[12:00] <Qstlijku> I headed out long before then!
[12:09] <TheKorraFanatic> I am sorry,
[12:09] <Messenger of Heaven> Jerome Joker Valeska:
[12:09] <Messenger of Heaven> Q is secretly my biggest fan 
[12:09] <Messenger of Heaven> Oh really?
[12:09] <TheKorraFanatic> Once again, please don't mention infinite blocked trolls on main!
[12:10] <TheKorraFanatic> Anyways-
[12:10] <TheKorraFanatic> I am sorry, but Icy, Freezy, and Chase tried to get me on VC.
[12:10] <Chase McFly> Oh my gosh, Korra.
[12:10] <Qstlijku> Yikes
[12:10] <Qstlijku> This must be a mistake
[12:10] <TheKorraFanatic> I am sorry, CMF, but I only spoke the truth.
[12:10] <TheKorraFanatic> Huh??
[12:11] <Qstlijku> 14, 9, 22, 9, 8, 10 notifications on my Discord app
[12:11] <TheKorraFanatic> How dubious.
[12:11] <Qstlijku> Did someone add me to 6 unnamed DMs?
[12:11] <Qstlijku> Sure looks like it
[12:12] <Qstlijku> And everyone headed out, and now I'm the owner of all six!
[12:12] <TheKorraFanatic> It was Loud.
[12:12] <TheKorraFanatic> She did it to all of us.
[12:12] <TheKorraFanatic> Lmao.
[12:12] <Qstlijku> Who's House Hitta?
[12:12] <TheKorraFanatic> South.
[12:12] <Alex.sapre> loud
[12:12] <TheKorraFanatic> Welcome, Alex.sapre.
[12:15] <Bla0018> wb alex?
[12:15] <TheKorraFanatic> I see Ripto made it to level 3 on TDLD.
[12:15] <Alex.sapre> o/ 
[12:16] <Bla0018> hi
[12:16] <TheKorraFanatic> Huh
[12:16] <TheKorraFanatic> I always thought Q and Ripto were Discord friends. (therp) 
[12:16] <C.Syde65> Are they?
[12:16] <TheKorraFanatic> Nope!
[12:16] <C.Syde65> Nope.
[12:17] <C.Syde65> It wouldn't appear so.
[12:18] <Qstlijku> I just joined the voice chat on the TDL server
[12:19] <C.Syde65> I noticed.
[12:19] <TheKorraFanatic> Tell me,
[12:19] <TheKorraFanatic> Why did Ripto try to get to join if he ain't even there!
[12:21] <Qstlijku> Oh it's Chase speaking
[12:21] <Chase McFly> Yes, Q.
[12:21] <Chase McFly> BRB, dinner
[12:21] <TheKorraFanatic> Farewell.
[12:22] <TheKorraFanatic> Sadly, we're just all just listening to CMF.
[12:25] <Qstlijku> Now Dyno joined
[12:25] <Qstlijku> and I headed out
[12:25] <Bla0018> wud?
[12:25] <Messenger of Heaven> hehehe
[12:25] <TheKorraFanatic> Me too.
[12:26] <Qstlijku> Mess can you not?
[12:26] <Messenger of Heaven> nu
[12:26] <TheKorraFanatic> You guys must never demand for a user to speak again, I am sorry.
[12:27] <TheKorraFanatic> We should all take a look in the mirror,
[12:27] <TheKorraFanatic> <span style="font-weight:bold;">And be ashamed of ourselves.</span>
[12:27] <TheKorraFanatic> 
[12:27] <TheKorraFanatic> Well, except Q and I, because we did nothing.
[12:27] <TheKorraFanatic> But yeah, you other people.
[12:28] <Alex.sapre> excuse me
[12:28] <Bla0018> wud?
[12:28] <Bla0018> hahahahahahaha
[12:28] <Bla0018> r u guys playing game?
[12:29] <TheKorraFanatic> No, we were talking about voice chat on Discord.
[12:29] <Alex.sapre> you guys do voice chat
[12:29] <Alex.sapre> for shame
[12:29] <Alex.sapre> for shame
[12:29] <TheKorraFanatic> Fo' shame.
[12:30] <TheKorraFanatic> Also, no one spoke except Chase McFly. @Alex
[12:30] <Alex.sapre> korea
[12:30] <Alex.sapre> so
[12:30] <Alex.sapre> you joined VOICE chat
[12:30] <Alex.sapre> but didn't talk
[12:30] <Alex.sapre> :P 
[12:30] <Qstlijku> I didn't talk either
[12:30] <TheKorraFanatic> I mean,
[12:30] <Qstlijku> (rofl) 
[12:30] <TheKorraFanatic> Sure.
[12:30] <TheKorraFanatic> I do that often, lol.
[12:30] <Alex.sapre> what's the point
[12:31] <TheKorraFanatic> Listen to others.
[12:31] <TheKorraFanatic> Often we're listening to music.
[12:31] <TheKorraFanatic> Aii and I join VC, but muted, and listen to music together often.
[12:31] <Alex.sapre> nmm mmn mm
[12:31] <TheKorraFanatic> I speak sometimes.
[12:31] <TheKorraFanatic> Like I've spoken to Sayu and Pyro on VC before.
[12:31] <Alex.sapre> for shaaame
[12:32] <C.Syde65> Yeah.
[12:32] <C.Syde65> I've heard them both.
[12:32] <TheKorraFanatic> <span style="text-decoration:line-through;">Sayu sounds really cute.</span>
[12:32] <TheKorraFanatic> 
[12:32] <TheKorraFanatic> Uh, I said nothing.
[12:32] <C.Syde65> I told Sayuri that she has a nice voice and a nice singing voice. But she denies both.
[12:32] <TheKorraFanatic> Rip.
[12:32] <TheKorraFanatic> She can sing.
[12:33] <FalcoLombardi99> I have spoken on VC before and done a video call once
[12:33] <C.Syde65> TFW you compliment someone and they deny it.
[12:33] <TheKorraFanatic> None of you will ever be on a video call with me!
[12:33] <TheKorraFanatic> <span style="text-decoration:line-through;">Well, maybe Aii.</span>
[12:33] <TheKorraFanatic> 
[12:33] <C.Syde65> They deny the thing you complimented them for.
[12:33] <Qstlijku> lol
[12:33] <TheKorraFanatic> But none of y'all.
[12:33] <TheKorraFanatic> Because
[12:33] <TheKorraFanatic> I hate you all. :P 
[12:33] <TheKorraFanatic> JK
[12:34] <Alex.sapre> mm mm mm
[12:34] <Alex.sapre> feelin's mutual ;p
[12:34] <C.Syde65> ;( 
[12:34] <TheKorraFanatic> Good. (yes) 
[12:34] <Alex.sapre> weeeeeb
[12:35] <South Ferry> 8:34
[12:35] <South Ferry> Alex.sapre
[12:35] <South Ferry> mm mm mm
[12:35] <South Ferry> feelin's mutual ;p
[12:35] <South Ferry> Whoops
[12:35] <C.Syde65> Hey Bla and South! o/ 
[12:35] <C.Syde65> lol.
[12:35] <South Ferry> Come, what was done today?
[12:36] <TheKorraFanatic> I renamed the continents.
[12:36] <TheKorraFanatic> And worked on Lisa Fiss.
[12:36] <TheKorraFanatic> Whereas you guys did shit.
[12:37] <Alex.sapre> how awful
[12:37] <TheKorraFanatic> Welcome, Bla0018.
[12:37] <Alex.sapre> i'm not technically TDL aymore :p 
[12:37] <C.Syde65> Huh?
[12:38] <Chase McFly> Alex, perhaps Vome shall return to the RP.
[12:38] <C.Syde65> Yeah.
[12:39] <Chase McFly> Speaking of which, Syde, Harrison and Piercy shall too.
[12:39] <C.Syde65> Yeah.
[12:42] <TheKorraFanatic> I see the music channel is a dubious place currently.
[12:42] <Alex.sapre> add me
[12:43] <FriedWAffles> O/ 
[12:43] <TheKorraFanatic> Welcome, FriedWAffles.
[12:43] <TheKorraFanatic> Join the server then, AS>
[12:43] <Alex.sapre> how do I do that
[12:46] <TheKorraFanatic> Going AFK for 30 minutes.
[12:46] <Alex.sapre> head out o/ 
[12:49] <FriedWAffles> ._.
[12:52] <FriedWAffles> So silent
[12:53] <FriedWAffles> Ima go rind some grammer mistakes on pages
[12:56] <Bla0018> heyyy
[12:57] <Qstlijku>
[12:57] <Qstlijku> Has anyone ever seen this?
[12:57] <C.Syde65> o/ 
[12:58] <TheKorraFanatic> No. @Q
[12:58] <TheKorraFanatic> I'm going AFK again for a good 20 minutes.
[12:59] <Chase McFly> Syde, PM.
[12:59] <Messenger of Heaven> whose twitter is that?
[01:00] <Qstlijku> idk
[01:04] <C.Syde65> Hey Bla and Bob! o/ 
[01:09] <C.Syde65> wb Korra! o/ 
[01:15] <TheKorraFanatic> Hello.
[01:21] <FriedWAffles> ._.
[01:24] <C.Syde65> What?
[01:26] <Chase McFly> Hey.
[01:26] <Chase McFly> I'm back.
[01:26] <C.Syde65> Lol.
[01:26] <FriedWAffles> Wb
[01:26] <C.Syde65> For a second, I thought I read that as Chris McFly.
[01:27] <Chase McFly> XD.
[01:28] <FriedWAffles> Same
[01:28] <Chase McFly> Replied to the RP, Syde.
[01:33] <Downtown Freezy> Kitties that rep colours is doin the same thang
[01:33] <C.Syde65> Hey Freezy! o/ 
[01:33] <FriedWAffles> Riiggghhhht
[01:34] <C.Syde65> wb South! o/ 
[01:34] <South Ferry> Thanks c.s
[01:34] <South Ferry> 
[01:34] <TheKorraFanatic> Just what is .wcl, CMF?
[01:34] <Chase McFly> WEll, I saw Freezy used it months ago
[01:34] <Downtown Freezy> ??
[01:34] <Chase McFly> iDK wht I retyped it.
[01:34] <Downtown Freezy> What is .wcl?
[01:35] <Chase McFly> *Why
[01:35] <Chase McFly> Or South.
[01:35] <Downtown Freezy> Sadly,
[01:35] <Downtown Freezy> If Pyras and Crips all got along they'd prolly gun me down by the end of the song. Seem like the whole city go against me, everytime I'm in the streets I hear YAWK YAWK YAWK YAWK
[01:35] <TheKorraFanatic> Sadly,
[01:35] <Downtown Freezy> brb
[01:35] <Chase McFly> Oh I see
[01:35] <Chase McFly> I messed up the command
[01:35] <TheKorraFanatic> Continents were renamed and Lissacus was dissolved today.
[01:35] <Chase McFly> It wa ssupposed to say .wc
[01:35] <Chase McFly> Not wcl
[01:36] <South Ferry> Lissacus was never dissolved
[01:36] <South Ferry> I know of that piece, Downtown Freezy.
[01:36] <Chase McFly> And South did it, not Freezy.
[01:36] <South Ferry> Come, TheKorraFanatic.
[01:36] <South Ferry> Are you a good kid in a m.A.A.D city?
[01:36] <TheKorraFanatic> Lissacus was dissolved.
[01:36] <TheKorraFanatic> Now we must change all pages with it on there.
[01:36] <South Ferry> Lissacus was never dissolved.
[01:37] <South Ferry> Lmfao.
[01:37] <TheKorraFanatic> The happy go lucky romantic fairy tail is over.
[01:37] <Chase McFly> Omg Korra.
[01:37] <TheKorraFanatic> Huh??????????
[01:37] <TheKorraFanatic> I did nothing!
[01:37] <Chase McFly> Stop this fantasy about romance always being a happy-go-lucky fairy tale.
[01:37] <TheKorraFanatic> Sadly,
[01:38] <Chase McFly> It is not!
[01:38] <TheKorraFanatic> There is no fanasty.
[01:38] <TheKorraFanatic> I didn't say romance was.
[01:38] <TheKorraFanatic> I said this romance was.
[01:38] <TheKorraFanatic> Calm down, CMF.
[01:38] <Chase McFly> But why?
[01:38] <South Ferry> Chase McFly, you called me twice!
[01:38] <Chase McFly> My bad.
[01:38] <Chase McFly> Only mean tto do it once.
[01:39] <South Ferry> Omg Korra.
[01:39] <South Ferry> Stop this fantasy about romance always being a happy-go-lucky fairy tale.
[01:39] <South Ferry> ^ Tell me who said this?
[01:39] <Chase McFly> Chase said it.
[01:39] <TheKorraFanatic> CMF.
[01:39] <Chase McFly> That guy is right, tbh.
[01:39] <TheKorraFanatic> Sadly, I did not get upset over a fictional character getting her heart broken,
[01:39] <TheKorraFanatic> So that guy has little to no room to talk.
[01:39] <Chase McFly> Sadly, you did.
[01:40] <TheKorraFanatic> Sadly,
[01:40] <TheKorraFanatic> That was you last night.
[01:40] <Chase McFly> Sadly, I have no idea what you're talking about.
[01:41] <South Ferry> Chase McFly, call me NOW.
[01:41] <Chase McFly> Okay, SF.
[01:42] <TheKorraFanatic> Sadly, you went like "Stop, TKF!" when I was talking about Lisa getting left.
[01:43] <Chase McFly> Nope.
[01:43] <FriedWAffles> ._.
[01:43] <South Ferry> TheKorraFanatic: Warning 1, you cant sweur hur
[01:43] <South Ferry> ^ Tell me what is this?
[01:43] <TheKorraFanatic> No idea?
[01:43] <South Ferry> Damn it!
[01:44] <South Ferry> Just move on.
[01:44] <Chase McFly> Syde, PM.
[01:44] <TheKorraFanatic> What was it?
[01:44] <South Ferry> Just move on.
[01:44] <South Ferry> I thought you would notice A.G.L,
[01:44] <South Ferry> A.G.U*
[01:44] <South Ferry> but just move on.
[01:44] <TheKorraFanatic> Ah.
[01:44] <TheKorraFanatic> A Google User.
[01:45] <C.Syde65> A Good User! :P 
[01:45] <C.Syde65> That just came into my head when I read A Google User for some reason.
[01:45] <Chase McFly> Korra is violating his own rules?
[01:45] <Chase McFly> Sad.
[01:46] <Chase McFly> You do always tell us not to mention certain things in certain places.
[01:46] <TheKorraFanatic> What are you going on about this tiem?
[01:46] <TheKorraFanatic> *time
[01:46] <Chase McFly> It doesn't matter.
[01:47] <TheKorraFanatic> Okay then.
[01:48] <South Ferry> Alright there we go Chase McFly and I voice-chatted for a good 45 minutes
[01:48] <Chase McFly> Nope.
[01:48] <Chase McFly> Just 1 second.
[01:48] <TheKorraFanatic> I assume CMF heard the voice of SF?
[01:48] <Chase McFly> I did.
[01:48] <Chase McFly> Very deep.
[01:48] <TheKorraFanatic> Did he sound like a true bruddah?
[01:48] <Chase McFly> Yes.
[01:49] <TheKorraFanatic> Sadly,
[01:49] <TheKorraFanatic> We must VC, SF.
[01:49] <TheKorraFanatic> Not now, but soon.
[01:49] <Alex.sapre> o/ 
[01:49] <South Ferry> Welcome, Alex.sapre.
[01:50] <TheKorraFanatic> Welcome, Alex.sapre.
[01:50] <TheKorraFanatic> Tell me, CMF<
[01:50] <TheKorraFanatic> Just what did SF say?
[01:50] <Chase McFly> He said "sssss".
[01:51] <TheKorraFanatic> Just s?
[01:51] <Chase McFly> No.
[01:51] <Chase McFly> He just sounded like he was speaking parseltongue from harry Potter.
[01:51] <TheKorraFanatic> Tell me,
[01:51] <TheKorraFanatic> What shall we work on now?
[01:52] <TheKorraFanatic> I will take a look at Jordan, myself.
[01:52] <South Ferry> Jordan needs an appearence.
[01:52] <TheKorraFanatic> Then role-play as him in the non-canon RP.
[01:53] <South Ferry> Jordan is a twenty three year old dark-skinned fellow, 5'11 in height. He has a large twist-out nappy afro, a medium sized beard.
[01:53] <South Ferry> He usually goes shirtless,
[01:53] <South Ferry> With a small chain.
[01:53] <Alex.sapre> how awful
[01:53] <TheKorraFanatic> He sounds like Jay-Z, eh?
[01:53] <Chase McFly> He's 6'5, South.
[01:54] <TheKorraFanatic> Sadly, he must be shortened down to 6'1.
[01:54] <C.Syde65> lol.
[01:54] <Chase McFly> Why?
[01:54] <TheKorraFanatic> Because how often do you see people 6'5!
[01:54] <South Ferry> Yeah 6'5 is fucking crazy, 6'1
[01:54] <Chase McFly> I have a cousin that tall.
[01:54] <TheKorraFanatic> Me too.
[01:55] <South Ferry> tell me TheKorraFanatic,
[01:55] <South Ferry> Jay Z has a large twist out nappy afro and a beard?
[01:56] <TheKorraFanatic> It does not matter.
[01:56] <Chase McFly> How doe sthsi sound?
[01:57] <Chase McFly> Jordan is a tall teenage boy of African-American descent. He has messy brown hair and big brown eyes. Jordan typically wears a bright yellow jacket, a blue shirt, and gray pants. 
[01:57] <TheKorraFanatic> Tell me,
[01:57] <South Ferry> Be more specific on the hair!
[01:57] <South Ferry> Does he got frizzy cornrows?
[01:57] <TheKorraFanatic> How can someone be an African-American in a world without American and Africa?
[01:57] <South Ferry> Relaxed? Afro? 360 waves?
[01:57] <South Ferry> How we got humans, tkf?
[01:57] <Chase McFly> Oh yeah
[01:57] <C.Syde65> lol.
[01:58] <Chase McFly> How about a tall dark skinned boy
[01:58] <South Ferry> And what is his hair!
[01:59] <Chase McFly> Perhaps a big afro?
[01:59] <TheKorraFanatic> Racist.
[01:59] <Chase McFly> South suggested it.
[01:59] <South Ferry> True./
[01:59] <Chase McFly> 
[01:59] <Chase McFly> 8:52
[01:59] <Chase McFly> TheKorraFanatic 
[01:59] <Chase McFly> Then role-play as him in the non-canon RP.
[01:59] <Chase McFly> 8:53
[01:59] <Chase McFly> South Ferry 
[01:59] <Chase McFly> Jordan is a twenty three year old dark-skinned fellow, 5'11 in height. He has a large twist-out nappy afro, a medium sized beard.
[01:59] <Chase McFly> He usually goes shirtless,
[01:59] <Chase McFly> With a small chain.
[01:59] <Chase McFly> 8:53
[01:59] <Chase McFly> Alex.sapre
[01:59] <Chase McFly> how awful
[01:59] <C.Syde65> I already have an Afro, myself. Lol.
[02:00] <Chase McFly> Lol.
[02:00] <TheKorraFanatic> I see CS65 has an Afro.
[02:00] <South Ferry> Come, C.S, what oils do you use? Presently my shit is dry and nappy rn
[02:01] <Chase McFly> You have an afro too, SF?
[02:01] <South Ferry> Nah its low rn
[02:01] <South Ferry> But it is still dry! I need to get a scalp
[02:01] <Chase McFly> Oh okay.
[02:01] <Chase McFly> How does thsi sound?
[02:02] <C.Syde65> Everyone has a scalp.
[02:02] <Chase McFly> Jordan is a tall, dark-skinned teenage boy. He has a dark brown afro and big brown eyes. Jordan typically wears a bright yellow jacket, a blue shirt, and gray pants. 
[02:03] <South Ferry> I mean like a low, low haircut, #1!
[02:03] <South Ferry> true, cmf.
[02:03] <South Ferry> As no person's hair is truly black,
[02:03] <South Ferry> Just dark dark dark brown.
[02:03] <C.Syde65> Actually I disagree.
[02:03] <South Ferry> Huh?
[02:04] <C.Syde65> I've seen many people with black hair with absolutely no traces of brown hue whatsoever.
[02:04] <South Ferry> Dark dark dark dark brown!
[02:04] <C.Syde65> I've seen people with brownish black hair, but I've also seen people with black black hair.
[02:05] <C.Syde65> I mean there are a few different shades of black. There's greyish black (black with a greyish hue), brownish black (black with a brownish hue), and jet-black (completely black)
[02:05] <TheKorraFanatic> Sky is blue.
[02:06] <Chase McFly> Korra, will you ever come back to the RP?
[02:06] <TheKorraFanatic> Soon.
[02:06] <TheKorraFanatic> I'm doing some counter-vandal work, atm.
[02:06] <South Ferry> Let us restart the rp.
[02:06] <Chase McFly> KK.
[02:06] <Chase McFly> @TKF
[02:06] <Chase McFly> No. @SF
[02:06] <TheKorraFanatic> Tedious work, but if you treat it as a regular task, it soon becomes less tedious.
[02:06] <TheKorraFanatic> Not yet, SF.
[02:07] <TheKorraFanatic> We much work to do.
[02:07] <Chase McFly> Syde, PM.
[02:07] <South Ferry> South, PM.
[02:08] <TheKorraFanatic> TKF, PM.
[02:08] <Chase McFly> Chase, PM.
[02:08] <TheKorraFanatic> Tell me, What is this?
[02:08] <TheKorraFanatic>
[02:08] <South Ferry> Light grammar fixes
[02:09] <TheKorraFanatic> Seems the WW did not catch much spam today.
[02:13] <TheKorraFanatic> Hey, I'm kinda busy, can someone help me with a list?
[02:14] <Bla0018> 👋 
[02:14] <TheKorraFanatic> Welcome, Bla0018.
[02:14] <C.Syde65> What list?
[02:14] <TheKorraFanatic> I'm too busy to sort through this atm.
[02:15] <C.Syde65> Oh crap. I accidentally closed chat, lol.
[02:15] <TheKorraFanatic> But can someone please check all these users and see if any are globally blocked?
[02:15] <TheKorraFanatic> If so, please tell me which ones.
[02:15] <C.Syde65> I meant to close the tab next to it.
[02:15] <C.Syde65> I can do that.
[02:16] <TheKorraFanatic> Thanks, Syde.
[02:17] <C.Syde65> None of them are globally blocked.
[02:18] <TheKorraFanatic> Okay, thank you.
[02:18] <Bla0018> We'd?
[02:20] <TheKorraFanatic> Moved the list to R:P on VSTF WIki.
[02:21] <Bla0018> Did qstiijku left?
[02:21] <TheKorraFanatic> He did.
[02:22] <Bla0018> Ohhh
[02:22] <Bla0018> ohhh
[02:24] <TheKorraFanatic> Okay, I'll try to look at the RP now, Chase.
[02:25] <TheKorraFanatic> Just what is happening?
[02:25] <TheKorraFanatic> Who is Javier?
[02:25] <TheKorraFanatic> Why is he doing this?
[02:25] <Chase McFly> Javier is a evil demon who wants to create an army of enslaved humans to overthrow Gabriel.
[02:26] <TheKorraFanatic> Just what is expected of Atticus?
[02:26] <Chase McFly> Atticus must save Chris.
[02:26] <TheKorraFanatic> From!
[02:26] <Chase McFly> He fell down the hill.
[02:26] <Chase McFly> Onto a ledge, and he is now stuck.
[02:27] <TheKorraFanatic> Just where is Atticus?
[02:27] <Chase McFly> Atticus is on top of the hill.
[02:27] <Chase McFly> That Chase fell off of.
[02:27] <TheKorraFanatic> I assume Atticus is alert of the situation?
[02:27] <Chase McFly> He has just regained consciousness
[02:28] <Chase McFly> After being kidnapped by Javier while he was sleeping.
[02:28] <Chase McFly> Chris went to save him.
[02:28] <Chase McFly> And took him to the mountain, set him down, and fell off.
[02:28] <Chase McFly> Onto a ledge.
[02:29] <C.Syde65> wb Korra! o/ 
[02:29] <TheKorraFanatic> And Atticus is aware of this?
[02:29] <Bla0018> We korra🤗🤗
[02:30] <TheKorraFanatic> We, Bla0018.
[02:30] <Chase McFly> Atticus has bene unconscious the whole time.
[02:30] <Chase McFly> He is about to wake up.
[02:30] <Chase McFly> Rescue Chris.
[02:30] <Chase McFly> Who will tell him everything.
[02:30] <Chase McFly> Or,
[02:30] <TheKorraFanatic> Tell me, what if he chooses to run off instead?
[02:30] <Chase McFly> He can remain ignorant.
[02:30] <TheKorraFanatic> Such as he does NOT know where CMF is and assumes CMF got away to safety.
[02:30] <TheKorraFanatic> Sadly,
[02:30] <Chase McFly> And not know the situation.
[02:30] <TheKorraFanatic> He's remained ignorant throughout the whole RP.
[02:31] <Chase McFly> But Chris would be shouting his name.
[02:31] <TheKorraFanatic> What if he doesn't hear it?
[02:31] <Chase McFly> However, Atticus could go and find Javier's lair and save Harrison and Piercy, who tell him eevrything.
[02:31] <TheKorraFanatic> I'll take a look at the RP and see what must be done.
[02:31] <Chase McFly> Why would he not?
[02:33] <TheKorraFanatic> Sadly,
[02:33] <TheKorraFanatic> Most of Jordain needs to be rewritten.
[02:33] <Chase McFly> But earlier yous aid it wa s agood page.
[02:33] <TheKorraFanatic> It is.
[02:33] <TheKorraFanatic> But parts must change!
[02:34] <TheKorraFanatic> Such as adding him being part of the group Atticus was with, but choose to remain behind!
[02:34] <Chase McFly> Just add it.
[02:35] <TheKorraFanatic> Tell me,
[02:35] <TheKorraFanatic> How did Atticus lose consciousness?
[02:35] <TheKorraFanatic> And I assume he is by himself atm?
[02:35] <Chase McFly> Well, he was already asleep.
[02:35] <TheKorraFanatic> So, he's asleep!
[02:35] <Chase McFly> But Javier just nocked him out while he was sleeping.
[02:35] <Chase McFly> *Knocked
[02:36] <TheKorraFanatic> How tf do you knock out a sleeping person.
[02:36] <C.Syde65> Atticus is unconscious, so why is Chris calling out to him?
[02:36] <Chase McFly> Yes, harrison and Piercy are being tested by Javier, and Chase is on a ledge.
[02:36] <TheKorraFanatic> Like what, just wack him while he was sleeping?
[02:36] <Chase McFly> So, yes, he's alone.
[02:36] <TheKorraFanatic> Sadly,
[02:36] <TheKorraFanatic> While the RP has good dialouge.
[02:36] <Chase McFly> Chris thinks he'll wake up.
[02:36] <TheKorraFanatic> It's lacking in description of the places.
[02:37] <Chase McFly> They are on a mountain.
[02:37] <Chase McFly> A desolate, ta-colored mountain.
[02:37] <Chase McFly> A very tall one.
[02:37] <TheKorraFanatic> Interestin'
[02:37] <Chase McFly> *Tall
[02:37] <Chase McFly> Javier has a black, spooky catse-like lair.
[02:37] <Chase McFly> *Castle
[02:37] <Messenger of Heaven> Korra discord lmao
[02:38] <TheKorraFanatic> Yes, Mess, I saw.
[02:38] <TheKorraFanatic> Never do that again, MoH.
[02:40] <Chase McFly> Korra, what is Atticus going to do?
[02:40] <TheKorraFanatic> Just watch and see.
[02:40] <Chase McFly> KK
[02:40] <TheKorraFanatic> Sadly, it will be shocking as it was not decided by another user.
[02:44] <Chase McFly> Just do it, TKF.
[02:46] <Chase McFly> Syde, PM.
[02:48] <South Ferry> Link me the rp NOW.
[02:49] <C.Syde65>
[02:49] <C.Syde65> wb South! o/ 
[02:49] <Chase McFly>
[02:51] <C.Syde65> Ugh.
[02:51] <C.Syde65> He just left.
[02:51] <C.Syde65> wb Bob! o/ 
[02:51] <Bob Hartington> wb
[02:52] <C.Syde65> Yay, Korra responded to the RP.
[02:55] <Chase McFly> As did I.
[02:56] <Bob Hartington> "Good, good." said Javier devilishly."
[02:56] <Bob Hartington> Delightfully Devilish, CMF
[02:57] <Chase McFly> Thanks, HNB.
[02:58] <Chase McFly> Syde, PM.
[03:03] <C.Syde65> I see Aii is online.
[03:07] <Chase McFly> Get her on TDL, Syde. :p 
[03:09] <C.Syde65> Ugh. One thing is stopping me from posting. I forgot what you call a tunnel that has a roof over it.
[03:10] <Chase McFly> A cave?
[03:10] <C.Syde65> No, that's not it.
[03:10] <C.Syde65> I know what it's called, but why isn't it coming to my mind?
[03:11] <Chase McFly> A tunnel?
[03:11] <Bob Hartington> mineshaft 
[03:11] <TheKorraFanatic> How tf are they gonna find a BUS and bring it back?
[03:11] <Chase McFly> It's a toy.
[03:12] <C.Syde65> I'll just post it now anyway.
[03:12] <Bob Hartington> "You are a tooyyyyeee!"
[03:14] <Chase McFly> Hmm... Chris is in a tunnel, as are Harrison and Piercy.
[03:14] <Chase McFly> What does this imply?
[03:15] <TheKorraFanatic> Not gonna say it's aliens,
[03:15] <TheKorraFanatic>'s aliens.
[03:15] <Messenger of Heaven> Don Lemon 
[03:15] <Bob Hartington> I assume those aliens are from Terra?
[03:15] <Bob Hartington> Good morning 
[03:15] <Chase McFly> Well, maybe they are in a long tunnel.
[03:16] <Chase McFly> A tunnel that stretches a few miles.
[03:16] <Bob Hartington> Hey
[03:16] <Chase McFly> Because it is an escape route to some sort of resistance hide-out.
[03:16] <Bob Hartington> if I join the TDL rp
[03:16] <Bob Hartington> can I make my character an alien 
[03:17] <TheKorraFanatic> I stg,
[03:17] <Chase McFly> Thus, Harrison and Piercy could hear Chris' faint evil laughs from the other end of the tinnel.
[03:17] <TheKorraFanatic> I will make Atticus say the alien line.
[03:17] <Bob Hartington> Tell me, TKF,
[03:17] <Bob Hartington> What does "stg" mean?
[03:18] <C.Syde65> What is this Don Lemon?
[03:18] <TheKorraFanatic> Google, Syde.
[03:18] <Bob Hartington>
[03:19] <C.Syde65> Ah.
[03:19] <Chase McFly> Let us continue to reply to the RP.
[03:20] <Bob Hartington> 
[03:20] <Bob Hartington> Bob Hartington: if I join the TDL rp can I make my character an alien 
[03:20] <Bob Hartington> 
[03:20] <TheKorraFanatic> No.
[03:20] <Bob Hartington> Why, TKF?
[03:21] <TheKorraFanatic> Welcome, FriedWAffles.
[03:21] <FriedWAffles> Hi
[03:21] <TheKorraFanatic> Because aliens doesn't fit the setting, Hart.
[03:21] <C.Syde65> wb Mess and FW! O/ 
[03:21] <Bob Hartington> It will be normal for an alien to be in the RP
[03:21] <Chase McFly> Technically,
[03:21] <Chase McFly> Euclidians are aliens
[03:21] <Bob Hartington> Does FalcoLombardi99's character fit the RP, TKF?
[03:21] <C.Syde65> But. 
[03:21] <Bob Hartington> True
[03:21] <C.Syde65> Don't aliens seem a bit too futuristic for the RP? Just a thought.
[03:22] <FriedWAffles> Yes they do
[03:22] <TheKorraFanatic> Tell me how, CMF.
[03:22] <Bob Hartington> Don't Androids?
[03:22] <TheKorraFanatic> How they can be aliens on their own damn planet?
[03:22] <C.Syde65> They can't.
[03:22] <Chase McFly> They are to us.
[03:22] <Chase McFly> AS we live on earth.
[03:22] <Chase McFly> Meaning we're aliens to them.
[03:23] <Bob Hartington> True, bro
[03:23] <C.Syde65> Well, that is true.
[03:24] <Bob Hartington> "Character: Yo lads I gotta tell you somethin'
[03:24] <Bob Hartington> Atticus: What. ___?
[03:24] <Bob Hartington> Character: Imma alien
[03:24] <Bob Hartington> Atticus: Cool"
[03:25] <C.Syde65> lol.
[03:26] <TheKorraFanatic> The being slowly rose into the air, bright light filling the area blinding the spectators and leaving them in awe.
[03:26] <TheKorraFanatic> Atticus: Aliens.
[03:26] <TheKorraFanatic> Chris: It's an angel...
[03:26] <TheKorraFanatic> Atticus: True, that works too.
[03:26] <Chase McFly> GTG.
[03:26] <TheKorraFanatic> Damn it!
[03:26] <TheKorraFanatic> Bye. o/ 
[03:27] <Bob Hartington> Damn it! 
[03:27] <Bob Hartington> Bye. o/ 
[03:27] <Bob Hartington> 
[03:27] <C.Syde65> Bye! o/ 
[03:27] <C.Syde65> Darn.
[03:27] <Chase McFly> Reply to the RP more if you wnat though
[03:28] <Bob Hartington> SO,
[03:28] <Bob Hartington> How about I make a character who is an angel but is actually an alien 
[03:29] <FriedWAffles> Sounds weird if you ask me
[03:31] <C.Syde65> It sounds weird to me. And I'm unsure if it would work. Since it would depend on whether they'd come from another planet or not.
[03:31] <Bob Hartington> They would come from Terra 
[03:31] <C.Syde65> Where does Terra originate from? 
[03:32] <Bob Hartington> It doesn't matter
[03:32] <C.Syde65> I'm not sure if that would work, if the name has already been taken from a planet from another series. I know that Terra was also used in Crash Nitro Kart.
[03:33] <Bob Hartington> Terra is the Latin name for Earth.
[03:33] <C.Syde65> Indeed.
[03:34] <C.Syde65> Which is the exact reason they chose that name for one of the foreign planets introduced in Crash Nitro Kart.
[03:34] <TheKorraFanatic> Ah, Crash Bandicoot.
[03:34] <TheKorraFanatic> I heard that was fun.
[03:34] <Bob Hartington> I am sorry,
[03:35] <Bob Hartington> But I think Terra is a better name for Earth 
[03:35] <C.Syde65> As it turned out, it was replicated from Earth, which is the reason why the planet was very similar to Earth. [[w:c:crashbandicoot:Terra|Terra]].
[03:35] <Bob Hartington> Earth Is like dirt
[03:35] <TheKorraFanatic> Whoa.
[03:35] <TheKorraFanatic> 14,000 edits.
[03:36] <C.Syde65> Though this page has more information. [[w:c:crashbandicoot:Krunk|Krunk]].
[03:36] <C.Syde65> Excuse me? 14,000 edits where?
[03:36] <TheKorraFanatic> You have 14,000 edits there!
[03:36] <C.Syde65> Oh.
[03:36] <C.Syde65> Yeah, I do.
[03:36] <C.Syde65> That's nothing compared to The Sims Wiki and C.Syde's Wiki though.
[03:37] <Bob Hartington> I am sorry,
[03:37] <Bob Hartington> but I thought "Bandipedia" was about bands 
[03:37] <TheKorraFanatic> Whoa.
[03:37] <TheKorraFanatic> Let me show this:
[03:37] <TheKorraFanatic> 2016:
[03:37] <TheKorraFanatic> 
[03:38] <TheKorraFanatic> 15:44, December 30, 2016 C.Syde65 (Talk | contribs) blocked Benhughesmonstro (Talk | contribs) with an expiry time of indefinite (autoblock disabled) (Sock-puppetry: Duplicate of the user "Bhughes16".)
[03:38] <TheKorraFanatic> 2018:
[03:38] <TheKorraFanatic> 16:41, May 28, 2018 C.Syde65 (Talk | contribs) changed block settings for Hh956 (Talk | contribs) with an expiry time of indefinite (cannot edit own talk page) (Abusing multiple accounts: Sock-puppet of Bhughes16.)
[03:38] <C.Syde65> What about it?
[03:39] <TheKorraFanatic> He still there!
[03:39] <C.Syde65> Yep.
[03:42] <C.Syde65> Some users have been on wikis longer than that sadly.
[03:42] <C.Syde65> Ones that evade blocks.
[03:43] <FriedWAffles> Idk why im still here
[03:43] <C.Syde65> Neither do I.
[03:43] <C.Syde65> lol.
[03:44] <FriedWAffles> Im really tired, im not really talking that much.
[03:44] <C.Syde65> Ah.
[03:44] <FriedWAffles> Idk 
[03:57] <Downtown Freezy> So,
[03:57] <C.Syde65> Hey Freezy! o/ 
[03:57] <Downtown Freezy> What do yall think of my continent renames?
[03:57] <C.Syde65> Good! :D 
[03:57] <TheKorraFanatic> I think they're interestin' names.
[03:57] <C.Syde65> Or Goose, as KawaiiKame would say it.
[03:57] <Downtown Freezy> Ah
[03:58] <Downtown Freezy> My brother broke his ankles
[03:58] <Downtown Freezy> Ankle*
[03:58] <TheKorraFanatic> Rip.
[03:58] <Downtown Freezy> Meaning we don't have to walk to school anymore
[03:58] <Downtown Freezy> :) 
[03:58] <TheKorraFanatic> Savage.
[03:58] <C.Syde65> lol. 
[03:58] <C.Syde65> Sad. :( 
[03:59] <C.Syde65> The first sentence was sad.
[03:59] <C.Syde65> The last one was funny.
[03:59] <C.Syde65> Just to clarify.
[03:59] <Downtown Freezy> Tell me, Messenger of Heaven, can you nominate yourself for the awards?
[03:59] <Downtown Freezy> ;) 
[04:00] <TheKorraFanatic> "you can not nominate yourself"
[04:00] <Downtown Freezy> What!
[04:00] <Downtown Freezy> I read the blog!
[04:00] <Downtown Freezy> How did I not see this!
[04:01] <Downtown Freezy> No offense
[04:01] <Downtown Freezy> None of yall deserve best username
[04:01] <TheKorraFanatic> True.
[04:01] <TheKorraFanatic> Only Aii does. <3
[04:02] <C.Syde65> wb Mess! o/ 
[04:02] <C.Syde65> You can't.
[04:03] <Downtown Freezy> This is America
[04:03] <FriedWAffles> Speak for yourself
[04:03] <FriedWAffles> I live in canada
[04:03] <C.Syde65> Aii! o/ 
[04:03] <Messenger of Heaven> I'm going to change the rules tomorrow
[04:03] <C.Syde65> Can you do that?
[04:03] <Downtown Freezy> Without a proposal? No.
[04:04] <Downtown Freezy> Also I live in Canada too, Waffles
[04:04] <C.Syde65> Well, blogs could be different.
[04:04] <TheKorraFanatic> Aii! <3
[04:04] <C.Syde65> I'm not sure though.
[04:04] <TheKorraFanatic> Sadly,
[04:04] <Downtown Freezy> oh, blog rules
[04:04] <TheKorraFanatic> It was a song lyric, FriedWAffles.
[04:04] <C.Syde65> I haven't had much contact with blogs for quite some time.
[04:04] <TheKorraFanatic> Yeah, this is America.
[04:04] <Downtown Freezy> thought she was talking about the whole wiki
[04:04] <Aiihuan> Hello. ^^
[04:05] <Bob Hartington> >My brother broke his ankle 
[04:05] <Bob Hartington> I know how that feels I sprained mine like a year ago 
[04:05] <Bob Hartington> Welcome, Aiihuan 
[04:05] <TheKorraFanatic> Sprained > Broke
[04:05] <TheKorraFanatic> Like c'mon, dude.
[04:05] <Downtown Freezy> Hmph
[04:05] <Bob Hartington> It doesn't matter 
[04:05] <TheKorraFanatic> I, too, hurt my arm once.
[04:05] <TheKorraFanatic> Therefore, I know the pain of breaking my arm.
[04:05] <Messenger of Heaven> night
[04:05] <Bob Hartington> day
[04:05] <TheKorraFanatic> Come now,
[04:06] <Downtown Freezy> You said Sprain is greater than Break, TKF
[04:06] <TheKorraFanatic> Yes, that was for sarcasm.
[04:06] <C.Syde65> Night! o/ 
[04:07] <TheKorraFanatic> Farewell, CS65.
[04:07] <C.Syde65> I'm not heading out.
[04:07] <TheKorraFanatic> I said farewell.
[04:07] <C.Syde65> I thought Mess was.
[04:07] <TheKorraFanatic> I said farewell!
[04:07] <Aiihuan> Head out, Syde. c:
[04:07] <Downtown Freezy> Head out, Syde
[04:08] <TheKorraFanatic> Leave, CS65.
[04:08] <Downtown Freezy> Do not make TKF look like a fool, dammit!
[04:08] <TheKorraFanatic> I see.
[04:08] <Downtown Freezy> lmao!!
[04:08] <TheKorraFanatic> Never do that again, DTF.
[04:09] <FriedWAffles> Gtg
[04:09] <Aiihuan> lmao-
[04:09] <TheKorraFanatic> Farewell, FriedWAffles.
[04:09] <TheKorraFanatic> Cute, Aii.
[04:09] <Downtown Freezy> sowwy :( 
[04:09] <Aiihuan> Welcome back, Syde.
[04:09] <C.Syde65> Thanks! :D 
[04:10] <TheKorraFanatic> I said farewell.
[04:10] <C.Syde65> ;( 
[04:10] <Aiihuan> lol-
[04:11] <Downtown Freezy> Boy, I sure hope somebody got <span style="font-weight:bold;">fired</span> for that blunder!
[04:11] <C.Syde65> Holy crap.
[04:11] <Aiihuan> That startled me, lol. : p
[04:11] <TheKorraFanatic> Good.
[04:11] <Downtown Freezy> I was going to block him
[04:11] <TheKorraFanatic> How.
[04:11] <Downtown Freezy> But I realized I'm not a chat mod
[04:11] <Downtown Freezy> Wink wink
[04:12] <Downtown Freezy> Nudge nudge
[04:12] <C.Syde65> Korra, did you see PM?
[04:13] <C.Syde65> Ugh.
[04:13] <C.Syde65> The bot isn't detecting me leaving.
[04:14] <FriedWAffles> There is always a glitch
[04:14] <FriedWAffles> Never can a bot be perfect
[04:14] <Aiihuan> Would you like to be attacked, Korra? c:
[04:14] <TheKorraFanatic> I'm perfect.
[04:14] <TheKorraFanatic> Oh wait, you said bot.
[04:14] <TheKorraFanatic> Eh, still applies.
[04:15] <Aiihuan> : p
[04:15] <TheKorraFanatic> Sure, Aii. c:
[04:15] <Aiihuan> If you want it, I will not attack, then.
[04:15] <C.Syde65> It only seems to be when I leave and rejoin though.
[04:16] <Downtown Freezy> I'm sorry, TKF and Aiihuan, but attack eachother in private. We don't need to see that shit, get a room
[04:17] <Downtown Freezy> True
[04:17] <Aiihuan> Make us.
[04:17] <Aiihuan> And nope!
[04:17] <Downtown Freezy> No "Attacking eachother" in main!
[04:17] <TheKorraFanatic> Why can't we attack each other in main!
[04:17] <Downtown Freezy> We don't need to see that shit, get a room!
[04:17] <TheKorraFanatic> You get a room!
[04:17] <Downtown Freezy> This wikia is Family Friendly PG Clean!
[04:17] <TheKorraFanatic> If all of you get a room,
[04:17] <TheKorraFanatic> We won't need to get a room!
[04:18] <TheKorraFanatic> 10/10 logic there.
[04:18] <Downtown Freezy> We don't need to see your "Attacking"
[04:18] <C.Syde65> I'm assuming Korra's PMs are experiencing issues.
[04:18] <TheKorraFanatic> Or that I'm perhaps tired of having the same conversation over and over and over for days.
[04:19] <FriedWAffles> Could be either...
[04:20] <C.Syde65> It's probably the latter. But it should be over soon.
[04:22] <C.Syde65> I was hoping you'd answer the question that I asked in PM.
[04:22] <C.Syde65> wb South! o/ 
[04:22] <South Ferry> Thanks c.s 
[04:22] <South Ferry> I'm assuming Korra's PMs are experiencing issues.
[04:22] <Aiihuan> Head out, Mr. Ferry.
[04:22] <Bob Hartington> This wiki is not family-friendly PG clean 
[04:23] <Bob Hartington> This wiki is rated PG 13
[04:23] <Downtown Freezy> Either way
[04:23] <South Ferry> Welcome, Vanguard Gal.
[04:23] <Downtown Freezy> This "Attacking" is for R Rated wikias only
[04:23] <Downtown Freezy> And we don't need to see that shit!
[04:23] <South Ferry> Get a room is a more classic meme, from 2015. 
[04:23] <Bob Hartington> true
[04:23] <South Ferry> I remember it well. 
[04:23] <South Ferry> You rember it, 
[04:23] <South Ferry> WEeGeE I?
[04:23] <Downtown Freezy> Shut up SF
[04:23] <Downtown Freezy> You're a traitor
[04:23] <South Ferry> Huh???
[04:23] <Downtown Freezy> A sell-out to the enemy
[04:23] <South Ferry> YOU are thy traitor! 
[04:24] <Downtown Freezy> I was not the one who was mentioned on SAOF chat!!
[04:24] <Downtown Freezy> Only TRAITORS went there!
[04:24] <Aiihuan> You two get a room as well. : p
[04:24] <South Ferry> Huh????
[04:24] <South Ferry> Five letters of caps, DTF, a reminder!
[04:24] <Downtown Freezy> Of course, the event that begun the Neko Saga, was when Ferry was mentioned on SAOF
[04:24] <Downtown Freezy> Only TRAITORS
[04:24] <Downtown Freezy> are mentioned there
[04:25] <South Ferry> I said five letters of capitals, and that never happened 
[04:25] <Downtown Freezy> oh shit
[04:26] <Downtown Freezy> the message didn't even appear for DTF
[04:26] <South Ferry> Vile Jr nuked the WeEgeE worse 
[04:26] <Bob Hartington> sad
[04:26] <South Ferry> Weegeeverse*
[04:26] <South Ferry> Tell me what is this?
[04:27] <Bob Hartington> The Weegeeverse is the TDL universe 
[04:27] <Downtown Freezy> Nope
[04:27] <Downtown Freezy> The Weegeeverse is the multiverse of Weegeepedia
[04:27] <Downtown Freezy> Where DTF originated
[04:27] <Downtown Freezy> Back in 2014
[04:28] <TheKorraFanatic> You two fuckers need to get a room as well
[04:28] <Downtown Freezy> Nope!
[04:28] <TheKorraFanatic> We don't need nor want to see this shit.
[04:28] <Bob Hartington> It does not matter, Uptown Warmy 
[04:28] <Downtown Freezy> We aint "Attacking" eachother if yall know what I mean
[04:28] <South Ferry> Huh???????
[04:28] <Downtown Freezy> Nobody needs to see that shit!
[04:28] <TheKorraFanatic> .
[04:28] <South Ferry> <span class="me-username">* <span>South Ferry</span></span> attacks X :c 
[04:28] <Downtown Freezy> Unlike you and Aiihuan who refuse to get a room!
[04:28] <South Ferry> Tell me what is this?
[04:28] <TheKorraFanatic> You are making "attacking" into something filthy!
[04:28] <Aiihuan> Indeed!
[04:28] <South Ferry> He never said anything about that tkf. 
[04:29] <TheKorraFanatic> And I will NOT allow this!
[04:29] <Downtown Freezy> <span class="me-username">* <span>Downtown Freezy</span></span> 1 hit kill N Train
[04:29] <Aiihuan> We are not doing anything bad!
[04:29] <TheKorraFanatic> Fuck you, SF.
[04:29] <South Ferry> True, DTF. Classic. 
[04:29] <TheKorraFanatic> Yes, AIi!
[04:29] <TheKorraFanatic> *Aii!
[04:29] <C.Syde65> I wonder if Korra will answer my last question in PM.
[04:29] <Downtown Freezy> Fuck you, TKF
[04:29] <Downtown Freezy> Head out
[04:29] <South Ferry> One day perhaps the CCC will reunite. 
[04:29] <C.Syde65> lol.
[04:29] <Downtown Freezy> Nope
[04:29] <TheKorraFanatic> Fuck you, DTF.
[04:29] <TheKorraFanatic> You head out.
[04:29] <TheKorraFanatic> Take yo boyfriend with you.
[04:29] <Downtown Freezy> Ca.Cr. will not reunite, for skype is inferior
[04:29] <C.Syde65> roflmfao.
[04:29] <Downtown Freezy> and Solo and Fuzz refuse to join discord
[04:29] <TheKorraFanatic> I said head out!
[04:30] <Bob Hartington> Everyone here must get a room
[04:30] <Downtown Freezy> I cannot head out with my boyfriend
[04:30] <Downtown Freezy> For I have nonje
[04:30] <Downtown Freezy> none*
[04:30] <TheKorraFanatic> Shit.
[04:31] <Aiihuan> lmao-
[04:31] <Downtown Freezy> Tell me, TKF
[04:31] <Downtown Freezy> Were you WH all along!?!?!
[04:31] <TheKorraFanatic> No, lol.
[04:31] <Bob Hartington> :O 
[04:31] <Aiihuan> : o
[04:31] <TheKorraFanatic> Sadly,
[04:31] <TheKorraFanatic> Aii knows that.
[04:31] <TheKorraFanatic> As she checked my IP once and compared it to his.
[04:31] <Aiihuan> Indeed. : p
[04:31] <Downtown Freezy> We all know SF is Final West though fr
[04:32] <C.Syde65> roflmfao.
[04:32] <TheKorraFanatic> Still can't believe she checked my IP!
[04:32] <C.Syde65> :O 
[04:32] <Aiihuan> I had to. C:
[04:32] <Bob Hartington> I am the United States 
[04:32] <Downtown Freezy> I recently raided a Roblox Discord
[04:32] <Aiihuan> Sad.
[04:32] <South Ferry> Sad. 
[04:32] <Downtown Freezy> Happy.
[04:32] <Downtown Freezy> And when I left, I told them to remember the name "Vile Jr."
[04:32] <South Ferry> I cannot believe you still have Radical Weegism still in you. 
[04:33] <South Ferry> After all these years! 
[04:33] <South Ferry> O monstrous world! 
[04:33] <Downtown Freezy> I was invited to the server
[04:33] <Downtown Freezy> I had to follow my path
[04:33] <Bob Hartington> We must talk about America 
[04:33] <Aiihuan> Nope.
[04:33] <Downtown Freezy> This is America
[04:33] <FriedWAffles> No lets talk about iran
[04:33] <Downtown Freezy> Don't catch you slippin now
[04:33] <Bob Hartington> Nope is a dead meme Aiihuan
[04:33] <Downtown Freezy> Look what I'm whippin now
[04:34] <Aiihuan> Nope, Bob.
[04:34] <TheKorraFanatic> Hey y'all.
[04:34] <TheKorraFanatic> Let's talk about the world's number 1 sponsoring of terroism.
[04:34] <TheKorraFanatic> Aka Iran.
[04:34] <FriedWAffles> Yay
[04:34] <TheKorraFanatic> tF
[04:34] <Downtown Freezy> Nah
[04:34] <TheKorraFanatic> *TF
[04:34] <Bob Hartington> Welcome, Ah-ee-hoo-ahn
[04:34] <Downtown Freezy> Lets talk about America
[04:34] <Bob Hartington> ^
[04:34] <Downtown Freezy> Ferry
[04:34] <Aiihuan> Head out, Bob.
[04:34] <C.Syde65> Will Korra answer my PM question by the time he heads out today? It's a simple question.
[04:34] <C.Syde65> Head out, Bob.
[04:34] <Downtown Freezy> You're just a kitty in this world, you're just a barcode
[04:34] <Aiihuan> Perhaps not, Syde.
[04:34] <C.Syde65> lol.
[04:35] <FriedWAffles> America. The destroyer of the middle east
[04:35] <Bob Hartington> Head out, Bob. 
[04:35] <C.Syde65> :( 
[04:35] <Aiihuan> Perhaps you already have the answer. : p
[04:35] <C.Syde65> I don't.
[04:35] <Bob Hartington> The middle east was already destroyed 
[04:35] <Aiihuan> Do you really not? 
[04:35] <Aiihuan> Are you truly sure? : p
[04:35] <C.Syde65> I'm positive.
[04:35] <Bob Hartington> The greatest Empires destroyed the middle east 
[04:35] <C.Syde65> It's not a question I can answer myself.
[04:36] <TheKorraFanatic> Sadly,
[04:36] <TheKorraFanatic> The Middle East is a quagmire of chaos.
[04:36] <Downtown Freezy> Seems I raided the FNaF RP wiki on Sept. 3rd 2015
[04:36] <TheKorraFanatic> Sadly, it was like that before the US came and it's gonna be like that.
[04:36] <Downtown Freezy> Or attempted and failed to
[04:36] <TheKorraFanatic> Sadly, we destroyed shit.
[04:36] <FriedWAffles> Say yes to destroying shit
[04:36] <FriedWAffles> Yes
[04:36] <Bob Hartington> True, TKF
[04:36] <TheKorraFanatic> Yes.
[04:37] <C.Syde65> Alright, I've made my PM question easier.
[04:37] <TheKorraFanatic> Syde,
[04:37] <TheKorraFanatic> Not to be rude,
[04:37] <TheKorraFanatic> But ffs, I could care less about that PM.
[04:37] <Downtown Freezy> Destroy shit 
[04:37] <Downtown Freezy> Embrace chaos
[04:37] <Bob Hartington> Now I am French 
[04:37] <FriedWAffles> (partyparrot) 
[04:37] <C.Syde65> FFS?
[04:38] <TheKorraFanatic> ..
[04:38] <Bob Hartington> Bonjour 
[04:38] <TheKorraFanatic> Okay, I apologize for that comment, Syde.
[04:38] <C.Syde65> I can't remember what it stands for.
[04:38] <TheKorraFanatic> Just itterated.
[04:38] <C.Syde65> Oh wait.
[04:38] <Downtown Freezy> For Fucks Sake
[04:38] <C.Syde65> I know what it means.
[04:38] <FriedWAffles> There you go
[04:38] <South Ferry> It was a bit too far, but I understand where you are coming from.
[04:38] <TheKorraFanatic> I apologize.
[04:38] <C.Syde65> And I'm sorry. I just thought you weren't going to respond.
[04:39] <Bob Hartington> For Pete's sake 
[04:39] <FriedWAffles> Who is pete?
[04:39] <Bob Hartington>
[04:40] <FriedWAffles> O
[04:40] <FriedWAffles> Im also wondering why the link says peg leg and he does not have a peg leg
[04:40] <Bob Hartington> oh wait wrong pic
[04:40] <Bob Hartington>
[04:41] <TheKorraFanatic> Gtg, good night.
[04:41] <FriedWAffles> Night
[04:41] <C.Syde65> Night! o/ 
[04:41] <Bob Hartington> Bonjour, KFC
[04:42] <Aiihuan> Byeee, Korra. c:
[04:42] <Bob Hartington> Au revoir, TKF
[04:42] <TheKorraFanatic> Byeee, Aii. <3
[04:42] <South Ferry> Farewell, have a good one.
[04:42] <South Ferry> Put money enough in your purse.
[04:43] <Bob Hartington> He headed out
[04:44] <Aiihuan> Indeed he did.
[04:44] <Aiihuan> Now you all head out. c:
[04:44] <South Ferry> At long last this poor trash from Venice, whom I have made my purse, has left us!
[04:44] <South Ferry> At long last I am free to mod this as I please.
[04:44] <FriedWAffles> Im staying put
[04:44] <Bob Hartington> Everyone except Syde and his Sydekick Syde BOT
[04:44] <South Ferry> All thou shall boy before me, praise thee -- all hail South Ferry!
[04:44] <Bob Hartington> must head out
[04:44] <Aiihuan> Nope, Syde, too.
[04:44] <Aiihuan> Only Syde BOT can remain.
[04:44] <FriedWAffles> There can only be one....
[04:45] <Aiihuan> Indeed.
[04:45] <South Ferry> Bow, cower!
[04:45] <Aiihuan> Nope.
[04:45] <South Ferry> He is gone!
[04:45] <Bob Hartington> What is your plan, Leader South Ferry
[04:45] <Downtown Freezy> Aiihuan. Do not deny the king of the Moors.
[04:45] <Aiihuan> Here is no king.
[04:46] <Bob Hartington> I am the king 
[04:46] <Bob Hartington> the king of America 
[04:46] <Downtown Freezy> Excuse me
[04:46] <Downtown Freezy> But that is a french tricolour
[04:46] <South Ferry> Come, I am thy Moor. Downtown Freezy, thou arest my lieutenant. 
[04:46] <Downtown Freezy> And America is a democracy
[04:46] <FriedWAffles> (cop) 
[04:46] <South Ferry> Methinks thy colours of Bob Hartington would best be suited as pure white.
[04:46] <FriedWAffles> DEMOCRACY
[04:46] <Bob Hartington> It does not matter 
[04:47] <FriedWAffles> Yes it does
[04:47] <South Ferry> FriedWAffles: five letters!
[04:47] <Bob Hartington> America is now a Monarchy 
[04:47] <FriedWAffles> Yay!
[04:47] <South Ferry> Absolute or constitutional 
[04:47] <Bob Hartington> and I am the new king
[04:47] <FriedWAffles> No!
[04:47] <South Ferry> Absolute or constitutional
[04:47] <FriedWAffles> Down with chips!
[04:47] <Bob Hartington> constitutional, 
[04:47] <Downtown Freezy> South Ferry, mine king, kick this heretical filth.
[04:47] <South Ferry> Ah, constitutional!
[04:48] <South Ferry> Yes -- I presume thee has the same amount of political power as Queen Elizabeth of today?
[04:48] <South Ferry> Not yet, Lieutenant. 
[04:48] <South Ferry> Methinks he would serve as a good ancient. 
[04:48] <Bob Hartington> True 
[04:48] <Bob Hartington> Donald Trump is my butler 
[04:49] <FriedWAffles> Add a t and remove the ler
[04:49] <C.Syde65> lol.
[04:49] <C.Syde65> Hey, just what I was thinking.
[04:49] <Downtown Freezy> What are you, six?
[04:49] <FriedWAffles> No
[04:49] <Downtown Freezy> Mine king, South Ferry, kick this imbecile
[04:49] <Bob Hartington> And Mike Pence is his butler 
[04:50] <FriedWAffles> Add a t and remove the ler
[04:50] <South Ferry> At long last, all of us are free!
[04:50] <Downtown Freezy> What are you, six?
[04:50] <South Ferry> Thy shackles of Thy Korra are gone, loosened! 
[04:50] <South Ferry> Free at last, under the Moor!
[04:50] <Bob Hartington> True
[04:51] <South Ferry> I shall have thy trash from venice give me nearly all of his money, yes. I shall seize the Bureaucracy, make a quick request when others have the most favorable opinion of me,
[04:51] <South Ferry> And get a full support.
[04:52] <C.Syde65> Not sure, since Korra doesn't seem to have plans for retiring.
[04:53] <FriedWAffles> facepalm)
[04:53] <FriedWAffles> (facepalm
[04:53] <FriedWAffles> God....
[04:53] <Bob Hartington> (facepalm) , mah boi
[04:53] <South Ferry> Mah boi, this peace is wh-
[04:53] <South Ferry> No.
[04:53] <South Ferry> Too old, yess.
[04:53] <South Ferry> yes*
[04:53] <South Ferry> Tell me, what was my first statement?
[04:54] <FriedWAffles> (jiggilypuff)
[04:54] <FriedWAffles> GOD...
[04:54] <South Ferry> (south) 
[04:54] <South Ferry> True.
[04:54] <Bob Hartington> Your first statement was a statement 
[04:54] <FriedWAffles> IT HAS THE OREOS
[04:54] <Downtown Freezy> (DAMN) 
[04:54] <FriedWAffles> RETREAT
[04:54] <South Ferry> FriedWAffles: Please, five letters
[04:54] <Bob Hartington> I buy Canada 
[04:54] <South Ferry> And why is DAMN. emoji so small!
[04:54] <South Ferry> (damn) 
[04:54] <South Ferry> Good.
[04:54] <Bob Hartington> and I will make it part of America 
[04:54] <Aiihuan> Let me show you the best emoj.
[04:54] <South Ferry> Yes.
[04:54] <Aiihuan> (BTS) 
[04:55] <Downtown Freezy> Tell me, SF, what is your favourite Kendrick song?
[04:55] <Downtown Freezy> Mine is M.a.a.d City
[04:55] <FriedWAffles> (bacon) 
[04:55] <South Ferry> Lust. or Duckworth.
[04:55] <South Ferry> Lust. has that fantastic reverse demonic type beat, Duckworth got that story telling flow and three beat changes
[04:55] <Bob Hartington> Duckworth from ducktales 
[04:55] <FriedWAffles> What the heck is ducktales
[04:56] <Bob Hartington> he was not even a duck
[04:56] <Downtown Freezy> What are you, six?
[04:56] <Downtown Freezy> Ducktales was great!
[04:56] <Bob Hartington> it is a show about ducks, Bro
[04:56] <Bob Hartington> True, DTF
[04:56] <Downtown Freezy> What is your favourite Gambino song, Moor Ferry?
[04:56] <Downtown Freezy> Mine is Sweatpants
[04:56] <South Ferry> Bonfire
[04:57] <Downtown Freezy> Good song
[04:57] <Bob Hartington> I shall make America great again
[04:57] <South Ferry> I need some water, somethin' came over me, way too hot to simmer down, might as well overheat
[04:58] <South Ferry> The FInal Solution on f.n.a.f.f easily could have been called "Make FNaFF Great Again"
[04:58] <South Ferry> but fs is better, wouldnt you agree dtf?
[04:58] <Downtown Freezy> True
[04:58] <Downtown Freezy> FS by Sabaton
[04:58] <Bob Hartington> I will give moor funds to N.A.S.A.
[04:58] <Downtown Freezy> Is a good song
[04:59] <Bob Hartington> i shall build a space empire 
[05:00] <Downtown Freezy> Tell me, SF, have you ever heard of the album Gangstalkers Vol 4 by Rusty Cage?
[05:01] <South Ferry> I have never heard of such a piece.
[05:01] <Downtown Freezy> Sad
[05:01] <Downtown Freezy> Listen to it when convinient
[05:03] <South Ferry> I see, I see.
[05:03] <South Ferry> Come, have you listened to Kendrick black panther album? I have never taken a look just yet.
[05:04] <Downtown Freezy> Not the entirety
[05:04] <Downtown Freezy> I have listened to a few songs from the Black Panther album
[05:05] <Downtown Freezy> Such as "Kings Dead" which prominently features Kendrick
[05:05] <Downtown Freezy> Fun fact: My teacher is letting us watch a movie instead of class on Friday. We voted Black Panther
[05:05] <Downtown Freezy> Wakanda Forever.
[05:06] <South Ferry> Huh
[05:07] <Downtown Freezy> What is your opinion on 6ix9ine or Gazzy Garcia>
[05:09] <South Ferry> I know little of the 1st, but Gazzy Garcia is an okay family man
[05:10] <Downtown Freezy> Indeed
[05:10] <Downtown Freezy> 6ix9ine is a rapper, and an alleged "Rapper"
[05:13] <South Ferry> I see, I see
[05:21] <C.Syde65> wb Freezy! o/ 
[05:40] <FriedWAffles> Brb
[05:44] <DerpyNecron> Good day
[05:44] <Bob Hartington> Good Evening 
[05:46] <FriedWAffles> (nyan cat) 
[05:46] <FalcoLombardi99> hey Derpy (Robin) 
[06:33] <Messenger of Heaven> [[User blog:Messenger of Heaven/The TDL Awards]]
[07:10] <TheKorraFanatic> Welcome, muh bruddah.
[07:47] <Messenger of Heaven> korra rd
[07:49] <Messenger of Heaven> discord8
[07:49] <Messenger of Heaven> **
[08:02] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> MOH, TKH, BH, FL99, and SB
[08:02] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> Head out
[08:03] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> Korra,
[08:03] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> you must check discord
[08:04] <FalcoLombardi99> no
[08:04] <FalcoLombardi99> I am not heading out
[08:04] <Downtown Freezy> Hail Sithis
[08:04] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> Welcome, person who I do NOT even know
[08:05] <Downtown Freezy> I am staff, dammit!
[08:05] <TheKorraFanatic> True.
[08:05] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> I spammed Loyg with "s"
[08:05] <Downtown Freezy> Do not spam!
[08:05] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> Yes,
[08:06] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> but you are not a mod here
[08:06] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> and
[08:06] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> I spammed him in PM
[08:06] <TheKorraFanatic> He's a content moderator.
[08:06] <Downtown Freezy> i am a Content Mod
[08:06] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> Yes,
[08:06] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> but not Chat mod
[08:06] <Downtown Freezy> and chat messages go into the logs
[08:06] <Downtown Freezy> Therefore, I govern chat messages
[08:06] <Downtown Freezy> as the logs are content
[08:06] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> yes,
[08:06] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> I am here daily, however
[08:07] <Downtown Freezy> I am staff, however
[08:07] <Downtown Freezy> Do not brag about spam
[08:07] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> But..
[08:07] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> I do that infront of TKF here
[08:07] <TheKorraFanatic> Sadly, you can't govern chat. :P 
[08:07] <Downtown Freezy> Then TKF should tell you to get a room
[08:07] <Downtown Freezy> We don't need to see that shit!
[08:07] <TheKorraFanatic> Ah, get a room.
[08:08] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> TKF, however, spams Aii with emojis here
[08:08] <Downtown Freezy> TKF!
[08:08] <Downtown Freezy> Do not spam!!
[08:09] <TheKorraFanatic> I do not spam!
[08:11] <Alex.sapre> did someone say spam
[08:11] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> YES
[08:11] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> *yes
[08:14] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> MOH MOH MOH
[08:15] <TheKorraFanatic> Seems our Loud loves our MoH.
[08:16] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> nope
[08:18] <Messenger of Heaven> ?????
[08:18] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> Seems our MOH is our new golfpecks
[08:19] <TheKorraFanatic> True.
[08:21] <Messenger of Heaven> tf
[08:23] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> More than half of Golf's edits on Matiyunu wiki is "?"
[08:23] <TheKorraFanatic> Ikr.
[08:28] <Octopus Wizard> oof
[08:28] <Messenger of Heaven> hi
[08:28] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> hi octopus wizard
[08:29] <TheKorraFanatic> Welcome, Octopus Wizard.
[08:32] <FriedWAffles> Hello hello
[08:33] <FalcoLombardi99> hey Pancake (Robin) 
[08:34] <Bob Hartington> Spongebobvstheloudhouse: Seems our MOH is our new golfpecks 
[08:34] <Bob Hartington> True
[08:42] <Max-champ> praise the sun 
[08:42] <Max-champ> bob you need to put that flag side ways with red on top and its golden 
[08:47] <Octopus Wizard> can someone remove bot operator next to my name on [[MediaWiki:ProfileTags]]?
[08:47] <TheKorraFanatic> Sure.
[09:01] <Max-champ> bob turn that flag side ways with red on top 
[09:06] <Max-champ> orange is good to 
[09:08] <Max-champ> i love that flag ^^ 
[09:08] <Bob Hartington> I am King of America and Dutchland
[09:09] <Max-champ> but i am the flying dutchman 
[09:09] <Bob Hartington> true
[09:09] <Max-champ> and dutchland is the netherlands XD
[09:27] <TheKorraFanatic> Just a young coconut.
[09:28] <Max-champ> korra praise the netherlands
[09:38] <C.Syde65> Just a young coconut, huh? :P 
[09:38] <C.Syde65> O/ 
[09:39] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> Where on earth is south ferry !
[09:39] <C.Syde65> I wasn't expecting to enter just now. But my bot noticed and alerted me of something funny, lol.
[09:40] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> C.syde, head out NOW
[09:40] <C.Syde65> I will soon.
[09:40] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> good
[09:41] <C.Syde65> ;( 
[09:41] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> lol
[09:41] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> However,
[09:41] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> you must stay
[09:43] <GTAFan86> Why the silence?
[09:43] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> because we have done it
[09:43] <Bob Hartington> Sadly,
[09:43] <Bob Hartington> Every minute cannot be active 
[09:43] <GTAFan86> Sadly indeed.
[09:44] <GTAFan86> And spongebob
[09:45] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> is a good sho
[09:45] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> w
[09:45] <GTAFan86> You're the Loud one. How can you done that?
[09:45] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> do what
[09:45] <GTAFan86> "because we have done it"
[09:45] <GTAFan86> The silence maybe?
[09:45] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> Perhaps
[09:46] <GTAFan86> But I'm talking about you not everone here as I said that you said "we".
[09:46] <GTAFan86> Okay then.
[09:46] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> Perhaps
[09:46] <GTAFan86> K den
[09:47] <Max-champ> hmm 
[09:47] <TheKorraFanatic> I rememba syrup sandwhiches.
[09:47] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> never tried one
[09:47] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> And YOU and MOH are grounded
[09:47] <GTAFan86> Never heard syrup sandwiches before.
[09:47] <GTAFan86> Syrup sounds interesting.
[09:48] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> because it is
[09:48] <GTAFan86> Yee
[09:48] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> Perhaps
[09:49] <GTAFan86> Yee
[09:50] <GTAFan86> @Korra here is a good question:
[09:50] <GTAFan86> Do you like soap?
[09:50] <TheKorraFanatic> Um, it's soap?
[09:50] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> LOL
[09:50] <GTAFan86> I'm talking about other thing.
[09:50] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> he meant "soup" LOL
[09:50] <Max-champ> korra never pick up the soap never 
[09:51] <GTAFan86> oh yeah
[09:51] <GTAFan86> F*ck
[09:51] <GTAFan86> U guys didn't heard or saw soap!!
[09:51] <GTAFan86> (palm) 
[09:51] <Max-champ> what is soap 
[09:51] <TheKorraFanatic> Sure, I like soup.
[09:51] <C.Syde65> Same.
[09:52] <C.Syde65> Well, most of it.
[09:52] <Max-champ> i like soup to 
[09:52] <GTAFan86> What you use to wash your hands Max?
[09:52] <C.Syde65> lol.
[09:52] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> Um
[09:52] <GTAFan86> Well I learned
[09:52] <Bob Hartington> Water 
[09:52] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> why are you asking if we like soap
[09:52] <GTAFan86> That's called soap in english.
[09:52] <Max-champ> mud 
[09:52] <GTAFan86> Loud (palm) 
[09:52] <GTAFan86> You did not see that at all
[09:53] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> GTA (facepalm) 
[09:53] <GTAFan86> So I have to say this:
[09:53] <Bob Hartington> Loud (facepalm) 
[09:53] <GTAFan86> ;; - ;;
[09:53] <Bob Hartington> GTA (facepalm) 
[09:53] <Max-champ> korra (facepalm) 
[09:53] <C.Syde65> bbl! o/ 
[09:53] <Bob Hartington> Max (facepalm) 
[09:53] <C.Syde65> Everyone (facepalm) 
[09:53] <TheKorraFanatic> Farewell, CS65.
[09:53] <TheKorraFanatic> Max. (facepalm) 
[09:53] <Max-champ> bob (facepalm) 
[09:53] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> Goodbye, see you in 821921384923 year
[09:53] <GTAFan86> I personally don't like soup.
[09:53] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> s
[09:54] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> Yes,
[09:54] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> and you LOVE soap
[09:54] <Bob Hartington> Sleep is for the weak
[09:54] <GTAFan86> But I tried it at some time in the past.
[09:55] <Bob Hartington> I like certain kinds of soup 
[09:55] <GTAFan86> I don't quite use soap so I don't really like it. That means, I don't wash my hands quite often. @Loud
[09:55] <Messenger of Heaven> ew
[09:55] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> huh moh
[09:56] <Bob Hartington> Hopefully you use lotsa water 
[09:56] <Bob Hartington> to wash yer hands
[09:56] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> I must become a CM, I'm sorry
[09:56] <GTAFan86> Bob, Max, Loud, Syde BOT, and myself
[09:56] <GTAFan86> (palm) 
[09:56] <Messenger of Heaven> you must clean your hands everyday!
[09:56] <Bob Hartington> I shall become CM here
[09:57] <Messenger of Heaven> nu
[09:57] <GTAFan86> But
[09:57] <TheKorraFanatic> Erreday, erreday.
[09:57] <Messenger of Heaven> perhaps you should google why its important?
[09:57] <GTAFan86> If I do it like every time, I can't use my devices properly.
[09:57] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> ...
[09:57] <GTAFan86> I know why Mess.
[09:58] <Messenger of Heaven> I wash my hands many times during the day and use my devices just fine
[09:58] <GTAFan86> And I'm explaining the actual truth. No need to hide it.
[09:58] <TheKorraFanatic> Come,
[09:58] <GTAFan86> Well I mean
[09:58] <Bob Hartington> It is good to wash yer hands with soap like when you touch dirt or something 
[09:58] <TheKorraFanatic> Let us discuss something other than <span style="font-weight:bold;">soap.</span>
[09:58] <TheKorraFanatic> 
[09:58] <Bob Hartington> Yes
[09:58] <GTAFan86> Our hands get wet so that's why I said it
[09:58] <Messenger of Heaven> dry them off!
[09:58] <GTAFan86> Yeah
[09:59] <GTAFan86> Like syrup sandwich
[09:59] <Bob Hartington> We must talk about Me being the King of America 
[09:59] <Messenger of Heaven> that are suppose to get wet you then dry em
[09:59] <Messenger of Heaven> pause just got pinged
[09:59] <GTAFan86> My hands don't get dry at a second.
[09:59] <Messenger of Heaven> wipe them off with something
[09:59] <GTAFan86> Even if with what you call it
[09:59] <Max-champ> bob everything would be better then trump so also you being king of america
[10:00] <GTAFan86> What's the things in the sink that we use to dry our hands
[10:00] <Bob Hartington> True
[10:00] <Bob Hartington> A towel 
[10:00] <Messenger of Heaven> still wash em! be a clean boi!
[10:00] <GTAFan86> Thanks Bob
[10:00] <Messenger of Heaven> this is a dumb topic lmao
[10:00] <GTAFan86> Okay so
[10:00] <TheKorraFanatic> Wash em be humble.
[10:01] <Messenger of Heaven> ^
[10:01] <GTAFan86> I only knew "Havlu" from 4 years old to this time.
[10:01] <Messenger of Heaven> Wash em be clean
[10:01] <GTAFan86> I didn't learned towel.
[10:01] <Bob Hartington> Not drying yer 'ands is good for the environment
[10:01] <GTAFan86> And OKAY
[10:01] <GTAFan86> I will.
[10:01] <GTAFan86> Let's discuss Syrup Sandwich.
[10:02] <Bob Hartington> I eat Syrup Sandwiches everyday 
[10:02] <Messenger of Heaven> gross
[10:02] <Bob Hartington> incorrect 
[10:02] <GTAFan86> I eat regular sandwich with cheese.
[10:03] <Bob Hartington> It is a popular food in my country 
[10:03] <GTAFan86> Netherlands?
[10:03] <Bob Hartington> Nope
[10:03] <GTAFan86> ?!
[10:03] <Messenger of Heaven> aren't you America ?
[10:04] <GTAFan86> *Aren't you an American*
[10:04] <GTAFan86> Correcting an american :D 
[10:04] <Messenger of Heaven> >.>
[10:05] <GTAFan86> What is that mean?
[10:05] <Bob Hartington> I am from the Californian Republic the new country in North America which I also rule as King 
[10:05] <Max-champ> bob were is my flag o.o 
[10:06] <GTAFan86> Alright Bob.
[10:06] <GTAFan86> And don't make me beg.
[10:06] <GTAFan86> What is this mean >.> ?
[10:06] <Bob Hartington> <span class="me-username">* <span>Bob Hartington</span></span> doesn't make GTA beg
[10:06] <GTAFan86> Explain it.
[10:06] <TheKorraFanatic> <span class="me-username">* <span>TheKorraFanatic</span></span> /me action verb.
[10:06] <Messenger of Heaven> its like an awkward look 
[10:07] <Bob Hartington> >.> is a emoticon like a face
[10:07] <GTAFan86> Okay.
[10:07] <TheKorraFanatic> Sadly, it's not an awkward look,
[10:07] <TheKorraFanatic> It means you're looking in another direction.
[10:07] <Bob Hartington> True
[10:07] <GTAFan86> I want to say good things in my language.
[10:07] <TheKorraFanatic> SUch as > . > means you're looking that way.
[10:07] <TheKorraFanatic> < . < means you're looking that way.
[10:07] <TheKorraFanatic> NEVER do that again, MoH!
[10:07] <GTAFan86> Want to listen?
[10:07] <Bob Hartington> I assume if what MoH said was the case Aiihuan would be awkward 
[10:07] <Messenger of Heaven> no really korra 
[10:08] <TheKorraFanatic> I love Aii so much.
[10:08] <TheKorraFanatic> Incorrect, MoH!
[10:08] <TheKorraFanatic> Idk.
[10:08] <TheKorraFanatic> Unless there's a difference in >.> and > . >
[10:08] <GTAFan86> Çiçekler, ağaçlar ve çilekler.
[10:08] <GTAFan86> Flowers, trees and strawberries.
[10:09] <Bob Hartington> Bonjour, GTAFan86
[10:09] <GTAFan86> Hamd olsun kardeşim selam
[10:09] <GTAFan86> Bonjour
[10:09] <Bob Hartington> I assume if that were the case, FalcoLombardi99 would be 99 years old and GTAFan86 would be 86 years old
[10:10] <GTAFan86> Hopefully I'll live to 86.
[10:10] <Bob Hartington> You shall live to the year 2186
[10:11] <GTAFan86> Not really.
[10:11] <Bob Hartington> you shall
[10:11] <GTAFan86> mkay
[10:11] <GTAFan86> MoH
[10:11] <Bob Hartington> Because you will time travel to the future 
[10:12] <Bob Hartington> MoH
[10:12] <GTAFan86> Cook some pasta and rice some time
[10:12] <Bob Hartington> I must
[10:12] <Messenger of Heaven> if I could time travel I woul go into the past and stop a lot of things from happening
[10:12] <GTAFan86> I agree
[10:13] <GTAFan86> Such as bad things.
[10:13] <Bob Hartington> But if you do that,
[10:13] <GTAFan86> What?
[10:13] <Bob Hartington> You would change the future which would affect your time traveling 
[10:13] <Messenger of Heaven> ik
[10:13] <GTAFan86> Well at least at the future bad things won't happen.
[10:13] <Bob Hartington> If such things NEVER happened, it would change the future so you wouldn't need to go 
[10:13] <Messenger of Heaven> ^
[10:13] <Messenger of Heaven> @GTA
[10:14] <Bob Hartington> Thus making it so you did nothing 
[10:14] <GTAFan86> Question for y'all
[10:15] <Bob Hartington> If I could time travel I would travel to the future to see if humanity will rule the galaxy 
[10:15] <GTAFan86> What made you bore so much when you playing a game?
[10:15] <GTAFan86> That is your opinion @Bob.
[10:15] <Bob Hartington> True
[10:17] <GTAFan86> But my opinion is time travel to past time and stop the bad things to start like sometimes happens today.
[10:18] <GTAFan86> Wanted to make it clear.
[10:18] <Bob Hartington> Tell me,
[10:18] <Bob Hartington> What would you try to prevent from happening, GTAFan86 and Messenger of Heaven?
[10:19] <GTAFan86> 'Cause "BAD" things.
[10:19] <Messenger of Heaven> things
[10:19] <Bob Hartington> What kind of things, MoH?
[10:19] <Messenger of Heaven> things
[10:19] <GTAFan86> Bob you see what I said right?
[10:20] <Bob Hartington> I assume you would try to prevent The British Empire from fallin'?
[10:20] <TheKorraFanatic> Tip:
[10:20] <TheKorraFanatic> If you're not going to mention the "things", then don't mention them to start with, lol.
[10:20] <Messenger of Heaven> stuff from years ago plus stop what happened on Quotev even tho I may have never have met anyone here but I may have
[10:20] <TheKorraFanatic> Good!
[10:20] <TheKorraFanatic> She mentioned it!
[10:20] <GTAFan86> I mentioned the kind of things Korra.
[10:20] <TheKorraFanatic> Sadly,
[10:20] <TheKorraFanatic> What happened on Quotev was pre-destined.
[10:20] <TheKorraFanatic> And was needed.
[10:21] <Messenger of Heaven> not really
[10:21] <GTAFan86> Translate time for me grrr
[10:21] <TheKorraFanatic> Sadly, it was.
[10:21] <Messenger of Heaven> and I will never stop missing all the friends I lost due to it
[10:21] <TheKorraFanatic> We would've been two cringey teens role-playing CP and other edgy stuff without it.
[10:21] <Bob Hartington> I would prevent myself from making a FANDOM account until the present day 
[10:22] <FalcoLombardi99> Hey (Robin) 
[10:23] <GTAFan86> Hey FalcoLombardy o/ 
[10:23] <Bob Hartington> I am 542 years old
[10:23] <TheKorraFanatic> You must leave Reverend Parris, MoH.
[10:23] <GTAFan86> How can you use the internet if you're 542 years old?
[10:23] <Bob Hartington> Just leave TDL, everyone (facepalm) 
[10:23] <GTAFan86> Don't tell me magic.
[10:24] <Bob Hartington> Because I am immortal 
[10:24] <FalcoLombardi99> @Bob what wiki will we go to if we leave TDL? 
[10:24] <GTAFan86> No I mean
[10:24] <GTAFan86> Wait
[10:25] <GTAFan86> You'll dote after some time.
[10:25] <Bob Hartington> >Insert "Magic, *snort snort*" meme here<
[10:27] <GTAFan86> Okay better word for you for the 542 years old Bob is
[10:27] <GTAFan86> You'll become senile that's why.
[10:28] <TheKorraFanatic> Lmao.
[10:28] <TheKorraFanatic> Lucky just signed my guestbook asking "Do you like coolers or heaters more?"
[10:28] <GTAFan86> @Falco I remember other TDL wiki from the last year.
[10:28] <TheKorraFanatic>
[10:28] <FalcoLombardi99> Lol
[10:28] <GTAFan86> I think it's called The Demons.light
[10:29] <GTAFan86> The-Demons.light
[10:29] <GTAFan86> Welcome back MoH.
[10:29] <Messenger of Heaven> ?
[10:29] <GTAFan86> Didn't we went another TDL wiki when west was here last year?
[10:29] <Bob Hartington> This is The Demons Light 
[10:30] <GTAFan86> I'm talking about that one.
[10:30] <GTAFan86> @Mess
[10:30] <Bob Hartington> The fanon wiki
[10:30] <GTAFan86> Let me find it to show you.
[10:30] <Messenger of Heaven> this is the canon wiki we have a fanon wiki that was renamed
[10:30] <TheKorraFanatic> Please don't say that name on main chat, thanks. :) 
[10:30] <Bob Hartington> Theory:
[10:31] <Bob Hartington> These kids get off my lawn 
[10:31] <Messenger of Heaven> ??
[10:31] <GTAFan86> I'm trying to find it
[10:31] <GTAFan86> Look don't you remember we moved some other wikia chat last year?
[10:31] <Bob Hartington> ??????
[10:31] <GTAFan86> Almost all of us recently here.
[10:32] <Bob Hartington> Question marks are our new meme
[10:32] <Messenger of Heaven>
[10:32] <Messenger of Heaven> wtf is Chases thing for the Elite Force???
[10:32] <TheKorraFanatic> It does NOT matter.
[10:32] <TheKorraFanatic> Wtf is your thing with Greeky mythology.
[10:32] <GTAFan86> Wow new meme good.
[10:32] <TheKorraFanatic> Wtf is my thing with Kpop.
[10:33] <TheKorraFanatic> Wtf is Falco's thing with Drag Queens.
[10:33] <TheKorraFanatic> I'm sorry,
[10:33] <Bob Hartington> "The Demon's Light: Elite Force is a spin-off of The Demon's Light that follows a newly reunited Melissa, Lisa, Atticus, Chris, and Marshall"
[10:33] <Bob Hartington> True
[10:33] <TheKorraFanatic> But that's his fandom.
[10:33] <GTAFan86> Korra what does Fanchant mean?
[10:33] <Messenger of Heaven> I don't make everything about Greek Mythology!!
[10:33] <Bob Hartington> I see it still says Michael on that TDLF page
[10:33] <Bob Hartington> very clever
[10:34] <GTAFan86> Waiting for your answer Korra
[10:34] <TheKorraFanatic> GTA:
[10:34] <TheKorraFanatic>
[10:34] <Bob Hartington> What is Syde BOT's thing with loggin' chat.
[10:35] <Bob Hartington> Syde BOT does not do anything else 
[10:35] <GTAFan86> Okay so.....
[10:35] <GTAFan86> Bed time for me.
[10:35] <TheKorraFanatic> Farewell, GTAFan86.
[10:35] <GTAFan86> Good night, take care and bye \o 
[10:36] <Bob Hartington> Au Revoir 
[10:39] <Bob Hartington> Bonjour, Aex.sapre
[10:39] <Bob Hartington> Alex.sapre Bonjour 
[10:41] <Alex.sapre> o/ 
[10:42] <Bob Hartington> [[User:Bob Hartington]]
[10:42] <TheKorraFanatic> Mime, Jr - Today at 5:42 PM
[10:42] <TheKorraFanatic> Korra
[10:42] <TheKorraFanatic> Are you drunk
[10:42] <TheKorraFanatic> Jr Mime Jr - Today at 5:42 PM
[10:42] <TheKorraFanatic> Perhaps.
[10:43] <Bob Hartington> Vote on the polls
[10:43] <Max-champ> hmm korra your drunk lets party with me ^^ 
[10:44] <Alex.sapre> mess is he drunk
[10:44] <TheKorraFanatic> No, lol.
[10:45] <Bob Hartington> Everyone is
[10:45] <Max-champ> true party will be better if its weekend
[10:45] <Messenger of Heaven> no drinking *slaps them both*
[10:46] <Bob Hartington> They are only drinking Apple sider, MoH
[10:46] <Max-champ> but i do have a party in the weekend after my work XD 
[10:46] <Max-champ> true bob your right apple sider
[10:46] <Max-champ> with hop 
[10:47] <Max-champ> we dutch people love apple sider ^^ 
[10:48] <Max-champ> so lets party korra ^^ 
[10:49] <Bob Hartington> We must talk about Benelux 
[10:49] <Max-champ> why bob 
[10:49] <Bob Hartington> What if
[10:50] <Bob Hartington> The Netherlands Belgium and Luxemburg united 
[10:51] <Max-champ> if everything get as cheap as in belgiem i agree
[10:51] <Max-champ> the beer will also be cheaper then ^^ 
[10:52] <TheKorraFanatic> No.
[10:52] <Max-champ> false korra
[10:52] <Max-champ> belgium is pretty cheap comparing to the netherlands
[10:53] <Chase McFly> (hi) 
[10:54] <Messenger of Heaven> <span class="me-username">* <span>Messenger of Heaven</span></span> slaps Max
[10:54] <TheKorraFanatic> Welcome, Chase McFly.
[10:54] <TheKorraFanatic> I assume you were feasting on syrup sandwiches?
[10:54] <Bob Hartington> Welcome, Chris McFarlane, bro
[10:55] <Chase McFly> Welcome, TheKorraFanatic.
[10:55] <Bob Hartington> I am always feasting on syrup sandwiches 
[10:55] <Chase McFly> Syrup sandwiches?
[10:55] <FalcoLombardi99> That's a reference to Humble @Chase
[10:56] <Bob Hartington> [[User:Bob Hartington]]
[10:56] <Bob Hartington> vote here bros 
[10:56] <Max-champ> nope 
[10:57] <Bob Hartington> I am ranked #42 on this wiki
[10:57] <Bob Hartington> and I am 542 years old 
[10:57] <Max-champ> i see im infinity years old 
[10:58] <Chase McFly> I am 555 years old,:p
[10:58] <Chase McFly> * :p 
[11:00] <Bob Hartington> Tell me,
[11:00] <Bob Hartington> What is this? [[File:Crying anime boy 2.png]]
[11:00] <Max-champ> its korra seccont acount 
[11:00] <Chase McFly> Atticus.
[11:01] <Bob Hartington> I assume that is another picture of the character Korra is using in his icon 
[11:01] <Bob Hartington> Since I assume he has black hair white skin and always wears black clothes 
[11:03] <C.Syde65> o/ 
[11:03] <Chase McFly> Hyde!
[11:04] <Chase McFly> Theory: Syde and Korra reply to the RP.
[11:05] <Qstlijku> "I just got gypped on my poptart icing"
[11:05] <Qstlijku> No clue what that means
[11:05] <Qstlijku> (facepalm) 
[11:05] <Qstlijku> o/ 
[11:05] <TheKorraFanatic> Tell me,
[11:05] <TheKorraFanatic> Did y'all hear about the Discussions highlighting?
[11:05] <Chase McFly> No.
[11:05] <Qstlijku> I think so?
[11:05] <TheKorraFanatic> They're going to release it soon.
[11:05] <Qstlijku> Hasn't it been a thing for like a month now?
[11:06] <Qstlijku> Oh
[11:06] <TheKorraFanatic> About. Damn. Time.
[11:06] <Qstlijku> What was the thing that Staff asked you to beta test here and then they released a few weeks later?
[11:06] <C.Syde65> Hey Loud and Q! O/ 
[11:06] <Messenger of Heaven> Hmm I need a hex code for like a blood red dark blood red
[11:06] <TheKorraFanatic> No, that was Polls.
[11:06] <Qstlijku> Oh the polls
[11:06] <C.Syde65> Where is it? The highlighting feature? Like the announcement.
[11:06] <Qstlijku> Anyone ever heard the word "gypped" before?
[11:07] <Messenger of Heaven> nope
[11:07] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> nop
[11:07] <TheKorraFanatic> I haven't.
[11:07] <C.Syde65> Nope.
[11:07] <TheKorraFanatic> Wtf, Hart.
[11:07] <Chase McFly> Nope.
[11:07] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> huh tkf
[11:07] <Messenger of Heaven> listening to 1D atm
[11:08] <TheKorraFanatic> Ew.
[11:08] <TheKorraFanatic> Just head out.
[11:08] <TheKorraFanatic> Look in the mirror
[11:08] <TheKorraFanatic> <span style="text-decoration:line-through;">And be shamed.</span>
[11:08] <TheKorraFanatic> 
[11:08] <Messenger of Heaven> they are hot!!
[11:08] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> nope
[11:08] <TheKorraFanatic> Shit, wrong chat tag.
[11:08] <Messenger of Heaven> and they sound even hotter!!
[11:08] <Qstlijku> 1D is history now!
[11:08] <Qstlijku> Old news!
[11:09] <Messenger of Heaven> still just as hot!!
[11:09] <Chase McFly> But Hart is saying nothing?
[11:09] <Qstlijku> Nope!
[11:09] <TheKorraFanatic> ^ @Q
[11:09] <Bob Hartington> Tell me,
[11:09] <Bob Hartington> What is my icon?
[11:09] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> tkf's bot
[11:09] <Messenger of Heaven> I love their songs still they have some good stuff!
[11:09] <TheKorraFanatic> Fuck off, Zmario-rip off.
[11:09] <TheKorraFanatic> Lol.
[11:09] <Max-champ> ture its mario 
[11:09] <Qstlijku> brb
[11:09] <Messenger of Heaven> oki
[11:09] <Messenger of Heaven> anyways
[11:09] <Max-champ> he didnt chance his avi like back in 2014 
[11:09] <Messenger of Heaven> Syde?
[11:10] <TheKorraFanatic> And Syde,
[11:10] <Messenger of Heaven> syde!!!!
[11:10] <TheKorraFanatic> The announcement hasn't been made /official/ yet.
[11:11] <Messenger of Heaven> C.Syde65!
[11:11] <Messenger of Heaven> I need your help looking for somthing
[11:11] <Messenger of Heaven> something*
[11:11] <TheKorraFanatic> Dear god.
[11:11] <TheKorraFanatic> BertH sent a long af reply in email.
[11:11] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> Bert Harington
[11:12] <TheKorraFanatic> Lol.
[11:12] <C.Syde65> Okay.
[11:12] <C.Syde65> Looking for what?
[11:12] <Messenger of Heaven> Syde can yo help me find a hex code?
[11:12] <C.Syde65> Yes.
[11:12] <Max-champ> i now keep thinking mario in this chat XD
[11:12] <C.Syde65> The hex code for what?
[11:12] <Messenger of Heaven> I need something that is the prefect shade of dark blood red if a project 
[11:12] <Messenger of Heaven> for*
[11:13] <C.Syde65> Is there an example of a blood red in particular?
[11:13] <Messenger of Heaven> Hmm
[11:13] <C.Syde65> There's #a20000 if that works.
[11:14] <Bob Hartington> Hmm
[11:14] <Messenger of Heaven> I imagine it would be a shade or two darker then our favicon 
[11:14] <Messenger of Heaven> idk how its spelled XD
[11:15] <TheKorraFanatic> Come now, we have something to discuss.
[11:15] <South Ferry> Yes we do. 
[11:15] <South Ferry> Now that you have summoned me, 
[11:15] <South Ferry> Let's talk page uniformity
[11:15] <South Ferry> 
[11:15] <Messenger of Heaven> Syde actually thats pretty close
[11:15] <TheKorraFanatic> True, SF.
[11:16] <TheKorraFanatic> However, we must discuss this:
[11:16] <C.Syde65> What needs altering?
[11:16] <TheKorraFanatic>
[11:16] <Messenger of Heaven> maybe a shade darker
[11:16] <South Ferry> An interesting discussion.
[11:17] <C.Syde65> There's another one that I have in mind. I'll just check which is the darkest.
[11:17] <TheKorraFanatic> When staff goes like "I'm open to being convinced!" and you're like "Uhhhhh".
[11:18] <South Ferry> Lemme get uhhhh
[11:18] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> South check discord
[11:18] <Messenger of Heaven> lol
[11:18] <South Ferry> Welcome, TheSpongebobFanatic.
[11:18] <C.Syde65> Actually the first one I had was darker, so I'll use that, but I'll make it a bit darker than before.
[11:19] <C.Syde65> My second choice was #AA1301 but it was actually lighter than #a20000.
[11:20] <C.Syde65> There's #950000 or #8a0000. If either of those work.
[11:21] <Qstlijku> Loud why do you have Korra's avatar?
[11:21] <Qstlijku> It was confusing me :/ 
[11:21] <Messenger of Heaven> as other wikis become modernized CC will be left behind while at the moment it may not have a lot of needs on CCC but that can change if used correctly it will make users view forms better as well as teach new users how to use forms plus it would organize it a bit @korra
[11:21] <C.Syde65> For a laugh I think.
[11:21] <Bob Hartington> I see that BertH has left TheKorraFanatic a long message to examine 
[11:21] <C.Syde65> Did either of those work?
[11:22] <FalcoLombardi99> It seems Bob has Zmario's avatar
[11:22] <Messenger of Heaven> checking Syde
[11:22] <C.Syde65> Alright.
[11:22] <C.Syde65> I've seen someone else with that avatar or a similar one, besides Zmario.
[11:22] <Bob Hartington> I am sorry,
[11:23] <Bob Hartington> But this is Fanatic<span style="font-size:16pt;">BOT</span> icon
[11:24] <TheKorraFanatic> Ah, Modernization.
[11:24] <FalcoLombardi99> Bob and Loud, maybe you should change your icons back to your other icons
[11:24] <TheKorraFanatic> That's the propaganda shit FANDOM is pushing.
[11:24] <South Ferry> True. 
[11:24] <Messenger of Heaven> #950000 is best
[11:24] <Bob Hartington> True
[11:24] <South Ferry> Good thing fnaff remains untouched. 
[11:25] <C.Syde65> Okay then.
[11:25] <TheKorraFanatic> Sadly,
[11:25] <TheKorraFanatic> FNAFF is like an old thing stuck in the past.
[11:25] <TheKorraFanatic> Long dead and forgotten about.
[11:26] <FalcoLombardi99> It'll be even more forgotten after FNAF6 Custom Night releases
[11:27] <Spongebobvstheloudhouse> 13 reasons why
[11:27] <Bob Hartington> is
[11:28] <TheKorraFanatic> Just realized Bert said dubious in that snippet I showed.
[11:29] <Messenger of Heaven> I'm creating a bot not saying much about it but I need some ideas for commands something about this bot will seem very familiar 
[11:29] <Messenger of Heaven> (creepy) 
[11:29] <TheKorraFanatic> Fuck you. With the help of Mario, you're creating another BrickleBot-like bot.
[11:29] <Messenger of Heaven> nope!
[11:29] <Bob Hartington> I am sorry,
[11:30] <Bob Hartington> but B___B__ is forgotten 
[11:30] <TheKorraFanatic> Oh shit.
[11:30] <C.Syde65> I don't think so somehow.
[11:30] <TheKorraFanatic> Forgot to censor his name.
[11:30] <South Ferry> Yeah move on from B-----B--
[11:30] <South Ferry> Next thing you know is kittykit bomb, 
[11:30] <Messenger of Heaven> hint
[11:30] <South Ferry> And then "Look, it's her bit, she can have kittykit bomb if she wants"
[11:31] <Messenger of Heaven> its creepyaspta themed
[11:31] <TheKorraFanatic> Anime Luv Girl
[11:31] <TheKorraFanatic> hai......korra
[11:31] <TheKorraFanatic> Edgy.
[11:31] <Bob Hartington> Edgy 
[11:31] <South Ferry> After "I don't know why the heck I created kittybomb."
[11:31] <South Ferry> And your statement is edgy TheKorraFanatic
[11:31] <Bob Hartington> Make it themed around TDL
[11:31] <South Ferry> As it is literally just ellipses
[11:31] <South Ferry> And a haircut 
[11:31] <Messenger of Heaven> pasta*
[11:31] <TheKorraFanatic> Your life is edgy.
[11:31] <South Ferry> Hai 
[11:31] <South Ferry> Thin air I see
[11:31] <Messenger of Heaven> its discord bot!
[11:31] <Bob Hartington> Yes
[11:31] <TheKorraFanatic> Just move on from CreepyPasta.
[11:31] <Bob Hartington> TDL is a creepypasta 
[11:32] <TheKorraFanatic> NO.
[11:32] <Bob Hartington> Creepy Spaghetti to be precise 
[11:33] <Bob Hartington> I have been on this chat for almost 12 hours and I am not the least bit tired- 
[11:33] <TheKorraFanatic> Come now, we must prepare the propaganda.
[11:33] <Chase McFly> GTG.
[11:33] <C.Syde65> wb Mess! o/ 
[11:33] <Messenger of Heaven> I need ideas for commands!!
[11:33] <TheKorraFanatic> Farewell, Chase McFly.
[11:33] <Bob Hartington> Look,
[11:33] <Qstlijku> What time is it for you Bob?
[11:34] <TheKorraFanatic> Just leave CP, MoH.
[11:34] <C.Syde65> CP?
[11:34] <Messenger of Heaven> I'm making a SlendyBot discord bot!!
[11:34] <Bob Hartington> 4:34 PM
[11:34] <TheKorraFanatic> It's currently 4:34 for him as he lives on the West coast.
[11:34] <C.Syde65> Ah.
[11:34] <TheKorraFanatic> Look,
[11:34] <Messenger of Heaven> he will torment your asses on discord to!!
[11:34] <Qstlijku> So he's been on since 5 AM?
[11:34] <TheKorraFanatic> I accidentally said the propaganda shit on CCC.
[11:34] <Bob Hartington> yes
[11:34] <TheKorraFanatic> Now they know we spread propaganda here.
[11:34] <C.Syde65> Bugger that. :( 
[11:34] <Qstlijku> Just like Loud :P 
[11:34] <Qstlijku> *did
[11:35] <TheKorraFanatic> Loud did it on purpose though!
[11:35] <Messenger of Heaven> that was so funny!!!
[11:35] <Bob Hartington> One does not simply fall back asleep 
[11:35] <TheKorraFanatic> That was far from funny and must be expunged.
[11:35] <TheKorraFanatic> Thank god, Sayu didn't see it.
[11:35] <Qstlijku> <span style="text-decoration:line-through;"> or did she?</span>
[11:35] <Qstlijku> 
[11:35] <Messenger of Heaven> wish she had
[11:35] <TheKorraFanatic> Or um, Aii.
[11:36] <Bob Hartington> Or um, Aii. 
[11:36] <Messenger of Heaven> I'ma go bug Mario with JS questions
[11:36] <TheKorraFanatic> I said come now.
[11:36] <TheKorraFanatic> We must prepare the propaganda and then sent it to Bert.
[11:36] <Qstlijku> When does Mario's global block expire?
[11:36] <C.Syde65> June.
[11:36] <TheKorraFanatic> June 6th.
[11:36] <TheKorraFanatic> So, next week.
[11:37] <Qstlijku> Yep
[11:37] <TheKorraFanatic> Sadly,
[11:37] <TheKorraFanatic> It's already been almost three months since that happened.
[11:37] <TheKorraFanatic> Fascinatin'
[11:38] <Messenger of Heaven> hes taught me a lot of JS but i'm still a noob 
[11:38] <TheKorraFanatic> However, he said he wasn't returning here because it has "Demon" in the name and that's the equivalent of worshipping Satan or some shit.
[11:38] <Bob Hartington> Time flies by so fast 
[11:38] <TheKorraFanatic> Damn it!
[11:38] <Bob Hartington> Damn it! 
[11:38] <C.Syde65> You serious?
[11:39] <C.Syde65> Or is this just a meme?
[11:39] <Messenger of Heaven> mhm
[11:39] <Messenger of Heaven> not a meme
[11:39] <TheKorraFanatic> No meme, I am sorry.
[11:39] <C.Syde65> I think I should ask him still.
[11:39] <Bob Hartington> I assume he has realized the false truth?
[11:39] <C.Syde65> Not that I don't believe you.
[11:39] <TheKorraFanatic> Just ask him if he plans on returning.
[11:39] <Messenger of Heaven> I can show a screenshot!
[11:39] <TheKorraFanatic> He might not want people knowing why he's not coming back.
[11:39] <C.Syde65> I just like to have the chance to hear it from him directly.
[11:39] <Bob Hartington> I can believe it 
[11:39] <C.Syde65> That's what I was planning to do.
[11:40] <C.Syde65> [11:39:40] TheKorraFanatic: Just ask him if he plans on returning.
[11:40] <C.Syde65> 
[11:44] <C.Syde65> wb Falco! o/ 
[11:47] <TheKorraFanatic> Welcome, South Ferry
[11:51] <C.Syde65> wb South! o/ 
[11:52] <C.Syde65> wb Falco! o/ 
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