:13] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Who's answering a distress call in a space station
[22:19:16] [CHAT] South Ferry: thanks vinny
[22:19:31] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Slightly based off of Metroid Prime and Super Metroid
[22:20:05] [CHAT] South Ferry: ah, quotev
[22:20:12] [CHAT] South Ferry: i think i will pm creepypastafangirl1999 on quotev.
[22:20:16] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: What is Ferry's username?
[22:20:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Also, I just read up on it and you can't nominate your own pages.
[22:20:24] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Sorry.
[22:20:29] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: rip
[22:21:00] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: What is South Ferry's username on the site known simply as 'Quotev'
[22:21:02] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: @Freezy maybe A Space Odyssey could be a good title?
[22:21:06] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: stop stalking me South lol
[22:21:09] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Ah!
[22:21:28] [CHAT] South Ferry: The username is SouthFerry8451 or something
[22:21:42] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: that is the URL
[22:22:33] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Maybe I'll make a Quotev account
[22:22:37] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: I need to be with the cool kids
[22:22:58] [CHAT] South Ferry: I need to see if my favorite quotev user is alright, she may be sad
[22:24:44] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: My favourite is Bishop South Ferry
[22:25:14] [CHAT] South Ferry: A good man
[22:25:25] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: How many votes on a permissions request until it is finalized?
[22:25:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: My two favorite quotev users are JANE the KILLER and Belle dreams of peace.
[22:25:53] [CHAT] South Ferry: It ends in one week from today.
[22:25:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: We will examine the results then.
[22:26:19] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Ah
[22:27:20] [CHAT] South Ferry: I see MeMe was blocked from SA for 6 months for off wiki harrasment
[22:28:23] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Ember is a bitch
[22:28:28] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah...
[22:28:30] [CHAT] South Ferry: Oh dear
[22:28:38] [JOIN] AsmodeusBane has joined Team Demon Light.
[22:28:53] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Ah, a bitch.
[22:29:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I miss my bitch. :(
[22:29:01] [CHAT] AsmodeusBane: How was everyone's weekend
[22:29:13] [CHAT] South Ferry: Good!!!!!!!
[22:29:23] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: It's still the weekend.
[22:29:24] [CHAT] AsmodeusBane: i sure had a good weekend
[22:29:31] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: South Ferry misses his bitch but it is his fault that he left for two years
[22:29:39] [JOIN] Qstlijku has joined Team Demon Light.
[22:29:41] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sad
[22:29:44] [CHAT] AsmodeusBane: well in Australia it's monday
[22:29:48] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Hi
[22:29:51] [CHAT] AsmodeusBane: hi
[22:29:55] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hi, Q.
[22:29:58] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: hi
[22:30:05] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Hello
[22:30:19] [CHAT] AsmodeusBane: what happened to that ember chick?
[22:30:36] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: I believe they were demoted and left in a state of rage.
[22:30:38] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Demoted, and left
[22:30:46] [CHAT] AsmodeusBane: good riddance
[22:31:06] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: now she is acting like a bitch banning me from everything
[22:31:15] [CHAT] AsmodeusBane: why
[22:31:29] [CHAT] AsmodeusBane: cant u ban her back
[22:31:36] [CHAT] South Ferry: So Mess,
[22:31:40] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: No.
[22:31:45] [CHAT] Qstlijku: So
[22:31:47] [CHAT] South Ferry: Shall you do Michelle Obama's ideas,
[22:31:51] [CHAT] South Ferry: When they go low,
[22:31:53] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Did you see what I linked earlier?
[22:31:54] [CHAT] South Ferry: we go high?
[22:31:58] [CHAT] South Ferry: Or shall you block her aswell?
[22:31:59] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Where at Q?
[22:32:05] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Mess might have seen it
[22:32:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: She shall not get blocked here.
[22:32:12] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: no
[22:32:15] [CHAT] AsmodeusBane: never trust
[22:32:18] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Also, Q, West came here today.
[22:32:19] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: wait
[22:32:19] [CHAT] South Ferry: When they go low,
[22:32:19] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Something A Google User posted on his wiki
[22:32:20] [CHAT] South Ferry: [b][big]WE GO HIGH
[22:32:21] [CHAT] South Ferry: :)
[22:32:23] [CHAT] Qstlijku: He deleted it shortly after that
[22:32:24] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: yeah i saw
[22:32:28] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Was that real?
[22:32:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Or in Google's case,
[22:32:32] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: yes
[22:32:35] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: we get high.
[22:32:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: XD
[22:32:41] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: that was real
[22:32:43] [CHAT] DVINTHEHOUSEMAN: A Google User
[22:32:48] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: What was real?
[22:32:51] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Wubba lubba dub dub, my glip glops
[22:32:54] [CHAT] AsmodeusBane: why are you talking about getting high and low??
[22:33:22] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: I gotta go squanch for a se
[22:33:25] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: sec*
[22:33:59] [JOIN] DB511611 has joined Team Demon Light.
[22:34:02] [CHAT] AsmodeusBane: What's with the high and low convo??
[22:34:10] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: They ban us
[22:34:14] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: We don't ban them
[22:34:16] [CHAT] South Ferry: When they go low, we go high, a quote from Michelle Obama.
[22:34:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: It means like when a troll or bully throw low insults, you rise above and not sink to their level.
[22:34:20] [CHAT] South Ferry: Indeed, if they ban us for jack shit,
[22:34:23] [CHAT] South Ferry: we do not ban them.
[22:35:02] [CHAT] DB511611: Evening
[22:35:33] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Afternoon
[22:35:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah
[22:36:04] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Ah.
[22:36:33] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and South STOP STALKING ME ON QUOTEV
[22:36:36] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Food day
[22:36:36] [CHAT] South Ferry: NO
[22:36:38] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: *Good day
[22:36:47] [CHAT] South Ferry: I do not stalk.
[22:36:49] [CHAT] South Ferry: :)
[22:37:53] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy:
           [CHAT] I'm writing a story on Quotev
[22:37:58] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Is the title good?
[22:38:17] [CHAT] South Ferry: A good title
[22:38:32] [CHAT] DB511611: No
[22:38:48] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Quotev is where i let out the feelings i hide from here
[22:38:51] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Who is Steve Buscemi
[22:38:57] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Mess because of you I have two teenage boys following me
[22:39:19] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Steve Buscemi,0,214,317_AL_.jpg
[22:39:26] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: lol good the more the better
[22:39:34] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: And some skeleton named Abi
[22:39:39] [CHAT] Messenger Deception:  hows that look
[22:39:56] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Freezy you want as many followers as you can get
[22:39:58] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: !seen WNBX
[22:40:03] [CBOT] SlendyBot: TheKorraFanatic: I last saw WNBX 3 hours, 28 minutes, and 7 seconds ago.
[22:40:51] [CHAT] Messenger Deception:
[22:40:56] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah,
[22:41:00] [CHAT] South Ferry: creepypastafangirl1999
[22:42:30] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: how is that sad?
[22:42:32] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: What the fuck?
[22:42:40] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: All my tabs refreshed on their own and I lost everything I wrote in my sandbox.
[22:42:43] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Now I have weird strangers following me
[22:42:53] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sad
[22:42:57] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah,
[22:43:04] [CHAT] South Ferry: I sent creepypastafangirl1999 a message
[22:43:07] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Freezy, I have almost 3000 followers.
[22:43:08] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i have over 2,000 of them following me
[22:43:18] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Do you think I know all of them?
[22:43:30] [CHAT] DB511611: What the freckling heck is this malarkey
[22:43:40] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Watch your language
[22:43:51] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Mess PM
[22:43:51] [CHAT] DB511611: Oh darn sorry
[22:44:11] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: "D*rn" is a naughty word
[22:44:12] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Isn't that allowed here?
[22:44:19] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: I have 26 followers currently on Quotev as of right now
[22:44:20] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: (It's a joke, Q)
[22:44:24] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Darn is allowed
[22:44:31] [CHAT] South Ferry: Poor, poor Freezy
[22:44:31] [CHAT] South Ferry: You will now have good people,
[22:44:32] [CHAT] Qstlijku: lol
[22:44:34] [CHAT] South Ferry: reading your stories
[22:44:35] [CHAT] South Ferry: :)
[22:44:42] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: 2,783 followers.
[22:44:43] [CHAT] DB511611: Why does a random number of strangers following you, important
[22:44:48] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: I agree
[22:44:57] [CHAT] South Ferry: Our DB,
[22:45:02] [CHAT] South Ferry: for the second time,
[22:45:05] [CHAT] DB511611: "Oh I have this many people following me"
[22:45:06] [CHAT] DB511611: "Yea well I have this many"
[22:45:10] [CHAT] South Ferry: [b][big]DISHED OUT A BRUTAL UNLOADING, never before seen!
[22:45:14] [CHAT] DB511611: Like its just a bunch of random people, who cares
[22:45:15] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Mess did you get my PM?
[22:45:27] [CHAT] South Ferry: This time,
[22:45:32] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: South, didn't Rick ask you to stop saying "Unloading"?
[22:45:45] [CHAT] South Ferry: shit man, i use it all the time, dirty minds smh
[22:45:52] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Lol.
[22:45:55] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Korra has **UNLOADED** all over South Ferry!
[22:45:56] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Brutal!
[22:46:01] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah
[22:46:07] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Smh.
[22:46:27] [CHAT] DB511611: "Unloading" is only a naughty word if you make it a naughty word and see it as one, its just your mind doing all the work, lol
[22:46:30] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: South Ferry [b] UNLOADS [/b] on all of the perverts
[22:46:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Now I must go write everything I did back down in my sandbox.
[22:46:55] [CHAT] DB511611: Korra can you please not ping me
[22:47:04] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: What in that pinged you?
[22:47:09] [CHAT] DB511611: sanDBox
[22:47:12] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: kek
[22:47:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Ah.
[22:47:15] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: OHHHHHHHHH
[22:47:27] [CHAT] DB511611: Mess you okay there
[22:47:46] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Big Smoke impression
[22:47:57] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Bishop South Ferry SouthFerry8451 
           [CHAT] Hi creepypaastafangirl1999!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I learned how to confirm my email on quotev!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is everything alright??? I do not want you to be a little sad ;(
           [CHAT]   5 minutes ago
           [CHAT] Messenger's bae is Jeff the Killer creepypastafangirl1999
           [CHAT] South you do realize this is Messenger Deception from wikia you talk to me everyday
           [CHAT] 0 seconds
[22:48:07] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: OHHHHHHHHH
[22:48:17] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: C.J?
[22:48:18] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I don't get it
[22:48:20] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: OOOOOOHHHHHH
[22:48:24] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: lol
[22:48:38] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Bishop South Ferry SouthFerry8451 
           [CHAT] Hi creepypaastafangirl1999!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I learned how to confirm my email on quotev!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is everything alright??? I do not want you to be a little sad ;(
           [CHAT]   6 minutes ago
           [CHAT] Messenger's bae is Jeff the Killer creepypastafangirl1999
           [CHAT] South you do realize this is Messenger Deception from wikia you talk to me everyday
           [CHAT] 39 seconds ago
           [CHAT] Bishop South Ferry SouthFerry8451
           [CHAT] oh yea
           [CHAT] 31 seconds ago
           [CHAT] Bishop South Ferry SouthFerry8451
           [CHAT] i forgot
           [CHAT] 28 seconds ago
           [CHAT] Reply
[22:48:44] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: omfg
[22:48:50] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: wtf
[22:48:53] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: wow
[22:48:57] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: just wow
[22:48:59] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Lmao.
[22:49:00] [CHAT] DB511611: I once combined Big Smokes "OOOOHH" with that one silvagunner meme
[22:49:03] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Lots of text there
[22:49:05] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: "Oh yeah, I forgot."
[22:49:07] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: XD.
[22:49:08] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: FlinstOOOOHHHHns
[22:49:34] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Yabba dabba doo
[22:49:34] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ok South is the biggest Baka here now
[22:49:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Q PM
[22:49:47] [CHAT] DB511611: Do you have to call everyone an idiot here smh
[22:50:12] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: yes
[22:50:20] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: everyone here is a baka
[22:50:24] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: That dummy S-South Ferry is a b-baka
[22:50:30] [CHAT] DB511611: R4even you?
[22:50:31] [CHAT] South Ferry: NO
[22:50:34] [CHAT] South Ferry: O Damn it All
[22:50:52] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: South, Quotev PM.
[22:50:53] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ?
[22:50:53] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: "Robert's got a quick hand"
[22:51:03] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !test
[22:51:04] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Κ‡sǝʇ‘
[22:51:06] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !log
[22:51:08] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Logging...
[22:51:09] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: "He'll look around the room he won't tell you his plan"
[22:51:17] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: "He's got a rolled cigarette"
[22:51:26] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Adding to [[Project:Chat/Logs/6_Aug_2017|chatlog]] 0 kicks and 0 bans reported. 0 joins, 0 leaves, and 12 messages logged.
[22:51:45] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Revealing your plans for school so soon, Nicholas?
[22:51:47] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: "Hangin' out his mouth, he's a cowboy kid, yeah"
[22:51:53] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Heh
[22:52:03] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: TheKorraFanatic  
           [CHAT] Hi SouthFerry8451!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I learned how to confirm my email on quotev ages ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is everything alright??? I do not want you to be a little sad ;(
           [CHAT]  Bishop South Ferry
           [CHAT] NO
[22:52:05] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Mess PM
[22:52:10] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: @Freezy you're copypasting the Pumped Up Kicks lyrics
[22:52:12] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: XD
[22:52:14] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: who are this
[22:52:19] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Sir Korra, don't make fun of Sir Ferry!
[22:52:24] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: He's a poor man, misunderstood!!
[22:52:31] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I hate that song
[22:52:39] [CHAT] Qstlijku: At least when it came out I did
[22:52:40] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: :(
[22:52:43] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: I like that song
[22:52:47] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: I like the instrumental
[22:52:51] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: :'(
[22:52:51] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I've heard of it, but I've never listened to it.
[22:52:53] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Maybe now it's ok
[22:52:54] [CHAT] Qstlijku: isk
[22:52:55] [CHAT] Qstlijku: ixkm
[22:52:56] [CHAT] Qstlijku: idk
[22:52:58] [CHAT] Qstlijku: lol
[22:52:59] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Of course, people use it for dark memes
[22:53:01] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Lol.
[22:53:13] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: I like Pumped Up Kicks but I did look up the lyrics which caused me to like it less
[22:53:27] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah, Pumped Up Kicks
[22:53:30] [CHAT] South Ferry: an interesting song.
[22:53:34] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: I really identify with those lyrics
[22:53:36] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: I mean what
[22:53:44] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Aw Jeez Nick
[22:53:53] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: You just dropped a gunshell
[22:53:54] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: It's better than Humble.
[22:53:56] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: I mean
[22:53:57] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Bomshell
[22:54:02] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah, Humble.
[22:54:05] [CHAT] DB511611: I like the music, for the music
[22:54:06] [CHAT] South Ferry: An amazing song, which will win video of the year.
[22:54:08] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: C-*burp*-Conrad we've gotta g-go to the past to prevent your birth
[22:54:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I can't believe both Humble and the raindrop droptop song are going for awards.
[22:54:20] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Smh.
[22:54:27] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Never listened to either of them
[22:54:29] [CHAT] South Ferry: Good.
[22:54:33] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Rain drop, drop top
[22:54:34] [CHAT] DB511611: I can't believe its not butter
[22:54:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: No, Freezy.
[22:54:40] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Smokin' no cookie the hotbox
[22:54:41] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: I'm not sure I'm on board with this Nick
[22:54:41] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Just no.
[22:54:46] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: It seems pretty dangerous, you know?
[22:54:54] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I saw Mask Off and Humble advertised on a jukebox today
[22:54:57] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Oh my
[22:55:10] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: And songs like Body Like A Back Road and Scared To Be Lonely aren't nominated though those songs should've
[22:55:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Poor you, Q.
[22:55:31] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: The story of OJ is the best rap of the year
[22:55:33] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Raindrop Droptop, Humble, and Mask off.
[22:55:38] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Worst songs ever.
[22:55:41] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Nah
[22:55:42] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I didn't see Bad and Boujee
[22:55:43] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: I like Migos
[22:55:45] [CHAT] Qstlijku: On it
[22:55:46] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: @Freezy Bodak Yellow is better
[22:55:50] [CHAT] South Ferry: Nah
[22:56:04] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Has anyone here heard South Ferry's rap?
[22:56:07] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: I like some heavy metal songs
[22:56:10] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Ah, is Bad and Boujee the name of the raindrop droptop song?
[22:56:11] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: :P
[22:56:12] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: It's called "Emeralds"
[22:56:15] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: @Q
[22:56:17] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah, [b][big]EMERALDS.[/b[/big]
[22:56:20] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: @Korra yes
[22:56:25] [CHAT] South Ferry: I believe the cover was leaked?
[22:56:26] [CHAT] DB511611: In your opinion, Falco
[22:56:27] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Interesting, Conrag
[22:56:33] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Conrag?!
[22:56:37] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Yes @Korra
[22:56:38] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Sir Vincent, please!
[22:56:45] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Conrag, the mysterioug paladig
[22:56:56] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Sorry, Cormag
[22:57:13] [JOIN] Michael I HPNG Shadow has joined Team Demon Light.
[22:57:14] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: (crying)
[22:57:17] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Or was it Cornmug? I forgot.
[22:57:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Holy hell, South's picture up close is scary af.
[22:57:21] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: ^
[22:57:25] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: I find it cute
[22:57:26] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy:
[22:57:33] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Hi
[22:57:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Mess,
[22:57:47] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Greetings
[22:57:52] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Quinn was on Quotev 9 hours ago.
[22:57:56] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Hey Mikey
[22:57:59] [CHAT] DB511611: [big] everyone look at me, I'm cool and edgy [/big]
[22:58:03] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Hi dude
[22:58:06] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: [small]Interesting.
[22:58:07] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and she never wrote me.............
[22:58:08] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: no ur not
[22:58:12] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: @DB
[22:58:18] [CHAT] DB511611: Thats your opinion
[22:58:20] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i have been leaving messages for her
[22:58:30] [CHAT] South Ferry: DB is delivering intense unloading it's unbelievable.
[22:58:57] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Your word choice, Ferry.
[22:58:58] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: i feel shit
[22:58:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: From saturday, to sunday.
[22:59:12] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: just woke up
[22:59:25] [CHAT] DB511611: Why do you feel shit, thats gross, don't put your hands on it
[22:59:26] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: last night.....
[22:59:36] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: But isn't it 11:59 PM there?
[22:59:43] [CHAT] DVINTHEHOUSEMAN: it's 6 pm here
[22:59:43] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: where?
[22:59:52] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Why are you getting up at that time? @Michael.
[23:00:02] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: :P
[23:00:05] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: iits 7PM
[23:00:14] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: EST?
[23:00:21] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: i may have had a drink
[23:00:31] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: It's 6PM for me.
[23:00:34] [CHAT] DVINTHEHOUSEMAN: 6 pm cst
[23:00:34] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy:
           [CHAT] Just saw someone getting cyberbullied
[23:00:34] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: i just woke up
[23:01:14] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: wait.......... what deal?
[23:01:23] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: PM
[23:01:47] [CHAT] DB511611: [big] [b] zoinks scoobert [/b] [/big]
[23:01:48] [JOIN] Michael I HPNG Shadow has joined Team Demon Light.
[23:02:05] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !log
[23:02:06] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Logging...
[23:02:23] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Adding to [[Project:Chat/Logs/6_Aug_2017|chatlog]] 0 kicks and 0 bans reported. 1 joins, 0 leaves, and 4 messages logged.
[23:02:38] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: 0 kicks, huh?
[23:03:03] [CHAT] Qstlijku: It doesn't log kicks, bans, or leaves for some reason
[23:03:09] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Ah.
[23:03:11] [CHAT] DB511611: Slendy is drunk
[23:04:21] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: i was drunk
[23:04:27] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: im ok now
[23:04:29] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: XD
[23:04:37] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: korra pm
[23:04:45] [JOIN] ILoveRavensHome has joined Team Demon Light.
[23:04:53] [JOIN] C.Syde65 has joined Team Demon Light.
[23:04:55] [CHAT] C.Syde65: o/
[23:05:03] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: hi syde
[23:05:08] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: sharknado 5 premieres in 56 munites anyone exicted!!!
[23:05:09] [CHAT] Mendes2: o/ syde
[23:05:10] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: (wave)
[23:05:21] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Not me, Choip/
[23:05:30] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: have you watch them
[23:05:45] [CHAT] DB511611: What about the emoji movie
[23:05:49] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: no
[23:05:51] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Never watched any of them. The concept sounds... strange, anyways.
[23:06:23] [CHAT] South Ferry: The emoji movie, a good movie
[23:06:23] [CHAT] DB511611: The emoji movie is better
[23:06:28] [CHAT] DB511611: Than any movie
[23:06:29] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Korra pm
[23:06:32] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I watched part of 4 and then changed it because it was boring.
[23:06:38] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: I messaged my favourite users on quotev
[23:06:42] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: I hope everything is alright
[23:06:50] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Omg.
[23:06:54] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: South ferry 3.0
[23:06:58] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: :P
[23:07:27] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin:
[23:07:42] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: This is a good man, but following him will not net you anything notable (crying)
[23:08:45] [JOIN] Plushtraptheplushieanimatronic Reborn has joined Team Demon Light.
[23:08:58] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Will this become the Wiki's First Meme?!
[23:09:05] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ?
[23:09:06] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah
[23:09:07] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: South Ferry is a legend!
[23:09:08] [CHAT] South Ferry: A meme!
[23:09:15] [JOIN] Chase McFly has joined Team Demon Light.
[23:09:22] [CHAT] South Ferry: However, we already have memes such as a simple "INDEED.", is already a meme.
[23:09:23] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: hi chase
[23:09:25] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: i enjoy dank maymays
[23:09:25] [CHAT] Plushtraptheplushieanimatronic Reborn: Hieeeee. (alaska you commin for me bitch?)
[23:09:29] [CHAT] Plushtraptheplushieanimatronic Reborn: THats my intro
[23:09:31] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Hi
[23:09:36] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: ok?
[23:09:37] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah, Plushtraptheanimatronic Reborn
[23:09:54] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: let me guess
[23:09:57] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: fnaf wiki
[23:10:03] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Observe.
[23:10:07] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: >Korra PM
[23:10:09] [CHAT] Plushtraptheplushieanimatronic Reborn: eh
[23:10:15] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Michael I HPNG Shadow:
           [CHAT] DONT BAN ME
[23:10:27] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: TheKorraFanatic:
           [CHAT] K then
[23:10:42] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: XD
[23:10:42] [CHAT] South Ferry: huh, what is this?!
[23:10:45] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: shhhhhhhh
[23:10:46] [CHAT] South Ferry: I pushed a button quotev,
[23:10:48] [CHAT] Chase McFly: What did I miss
[23:10:50] [CHAT] South Ferry: Now i see activity.
[23:11:04] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: That is the Quotev feed.
[23:11:07] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah,
[23:11:11] [CHAT] South Ferry: the quotev feed.
[23:11:21] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Quotev is the new big thing
[23:11:23] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: @Chase I went 2 a great party. #Drinks&Women
[23:11:24] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: XD
[23:11:32] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Sir Vincent! Get a Quotev account!!
[23:11:34] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: im a dumbass
[23:11:35] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy:
[23:11:40] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: I am doing so, Cormag.
[23:12:11] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Ember got kicked again
[23:12:17] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: from?
[23:12:26] [CHAT] Mendes2: CC
[23:12:43] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: I have gotten Conrad a follower!
[23:12:44] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Mendes, make a Quotev account. :P
[23:12:53] [CHAT] Plushtraptheplushieanimatronic Reborn: dumbass is my ping
[23:12:54] [CHAT] Mendes2: Um no.
[23:13:02] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Um yes
[23:13:09] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Um perhaps.
[23:13:14] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: @South check pm
[23:13:20] [CHAT] Mendes2: Um no.
[23:13:52] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Hey if you want to join my free giftcard giveaway type "Conrad is cool"
[23:14:00] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: guys
[23:14:01] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah
[23:14:06] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Ah.
[23:14:10] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Conrad is cool
[23:14:15] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: whos heard of MeekAtom?
[23:14:22] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Not me.
[23:14:24] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Haha you've just been PRANKED there is no giftcard giveaway
[23:14:34] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Hes a bo3 youtuber
[23:14:34] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: aaw
[23:14:47] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: i spoke 2 him today
[23:14:49] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Oh gosh
[23:14:53] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: he seems cool
[23:14:57] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: I failed, I put an emoticon and an emoji next to each other
[23:14:58] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: korra
[23:14:59] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: This is not right
[23:15:12] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: /me soaps his ducky
[23:15:15] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: stfu
[23:15:22] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: @Ducky
[23:15:23] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: XD
[23:15:33] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: im bored, ok
[23:15:34] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: You know,
[23:15:46] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I'm pretty sure that soapy ducky troll on CC was you.
[23:15:54] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: troll?
[23:15:58] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Shall I be a basic bitch and put song lyrics in my about?
[23:16:02] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: I NEVER TROLLED
[23:16:08] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: I JUST SAID HI
[23:16:13] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: You can have an about section?!
[23:16:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Cool the caps. @Michael
[23:16:14] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: THEN LEFT
[23:16:15] [CHAT] South Ferry: So,
[23:16:17] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: ok
[23:16:21] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Yes, Conrad.
[23:16:22] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: Chase is on wikai
[23:16:23] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: sry bro
[23:16:23] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Hey Choip
[23:16:26] [CHAT] South Ferry: Michael Haptic
[23:16:27] [CHAT] South Ferry: TROLLS
[23:16:27] [CHAT] South Ferry: ?
[23:16:36] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Look at my profile for example, @Conrad.
[23:16:38] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: who likes Sharknado 5
[23:16:48] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: and is ready to see it
[23:16:49] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Brawl is on CC.
[23:17:08] [CHAT] South Ferry: This is horrific.
[23:17:34] [CHAT] South Ferry: What is the account name?
[23:17:43] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I'm going to play Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse, just know though, I still have my eye on chat. ;)
[23:17:44] [JOIN] Rufus The Spaceman has joined Team Demon Light.
[23:17:54] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: :p
[23:17:54] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Ah
[23:17:55] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: I have created a Quotev account.
[23:18:02] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Conrad loves SMT and Persona
[23:18:17] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: who knows who i am?
[23:18:22] [CHAT] Chase McFly: RuMike'
[23:18:25] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: fuck
[23:18:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I've never played Persona, though I want to.
[23:18:37] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: ive been exposed
[23:18:52] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: i like Dark Souls 3
[23:18:58] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: I have updated my about section
[23:19:00] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: damn thats great
[23:19:02] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: N-Nick, don't reveal my secret love for Persona!
[23:19:10] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: As far as everyone knows I only ever play MAINLINE!
[23:19:12] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: ????
[23:19:32] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: wtf is persona?
[23:19:36] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: A game series
[23:19:42] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: of?
[23:19:52] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: rpg? fps?
[23:19:54] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: AlyssaTheMusicGeek:
           [CHAT] *I got the ping at 80% volume and I fell off my bed*
[23:20:10] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: It is a jrpg, Rufus
[23:20:21] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Japanese Role-Playing Game
[23:20:26] [CHAT] South Ferry: It is always horrific when West or brawl is on CC
           [CHAT] However,
[23:20:26] [CHAT] C.Syde65: Hey Mess and ILoveRavensHome! o/
[23:20:28] [CHAT] C.Syde65: And Arch! o/
[23:20:34] [CHAT] South Ferry: Good thing this was never said:
[23:20:38] [CHAT] South Ferry: "Murph is on CC
[23:20:43] [CHAT] South Ferry: Welcome AWM.
[23:20:49] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: South you missed it
[23:20:55] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Frick Frick Shoot Runt
[23:21:00] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: THE REALJMURPH WAS ON CC
[23:21:12] [CHAT] South Ferry: MO
[23:21:13] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: Mess can we host a chat party on our new wiki starting at 8:00pm
[23:21:14] [CHAT] South Ferry: NO
[23:21:14] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: hell no
[23:21:17] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: i wanna watch west fight west
[23:21:18] [CHAT] South Ferry: Unban
[23:21:21] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: no
[23:21:22] [CHAT] South Ferry: Just a kick ;(
[23:21:23] [CHAT] DB511611: Why was freezy banned
[23:21:24] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I have school tomorrow
[23:21:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Why was Freezy banned?
[23:21:30] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Sorry
[23:21:31] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: FFSC @Korra
[23:21:32] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Must go to bed
[23:21:37] [CHAT] South Ferry: We must unban, a kick is needed :)
[23:21:38] [CHAT] Chase McFly: So I won't be asleep there
[23:21:38] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: at 6?
[23:21:40] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: who wants to chat at 8:00pm
[23:21:44] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: ffsc remake @Korra
[23:21:45] [CHAT] DB511611: He said frick
[23:21:46] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: today
[23:21:55] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Downtown Freezy
           [CHAT] Frick Frick Shoot Runt
[23:21:59] [CHAT] DB511611: You are banning him for "frick"?
[23:22:02] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: he got a 2 hour ban
[23:22:02] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: for the sharknado 5 premiere
[23:22:04] [CHAT] DB511611: He didnt even swear
[23:22:05] [CHAT] DB511611: What
[23:22:07] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: DB, stfu
[23:22:11] [CHAT] Chase McFly: My school starts at 6
[23:22:13] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: he was quoting FFSC
[23:22:45] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: deal with it
[23:22:46] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Shadow, listen to me:
[23:22:48] [CHAT] DB511611: He didnt even say it
[23:22:48] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Interesting.
[23:22:57] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: ok, korra
[23:23:04] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: DB are you the B-crat?
[23:23:07] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: im listening
[23:23:12] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Stop minimodding and doing ^ when the mods talk. Stop telling users to stfu. @Shadow.
[23:23:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I know you mean well when you do ^, but the mods can handle it.
[23:23:50] [CHAT] DB511611: Why is that banworthy
[23:24:00] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: because it's in the rules
[23:24:06] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: im not minimodding & he cant see bad behaviour when its right in front of him
[23:24:17] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Mike did you get my PM
[23:24:21] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: no
[23:24:23] [CHAT] C.Syde65: I guess because people say it too often and it's a catchphrase that a bad user says.
[23:24:26] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: i'll check
[23:24:29] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: [[Wiki Rules]]
[23:24:46] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: But
[23:25:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: When South says fuck fuck shit,
[23:25:03] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: he gets kicked.
[23:25:04] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: @Mess About Paris?
[23:25:05] [CHAT] Qstlijku: How's the weather for you Mess and Korra?
[23:25:12] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: "Cast down the weak. Those who deceive us. Those who would let us burn."
[23:25:13] [CHAT] DB511611: "Frick frick shoot runt" is not in the rules, Mess
[23:25:20] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: It was raining earlier, Q.
[23:25:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: But it's fine now.
[23:25:26] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Listen to chat Moderators and administrators at all times.
           [CHAT] ​If an administrator has requested you not to do something, stop what you are doing. Failure to comply will result in you being banned from the chatroom for two hours.
[23:25:27] [CHAT] Qstlijku: It's about to storm for me
[23:25:39] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Could get bad tonight
[23:25:41] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: We had some rain earlier.
[23:25:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Oh damn.
[23:25:46] [CHAT] DB511611: You are banning him for saying something even similar to the banned phrase
[23:25:46] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Freeezy knew what he was doing
[23:25:47] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: its cloudy
[23:25:52] [CHAT] DB511611: He was making a joke
[23:25:59] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Cenoring isn't allowed
[23:26:10] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: DB, its best we move on
[23:26:11] [CHAT] DB511611: He didnt even censor it, he never said it at all
[23:26:14] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: "Cut down, one by one. No sound remains. Don't fear if death finds you, this day."
[23:26:16] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: DB stop
[23:26:18] [CHAT] DB511611: How can you be so obtuse
[23:26:19] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: forget about it
[23:26:22] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: It was a deliberate parody of the banned phrase.
[23:26:23] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: stop
[23:26:25] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: ^
[23:26:27] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: DB
[23:26:31] [CHAT] C.Syde65: I'm pretty sure parodies aren't allowed either.
[23:26:36] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Indeed.
[23:26:37] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Is Rufus Michael?
[23:26:37] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !test
[23:26:37] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i will kick if i have to say it again
[23:26:38] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Κ‡sǝʇ‘
[23:26:42] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Yes Q
[23:26:43] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !log
[23:26:44] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Logging...
[23:26:46] [CHAT] C.Syde65: Since they are deliberately meant to imitate the actual thing.
[23:26:46] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: yes Q
[23:26:50] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: XD
[23:26:50] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: yes Q
[23:26:55] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I made an acc that parodies South's catchphrases
[23:26:58] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: Mike the Spaceman
[23:27:02] [CHAT] Chase McFly: BRB inner
[23:27:05] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Though I dislike Rufus echoing everything
[23:27:12] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: ??
[23:27:19] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: How am I?
[23:27:20] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: "^," etc
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[23:27:28] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: ill echo
[23:27:31] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: You're kissing up to the mods, Michael.
[23:27:31] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: YOU
[23:27:32] [CHAT] South Ferry: Let's discuss the king's Indian defense
[23:27:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and yeah Mike it was about Paris
[23:27:50] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: Mess can we start a chat party
[23:27:50] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: Korra, i aint kissing anyone
[23:27:51] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: XD
[23:27:58] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: not yet
[23:28:04] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: Choip
[23:28:08] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: at 8:00p,
[23:28:10] [CHAT] Arch Wizard Megumin: [[Thread:3733|Freezy wants to be unbanned]]
[23:28:13] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: In the meantime, let's listen to the rap of South Ferry, "Emeralds".
[23:28:20] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: there can only b 1 fish
[23:28:27] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Choip and Mikey, you have the same avatar
[23:28:32] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: /me eats Choips fish pic
[23:28:40] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: not anymore
[23:28:41] [CHAT] DB511611: Its the default avatar
[23:28:45] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: i win
[23:28:46] [CHAT] DB511611: Or one of them
[23:28:54] [CHAT] Mendes2: it's one of the 5? 6?
[23:29:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I agree with unbanning him, tbh.
[23:29:28] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: BRB
[23:29:28] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: idk
[23:38:34] [CHAT] DB511611: Fuck the virus is spreading
[23:38:34] [CHAT] DB511611: /me fumbles to shelter
[23:38:34] [CHAT] Plushtraptheplushieanimatronic Reborn: you are a virus
[23:38:34] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: /me nuzzles Rufus
[23:38:34] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: XD
[23:38:34] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: /me nuzzle Ferry harder
[23:38:34] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: ;3
[23:38:34] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Data recorded,
[23:38:34] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: P-Please no
[23:38:34] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Fascinating creatures.
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[23:38:40] [JOIN] ILoveRavensHome has joined Team Demon Light.
[23:38:43] [CHAT] South Ferry: '!log
[23:38:44] [CHAT] South Ferry: !log
[23:38:45] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Logging...
[23:38:59] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: anyone want to join the chat party
[23:39:04] [CHAT] South Ferry: !seen Dove of Death
[23:39:06] [CBOT] SlendyBot: South Ferry: I last saw Dove of Death 76 days, 1 hour, 31 minutes, and 37 seconds ago.
[23:39:09] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: hows it look (Can someone fix typos and stuff)
[23:39:11] [CHAT] DB511611: This is like watching a car crash happen right in front of you
[23:39:14] [JOIN] TheKorraFanatic has joined Team Demon Light.
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[23:39:24] [CHAT] Plushtraptheplushieanimatronic Reborn: !seen my dick
[23:39:32] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: anyone join the chat party
[23:40:09] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: [s]ERPs[/s]
[23:40:10] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: we chat about anything
[23:40:15] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: !seen A corpse
[23:40:19] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: plus its for a special occasion
[23:40:21] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Then why can't it stay here?
[23:40:28] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: /me nuzzle Freezy
[23:40:30] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: A generic, off-topic chatroom?
[23:40:31] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: rawr :3
[23:40:38] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: becuase thats the wiki's first chat party
[23:41:23] [CHAT] DB511611: Everyone come to my cool wiki chat
[23:41:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I thought Freezy wanted a pink name? Why is his name a darker black?
[23:41:29] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Inddeed
[23:41:36] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: I need a Purple name, actually
[23:41:45] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Ah, can we request name colors?
[23:41:50] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Yes
[23:42:30] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I'm back
[23:42:31] [CHAT] Messenger Deception:
[23:42:46] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: someone plz come to the chat party
[23:42:54] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Link pls
[23:43:00] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Welcome, Back.
[23:43:06] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome:
[23:43:09] [CHAT] DB511611: I don't remember jeff the killer being an anime
[23:43:21] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: i do
[23:43:27] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: I don't.
[23:43:27] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: jeff = my bffl
[23:43:41] [CHAT] DB511611: bffl?
[23:43:49] [CHAT] DB511611: And that is...?
[23:43:52] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Jeff = baby daddy
[23:43:53] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: This behavior is... interesting, to say the least.
[23:44:03] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Wait what
[23:44:08] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: best friend 4 life db
[23:44:14] [CHAT] DB511611: Yea but hes like
[23:44:17] [CHAT] DB511611: Not a real person
[23:44:38] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: get out from uner ur rock and realize ppl have imaginations too
[23:44:55] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: i need more pepole there
[23:44:55] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: *under
[23:44:59] [CHAT] DB511611: But I'm not under a rock
[23:45:01] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Steve Buscemi follows me on Snapchat
[23:45:08] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Choip what time zone are you in?
[23:45:10] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ILoveRavensHome
           [CHAT] what 7X1335?
[23:45:14] [CHAT] South Ferry: Jeff -- ugly character, poorly written character, common sense
[23:45:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: What does that mean, Choip?
[23:45:21] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: mhmm, sure Patrick Star,,,,, DB sry
[23:45:22] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: EST
[23:45:35] [CHAT] Chase McFly: So it's at 7?
[23:45:41] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: no 8
[23:45:48] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Yes, 7.
[23:45:49] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: chase whats yours
[23:45:53] [CHAT] Chase McFly: CST
[23:45:54] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: time zone
[23:46:02] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: its 7:45 PM here
[23:46:03] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: so
[23:46:05] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: yeah 7.
[23:46:08] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: Rufus 8.
[23:46:16] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: its 6:45 PM for korra
[23:46:17] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: meet me there now.
[23:46:25] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Why?
[23:46:29] [CHAT] Chase McFly: What will we do?
[23:46:32] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: ok, fish friend
[23:46:38] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: link, plz
[23:46:45] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome: becuase we need to start and turn ypur channel to syfy
[23:46:46] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Will we eat tea and crumpets, have a jolly old good time?
[23:46:53] [CHAT] ILoveRavensHome:
[23:46:55] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Sounds boring.
[23:46:57] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: plz link
[23:47:00] [CHAT] Rufus The Spaceman: thnx
[23:47:03] [CHAT] DB511611: Not joining that chat
[23:47:10] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Same
[23:47:24] [CHAT] South Ferry: SAME
[23:47:27] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: I could
[23:47:33] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: But I won't
[23:47:47] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Because I-I'm being PEER PRESSURED by SOUTH FERRY.
[23:48:00] [CHAT] South Ferry: O Damn it All
[23:48:46] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: DB it's a TV show wiki
[23:49:00] [CHAT] DB511611: I know
[23:49:15] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: my wiki
[23:49:42] [CHAT] DB511611: I know
[23:49:57] [JOIN] Lincoln Continental breakfast has joined Team Demon Light.
[23:50:27] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: :/
[23:50:35] [CHAT] South Ferry: :/
[23:50:50] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord: Hm?
[23:51:14] [CHAT] DB511611: :\
[23:51:15] [CHAT] Lincoln Continental breakfast: i see its that kinda day by the faces people are making
[23:51:18] [CHAT] DB511611: fuCk
[23:51:21] [CHAT] DB511611: :/
[23:51:24] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: :)
[23:51:31] [CHAT] DB511611: :/
[23:51:39] [CHAT] Lincoln Continental breakfast: well at least someone is happy
[23:51:47] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: [small] i hate ego crazy bitches
[23:52:05] [CHAT] Lincoln Continental breakfast: i wish i could be happy too
[23:52:24] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: same :/
[23:52:30] [CHAT] DB511611: And I hate banana bread
[23:52:46] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: I know a way we can be happy,
[23:52:49] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Let's play a game!
[23:52:57] [CHAT] Lincoln Continental breakfast: like what kinda game
[23:53:04] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: My favourite game to play when I'm feeling down is Club Pe-
[23:53:09] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: (crying)
[23:53:43] [CHAT] South Ferry: /me cries lightly grilled with extra sauce
[23:53:46] [CHAT] South Ferry: What, freezy?
[23:53:52] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: this message
[23:54:01] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: You can't even send the link boi
[23:54:06] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah
[23:54:07] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: shiiiiiieeeet
[23:54:23] [CHAT] South Ferry: .
[23:54:24] [CHAT] TheVinnyLord:
[23:54:43] [CHAT] Lincoln Continental breakfast: thats just very weird and odd
[23:54:51] [CHAT] Lincoln Continental breakfast: can we keep that stuff to the bed room pls
[23:54:57] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: I didn't send it
[23:54:59] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: I was sent it
[23:55:19] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Sir Nicholas, perhaps it be wise to keep your (strange) private messages to yourself?
[23:55:34] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Who is Sir Nicholas?
[23:55:44] [CHAT] Lincoln Continental breakfast: south ferry if u sent that to that guy thats so assinine to send like wtf
[23:55:46] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Freezy.
[23:55:49] [CHAT] South Ferry: Of course,
[23:55:54] [CHAT] South Ferry: I did not send that message
[23:55:54] [CHAT] DB511611: CC is full of them PM fishers who are starving for a pm
[23:55:54] [CHAT] South Ferry: ..
[23:55:54] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: @Chase
[23:55:58] [CHAT] South Ferry: .
[23:56:12] [CHAT] Chase McFly: What?
[23:56:25] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Is a PM fisher?
[23:56:28] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: I am Nicholas
[23:56:38] [CHAT] Lincoln Continental breakfast: Sir Nicholas George Winton MBE was a British humanitarian who organized the rescue of 669 children, most of them Jewish, from Czechoslovakia on the eve of the Second World War in an operation later known as the Czech Kindertransport
[23:56:45] [CHAT] DB511611: Yknow
[23:56:46] [CHAT] South Ferry: O Damned Nicky! Who sent you this!
[23:56:55] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Not that Sir Nicholas
[23:57:02] [CHAT] DB511611: Those people in chat who are always going "anyone wanna pm" or just constantly asking people to pm them
[23:57:09] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Like Choip
[23:57:09] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: My Sir Nicholas, Downtown Freezy
[23:57:12] [CHAT] South Ferry: Operation Overlord was the code name for the Battle of Normandy, the Allied operation that launched the successful invasion of German-occupied Western Europe during World War II. The operation was launched on 6 June 1944 with the Normandy landings.
[23:57:13] [CHAT] DB511611: Ye
[23:57:14] [CHAT] Lincoln Continental breakfast: oh
[23:57:24] [CHAT] DB511611: Those users who will do anything for a pm
[23:57:29] [CHAT] Lincoln Continental breakfast: more history
[23:57:36] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Is this a history lesson?
[23:58:23] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: Wumbo
[23:58:31] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: I study Wumbology
[23:58:40] [CHAT] Lincoln Continental breakfast: wumbo a word made up by patrick star
[23:58:40] [CHAT] Mysterious Paladin: I wumbo. You wumbo. He- She - me... wumbo.
[23:59:15] [CHAT] Lincoln Continental breakfast: its first grade spongebob
[23:59:34] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Messenger Deception and TheKorraFanatic, where do I go to RP TDL on Quotev?
[23:59:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: I could have but a place in dumbo before it was dumbo.
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