[11:51] <TheKorraFanatic> <span style="text-decoration:line-through;">Google or Tupka?</span>
[11:51] <TheKorraFanatic> 
[11:51] <Qstlijku> <span style="text-decoration:line-through;"> Google</span>
[11:51] <Qstlijku> 
[11:51] <TheKorraFanatic> <span style="text-decoration:line-through;">Destroy him.</span>
[11:51] <TheKorraFanatic> 
[11:52] <Qstlijku> Yep!
[11:52] <Qstlijku> I ignored it
[11:52] <Qstlijku> :P 
[11:52] <TheKorraFanatic> Lol.
[11:54] <TheKorraFanatic> [s]When will Sayu ban Toby! >:V
[11:56] <Bob Hartington> <span style="text-decoration:line-through;"> My character's name shall be Cory Indahouse</span>
[11:56] <Bob Hartington> 
[11:56] <TheKorraFanatic> <span style="text-decoration:line-through;">I'll delete it.</span>
[11:56] <TheKorraFanatic> 
[12:02] <C.Syde65> Shit.
[12:02] <C.Syde65> I hate it when it does that.
[12:03] <Qstlijku> Do you know why it does that?
[12:03] <C.Syde65> Why?
[12:03] <Qstlijku> idk
[12:03] <Qstlijku> I was asking you
[12:04] <TheKorraFanatic> (facepalm) 
[12:04] <Qstlijku> (facepalm) 
[12:04] <Alex.sapre> because it's your bot, syde
[12:08] <TheKorraFanatic> Dreamfeather3 must be stopped!
[12:08] <C.Syde65> That doesn't explain why it randomly decides to leave when I'm not looking.
[12:10] <TheKorraFanatic> Dreamfeather3 must be destroyed. 
[12:11] <South Ferry> Move on from Dreamfeather.
[12:11] <C.Syde65> Yeah, okay.
[12:11] <Qstlijku> Nope!
[12:11] <TheKorraFanatic> I'll move on the second they move on from door-spamming!
[12:11] <Bob Hartington> The Bot has a mind of its own
[12:14] <TheKorraFanatic> This IP vandalized a page and then reverted their own edit.
[12:14] <Qstlijku> Where?
[12:14] <Bob Hartington> Good
[12:14] <TheKorraFanatic> WIKIAofTHErandom Wikia.
[12:14] <Qstlijku> I meant a link?
[12:15] <TheKorraFanatic> One sec. 
[12:15] <TheKorraFanatic> Copying it now.
[12:15] <Bob Hartington> Q does not know if he meant a link or not 
[12:15] <TheKorraFanatic> Trying to copy the diff.
[12:15] <Qstlijku> Can you tell me when Dreamfeather 3 leaves again?
[12:15] <TheKorraFanatic>
[12:15] <TheKorraFanatic> Ye.
[12:15] <Qstlijku>
[12:16] <Qstlijku> Interesting how the links show up differently
[12:16] <TheKorraFanatic> True. (therp) 
[12:16] <TheKorraFanatic> They left again.
[12:20] <Qstlijku> I'm trying to see if opening a PM with them makes their leave not show up
[12:20] <TheKorraFanatic> Interestin' idea.
[12:21] <TheKorraFanatic> Welcome, South Ferry.
[12:22] <South Ferry> kk
[12:22] <C.Syde65> @ Q - It does sometimes.
[12:22] <C.Syde65> I've seen it happen.
[12:23] <C.Syde65> Then the PM freezes which forces me to refresh chat, and then they aren't in chat anymore.
[12:24] <South Ferry> <span style="background-color:purple;"><span style="color:blue;">@thekorrafanatic</span></span> strike 1 for using ***** please read <span style="background-color:purple;"><span style="color:blue;">#rules</span>
[12:24] <South Ferry> </span>
[12:24] <TheKorraFanatic> Wait, what?
[12:24] <TheKorraFanatic> That font looks like shit, btw.
[12:25] <South Ferry> Most people are offended by slurs and they are not something that should be said in a social chat we are all here to get along and have a good time not to offend each other
[12:25] <TheKorraFanatic> Wtf you on.
[12:26] <South Ferry> Huh????
[12:26] <Qstlijku> Huh???
[12:26] <South Ferry> My Lord.
[12:26] <TheKorraFanatic> Huh???
[12:26] <South Ferry> That was done simultaneously!
[12:26] <Qstlijku> Yep!
[12:26] <TheKorraFanatic> True.
[12:26] <TheKorraFanatic> Come, let us check DDLCWS.
[12:27] <TheKorraFanatic> Sadly, it's quite inactive now.
[12:27] <TheKorraFanatic> No longer the empire it used to be.
[12:27] <South Ferry> That is true, but I just need to know what happened to the 400+ server. I wish I could get a link to it, it just disappeared form my list one day.
[12:27] <South Ferry> from**
[12:28] <TheKorraFanatic> Sadly,
[12:28] <TheKorraFanatic> DDLC is a long forgotten concept now.
[12:28] <TheKorraFanatic> Just move on from DDLCWS.
[12:28] <C.Syde65> Oh wb Mess! o/ 
[12:29] <South Ferry> You brought it up, TheKorraFanatic.
[12:29] <South Ferry> TheKorraFanatic, tell me, what is this:
[12:29] <South Ferry>
[12:30] <Bob Hartington> I did not know it was Saturday 
[12:30] <TheKorraFanatic> Uhhh
[12:30] <South Ferry> Lemme get uhhhhhhh
[12:31] <South Ferry> now, tell me what is this: i've learned that it's ok if someone doesn't like me back..there are so many great ppl and sometimes they don't feel a connection. being good doesn't entitle us to be loved by everyone. it can hurt but i think it's best to respect ppl's individuality and keep doing our best. ilu
[12:31] <TheKorraFanatic> You are high af today, man.
[12:32] <South Ferry> I said tell me what was in the twitter image I linked, O'Fanatic.
[12:32] <South Ferry> <span style="font-weight:bold;">Now.</span>
[12:32] <South Ferry> 
[12:33] <TheKorraFanatic> I said "Uhhhh"!
[12:33] <South Ferry> What is it, tell me!
[12:33] <TheKorraFanatic> It does not matter.
[12:33] <South Ferry> Why won't you tell me!
[12:34] <TheKorraFanatic> Because it doesn't matter!
[12:34] <Qstlijku> Heading out now
[12:34] <Bob Hartington> It is a DDLC thing
[12:34] <Qstlijku> \o 
[12:34] <TheKorraFanatic> \o 
[12:35] <South Ferry> PM me <span style="font-weight:bold;">now[/b[, tkf</span>
[12:35] <South Ferry> 
[12:36] <Bob Hartington> PM me <span style="font-weight:bold;">now[/b[, tkf</span>
[12:36] <Bob Hartington> 
[12:36] <South Ferry> kk
[12:39] <Bob Hartington> We must talk about the TDL finale 
[12:39] <South Ferry> And what is The Demon's Light Finale?
[12:40] <South Ferry> I presume The Demon's Light shall be published as a play, in Acts?
[12:41] <TheKorraFanatic> South Ferry, PM!
[12:41] <Bob Hartington> TDL will be proposed to as a show to FOX network 
[12:42] <C.Syde65> [[Category:Anti-Heros]] Do we need this category? Just asking.
[12:42] <South Ferry> No.
[12:42] <Bob Hartington> It is a VERY needed category 
[12:42] <C.Syde65> Oh wait. There's a typo in it.
[12:42] <TheKorraFanatic> Delete it, CS65.
[12:42] <TheKorraFanatic> PM now, SF.
[12:43] <Bob Hartington> I see that CMF is editing but not on chat 
[12:44] <C.Syde65> Yeah, I hope he responds to the non-canon RP.
[12:44] <Bob Hartington> Link the Writing challenge 
[12:45] <Bob Hartington> TheKorraFanatic may YOU link it
[12:46] <TheKorraFanatic> A bit busy, sorry.
[12:46] <TheKorraFanatic> Just search Discussions.
[12:47] <Bob Hartington> I cannot
[12:47] <Bob Hartington> Discussions wont load
[12:47] <Bob Hartington> TheKorraFanatic: Warning 1. If you are busy why are you on this chat 
[12:58] <FalcoLombardi99> Chase seems mad that I changed Sterling completely, though I only did it to remove the edginess.
[12:58] <TheKorraFanatic> Chase, sadly, hates change.
[12:59] <FalcoLombardi99> Yeah
[12:59] <South Ferry> Chase McFly does not hate change.
[12:59] <FalcoLombardi99> He hates change of characters
[12:59] <TheKorraFanatic> Sadly, he does.
[12:59] <TheKorraFanatic> But this is not the place for this discussion.
[01:00] <South Ferry> Never bring this topic up again, TheKorraFanatic.
[01:00] <TheKorraFanatic> I didn't!
[01:00] <TheKorraFanatic> Fuck you!
[01:00] <South Ferry> You did. Now I will check WA.
[01:01] <TheKorraFanatic> Do it!
[01:03] <South Ferry> Come TheKorraFanatic,
[01:03] <South Ferry> tell me,
[01:03] <South Ferry> what is in S.A
[01:03] <South Ferry> S.C*]
[01:09] <South Ferry> I am sorry,
[01:10] <South Ferry> But right now Sterling Heron is a dry Stub.
[01:10] <South Ferry> It was completely blanked, nearly.
[01:21] <TheKorraFanatic> Good.
[01:27] <South Ferry> Wbg!
[01:27] <South Ferry> Why!
[01:27] <TheKorraFanatic> A fresh start.
[01:29] <South Ferry> Just delete the character now.
[01:29] <South Ferry> It serves no purpose.
[01:29] <TheKorraFanatic> Let's give it a chance.
[01:32] <C.Syde65> I think we should give it a chance.
[01:36] <C.Syde65> Bob! o/ 
[01:46] <FriedWAffles> Hello
[01:46] <C.Syde65> Hey Falco and FriedWAffles! o/ 
[01:46] <FalcoLombardi99> Hey Pancakes (Robin) 
[01:47] <FriedWAffles> Brb
[01:51] <Princess Chey14> Hey
[01:56] <C.Syde65> Chey and Waffles! o/ 
[01:57] <Princess Chey14> Syde advice
[02:00] <FriedWAffles> Back
[02:05] <TheKorraFanatic> We must converse with one another.
[02:07] <C.Syde65> Okay.
[02:07] <TheKorraFanatic> How are you, Syde?
[02:07] <TheKorraFanatic> And you, Chey?
[02:07] <C.Syde65> I'm fine. Yourself?
[02:07] <TheKorraFanatic> I'm alright.
[02:08] <TheKorraFanatic> A bit tired though.
[02:08] <Princess Chey14> Good Korra
[02:08] <TheKorraFanatic> Glad to hear it, Chey.
[02:08] <Princess Chey14> Thanks bub
[02:08] <TheKorraFanatic> Np.
[02:09] <TheKorraFanatic> Why is Kocka on so late? Lol.
[02:10] <C.Syde65> That's a good question.
[02:10] <C.Syde65> Did he leave?
[02:10] <C.Syde65> Or is it on Discord?
[02:11] <TheKorraFanatic> He's on Discord.
[02:11] <TheKorraFanatic>
[02:12] <Bob Hartington> Korra your name has too many capital letters
[02:13] <TheKorraFanatic> Caps isn't a rule there.
[02:13] <Bob Hartington> I didn't say it was 
[02:14] <TheKorraFanatic> (therp) 
[02:17] <C.Syde65> [14:14:37] TheKorraFanatic: (therp) 
[02:17] <C.Syde65> Where does that emote originate from?
[02:18] <TheKorraFanatic> Idk.
[02:18] <TheKorraFanatic> I can't remember who added it.
[02:18] <TheKorraFanatic> But I used it right then so I could copy the image and upload it to Wikia Watchers.
[02:23] <C.Syde65> Ah.
[03:11] <Messenger of Heaven> /sendannouncement [[User:Octopus Wizard|Octopus Wizard]] has been kicked by [[User:Messenger of Heaven|Messenger of Heaven]]
[03:11] <South Ferry> True, flb99.
[03:11] <TheKorraFanatic> You will need to apply, and I don't feel that you're quite active enough, nor do I feel that we need any more chat mods at this point.
[03:12] <Octopus Wizard> I will need to apply, and Syde doesn't feel that I'm quite active enough, nor do he feel that TDL need any more chat mods at this point.
[03:12] <South Ferry> True.
[03:12] <Messenger of Heaven> on a serious note if Rick ever applies again he will have my full support
[03:12] <South Ferry> :O 
[03:12] <Octopus Wizard> >nor do he feel 
[03:12] <Octopus Wizard> oof
[03:12] <TheKorraFanatic> Lol.
[03:13] <Messenger of Heaven> /sendannouncement [[User:C.Syde65|C.Syde65]] has been kicked by [[User:Messenger of Heaven|Messenger of Heaven]]
[03:13] <South Ferry> Messenger of Heaven: Warning 1.
[03:13] <Octopus Wizard> sad
[03:14] <FalcoLombardi99> (thinking) Syde was kicked but he's still in chat, so it's a fake kick.
[03:14] <Messenger of Heaven> South Furry: Warning 1.
[03:14] <South Ferry> Perhaps one day we will return to T.P., as June 5th nears closer and closer, and I would have been the age I claimed to have been.
[03:15] <TheKorraFanatic> True.
[03:15] <Messenger of Heaven> F i went to ban
[03:15] <Octopus Wizard> south just return to toilet paper wiki and get it over with
[03:15] <South Ferry> That is from "good kid, m.A.A.d city".
[03:15] <TheKorraFanatic> True, AWM.
[03:15] <South Ferry> Make it symbolic, AWM.
[03:16] <Octopus Wizard> of what
[03:17] <South Ferry> It does not matter, truthfully, Octopus Wizard.
[03:18] <Octopus Wizard> proposal: ask wikia to reset the password for your old account
[03:19] <TheKorraFanatic> You forgot one.
[03:19] <Octopus Wizard> then you can return without the shame of having fnaf fanon in your favorite wikis
[03:19] <South Ferry> I have quite a few accounts I should recover.
[03:19] <South Ferry> We have the original, that Sergeant Kitten one, the infamous Mechanical Hound,
[03:19] <South Ferry> and a whole other series of alts, TastySugar, Wall Bomber
[03:20] <Messenger of Heaven> those wherent real were they?
[03:20] <South Ferry> Mechanical Feline, Mechanical Elephant
[03:20] <TheKorraFanatic> Clearly not, MoH.
[03:20] <C.Syde65> What weren't?
[03:20] <TheKorraFanatic> Do you truly think they sat in chat for ages?
[03:20] <C.Syde65> If you mean the accounts, of course not.
[03:20] <Octopus Wizard> they were real we just got nae naed epic style by the infamous mechanical hound
[03:20] <TheKorraFanatic> True.
[03:20] <Octopus Wizard> what did i just type
[03:21] <TheKorraFanatic> Idk.
[03:21] <South Ferry> [[User:TastySugar]] [[User:Wall Bomber]] [[User:The Mechanical Hound]] [[User:The Mechanical Elephant]] [[User:The Mechanical Feline]] [[User:LemonL00ver]]
[03:27] <C.Syde65> wb South! o/ 
[03:27] <South Ferry> I appreciate it.
[03:33] <Bob Hartington> Sgt Pepper 
[03:39] <C.Syde65> wb Falco! o/ 
[03:57] <C.Syde65> wb South! o/ 
[04:21] <South Ferry> It seems our Bianca is not yet joining the chat.
[04:25] <C.Syde65> lol.
[04:47] <TheKorraFanatic> Bye.
[04:48] <C.Syde65> o/ 
[05:33] <Princess Chey14> Hey
[09:33] <Alex.sapre> -_- stop copying me 
[09:34] <Messenger of Heaven> omg
[09:34] <Zombie Dreemuur> Mine is just a human doll sowing parts of him back on
[09:35] <TheKorraFanatic> Quite edgy.
[09:35] <TheKorraFanatic> Welcome, SF.
[09:35] <South Ferry> What is wrong with this dubious image, tkf? 
[09:35] <South Ferry> It is as dubious as yours. 
[09:35] <TheKorraFanatic> Seems you are using a forbidden _ as your profile picture.
[09:35] <TheKorraFanatic> Mine is not dubious, however.
[09:36] <South Ferry> Kk
[09:36] <Zombie Dreemuur> what? I love gore, seen I'll be watching IT.
[09:36] <Zombie Dreemuur> soon*
[09:36] <South Ferry> Ah, I.T, information technology. 
[09:36] <C.Syde65> Human doll, lol.
[09:36] <C.Syde65> o/ 
[09:36] <Messenger of Heaven> uh
[09:37] <South Ferry> Welcome, See Syde Sixty Five. 
[09:37] <TheKorraFanatic> Welcome, Syde BOT.
[09:37] <TheKorraFanatic> Welcome, C.Syde65.
[09:37] <South Ferry> Messenger of Heaven, what is the matter? 
[09:37] <Zombie Dreemuur> No... IT, Pennywise the Dancing Clown.
[09:39] <TheKorraFanatic> Tell me, SF,
[09:39] <TheKorraFanatic> How is my profile picture dubious?
[09:42] <Messenger of Heaven> no clowns!
[09:42] <TheKorraFanatic> I said tell me!
[09:43] <South Ferry> Your picture is equally dubious as this, in the cropped ver. 
[09:43] <TheKorraFanatic> Tell me, how?
[09:44] <South Ferry> Just move on 
[09:44] <South Ferry> Welcome Princess Chey14.
[09:44] <TheKorraFanatic> I said tell me.
[09:44] <TheKorraFanatic> Welcome, Princess Chey14.
[09:44] <South Ferry> Move on!
[09:44] <TheKorraFanatic> I assume it's dubious because of the leg amount shown?
[09:44] <TheKorraFanatic> Sadly,
[09:44] <TheKorraFanatic> This makes the picture hot, not dubious.
[09:44] <Messenger of Heaven> yuck
[09:44] <Princess Chey14> Hey everyone
[09:45] <TheKorraFanatic> Never say yuck again, MoH.
[09:45] <TheKorraFanatic> Welcome, Princess Chey14.
[09:45] <Messenger of Heaven> yuck yuck yuck yuck
[09:45] <TheKorraFanatic> I rememba when _ saw this picture and he decreed it volatile and inappropriate for his young mind.
[09:45] <TheKorraFanatic> Though there truly is nothing wrong in this image.
[09:46] <South Ferry> PM me who now. 
[09:47] <Princess Chey14> Hey mess and Korra
[09:47] <Messenger of Heaven> I know who just by the young mind and the exaggerating 
[09:47] <Messenger of Heaven> hi chey
[09:48] <TheKorraFanatic> South Ferry
[09:48] <TheKorraFanatic> Sexist!
[09:48] <TheKorraFanatic> 4:47
[09:48] <TheKorraFanatic> TheKorraFanatic
[09:48] <TheKorraFanatic> HOW?!
[09:48] <C.Syde65> O/ 
[09:49] <Zombie Dreemuur> I'm sad that only 16 year olds can get a moped not an actual motorbike.
[09:49] <Princess Chey14> Syde
[09:50] <South Ferry> Come, Dreamer, here's what you will do~ 
[09:50] <Messenger of Heaven> hey Syde
[09:50] <South Ferry> You will focus on your studies, get high grades. 
[09:50] <Zombie Dreemuur> When a moped is more dangerous and breaks more easily.
[09:50] <South Ferry> Study hard, and focus solely on school, and you will get your motorbike 
[09:50] <Zombie Dreemuur> There's no such thing as grades in my school 
[09:50] <TheKorraFanatic> I've already dismissed him though. But if he responds to my messages, then other users that know the answers as well won't trouble to respond, since they won't know that I don't generally pay attention to dismissed messages, or they don't even know which users that I have dismissed.
[09:50] <South Ferry> Ah I see.
[09:50] <South Ferry> And what is this tkf? 
[09:51] <TheKorraFanatic> It does not matter.
[09:51] <TheKorraFanatic> Welcome, FriedWAffles.
[09:51] <FriedWAffles> Hi
[09:51] <Zombie Dreemuur> It's a disabled school for f sakes! They never do grades since they opened.
[09:51] <TheKorraFanatic> Sadly, you must remain calm.
[09:51] <South Ferry> Calm yourself, young Dreamer. Remember, this is not for venting. 
[09:52] <South Ferry> You may also tell a user in PM if they are willing to listen. 
[09:52] <Zombie Dreemuur> To be honest no one these days like to listen to me.
[09:52] <TheKorraFanatic> Please move on and take it to PM.
[09:52] <TheKorraFanatic> Further continuation will lead to a kick, just saying.
[09:53] <Messenger of Heaven> calm thy self young on and we all like to listen to you and are willing to help if you would listen to us 
[09:53] <Messenger of Heaven> one*
[09:53] <TheKorraFanatic> He headed out.
[09:53] <FriedWAffles> :| 
[09:53] <South Ferry> He did indeed. Let's discuss Messenger Deception for now. 
[09:53] <TheKorraFanatic> Ah, Messenger Deception.
[09:54] <Bob Hartington> We must talk about T.D.L.
[09:55] <Qstlijku> o/ 
[09:55] <TheKorraFanatic> Welcome, Qstlijku.
[09:56] <TheKorraFanatic> South Ferry, remove it at once.
[09:57] <Qstlijku> What are you talking about?
[09:57] <Qstlijku> I looked at the logs and I still can't figure it out
[09:57] <South Ferry> Remove what at once?
[09:57] <TheKorraFanatic> Your profile picture!
[09:57] <TheKorraFanatic> I will tell you in PM, Q.
[09:57] <Qstlijku> ok
[09:59] <TheKorraFanatic>
[09:59] <TheKorraFanatic> True.
[10:01] <TheKorraFanatic> I said change it at once, SF.
[10:01] <TheKorraFanatic> Or I will make you!
[10:01] <Qstlijku> The small version of it reminds me of one Brick used to have
[10:01] <TheKorraFanatic> Ah, Brick.
[10:01] <TheKorraFanatic> A decent fellow.
[10:04] <Bob Hartington> it is so hot here 
[10:04] <TheKorraFanatic> It's like 90 degrees here.
[10:11] <C.Syde65> Wow.
[10:12] <South Ferry> Wow. 
[10:13] <TheKorraFanatic> thats a risk that you assume when you dismiss people
[10:15] <South Ferry> Wtf 
[10:15] <C.Syde65> wb Ferry! o/ 
[10:15] <TheKorraFanatic> It does not matter, Ferry.
[10:15] <Bob Hartington> Welcome, South Furry 
[10:16] <South Ferry> This channel will likely be deleted one or two weeks after Mania's release, their is simply no need for it after that. Happy posting~
[10:16] <Bob Hartington> "Their"
[10:19] <C.Syde65> wb Chey! o/ 
[10:20] <Princess Chey14> Syde
[10:33] <TheKorraFanatic>
[10:34] <Qstlijku> lol
[10:36] <TheKorraFanatic> Welcome, Princess Chey14.
[10:38] <C.Syde65> lmao.
[10:41] <South Ferry> lmao.
[10:42] <TheKorraFanatic> Alright, that's it.
[10:44] <Bob Hartington> Uncalled for 
[10:45] <South Ferry> You're kidding me.
[10:45] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> nope
[10:45] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> also,
[10:45] <TheKorraFanatic> Nope.
[10:45] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> SF,
[10:45] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> YOU are a weeb
[10:45] <South Ferry> We agreed not to kick each other, yet you go and ban. Let's go to sc NOW tkf.
[10:45] <TheKorraFanatic> Welcome, Spongebobvstheloudhouse.
[10:45] <South Ferry> Incorrect; Spongebobvstheloudhouse.
[10:46] <TheKorraFanatic> Sure, SF.
[10:48] <TheKorraFanatic> Why did you do it, SF?
[10:48] <TheKorraFanatic> 
[10:49] <TheKorraFanatic> Let us discuss HearthRaven.
[10:49] <TheKorraFanatic> She truly did move on, eh?
[10:49] <Bob Hartington> Nope
[10:50] <Bob Hartington> She is here right now cant you see her TKF
[10:51] <C.Syde65> I sure wish HearthRaven would come back.
[10:52] <C.Syde65> What makes you think she's not just inactive?
[10:52] <C.Syde65> That she really has moved on.
[10:52] <TheKorraFanatic> She's been gone since December 26!
[10:52] <TheKorraFanatic> Said "brb" in PM too!
[10:52] <TheKorraFanatic> If that ain't moving on, I don't know what is!
[10:52] <FalcoLombardi99> She might come back
[10:53] <South Ferry> Sadly,
[10:53] <Bob Hartington> She is just taking a long brb, TKF
[10:53] <South Ferry> HearthRaven will come back on January 3rd, 2019
[10:53] <South Ferry> tell me what is the significance of this date?
[10:54] <TheKorraFanatic> The new Congress will be inaugurated.
[10:54] <South Ferry> That is one, but not quite what I was going for.
[10:54] <South Ferry> let's just move on.
[10:55] <TheKorraFanatic> Tell me NOW.
[10:56] <C.Syde65> I don't believe that she's gone forever.
[10:56] <TheKorraFanatic> Just move on, CS65.
[10:56] <TheKorraFanatic> I understand losing a loved one is hard, but it'll be alright one day.
[10:56] <TheKorraFanatic> Think of the fond times you and your girlfriend had togehter.
[10:56] <South Ferry> /!seen Rick Sanhez
[10:58] <Bob Hartington> Tell me,
[10:58] <Bob Hartington> Is she active on any other FANDOM wikis?
[10:59] <TheKorraFanatic> No.
[10:59] <South Ferry> Move on from Hearth.
[11:00] <TheKorraFanatic> Sadly,
[11:00] <TheKorraFanatic> There is nothing to move on from.
[11:00] <TheKorraFanatic> Though I understand CS65 loved her, and her him.
[11:00] <South Ferry> You continue to bring her up; TheKorraFanatic.
[11:00] <TheKorraFanatic> So, this is a tough time for him.
[11:10] <Princess Chey14> Hey
[11:11] <TheKorraFanatic> Welcome, Princess Chey14.
[11:14] <South Ferry> Proposal: 4 Bureaucrats, 8 Administrators, 16 Assistants, 32 Chat Moderators, 32 Content Moderators, 32 Discussion Moderators, 64 Rollbacks
[11:14] <TheKorraFanatic> No.
[11:15] <C.Syde65> No.
[11:15] <FalcoLombardi99> @South if you want that, do it on your wiki
[11:16] <C.Syde65> ^
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