[00:08:26] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Dead chat
[00:08:42] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Indeed.
[00:09:39] [CHAT] South Ferry: Let's begin to categorize.
[00:09:42] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Indeed.
[00:10:26] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Cataegorize what exavctcly?
[00:11:33] [CHAT] South Ferry: nO edge>
[00:11:33] [CHAT] South Ferry: ?
[00:11:35] [CHAT] South Ferry: DAMN IT ALL.
[00:12:52] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Is it over0powered if a character has soem great skills?
[00:13:01] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Cool the caps
[00:13:02] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Not magic thouygh
[00:13:10] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Like tslents
[00:13:28] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Expertixe things like survival
[00:13:45] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Or martial arts or something
[00:13:54] [CHAT] Chase McFly: A lot of it?
[00:14:04] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I mean
[00:14:22] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: every character created has over 50 skills. (Slight exargeration).
[00:14:58] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Like who?
[00:19:33] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I'm going to invite a friend here.
[00:20:11] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Cool
[00:20:11] [CHAT] Chase McFly: So will I
[00:20:36] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Her name is Spongebobvstheloudhouse.
[00:21:29] [CHAT] Chase McFly: That name rings a bell
[00:21:30] [CHAT] Stanjeff123: when i finally found the supply list for school but don't have the schedule for my class yet
[00:21:31] [CHAT] South Ferry: Is he from spongebob Wiki?
[00:21:49] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: *She*
[00:21:59] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: And yes.
[00:22:04] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: She is rollback and chat mod.
[00:22:19] [CHAT] South Ferry: I rememba em
[00:22:35] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I remember doing this fun game on ESB
[00:22:39] [CHAT] Chase McFly: We shoudl do it here
[00:22:52] [CHAT] Chase McFly: It was a never-ending totally random story game
[00:23:12] [CHAT] Chase McFly: We shipped Luan Loud with SpongeBuck Squarepants
[00:23:27] [CHAT] South Ferry: wtf
[00:23:35] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: can someone link the TDL Korra made and is working on with Cava
[00:24:34] [CHAT] Mendes2: [[w:c:es.the-demons-light]]
[00:24:45] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: thanks
[00:25:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Imagine.
[00:25:22] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: March 4, 2018.
[00:25:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I WILL NO LONGER BE NEW.
[00:25:45] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: tru
[00:25:51] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: right now we are noobs
[00:26:02] [CHAT] South Ferry: Imagine.
[00:26:06] [CHAT] South Ferry: September 2nd, 2017.
[00:26:12] [CHAT] South Ferry: the ANNIVERSARY.
[00:26:41] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: Feb 28th 2018
[00:26:50] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: FUCK DISCORD!!!!!!!
[00:27:05] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /me beats the shit out of discord.
[00:27:19] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: one year since Wank and Wikia starting for us and losing everyone and finding them one year that we lost kanato
[00:27:29] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: 2018 will be my eighth year on fandom
[00:27:39] [CHAT] South Ferry: 2018 will be 4th year on FANDOM.
[00:27:40] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: ok that day i may not be on i'll probably be crying my eyes out
[00:27:42] [CHAT] Chase McFly: 2018 will be my 5th year
[00:27:50] [CHAT] South Ferry: It sounds like a dubious day Julie
[00:28:11] [CHAT] Chase McFly: March 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
[00:28:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Feb 9th.
[00:28:16] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Oh, wait, 6th
[00:28:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Jane and I will be together one year. :)
[00:28:33] [CHAT] South Ferry: A dubious day
[00:28:40] [CHAT] Chase McFly: South!
[00:28:50] [CHAT] South Ferry: Marty?
[00:29:16] [CHAT] Chase McFly: ?
[00:29:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ??
[00:29:28] [CHAT] Chase McFly: South, don't call it dubious
[00:29:30] [CHAT] South Ferry: Marty McFly?!?!?!?!?!
[00:29:38] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: 1/11/18 to be exact will be the day of my eighth year
[00:29:48] [CHAT] Chase McFly: South is something wrong?
[00:29:58] [CHAT] South Ferry: NO!
[00:30:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Ah, I see.
[00:30:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Google visited South.
[00:30:37] [CHAT] South Ferry: Nope.
[00:30:43] [CHAT] South Ferry: All I said was Marty McFly.
[00:30:46] [CHAT] South Ferry: First, we go to Quotev.
[00:30:49] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: 11/29/17 will be me and 6f's 1 year
[00:31:13] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: i loved her reaction
[00:31:22] [CHAT] Chase McFly: South, if I randomly said the New York Ferry in chat, what would you think
[00:32:11] [CHAT] C.Syde65: o/
[00:32:18] [CHAT] Mendes2: o/ syde
[00:32:23] [CHAT] South Ferry: idk chase
[00:32:56] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Hi Syde
[00:33:24] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Oml in 2018, mine and 6f's 2 year will be the day after Thanksgiving
[00:33:27] [CHAT] South Ferry: Before we continue to go any further and an attempted expansion, I would recommend the current, English, democratic Wiki TDL is made to be the best it can be. From there, we will expand to other websites. I'd also recommended some completed roleplays aswell.
[00:33:38] [CHAT] South Ferry: This would require more characters, stubs fixed, and edge and cringe removed.
[00:34:18] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Agreed.
[00:34:43] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Does my page have cringe or edge?
[00:35:04] [CHAT] South Ferry: Your character is not one of those edgy characters with a horrible backstory.
[00:35:36] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: I don't think my character page is cringy or edgy
[00:35:47] [CHAT] South Ferry: Of course not.
[00:35:48] [CHAT] Chase McFly: What about [[Bella Thornton]]
[00:36:11] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Edgy.
[00:36:15] [CHAT] Chase McFly: How come?
[00:36:18] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I can fix it
[00:36:27] [CHAT] South Ferry: Now that's real edgy right there
[00:36:31] [CHAT] South Ferry:
[00:36:36] [CHAT] South Ferry: Whomst'd the fuck is this
[00:36:42] [CHAT] South Ferry: Joined in April 1
[00:36:46] [CHAT] South Ferry: The day Brett entered
[00:36:52] [CHAT] South Ferry: And Marty entered aswell
[00:37:01] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: They used to be Bella Thorten 01.
[00:37:03] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: And uh
[00:37:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: his real name is Brett too.
[00:37:15] [CHAT] South Ferry: So, there are
[00:37:18] [CHAT] South Ferry: TWO
[00:37:19] [CHAT] South Ferry: BRETTS?
[00:37:22] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Stop calling me Marty.
[00:38:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Yes, South.
[00:38:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: A good Brett and a bad one.
[00:40:28] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I am asking Brett/Bella to review over his page
[00:43:07] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Okay,
[00:43:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: she should come any second.
[00:43:34] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Who?
[00:43:42] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: My friend.
[00:44:42] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: The lag is real, people.
[00:44:49] [CHAT] Mendes2: not really
[00:44:49] [CHAT] Mendes2: o/
[00:44:54] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Hi
[00:45:04] [CHAT] Spongebobvstheloudhouse: hello
[00:45:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: o/
[00:45:35] [CHAT] Stanjeff123: hi
[00:45:41] [CHAT] South Ferry: Welcome Spongebob.
[00:45:43] [CHAT] Stanjeff123: (wave)
[00:45:44] [CHAT] South Ferry: I see you are a new user on this community.
[00:45:48] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Welcome to TDL> I hope you enjoy it here.
[00:45:49] [CHAT] South Ferry: Make sure to read the [[Wiki Rules]].
[00:46:06] [CHAT] Stanjeff123: i don't get why my school sent my supply list and put my class on it
[00:46:17] [CHAT] Stanjeff123: and didn't get me the schedule for my class
[00:46:23] [CHAT] Spongebobvstheloudhouse: I will
[00:46:32] [CHAT] South Ferry: [b]Do you want to know what is fascinating? It SEEMS every day, LESS AND LESS OF THIS FONT is on the wiki
[00:46:32] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Good to see you here
[00:46:34] [CHAT] South Ferry: It seems one day,
[00:46:36] [CHAT] South Ferry: Gone from the header,
[00:46:37] [CHAT] South Ferry: Gone from pages,
[00:46:44] [CHAT] South Ferry: This is fasicinating
[00:46:47] [CHAT] South Ferry: As if someone is slowly removing it
[00:47:01] [CHAT] Spongebobvstheloudhouse: um, why?
[00:47:14] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Bella is requesting his page be deleted
[00:47:15] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Huh?
[00:47:21] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Oh okay.
[00:47:24] [CHAT] South Ferry: Actually it seems as if the Georgia font is completely gone
[00:47:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Link it please.
[00:47:26] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I don't understand Soutj
[00:47:28] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I'll delete it.
[00:47:31] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Bella's page?
[00:47:34] [CHAT] South Ferry: Every day,
[00:47:38] [CHAT] Chase McFly: [[Bella Thornton]]
[00:47:40] [CHAT] South Ferry: Georgia font, our custom font, would slowly leave.
[00:47:44] [CHAT] South Ferry: Now it's completely gone.
[00:47:50] [CHAT] South Ferry: [b]Good.
[00:48:28] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I deleted it.
[00:48:36] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Syde, perhaps a differnet fate will befall Mr. Provost
[00:48:56] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Wtf
[00:49:11] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Bella replied in Discussions. I didn't even know he knew Discussions existed. Lol.
[00:50:16] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Discord broke. Welp.
[00:50:30] [CHAT] South Ferry: Maybe os
[00:51:36] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I have uh
[00:51:50] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: sent Belle over 50 messages while she has been gone today.
[00:51:59] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: [b] I am not obsessive.
[00:52:01] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ever sent that many to Jane, Korra?
[00:52:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: More than that, tbh.
[00:52:33] [CHAT] South Ferry: You know the [b]truth.
[00:52:43] [CHAT] Chase McFly: False
[00:52:44] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: [b] Indeed, I do.
[00:52:48] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: [b
[00:52:50] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: fuck
[00:52:54] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: [b] The truth is:
[00:52:55] [CHAT] Chase McFly: The truth uis not as South thinks
[00:53:02] [CHAT] Chase McFly: The truth is:
[00:53:16] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Korra loves Jane slightly more than he loves Belle
[00:53:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: [b] The TRUTH is:
[00:53:23] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: [b] Wtf
[00:53:26] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Dang, you send way more to Belle then I do send to 6f @Korra
[00:53:43] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Lmao.
[00:53:52] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I once sent like 100 to Jane.
[00:54:02] [CHAT] Mendes2: "once"
[00:54:08] [CHAT] South Ferry: [b]Once.
[00:54:18] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: I send 36 a day when he's online
[00:54:19] [CHAT] MCR-The-Orange: I don't even talk to the person I like because I'm afraid to. Lol
[00:54:24] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I ''once'' banned Mendes.
[00:54:26] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Lmao
[00:54:28] [CHAT] South Ferry: First, you DM Speedit.
[00:55:19] [CHAT] MCR-The-Orange: I have before, South.
[00:55:31] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I'm hoping to get over 100 edits at Chase's wiki before the night ends.
[00:55:34] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: So,
[00:55:36] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: MCR
[00:55:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: has
[00:55:41] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: DMED
[00:55:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Speedit?!?!?!?!?!
[00:55:48] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
[00:55:50] [CHAT] MCR-The-Orange: Indeed
[00:55:52] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: I
[00:55:55] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: MADE
[00:55:58] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: WEST
[00:56:01] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: HEATER
[00:56:04] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Die
[00:56:05] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: LAUGH
[00:56:13] [CHAT] Mendes2: O.o
[00:56:13] [CHAT] South Ferry: So Mess LOVES Brett?
[00:56:15] [CHAT] South Ferry: MORE THAN
[00:56:17] [CHAT] South Ferry: Mendes?
[00:56:26] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Messenger of Heaven:
           [CHAT] I 
           [CHAT] MADE 
           [CHAT] WEST 
           [CHAT] HEATER 
           [CHAT]  7:55 
           [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic:
           [CHAT] Die
[00:56:29] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: XD
[00:56:40] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: (facepalm)
[00:56:45] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: he was yelling at me and saying "Fuck you." and i said "Ew no never that would be so gross"
[00:56:57] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: and he said"wtf i did not mean it like that lol"
[00:57:10] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sounds like west gave a pretty friendly response to mess
[00:57:30] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: noooooooooooooooo i shocked him
[00:57:37] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: It seems Q has returned to CC.
[00:57:38] [CHAT] South Ferry: I have the evidence to prove your relations:
[00:57:39] [CHAT] South Ferry:
[00:57:46] [CHAT] South Ferry: [b]This[/b] is the evidence.
[00:57:48] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: HE WAS LYING
[00:58:04] [CHAT] South Ferry: You [b]already have[/b] a prepared response to this accusation.
[00:58:11] [CHAT] South Ferry: We know the [b]truth.
[00:59:07] [CHAT] South Ferry: Welcome Qstlijku.
[00:59:08] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: It seems Q has returned to TDL.
[00:59:09] [CHAT] Qstlijku: wtf
[00:59:09] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Hi Q'
[00:59:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ?
[00:59:09] [CHAT] South Ferry: What is wrong, Qstlijku?
[00:59:25] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Oh
[00:59:37] [CHAT] Mendes2: I saw that
[00:59:40] [CHAT] Mendes2: idk how he removed it
[00:59:42] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Wtf
[00:59:43] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Not sure how he managed to do that
[00:59:43] [CHAT] Mendes2: after you did
[00:59:48] [CHAT] Chase McFly: BRB Dinner
[00:59:56] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I see he's globally blocked now
[00:59:57] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He has [b] Powers.
[01:00:01] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Oh he is???
[01:00:36] [CHAT] South Ferry: Interesting
[01:00:41] [CHAT] MCR-The-Orange: Hi
[01:00:53] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Hey Echo
[01:00:53] [CHAT] South Ferry: Welcome, [b]EchoingFantasy.
[01:00:54] [CHAT] Qstlijku: It's been a while
[01:00:54] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hey, Echo. o/
[01:19:44] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: i was about to doi that
[01:19:48] [CBOT] SlendyBot: SlendyBot v1.9 is online!
[01:19:54] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: ?
[01:19:55] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: now
[01:20:04] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: back to the TDL email
[01:20:08] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: ..
[01:20:11] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /announce has been banned by [[User:Spongebobvstheloudhouse|Spongebobvstheloudhouse]]
[01:20:11] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: @Echo not appropriate for chat
[01:20:16] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Oh
[01:20:17] [CHAT] MCR-The-Orange: My account is connected to my email which i will say...
[01:20:26] [CHAT] MCR-The-Orange:
[01:20:33] [CHAT] MCR-The-Orange: I think..
[01:20:56] [CHAT] Spongebobvstheloudhouse: @Korra, correct
[01:21:05] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /announce has joined Team Demon Light
[01:21:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: She banned me. ;(
[01:21:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Somehow.
[01:21:18] [CHAT] Mendes2: hmm, chat must be lagging
[01:21:20] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: But it was like.. Not.. Bad.. It was this question that a twitch streamer asked because they were playing a game that they had to defeat a version of themselves...
[01:21:23] [CHAT] Mendes2: I could still see korra in the siderail
[01:21:51] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Echo, suicide is not a topic for chat.
[01:21:57] [CHAT] MCR-The-Orange: I gtg
[01:22:00] [CHAT] MCR-The-Orange: O/
[01:22:05] [CHAT] Spongebobvstheloudhouse: bye
[01:22:07] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: If you or anyone else is having suicidal thoguhts, feel free to PM a mod.
[01:22:09] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: I didn't mean it like that..
[01:22:39] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: It was just part of a game that's not about stuff bad, ;;
[01:22:48] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Ow, I cut my finger with a knife by accident.
[01:22:51] [CHAT] South Ferry: Dubious
[01:22:55] [CHAT] South Ferry: get your big sis to help you out
[01:22:56] [CHAT] South Ferry: :)
[01:23:02] [CHAT] Spongebobvstheloudhouse: Ow
[01:23:19] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: koorrraaa what-cha trying to cut? .-.
[01:23:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I said "accident"
[01:23:35] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: In, but
[01:23:39] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I'm back
[01:23:40] [CHAT] C.Syde65: What's the thing in the oven called again? It's the thing that heats things.
[01:23:45] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: ..
[01:23:50] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Well hello there Back. o/
[01:23:52] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: The burner? @Syde
[01:23:53] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Burner, Syde.
[01:23:55] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah,
[01:23:57] [CHAT] South Ferry: [b]the burner
[01:24:07] [CHAT] C.Syde65: I've accidentally touched it a couple of times.
[01:24:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I've done that before too.
[01:24:20] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Well... Dun do that?
[01:24:21] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: That hurts like hell.
[01:24:37] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I also fell out a tree once.
[01:24:40] [CHAT] C.Syde65: And then I had to go through the next few days with a bruise on my hand.
[01:24:41] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Bad memories. Lol.
[01:24:43] [CHAT] C.Syde65: You did?
[01:24:44] [CHAT] C.Syde65: Wow.
[01:24:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Yeah
[01:25:07] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Falling out of trees hurt :v
[01:25:24] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Especially on a couple rocks.
[01:25:52] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: A few years back, I was in the woods climbing the tree and I got high up it and I slipped and fell and hit the ground hard. My father had to carry me back to the house.
[01:25:53] [CHAT] C.Syde65: I've climbed to the top of a tree once and didn't fall down. I guess because I take a lot of care when doing things like that, and I'm careful not to climb up any branches I don't think can support me.
[01:26:12] [CHAT] Spongebobvstheloudhouse: gtg sleep
[01:26:17] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Bye
[01:26:18] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Bye. o/
[01:26:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: FYI, I never climbed another tree.
[01:26:40] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: I only fell out of the tree cuz my sister pushed me off .-.
[01:26:52] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: bye
[01:26:52] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Damn.
[01:26:55] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Bai Sponge
[01:27:02] [CHAT] South Ferry: o/
[01:27:21] [CHAT] Stanjeff123: bai bai bai
[01:27:46] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: I JUST SPILLED MY TEA! DX
[01:27:56] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Sad.
[01:27:57] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sad.
[01:28:27] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: It helps me not get headaches, like the one I have now-.-
[01:29:01] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: [[To Do List]]
[01:31:09] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: /me licks tea off her arm before going to discord
[01:31:21] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I believe the To Do List should be added to Community on the Header.
[01:31:32] [CHAT] South Ferry: [b]get it doneee
[01:31:54] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: /me returns because Discord is taking to long
[01:32:02] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I added to it.
[01:33:37] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: My arm tastes like tea..
[01:33:44] [CHAT] South Ferry: Dubious...............
[01:36:50] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: [b] Soon,
[01:37:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: [b] South's 1 bureaucrat theory will be wrong.
[01:37:35] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah
[01:38:07] [CHAT] Chase McFly: A shame.
[01:38:26] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: /me is sticky now
[01:39:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Lol.
[01:39:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Literally how?
[01:39:22] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Immm sttiiickaaayyyy ;;
[01:39:48] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Huh.
[01:40:12] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: Hi.
[01:40:26] [CHAT] C.Syde65: Hey! o/
[01:40:27] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Hi
[01:40:27] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: Sup?
[01:40:29] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hi, Jack.
[01:40:57] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: You missed Spongebobvstheloudhouse coming here.
[01:40:59] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Hi Jack
[01:41:00] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Can I be accepted in TDL Discord? ;;
[01:41:00] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: She came here?
[01:41:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Indeed to both.
[01:42:31] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: It's Father's Day here.
[01:42:33] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: It is??
[01:42:51] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: Yes.
[01:42:54] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Where I am that's in June
[01:42:55] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: But that was... In June. For me.. ...
[01:43:22] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Syde did a good job.
[01:43:46] [CHAT] C.Syde65: Yeah.
[01:43:46] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: Burn.
[01:43:52] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: *high fives Syde*
[01:44:02] [CHAT] C.Syde65: /me high fives back.
[01:44:23] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: /me sticks to the ceiling.
[01:44:56] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: / me is a ting Jackninja
[01:44:56] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Hiya Arch!
[01:45:08] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: I know that.
[01:45:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Belle left TDLD for some reason. :(
[01:45:17] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: Hi.
[01:45:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: o/ Rick.
[01:45:25] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Rip Korra :c
[01:45:51] [CHAT] Mendes2: no she didn't?
[01:46:02] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: She did.
[01:46:07] [CHAT] Mendes2: she didn't.
[01:46:10] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Well
[01:46:16] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: she must've rejoined.
[01:46:34] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I tried pinging her earlier and she wasn't there anymore.
[01:47:13] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Hm
[01:47:55] [CHAT] Chase McFly: BRB
[01:47:55] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: /me is still very stick and hangs on the ceiling
[01:48:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hmmmmm.
[01:48:15] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Why isn't Belle in the bot channel?
[01:48:46] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Dunno
[01:49:14] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Better question is; why are my parents arguing over nonsense?
[02:23:36] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Sad.
[02:25:42] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Sad indeed.
[02:27:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: Let's talk the president going to Louisiana.
[02:28:21] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I forbid him from coming here.
[02:28:30] [CHAT] South Ferry: He already went :)
[02:28:41] [CHAT] Chase McFly: South do not discuss that
[02:28:49] [CHAT] Chase McFly: It amkes me upset'
[02:28:53] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Also there you go again with that smile
[02:29:14] [CHAT] South Ferry: Hmmmmmmmmmm :)
[02:29:18] [CHAT] Chase McFly: OMG South
[02:29:58] [CHAT] Chase McFly: South says, "I was eaten by a shark. :) "
[02:30:16] [CHAT] Chase McFly: That Hmmmmmmmmm:) creeped me out a lot
[02:30:44] [CHAT] Chase McFly: /me nukes :)
[02:30:56] [CHAT] Chase McFly: /me nukes (giggle)
[02:31:03] [CHAT] Chase McFly: /me nukes ;(
[02:31:12] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah
[02:31:38] [CHAT] Chase McFly: So,
[02:31:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Lmao.
[02:31:42] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: I;m wonder Korra
[02:31:42] [CHAT] Chase McFly: South IS
[02:31:52] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Creepy with emojis?
[02:31:58] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: you know that trick we hae for getiting alot of followers on quotev?
[02:32:10] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Following sprees.
[02:32:15] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: i wonder if  you can do the same on twitter to get alot of followers
[02:32:34] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: Shall I make a subreddit now?
[02:32:39] [CHAT] South Ferry: So,
[02:32:43] [CHAT] South Ferry: WHat is the TRICK
[02:32:45] [CHAT] South Ferry: you use Mess
[02:32:47] [CHAT] South Ferry: First,
[02:32:51] [CHAT] South Ferry: Jack will look at the posts of
[02:32:58] [CHAT] South Ferry: /u/AndroidNougat
[02:33:21] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Sure, Jack.
[02:33:33] [CHAT] South Ferry: [b]You must TELL ME, AT ONCE.
[02:33:34] [CHAT] South Ferry: [b][c="red"]NOW.
[02:33:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Chill, South.
[02:34:09] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: What name do I use?
[02:34:12] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Chase you should protect the rules page on your wiki so only Staff can edit them.
[02:34:18] [CHAT] South Ferry: [b][font="Times New Roman"][c="red"][big]hmmmMMMMHMmmmmmmm
[02:34:20] [CHAT] South Ferry: :)
[02:34:26] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: What do you mean, Jack?
[02:34:34] [CHAT] South Ferry: Name the subreddit,
[02:34:38] [CHAT] South Ferry: [b][big]/R/THEDEMONSLIGHT
[02:34:41] [CHAT] South Ferry: Then link it
[02:34:54] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Or /r/ The Demon's Light.
[02:35:33] [CHAT] South Ferry: subreddits have to be ONE WORD or somethiong
[02:35:40] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Oh.
[02:35:49] [CHAT] C.Syde65: lol.
[02:36:02] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: XD.
[02:36:04] [CHAT] South Ferry: or you could name it
[02:36:05] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls:
[02:36:09] [CHAT] C.Syde65: [b] [big] What the fuck is going on here?
[02:36:10] [CHAT] South Ferry: [b][big]/R/T_D
[02:36:22] [CHAT] South Ferry: [b][big]What the fuck did you just fucking say, Syde
[02:36:24] [CHAT] C.Syde65: XD.
[02:36:33] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: [b] [big] I don't fucking know what the fuck is going on.
[02:36:51] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: is that good or should we change it
[02:37:35] [CHAT] South Ferry: look at the subreddit AGAIN.
[02:37:43] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I have joined reddit. :)
[02:37:55] [CHAT] South Ferry:
[02:38:11] [CHAT] South Ferry: <----- GREAT GUY
[02:38:48] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: You mean, it's [b] [big] YOU.
[02:38:49] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: i joined too
[02:39:13] [CHAT] South Ferry: ENJOY reddit mess.
[02:39:15] [CHAT] South Ferry: Go to /r/all, great place.
[02:39:15] [CHAT] South Ferry: You should subscribe to:
[02:39:15] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: I will make you mods there.
[02:39:19] [CHAT] South Ferry: /r/the_donad, /r/politics.
[02:39:21] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: KK.
[02:39:38] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: Wait, reddit username?
[02:39:55] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: TheKorraFanatic
[02:40:00] [CHAT] South Ferry: /u/AndroidNougat
[02:41:22] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: I've invited you two.
[02:42:33] [CHAT] South Ferry: Poor poor Jack.
[02:42:41] [CHAT] South Ferry: AN innocent man, was downvoted.
[02:42:59] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: I was a noob back then. :P
[02:43:44] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: downvoted??
[02:43:46] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven:
[02:43:48] [CHAT] South Ferry: [b]Downvoted, an innocent man,
[02:43:53] [CHAT] South Ferry: [b]-13 Karma -- sad.
[02:45:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: How does this site work?!
[02:45:31] [CHAT] South Ferry: [b]It's complex.
[02:45:48] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: You can add the description if you want.
[02:45:52] [CHAT] South Ferry: Did you at least get the invite,
[02:45:54] [CHAT] South Ferry: Korra?
[02:46:57] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Yes, I did.
[02:46:58] [CHAT] South Ferry: Good.
[02:47:03] [CHAT] South Ferry: Look around the site.
[02:47:08] [CHAT] South Ferry: Subscribe to a subreddit you like.
[02:47:15] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: [[The Demon's Light]].
[02:47:20] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I did look around, I am confused.
[02:48:36] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I added the description. You two can do the rest.
[02:49:32] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: wtf is going on
[02:49:54] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: WTF?!
[02:49:57] [CHAT] South Ferry: So,
[02:49:58] [CHAT] South Ferry: Mess IS
[02:50:01] [CHAT] South Ferry: A robot?
[02:50:21] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: NO
[02:51:11] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: SO
[02:51:16] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: ok it finally let me in so now what
[02:51:22] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Mess and Slendy are the SAME kind?!
[02:51:32] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: Wait, what is your username, Mess?
[02:51:39] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: he is my son
[02:51:41] [CHAT] South Ferry: WHat is your username
[02:51:44] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: MessengerOfHeaven
[02:51:58] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: Sent a moderator invite.
[02:52:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: So, like can we ban people on there and stuff?
[02:52:13] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: Yes.
[02:52:21] [CHAT] South Ferry: Yes, of course
[02:52:26] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Mess is NOT a robot
[02:52:29] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Okay,
[02:52:41] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: so JMurph has said before he has reddit. It's either Jmurph or JMurph.
[02:52:44] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Can we ban them?
[02:53:19] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I will protect my rules page
[02:53:25] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: Yes.
[02:53:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Yeah, it's wise to protect the front page and the rules page.
[02:53:33] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: ok
[02:53:38] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Hallow?
[02:54:42] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: How do I use my moderator tool?
[02:54:46] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: *tools*
[02:54:59] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls:
[02:55:19] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: um what should be the rules idk how it works there
[02:55:24] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Wait how do I make a Reddit account
[02:56:13] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: Wait, should I demote myself from moderator on the subreddit?
[02:56:21] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Nah.
[02:56:29] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: We need people on there to teach us how to use it.
[02:56:40] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Just like CavaX is admin on the Spanish TDL, but not there.
[02:56:42] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: *here*
[02:56:56] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: Well, what do you want to do?
[02:57:39] [CHAT] South Ferry: First,
[02:57:46] [CHAT] South Ferry: It's best you all learn the basics firs,t
[02:57:52] [CHAT] South Ferry: Before getting the the moderation stuff.
[02:59:23] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: so what does one do on that site
[02:59:40] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: [s]Aside from flame wars? :P
[02:59:46] [CHAT] South Ferry: You have lots of stuff.
[02:59:52] [CHAT] South Ferry: Start with the front page,
[02:59:58] [CHAT] South Ferry: By clicking the reddit word.
[03:00:04] [CHAT] South Ferry: You enter the world of the front page,
[03:00:08] [CHAT] South Ferry: with ALL sorts of content.
[03:01:30] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: 16 followers on twitter
[03:01:52] [CHAT] South Ferry: What did you say about this dubious method?!
[03:01:58] [CHAT] South Ferry: On quotev?!
[03:03:25] [CHAT] South Ferry: Welcome.
[03:03:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: o/
[03:03:28] [CHAT] Ultimate Disney Fan 01: Anyone like to comment?
[03:03:31] [CHAT] Ultimate Disney Fan 01:
[03:03:34] [CHAT] Ultimate Disney Fan 01: C.Syde, I know you did.
[03:04:55] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: hi
[03:05:02] [CHAT] Ultimate Disney Fan 01: Hi
[03:07:37] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: Syde, did you se the subreddit?
[03:07:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: How do you follow people on reddit?
[03:07:49] [CHAT] C.Syde65: I didn't click the link.
[03:07:56] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: Go to their profile, and it should say "friends".
[03:08:03] [CHAT] South Ferry: Indeed.
[03:08:10] [CHAT] C.Syde65: You'd have to re-post it.
[03:08:12] [CHAT] South Ferry: I already friended Li'l K.
[03:08:27] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls:
[03:08:47] [CHAT] South Ferry: Customizing however requires immense CSS knowledge.
[03:10:50] [CHAT] Chase McFly: ?
[03:11:23] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: Is anyone good at creating a little icon for it?
[03:11:56] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven:
[03:12:24] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: LOL.
[03:12:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Dubious.
[03:13:30] [CHAT] South Ferry: Now we are on many platforms.
[03:13:35] [CHAT] South Ferry: Let's begin to calm down with the expansion,
[03:13:39] [CHAT] South Ferry: ANd work on fixing [b]this place,
[03:13:42] [CHAT] South Ferry: Before going any furhte.r
[03:18:50] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Indeed.
[03:19:36] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sayu is doin' some intense moddin' on CC, and Korra is [b]absent.
[03:19:36] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sad.
[03:19:53] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: LET ME SEE.
[03:19:57] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: BELLE
[03:20:03] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /me tackle hugs.
[03:20:16] [CHAT] Apple lover 543: hi
[03:20:17] [CHAT] Apple lover 543: /me hugs back
[03:20:19] [CHAT] South Ferry: Welcome Belle.
[03:20:21] [CHAT] Mendes2: o/ apbelle
[03:20:53] [CHAT] Apple lover 543: hi
[03:24:05] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: hi
[03:24:27] [CHAT] Apple lover 543: Hi
[03:24:30] [CHAT] Mendes2: Ew.
[03:25:05] [CHAT] South Ferry: Kitty Kit.
[03:25:13] [CHAT] South Ferry: first, i make [[User:Kitty Kit[[
[03:25:18] [CHAT] South Ferry: [[User:Kitty Kit]]
[03:25:34] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: NO
[03:25:42] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: i legit said i was going to make that
[03:26:20] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah
[03:26:23] [CHAT] South Ferry: Oh, what a treat!
[03:27:39] [CHAT] Apple lover 543: Hi syde
[03:28:01] [CHAT] Apple lover 543: (wave)
[03:28:02] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: Sorry, computer died.
[03:28:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Belle, PM.
[03:28:19] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: brb.
[03:28:21] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: Gonna restart.
[03:28:50] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: o/
[03:29:02] [CHAT] Spongebobvstheloudhouse: (wave)
[03:30:13] [CHAT] Vape godess: hi guys how u all
[03:30:29] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hello, sockpuppet.
[03:30:32] [CHAT] Spongebobvstheloudhouse: LOL
[03:31:19] [CHAT] C.Syde65: How did you know who they were?
[03:31:23] [CHAT] C.Syde65: !seen BlackQuinn
[03:31:26] [CHAT] C.Syde65: Oh wait.
[03:31:26] [CBOT] SlendyBot: C.Syde65: I last saw BlackQuinn 45 days, 10 hours, 32 minutes, and 2 seconds ago.
[03:31:29] [CHAT] C.Syde65: Ah.
[03:31:32] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah
[03:31:44] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Ah.
[03:31:50] [CHAT] Spongebobvstheloudhouse: Ah.
[03:32:13] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Ah.
[03:32:38] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Hi Emily
[03:32:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: BELLE
[03:32:48] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /me tackle hugs Belle.
[03:32:50] [CHAT] TheAshesOfThePast: finally, i have time to do things.
[03:32:56] [CHAT] TheAshesOfThePast: hi Chase
[03:33:09] [CHAT] Apple lover 543: FANALLY ON DISCORD YUSSSSSSSS!!!!!
[03:33:36] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: DM ME THEN.
[03:33:36] [CHAT] TheAshesOfThePast: i had school stuff to do and i had to help my parents move
[03:33:52] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: Back.
[03:34:05] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: And I missed a sock.
[03:34:07] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: You missed a sock. :P
[03:34:10] [CHAT] TheAshesOfThePast: wouldn't mike normally be on?
[03:34:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Indeed.
[03:34:15] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: @Jack
[03:34:21] [CHAT] South Ferry: Oh, what a treat!
[03:34:21] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: everyone chat TDL's  twitter
[03:34:22] [CHAT] TheAshesOfThePast: who socked?
[03:34:24] [CHAT] Spongebobvstheloudhouse: lucky you
[03:34:50] [CHAT] TheAshesOfThePast: i missed it then, lol.
[03:34:51] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: Chat it how?
[03:34:55] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Hallow again.
[03:34:56] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven:
[03:34:58] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: wtf
[03:34:59] [CHAT] TheAshesOfThePast: hi
[03:35:23] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: LOL.
[03:35:40] [CHAT] TheAshesOfThePast: ah, a line of ahs
[03:36:13] [CHAT] South Ferry: !unban Chip officialTV
[03:36:14] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Unbanning Chip officialTV...
[03:36:15] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: Retweeted.
[03:36:19] [CHAT] South Ferry: TELL EM TO COME BACK
[03:36:20] [CHAT] South Ferry: FUCK
[03:36:23] [CHAT] South Ferry: SHIT
[03:37:01] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: that
[03:37:02] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: was
[03:37:03] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: a
[03:37:04] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: sock
[03:37:05] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Dude **
[03:37:15] [CHAT] TheAshesOfThePast: @Mess  i kno chip
[03:37:17] [CHAT] Spongebobvstheloudhouse: im getting confused now
[03:37:19] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sorry MAN
[03:37:22] [CHAT] Chip officialTV: hey
[03:37:23] [CHAT] TheAshesOfThePast: dont ban him
[03:37:28] [CHAT] South Ferry: I didn't mean to Chi[
[03:37:29] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: mhm
[03:37:33] [CHAT] South Ferry: I'm sorry,
[03:37:34] [CHAT] TheAshesOfThePast: hi Kyle
[03:37:35] [CHAT] South Ferry: Will you forgive me
[03:37:36] [CHAT] South Ferry: ;(
[03:37:39] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: and how do you 'know' him
[03:37:53] [CHAT] TheAshesOfThePast: school friends
[03:37:56] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: mhm
[03:38:00] [CHAT] Chip officialTV: hey im kyle how u all
[03:38:03] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: i smell sock
[03:38:09] [CHAT] TheAshesOfThePast: i can make friends you kno
[03:38:15] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: Don't smell the sock. It stinks.
[03:38:17] [CHAT] South Ferry: I didn't mean to do it ;(
[03:38:20] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: you can also cover for Mike
[03:38:55] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: sock as in sock puppet
[03:39:02] [CHAT] TheAshesOfThePast: why am i covering for someone i have been arguing with @mess
[03:39:07] [CHAT] South Ferry: I was used to an alternative account created today coming be a sock, I'm sorry
[03:39:09] [CHAT] South Ferry: ;(
[03:39:09] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Puppets are creepy..
[03:39:12] [CHAT] TheAshesOfThePast: / would
[03:39:16] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Alright, I was told Sayu was modding hotly on CC. :P
[03:39:17] [CHAT] Chip officialTV: im good man how u
[03:39:20] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah
[03:39:22] [CHAT] South Ferry: First,
[03:39:26] [CHAT] South Ferry: Korra posts that in CC
[03:39:28] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: ok i don't believe that honestly so move on
[03:39:29] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I got there and nothing was happening.
[03:39:34] [CHAT] South Ferry: Is everythin okay Chip
[03:39:35] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: NO
[03:39:38] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Doin' good, thanks for asking ^^
[03:39:41] [CHAT] TheAshesOfThePast: im never gonna cover for Michael
[03:40:08] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven:
[03:40:10] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: i said move on
[03:40:12] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: My leg is asleep now..
[03:40:23] [CHAT] TheAshesOfThePast: ok
[03:40:55] [CHAT] Chip officialTV: my pleasure. fantasy.
[03:41:04] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Oh god.
[03:41:10] [CHAT] South Ferry: WHats wrong Korra
[03:41:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: That sounded dirty. Lmao.
[03:41:18] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: LOL.
[03:41:21] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Korra, cleanse your mind -.-
[03:41:25] [CHAT] South Ferry: So, Korra has a DIRTY MIND.
[03:41:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: NO
[03:41:31] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Well
[03:41:36] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: sometimes. :P
[03:41:36] [CHAT] Chip officialTV: no my pleasure. means ur welcome
[03:41:38] [CHAT] South Ferry: We know this because of his accusations towards me DAILY, it''s the [b]truth.
[03:41:41] [CHAT] Spongebobvstheloudhouse: SORRY IF I KEEP USING CAPS, CAPS LOCK WONT GO OFF
[03:41:44] [CHAT] South Ferry: So,
[03:41:47] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sponge
[03:41:47] [CHAT] South Ferry: CANNOT
[03:41:50] [CHAT] South Ferry: turn off caps
[03:41:57] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: /me bashes Sponge's caps lock
[03:42:43] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Anything interesting happen(ed)ing Kyle? ^^
[03:43:10] [CHAT] Chip officialTV: im looking at eBay and thinking to get something
[03:43:18] [CHAT] South Ferry: what is it chip?
[03:43:22] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: BELLE
[03:43:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /me tackle hugs Belle/Apple
[03:43:40] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Cool ^^
[03:43:41] [CHAT] Chip officialTV: vape and game promos
[03:43:48] [CHAT] South Ferry: Interesting
[03:43:59] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: Wait, guys.
[03:44:01] [CHAT] South Ferry: Vape? Like an e-cigarette?
[03:44:15] [CHAT] Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls: Sounds a bit like this...
[03:44:35] [CHAT] South Ferry: He is an innocent man, let's talk FANDOM.
[03:44:40] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Woohooo, being demoteedd on discord.. Yayyy .-.
[03:44:45] [CHAT] Chip officialTV: yes mine broke 5 days ago and looking at a new one
[03:44:54] [CHAT] South Ferry: What is your favorite flavor?
[03:45:03] [CHAT] TheAshesOfThePast: sry, i was getting something to eat lol
[03:45:10] [CHAT] Chip officialTV: i love the berry burst
[03:45:18] [CHAT] South Ferry: Berry burst, sounds good
[03:45:50] [CHAT] TheAshesOfThePast: chip, remember when u wanted me to try bubblegum flavor? XD
[03:46:14] [CHAT] Chip officialTV: yeah very sweet aswell and put it in the fridge and hve it in the morning its very nice
[03:46:19] [CHAT] TheAshesOfThePast: That wasnt a good outcome, lol.
[03:46:31] [CHAT] South Ferry: Interesting
[03:46:53] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Welp, there goes belle
[03:46:58] [CHAT] TheAshesOfThePast: @south i like the dragons blood one lol.
[03:47:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Belle. ;(
[03:47:26] [CHAT] TheAshesOfThePast: /me hugs Korra
[03:47:37] [CHAT] Chip officialTV: cause if u put it in the fridge it traps the flavour and makes it sweeter
[03:47:39] [CHAT] TheAshesOfThePast: we are all still here, lol.
[03:47:59] [CHAT] Spongebobvstheloudhouse: * Sponge is back
[03:48:00] [CHAT] TheAshesOfThePast: @chip u froze it once tho XD
[03:48:07] [CHAT] TheAshesOfThePast: ok sponge
[03:48:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: On the 9th, It's Jane and I's 7th month anniversary.
[03:48:17] [CHAT] TheAshesOfThePast: nice
[03:48:31] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Cool Korra ^^
[03:48:31] [CHAT] Chip officialTV: yeah i did and threw it away
[03:48:40] [CHAT] Spongebobvstheloudhouse: * Sponge is now afk
[03:48:46] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Wbies Belle
[03:48:55] [CHAT] TheAshesOfThePast: i wont b on then so happy anniversary for the 9th :8
[03:48:59] [CHAT] TheAshesOfThePast: * :)
[03:49:21] [CHAT] Apple lover 543: Hi
[03:49:23] [CHAT] TheAshesOfThePast: hi
[03:49:33] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: I might not be on after the 15th, because that night imma head to Vacation.
[15:08:22] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: test
[15:08:27] [CBOT] SlendyBot: SlendyBot v2.0 is online!
[15:08:33] [CHAT] South Ferry: WTF
[15:08:34] [CHAT] South Ferry: SO,
[15:08:34] [CHAT] South Ferry: SLENDY WAS
[15:08:34] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Interesting.
[15:08:37] [CHAT] South Ferry: UPGRADED?!?!?!?!?!
[15:08:41] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He was UPGRADED?!
[15:08:53] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: woah
[15:09:02] [CHAT] South Ferry: !log
[15:09:05] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: who upgraded mybot
[15:09:11] [CHAT] South Ferry: fucking 2.0 still can't log shit wtf fuckin lag wtf
[15:09:18] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Is that the same Slendy account?
[15:09:43] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: never seen South cuss so much
[15:09:45] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Or has it been taken over by a NEW Slendy
[15:09:49] [CHAT] South Ferry: I'll do a duplicate category first
[15:09:49] [CHAT] Apple lover 543: Right mess
[15:09:52] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: and yes Chase there is only one Slendy
[15:09:53] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Same @Mess
[15:09:57] [CBOT] SlendyBot: !log
[15:10:06] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He no longer logs.
[15:10:08] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: UNLESS
[15:10:16] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: he self logs.
[15:10:27] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Belle, Discord.
[15:10:32] [CHAT] South Ferry: is a duplicate category
[15:10:51] [CHAT] Apple lover 543: Ew ew ew I hate Spotify now
[15:10:53] [CHAT] Chase McFly: No it's not
[15:10:56] [CHAT] South Ferry: Dubious,
[15:10:58] [CHAT] Chase McFly: There is also Male Cast
[15:11:01] [CHAT] South Ferry: The thing with the Male Cast thing is used,
[15:11:17] [CHAT] South Ferry: Dubious dubious
[15:11:18] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Why, Belle?
[15:11:19] [CHAT] Chase McFly: And Male combined Male Cast and Malr Chaarcters
[15:11:24] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Please don't get rid of them
[15:11:32] [CHAT] Apple lover 543: I don't want to hear that is ewwwwww
[15:11:37] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I have cast in my show South
[15:11:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: What is it?
[15:11:46] [CHAT] South Ferry: So, first
[15:11:51] [CHAT] South Ferry: What are we gonna do first now.
[15:12:00] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: says the one who makes the most dirty jokes @Belle
[15:12:12] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Replace all mentions of the name Xander with an X with Kyle
[15:12:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Dun diss Belle.
[15:12:18] [CHAT] South Ferry: let's begin with Xander [b]Miller[/b] first,
[15:12:22] [CHAT] Chase McFly: No
[15:12:26] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Belle, Discord.
[15:12:29] [CHAT] Chase McFly: His page was renamed Sander
[15:12:33] [CHAT] Chase McFly: So he does not count
[15:12:41] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Start with The Bionic Students
[15:12:51] [CHAT] Apple lover 543: Cayate la voca mess
[15:13:18] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: and that means?
[15:13:24] [CHAT] Apple lover 543: Something
[15:13:46] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: I'm google it
[15:13:59] [CHAT] Apple lover 543: I know I spelled it wrong either eay
[15:14:04] [CHAT] Apple lover 543: way*
[15:14:15] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: It translate to
[15:14:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Nothing.
[15:14:25] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: shut up is what is means
[15:14:30] [CHAT] South Ferry: Your page was renamed Sander, but didn't you still have the other xanders linked all throughout the wiki? if i do xander --> kyle, It might be in the wrong places. But it's the wiki you are on really, I can do it if you want, but I won't be responsible for any damages
[15:15:19] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I will make sure you did the Xander stuff right
[15:15:47] [CHAT] South Ferry: Xander ---> Kyle...? Lemme get what links here first real quick,
[15:18:00] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Check what?
[15:18:11] [CHAT] Chase McFly: The pages that say Xander?
[15:18:28] [CHAT] South Ferry: The what links here of Zander and Sander
[15:18:28] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: i know for a fact South has a crush on me
[15:18:33] [CHAT] South Ferry: wtf mess
[15:18:40] [CHAT] South Ferry: We tryin to discuss awb and you say that weird shit
[15:18:49] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: i made a post that said like if you have  a crush on me and you liked it
[15:18:55] [CHAT] South Ferry: wtf
[15:19:06] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Zander is Kyle's real name
[15:19:09] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: and
[15:19:10] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Oh yeah, Belle made a post like that.
[15:19:14] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Formerly known as Xander, he was
[15:19:21] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: everyone can see it
[15:21:37] [CHAT] South Ferry: The reason I'm hesitant to begin this Xander replacing is because if you do a simple Xander ---> Kyle, is because previously Xander's were linked all across the Wiki. Simply changing another Xander to Sander, or Zander, or whatever, is because you still have those pages linked. If I do Xander --> Kyle, you will see all sorts of Kyles with different last names. The best thing to do, because of the overuse of Xander, is doing full names.
[15:21:44] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: Belle DDM
[15:22:31] [CHAT] South Ferry: And heck man, this Wiki has lotsa short pages, y'all should get that checked out.
[15:22:48] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I'll expand them
[15:22:57] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Maybe you shouldn't do Xander right now
[15:23:06] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Do Jorge with Tyler
[15:23:35] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: all of his wikis are like that every last onewhich is why they all of ALOT  of pages but no content
[15:23:53] [CHAT] South Ferry: Jorge to Tyler sounds simple.
[15:24:00] [CHAT] South Ferry: Because the Xander situation is very complex rn
[15:24:02] [CHAT] Chase McFly: That's my only wiki with a lot of pages
[15:24:33] [CHAT] South Ferry: Link to Jorge's page?
[15:24:43] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: Chase i've seen all of your wikis
[15:25:21] [CHAT] Chase McFly: You've seen Brother, Brother wiki?
[15:25:22] [CHAT] South Ferry: [[Tyler]]
[15:25:25] [CHAT] South Ferry: whoops
[15:25:27] [CHAT] Chase McFly: The Magic Family Wiki?
[15:25:39] [CHAT] South Ferry:
[15:25:43] [CHAT] South Ferry: Did this use to be Jorge?
[15:25:51] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Yes
[15:25:53] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: yes
[15:26:07] [CHAT] South Ferry: Alright,
[15:26:09] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: both of those
[15:26:10] [CHAT] Chase McFly: The Bree Chronicles Wiki?
[15:26:17] [CHAT] South Ferry: We are about to replace Jorge --> Tyler.
[15:26:18] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I adopted it
[15:26:21] [CHAT] South Ferry: Here we go,
[15:26:35] [CHAT] Chase McFly: ANT Farm Wiki?
[15:26:35] [CHAT] South Ferry: When I press start there is no going back
[15:26:35] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I understand
[15:26:58] [CHAT] South Ferry: Here we go.
[15:27:57] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: How many fucking kids does Douglas Davenport have?!
[15:28:16] [CHAT] South Ferry: Fuck man, this guy sounds like Korra!
[15:28:17] [CHAT] South Ferry: :P
[15:30:20] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: Paris said fuck
[15:30:32] [CHAT] South Ferry: Dubious
[15:30:33] [CHAT] South Ferry:
[15:30:45] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven:
[15:31:35] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Douglas has 26
[15:31:37] [CHAT] Chase McFly: For each letter of the alphabet
[15:31:37] [CHAT] Chase McFly: He's had 4 wives
[15:31:43] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: O_O
[15:31:54] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He got around. Lmao.
[15:31:55] [CHAT] Chase McFly: And was forced to marry his former best friend's evil henchmen
[15:31:56] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: O_O
[15:31:59] [CHAT] Chase McFly: About 10 of them
[15:32:05] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Henchwomen
[15:32:09] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Actually
[15:33:29] [CHAT] MCR-The-Orange: Back.
[15:34:00] [CHAT] South Ferry: Android Oreo is more of a Super South Ferry
[15:34:11] [CHAT] MCR-The-Orange: Though I might have to leave again to do some errands.
[15:34:12] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Like Super JMurf.
[15:34:15] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah
[15:34:18] [CHAT] South Ferry: ;(
[15:34:52] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: BELLE
[15:34:56] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /me tackle hugs.
[15:35:26] [CHAT] South Ferry: Will Chase create the page
[15:35:29] [CHAT] South Ferry: "Tyler Ramirez".
[15:35:54] [CHAT] Chase McFly: South, can you rename Tyler to Tyler Ramirez
[15:36:09] [CHAT] South Ferry: alright, i will rename that page
[15:36:14] [CHAT] South Ferry: Also
[15:36:15] [CHAT] South Ferry:
[15:36:34] [CHAT] South Ferry: the dominators are some good kidnappers
[15:36:42] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Indeed
[15:37:03] [CHAT] MCR-The-Orange: Wow, chat just glitched.
[15:37:27] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: Shush niño
[15:37:52] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah, shush child
[15:37:53] [CHAT] South Ferry: Dubious
[15:52:16] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I will ask some friends
[15:52:17] [CHAT] South Ferry: My god... Over HALF the wiki's pages are short....
[15:52:17] [CHAT] South Ferry: You must get some help, Korra and Messenger can help......
[15:52:17] [CHAT] South Ferry: My god..... over 600 pages........
[15:52:17] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: me buy
[15:52:17] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: busy*
[15:52:17] [CHAT] South Ferry: ;(
[15:52:17] [CHAT] South Ferry: Do you have any other wikis chase ;(
[15:52:17] [CHAT] South Ferry: Are they good ;(
[15:52:17] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I have ANT Farm Wiki
[15:52:19] [CBOT] SlendyBot: SlendyBot v2.0 is online!
[15:52:25] [CHAT] South Ferry: !test
[15:52:26] [CBOT] SlendyBot: ʇsǝʇ¡
[15:52:28] [CHAT] South Ferry: !log
[15:52:30] [CHAT] Chase McFly: The episode pages can stay as is
[15:52:35] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: !logs
[15:52:43] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sure, the episodes can, but my god, over half..........
[15:52:51] [CHAT] Chase McFly: So far we have 198 episodes
[15:53:04] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: South, how did you get the bold text to only bolden one word?
[15:53:58] [CHAT] South Ferry: [b]At the end of your bold text, use the[/b] same thing as you do like [ b ] but with [ /b ]
[15:54:14] [CHAT] South Ferry: [b]That[/b] is how you do it
[15:54:27] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Like [/b]This??
[15:54:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Ugh
[15:54:49] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: So, is this[/b] how you do it?
[15:54:54] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: UGH
[15:55:02] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Can you show me a screen-shot?
[15:55:30] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: KORRA
[15:55:31] [CHAT] South Ferry: [b]YEEEE[/b] Indeed [b]
[15:55:48] [CHAT] South Ferry: O DAMNED PARIS ;(
[15:55:51] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: How?
[15:55:57] [CHAT] South Ferry: I WILL CONTACT HER
[15:55:58] [CHAT] South Ferry: ;(
[15:56:20] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: How is it upsetting her? We don't even talk anymore.
[15:56:25] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Cool the caps
[15:56:26] [CHAT] South Ferry: So, paris
[15:56:27] [CHAT] South Ferry: CARES
[15:56:27] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: no
[15:56:37] [CHAT] South Ferry: about [b]FOLLOWERS?
[15:56:40] [CHAT] South Ferry: So, Mess used a dubious [b]method, to gain followers?
[15:57:04] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: [b] So,[/b] Like this?!
[15:57:04] [CHAT] South Ferry: Yeeeeeee
[15:57:09] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: no she cares that her friend unfollowed her
[15:58:11] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: South everyone on Q has ways of getting followers
[15:59:28] [CHAT] South Ferry: So, these are [b]not actual followers, but 90 percent follower for follower, then with the gained followers you can get real ones?!
[15:59:41] [CHAT] South Ferry: [b]Which is why stories by these people with all these followers get like 100 reads,
[15:59:49] [CHAT] South Ferry: [b]And their activity has few likes and comments?!
[16:00:10] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: So, South is [b]Dubious?[/b]
[16:00:23] [CHAT] South Ferry: Yeeeeeeeeee
[16:00:28] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: There, I followed her back.
[16:00:32] [CHAT] South Ferry: Dubious.
[16:00:40] [CHAT] South Ferry: So, Korra [b]does NOT mean this follow for real?
[16:00:53] [CHAT] South Ferry: [b]But tbh only did it cause his sis wanted him to?!
[16:00:59] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I [b]FOLLOWED[/b] her.
[16:01:24] [CHAT] South Ferry: Dubious
[16:02:07] [CHAT] South Ferry: So, Jack
[16:02:07] [CHAT] South Ferry: got a ONE HUNDRED,
[16:02:08] [CHAT] South Ferry: on my Alg 1 quiz?
[16:02:47] [CHAT] MCR-The-Orange: South, you always overthink things. He followed her because HE FOLLOWED HER.
[16:03:22] [CHAT] South Ferry: What is wrong?
[16:04:24] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Whomst attacked them?
[16:04:24] [CHAT] South Ferry: Like some Echo guy
[16:04:50] [CHAT] Jamesb1: i believe there is another user named echo
[16:04:51] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Stand by her for what?
[16:05:05] [CHAT] South Ferry: Idk man, like TRUST,
[16:05:07] [CHAT] South Ferry: ApBelle can tell you
[16:05:12] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Oh yeah,
[16:05:23] [CHAT] South Ferry: I said it was "cute (heart)"
[16:05:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I had a talk with Flan.
[16:05:30] [CHAT] South Ferry: So, FLAN is
[16:05:30] [CHAT] South Ferry: INNOCENT?
[16:05:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: No.
[16:05:42] [CHAT] South Ferry: Dubious.
[16:05:44] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I may have gone on the ATTACk.
[16:05:52] [CHAT] South Ferry: SAD.
[16:06:10] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: It was very dubious.
[16:08:24] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: It sounds like things went bat shit crazy after I left.
[16:09:05] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: So,
[16:09:07] [CHAT] South Ferry: Yeee
[16:09:11] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: WANK is BACK?!
[16:09:21] [CHAT] South Ferry: SPAM, Emily flirtin', standing BY apple,
[16:09:24] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: yup
[16:09:24] [CHAT] South Ferry: Apple PATTED,
[16:09:41] [CHAT] South Ferry: Syde MODERATING
[16:09:42] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Well
[16:09:42] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Wait, what happened to Belle?
[16:09:58] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I have news.
[16:10:05] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: WANK was [b] deleted.
[16:10:05] [CHAT] South Ferry: flan patted Belle, Emily said HAPTIC was in LA or another place, someone said the dooooooooo isnt there
[16:10:10] [CHAT] South Ferry: So, Wank was DELETED
[16:10:24] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: HE DID WHAT?
[16:10:25] [CHAT] South Ferry: He just patted Belle!
[16:10:26] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Yes, let me show you this
[16:10:32] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic:
[16:10:42] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: It's empty.
[16:10:43] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: MEANING
[16:10:52] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: the original WANK and WANK is BACK and his other socks are all deleted.
[16:11:32] [CHAT] South Ferry: i should've brought oreo,
[16:11:38] [CHAT] South Ferry: And logged the chat,
[16:11:38] [CHAT] South Ferry: It was INSANE.
[16:12:12] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: So, what did Flan do to Belle other than flirt a lot?
[16:12:13] [CHAT] South Ferry: He just patted her on the head HARD
[16:12:17] [CHAT] South Ferry: Emily also flirted with ME as a meme, as you know
[16:12:20] [CHAT] South Ferry: The night was crazy
[16:12:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Yeah, you all went crazy after Mess and I left.
[16:12:51] [CHAT] South Ferry: NO
[16:13:02] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: WHOA
[16:13:02] [CHAT] South Ferry: Just Flan, Wjames, and Emily Haptic
[16:13:11] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: SLENDY SELF LOGS.
[16:13:29] [CHAT] MCR-The-Orange: When did this all happen? Late last night?
[16:13:34] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: On his screen, it shows him logging this all.
[16:13:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He can self log now. :O
[16:13:40] [CHAT] South Ferry: YEP.
[16:13:47] [CHAT] South Ferry: Finally using that script :O
[16:13:49] [CHAT] South Ferry: ABout time :O
[16:13:54] [CHAT] South Ferry: Used it since 2015 :O
[16:14:08] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Indeed. :O
[16:16:59] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Was Wank deleted or we just have him blocked
[16:17:04] [CHAT] Chase McFly: From us
[16:17:22] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He disappeared from the block list, which means he was [b] deleted.
[16:17:28] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: All his socks disappeared as well.
[16:18:10] [CHAT] Chase McFly: (clapping)
[16:19:10] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Huh?
[16:19:17] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: he said wank
[16:19:18] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: thats gross
[16:20:02] [CHAT] Chase McFly: You are, South, as you just said acting with no G XD
[16:20:20] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I'm not acting strange.
[16:20:27] [CHAT] South Ferry: Let's talk FANDOM.
[16:20:52] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Nah
[16:20:54] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: good afternoon chase
[16:21:08] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: It's 11 AM.
[16:21:16] [CHAT] Chase McFly: He's in NY Korra
[16:21:23] [CHAT] MCR-The-Orange: I know you aren't Korra. This is aimed at nobody, i'm just saying like in general weird things have been happening.
[16:21:25] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Rememeber timezones?
[16:21:27] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Lol
[16:21:40] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Oh yeah.
[16:21:43] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Let's talk about the revealed queens for RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3
[16:21:49] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: right timezones
[16:22:22] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: treat
[16:22:32] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: does someone have goodies
[16:24:21] [CHAT] Chase McFly: IDK anythinga bout that Falco
[16:25:32] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: RuPaul's Drag Race is a drag queen fashion, acting, singing, lip syncing, etc. reality TV competition show
[16:26:36] [CHAT] MCR-The-Orange: Basically
[16:26:46] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: plus most of the men are gay
[16:27:08] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: o/
[16:27:24] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Hi!
[16:27:27] [CHAT] South Ferry: Welcome Freezy.
[16:27:31] [CHAT] MCR-The-Orange: Like I said, I would totally watch it but my parents would be like, "Why are you watching that?"
[16:27:37] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: Wank was deleted?
[16:27:37] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: dowtown freezy is in the house
[16:27:38] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Hi South-I mean, Freezy. ;)
[16:27:56] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah
[16:27:56] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: :(
[16:28:02] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ?
[16:28:06] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: YAY
[16:28:09] [CHAT] Chase McFly: What's wrong Freezy?
[16:28:14] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Also, Freezy
[16:28:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: >Freezy frowns
[16:28:21] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: mess why are u happy
[16:28:29] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: >Mess goes YAY
[16:28:34] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: You just [b] ASSUMED [/b] my [b] USERNAME
[16:28:34] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Wtf
[16:28:37] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: I'm [b] TRIGGERED
[16:28:37] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I have some RP plans with Gabriel, can you look on my Quotev activity
[16:28:37] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Lol, Freezy
[16:28:49] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: korra mess got happy after you went ?
[16:28:51] [CHAT] South Ferry: Damned Downtown Freezy!
[16:29:04] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Freezy, I call you South a lot
[16:29:04] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: O Damn It All!!!!!
[16:29:07] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: XD
[16:29:11] [CHAT] Chase McFly: O Hooray for it all!
[16:29:17] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: apparently question marks make mess happy
[16:29:22] [CHAT] Chase McFly: That's what Norths ays
[16:29:24] [CHAT] South Ferry: Fuck, O Damn it All is some classic July shit
[16:29:25] [CHAT] Chase McFly: *Says
[16:29:33] [CHAT] MCR-The-Orange: I miss July
[16:29:40] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: why
[16:29:45] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: Chase McFly
           [CHAT] Was Wank deleted or we just have him blocked
           [CHAT] From us
           [CHAT] 11:17
           [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic 
           [CHAT] He disappeared from the block list, which means he was deleted.
           [CHAT] All his socks disappeared as well.
[16:29:47] [CHAT] Chase McFly: The cursing of South is making him seem like Shadow
[16:29:56] [CHAT] South Ferry: I much prefer the more modern: Damned X, or the, So [NOUN] [VERB] [NOUN/VERB]
[16:30:00] [CHAT] MCR-The-Orange: I gtg anyways bai
[16:30:04] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Bye MCR
[16:30:07] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: South Ferry is a [b] real OG
[16:30:10] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: BYE
[16:30:13] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Bye, Mcr
[16:30:13] [CHAT] South Ferry: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[16:30:14] [CHAT] South Ferry: Farewell mcr
[16:30:18] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: what does og stand for
[16:30:29] [CHAT] South Ferry: Original Gangsta
[16:30:49] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Correct
[16:30:57] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: oh
[16:31:12] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I'm becoming Korra, Korra's becoming Falco, South s becoming Shadow, and Freezy's becoming South....who is becoming me, who is Falco becoming,a nd who is becoming Freezy...
[16:31:19] [CHAT] South Ferry: Wtf
[16:31:19] [CHAT] South Ferry: Nope
[16:31:32] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Oh
[16:31:37] [CHAT] Chase McFly: JK
[16:31:39] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Lol
[16:31:43] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: How am I becoming Falco? :P
[16:32:31] [CHAT] Chase McFly: You say Omg a lot
[16:32:33] [CHAT] Chase McFly: XD
[16:32:42] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Korra doesn't even bring up RuPaul's Drag Race a decent amount unlike I do
[16:32:57] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: BELLE
[16:33:01] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /me tackle hugs Belle.
[16:33:04] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Instead he brings up creepypasta a decent amount
[16:33:07] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: ok its ttoo good to be true was he actually deleted?
[16:33:20] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Is kanato AVENGED?
[16:33:52] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: well no even this will never be enough beccause she isn't alive but is is payback for some of it
[16:34:00] [CHAT] South Ferry: Dubious
[16:34:01] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Ah, Creepypastas. Bad stories sometimes accompanied with unnecessarily gory imagery
[16:34:05] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Check your block list, Mess.
[16:34:08] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah, Creepypastas.
[16:34:10] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: See if the accounts are still there.
[16:34:11] [CHAT] South Ferry: Good stories ruined by the past,
[16:34:14] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: what's kanato
[16:34:18] [CHAT] South Ferry: And users refuse to go to the wiki and read the newer stories,
[16:34:23] [CHAT] South Ferry: Because of shit stories like JTK.
[16:34:31] [CHAT] South Ferry: For example, our [b]own Downtown Freezy.......
[16:34:34] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Ah, Creepypastas. My game cartridge is HAUNTED?!?!?!
[16:34:38] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Hey, I read some
[16:34:39] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah, Creepypastas.
[16:34:46] [CHAT] South Ferry: Video game pastas are [b]BANNED.
[16:34:47] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: Scar wtf
[16:34:48] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Guys wasn't Wank's old URL PastelBronx?
[16:34:58] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: mess yes?
[16:34:59] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: pastelbronx
[16:35:03] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: i an confused
[16:35:09] [CHAT] Chase McFly: There's somebody named pastelboii following me
[16:35:15] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Sad
[16:35:18] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: you were there  everytime icried over what happened to Kanato you were there the day i found out she had killed herself remember?
[16:35:26] [CHAT] South Ferry: [b]Dubious.
[16:35:44] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: @mess oh my ye i remember
[16:36:14] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: whats a sad day that was
[16:36:18] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: Korra i need Zombie's nd amelia;s tags
[16:36:20] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I hope it's just a coinidence
[16:36:23] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Sad indeed :(
[16:36:35] [CHAT] South Ferry: Yeeeeeeeeee
[16:37:08] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: So, Ferryman
[16:37:09] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I'm going to unfollow Dora and Google on Quotev
[16:37:11] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Just do a search for Zombie and Amelia in your messages.
[16:37:51] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: When will you create a page on The Demon's Light, Ferryman?
[16:38:32] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: BELLE
[16:38:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /me tackle hugs Belle.
[16:38:52] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Is Reverend Tyrone light, dark, faux, real, rich, poor, house, or field?
[16:38:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah
[16:39:05] [CHAT] Apple lover 543: /me hugs back
[16:39:08] [CHAT] Apple lover 543: hai
[16:39:09] [CHAT] South Ferry: He is more of a Real (ummm)
[16:39:18] [CHAT] Chase McFly: @BAMFMode16 is Amanda's
[16:39:38] [CHAT] South Ferry: Maybe one day I will [b]partake[/b] in a roleplay.
[16:39:40] [CHAT] South Ferry: Maybe never.
[16:39:48] [CHAT] South Ferry: Maybe one day I will write a [b]Quotev[/b] story.
[16:40:19] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Speaking of BAMF
[16:40:34] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: The man known as Jesse McCree has a very nice belt featuring this acronym
[16:40:40] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: "Bad Ass Motherfucker"
[16:40:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Lol.
[16:41:31] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: ok i found everyone but Amelia;s URL and Korra does Zombie using a new account?
[16:42:07] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Zombie Host or something like that.
[16:42:21] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I thought it was InsaneZombieLovesAmelia
[16:42:35] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: IDK, really.
[16:42:35] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Amelia's name is freak show, I think
[16:42:37] [CHAT] Chase McFly: But that's not her url
[16:43:58] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Amelia's URL is...
[16:44:14] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: is that him?
[16:44:14] [CHAT] Chase McFly: xxdollfacedrownedxx
[16:44:16] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Yes, mess
[16:45:38] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I'm looking at Amelia's activity, she said "FFSC"
[16:45:46] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Oh wait np
[16:45:46] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Lol
[16:45:46] [CHAT] Chase McFly: False alarm
[16:45:49] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Just ffs
[16:46:29] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: FFSC is a bad phrase, should not be said by anyone
[16:46:37] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: It would bring up bad memories
[16:48:04] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Belle, reply on Discord.
[16:48:06] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: oh, she left.
[16:48:14] [CHAT] Chase McFly: :(
[16:48:14] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Hallow?
[16:48:17] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Hi Echo
[16:48:38] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: How are you all?
[16:48:52] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Wait are you [[Echo]]
[16:48:58] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Good
[16:49:38] [CHAT] Chase McFly: GTG
[16:49:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: So
[16:49:39] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: /me has no clue
[16:49:41] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Mess
[16:49:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ASKED
           [CHAT] Paris for
[16:49:49] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Bai Chase!
[16:49:57] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Nope, not going to say it.
[16:50:08] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: NO
[16:50:12] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Paris ASKED Mess
[16:50:50] [CHAT] Jamesb1: hey echo o/
[16:50:54] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: So
[16:50:56] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ASH
[16:50:56] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: it was a typo
[16:50:59] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Did
[16:51:01] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: IT?!
[16:51:03] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Hallo James!
[16:51:06] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: typo's suck ass
[16:51:14] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: ^
[16:51:19] [CHAT] Jamesb1: ducking typos!
[16:52:01] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Why is time so slow?
[16:52:03] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: ducking?
[16:52:19] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Replacement word for The F word
[16:52:26] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: ah
[16:52:30] [CHAT] Jamesb1: fish :p
[16:52:51] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: ducking fih
[16:52:58] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: *fish
[16:53:46] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Lol brb
[16:54:06] [CHAT] Jamesb1: (fish)
[16:54:23] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: when did we get that
[16:54:27] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Ah, Fish
[16:54:32] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Not as good as Carp the Fish
[16:54:36] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: But still good
[16:54:47] [CHAT] Jamesb1: i put it in a couple of months back
[16:54:56] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: hmm
[16:55:06] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Interesting. (fish)
[16:55:07] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: (fish)y (fish)
[16:55:07] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: wait
[16:55:20] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: thats the yellow fish from the dr. suess books
[16:55:25] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: No
[16:55:30] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: It's a stock clipart
[16:55:45] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: your a stock clipart
[16:56:40] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: after last night i may hide my activiy for a few days
[16:56:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: TBH
[16:56:51] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: why what happened mess
[16:56:57] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I don't see the point of people who hide their activity.
[16:57:16] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: it shows up in the feed only
[16:57:18] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: They might as well not have an account. Because activity is a big deal on Quotev.
[16:57:43] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: oh is the website dying
[16:57:52] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: like i said it only shows in the feed after it's made
[16:57:53] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: No.
[16:57:54] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: no?
[16:58:26] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: i am still confused, mess did something happen that you did
[16:58:43] [CHAT] South Ferry: So,
[16:58:44] [CHAT] South Ferry: Meess
[16:58:46] [CHAT] South Ferry: DID something
[16:58:47] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: um yeah
[16:58:48] [CHAT] South Ferry: HAPPEN,
[16:58:51] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: WANK came back
[16:58:53] [CHAT] South Ferry: that YOU DID.
[16:59:05] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: thank fricken wanker
[16:59:09] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: *thank
[16:59:16] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: **that
[17:00:24] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: So, like, can we not use wank in the sexual way?
[17:00:27] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven:
[17:00:34] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: It's one thing to say his name, but let's not mention wankers.
[17:01:15] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: oh my bad
[17:02:13] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Someone excessively and annoyingly pretentious and/or false, with a strong likelihood of working in the creative industries, especially "new media". Very high populations of wankers are to be found in certain areas of London including Shoreditch and Hoxton; see also Shoreditch twat.
[17:02:16] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: here korra the deffinition
[17:02:58] [CHAT] South Ferry: I did it korra!
[17:03:03] [CHAT] South Ferry: I used the phrase!!!
[17:03:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ...............................................That's not what wanker means.
[17:03:24] [CHAT] South Ferry: I did it korra, I used "Nobody owns it, FANDOM owns it" on fnaff.
[17:03:48] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: it was #1 on the list
[17:03:50] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: What did they say? @South
[17:04:32] [CHAT] South Ferry:
[17:04:34] [CHAT] South Ferry: Let's see.
[17:08:01] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Dubious.
[17:10:34] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: So,
[17:10:36] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: have to go for a while
[17:10:40] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Falco
[17:10:41] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: IS
[17:10:46] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: on Mobile??!?!?!?!
[17:11:25] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: mess is leaving rip
[17:12:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: So,
[17:12:36] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: funny how when mess' bf joins mess has to leave
[17:12:37] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Mendes JOINS and Mess LEAVES?!
[17:12:41] [CHAT] South Ferry: FNaFF is resistin' TOU, but we can do this.
[17:13:07] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: What are they saying?
[17:17:55] [CHAT] South Ferry: i cant believe i fucking did it
[17:18:04] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Good for you though.
[17:18:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: UTRP is next.
[17:20:47] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah
[17:20:56] [CHAT] South Ferry: They prolly never gon' remove Jaz
[17:20:58] [CHAT] South Ferry: She a good woman
[17:21:05] [CHAT] South Ferry: Unless it is DONE AGRESSIVELY,
[17:21:06] [CHAT] South Ferry: it aint happenin
[17:21:16] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Back, and Wha- happen to Mess? :b
[17:21:24] [CHAT] Princess Chey14: Hey guess who
[17:21:32] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Hiya Princess
[17:21:40] [CHAT] Princess Chey14: Echo I missed u
[17:21:47] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Missed you too ^^
[17:21:55] [CHAT] Princess Chey14: Pm me
[17:22:08] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: No one said to remove Jaz.
[17:22:09] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: K
[17:22:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Just make them follow TOU.
[17:22:33] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: /me has no clue what Korra is going on about
[17:22:35] [CHAT] South Ferry: ah yeeeeeeeee
[17:22:44] [CHAT] South Ferry: Nah man, that aint possible
[17:23:36] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: hi chey
[17:23:41] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: welcome back echo
[17:23:51] [CHAT] Princess Chey14: Hey Scar
[17:23:55] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: So,
[17:24:05] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Thanks Scar ^^
[17:24:07] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Jaz runs it like a dictator then?
[17:24:12] [CHAT] South Ferry: NO
[17:24:30] [CHAT] Jamesb1: hey chey o/
[17:24:36] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Then why would it be impossible?
[17:24:56] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: @echo i made a page for you a while back
[17:24:57] [CHAT] South Ferry: I ain't got any rights there man, they have had this for some time
[17:24:57] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw:
[17:24:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: Chancella was new on fnaff
[17:25:04] [CHAT] South Ferry: just there for like
[17:25:05] [CHAT] South Ferry: 2 months
[17:25:10] [CHAT] South Ferry: This head of command,
[17:25:15] [CHAT] South Ferry: second in command been there for long time
[17:25:27] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Then you must contact [b] FANDOM staff.
[17:25:38] [CHAT] South Ferry: [b]NOOOOO
[17:25:39] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: I love it Scar ^^ I'm taller on there than I am IRL XD
[17:25:50] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: oh ok
[17:25:51] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: lol
[17:25:53] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: will fix
[17:26:01] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: how tall are u irl
[17:26:21] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Not by much tho, I also love the image and brackground story :)
[17:26:32] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: 5'5 almost
[17:26:33] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: thanks
[17:27:25] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Yeah, I winder how tall I'll be though. Hmm
[17:27:45] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Wonder. I. Hate. Incorrect words.
[17:27:46] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: well girls cap off earlier then males
[17:28:03] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Huh
[17:28:22] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: So, TOU will not be enforced at UTRP.
[17:28:23] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Sad.
[17:28:24] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: it means boys tend to grow till they are much older
[17:28:30] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: becuase boys start later
[17:28:49] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: also echo i made you my sister in the story
[17:28:50] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Hm
[17:28:56] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: I noticed ^^
[17:29:24] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: if thats ok with you
[17:30:02] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: It is (:
[17:30:21] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: also the pic is the girl from the thunder cats
[17:30:47] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Theeeeee TV show..?
[17:30:58] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: yes
[17:31:24] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: I Dun really remember it lol, but okay ^^
[17:31:36] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Hi Wolf
[17:31:43] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Chase's wiki is confusing.
[17:32:00] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: rip korra
[17:32:12] [CHAT] Spiderman Wolf: Hi Scar
[17:32:23] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: hi
[17:32:27] [CHAT] Princess Chey14: Hey Spiderman
[17:32:34] [CHAT] Spiderman Wolf: Im peter
[17:32:41] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: I just began singing spider pig in my head for no reason.-.
[17:32:45] [CHAT] Spiderman Wolf: I just changed my username
[17:32:50] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Hi Peter.
[17:32:55] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: echo lol
[17:32:58] [CHAT] Princess Chey14: Hey Peter
[17:33:03] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: I like it :)
[17:33:10] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: spider pig spider pig does what ever a spider pig does
[17:33:11] [CHAT] Spiderman Wolf: Is it cool ?
[17:33:12] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Kill the emoojiiii!!
[17:33:21] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Yes Peter ^^
[17:33:23] [CHAT] Spiderman Wolf: Lol scar pm me
[17:33:24] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I'm sitting here eating chewy caramel candy. Lol.
[17:33:28] [CHAT] Spiderman Wolf: Thx echp
[17:33:38] [CHAT] Spiderman Wolf: o*
[17:33:51] [CHAT] Princess Chey14: 💔💔💔💔💔
[17:33:57] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Candy??
[17:34:00] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: I want..
[17:34:03] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: :c
[17:34:10] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: I only have taffy ;;
[17:34:15] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: @korra did u eat lunch yet
[17:34:37] [CHAT] Spiderman Wolf: This chat is so much better than cc chat
[17:34:40] [CHAT] Spiderman Wolf: rn
[17:34:47] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Hi HOUSE.
[17:34:49] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: tbh i don't like candy
[17:34:53] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Not yet. @Scar
[17:35:06] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: I like candy... Just... Specific ones only.
[17:35:43] [CHAT] Spiderman Wolf: Same Scar
[17:35:51] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: well i will eat chocolate
[17:35:55] [CHAT] Spiderman Wolf: Ok
[17:36:00] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: but like the fruity candies are gross
[17:36:53] [CHAT] Spiderman Wolf: Bye
[17:36:54] [CHAT] Spiderman Wolf: O/
[17:37:02] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Bai?
[17:37:10] [CHAT] Spiderman Wolf: Yeah
[17:37:22] [CHAT] Spiderman Wolf: I have to go
[17:37:33] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: U are leaving so soon?
[17:37:35] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Aw, well, Bai ^^
[17:37:41] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Bye, Peter. o/
[17:37:58] [CHAT] Spiderman Wolf: O/
[17:39:36] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Welp
[17:39:48] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Hi Belle
[17:39:54] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Wbies Korra
[17:40:36] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: BELLE.
[17:40:42] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /me tackle hugs.
[17:40:46] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hi, Echo. o/
[17:43:28] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Welp! There goes Belle
[17:43:38] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ;(
[17:43:58] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: :c
[17:44:34] [CHAT] Princess Chey14: I'm hurt
[17:44:52] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hi, Hurt. o/
[17:45:03] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: But on a serious note, what's wrong?
[17:46:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: BELLE.
[17:46:07] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Hi Belle!
[17:49:32] [CHAT] Princess Chey14: Korra
[17:50:17] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Beeeellleeee come back ;;
[17:50:51] [CHAT] Princess Chey14: I'm sad
[17:51:12] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Oh.
[17:51:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Why?
[17:54:36] [CHAT] Princess Chey14: I am having depression problems
[17:54:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Oh.
[17:57:08] [CHAT] Princess Chey14: Idk anymore
[18:01:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Oh.
[18:12:36] [CHAT] Mendes2: o/
[18:15:02] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: South Ferry, PM.
[18:15:09] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Imma go nom on foods, brb
[18:15:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: KK.
[18:16:00] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: food is yummy
[18:20:15] [CHAT] South Ferry: Welcome Downtown Freezy.
[18:20:23] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Welcome Downtown Freezy.
[18:20:31] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: o/ Freezy.
[18:20:48] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: o/ Freezy
[18:21:18] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Lol.
[18:22:31] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I am trying to get the caffeinated badge at Chase's wiki. I have like 4 hours left, I think.
[18:28:54] [CHAT] Mendes2: you have 6 hours left
[18:29:09] [CHAT] Mendes2: 5 hours and 32 minutes, to be a bit more precise
[18:29:11] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Ah, even better.
[18:30:06] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: what is the badge for
[18:30:18] [CHAT] South Ferry: Dubious
[18:30:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Getting 100 edits in one day.
[18:30:24] [CHAT] Mendes2: article edits, that is
[18:30:26] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: wow
[18:31:05] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: That's not alot IMO
[18:31:11] [CHAT] South Ferry: It's a dubious amount really
[18:31:28] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I already have it here. by the way. :P
[18:32:02] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah.
[18:32:37] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Lol.
[18:33:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: We should start work on removing the cringe soon.
[18:33:53] [CHAT] South Ferry: Yeah
[18:34:01] [CHAT] South Ferry: Let's work on that........ Monday,
[18:34:03] [CHAT] South Ferry: as julie said
[18:34:04] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: k
[18:34:12] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I'll make the categories today.
[18:34:34] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Over-powered and Edge&Cringy right? Or should we make three?
[18:35:06] [CHAT] South Ferry: yeee
[18:35:10] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Are Gabriel/Galena/The Androids if they return Cringy?
[18:35:21] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Not really cringy.
[18:35:33] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Cringy is more like they all have a sad story and etc.
[18:35:45] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Well
[18:35:49] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Galena kinda does
[18:35:54] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Yeah
[18:35:59] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: She was the last human left
[18:36:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: some characters can.
[18:36:12] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: But not all the characters can.
[18:36:18] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Galena is fine.
[18:36:24] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: And so are a few of the rest.
[18:36:31] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Speaking of Gabriel
[18:36:40] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: When will you make Carter's page on AB?
[18:36:48] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I guess today.
[18:39:48] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: So, should Edgy and Cringy be two different categories?
[18:40:04] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Sure
[18:40:15] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Okay, I'll create them now.
[18:40:18] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Speaking of which, edgy is not always bad
[18:40:28] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: True.
[18:40:37] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Some can have edge, but over like 60% have edge.
[18:41:05] [CHAT] South Ferry: We cannot 'ave overuse
[18:44:33] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: loading screens suck ass
[18:45:03] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Not an appropriate term to use.
[18:45:06] [CHAT] South Ferry: Dubious.
[18:45:10] [CHAT] South Ferry: So, loading screens........
[18:45:15] [CHAT] South Ferry: LIKE donkey?!?!
[18:45:19] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: what korra
[18:45:20] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Loading screens
[18:45:21] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: LOVE
[18:45:22] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Donkey
[18:45:27] [CHAT] South Ferry: Correct.
[18:45:39] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: The Hound
[18:45:42] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: LOVES
[18:45:43] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Emerald
[18:45:44] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Inb4 a Shrek reference
[18:45:51] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Ah
[18:45:52] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: ew
[18:46:06] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah,
[18:46:08] [CHAT] Downtown Freezy: Loading Screens are like Dragon because they love Donkey
[18:46:09] [CHAT] South Ferry: The Mechanical Hound.
[18:58:58] [CHAT] South Ferry: Julie!!!!!!
[18:58:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: it will be alright
[18:59:03] [CHAT] South Ferry: Just hug your lil bro
[18:59:05] [CHAT] South Ferry: ;(
[19:01:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Quotev is dubious.
[19:01:51] [CHAT] South Ferry: Yeee
[19:10:53] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Hallo against
[19:11:03] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Again *
[19:11:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: o/
[19:11:40] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Idk how I got distracted after eating toast... Lol
[19:12:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Lol.
[19:23:26] [CHAT] South Ferry: sad
[19:23:33] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: Dun cry, and Dun scream D:
[19:28:07] [CHAT] EchoingFantasy: ..
[19:28:21] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Test.
[19:30:11] [CHAT] Mendes2: [i]
[19:31:51] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Test.
[19:32:05] [CHAT] South Ferry: .
[19:32:18] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: So,
[19:32:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Messenger
[19:32:22] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: SCREAMED
[19:32:23] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: and
[19:32:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: CRIED?!
[19:33:58] [CHAT] South Ferry: Correct.
[19:34:04] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Sad.
[19:38:26] [CHAT] Chase McFly: A shame.
[19:38:35] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Mendes said nothing :|
[19:38:55] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Sad.
[19:38:55] [CHAT] Mendes2: O.o
[19:39:48] [CHAT] South Ferry: So,
[19:39:56] [CHAT] South Ferry: Mendes DID not care,
[19:40:01] [CHAT] South Ferry: his GIRLFRIEND SCREAMED and CRIED.
[19:40:15] [CHAT] Chase McFly: He said something
[19:40:20] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: His WIFE SCREAMED and CRIED.
[19:40:21] [CHAT] Chase McFly: But it was nothing
[19:40:24] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: They got married on Discord.
[19:40:36] [CHAT] South Ferry: So,
[19:40:37] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: ^
[19:40:40] [CHAT] South Ferry: Mendes is the WIFE
[19:40:42] [CHAT] South Ferry: of Messenger,
[19:40:47] [CHAT] South Ferry: and I was NOT PRESENT.
[19:40:48] [CHAT] Mendes2: um
[19:40:48] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sad
[19:40:49] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Wtf
[19:40:53] [CHAT] Mendes2: no
[19:40:55] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah
[19:40:56] [CHAT] South Ferry: "mendes is the WIFE"
[19:40:58] [CHAT] South Ferry: Messenger is the WIFE,
[19:41:01] [CHAT] South Ferry: of Mendes.
[19:41:11] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: To be fair, I wasn't present either.
[19:41:24] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Same
[19:41:25] [CHAT] South Ferry: So,
[19:41:31] [CHAT] South Ferry: It was a PRIVATE, SECLUDED wedding,
[19:41:38] [CHAT] South Ferry: it was held in SECRET.
[19:41:44] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: well
[19:41:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I think Net was there.
[19:41:48] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: Net was there and a few others
[19:42:28] [CHAT] South Ferry: So, BURDENBOOST,
[19:42:32] [CBOT] SlendyBot: An error occurred. Reverting logs to a non-broken state...
[19:42:32] [CHAT] South Ferry: is CLOSER to mess THAN korra?
[19:42:32] [CHAT] South Ferry: So,
[19:42:32] [CHAT] South Ferry: Slendy 2.0,
[19:42:32] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: !restart
[19:42:32] [CHAT] South Ferry: FAILED?
[19:42:32] [CHAT] South Ferry: So<
[19:42:33] [CHAT] South Ferry: Jane
[19:42:33] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Yes.
[19:42:33] [CHAT] South Ferry: COMMENTED
[19:42:37] [CHAT] South Ferry: on the acitivity?
[19:42:46] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: She did?
[19:42:48] [CHAT] South Ferry: YES.
[19:42:52] [CHAT] South Ferry: I get a NOTIFICATION.
[19:43:03] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Stop being DRAMATIC.
[19:43:10] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Where did jane comment?
[19:44:35] [CHAT] Chase McFly: So,
[19:44:40] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Zombie LIKES
[19:44:47] [CHAT] Chase McFly: WAMK?
[19:44:52] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Inpossible!
[19:44:59] [CHAT] Chase McFly: *Impossible
[19:45:34] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Korra was Zombie serious?
[19:45:49] [CHAT] Chase McFly: About Wank helping him
[19:46:08] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: No, he was just making shit up.
[19:46:43] [CHAT] South Ferry: So, Zombie LIED to julie
[19:47:26] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Oh thank goodness
[19:47:28] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I was worried Zombie turned trator
[19:50:10] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Did I kill chat
[19:52:22] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Oh my gosh will you guys talk
[19:52:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: No.
[19:53:10] [CHAT] Chase McFly: LOl
[19:54:54] [CHAT] Chase McFly: How long ago was it you gusy were unbanned?
[19:54:56] [CHAT] Chase McFly: *Guys
[19:54:59] [CHAT] Chase McFly: 6 months?
[19:55:13] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Hi DVIN
[19:55:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Indeed.
[19:55:40] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Wow, half a year
[19:56:10] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: i was banned on another wiki for 6 months once for a stupid reason
[19:56:10] [CHAT] Chase McFly: It'll be so cool when February 28th roles around
[19:56:23] [CHAT] Chase McFly: *Rolls
[19:57:15] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: omg
[19:57:18] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: Amelia
[19:57:44] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: IS
[19:57:50] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: NOT
[19:58:02] [CHAT] South Ferry: I was banned on another Wiki for a crime I did not commit.
[19:58:02] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Amelia?!
[19:58:10] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I had to finish that for her because she lagged out.
[19:58:26] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: ah lag
[19:58:33] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Then you guys will have been banned such a long time ago by then
[19:58:38] [CHAT] Chase McFly: What's happening withAmelia?
[19:58:54] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Hi Q
[19:58:56] [CHAT] South Ferry: Welcome Q.
[19:58:58] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: who is this amelia
[19:58:58] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: A fake one.
[19:58:58] [CHAT] South Ferry: WANK hath returned.
[19:59:15] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: o/ Q.
[19:59:21] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Amelia impersonator?
[19:59:27] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: yes
[19:59:30] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: who is she
[19:59:49] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: +block
[19:59:51] [CHAT] Chase McFly: What user is an Amelia Impersonator
[19:59:51] [CBOT] SlendyBot: I do not have enough permissions to block that user
[19:59:55] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: a crazy bitch who needs to get the fuck away from my brother
[20:00:03] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: oh
[20:00:06] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: +block SIT DOWN BE HUMBLE
[20:00:09] [CBOT] SlendyBot: I do not have enough permissions to block that user
[20:00:12] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: is she like into korra
[20:00:14] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: obsession
[20:00:35] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Interesting. Slendy can block on his own.
[20:00:37] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: Zombie is also my brother
[20:01:02] [CHAT] South Ferry: So,
[20:01:05] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: Q WANK is back
[20:01:05] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: i fucked up on the last frame in bowling
[20:01:11] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: i am so pissed
[20:01:16] [CHAT] South Ferry: Mess HATES
[20:01:16] [CHAT] South Ferry: Amelia?
[20:01:23] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Wait Amelia IS Wank?
[20:01:26] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: i could of had 230
[20:01:31] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: i got 215
[20:01:34] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: No.
[20:01:34] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: i hate the fake amelia
[20:01:43] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: How the fuck did you get that, Chase?
[20:01:58] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Your topic of conversation is confusing me
[20:02:05] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Someone said "Wank is back"
[20:02:15] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: what if amelia is jmurph or west
[20:02:19] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Then you're talking about Amelia impersonators
[20:02:46] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Amelia is neither, Scar.
[20:02:55] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: are u sure
[20:03:00] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: yes
[20:03:24] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Not everything is about JMurph and/or West.
[20:03:51] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: hmmmmmm  (therp) (think)
[20:03:56] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: Korra
[20:04:07] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Wtf is (therp)?
[20:04:15] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: send me the real ameila's pic on disocrd fast
[20:04:18] [CHAT] South Ferry: (therp)
[20:04:20] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: thinking
[20:04:23] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: @korra
[20:04:27] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic:
[20:04:31] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: @Mess
[20:04:58] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: is that a real pic of the girl
[20:05:10] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Where is the faker?
[20:05:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Yeah.
[20:05:16] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Wikia, discord, or Quotev?
[20:05:29] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I'm going to show you.
[20:05:38] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: is the girl the black or white girl in the pic
[20:05:46] [CHAT] South Ferry: white
[20:05:57] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: wow she is kinda cute
[20:05:59] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Look at the picture of "Amelia". It is not the same girl.
[20:06:18] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Are you sure that's your real pic?
[20:06:23] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Maybe she's using a random girl
[20:06:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Of course it's not mine.
[20:06:31] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I meant her, not your.
[20:06:44] [CHAT] Chase McFly: /me kills my glitchy keyboard
[20:06:51] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: She claims it's here. She even has a book about herself full of pictures.
[20:07:01] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: It's not the same girl.
[20:07:16] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: korra it does look similar in both pics but the hair color is dyed in one pic os idk
[20:08:08] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I also have another way.
[20:08:08] [CHAT] South Ferry: So,
[20:08:12] [CHAT] South Ferry: Amelia is catfishing?
[20:08:12] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Is it a phyco who wants to trick Zombie?
[20:08:12] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: The first girl has blue eyes.
[20:08:17] [CHAT] Chase McFly: That would be sad.
[20:08:22] [CHAT] South Ferry: Or,
[20:08:22] [CHAT] South Ferry: A FAKE
[20:08:24] [CHAT] South Ferry: amelia is
[20:08:26] [CHAT] South Ferry: CATFISHING
[20:08:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: The other one has multi colored eyes
[20:08:33] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Which is odd af.
[20:08:43] [CHAT] South Ferry: Who is the real Amelia?
[20:08:46] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: korra
[20:08:49] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: well contacts
[20:09:04] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: u can wear colored contacts
[20:09:04] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: ^
[20:09:07] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: but it;s not her
[20:09:42] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: and korra kicked himself
[20:10:33] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Mess you need to send "Amelia" some sort of message
[20:11:18] [CHAT] Chase McFly: That might help
[20:11:18] [CHAT] Chase McFly: What do you think
[20:11:58] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: this is the fake amelia
[20:12:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Mendes, how long do I have left?
[20:12:57] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: This Douglas dude has 126 kids.
[20:12:59] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Fuck, I meant 26.
[20:13:08] [CHAT] Chase McFly: For each letter of the alphabet Korra
[20:13:25] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: 26
[20:13:29] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Ik.
[20:13:29] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: wtf
[20:14:02] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: the real amelia is the one on bottom
[20:14:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Let us test the new Slendy.
[20:14:40] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: just with different hair colors
[20:14:47] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: they loo nothing like
[20:14:49] [CHAT] Mendes2: um
[20:14:51] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Dubious.
[20:14:56] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: not even the same face shape
[20:14:58] [CHAT] Mendes2: 3 hours and 45 minutes
[20:15:00] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Not even a nose surgery or cheekbone changes can change a person's appearance
[20:15:23] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: hmmmm
[20:15:26] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic:
[20:15:30] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: chase u sure about that
[20:15:43] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Falco, can you go to CC? Someone is asking for someone from JD wiki.
[20:16:23] [CHAT] Mendes2: korra, add [[w:c:dev:UTCClock]]
[20:16:25] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: oh
[20:16:36] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: not the same nose not the same face shape not the same skin color not the same lips not the same smile  nothing is the same
[20:16:40] [CHAT] Chase McFly: ^
[20:16:44] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Sounds like a good idea, Mendes.
[20:17:06] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: "Amelia" looks creepy as hell, tbh.
[20:17:20] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: how
[20:17:21] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: the only that is the same is they are both female
[20:17:24] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: she looks cute
[20:17:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Uh, the first real one did. The second one looks creepy af.
[20:17:54] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: you think every girl is cute Scar
[20:18:00] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: so shh
[20:18:02] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: false
[20:18:14] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: truth
[20:18:15] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: i have my taste in women
[20:18:15] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Scar now you sound liek South
[20:18:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He did. Lol.
[20:18:28] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: what
[20:18:31] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: "False"
[20:18:36] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: does south have a taste in women too
[20:18:38] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: Scar you think if they are girls then they are cute
[20:18:45] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: no
[20:18:48] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: @Korra that INB4EDITS user is a sock of another user on the Just Dance wiki
[20:18:53] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: thats impossible
[20:19:03] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Oh. :O
[20:19:19] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: i look for specific qualities in a girl
[20:19:32] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: yes if they are female
[20:19:44] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: not that mess
[20:19:54] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: /me faceplams
[20:20:10] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: (facepalm)
[20:20:54] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: and also
[20:21:07] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: this Amelia isn't depressed nor deals with being depressed
[20:21:23] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: if i only wanted a woman i would ask everyone that was a girl
[20:21:26] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: the amelia i know acted another way
[20:21:35] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: Scar YOU DO
[20:21:44] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: lord you tried dating Marion and she is gay
[20:21:49] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: thats incorrect
[20:21:58] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: that was a mistake
[20:22:00] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: she showed me
[20:22:00] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: she was comming onto me
[20:42:35] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Banning South Ferry from chat...
[20:42:35] [CHAT] South Ferry: You cannot do this.
[20:42:35] [CHAT] South Ferry: It [b]does not work....?!
[20:42:35] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: You spoke after I asked.
[20:42:35] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Lol.
[20:42:35] [CHAT] DVINTHEHOUSEMAN: lel
[20:42:36] [CBOT] SlendyBot: An error occurred. Reverting logs to a non-broken state...
[20:42:36] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: +restart
[20:42:38] [CBOT] SlendyBot: SlendyBot v2.0 is online!
[20:42:44] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: +log
[20:42:48] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Logging...
[20:43:01] [CHAT] DVINTHEHOUSEMAN: >Logging...
[20:43:02] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Adding to [[Project:Chat/Logs/3_Sep_2017|chatlog]] 0 kicks and 0 bans reported. 0 joins, 0 leaves, and 8 messages logged.
[20:43:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I don't like how you have to do + instead of ! now, though.
[20:43:22] [CHAT] DVINTHEHOUSEMAN: yeah
[20:43:32] [CHAT] South Ferry: I like it.
[20:43:37] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: back
[20:43:38] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Really, other than that, I see no update to him.
[20:43:43] [CHAT] South Ferry: He was updated.
[20:43:47] [CHAT] South Ferry: He is FASTER.
[20:43:48] [CHAT] South Ferry: BETTER.
[20:43:49] [CHAT] South Ferry: !test
[20:43:50] [CBOT] SlendyBot: ʇsǝʇ¡
[20:43:51] [CHAT] South Ferry: +test
[20:44:10] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Stronger?
[20:44:15] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Slendy are you smarter or stronger?
[20:44:16] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Hey Belle
[20:44:16] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: BELLE.
[20:44:16] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /me SCREAMS.
[20:44:17] [CHAT] Apple lover 543: Hai
[20:44:21] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Belle.
[20:44:22] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /me TACKLE HUGS.
[20:44:28] [CHAT] Chase McFly: /me screams
[20:44:32] [CHAT] South Ferry: So,
[20:44:35] [CHAT] South Ferry: Belle was TACKLE HUGGED.
[20:44:41] [CHAT] Chase McFly: /me TACKLE HUGS
[20:44:47] [CHAT] Apple lover 543: /me hugs back and covers ears
[20:44:47] [CHAT] DVINTHEHOUSEMAN: /me idk
[20:44:49] [CHAT] Apple lover 543: too much noise jeez
[20:44:50] [CHAT] Apple lover 543: lol
[20:44:55] [CHAT] Chase McFly: XD
[20:44:56] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Belle, DDM.
[20:45:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: It's important.
[20:45:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Not bad, but important. :P
[20:45:16] [CHAT] Apple lover 543: k
[20:45:18] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Belle DDM
[20:45:21] [CHAT] Chase McFly: It's important.
[20:45:40] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Korra PM
[20:45:48] [CHAT] Mendes2: o/ apbelle
[20:45:54] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Not bad, but important :p
[20:46:09] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Why you guys all call her Apbelle nnow?
[20:46:10] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Lol
[20:46:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I don't.
[20:47:19] [CHAT] South Ferry: Dubious.
[20:47:40] [CHAT] Apple lover 543: I have so many nicknames now
[20:48:09] [CHAT] South Ferry: Dubious apple Belle.
[20:48:24] [CHAT] Apple lover 543: Wth does that even mean
[20:49:51] [CHAT] Mendes2: apbelle o/
[20:49:51] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: oh look
[20:49:51] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: Hi Bitch lol
[20:50:16] [CHAT] South Ferry: So,
[20:50:22] [CHAT] South Ferry: Belle is a BITCH?
[20:50:23] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sad.
[20:50:24] [CHAT] South Ferry: ;(
[20:50:26] [CHAT] Apple lover 543: Lol
[20:51:08] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: how are ya Bitch
[20:51:11] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: She is my bitch. :P
[20:51:27] [CHAT] Apple lover 543: I am one nobody's bitch and I'm good lol
[20:51:29] [CHAT] South Ferry: So, Belle is the BITCH of numerous people.
[20:51:51] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hmmmmm.
[20:52:01] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Should I post the DMs where you admit to being my bitch? :P
[20:52:03] [CHAT] Apple lover 543: When I try and explain stuff lmao
[20:52:07] [CHAT] Apple lover 543: NO
[20:52:14] [CHAT] Apple lover 543: i mean
[20:52:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Good.
[20:52:20] [CHAT] Apple lover 543: that never happened
[20:52:30] [CHAT] Apple lover 543: idk what your talking about
[20:52:31] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Sure.
[21:11:07] [CHAT] Apple lover 543: Let's talk about dogs
[21:11:07] [CHAT] South Ferry: Dogs are a dubious animal.
[21:11:07] [CHAT] DVINTHEHOUSEMAN: Let's talk about cats
[21:11:07] [CHAT] South Ferry: Cats -- a dubious animal.
[21:11:07] [CHAT] Apple lover 543: Wtf does dubious even mean
[21:11:07] [CHAT] DVINTHEHOUSEMAN: I was literally about to ask that lel
[21:11:07] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: IDK
[21:11:07] [CHAT] South Ferry: I'm willin' to die for this shit
           [CHAT] I done cried for this shit, might take a life for this shit
           [CHAT] Put the Bible down and go eye for an eye for this shit
[21:11:07] [CHAT] South Ferry: D.O.T. my enemy, won't catch a vibe for this shit, ay
[21:11:10] [CBOT] SlendyBot: SlendyBot v2.0 is online!
[21:11:13] [CHAT] Apple lover 543: South lost it
[21:11:23] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: yup
[21:11:29] [CHAT] Apple lover 543: again
[21:11:30] [CHAT] Apple lover 543: lol
[21:11:31] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Of course he did.
[21:12:00] [CHAT] South Ferry: Hey korra, wanna use TABVIEW on the rules page
[21:12:08] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Nah
[21:12:19] [CHAT] South Ferry: Damn it all!
[21:12:22] [CHAT] South Ferry: Argh! Fuck!
[21:14:10] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: fuck Alex is DMing me whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
[21:14:12] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: So South's a pirate
[21:14:19] [CHAT] South Ferry: So,
[21:14:24] [CHAT] South Ferry: The PREVIOUS companion of mess,
[21:14:31] [CHAT] South Ferry: PMed HER.
[21:15:11] [CHAT] Apple lover 543: I swear every word you sang, you wrote them for me
[21:16:03] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: wtf'
[21:17:12] [CHAT] Apple lover 543: Lol
[21:25:23] [CHAT] Mendes2: one of the best adoption requests ever
[21:26:06] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Damn.
[21:26:10] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: That was beautiful.
[21:26:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Well fuck.
[21:26:28] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: That failed.
[21:26:41] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Belle broke her phone so she can't get into her quotev account.
[21:27:11] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Oh no
[21:27:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: So I was going to log into her email and reset her password for her, but she forgot her email's password and her and I have been trying for ages to get into her email.
[21:28:29] [CHAT] South Ferry: Dubious
[21:28:37] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Anyone got any ideas??
[21:28:57] [CHAT] South Ferry: Damn it all!
[21:29:02] [CHAT] South Ferry: Argh! Poor Belle!
[21:29:04] [CHAT] South Ferry: Fuck!
[21:29:05] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Yes or no?
[21:29:10] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: isn't her email connected to her phone?
[21:29:22] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Her phone broke.
[21:29:36] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: ehhhhh
[21:29:47] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: can it be fixed?
[21:29:52] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: IDK.
[21:40:20] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Dead chat
[21:40:44] [CHAT] Mendes2: i want to go through all the pages on my wiki to see which ones are uncategorized
[21:40:47] [CHAT] Mendes2: but ehhh
[21:40:50] [CHAT] Mendes2: there are over 500
[21:40:56] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: yikes
[21:41:01] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Can you use insights?
[21:41:17] [CHAT] Mendes2: no, the other editors always add Category:Videos
[21:41:25] [CHAT] Mendes2: so they always have a category, but not really
[21:42:25] [CHAT] Mendes2: it basically means that i can't use insights, or the special page
[21:43:01] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: So, in other words, you're screwed.
[21:43:23] [CHAT] Mendes2: yes
[21:43:33] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Sad.
[21:44:49] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sad
[21:45:01] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Sad indeed.
[21:45:48] [CHAT] South Ferry: lets take a look at the wiki chase is bureaucrat on.
[21:46:55] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: Hi
[21:46:58] [CHAT] Chase McFly: AMANDA
[21:47:08] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Nice to see ya
[21:47:11] [CHAT] Mendes2: o/ amanda
[21:47:36] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: hows everyone doing :3
[21:47:45] [CHAT] South Ferry: Welcome Mandie.
[21:47:51] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Great
[21:50:00] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: hi
[21:51:19] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: GOD DAMNIT SOUTH
[21:51:37] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: I am currently planning all of my claamates destrotion
[21:51:43] [CHAT] Chase McFly: :|
[21:51:59] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: :3
[21:52:33] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Hi
[21:52:36] [CHAT] Wjames33: Heya!
[21:53:46] [CHAT] MCR-The-Orange: Hi.
[21:53:56] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: o/
[21:53:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: o/
[21:54:09] [CHAT] South Ferry: Let's talk Tabview, it's beautiful ain't it
[21:54:17] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Huh?
[21:54:25] [CHAT] Wjames33: \o (wave)
[21:56:03] [CHAT] South Ferry: Welcome James o/
[22:31:19] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: nope
[22:31:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Wtf are you doing, South?
[22:31:19] [CHAT] South Ferry: What do you mean korra?!
[22:31:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: On Chase's wiki.
[22:31:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Using AWB.
[22:31:19] [CHAT] South Ferry: BOLDING
[22:31:20] [CBOT] SlendyBot: An error occurred. Reverting logs to a non-broken state...
[22:31:20] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: +restart
[22:31:20] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Restarting...
[22:31:57] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Like he's always been. :P
[22:32:11] [CHAT] South Ferry: indeed.
[22:32:18] [CHAT] South Ferry: LOGS SLOW,
[22:32:20] [CHAT] South Ferry: and that's it.
[22:37:36] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: How much longer, Mendes?
[22:38:02] [CHAT] South Ferry: SO,
[22:38:05] [CHAT] South Ferry: I used a SCRIPT to edit,
[22:38:08] [CHAT] South Ferry: and got it INSTANTLY,
[22:38:12] [CHAT] South Ferry: and Korra will get it LEGIT.
[22:38:15] [CHAT] Mendes2: 1 hour and 22 minutes, korra
[22:38:21] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Indeed. @South
[22:38:28] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Thanks, Mendes.
[22:38:39] [CHAT] Mendes2: i could have gotten it 4 or 5 times legit on my wiki
[22:38:47] [CHAT] Mendes2: maybe 6
[22:38:49] [CHAT] South Ferry: I got this badge legit, howeer,
[22:38:51] [CHAT] South Ferry: One time, on FNAFF.
[22:38:55] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Damn. @Mendes
[22:39:20] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: And how many unlegit? @South
[22:39:28] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ahhhhhhhh
[22:39:31] [CHAT] South Ferry: Dubious
[22:40:06] [CHAT] South Ferry: I did what I had to do.
[22:40:11] [CHAT] South Ferry: I helped them out.......
[22:40:14] [CHAT] South Ferry: With the script....
[22:43:49] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: So,
[22:43:50] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: South
[22:43:53] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: CHEATED?!
[22:43:55] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: :P
[22:43:57] [CHAT] South Ferry: NO
[22:44:53] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: someone said they will kill WANK for us and i almost said go ahead but instead i said it's best to leave him alone
[22:45:06] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Indeed.
[22:45:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: [[Special:Log]]
[22:45:49] [CHAT] South Ferry: Look, I needed to do it!
[22:49:48] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: So, is South Ferry a [b] power-user?
[22:49:56] [CHAT] South Ferry: Yeeeeeee
[22:50:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: How?!
[22:50:43] [CHAT] South Ferry: Its just a simple role,
[22:50:47] [CHAT] South Ferry: just edit and you will get it
[22:51:05] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Ditto has over 20,000 edits and he hasn't got it.
[22:51:16] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: But you have 8,000 and you got it. (think)
[22:51:27] [CHAT] South Ferry:
[22:51:32] [CHAT] South Ferry: Just you can get it
[22:52:23] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: So
[22:52:33] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: FANDOM
[22:52:33] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: STALKS
[22:52:33] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: People?!
[22:53:52] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: SO,
[22:54:42] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Nah.
[22:56:18] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Can someone go to CC and help Chase?
[22:56:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: It won't let him onto TDL. It says he's blocked when's he actually not.
[22:56:41] [CHAT] South Ferry: Hm
[22:58:20] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Well?
[23:02:06] [CHAT] South Ferry: Welcome back for another night AWM
[23:02:11] [CHAT] Arch Wizard Megumin: Sorry about being gone for most of today
[23:02:21] [CHAT] South Ferry: It's alright
[23:02:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: It's fine.
[23:03:47] [CHAT] Arch Wizard Megumin: I cancelled the report to chase since I was sure I'd be rejected
[23:04:02] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Oh okay. He unblocked you anyway.
[23:04:05] [CHAT] South Ferry: Yeah.
[23:04:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Oh god.
[23:04:46] [CHAT] MCR-The-Orange: Maybe Chase is blocked because there is a similar ip who is blocked?
[23:04:46] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Chase is caught under West's range block. Which means we'll have to unblock West's IP range to let Chase back on.
[23:05:25] [CHAT] Arch Wizard Megumin: You can ask staff about changi
[23:05:29] [CHAT] Arch Wizard Megumin: ng the range so it doesn't effect him
[23:05:38] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: 166.137
[23:05:53] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Chase's IP starts with that.
[23:05:55] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic:
[23:05:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: Crazy
[23:06:05] [CHAT] South Ferry: I need to learn bout range blocks
[23:07:12] [CHAT] Arch Wizard Megumin: It was set April 5, 2017 why's it only affecting chase now
[23:07:29] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Because his IP changed today when his power went out.
[23:07:52] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Should the IP be unblocked?
[23:07:53] [CHAT] MCR-The-Orange: How is that possible?
[23:07:54] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: hi
[23:07:58] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: ;-;
[23:08:02] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I told Chase to try and change his IP.
[23:08:12] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: We shouldn't take off the range block.
[23:08:21] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: hi kpg
[23:08:23] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: hey
[23:08:55] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: oi korra
[23:09:01] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: OOI
[23:09:06] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: OOII*
[23:09:15] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: korra
[23:09:15] [CHAT] MCR-The-Orange: How does an IP chsnge when something like a power outage happens?
[23:09:32] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hi, KPG.
[23:09:36] [CHAT] MCR-The-Orange: *change
[23:09:41] [CHAT] Mendes2: you don't have an IP for forever
[23:09:43] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: IPs change anytime the router is reset.
[23:09:51] [CHAT] MCR-The-Orange: Oh
[23:10:00] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: KOrra ze fenetic, when does micheAle's ban end??
[23:10:06] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Hi
[23:10:10] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Chase,
[23:10:22] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: you got caught under West's range block.
[23:10:26] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: hi
[23:10:30] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: /me le gasps
[23:10:31] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: OMG
[23:10:32] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Sorry about that.
[23:10:34] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: so,
[23:10:37] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: Chase
[23:10:39] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: is
[23:10:44] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: WEST?/
[23:10:45] [CHAT] Chase McFly: So,
[23:10:46] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: WESTHEARTER?!?!?!
[23:10:47] [CHAT] South Ferry: NO
[23:10:48] [CHAT] MCR-The-Orange: No
[23:10:53] [CHAT] Chase McFly: My Momis
[23:10:55] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: /me gasp
[23:10:56] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: same IP
[23:10:56] [CHAT] Chase McFly: West?
[23:10:57] [CHAT] South Ferry: sO,
[23:10:58] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: s
[23:11:00] [CHAT] Chase McFly: It was her phone
[23:11:01] [CHAT] South Ferry: Your mom,
[23:11:02] [CHAT] South Ferry: IS
[23:11:03] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: WOAH
[23:11:05] [CHAT] South Ferry: WESTHEATER?
[23:11:12] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: OML south
[23:11:15] [CBOT] SlendyBot: No, it means the IP changed.
[23:11:19] [CHAT] MCR-The-Orange: XD
[23:11:27] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: #plottwist
[23:11:46] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: more likey
[23:12:56] [CHAT] MCR-The-Orange: You just apparently are in the same location as West?
[23:13:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Nah, IPs can go all around.
[23:13:15] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Whoops did not mean to close chat
[23:13:28] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: or... DID YOU??!!
[23:13:37] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: dun dun duuuun!!
[23:13:40] [CHAT] MCR-The-Orange: Ah, makes sense.
[23:13:40] [CHAT] South Ferry: Chase do you want your year pages bolded?
[23:13:41] [CHAT] South Ferry: Or no?
[23:13:41] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: OMG CAN WE HAVE THIS GIF AS EMOJI
[23:13:52] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Sure South
[23:13:53] [CHAT] Stanjeff123: hi
[23:14:14] [CHAT] Chase McFly: O bold them all
[23:14:17] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Hi Stan
[23:14:23] [CHAT] MCR-The-Orange: The title of the gif though. XD
[23:14:33] [CHAT] MCR-The-Orange: fuckyou.gif
[23:14:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Lmao.
[23:14:53] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: look at it
[23:15:11] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: it's a dancing Yoshi
[23:18:44] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: South, did you have to bold every page already using AWB?
[23:19:01] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I doubt I can get the Caffinated badge now.
[23:19:57] [CHAT] Chase McFly: South you are up with the adminsinranking :|
[23:20:12] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I think he is. :|
[23:20:23] [CHAT] South Ferry: fuck man, let's take a quick AWB break
[23:20:26] [CHAT] South Ferry: using all this memory
[23:20:56] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Yo
[23:20:56] [CHAT] South Ferry: I see i am number 8
[23:20:56] [CHAT] Chase McFly: My IMac is back
[23:21:08] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Test
[23:21:25] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: SOUTH
[23:21:28] [CHAT] South Ferry: KPG?
[23:21:33] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: north
[23:21:35] [CHAT] South Ferry: Dubious
[23:21:41] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: east
[23:21:41] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: west
[23:21:44] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah, west
[23:21:50] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: NO
[23:21:54] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: lol
[23:22:09] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: PLOT TWIST!!
           [CHAT] south is related to west :O
[23:22:16] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah!
[23:22:33] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Let us discuss:
[23:22:37] [CHAT] Chase McFly: North Canoe
[23:22:46] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Well, West did have a SoutheasttoSouthWestCooler account.
[23:22:50] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Or something like that.
[23:23:12] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: :O
[23:23:15] [CHAT] South Ferry: Alright we are going to take an AWB break,
[23:23:15] [CHAT] South Ferry: So more users can get some edits
[23:23:25] [CHAT] Chase McFly: South what are you doing to my infoboxes
[23:23:35] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: south is tryna chnage the subojoject
[23:23:56] [CHAT] South Ferry: Just some general fixing, the infoboxes are the same
[23:23:56] [CHAT] South Ferry: unicodifying
[23:23:56] [CHAT] South Ferry: If you look,
[23:23:56] [CHAT] South Ferry: You'll see they are the same
[23:24:26] [CHAT] Chase McFly: OK
[23:24:26] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: no
[23:25:03] [CHAT] South Ferry: Aw fuck, I should calm down
[23:25:14] [CHAT] South Ferry: Let's stop the script for now,
[23:25:17] [CHAT] South Ferry: If I do the rest of the 607 pages,
[23:25:17] [CHAT] Chase McFly: And Rick too
[23:25:22] [CHAT] South Ferry: I may be #4
[23:25:22] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: he
[23:25:23] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: is
[23:25:23] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: banned
[23:25:23] [CHAT] South Ferry: So we will sotp now
[23:25:24] [CHAT] South Ferry: stop now
[23:25:24] [CHAT] South Ferry: I don't wanna go above anyone
[23:25:31] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Dubious.
[23:26:07] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: [[User:SouthBySoutheastCooler|SouthBySoutheastCooler]]
[23:26:08] [CHAT] Chase McFly: 4 of the accounts on my wiki are Ricks
[23:26:22] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: 4 of them?
[23:26:27] [CHAT] Chase McFly: 4 of them
[23:26:41] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Would you like the names
[23:26:52] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Ugh, lag.
[23:27:01] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ZestCooler is WestHeater.
[23:27:04] [CHAT] Chase McFly: No, ZestCooler is a way Michael can make me mad.
[23:27:09] [CHAT] South Ferry: So,
[23:27:12] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: EastCooler2.0 was Dora.
[23:27:15] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Indeed
[23:27:17] [CHAT] South Ferry: That is Dora, dubious.
[23:27:20] [CHAT] South Ferry: What did East do?
[23:27:48] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: ZestCooler was West
[23:28:05] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Indeed
[23:28:49] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: West was angry his other account wasn't blocked forever yet??
[23:28:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: I'll call it an AWB day.
[23:29:08] [CHAT] South Ferry: I could have done the other 607 pages,
[23:29:21] [CHAT] South Ferry: But I don't wanna hijack anything.
[23:29:31] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Good idea South
[23:29:34] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Korra PM
[23:32:01] [CHAT] Chase McFly: BRB supper
[23:33:31] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: Savinijason244
           [CHAT] like i said i make a new account
           [CHAT] hi messenger
           [CHAT] 6:32
           [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven
           [CHAT] hi
[23:33:50] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: who is that
[23:33:52] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ?
[23:34:03] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Random people say hi on the time on CC.
[23:34:18] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: bob
[23:34:33] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: Savinijason244
           [CHAT] like i said i make a new account
           [CHAT] hi messenger
           [CHAT] 6:32
           [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven
           [CHAT] hi
[23:34:39] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: read the first thing he said Korra
[23:34:48] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Okay?
[23:34:59] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: Savinijason244
           [CHAT] like i said i make a new account
[23:35:04] [CHAT] South Ferry: Okay?
[23:35:12] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: troll?
[23:36:00] [CHAT] South Ferry: Let's assume good faith like CC admin PyroNacht
[23:36:21] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: Pyro = ban mod
[23:36:31] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Pyro = Good mod.
[23:36:46] [CHAT] South Ferry: She assumes good faith, like a good mod
[23:37:21] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: pyro = bad mod
[23:37:37] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Pyro = Hot and Good od
[23:37:38] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: *Mod*
[23:37:48] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: here's a gift to you South and Korra
[23:38:01] [CHAT] South Ferry: wtf
[23:38:05] [CHAT] South Ferry: Korra, you can get the badge ;(
[23:38:07] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Wtf?
[23:38:09] [CHAT] South Ferry: I left 607 pages for you ;(
[23:38:11] [CHAT] South Ferry: So,
[23:38:15] [CHAT] South Ferry: Mess is a god? ;(
[23:39:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Wtf
[23:41:17] [CHAT] South Ferry: Come on Korra,
[23:41:25] [CHAT] South Ferry: I'm sorry, you can do it ;(
[23:41:34] [CHAT] South Ferry: I didn't mean to make it hard ;(
[23:41:37] [CHAT] South Ferry: Argh! Damn it all! ;(
[23:41:44] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven:
[23:42:37] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: My fucking laggy internet will stop me from getting it.
[23:42:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: (angry)
[23:43:01] [CHAT] South Ferry: I left you 607 pages.
[23:43:03] [CHAT] South Ferry: You can do it.
[23:43:05] [CHAT] South Ferry: I only edited a good third.
[23:43:08] [CHAT] South Ferry: You can do it.
[23:43:12] [CHAT] South Ferry: I edited 1/3 of the wiki,
[23:43:13] [CHAT] South Ferry: You can do it.
[23:43:31] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: > Cody Martin is her almost-ex-husband
[23:43:42] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Wtf is an almost ex-husband?
[23:44:25] [CHAT] South Ferry: You CAN do it.
[23:44:25] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: um
[23:44:28] [CHAT] South Ferry: You will work with:
[23:44:35] [CHAT] South Ferry: Korra, Mess
[23:44:37] [CHAT] South Ferry: to EXPAND the pages
[23:44:41] [CHAT] South Ferry: Lotsa short pages on the wiki
[23:44:47] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: almost divoered but not yet finished
[23:44:55] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: @korra
[23:45:02] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: South go to CC
[23:45:10] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: asap
[23:45:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Why?
[23:45:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Legit nothing is happening?
[23:45:36] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: because someone wants to talk to him
[23:45:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Whomst? I must've lagged out.
[23:45:56] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: ugh non ya
[23:46:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /me rolls eyes.
[23:46:24] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Another Messenger secret. (facepalm)
[23:46:51] [CHAT] South Ferry: O Damned Messenger
[23:46:53] [CHAT] South Ferry: First,
[23:46:57] [CHAT] South Ferry: Korra will hug her tight ir
[23:46:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: irl
[23:47:03] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: South PM
[23:47:46] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I'm back
[23:47:55] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hi, Back. o/
[23:47:59] [CHAT] Chase McFly: XD
[23:48:14] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Mess why does South want Korra to hug you
[23:48:29] [CHAT] South Ferry: Come on korra, you CAN do it
[23:48:33] [CHAT] South Ferry: you don't have alot of time
[23:48:37] [CHAT] South Ferry: But you CAN do it
[23:48:46] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I know that I don't have a lot of time left.
[23:48:48] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: oi
[23:48:49] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I won't get it.
[23:48:56] [CHAT] Chase McFly: BTW Korra Cody and Bailey are divorced now
[23:49:01] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: why am I BUREAUCRAT ADMIN on de black ops wikii
[23:49:02] [CHAT] Chase McFly: You can change the page
[23:49:15] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: *BUREAUCRAT & ADMIN
[23:49:19] [CHAT] South Ferry: Because Mike
[23:49:20] [CHAT] South Ferry: LOVES
[23:49:20] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Almost ex is like a marriage that always comes close to ending but doesn't
[23:49:24] [CHAT] South Ferry: you
[23:49:28] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Oh.
[23:49:31] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: @Chase
[23:49:32] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: Mike is an idiot who can't run a wiki
[23:49:37] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: ;O
[23:49:42] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: :O
[23:49:43] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: **
[23:50:15] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: So,
[23:50:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: MIME
[23:50:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: PINGED
[23:50:23] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Mess?!
[23:50:26] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: they enter chat and he makes then B-crat or mod it doesn't matter who it is as long as they enter chat
[23:50:43] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: no
[23:50:44] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Somebody said MeMe i guess
[23:50:44] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: That and Mike loves KPG.
[23:50:46] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Thus CHEATING on Poe.
[23:50:50] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: XD
[23:50:51] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Yes, KPDZ
[23:50:59] [CHAT] Chase McFly: What about Alisha?
[23:51:05] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Or
[23:51:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Alisha was him.
[23:51:11] [CHAT] Chase McFly: EmeraldDonut
[23:51:24] [CHAT] Chase McFly: ?
[23:51:26] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: EmeraldDonut  is like his toy.
[23:51:31] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Sorry, but it's true.
[23:51:49] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: yeah
[23:51:56] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: lol
[23:52:17] [CHAT] South Ferry: he didnt make me crat mess
[23:52:22] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: EmeraldDonut is the puppet and Mikey is the puppet master (not sockpuppet BTW)
[23:52:23] [CHAT] South Ferry: He did it cause he LOVES the young KPG
[23:52:29] [CHAT] Chase McFly: And yet
[23:52:30] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: ye
[23:52:37] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: So,
[23:52:38] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Shadow does not like South
[23:52:38] [CHAT] South Ferry: so, Mike
[23:52:39] [CHAT] South Ferry: is NOT
[23:52:41] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Mike
[23:52:42] [CHAT] South Ferry: Thedooooooooooooo?
[23:52:42] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: hes inlove with a 2 year old
[23:52:43] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: LOCES
[23:52:48] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: *loves*
[23:53:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: A 2 YEAR OLD?!?!!?
[23:53:04] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: i am a 2 year old
[23:53:08] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I think she meant 12
[23:53:11] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: no
[23:53:12] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: 2
[23:53:18] [CHAT] Chase McFly: The minimum wiki age is 13
[23:53:20] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: I said "they enter chat and he makes then B-crat or "mod" it doesn't matter who it is as long as they enter chat"
[23:53:23] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Just fyi
[23:53:25] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: he made you a mod
[23:53:27] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: (nevergonnagiveyouupnevergonnaletyoudown)
[23:53:30] [CHAT] South Ferry: So,
[23:53:32] [CHAT] South Ferry: KPG
[23:53:33] [CHAT] South Ferry: is
[23:53:34] [CHAT] Chase McFly: What is that Falco
[23:53:35] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: but im older than 12
[23:53:36] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: XD
[23:53:36] [CHAT] South Ferry: TWO YEARS OLD?!?!?!?!
[23:53:43] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I am confused
[23:53:45] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: @Chase a barf emoji
[23:53:50] [CHAT] South Ferry: (clap)
[23:53:59] [CHAT] Chase McFly: (clapping) is better
[23:54:12] [CHAT] South Ferry: (twerp) v. (think)
[23:54:13] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sad.
[23:54:27] [CHAT] Chase McFly: That's like the debate between (narwhal) and (narwhals)
[23:55:04] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: How many more edits?!
[23:55:16] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Korra how mahy pages have you edited so far?
[23:55:29] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I lost count. Lol.
[23:56:06] [CHAT] Chase McFly: South has left 607 out of 902 unfixed
[23:56:26] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Those 607 appear to be well hidden.
[23:56:33] [CHAT] Chase McFly: How so?
[23:56:42] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I can't find them. Lol.
[23:56:47] [CHAT] Chase McFly: XD
[23:56:51] [CHAT] South Ferry: You CAN do it
[23:56:54] [CHAT] South Ferry: Just keep looking!
[23:56:56] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Rick made some format fixes too
[23:56:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: Keep editing!
[23:59:29] [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven: net left....
[23:59:49] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Net left??
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