[11:53] <TheKorraFanatic> Anyone want to discuss anything?
[11:59] <Meadowleaf> Hiya o/ 
[12:00] <TheKorraFanatic> Welcome, Meadowleaf.
[12:06] <C.Syde65> o/ 
[12:06] <TheKorraFanatic> Welcome, C.Syde65.
[12:06] <TheKorraFanatic> How are you?
[12:07] <C.Syde65> Better.
[12:07] <TheKorraFanatic> Welcome, South Ferry.
[12:08] <South Ferry> Aiihuan tearfully look at the young Syde as he was viciously attacked. "I.., I-I c-can't bear to see him get hurt, TGPOC.... I h-have to help him!" Korra quickly grabbed Aiihuan by the arm. "I am sorry, but he ain't gonna find that shit here. Leave him be. That is just the circle of fandom."
[12:09] <TheKorraFanatic> Lol.
[12:09] <TheKorraFanatic> Not how it happened.
[12:09] <South Ferry> Perhaps so.
[12:11] <TheKorraFanatic> But of course,
[12:11] <TheKorraFanatic> Colourtra has started that Syde and Dippy are free to return if they want to.
[12:13] <C.Syde65> I don't know. I bet Colouratura won't apologise for the way they treated me. 
[12:14] <TheKorraFanatic> I still think it would be best to return.
[12:14] <TheKorraFanatic> Last night was a simple argument.
[12:14] <TheKorraFanatic> One, that after you left, he said you were free to return and he was considering DMing you.
[12:14] <South Ferry> Let's not get into too much detail for now, we wouldn't want to discuss drama herew.
[12:14] <South Ferry> We can take it elsewhere if you wish.
[12:14] <TheKorraFanatic> Sure.
[12:15] <C.Syde65> I'll see.
[12:15] <C.Syde65> But it wasn't just them. It was other users.
[12:15] <TheKorraFanatic> <span style="text-decoration:line-through;">I always thought Colour was female until Ripto said they were a man.</span>
[12:15] <TheKorraFanatic> 
[12:15] <C.Syde65> <span style="text-decoration:line-through;">I think they are trans.</span>
[12:15] <C.Syde65> 
[12:15] <TheKorraFanatic> <span style="text-decoration:line-through;">Ah.</span>
[12:15] <TheKorraFanatic> 
[12:20] <Qstlijku> o/ 
[12:20] <Meadowleaf> Hiya Q o/ 
[12:20] <Qstlijku> (therp) 
[12:20] <TheKorraFanatic> o/ 
[12:20] <Qstlijku> I see Syde BOT has my PMs blocked
[12:20] <Qstlijku> How long has that been for?
[12:20] <TheKorraFanatic> He doesn't have mine blocked.
[12:21] <Qstlijku> Interestin'
[12:21] <C.Syde65> Really?
[12:22] <Qstlijku> Yep
[12:22] <C.Syde65> I was just inspired by the "no need to PM bots" practice.
[12:22] <Qstlijku> Because I might have PMed him before?
[12:22] <Qstlijku> *i
[12:22] <Qstlijku> *it
[12:22] <TheKorraFanatic> Does anyone remember the MediaWiki page for adding an image to user' masthead?
[12:22] <C.Syde65> Nah, it was meant to disable PMs from any user.
[12:23] <TheKorraFanatic> Not mine. (rofl) 
[12:23] <C.Syde65> Adding an image to the user's masthead?
[12:23] <TheKorraFanatic> Oh wait, fuck,
[12:23] <TheKorraFanatic> Now it's blocked, wtf.
[12:23] <C.Syde65> It was already blocked.
[12:23] <Qstlijku> Is it the script?
[12:23] <C.Syde65> No.
[12:23] <C.Syde65> The script did nothing.
[12:26] <TheKorraFanatic> I did not expect this myself, Syde BOT..
[12:26] <C.Syde65> Lol.
[12:26] <C.Syde65> Why not?
[12:26] <TheKorraFanatic> It doesn't matter.
[12:26] <TheKorraFanatic> I see horrific acts went down in C.Syde's server.
[12:27] <C.Syde65> Huh? How?
[12:28] <Qstlijku> ^
[12:28] <TheKorraFanatic> You know what happened! I made a statement denouncing it afterwards, CS65!
[12:29] <C.Syde65> Yeah, I know.
[12:32] <TheKorraFanatic> I PMed you, Mr. Stiljku, and yet you ignore this.
[12:32] <C.Syde65> Hey Mess! o/ 
[12:32] <TheKorraFanatic> Brb.
[12:35] <TheKorraFanatic> Accidently closed chat, sad.
[12:35] <C.Syde65> wb Korra! o/ 
[12:35] <C.Syde65> lol.
[12:37] <TheKorraFanatic> It was done.
[12:37] <TheKorraFanatic> Now I begin my biggest lurking <span style="font-weight:bold;">ever.</span>
[12:37] <TheKorraFanatic> 
[12:38] <South Ferry> What is [[w:c:Aiihuan]]
[12:38] <TheKorraFanatic> A test wiki.
[12:38] <TheKorraFanatic> Just like [[w:c:cavv]]
[12:40] <TheKorraFanatic> I want to set up a CVN bot where I can set my own search words and filters, like Kocka and Mime, etc, have.
[12:40] <TheKorraFanatic> But Idk how, lol.
[12:42] <TheKorraFanatic> Lol.
[12:45] <C.Syde65> wb Q! O/ 
[12:45] <Qstlijku> Having issues with the home internet
[12:46] <TheKorraFanatic> Rip.
[12:47] <Qstlijku> We're upgrading the internet service and today they disconnected the old one but they couldn't install the new one
[12:47] <TheKorraFanatic> Double rip.
[12:48] <Qstlijku> Yep
[12:48] <TheKorraFanatic> (facepalm) 
[12:48] <Qstlijku> So now at home we need to use phone hotspots
[12:51] <ESSKEETIT> hey
[12:52] <TheKorraFanatic> That's the second time I clicked off this by mistake.
[12:52] <C.Syde65> Time to see what's going on at CCC.
[12:54] <C.Syde65> wb Mess! o/ 
[12:58] <Messenger of Heaven> hey
[12:59] <Messenger of Heaven> ;-; I wanna play sims but one I doubt it works on PC and two I bet theres no way I could get it free 
[12:59] <TheKorraFanatic> Syde plays it on his PC.
[12:59] <TheKorraFanatic> And his is, like, from the early 2000's.
[12:59] <C.Syde65> 2009 is when I got it.
[01:00] <C.Syde65> Yeah, though I haven't for a while. TS3 is now laggy, so I need a better PC. Didn't use to lag this badly.
[01:00] <TheKorraFanatic> Still old as dirt. :^)
[01:01] <Qstlijku> You couldn't just buy the game?
[01:02] <Messenger of Heaven> cant
[01:03] <Qstlijku> Gotta go now
[01:03] <Qstlijku> Bye
[01:03] <C.Syde65> I'm planning to get it replaced soon.
[01:03] <C.Syde65> Bye! o/ 
[01:03] <TheKorraFanatic> Bye, Q.
[01:07] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Hi.
[01:08] <South Ferry> Welcome, Sayori.
[01:08] <C.Syde65> Hey Jack! o/ 
[01:08] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I'm thinking of running for admin today. (thinking) 
[01:09] <TheKorraFanatic> Hmmm, imo, the administrator roster is full. (think) 
[01:09] <Messenger of Heaven> Hmm imo its not tbh
[01:10] <South Ferry> I tbh am tbh not tbh sure tbh what to think on this.
[01:10] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Well crats have differing opinions so IDK what to do. *shrugs*
[01:10] <TheKorraFanatic> We have around the clock administrators on though, each who can do a certain task another can't.
[01:10] <TheKorraFanatic> While I do think you would make a good one, I just don't see a need to add another administrator on atm.
[01:10] <South Ferry> I myself may pursue a greater position late May or mid-June. Waiting after staff reviews would be imperative.
[01:10] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Then I won't for now. :P 
[01:11] <South Ferry> Perhaps so.
[01:11] <TheKorraFanatic> But don't worry, Dippy.
[01:11] <TheKorraFanatic> Your day will come.
[01:11] <South Ferry> TKF, never say this again.
[01:11] <TheKorraFanatic> It was meant to be encouraging.
[01:11] <TheKorraFanatic> To not make him feel down!
[01:11] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Meh, i don't feel down.
[01:12] <South Ferry> TKF, never say this again for obvious reasons.
[01:12] <Alex.sapre> the meh contradicts
[01:12] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I say meh to everything tho.
[01:12] <TheKorraFanatic> What was wrong with it, SF?
[01:13] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> We should totally make maps of the RP settings. :P 
[01:13] <South Ferry> DerpyNecron completed the Eden map.
[01:13] <South Ferry> Messenger of Heaven attempted Euclid,
[01:13] <South Ferry> but quickly scrapped it.
[01:13] <Messenger of Heaven> no
[01:13] <Messenger of Heaven> i'm actually drawing it right now
[01:14] <Messenger of Heaven> I have been for days
[01:14] <Messenger of Heaven> it takes time
[01:14] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yay. I really love maps. (love) 
[01:14] <TheKorraFanatic> And the sky is blue, interestin'
[01:15] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Hi.
[01:16] <Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin> o/ 
[01:16] <C.Syde65> Ember! o/ 
[01:16] <Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin> \o 
[01:17] <South Ferry> Welcome, Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin.
[01:17] <South Ferry> Sadly that is not true, Messenger of Heaven.
[01:17] <TheKorraFanatic> Welcome, Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin.
[01:17] <Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin> Hello fellow southern furry
[01:17] <Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin> :P 
[01:17] <South Ferry> In reality, you were working on feeding your cats and doing your 25 Discord Servers solely, Messenger of Heaven.
[01:17] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> How could you possibly know that?
[01:17] <South Ferry> You did no work on the drawing,
[01:17] <South Ferry> And focused on those.
[01:17] <TheKorraFanatic> She did actually.
[01:17] <South Ferry> And incorrect, Estif. 
[01:18] <South Ferry> Yeah, she was actually not drawin it
[01:18] <Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin> well, south, one of us is a furry
[01:18] <Messenger of Heaven> I can take a pic of it to prove it
[01:18] <Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin> XD
[01:18] <Messenger of Heaven> Ember PM me
[01:18] <South Ferry> Do it NOW, MoH
[01:18] <Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin> I'm going to keep calling south a furry
[01:18] <South Ferry> Dubious, Messenger of Heaven.
[01:18] <South Ferry> I see, I see, December meme.
[01:18] <Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin> xD
[01:19] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Comrades, Discord now. Topic: Rewrites.
[01:19] <TheKorraFanatic> TKF is currently eating, but sure.
[01:21] <An-Editor542> Huh??
[01:26] <TheKorraFanatic> I sense a disturbance in the force.
[01:27] <Messenger of Heaven> ?
[01:27] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Huh?
[01:28] <TheKorraFanatic> It doesn't matter.
[01:29] <TheKorraFanatic> I assume C.Syde65 and MOH aren't participating in an important discussion in #wikiwork.
[01:29] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Tut tut tut. &gt;:/ 
[01:29] <TheKorraFanatic> And that is fine, just make sure not to say you two weren't informed if changes happen.
[01:45] <Janissa> do you guys think i am annoying because i been called stupid and it made me sad 
[01:45] <C.Syde65> No I don't think you are annoying.
[01:46] <TheKorraFanatic> While main chat is not the place for this, I will answer.
[01:46] <TheKorraFanatic> I don't think you are annoying.
[01:46] <Janissa> aww thank you guys your the best 
[01:47] <C.Syde65> :D 
[01:59] <C.Syde65> wb Mess! o/ 
[02:08] <TheKorraFanatic> Test.
[02:08] <TheKorraFanatic> Seems we have a good amount of users here, yet no one is talking.
[02:14] <Janissa> i had did to tack test all day and i past them all 
[03:27] <TheKorraFanatic> I see the chat is dead.
[03:27] <TheKorraFanatic> Our empire, sacred to the world of TDL, left in crumbles.
[03:28] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Back.
[03:29] <TheKorraFanatic> Welcome, Jackninja5DippyGravityFalls.
[03:29] <TheKorraFanatic> See any birbs on your trip?
[03:29] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> No.
[03:31] <TheKorraFanatic> Tell me, what is a birb?
[03:31] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> IDK.
[03:31] <TheKorraFanatic> It's a bird!
[03:31] <TheKorraFanatic> Birb is a meme way of saying bird, smh.
[03:31] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I know that but what is a bird?
[03:32] <TheKorraFanatic>
[03:33] <C.Syde65> lol.
[03:35] <TheKorraFanatic> Tell me, C.Syde65, seen any birbs lately?
[03:36] <C.Syde65> That's a good question.
[03:36] <C.Syde65> I'm not sure.
[03:40] <C.Syde65> Aii! o/ 
[03:40] <TheKorraFanatic> Aii! <3
[03:40] <Aiihuan> H
[03:40] <Aiihuan> * Hi. ^^
[03:40] <TheKorraFanatic> H
[03:41] <Aiihuan> ; - ;
[03:41] <TheKorraFanatic> Kon'nichiwa, Ms. Astronaut birb Aii-climsy senpai-sama-chun-kun-san-bud~
[03:42] <TheKorraFanatic> I assume Dippy speaks this language~
[03:42] <TheKorraFanatic> As he actually lived in Japan for a bit. <span style="text-decoration:line-through;">Like a true weeb.</span>
[03:42] <TheKorraFanatic> 
[03:42] <Aiihuan> Konichiwa, Mr. Astronaut birb Korra-climsy kouhai-sama-chun-kun-san-bud~
[03:42] <Aiihuan> Ooh, he did? : o
[03:42] <Aiihuan> Lucky.
[03:42] <TheKorraFanatic> Nope!
[03:46] <Alex.sapre> H
[03:46] <Aiihuan> ; - ;]
[03:47] <Aiihuan> * ; - ;
[03:47] <Alex.sapre> * ; - ;] 
[03:47] <C.Syde65> Hey Alex! o/ 
[03:47] <Alex.sapre> o/ 
[04:14] <C.Syde65> It's interesting.
[04:15] <Aiihuan> What is.
[04:15] <C.Syde65> Because of all the time I've been on Wikia, I haven't ever used the maps feature. Well actually I've been trying to use it, but I obviously don't know how to use it.
[04:15] <TheKorraFanatic> Wasn't it sunsetted?
[04:16] <C.Syde65> Yeah. But there's another one that's not sunsetted.
[04:16] <TheKorraFanatic> Oh.
[04:16] <C.Syde65> The MapEditor remains.
[04:18] <TheKorraFanatic> Whatever that is.
[04:18] <TheKorraFanatic> Never used that feature, don't plan to either.
[04:19] <TheKorraFanatic> Didn't even know it existed until it was announced it was being sunsetted.
[04:19] <Aiihuan> I never used it eiter.
[04:19] <Aiihuan> * either
[04:19] <TheKorraFanatic> There's going to be a Discussions update soon.
[04:19] <TheKorraFanatic> Going to be quite interestin'
[04:20] <C.Syde65> I think it's the only feature that I haven't touched. At least the only feature that I haven't saved anything.
[04:22] <Aiihuan> <span class="me-username">* <span>Aiihuan</span></span> attacks Syde. c:
[04:22] <C.Syde65> There are a few things that I've only touched because they were there. Like the top 10 lists. I created a top 10 list because I wanted to reach 100% in my wiki's progress.
[04:23] <TheKorraFanatic> Yay!
[04:23] <C.Syde65> Why? :( 
[04:23] <TheKorraFanatic> Ir doesn't matter.
[04:23] <TheKorraFanatic> *t
[04:23] <TheKorraFanatic> *it
[04:23] <TheKorraFanatic> *It
[04:23] <Aiihuan> Indeed ir does not matter.
[04:23] <TheKorraFanatic> Aii.... (silly) 
[04:23] <Aiihuan> ; - ;
[04:31] <TheKorraFanatic>
[04:31] <TheKorraFanatic> Let's discuss that.
[04:32] <Aiihuan> Nice.
[04:32] <C.Syde65> Woah.
[04:43] <TheKorraFanatic> Birb
[04:46] <TheKorraFanatic>
[04:47] <C.Syde65> lol.
[04:59] <Alex.sapre> why is korra awake
[04:59] <Alex.sapre> and why is there a random bird in m y discord
[04:59] <Alex.sapre> friendslist
[04:59] <TheKorraFanatic> *birb
[04:59] <Alex.sapre> did you make a sock or something
[05:00] <TheKorraFanatic> Nope.
[05:08] <TheKorraFanatic> Bye.
[05:08] <TheKorraFanatic> Birb out.
[05:09] <TheKorraFanatic> Aii, you're in charge. <3
[05:09] <TheKorraFanatic> Byeee.
[05:09] <Aiihuan> Byee. ^^
[06:40] <Rogue maltron> panic at the disco rocks nnow
[06:54] <C.Syde65> O/ 
[06:54] <C.Syde65> Oh whoops.
[12:00] <Jamesb1> O/ 
[12:15] <C.Syde65> Oh what?
[12:15] <C.Syde65> I'm still in chat?
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