[00:00:28] [CHAT] Twilight teh inkling: XD
[00:00:29] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah
[00:00:31] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Hola¡!
[00:00:33] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sad
[00:00:33] [CHAT] Chase McFly: :(
[00:00:35] [CHAT] South Ferry: Hola mi amigo
[00:00:37] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Apparently
[00:00:38] [CHAT] South Ferry: como estas
[00:00:44] [CHAT] South Ferry: tu puedas hablas espanol
[00:00:47] [CHAT] South Ferry: Si o no
[00:00:49] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: uhhhhh...... ci?
[00:00:52] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ci.
[00:00:55] [CHAT] South Ferry: Que es "Ci"?
[00:00:56] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Everyone wants to say Satan's anme on chat
[00:00:58] [CHAT] South Ferry: there is no such thing.
[00:01:01] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Ugh
[00:01:04] [CHAT] Chase McFly: As what?
[00:01:07] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: uhhhhhh...... NO COMPRENDOS
[00:01:30] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: ok good new
[00:01:37] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: *news
[00:01:44] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: /me jumps out window
[00:01:45] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: wait one sec
[00:01:46] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: AYAYYAY
[00:01:51] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: ok mess
[00:01:56] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: Who made Rainbow a Chat mod XD
[00:02:08] [CHAT] Twilight teh inkling: korra
[00:02:11] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Soth there is A satan
[00:02:19] [CHAT] Chase McFly: He's in our white house
[00:02:20] [CHAT] Twilight teh inkling: TheKorraFanaticd
[00:02:21] [CHAT] Twilight teh inkling: i think
[00:02:25] [CHAT] Twilight teh inkling: but can he check discord
[00:02:30] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: OOOH CHASEEEEE
[00:02:32] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: god the stomach pains are hurting more
[00:02:32] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah
[00:02:33] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: i mean
[00:02:36] [CHAT] Chase McFly: And he kicked Mess and Korra off Quotev
[00:02:37] [CHAT] South Ferry: His excellency,
[00:02:42] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: AYE CURRUMBA ESPANOLA!
[00:02:44] [CHAT] South Ferry: President Donald John Trump
[00:03:22] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: I'm not gonna lie that was a pretty awesome pic of rainbow dash
[00:03:23] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Q???
[00:03:23] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Oh
[00:03:24] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: ???
[00:03:30] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: wait donald trump is abad word
[00:03:32] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: since when
[00:03:33] [CHAT] Chase McFly: IDK what I'm talking about
[00:04:16] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: chase don't u gotta shower up and go to bed its getting late for u
[00:04:25] [CHAT] Chase McFly: No
[00:04:30] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: lol
[00:04:31] [CHAT] Chase McFly: It's summer vacation
[00:04:36] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: oh ok
[00:04:39] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: nice
[00:04:39] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I can stay up till midnight
[00:04:40] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: lucky
[00:04:59] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: brb people
[00:06:26] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713:
[00:07:02] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: Bill while taking over Dipper's body can even guzzle the drink with eye-sockets.
[00:07:10] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: !speak
[00:07:10] [CBOT] Back Up2: I've spoken. Happy now?
[00:07:11] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Lol Amanda
[00:07:14] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: looks like we can still talk about  politics
[00:07:15] [CHAT] Chase McFly: !log
[00:07:15] [CBOT] Back Up2: Logging...
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[00:07:25] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: !google Creepypasta memes
[00:07:25] [CBOT] Back Up2:
[00:08:01] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: YAY
[00:08:06] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Yes\
[00:08:18] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Lol
[00:08:23] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: It's two weeks until Jane's summer break :(
[00:08:50] [CHAT] South Ferry: why do i have 71 edits
[00:08:51] [CHAT] South Ferry: QUite a bit
[00:09:00] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713:
[00:09:04] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i have 108 edits
[00:09:26] [CHAT] South Ferry: what was your most edits in any wiki?
[00:09:35] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: 108
[00:09:41] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: 125 at CC
[00:09:43] [CHAT] Chase McFly: On one wiki
[00:09:47] [CHAT] South Ferry: Mine is 5,826
[00:09:48] [CHAT] Chase McFly: That I created
[00:09:49] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: wo
[00:10:04] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Q has 13,000 on his wiki
[00:10:05] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I made 9,536 edits
[00:10:05] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: damn
[00:10:10] [CHAT] South Ferry: oooh
[00:10:10] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: the next hightest is 48 on another wiki
[00:10:11] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: !google Creepypasta Masky memes
[00:10:11] [CBOT] Back Up2:
[00:10:13] [CHAT] South Ferry: chase has 3k more then me
[00:10:21] [CHAT] South Ferry: this is my wiki
[00:10:23] [CHAT] South Ferry: chase should link his
[00:10:25] [CHAT] South Ferry: :)
[00:10:29] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Sure
[00:10:41] [CHAT] Chase McFly:
[00:11:01] [CHAT] Twilight teh inkling: !google Reaction Time
[00:11:01] [CBOT] Back Up2:
[00:11:04] [CHAT] Twilight teh inkling: !google Kyutie
[00:11:05] [CBOT] Back Up2:
[00:11:10] [CHAT] Twilight teh inkling: !google ReactiCorns
[00:11:10] [CBOT] Back Up2:
[00:11:17] [CHAT] Twilight teh inkling: some good reaction channels @everyone
[00:11:23] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: EVERYONE PAUSE
[00:11:24] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713:
[00:11:28] [CHAT] Twilight teh inkling: ReactiCorns has the best couple
[00:11:38] [CHAT] Twilight teh inkling: What? @Mess
[00:11:39] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i need the name of as many global trolls as i can get
[00:11:45] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Can you guys check my wiki out
[00:11:48] [CHAT] South Ferry: a good wiki chase
[00:11:51] [CHAT] Twilight teh inkling: Dylanthefirepup
[00:11:55] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Thanks
[00:11:56] [CHAT] South Ferry: so chase has 3k more edits then me
[00:12:02] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: JMurph
[00:12:02] [CHAT] South Ferry: but his wiki has 400 pages less then mine
[00:12:03] [CHAT] Twilight teh inkling: theres a global troll
[00:12:05] [CHAT] South Ferry: a balance
[00:12:06] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: West Heater
[00:12:06] [CHAT] South Ferry: :)
[00:12:11] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Rex
[00:12:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Jav
[00:12:22] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Eblover
[00:12:25] [CHAT] Twilight teh inkling: Dylanthefirepup is the only one that targeted me
[00:12:41] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Can you guys make edits on my wiki'
[00:12:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Rex targets my friend CavaX
[00:12:52] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Sure, Chase.
[00:12:52] [CHAT] South Ferry: advertising :)
[00:13:00] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Thanks
[00:13:12] [CHAT] Chase McFly: You may not know much anout it
[00:13:20] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Korra PM
[00:13:21] [CHAT] Chase McFly: But here is my first episode to start y'all off
[00:13:33] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ok
[00:13:39] [CHAT] South Ferry: 5-2 victory
[00:13:44] [CHAT] South Ferry: Landslide
[00:13:51] [CHAT] Chase McFly:
[00:14:05] [CHAT] Chase McFly: That means people can discuss Satan whenever they want?
[00:14:10] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Ember PM
[00:14:57] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: No
[00:15:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: We can talk about it until someone asks for us to stop
[00:15:45] [CHAT] AdorablePopplio22800: hold on
[00:15:54] [CHAT] AdorablePopplio22800: kick this account out
[00:15:58] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Ok
[00:16:02] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: ...
[00:16:39] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Korra PM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[00:17:55] [CHAT] Chase McFly: You guys looking at my episodes yet
[00:19:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: yes
[00:22:57] [CHAT] Chase McFly: #DEADCHAT
[00:23:15] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /announce CHAT IS DEAD
[00:24:45] [CHAT] SlendyBot: SlendyBot v1.9 is online!
[00:29:17] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: /announce chat is always dead
[00:31:10] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: /announce #DeadChat #BlameWhoeverWasTheLastToSaySomething
[00:31:33] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /announce Amanda, you were the last one to say something.
[00:32:04] [CHAT] South Ferry: Belle.
[00:32:20] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: READ IT
[00:32:27] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /announce READ IT MORTALS
[00:33:05] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: /announce I AINT A MORTAL
[00:33:58] [CHAT] South Ferry: wha
[00:34:03] [CHAT] South Ferry: Baroness and you Belle
[00:34:05] [CHAT] South Ferry: always say that
[00:34:16] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I know!
[00:34:27] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Once they were on together and it was a nightmare
[00:35:03] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: wat
[00:35:44] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: And...
[00:36:06] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: I don't want to bug anyone
[00:36:18] [CHAT] South Ferry: Belle is a good person
[00:37:18] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: I'll have to go soon tablet is gonna die
[00:37:36] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: Bye
[00:38:07] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: Bye, Amanda.
[00:38:08] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: o/
[00:44:52] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: back
[00:47:51] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: gtg
[00:57:30] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: IM THE ONLY GIRL HERE NOOO
[00:58:07] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: NOOOOOO
[01:00:04] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: YOU SAVE ME
[01:00:45] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Hey
[01:00:51] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Im back
[01:00:57] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Kit saved Belle
[01:01:04] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Hooray
[01:01:11] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: YEAH I DIDDD
[01:01:48] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Seems like when I leave
[01:01:52] [CHAT] Chase McFly: So does everyonbe else
[01:02:24] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Hi south
[01:03:25] [CHAT] South Ferry: Hello, Chase McFly.
[01:03:36] [CHAT] South Ferry: Belle hurts forever is currently the only female, and non-moderator user.
[01:04:33] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Kit
[01:04:36] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Kit is female
[01:04:49] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: ....
[01:04:52] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: hokay
[01:04:57] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: Yesh Im female
[01:05:14] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah yes, Itsthekawaii girl is a female.
[01:05:25] [CHAT] South Ferry: I looked at Belle's previous message, and forgot about her.
[01:05:38] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Oh ok
[01:05:44] [CHAT] Chase McFly: !log
[01:05:44] [CBOT] Back Up2: Logging...
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[01:05:55] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: im forgotten
[01:06:03] [CHAT] Chase McFly: !seen KawaiiPotatoGirl
[01:06:03] [CBOT] Back Up2: Chase McFly: I last saw KawaiiPotatoGirl 1 day, 16 hours, 33 minutes, and 29 seconds ago.
[01:06:10] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Hey Manda
[01:06:36] [CHAT] South Ferry: Hello, Amanda Heart 15713.
[01:09:45] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: 15713
[01:09:47] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: ????
[01:12:25] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw:
           [CHAT] this is so funny
[01:13:09] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Hey
[01:13:14] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: Hey
[01:13:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: hi
[01:13:49] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: Hey
[01:13:59] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: I only have 5 minutes to stay
[01:14:41] [CHAT] South Ferry: I believe your presence could have made everyone happy, such as Scarlet Outlaw.
[01:14:52] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: you sound like a robot South?
[01:14:55] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: cuz my mom is doing my hair I have no choice in the matter
[01:15:00] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: oh rip
[01:15:05] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: why she doing your hair?
[01:15:06] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: South I'll be back later
[01:15:06] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: mess ok
[01:15:15] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: i hope yor hair comes out nice
[01:15:34] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: u are the most beautiful girl i know mess
[01:15:48] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: cuz she wants to as my mother she says she was rights to my hair @Kit
[01:15:51] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: thanks Scar
[01:16:06] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: /me smiles
[01:16:22] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: oh just in case Korra is in the shower that is why he isn't on
[01:16:48] [CHAT] South Ferry: I hope that at the end of this, Messenger Deception's hair is beautiful.
[01:17:15] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: XD
[01:17:22] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: is tehre an event or something?
[01:17:40] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: I'm hoping soon I can get blonde highlights, no Kit
[01:17:55] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: hm
[01:18:01] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: blonde highlights?
[01:18:03] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: noice
[01:18:24] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: I'd want to dye mine pastel pink just to see my friends reactions
[01:18:27] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: XD
[01:18:28] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: mess thats so cool
[01:18:38] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: but nah
[01:18:48] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: she is my mom the only nice thing she says about me is I have pretty hair
[01:18:48] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: i want to dye my hair emerald green
[01:19:06] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: well gtg 5 minutes up and Scar hell no
[01:19:09] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: .....
[01:19:14] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Bye
[01:19:15] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: mess why?
[01:19:19] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: thats a little mean
[01:19:20] [CHAT] Another Decaying Corpse: XD
[01:19:25] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: and i will see u later baby
[01:19:49] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: cuz that will look weird your hot the why it is now bye Scar
[01:20:08] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Kit no husband of mine will have green hair
[01:20:09] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: oh ok
[01:20:11] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: wow
[01:20:26] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: way*
[01:20:33] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me kisses scar
[01:20:33] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: I meant your mom
[01:20:35] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: bye
[01:20:36] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: i used to dye my hair black in high school when i was super emo
[01:20:38] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: not you XD
[01:20:40] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: /me kisses mess
[01:20:47] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: KPG dyed her hair black
[01:20:49] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: I didnt notice
[01:21:01] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: KPG: Look! I dyed my hair black!
[01:21:02] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: lol
[01:21:11] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: Kit: your hair... was already black
[01:21:19] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: KPG: it was a very dark brown
[01:21:26] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: Kit: black. it was black
[01:22:07] [CHAT] South Ferry: The user "Belle hurts forever" attempted to secretly dye her hair,
[01:22:11] [CHAT] South Ferry: but it did not turn out well.
[01:22:22] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: O.O really
[01:22:27] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: oh really?
[01:22:37] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: well i am not sure if my hair was a lite black or a dark brown right now but my hair looked so much darker when i used to dye it
[01:22:39] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: my hair has blonde parts in it anyway but unless your close you can't see it but sometimes I get blonde highlights
[01:23:04] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: mess so cool
[01:23:25] [CHAT] South Ferry: Do you wish to dye your hair, Messenger Deception?
[01:23:25] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Scar here is a promise if I get the highlights I
[01:23:27] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: My hair, has been a subject of many debates
[01:23:30] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: south when did u become belle
[01:23:35] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: half of school say blonde
[01:23:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: I'll send a pic**
[01:23:38] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: half say brown
[01:23:41] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: mess ok cool
[01:23:45] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: It cannot be both.
[01:23:45] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: i can't wait
[01:23:47] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: it must
[01:23:50] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me kisses scar
[01:23:50] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: be one or the other
[01:23:51] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: bye
[01:23:55] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: /me kisses mess
[01:24:01] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: byeee mess
[01:24:57] [CHAT] Another Decaying Corpse: Scar can I just say I'm genuinely happy for you, you and mess are good together
[01:25:07] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: thanks
[01:25:34] [CHAT] South Ferry: I do not know why Scarlet Outlaw has called me "Belle hurts forever".
[01:25:36] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: she is an amazing person
[01:25:37] [CHAT] South Ferry: I do not see the relation.
[01:25:45] [CHAT] South Ferry: Messenger Deception is a strong, independent woman.
[01:25:50] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: she is cool
[01:25:59] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: she gets mad at me lots though
[01:26:00] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Scarlet Outlaw 
           [CHAT] south when did u become belle
[01:26:16] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Wait what?
[01:26:17] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: 9:22
           [CHAT] South Ferry 
           [CHAT] The user "Belle hurts forever" attempted to secretly dye her hair,
           [CHAT] but it did not turn out well.
[01:26:23] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah yes.
[01:26:32] [CHAT] South Ferry: This incident, Belle told about this in the chatroom a few days ago.
[01:26:40] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: oh ok
[01:26:43] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Oh
[01:26:46] [CHAT] Qstlijku: A few days ago
[01:26:46] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: i must have been away
[01:26:49] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: when it happened
[01:27:32] [CHAT] South Ferry: I had suggested to her to ask her parents for assistance, but due to... current relations with her family, she was unable to.
[01:27:53] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Assistance with dying her hair?
[01:28:20] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: I STILL HERE PEOPLE
[01:28:28] [CHAT] Another Decaying Corpse: I like the "hurts forever" part of your name
[01:28:32] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: well i saw a kid in my school one type try to dye their hair themselves and well it came out really weird and super bright
[01:28:38] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: i think they used way to much
[01:28:56] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: And wtf
[01:28:58] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Lag
[01:29:28] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: *chat bot kicks belle hurts forever for cursing*
[01:29:46] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: lag as feelings
[01:29:46] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Really....*facepalms*
[01:29:50] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: resect the lag
[01:30:12] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: ...
[01:30:45] [CHAT] Chase McFly: !log
[01:30:46] [CBOT] Back Up2: Logging...
[01:30:46] [CBOT] Back Up2: Adding to [[Project:Chat/Logs/28_May_2017|chatlog]] 0 kicks and 0 bans reported. 0 joins, 0 leaves, and 12 messages logged.
[01:32:10] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Did Mess leave for now?
[01:32:16] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: i think
[01:32:52] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Or did her internet go down?
[01:32:58] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Did she tell anyone she was leaving?
[01:33:06] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Yes she did
[01:33:09] [CHAT] South Ferry: Messenger Deception's hair is being done by her mother.
[01:33:18] [CHAT] Chase McFly: !seen TheKorraFanatic
[01:33:18] [CBOT] Back Up2: They're in chat right now so... you just pinged them.
[01:33:23] [CHAT] Chase McFly: LIES
[01:33:37] [CHAT] Chase McFly: !seen Messenger Deception
[01:33:37] [CBOT] Back Up2: They're in chat right now so... you just pinged them.
[01:33:43] [CHAT] Chase McFly: ALSO LIES
[01:33:57] [CHAT] Chase McFly: !seen Amanda Heart 15317
[01:33:57] [CBOT] Back Up2: I have not seen Amanda Heart 15317. Did you mean Amanda Heart 15713?
[01:34:13] [CHAT] Chase McFly: !seen Amanda Heart 15713
[01:34:13] [CBOT] Back Up2: They're in chat right now so... you just pinged them.
[01:34:21] [CHAT] Chase McFly: WRONG
[01:34:23] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: !restart
[01:34:23] [CBOT] Back Up2: This command can only be executed by Mario.
[01:34:26] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: ...
[01:34:33] [CHAT] Chase McFly: The bot thinks people are here who aren't
[01:34:33] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !off
[01:34:39] [CHAT] Chase McFly: !on
[01:34:46] [CHAT] Qstlijku: They don't work
[01:34:58] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw:
           [CHAT] this si so me and mess
[01:35:46] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah.
[01:35:50] [CHAT] South Ferry: An interesting comparison.
[01:35:56] [CHAT] Another Decaying Corpse: XD wow Scar
[01:36:57] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: well she is dating a post emo/metal/punk/skater/hipster/geek
[01:37:25] [CHAT] Teira Harpuia: yo too
[01:37:28] [CHAT] Chase McFly: How are you?
[01:37:34] [CHAT] Teira Harpuia: good thanks, you?
[01:37:49] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: adc not really
[01:37:52] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I'm doing well
[01:37:57] [CHAT] Chase McFly: It's my summer vacation
[01:38:04] [CHAT] Chase McFly: MESS is back!
[01:38:05] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: /me hugs mess
[01:38:10] [CHAT] Teira Harpuia: Nice, its just my weekend
[01:38:14] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: MESS!
[01:38:22] [CHAT] Teira Harpuia: kit pm
[01:38:26] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: still another couple of months till holidays
[01:38:28] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: back my mom finsinhed my hair
[01:38:28] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: :/
[01:38:33] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me hugs scar back
[01:38:36] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: mess very cool
[01:38:40] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: my head hurts now
[01:38:44] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: oh rip
[01:38:46] [CHAT] South Ferry: Welcome back Messenger Deception.
[01:38:50] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: she is not gentle with a brush
[01:38:52] [CHAT] South Ferry: That was fairly fast.
[01:38:53] [CHAT] Another Decaying Corpse: wb
[01:39:08] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw:
           [CHAT] @mess look at this pic i found
[01:39:12] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: is your hair thick mess?
[01:39:25] [CHAT] South Ferry: Scarlet Outlaw has stated that in the relationship of him and you-
[01:39:30] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: not really tick but sort of
[01:39:39] [CHAT] Teira Harpuia: um, mess?
[01:39:40] [CHAT] South Ferry: That he is an Emo, and you are a regular female.
[01:39:49] [CHAT] South Ferry: Hello Teiko14, I didn't see you there.
[01:39:54] [CHAT] Teira Harpuia: hi south
[01:39:56] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: south ferry i wouldn't say regular
[01:40:05] [CHAT] Teira Harpuia: mess, i have a message from saph...
[01:40:26] [CHAT] Teira Harpuia: Saph: Yeah Mess, you have such a hard life. Your mum brushes your hair roughly, how sad.
[01:40:57] [CHAT] Teira Harpuia: She isnt a brat
[01:41:05] [CHAT] Teira Harpuia: hey korra
[01:41:06] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Tei do you have access to all of your alts?
[01:41:09] [CHAT] Teira Harpuia: no
[01:41:11] [CHAT] Another Decaying Corpse: She kinda sounds like one, idk
[01:41:12] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: teira i kinda agree with mess
[01:41:19] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sapphire is the friend of Teiko14 and the enemy of Messenger Deception.
[01:41:22] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Oh
[01:41:26] [CHAT] Teira Harpuia: its Saphira
[01:41:28] [CHAT] Teira Harpuia: and no
[01:41:34] [CHAT] Teira Harpuia: she doesnt believe in enemies
[01:41:35] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Because there's some you don't use that still have bureaucrat rights
[01:41:39] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: yes she is enemy
[01:41:42] [CHAT] Teira Harpuia: no
[01:41:45] [CHAT] Teira Harpuia: no enemies
[01:41:49] [CHAT] Teira Harpuia: >:l
[01:41:50] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: yes
[01:41:51] [CHAT] Another Decaying Corpse: what's her problem with Mess then?
[01:41:52] [CHAT] South Ferry: Saphira hates Messenger Deception because she believes that Messenger Deception abused her-
[01:42:04] [CHAT] Teira Harpuia: well mess was kind of rude
[01:42:06] [CHAT] South Ferry: and Messenger Deception hates Saphira because she cat-fished Messenger Deception.
[01:42:27] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: can you blame me
[01:42:27] [CHAT] Teira Harpuia: just because mess fell for a prank saph played
[01:42:28] [CHAT] Teira Harpuia: mess is embarrased
[01:42:28] [CHAT] Another Decaying Corpse: Oh, the whole cat fish thing is pretty terrible, that really sucks
[01:42:28] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: it was catfishing
[01:42:30] [CHAT] Qstlijku: brb
[01:42:33] [CHAT] Teira Harpuia: and hates saph
[01:42:37] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: I will never be friends with Saph now
[01:42:38] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: teira pranks aren't fun
[01:42:39] [CHAT] South Ferry: It is an eternal cycle of hate, akin to a convection cycle - the heat from the source flows to the sink, which flows right back.
[01:42:42] [CHAT] Teira Harpuia: it wasnt catfishing, it was a joke
[01:42:42] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: people can get hurt
[01:42:45] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: playing pranks
[01:42:49] [CHAT] South Ferry: Messenger Deception and Saphira will never be friends again.
[01:42:54] [CHAT] Teira Harpuia: mess, saph doesnt want to be friends with you
[01:42:58] [CHAT] South Ferry: Aslong as the two hate each other in this big cycle of convection -
[01:43:03] [CHAT] South Ferry: They will never be friends again.
[01:43:04] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ADC, look in CC PM
[01:43:07] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: clearly we were over friends
[01:43:07] [CHAT] Teira Harpuia: she thinks your a selfish power hungry brat
[01:43:12] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: i got hurt in a prank once
[01:43:13] [CHAT] Teira Harpuia: which isnt from mw
[01:43:17] [CHAT] Teira Harpuia: me*
[01:43:32] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and I think she is a B*** who is t crazy over the no rules thing
[01:43:36] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: almost broke my leg in the prank
[01:43:48] [CHAT] Teira Harpuia: well we're kids, we dont like rules
[01:43:49] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: too*
[01:43:58] [CHAT] Teira Harpuia: and your crazy FOR rules
[01:44:04] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: no one likes rules
[01:44:05] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: we need rules
[01:44:08] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: but they are needed
[01:44:13] [CHAT] Teira Harpuia: not this many
[01:44:20] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: yes this many
[01:44:23] [CHAT] Teira Harpuia: ugh im tired, so im going
[01:44:26] [CHAT] Teira Harpuia: bye
[01:44:57] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ik
[01:44:58] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: u won i think
[01:45:11] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Hey guys
[01:45:24] [CHAT] South Ferry: Nobody wins in this argument.
[01:45:30] [CHAT] A Google User: Good morning
[01:45:35] [CHAT] A Google User: Good night
[01:45:37] [CHAT] South Ferry: Messenger and Saph are in an eternal cycle of convection -
[01:45:42] [CHAT] South Ferry: An infinite loop which will never change.
[01:46:04] [CHAT] Another Decaying Corpse: you're very poetic-like aren't you south
[01:46:07] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Wow um okay
[01:46:28] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: does this wiki function like a normal society does or are there to much freedoms that makes it more like an anarchists state
[01:46:30] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i loathe her and that doesn't even cover my hatred for Saph
[01:46:51] [CHAT] RubyRose123: /me wants to lay on something soft because she hurts
[01:47:03] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: /me gives ruby a giant teddy bear
[01:47:07] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: eh
[01:47:12] [CHAT] Another Decaying Corpse: Scar the first night I joined it was a little chaotic, but since then it's been nice
[01:47:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I dislike and like Saph
[01:47:18] [CHAT] RubyRose123: yay thanks scar
[01:47:24] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: np
[01:47:29] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: and ok adc
[01:47:42] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: korra u can't both thats impossible
[01:48:11] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Scar wanna know secret you will probably think is cute
[01:48:13] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: nobody can like and dislike the same thing
[01:48:18] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: sure mess
[01:48:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Actually
[01:48:21] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: You can
[01:48:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I hate certain things about her
[01:48:26] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: korra false
[01:48:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: but like certain things about her
[01:48:37] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: explain korra
[01:48:47] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Korra has a point
[01:48:48] [CHAT] A Google User: Pm Korra
[01:49:16] [CHAT] RubyRose123: /me hugs the teddy bear
[01:49:19] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: mess what is the secret
[01:49:31] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: /me acts like a child
[01:49:33] [CHAT] South Ferry: You could say I am poetic. I chose a diagram of convection since it was a decent metaphor.
[01:49:49] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Scar I'll say in PM
[01:49:54] [CHAT] A Google User: Dont mind
[01:49:57] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: ok
[01:50:17] [CHAT] South Ferry: I have great hope for The Demon's Light -
[01:50:18] [CHAT] Another Decaying Corpse: Ive never met this Saph person
[01:50:21] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: dang it pms don't work
[01:50:28] [CHAT] South Ferry: It has a strong user base, and an interesting topic.
[01:50:38] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: i saw it mess thats super cute
[01:50:40] [CHAT] South Ferry: If we began to focus on the topic of The Demon's Light, or expand on it,
[01:50:48] [CHAT] South Ferry: we would be successful.
[01:50:55] [CHAT] South Ferry: For now, we need to stabilize the Wiki.
[01:51:04] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I met Saph.
[01:51:09] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: irl
[01:51:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: we, um, erm, hard to explain
[01:51:22] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: explain then
[01:51:34] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Let's just say she's a bitchy ex
[01:51:40] [CHAT] A Google User: No no Not IRL
[01:51:56] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: korra explain that
[01:52:01] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: no!
[01:52:04] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: they dated
[01:52:05] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I don't wanna!
[01:52:09] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: oh
[01:52:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Not really dated
[01:52:12] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: but more
[01:52:16] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: like friends with benefits
[01:52:21] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ewwwwwwwwwwwwww
[01:52:21] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: so like a sexual partner
[01:52:22] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: hard to explain.
[01:52:29] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ewwwwwww]
[01:52:31] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ewwwwwwwwwwww
[01:52:32] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[01:52:33] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ew
[01:52:35] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ewe
[01:52:35] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: can we move on?
[01:52:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ewwwwwwwwww
[01:52:37] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ewwwwwwww
[01:52:38] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ewwwwwwww
[01:52:39] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ewwwwwww
[01:52:41] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ewwwwwwwwww
[01:52:41] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: omg korra wtf
[01:52:42] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ewwwwwwww
[01:52:43] [CHAT] South Ferry: They basically had intercourse.
[01:52:43] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ewwwwwwwwwww
[01:52:44] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ewwwwwwwww
[01:52:46] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ewe
[01:52:47] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ewewew
[01:52:48] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Mess Scar grosses peopel out too
[01:52:48] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ewewedw
[01:52:50] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ew
[01:52:50] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: south
[01:52:51] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ewwwwwwwwww
[01:52:52] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ewwwwwwwwwwwww
[01:52:54] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ewwwwwwwwwwwww
[01:52:54] [CHAT] Chase McFly: No Korra
[01:52:55] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ewwwwwwwwww
[01:52:57] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ewwwwwwwwwwwww
[01:52:58] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww
[01:52:58] [CHAT] Chase McFly: It's not!log
[01:52:59] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ewwwww
[01:53:01] [CHAT] South Ferry: .
[01:53:03] [CHAT] Chase McFly: The logs are invisible
[01:53:04] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Mess, stop the spam
[01:53:07] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ew
[01:53:08] [CHAT] Chase McFly: !log
[01:53:08] [CBOT] Back Up2: Logging...
[01:53:09] [CBOT] Back Up2: Adding to [[Project:Chat/Logs/28_May_2017|chatlog]] 0 kicks and 0 bans reported. 0 joins, 0 leaves, and 75 messages logged.
[01:53:18] [CHAT] South Ferry: The logs are invisible, indeed.
[01:53:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: F U. XD
[01:53:20] [CHAT] A Google User: Wb RubyRose
[01:53:21] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: so korra used her as his personal thing
[01:53:27] [CHAT] South Ferry: The good thing is, any-one can go see the logs.
[01:53:28] [CHAT] Chase McFly: No!
[01:53:32] [CHAT] Chase McFly: STOP
[01:53:39] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I am getting uncomfortable
[01:53:46] [CHAT] South Ferry: It has been revealed that Korra had intercourse with Saph prior to the acquisition of Jane - a true plot twist.
[01:53:49] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: ok new topic
[01:53:50] [CHAT] South Ferry: Is Messy angered by this?
[01:53:52] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: STOP
[01:53:57] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sure, let us have a new topic.
[01:53:57] [CHAT] Chase McFly: South
[01:54:02] [CHAT] Chase McFly: \These are LIES
[01:54:08] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: south ferry just grossed out
[01:54:08] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: I'm grossed out
[01:54:09] [CHAT] A Google User: ewwwwww
[01:54:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Let us talk about something else, like um, PIE
[01:54:18] [CHAT] Chase McFly: STOP
[01:54:22] [CHAT] Chase McFly: !rules
[01:54:23] [CBOT] Back Up2: You can find the chat rules [[Project:Regulations|here]].
[01:54:26] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: korra is mess' brother south so mess is grossed out
[01:54:29] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: my brother slept with my arch nemesis
[01:54:34] [CHAT] South Ferry: For example, let us discuss the Five Night's at Freddy's Fanon Wiki.
[01:54:34] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: eh, she was hot XD
[01:54:36] [CHAT] Chase McFly: No disturbing/inappropriate topics - As said above, talking about disturbing topics can make users feel uncomfortable, or not welcome.
[01:54:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ^
[01:54:49] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^6
[01:54:51] [CHAT] South Ferry: I did not originally found the Wiki - I was given it a year later after I proved I was worthy.
[01:54:56] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ignore the god damn 6
[01:54:58] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: lol
[01:55:07] [CHAT] South Ferry: I am currently administering a program on that Wiki to do a massive house-cleaning.
[01:55:18] [CHAT] South Ferry: We recently purchased a bot program to assist with the categories.
[01:55:59] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: mess pm, my pms are working now
[01:56:23] [CHAT] South Ferry: Some may call me power-hungry, because I always wish to gain the powers necessary to assist Wikis, just as I have done The Five Nights Fanon Wiki. I have realized this is stupid, and does in fact make you seem power hungry, which is why I am less focused on rights and advising the current administrators.
[01:56:23] [CHAT] RubyRose123: /me crus a little from the pain
[01:56:39] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: OH GOD
[01:56:40] [CHAT] Another Decaying Corpse: Where does Saph usually go?
[01:56:42] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: JMURPH ON CC
[01:56:44] [CHAT] South Ferry: With my years of experience, I am sure the administrators would benefit from my advice.
[01:56:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: JMURPH ON CC
[01:56:48] [CHAT] South Ferry: Link the chat.
[01:56:52] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: WEST IS ON CC
[01:56:52] [CHAT] South Ferry: I want to talk to him,
[01:56:54] [CHAT] South Ferry: and ask him.
[01:56:54] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Mime banned him
[01:56:57] [CHAT] South Ferry: I am going there now.
[01:56:57] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Breakdown Kush:
           [CHAT] Laveau's compound 
           [CHAT] grow house 
           [CHAT]  8:55 
           [CHAT] Annabeth and Percy:
           [CHAT] It's about caring enough to follow them. 
           [CHAT]  8:55 
           [CHAT] Breakdown Kush:
           [CHAT]  8:55 
           [CHAT] Jr Mime:
           [CHAT] I said stop Breakdown Kush 
           [CHAT] What do you not understand? 
           [CHAT]  8:55 
           [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic:
[01:57:08] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me pukes
[01:57:18] [CHAT] Another Decaying Corpse: West?
[01:57:26] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: mess pm
[01:57:59] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: hi
[01:57:59] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I need to go block Breakdown Kush
[01:58:01] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: mess calm down pls
[01:58:02] [CHAT] A Google User: /me stares at Scar
[01:58:12] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: google how rude
[01:58:21] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: anything wrong?
[01:58:23] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: didn't your parents tell u not to stare
[01:58:32] [CHAT] A Google User: Lol
[01:58:45] [CHAT] A Google User: My parents
[01:58:46] [CHAT] A Google User: ??
[01:58:52] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me rocks back and froth
[01:58:54] [CHAT] A Google User: Oh C'mon
[01:58:56] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: HOLY FUCK
[01:59:05] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: breath Mess breath Mess
[01:59:15] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Pls no mentioning of parents
[01:59:18] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: brb
[01:59:19] [CHAT] A Google User: My parents hate me :(
[01:59:22] [CHAT] A Google User: Cuz
[01:59:23] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: HE CAME
[01:59:26] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: hey whats wrong?
[01:59:32] [CHAT] A Google User: I hate school
[01:59:37] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: As soon as he yelled SINCLAIR PARISH I knew who he was
[01:59:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I got out of that hell place.
[01:59:54] [CHAT] A Google User: Im not best in my school study l
[02:00:04] [CHAT] A Google User: ;(
[02:00:10] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: jmurph is here?
[02:00:20] [CHAT] A Google User: Yep
[02:00:30] [CHAT] A Google User: Scar is J*****
[02:00:32] [CHAT] A Google User: Lol
[02:00:34] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me takes deep breath
[02:00:37] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: (faceplam)
[02:01:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Holy fuck, not even CC is safe
[02:01:32] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me rocks back and forth crying
[02:01:40] [CHAT] Another Decaying Corpse: It seems like they know him there too
[02:01:42] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /me does too
[02:01:48] [CHAT] Another Decaying Corpse: the mods I mean, they seem to know him
[02:02:12] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He trolls CC all the time
[02:02:23] [CHAT] RubyRose123: I hurt everywhere (crying)
[02:02:23] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: WHERE IS Q/
[02:02:24] [CHAT] A Google User: /me throws Gulab jamuns bowl at Agent K
[02:02:25] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: thats not a big matter he is here then he will be take out
[02:02:29] [CHAT] Another Decaying Corpse: Why Ruby?
[02:02:40] [CHAT] A Google User: Ruby?
[02:02:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: WE need to expect him to come here
[02:02:53] [CHAT] A Google User: /me hugs Ruby
[02:02:54] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me keeps crying
[02:02:55] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: that is his usual tactic
[02:02:56] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Um let's just say I went on a little swim
[02:03:01] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: hey korra
[02:03:02] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: he attacks CC, TDL, and JTK at once
[02:03:09] [CHAT] A Google User: /me hugs Messey
[02:03:12] [CHAT] Another Decaying Corpse: It's ok Mess, they can deal with him when he shows up
[02:03:18] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: is jmurph chatmod here?
[02:03:19] [CHAT] Another Decaying Corpse: What happened Ruby?
[02:03:22] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: if Breakdown Kush and Saigon sally shows up here, Ban
[02:03:35] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: hell no Chirs
[02:03:45] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Chris*
[02:03:46] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: then its k
[02:03:50] [CHAT] RubyRose123: uuuubhhhh
[02:03:55] [CHAT] A Google User: Korra made him Chat mod! (angry)
[02:04:02] [CHAT] A Google User: WChris
[02:04:05] [CHAT] South Ferry: Who was promoted to chat moderator?
[02:04:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: No one
[02:04:09] [CHAT] RubyRose123: /me had flashback
[02:04:10] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: but i cant ban him
[02:04:17] [CHAT] Another Decaying Corpse: o-o you ok Ruby
[02:04:22] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me still crying
[02:04:22] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Chirs, no asking for power
[02:04:28] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: k
[02:04:39] [CHAT] A Google User: Hahahahaha
[02:04:41] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Uh um yes?
[02:04:44] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: please its chris not chirs
[02:04:45] [CHAT] South Ferry: I remember the original Union.
[02:04:50] [CHAT] South Ferry: Everyone was a bureaucrat, to make it fair.
[02:05:03] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ADC, as chat mod, can you go ban Breakdown Kush and Saigon Sally from JTK please?
[02:05:12] [CHAT] Another Decaying Corpse: Sure I'm on it
[02:05:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Thanks :)
[02:05:25] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: what is jtk wiki?
[02:05:44] [CHAT] A Google User: .jane tha killer
[02:05:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: jane the Killer wiki
[02:05:59] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: everyone calling me CHIRS i`m CHRIS
[02:06:05] [CHAT] A Google User: Jane is really a killer?
[02:07:05] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: but i can use the bot without chatmodship
[02:07:33] [CHAT] A Google User: Download verbot 5
[02:07:37] [CHAT] A Google User: Chris
[02:07:45] [CHAT] RubyRose123: /me hugs Mess tightly
[02:07:52] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: why?
[02:08:00] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me hugs back
[02:08:21] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Scar, where are you???
[02:08:52] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Your okay it's okay
[02:08:54] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: not here korra
[02:08:57] [CHAT] A Google User: Messey have many little little brother but now mess have some little little sistERS a
[02:08:57] [CHAT] A Google User: Also
[02:09:57] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: i think Drama is a huge part of Fandom
[02:09:58] [CHAT] A Google User: I created a video about how to hack gmail in one hour after YouTube deleted my channel! @Chris
[02:10:23] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: why did they deleted it?
[02:10:31] [CHAT] A Google User: Cuz
[02:10:41] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: Fandom Powered By Drama
[02:10:45] [CHAT] A Google User: I broke the rules
[02:11:08] [CHAT] A Google User: Gmail hack is an illegal way! ;)
[02:11:10] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Oh hey guys
[02:11:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Chase
[02:11:15] [CHAT] Chase McFly: What;s happening
[02:11:18] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: copyright infrigment?
[02:11:22] [CHAT] Another Decaying Corpse: Uhh Korra
[02:11:23] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Jmurph attack
[02:11:25] [CHAT] A Google User: I like risky ways
[02:11:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: yes?
[02:11:34] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I heard
[02:11:44] [CHAT] Another Decaying Corpse: I'm not sure if I can ban someone unless they visit the chat first c-c
[02:12:03] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: You can go to contribuitons and type in thier name
[02:12:05] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: IDK TBH @google
[02:12:12] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I am blocking him from here before he comes again
[02:12:15] [CHAT] A Google User: Chris you have an intro and outro for your YouTube channel? @Chris
[02:12:19] [CHAT] A Google User: Hey Kit o/
[02:12:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Kit, we're in damage control mode
[02:12:31] [CHAT] Another Decaying Corpse: Ohh right, ok thx Korra
[02:12:39] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: going to create one @google
[02:12:46] [CHAT] A Google User: Hmm
[02:12:55] [CHAT] A Google User: Download blender
[02:13:06] [CHAT] A Google User: Or cinema 4R
[02:13:14] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: i have blender 3d moddeling
[02:13:16] [CHAT] A Google User: D*
[02:13:18] [CHAT] A Google User: Sony Vegas pro
[02:13:47] [CHAT] A Google User: Dude i was hacked sony Vegas pro for lifetime
[02:13:49] [CHAT] A Google User: ;)
[02:13:52] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: damage control?
[02:13:57] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: JMurph
[02:14:08] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: why did they hacked?
[02:14:09] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: what??
[02:14:22] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: he's back
[02:14:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: again
[02:15:14] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: ....
[02:15:16] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Hmmm
[02:15:26] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ...............
[02:15:39] [CHAT] A Google User: Where is Jmurph now?
[02:15:44] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: IDK
[02:15:49] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He just attacked CC
[02:15:56] [CHAT] A Google User: Cc?
[02:16:11] [CHAT] A Google User: Really?
[02:16:16] [CHAT] Another Decaying Corpse: Ok those accounts should be banned on JTK wiki now
[02:16:22] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Good. :)
[02:17:27] [CHAT] A Google User: Chris do you know Ransom ware @Chris
[02:17:59] [CHAT] A Google User: Chris pm
[02:18:29] [CHAT] A Google User: Hey Ness o/
[02:18:31] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: Hi...
[02:18:38] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hi (Wave)
[02:18:42] [CHAT] A Google User: Sup?
[02:18:44] [CHAT] Another Decaying Corpse: Hey
[02:18:45] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: ness?
[02:18:50] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: What?
[02:18:57] [CHAT] A Google User: Baroness!
[02:19:39] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: Oh, okay.
[02:20:01] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: I thought you were talking to someone else.
[02:20:13] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: I'm fine.
[02:20:15] [CHAT] A Google User: Nah
[02:20:40] [CHAT] A Google User: /me eats ice cream
[02:21:14] [CHAT] A Google User: /me gives ice cream to Agent K
[02:21:24] [CHAT] A Google User: Wb The
[02:21:54] [CHAT] A Google User: Chris pm
[02:22:08] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: Who's Chris?
[02:22:38] [CHAT] A Google User: Your bf
[02:22:44] [CHAT] A Google User: Best friend
[02:22:52] [CHAT] A Google User: (giggle)
[02:23:21] [CHAT] A Google User: Chris your gf is missed you !
[02:23:28] [CHAT] A Google User: Gf = good friend
[02:23:29] [CHAT] South Ferry: A shame I was unable to comfort Messenger Deception.
[02:23:41] [CHAT] Another Decaying Corpse: She's ok isn't she?
[02:23:53] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Yeah
[02:23:54] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me hugs South tightly
[02:23:56] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: she's my irl sister
[02:24:30] [CHAT] Another Decaying Corpse: Oh wow I didn't realize that Korra
[02:24:40] [CHAT] South Ferry: Messenger Deception has received post traumatic stress disorder, after the return of the Real Murph.
[02:24:41] [CHAT] Another Decaying Corpse: that wasn't sarcasm if it sounded like it c-c
[02:24:49] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: We both did
[02:24:49] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: hey who is my gf?
[02:24:54] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: Did he ACTUALLY return
[02:24:57] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: me
[02:24:58] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: jkjkjkk
[02:24:59] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Yes
[02:25:01] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: he came to CC
[02:25:08] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: shit really?
[02:25:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Breakdown Kush and Saigon sally was him
[02:25:15] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: and he's pissed by the way
[02:25:21] [CHAT] A Google User: Dont mind chris
[02:25:26] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: whay
[02:25:29] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: what
[02:25:39] [CHAT] South Ferry: JMurph will strike at any moment
[02:25:46] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Nope
[02:25:51] [CHAT] South Ferry: We must produce a JMurph defense system, in the event of an all out Blitzkreig assualt.
[02:25:54] [CHAT] South Ferry: Nope?
[02:25:54] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I banned and blocked those accounts already
[02:25:55] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me whimpers
[02:25:58] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: I missed Jmurph on CC
[02:26:02] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: I was watching youtubwe
[02:26:04] [CHAT] South Ferry: The god of accounts of course has another account.
[02:26:08] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Yep
[02:26:12] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: and more IPs
[02:26:19] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: but korra
[02:26:20] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: go to discord
[02:26:26] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I need to see the CC user logs, so I can see if he's making more
[02:26:33] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: IDK how to get to them
[02:26:37] [CHAT] A Google User: Chris
[02:26:41] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: Star Aura is boring without a chapter in play.
[02:26:45] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: what?
[02:26:53] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: I can link them if ya want @korra
[02:27:01] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: please do
[02:27:02] [CHAT] A Google User: You need a red YouTube
[02:27:06] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me hugs South
[02:27:20] [CHAT] A Google User: Sign for your channel
[02:27:31] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: welp
[02:27:32] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: What?
[02:27:35] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: apparently im angelica
[02:27:38] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: schyleur
[02:27:40] [CHAT] A Google User: How many videos you uploaded?
[02:27:41] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: green sign
[02:27:44] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: 1
[02:27:48] [CHAT] A Google User: Red
[02:27:55] [CHAT] A Google User: Umm
[02:27:59] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: @korra
[02:28:03] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /announce KORRA IS FREAKING OUT
[02:28:37] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: If you say it
[02:28:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I ban
[02:28:47] [CHAT] A Google User: Oh
[02:28:50] [CHAT] A Google User: Okay
[02:29:03] [CHAT] A Google User: (giggle)
[02:29:12] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /announce is having a panic attack
[02:29:38] [CHAT] A Google User: How do you do that? @Mess
[02:29:42] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: but IDK if it's him
[02:30:01] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /announce screams
[02:30:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /announce where is scar
[02:31:04] [CHAT] Another Decaying Corpse: Hi
[02:31:04] [CHAT] A Google User: Hey Ddg
[02:31:22] [CHAT] A Google User: Chris give me your YouTube link in pm
[02:31:57] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: /me is really upset
[02:32:23] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: my annoncments suck
[02:32:24] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: no you not being there for your gf while she is having a panic attack deserves a kick
[02:32:33] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: oh shit
[02:32:34] [CHAT] A Google User: /me gives broom to Ddg
[02:32:43] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: well my mother was yelling at me mess
[02:32:44] [CHAT] A Google User: (giggle)
[02:32:47] [CHAT] South Ferry: Messenger Deception needs a man who will always be there for her,
[02:32:51] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: google its not funny
[02:32:52] [CHAT] South Ferry: and will always be there to comfort her.
[02:34:28] [CHAT] A Google User: Its okay
[02:34:31] [CHAT] A Google User: (giggle)
[02:35:08] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: googs pm
[02:35:13] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: google calm down or  i will kick u
[02:35:14] [CHAT] A Google User: Hmm
[02:35:19] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i'll go now byee
[02:35:30] [CHAT] A Google User: Scar giggle is my favorite emoji
[02:35:35] [CHAT] A Google User: Ddg pm please
[02:35:36] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: oh ok
[02:35:41] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: chill out thogh google
[02:35:46] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ok fine but i gotta go soon
[02:35:56] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: You kicked him about 3 or 4 times, it's not working..
[02:37:06] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: Hi belle!
[02:37:13] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Hi!
[02:37:56] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: hi belle
[02:38:04] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Belle, PM!
[02:38:10] [CHAT] South Ferry: Hello Belle hurts forever.
[02:38:17] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: everyone come to this chat
[02:38:47] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: hi baroness
[02:39:25] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: byeeeeeeeeeeee
[02:39:32] [CHAT] A Google User: Hey Scar
[02:39:34] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: bye
[02:39:39] [CHAT] A Google User: Bye Ddg
[02:39:41] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: yes google
[02:39:44] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: hey
[02:39:46] [CHAT] A Google User: Wb Ruby
[02:39:47] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: blech
[02:39:49] [CHAT] A Google User: Bye Messey
[02:39:53] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: TheKorraFanatic?
[02:39:58] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Thxs
[02:40:05] [CHAT] A Google User: Np
[02:40:11] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Im staying DDg is leaving
[02:41:21] [CHAT] A Google User: Oh (giggle)
[02:41:26] [CHAT] A Google User: Sorry
[02:41:49] [CHAT] RubyRose123: I hurt soooo badly
[02:42:57] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: Are you okay?
[02:43:08] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: What's wrong, Ruby?
[02:43:14] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: google quit the giigles
[02:43:18] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: nothing is funny
[02:43:22] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: *giggles
[02:43:23] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Im so sick
[02:43:25] [CHAT] RubyRose123: I'm really sore
[02:43:34] [CHAT] Another Decaying Corpse: Sick how Belle?
[02:43:55] [CHAT] Another Decaying Corpse: Ruby you should take some time to relax c-c
[02:47:12] [CHAT] RubyRose123: I can't it's not part of me
[02:47:26] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: What'a wrong?
[02:47:47] [CHAT] Another Decaying Corpse: I meant, just lie down for a whiel
[02:47:49] [CHAT] Another Decaying Corpse: *while
[02:48:14] [CHAT] RubyRose123: I'm always on my feet I barley ever sleep
[02:48:48] [CHAT] Another Decaying Corpse: You could get some sleep tonight? it might help
[02:49:12] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: Yeah, please rest Ruby.
[02:49:30] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: We're getting worried.
[02:49:41] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: Korra go to discord
[02:49:48] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Baron short virsion is that I got an unexpected swim
[02:50:13] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: And what else?
[02:50:40] [CHAT] Chase McFly: /announce has left the chat
[02:51:14] [CHAT] Chase McFly: /announce has been banned by Chase McFly (undo)
[02:51:24] [CHAT] Messenger Deception:
[02:51:32] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: join
[02:52:27] [CHAT] RubyRose123: An unexpected swim
[02:52:38] [CHAT] RubyRose123: /me has flashback
[02:53:11] [CHAT] Another Decaying Corpse: I'm gonna go for tonight
[02:53:13] [CHAT] Another Decaying Corpse: see you all tomorrow
[02:53:20] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: Okay, bye
[02:53:29] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Bye
[02:53:40] [CHAT] Another Decaying Corpse: Good luck Ruby, feel better
[02:53:53] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Yeah thxs
[02:54:08] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: Same here
[02:54:32] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: I hope you're okay.
[02:54:42] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: *hugs Ruby*
[02:54:56] [CHAT] RubyRose123: /me slips out
[02:55:01] [CHAT] RubyRose123: careful
[02:55:12] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: I'm sorry.
[02:55:35] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: Anyways, GTG soon.
[02:56:01] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: I'm going to go in about 5-10 minutes.
[02:56:11] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: :(
[02:56:21] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: What's wrong?
[02:56:51] [CHAT] RubyRose123: It's fine I just still have memories
[02:57:37] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: Okay.
[02:58:04] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Bye-roness
[02:58:32] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: What?
[02:58:40] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Hmm?
[02:58:50] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: Was that a pun?
[02:59:29] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: Anyways, Bye guys.
[02:59:50] [CHAT] RubyRose123: I don't think so was it?
[02:59:52] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: bye (wave))
[02:59:57] [CHAT] Messenger Deception:
[03:00:27] [CHAT] A Google User: Bye Baroness \o
[03:00:39] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Yes it was
[03:00:41] [CHAT] Chase McFly: A pun
[03:02:31] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Okay
[03:02:53] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: i hate puns
[03:03:16] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Very sick
[03:03:29] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Like I can't move
[03:03:50] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Oh
[03:04:22] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: I can't move without ​feeling like throwing up
[03:04:40] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: yikes
[03:04:51] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Belle it will pass
[03:04:57] [CHAT] RubyRose123: i promise
[03:05:05] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: No it won't
           [CHAT] It never does
[03:05:35] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Chase look on JTK
[03:06:40] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Scar
[03:06:44] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: sup
[03:06:48] [CHAT] RubyRose123: What do you mean
[03:07:09] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me hugs scar
[03:07:16] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: /me hugs mess
[03:07:27] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: /me feels a little sick himself
[03:07:41] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: why
[03:07:53] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: my belly hurts
[03:08:42] [CHAT] RubyRose123: I feel like every thing is broken
[03:09:00] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: *goes lay down but it doesn't help*
[03:09:07] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: I hate medicine too
[03:09:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: same
[03:09:37] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic:
[03:14:29] [CHAT] Chase McFly: #DEADCHAT
[03:18:29] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Hey
[03:18:44] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: Hi.
[03:19:02] [CHAT] Chase McFly: GJ, how are ya
[03:19:08] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Hi
[03:20:01] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Oh gosh
[03:20:54] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: What
[03:20:55] [CHAT] Chase McFly: What
[03:20:56] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic:
[03:20:59] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Jinx
[03:21:57] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: I'm fine, Chase. You?
[03:22:04] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Ummmm............
[03:22:19] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: What Ruby
[03:22:32] [CHAT] RubyRose123: pm me Belle I'll tell you there
[03:22:40] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Okay
[03:22:43] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: TheKorraFanatic discord
[03:23:07] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: What's wrong Ruby
           [CHAT] ...
           [CHAT] Lag 
           [CHAT] It won't work
[03:23:12] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: ....
[03:23:20] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: I. Hate. This
[03:23:39] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Could you refresh
[03:23:46] [CHAT] RubyRose123: i can't say here
[03:24:08] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: What's wrong
           [CHAT] It won't let me
[03:24:46] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Um uh.........
[03:26:04] [CHAT] RubyRose123: /me blushes deeply
[03:27:25] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: sometimes that will knock the lag away
[03:27:26] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Try pm now
[03:33:53] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic:
[03:43:24] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Death why did you kill chat
[03:44:31] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: @Izzy Was Here#8654 @Izzy Was Here#8654 @Izzy Was Here#8654 @Izzy Was Here#8654 @Izzy Was Here#8654 @Izzy Was Here#8654
[03:44:39] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: woops know thing i wanted to do
[03:44:47] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: *wrong
[03:46:18] [CHAT] RubyRose123: ?
[03:55:30] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: *pokes side* ohhhh
           [CHAT] #deadchat here
[03:58:05] [CHAT] South Ferry: sad
[03:59:04] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Boo
[03:59:07] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Lag
[03:59:16] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: How still isn't here
[03:59:21] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: He
[04:01:56] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: 1
[04:01:57] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: 23
[04:01:58] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: 45
[04:01:59] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: 678
[04:02:01] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: 90-
[04:02:36] [CHAT] A Google User: Heya Quin
[04:02:50] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Hey google
[04:03:05] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Noooooo math
[04:03:17] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: quinnblack welcome to the wiki iam outlaw scar
[04:03:22] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: how do u do
[04:03:33] [CHAT] A Google User: Quin here
[04:03:44] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: XD
[04:03:47] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: oh okay
[04:03:50] [CHAT] A Google User: So Scar
[04:03:59] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Yo outlaw scar
[04:04:05] [CHAT] A Google User: She's know u are scar
[04:04:07] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: I'm fine
[04:04:11] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: thanks for asking
[04:04:13] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: XD
[04:04:17] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: google  i know dude chill out
[04:04:20] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: eat an ice cream
[04:07:22] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Hi
[04:07:30] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: (wave)
[04:08:17] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: hi blue
[04:08:36] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: /me hugs mess
[04:09:19] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Hi people that are joining
[04:09:34] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Belle pm NOW
[04:09:47] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: OKAY
[04:10:50] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Hey
[04:10:58] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Ruby pm me
[04:11:02] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: how are you
[04:11:11] [CHAT] RubyRose123: I did
[04:11:24] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Im sick as fudge
[04:11:40] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: same
[04:11:48] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Fudge is good and never sick
[04:11:56] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: lol
[04:12:19] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Idk if we can cuss or
[04:12:21] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: not
[04:12:58] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: you can
[04:13:14] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Okay
[04:13:14] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Eh I don't like it
[04:13:22] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Im sick as fuck
[04:13:30] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: same
[04:13:58] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: I can barely move
[04:14:27] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: belle did you complete your dare
[04:14:48] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Ooh what dare
[04:15:23] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: she has to make out with logan
[04:16:38] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Oh cool
[04:17:05] [CHAT] RubyRose123: I
[04:17:19] [CHAT] RubyRose123: im a happy happy person
[04:17:34] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: eveyone if ya'll wanna see what i look like like this post
[04:17:52] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ok
[04:18:59] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Okay mess
[04:21:56] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: noooooooooooooo belle and rubyyyyyy
[04:22:41] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *hi rubyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
[04:23:01] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Hiiiiiiiiiiii I'm sooooo happpppyyyyy
[04:24:01] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy pmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm meeeeeeeeeeeee
[04:24:01] [CHAT] RubyRose123: /me is dancing
[04:24:38] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: He he hasn't been on all day
[04:25:03] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Belle like the post
[04:26:00] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: awww belle
[04:26:33] [CHAT] RubyRose123: It's okay belle nether has Neko
[04:26:51] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: so there making a tv show based on sheldon coopers youth on cbs
[04:33:46] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: belleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[04:33:47] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Waaawaaa
[04:33:58] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Whattttt
[04:34:32] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: What Demi
[04:34:53] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: your backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
[04:35:00] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i missed youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
[04:35:01] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Yes I am
[04:35:24] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Plz stop that I have a really bad headache *lays down*
[04:35:53] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: I just dropped my phone and it didn't have a case on
[04:36:19] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: aw sorry*gets some tablets and water and gives them to belle*
[04:36:41] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: *takes them* thank you and it's okay
[04:37:28] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Hi....
[04:37:32] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ok*smiles*
[04:37:43] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hi..........
[04:37:49] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: ...
[04:37:50] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: .
[04:38:07] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: My tummy hurts
[04:39:54] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: awww honey *hugs belle*
[04:40:04] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: *hugs back in pain*
[04:40:17] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: I wish Logan was here
[04:40:52] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i gtg to bed goodnight
[04:40:52] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: awww*rubs her back*
[04:40:58] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: night messs
[04:41:32] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Bye mess
[04:44:03] [CHAT] RubyRose123: It's okay
[04:44:35] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: It hurts so much
[04:46:22] [CHAT] RubyRose123: /me plays lullaby on violin
[04:47:06] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: awww belle i wish i could stop the pain
[04:47:29] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Me oo
[04:49:58] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: noooooooooooooooo
[04:51:54] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: What
[04:52:01] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Nooooooooooooooo what
[04:52:27] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i was lonely i missed you
[04:52:42] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Missed you too
[04:53:07] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *hugs belle gently*
[04:54:50] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: *hugs back*
[04:55:19] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *smiles* it is cuute that you and logan love each other
[04:55:31] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: *blushes"
[04:55:43] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: awwww
[04:56:30] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: *blushes a dark red*
[04:56:49] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *squeals aww*
[04:57:49] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Stoppppppppppppppppppppppp
[04:57:52] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Omg
[04:58:05] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ok young love
[04:58:12] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: That's so embarrassing
[04:59:01] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: yo BQ
[04:59:01] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: wb o/
[04:59:09] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: yo ddg
[04:59:15] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Belle........
[04:59:16] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *kisses blue* mine
[04:59:18] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: LOOK IN JTK PM
[04:59:22] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: (wave2)
[04:59:26] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: *kisses her back* Mineee
[04:59:35] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *hugs him*
[05:00:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Belle...
[05:00:34] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: korra don't tell me you like belle
[05:00:50] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: She's my BFF.
[05:01:05] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: She helps me with issues I have. Like anxiety and depression.
[05:01:32] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: *snuggles DDG*
[05:01:38] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ok well we all have those
[05:01:45] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: What Korra
           [CHAT] It's okay demi
[05:01:51] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *snuggles back*
[05:02:02] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ok belle
[05:02:54] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I need Jane right now....
[05:02:57] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: awww
[05:03:25] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: I wish Amore was here
[05:03:49] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i am gonna die from awwwwwwwww
[05:03:55] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hi rubyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
[05:04:09] [CHAT] RubyRose123: /me blushes
[05:04:16] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Omg Demi
           [CHAT] Omg
[05:04:29] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: omg you guys are too cute
[05:04:54] [CHAT] RubyRose123: /me blushes harder
[05:04:54] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: /me sighs
[05:05:32] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: *blushes a really deep red*
[05:05:32] [CHAT] RubyRose123: What's wrong BQ
[05:05:57] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: pm Ruby
[05:06:02] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: But BQ and google omg
[05:06:06] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: cutee
[05:07:09] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: /me facepalms then sighs
[05:07:37] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Hmm?
[05:07:49] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Im so red right now
[05:08:15] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: the shipper will never stop unless it is shut up
[05:08:30] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: (giggle)
[05:08:37] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: *holds DDG from behind* By cute bae
[05:09:05] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Omg
[05:09:06] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: Red as Ruby's cloak, Belle? :P
[05:09:31] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ok distracted * smiles at blue*
[05:09:57] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: What
[05:10:21] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: What do you need
[05:10:24] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i hate having to decide thingd
[05:10:27] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: things
[05:10:50] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Im so confused now
[05:11:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: (crying)
[05:11:06] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: What's wrong, Korra?
[05:11:39] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: nvm about my life korra wants jane
[05:11:55] [CHAT] RubyRose123: /me flicks Lewis in the forehead
[05:12:06] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: Ow..
[05:12:10] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: What was that for?
[05:12:10] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Why was my name said
[05:12:21] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: belle is beautiful
[05:12:54] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hi zombie
[05:13:02] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: ??? Hi zombie
[05:13:13] [CHAT] Zombie Deadsong: ..... what happened?
[05:13:37] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: nothing
[05:13:38] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ?
[05:13:45] [CHAT] Zombie Deadsong: Okay????
[05:13:57] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ow
[05:14:04] [CHAT] Zombie Deadsong: /announce its morning for me
[05:14:47] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Yeah don't mess with her hood
[05:14:47] [CHAT] Zombie Deadsong: What does that mean?
[05:14:54] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: /me laughs
[05:15:16] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: XD
[05:15:18] [CHAT] Zombie Deadsong: I don't know what hood mean
[05:15:18] [CHAT] RubyRose123: My red hood
[05:15:23] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: mm i hate assignments
[05:15:24] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Oh
[05:15:37] [CHAT] Zombie Deadsong: Ooh okay
[05:15:43] [CHAT] Zombie Deadsong: .
[05:15:48] [CHAT] Zombie Deadsong: ._.
[05:15:53] [CHAT] Zombie Deadsong: (Sad)
[05:16:05] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: /me looks at her watch
[05:16:45] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: It's 1:18 AM
[05:16:54] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: /me sighs
[05:16:57] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: no ruby
[05:16:59] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: yikes
[05:17:01] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: late?
[05:17:06] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: 12:17am
[05:17:09] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: I know
[05:17:29] [CHAT] Zombie Deadsong: It's 6:17 am for me
[05:17:36] [CHAT] Zombie Deadsong: Yeah I know
[05:17:42] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: good for you
[05:17:47] [CHAT] Zombie Deadsong: Kinda
[05:17:51] [CHAT] Zombie Deadsong: I hate Wales
[05:17:58] [CHAT] Zombie Deadsong: I hate where I live
[05:18:10] [CHAT] Zombie Deadsong: I hate everyone I know in the UK
[05:18:21] [CHAT] Zombie Deadsong: Plus I hate school
[05:18:27] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i live in down under
[05:18:28] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Come to America!
[05:18:33] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Yeah!
[05:18:35] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: no not america
[05:18:39] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Come to boston!
[05:18:41] [CHAT] Zombie Deadsong: ...... why?
[05:18:49] [CHAT] Zombie Deadsong: I raver live in LANCASHIRE
[05:18:57] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: australia is better
[05:19:06] [CHAT] Zombie Deadsong: LA not Lancashire
[05:19:15] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ?
[05:19:15] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: Its 3:23pm here
[05:19:27] [CHAT] Zombie Deadsong: I don't like Australia
[05:19:33] [CHAT] Zombie Deadsong: I don't like it at all
[05:19:36] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: What time is it Australia
[05:19:49] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: IDK
[05:19:54] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Aussie girls are hot.
[05:20:03] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: thx i guess
[05:20:16] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[05:20:18] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: why don't you like australia zombie
[05:20:20] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: you're an aussie?
[05:20:24] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: yeah
[05:20:45] [CHAT] Zombie Deadsong: Belle, its 15:20 in Australia
[05:20:52] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i was born and raised here
[05:21:11] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i didn't get to shoot a snake
[05:21:23] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hi guys i missed you ruby
[05:21:27] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: I am english but i live in Australia
[05:21:36] [CHAT] A Google User: Dora?
[05:21:37] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: So 3:20 right
           [CHAT] That's cool
[05:21:50] [CHAT] A Google User: Anyone seen Korra
[05:21:55] [CHAT] A Google User: Dora?
[05:21:55] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: yeah
[05:21:57] [CHAT] Zombie Deadsong: Yes Bella
[05:22:02] [CHAT] Zombie Deadsong: Belle
[05:22:03] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: He has to go to bed
[05:22:09] [CHAT] Zombie Deadsong: I haw auto correct
[05:22:17] [CHAT] Zombie Deadsong: Hate**
[05:22:24] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Yeah me too
[05:22:30] [CHAT] Zombie Deadsong: /announce FUCK AUTO CORRECT!!!!!!!!
[05:22:58] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /announce Night to all. Korra Out!
[05:23:26] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: (wave)
[05:23:27] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: lol
[05:23:28] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Night
[05:23:31] [CHAT] A Google User: Good night
[05:23:32] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: talk to you all tomorrow
[05:23:42] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Okay bye
[05:23:43] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: I gtg to bed now
[05:23:47] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: bye
[05:23:50] [CHAT] Zombie Deadsong: Or should I say Korra the Killer
[05:23:51] [CHAT] A Google User: Korra may be
[05:23:55] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: By
[05:23:59] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Bye
[05:24:08] [CHAT] Zombie Deadsong: Don't die okay Korra
[05:24:31] [CHAT] RubyRose123: I'm gonna go hope I'm here tomorrow big storm tonight
[05:24:43] [CHAT] Zombie Deadsong: Oh no!
[05:24:58] [CHAT] Zombie Deadsong: And Korra is still here._.
[05:25:48] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: night ruby
[05:26:19] [CHAT] Zombie Deadsong: Why Korra still here?!
[05:26:20] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: Night, Ruby.
[05:26:40] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: zombie he left reload your page
[05:27:01] [CHAT] Zombie Deadsong: Okay I did now
[05:27:15] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: My cat Casper sure is deathly afraid of thunderstorms.
[05:27:18] [CHAT] Zombie Deadsong: Aaannnnd it still says or shows he's here still
[05:28:35] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ok
[05:29:13] [CHAT] Zombie Deadsong: .... what?
[05:29:32] [CHAT] A Google User: Quiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn pm ;(
[05:29:34] [CHAT] A Google User: ;(
[05:29:51] [CHAT] Zombie Deadsong: HARLEY QUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[05:29:57] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: harley my bae
[05:30:14] [CHAT] Zombie Deadsong: /announce hello
[05:31:12] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: aloha
[05:31:20] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: me est colda
[05:31:26] [CHAT] Harleyquin16: *hugs ddg back*
[05:31:36] [CHAT] Zombie Deadsong: /announce .....?
[05:32:03] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: /announce Im so cold
[05:32:33] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: agh damn lag
[05:32:34] [CHAT] Harleyquin16: Hi sis
[05:32:39] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: babe*punches blue*
[05:33:05] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: you left me not cool
[05:33:15] [CHAT] Zombie Deadsong: /announce -hugs itisthekawaiigirk to keep them warm since I'm very warm
[05:33:48] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: no kit
[05:33:57] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: I froze
[05:34:05] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: sheesh had to refresh
[05:34:09] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ok sorry
[05:34:14] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: no harley
[05:40:25] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: ...
[05:40:43] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: kit hi
[05:41:34] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: Oh no.. My dog is barking, trying to wake my parents up...
[05:42:45] [CHAT] A Google User: Quin
[05:42:54] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: she left
[05:43:01] [CHAT] A Google User: Nopen
[05:43:04] [CHAT] A Google User: Nope m
[05:43:07] [CHAT] A Google User: Nope
[05:43:13] [CHAT] A Google User: She's afk
[05:44:03] [CHAT] A Google User: Quiiiiiinnnnn
[05:45:08] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: man she left you
[05:45:43] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: I'm ready to get off around 3:00.
[05:46:33] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ok
[05:46:38] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: *kisses all over DDG's face*
[05:46:57] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *giggles and smiles*
[05:47:29] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: /me reads book
[05:48:34] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: Much like Scar who kisses all over Mess other than on her face.
[05:48:39] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: It's cute and funny. :3
[05:49:02] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *blushes*
[05:49:24] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: Talking to Blue btw.
[05:49:56] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: blech
[05:50:10] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: kit and book
[05:50:18] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: I wish tiger was on, I need to explain some stuff
[05:51:16] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: He's too busy singing "Eye of the Tiger", Kit.
[05:51:42] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: /me doesnt know if this is a joke or not. Probably is but
[05:52:03] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: nah he high
[05:54:20] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: Get my joke, Kit?
[05:54:22] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: :P
[05:54:35] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: yes cause his name is tiger
[06:00:01] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: Um...
[06:00:09] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: I think I hear my parents...
[06:08:25] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: thats a bad thing?
[06:08:30] [CHAT] A Google User: She left ;(
[06:08:37] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ow
[06:08:40] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: sucks
[06:08:56] [CHAT] A Google User: Cuz
[06:08:59] [CHAT] A Google User: /
[06:09:00] [CHAT] A Google User: ;(
[06:09:02] [CHAT] A Google User: ;(
[06:09:03] [CHAT] A Google User: ;(
[06:09:19] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: Yuuuup, Kit.
[06:09:40] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: If they caught me using the wifi, I'll lose my privileges.
[06:09:50] [CHAT] A Google User: Hey GJ
[06:10:24] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: Hi, Google.
[06:10:47] [CHAT] A Google User: Bro tell the truth
[06:10:55] [CHAT] A Google User: Im a problem or not?
[06:11:43] [CHAT] A Google User: Bro im so sad
[06:12:24] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: You're not a problem, brother. *hugs*
[06:12:35] [CHAT] A Google User: ;(
[06:12:46] [CHAT] A Google User: /me hugs You bro
[06:12:51] [CHAT] A Google User: Bye
[06:12:55] [CHAT] A Google User: o/
[06:13:21] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: o/
[06:14:40] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: GJ I know you like DDG. But you can't have her. She is mine *hugs DDG*
[06:15:13] [CHAT] A Google User: ;(
[06:15:37] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: What's the prob now, brother?
[06:15:44] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: I know, Blue. XD
[06:15:58] [CHAT] A Google User: Oh god dont fight each other for a girl first ask to her that she loves blue or gj
[06:16:06] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: aww * hugs blue*
[06:16:30] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: /me reads book
[06:16:33] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: /me flips page
[06:16:46] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: This the same google who likes like 5 girls at once and started dating Quin legit a day after breaking up with amber? tst low blow
[06:16:47] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: /announce You know what, I'll just watch from above
[06:17:22] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *hits my head on a wall*
[06:17:44] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: /announce Im like a chat Goddess
[06:18:46] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *continues to hit my head*
[06:18:51] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: *stops her*
[06:18:52] [CHAT] A Google User: Blue Amber isn't my girlfriend
[06:18:55] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: Stop that
[06:19:21] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: lol I know. She was sad cause you just started dating Quin after you broke up with her
[06:19:33] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: to her that makes her feel like you never liked her and wanted to move on fast
[06:20:07] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ok *stops and faints*
[06:20:17] [CHAT] A Google User: But Quin isn't my girlfriend
[06:20:36] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: that was fast indeed.
[06:20:45] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: Quinn: *pops out behind Google* I heard that.
[06:21:00] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: /announce you guys were legit making out in main chat google, dont deny
[06:21:32] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: /announce I'll just silently watch from above
[06:22:19] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: /announce Even I have to admit, if you werent dating quin yet still having pda like that, thats a little sad
[06:22:48] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: DAMN
[06:23:00] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: /announce stick with one girl, and make it clear to others you only have that girl
[06:23:32] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: /announce HAHAHAHAHAH
[06:24:06] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: /announce Its just life (mudkip)
[06:24:37] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: /announce oh well guess Ill have to send you back down
[06:26:33] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: babe?
[06:26:34] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: /announce THOU SHALT RESPECT gODDESS OF CATS
[06:27:08] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: Uncalled for
[06:27:14] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: /announce sorry :D
[06:27:55] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: I am who I am
[06:28:35] [CHAT] A Google User: You
[06:28:37] [CHAT] A Google User: Arem
[06:28:39] [CHAT] A Google User: Are
[06:28:41] [CHAT] A Google User: A
[06:28:43] [CHAT] A Google User: Boi
[06:29:20] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *giggles*
[06:29:40] [CHAT] A Google User: Like me
[06:30:15] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: he is a male
[06:30:54] [CHAT] A Google User: Boys are male you dont know??
[06:31:03] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: I am male
[06:31:10] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: *giggles and kisses DDG*
[06:31:29] [CHAT] A Google User: ;)
[06:31:40] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: /announce anyone have a new book?
[06:33:11] [CHAT] A Google User: He kissed DDG and dating with Kit lol (giggle)
[06:33:42] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *cries*
[06:34:37] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *cries*
[06:34:43] [CHAT] A Google User: Jk
[06:34:52] [CHAT] A Google User: Dont cry Ali
[06:34:53] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: Ima ban you if you say something like that again
[06:35:00] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: *hugs DDG*
[06:35:06] [CHAT] A Google User: Okay okay sorry
[06:35:17] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *hugs back*
[06:35:44] [CHAT] A Google User: Pm DDG
[06:36:06] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: /announce a new book I can read whenever I feel awkward as hell
[06:36:36] [CHAT] A Google User: (giggle)
[06:37:12] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: That kind of book got too many problems to fix.
[06:39:16] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: what?
[06:39:29] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: I was making a joke out of the mathbook.
[06:39:34] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: /announce whatever I'll just read this blank book
[06:43:47] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: yay
[06:45:11] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: Google fled out from the chat with his bloody nose. XD
[06:45:36] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: yay
[06:48:57] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: ....
[06:49:03] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: wat
[06:49:33] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: google left
[06:50:33] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: Why he left? Because he got a one bloody nose after DDG punched him, and his nose is already streaming blood like a waterhose. XD
[06:55:59] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: /announce well now I'm trying to get that image out of my head
[07:00:48] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: dead chat
[07:11:20] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *faints from over heat*
[07:12:02] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: *grabs her*
[07:13:08] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *wakes up* too hot
[07:14:49] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: /announce I'll be up in my thrid wheel heaven
[07:16:10] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: THAT HURT
[07:21:14] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: !announce no kidding
[07:21:18] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: wait
[07:21:21] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: /announce no kidding
[07:23:55] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: byyyeyeeee
[07:24:19] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ok
[07:25:21] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: MEN
[07:26:17] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: Ow
[07:26:22] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: men?
[07:26:35] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: well aren't you both men
[07:26:58] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: Me and Blue are only men in this chat for now. :P
[07:27:15] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *screams*
[07:28:40] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: the pain
[07:28:47] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: *kisses all over DDG's face* you ok baby?
[07:29:05] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: fuck no i am not ok
[07:31:23] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: lonely only female
[07:31:39] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: aww ya got me :)
[07:32:32] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: aww i know but your not a female
[07:33:42] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: can one of you cut my stomach and take out my intestines
[07:33:42] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: tst im still worth something ;)
[07:33:48] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i know
[07:33:48] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: Aww i know it hurts baby
[07:34:05] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: juct cut it
[07:34:09] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: just
[07:34:15] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: No *hugs you*
[07:34:22] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: All women have gone though it baby
[07:34:55] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: all men haven't i feel sorry for my ancestors tho
[07:35:22] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: *snuggles with you*
[07:35:52] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: they had nothing to stop the blood or the cramps
[07:36:04] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *snuggles back*
[07:36:49] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: I know baby
[07:37:09] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: that is sad oh wait they used bed sheets
[07:38:38] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i hate ichy blankets
[07:41:05] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: still the only girl
[07:41:25] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: aw ill protect ya ;)
[07:42:38] [CHAT] A Google User: /me eats ice cream
[07:42:40] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: fuck it hurts
[07:43:19] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: Welp. Google is back with white bandages around his nose minutes later after getting a note bleed from DDG's punch.
[07:43:21] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: :P
[07:43:24] [CHAT] A Google User: /me gives ice cream to Big bro GJ
[07:43:38] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: Thanks, brother. *smiles
[07:43:42] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: *smiles**
[07:43:47] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: /me eats the ice cream
[07:43:52] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *screams*
[07:44:27] [CHAT] A Google User: Np Big Bro
[07:45:14] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: someone stop me before i punch someone or something
[07:45:48] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: *holds DDG*
[07:45:53] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: ah im always here babe
[07:46:08] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: * calms down* thanks
[07:46:21] [CHAT] A Google User: ;(
[07:46:39] [CHAT] A Google User: Ddg pm
[07:46:46] [CHAT] A Google User: As a friend
[07:47:16] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: fine i forgive you if you do it again i will never and i mean never forgive you
[07:47:34] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: mhm
[07:47:47] [CHAT] A Google User: Ohhh Thanks
[07:48:12] [CHAT] A Google User: No pms no problems
[07:48:15] [CHAT] A Google User: :)
[07:48:43] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *punches a wall* oops
[07:48:53] [CHAT] A Google User: Whats your time? @GJ
[07:49:36] [CHAT] A Google User: Here 1:20 PM :(
[07:50:24] [CHAT] A Google User: I gtg to sleep bye o/ take Care GJ and Blue and DemisionalDarkgirl
[07:50:36] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: bye
[07:50:40] [CHAT] A Google User: And Zombie you too
[07:50:56] [CHAT] Zombie Deadsong: Me too what?
[07:51:08] [CHAT] A Google User: Take care
[07:51:23] [CHAT] Zombie Deadsong: Okay?
[07:51:35] [CHAT] A Google User: !! ;( !!
[07:51:36] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: bye hi zombie
[07:52:47] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i will mis you google
[07:53:03] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: james sorry kpg wasn't on today
[07:53:11] [CHAT] Jamesb1: ;(
[07:53:29] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *hugs james*
[07:53:35] [CHAT] Jamesb1: Where is she??
[07:53:49] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: idk oh
[07:54:05] [CHAT] Jamesb1: /me hugs back
[07:54:38] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: james your a girl again
[07:55:02] [CHAT] Jamesb1: Am i?
[07:55:16] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: yeah i have no other females
[07:56:06] [CHAT] Jamesb1: Ok
[07:56:57] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: and your more in touch with your feminine side
[07:57:05] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: :P
[07:57:17] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: but remain a boy
[07:57:17] [CHAT] Jamesb1: Ok
[07:57:59] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i'll shut up
[07:59:40] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i'm sorry i can't make kpg come online
[08:00:22] [CHAT] Jamesb1: !seen KawaiiPotatoGirl
[08:00:22] [CBOT] Back Up2: Jamesb1: I last saw KawaiiPotatoGirl 1 day, 23 hours, 27 minutes, and 47 seconds ago.
[08:00:45] [CHAT] Jamesb1: ;(
[08:00:56] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: aww it is ok*hugs james*
[08:01:16] [CHAT] Jamesb1: /nlme hugs back
[08:01:36] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: truth or dare everyone
[08:02:06] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: mwhahahaha
[08:02:42] [CHAT] Jamesb1: Dare
[08:02:56] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i dare you to kiss GJ
[08:04:30] [CHAT] Jamesb1: crap
[08:04:49] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: G'night, y'all.
[08:04:58] [CHAT] Jamesb1: Night
[08:04:58] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: See you tomorrow.
[08:05:06] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: damn it byee
[08:05:55] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: kiss someone else james
[08:06:04] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: .....
[08:06:11] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hi kit wanna play tuth or dare
[08:06:11] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: /announce and thats my cue to leave
[08:06:44] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: /announce Hiya kit
[08:07:16] [CHAT] Jamesb1: Erm
[08:07:22] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: ....
[08:07:28] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: wat?
[08:07:35] [CHAT] Jamesb1: /me kisses ddg
[08:07:39] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: /announce well hello fellow God
[08:08:23] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: um...........
[08:08:30] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ........
[08:09:16] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: ooh i like this song
[08:09:33] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: your turn james
[08:09:41] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: OHWHWHWHWH IM TROUBBLE
[08:09:43] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: IM TROUBLE
[08:10:31] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: james go
[08:10:52] [CHAT] Jamesb1: Kit truth or dare
[08:10:58] [CHAT] Jamesb1: Hi belle
[08:11:09] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Hi
[08:11:14] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: belle
[08:11:20] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: you left me
[08:11:34] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: 1%so yeah
[08:11:47] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: oh ok
[08:12:00] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Yeah
[08:12:21] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i missed you
[08:13:11] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: go kit
[08:14:19] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Be back later bye
[08:14:24] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ok bye
[08:16:10] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: byeeeeeeeee
[08:16:16] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: brb
[08:22:55] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: aw she left
[08:23:22] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: blech
[08:23:42] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: /announce NoooOOOOOO
[08:28:30] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: um hi
[08:28:44] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: yayyy
[08:28:59] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: *snuggles DDG*
[08:29:02] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: My bae
[08:29:03] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: my love
[08:29:05] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: I missed you
[08:29:24] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *snuggles back*
[08:29:30] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i burn my tonu e
[08:29:34] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: tongue
[08:29:39] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: Owiee
[08:29:47] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: I did that a week ago
[08:29:50] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: it feels so weird
[08:30:06] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: it hurt i can't taste anything already
[08:31:02] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: yeah it sucks
[08:31:06] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: hehe
[08:31:10] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: *licks her tongue*
[08:31:13] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: better (mudkip)
[08:31:26] [CHAT] Jamesb1: ???
[08:31:53] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *blushes* yeah
[08:32:00] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: (kiss)
[08:32:02] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: yay
[08:32:19] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *giggles* ok truth or dare blue
[08:32:26] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: Ah ummm Dare
[08:32:56] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i dare you to kiss or hug someone on the chat
[08:33:18] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: /announce *hugs and kisses My bae and girl i love DDG
[08:33:49] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: awww i love you too your go *hugs and kisses back*
[08:34:09] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: Magic James (mudkip)
[08:34:14] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: haha you just type
[08:34:17] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: / announce
[08:34:26] [CHAT] Jamesb1: /announce is here
[08:35:21] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: go blue
[08:36:14] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: Truth or dare Jamez
[08:36:14] [CHAT] Jamesb1: !speak /announce hi
[08:36:15] [CBOT] Back Up2: /announce hi (Mario wants this command to be used wisely so this is a reminder).
[08:36:42] [CHAT] Jamesb1: Truth
[08:37:24] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: much do ya love KPG
[08:38:03] [CHAT] Jamesb1: Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots
[08:38:30] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: and lots?
[08:38:32] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: (giggle)
[08:39:52] [CHAT] Jamesb1: Yeh
[08:40:33] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: Ur turrrn
[08:41:38] [CHAT] Jamesb1: Ddg truth or dare
[08:42:00] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: dare
[08:42:49] [CHAT] Jamesb1: Make out with blue for 2 minutes
[08:42:59] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ok
[08:43:10] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: Just 2?
[08:43:11] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: ;)
[08:43:27] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i mean we could go for an hour
[08:43:31] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: or 2
[08:43:34] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: (giggle)
[08:43:59] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: but that would turn into something
[08:44:08] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: XD
[08:44:27] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *makes out with blue for 2 minutes*
[08:45:04] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: did
[08:45:06] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: it
[08:46:29] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: aww why did he leave
[08:46:42] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: tst
[08:46:50] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: he might have just missed KPG
[08:46:56] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *kisses you*
[08:47:11] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: *kisses back deeply*
[08:47:32] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *keeps kissing you deeply*
[08:47:53] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: *moans* yummy
[08:48:10] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *blushes*
[08:48:27] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: ;)
[08:48:55] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *pushes you against a wall*
[08:49:11] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: *grabs your hand and takes u to PM*
[08:49:21] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: don't want anyone walking in on this lol
[08:49:25] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *giggles*
[08:49:26] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: /announce test
[09:00:32] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: /announce I love my GF sooo much
[09:06:42] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: james hi
[09:06:45] [CHAT] Jamesb1: Hi
[09:06:59] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: blue left me ;(
[09:06:59] [CHAT] Jamesb1: /announce I miss KPG
[09:07:49] [CHAT] Jamesb1: Left u for now or forever?
[09:07:58] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: for 2 hours
[09:08:19] [CHAT] Jamesb1: Ok
[09:08:34] [CHAT] Jamesb1: This chats pissing me off
[09:08:38] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: why
[09:09:45] [CHAT] Jamesb1: You type a message, press enter and it doesnt send, so u have to reload
[09:10:02] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: oh yeah it can get annoying
[09:12:13] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: james?
[09:38:38] [CHAT] Jamesb1: Left u for now or forever?
[09:38:38] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: for 2 hours
[09:38:38] [CHAT] Jamesb1: Ok
[09:38:38] [CHAT] Jamesb1: This chats pissing me off
[09:38:38] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: why
[09:38:38] [CHAT] Jamesb1: You type a message, press enter and it doesnt send, so u have to reload
[09:38:38] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: oh yeah it can get annoying
[09:38:38] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: james?
[09:38:38] [CBOT] Back Up2: Restarting...
[09:38:38] [CHAT] Jamesb1: hi
[09:38:39] [CBOT] Back Up2: Back Up2 v1.9 is online!
[09:39:08] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hi
[09:39:35] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: you left me man
[09:40:01] [CHAT] Jamesb1: sorry
[09:40:08] [CHAT] Jamesb1: i'll stay now
[09:40:21] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ok so why did you go
[09:41:17] [CHAT] Jamesb1: i was talking to someone on discord but on phone i cant use wikia and discord at the same time
[09:41:20] [CHAT] Jamesb1: im sorry
[09:41:54] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ok it is ok jams
[09:43:33] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: what are you doing
[09:44:16] [CHAT] Jamesb1: still chatting on discord, but im on laptop now so i can do both
[09:44:21] [CHAT] Jamesb1: what about you?
[09:44:37] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: reading a book
[09:46:23] [CHAT] Jamesb1: what book?
[09:47:07] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: the beast within the beauty if you have hear of wattpad that is whee i am reading it
[09:47:27] [CHAT] Jamesb1: oh yeh ive heard of that
[09:48:05] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: yeah it is a really good book
[09:49:57] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: and wattpad is an app and website where you can create books and read books it is so much fun
[09:52:05] [CHAT] Jamesb1: thats what i meant  by ive heard of that
[09:52:12] [CHAT] Jamesb1: i dont know the story
[09:52:18] [CHAT] Jamesb1: but i know wattpad
[09:52:48] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: you should get it
[09:54:44] [CHAT] Jamesb1: i think i have it
[09:55:50] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ok well if you what  is your account
[09:58:10] [CHAT] Jamesb1:
[09:58:56] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i am following you now
[09:59:57] [CHAT] Jamesb1: aww thanks#
[10:02:36] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: you can follow me back if you lik
[10:04:01] [CHAT] Jamesb1: done
[10:05:34] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: thanks i try to write stuff but i am not that good
[10:26:42] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hi
[10:27:41] [CHAT] Jamesb1: hi
[10:27:42] [CHAT] Jamesb1: how r u
[10:27:57] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i am good what are you doing
[10:28:11] [CHAT] Jamesb1: playing a family guy game
[10:29:03] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ok lol
[10:31:25] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i'mstudying
[10:32:10] [CHAT] Jamesb1: for what?
[10:33:03] [CHAT] Jamesb1: ouch
[10:33:08] [CHAT] Jamesb1: hey google
[10:33:16] [CHAT] A Google User: Hi james
[10:34:03] [CHAT] A Google User: South park is a movie or a tv show?
[10:34:12] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: tv show
[10:34:20] [CHAT] Jamesb1: both
[10:34:37] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: oh wow really
[10:34:37] [CHAT] Jamesb1:
[10:35:09] [CHAT] A Google User: Which is ur favorite character? @Jam
[10:35:44] [CHAT] Jamesb1:
[10:35:48] [CHAT] Jamesb1: Timmah
[10:36:17] [CHAT] A Google User: Hmm your Twitter name is also Timmah
[10:36:45] [CHAT] Jamesb1: yep
[10:37:21] [CHAT] A Google User: /me eats mango :)
[10:37:49] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: mango yum
[10:38:26] [CHAT] A Google User: /me gives mango to james
[10:38:33] [CHAT] Jamesb1: yummy
[10:38:37] [CHAT] Jamesb1: thanks
[10:38:45] [CHAT] A Google User: Haha
[10:39:18] [CHAT] A Google User: James, whats ur time?
[10:40:00] [CHAT] Jamesb1: 11.40am
[10:40:08] [CHAT] A Google User: Cool
[10:41:53] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i miss my old life
[10:41:56] [CHAT] A Google User: Hey Ditto is online in cc?
[10:42:10] [CHAT] A Google User: @James
[10:42:27] [CHAT] Jamesb1: yes but hes afk
[10:42:33] [CHAT] Jamesb1: what do you mean ddg
[10:42:53] [CHAT] A Google User: Ditto is a girl!
[10:42:59] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i miss when i was young way before my parents split up i was happier
[10:43:34] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: and stupid and i wish i knew my world was going to change
[10:43:34] [CHAT] A Google User: Are you unhappy?
[10:43:40] [CHAT] A Google User: Right now?
[10:43:58] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: yes
[10:44:12] [CHAT] A Google User: /me hugs Alic
[10:44:29] [CHAT] A Google User: Ddg*
[10:44:42] [CHAT] Jamesb1: what do you mean ditto is a girl?
[10:44:43] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *hugs back* it is ok i trust james to know my name
[10:44:50] [CHAT] Jamesb1: /me hugs ddg
[10:44:59] [CHAT] Jamesb1: whats your name, i forgot?
[10:45:11] [CHAT] A Google User: Haha
[10:45:16] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *hugs back* Alicia i don't think i told you
[10:46:20] [CHAT] A Google User: Oh god bye
[10:46:23] [CHAT] A Google User: I gtg
[10:46:36] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: bye
[10:46:46] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: Heya baby
[10:46:49] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: *kisses DDG*
[10:46:52] [CHAT] Jamesb1: hi blue o/
[10:47:02] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *cries*
[10:48:02] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i hate crying
[10:50:42] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: *hugs DDG*
[10:51:05] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *hugs back*
[11:00:33] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hi
[11:01:07] [CHAT] A Google User: Hey Blue
[11:02:04] [CHAT] A Google User: /me watches movie with dream girl ;(
[11:02:18] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i do exist actually no i don't continue with your happy life
[11:02:31] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: *kisses DDG's neck*
[11:02:32] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: mine
[11:02:52] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *giggles and moans*
[11:02:52] [CHAT] A Google User: Blue, kiss her in pm
[11:02:54] [CHAT] A Google User: ;(
[11:03:03] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: Nope ;)
[11:03:06] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: deal with it
[11:03:18] [CHAT] A Google User: Im already nervous
[11:03:25] [CHAT] A Google User: ;(
[11:03:44] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: its life :P
[11:03:50] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: *kisses DDG and snuggles her*
[11:03:53] [CHAT] A Google User: /me is sad and crying silently
[11:03:56] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i'm now considered a her wow sexist much i was born with a name
[11:04:53] [CHAT] A Google User: /me I want to die
[11:05:05] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *kisses blue back and snuggles him*
[11:05:11] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: (kiss)
[11:05:27] [CHAT] A Google User: ewwwwww kiss
[11:05:35] [CHAT] A Google User: (vomit)
[11:05:42] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: *licks DDG's lips*
[11:05:45] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: mmm tasty
[11:05:52] [CHAT] A Google User: Ewwwwww
[11:05:54] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *blushes*
[11:05:59] [CHAT] A Google User: ewwwwwwwwwwwww
[11:06:10] [CHAT] A Google User: Tasty???
[11:06:22] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: (kiss)
[11:06:24] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: omg google
[11:06:56] [CHAT] A Google User: How's tasty?
[11:07:15] [CHAT] A Google User: You eating her lips (giggle)
[11:07:40] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: tst you don't know much about kissing do ya google :P
[11:07:53] [CHAT] A Google User: Hmm
[11:08:01] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: virgin
[11:08:14] [CHAT] A Google User: /me kisses wall
[11:08:29] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: *giggles and hugs DDG from behind licking her neck*
[11:08:40] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *moans and smiles*
[11:08:45] [CHAT] Jamesb1: /announce misses KPG ;(
[11:09:32] [CHAT] A Google User: Woah 2nd love story of james and Kpg
[11:09:35] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: it is ok james she will be on soon
[11:09:54] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: google you remind me of someone
[11:09:56] [CHAT] A Google User: /me is sad and crying
[11:10:02] [CHAT] Jamesb1: !miss KPG
[11:10:02] [CBOT] Back Up2: Okay! I will tell KPG that you missed them next time we meet. (Please tell Doru to make a central database.)
[11:10:11] [CHAT] Jamesb1: !speak /announce
[11:10:11] [CBOT] Back Up2: /announce (Mario wants this command to be used wisely so this is a reminder).
[11:10:41] [CHAT] A Google User: /me hugs back
[11:10:47] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: np *smiles*
[11:11:26] [CHAT] A Google User: google you remind me of someone???????
[11:11:43] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: my little brother
[11:11:52] [CHAT] A Google User: ;)
[11:12:10] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: except a bit different he is perverted he was so innocent
[11:13:15] [CHAT] A Google User: Innocent Boi!
[11:13:27] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *cries again*
[11:14:04] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: aww don't cry *holds DDG*
[11:14:16] [CHAT] A Google User: He's okay???
[11:14:30] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: sorry i keep thinking of when we were younger
[11:15:59] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i use to tease him
[11:16:29] [CHAT] A Google User: But actually im not younger than you!
[11:16:43] [CHAT] A Google User: Where is your lil bro?
[11:16:46] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i know i am the youngest here
[11:17:20] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: oh he is in his room watching something
[11:17:29] [CHAT] A Google User: Umm Kpg is also youngest Cuz she's 2 years old girl. Ummm she's a kid
[11:17:36] [CHAT] A Google User: Cool
[11:17:50] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: kpg is my age
[11:17:53] [CHAT] A Google User: And you?
[11:18:02] [CHAT] A Google User: What are you doing?
[11:18:13] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: tryingtostudy
[11:18:45] [CHAT] A Google User: (vomit)
[11:18:50] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: you ok
[11:19:00] [CHAT] A Google User: Hmm
[11:19:04] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *pats googles back*
[11:19:33] [CHAT] A Google User: ;)
[11:20:10] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: why are you winking
[11:20:24] [CHAT] A Google User: Except DDG,,  why girls love me?
[11:20:43] [CHAT] A Google User: Cuz im stupid
[11:20:48] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: lol they don't, You chase them xD
[11:21:12] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: actually google you might annoy them or creep them out
[11:21:21] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *hugs james*
[11:21:38] [CHAT] Jamesb1: /annouce hugs back
[11:21:43] [CHAT] Jamesb1: damn
[11:21:55] [CHAT] Jamesb1: /announce hugs back
[11:22:23] [CHAT] Jamesb1: better?
[11:22:31] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: are you not sad
[11:22:45] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hi
[11:22:56] [CHAT] A Google User: I reply to very few girls ! Most of the girls send me the message first!
[11:23:07] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: haha whatever you say
[11:23:18] [CHAT] A Google User: No no really
[11:23:20] [CHAT] A Google User: Dude
[11:23:28] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: mhm xD
[11:23:29] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ok but i remember you messaged me first
[11:23:54] [CHAT] A Google User: Really??
[11:24:15] [CHAT] A Google User: Like i said before
[11:24:17] [CHAT] A Google User: A Google User
           [CHAT] I reply to very few girls
[11:24:21] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: yes i have photographic memory
[11:25:19] [CHAT] A Google User: Few girls = I love the heart!
[11:25:35] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i need a partner
[11:26:32] [CHAT] Jamesb1: what about blue?
[11:26:47] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: for dancing
[11:27:43] [CHAT] A Google User: Blue
[11:28:55] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: yo?
[11:29:22] [CHAT] A Google User: DemisionalDarkgirl
           [CHAT] i need a partner
[11:29:51] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: This for school DDG?
[11:30:25] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *curtsies in my dress* no
[11:30:52] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: for fun on the chat
[11:30:58] [CHAT] A Google User: /me is quietly watching both.
[11:31:11] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: ahh I can dance :P
[11:31:18] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: *bows to DDG*
[11:31:25] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *giggles* good sir
[11:32:02] [CHAT] A Google User: Blue and Ddg you both are teasing me ;(
[11:32:02] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: Will this fair and graceful lady give me the honour of dancing *offers my hand*
[11:32:35] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *gives him my hand* i will my good kind sir
[11:32:57] [CHAT] A Google User: /me ohhhhh goddddd i want to die
[11:33:22] [CHAT] Jamesb1: /me plays music
[11:33:46] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i will dance with james next then maybe googles
[11:34:06] [CHAT] Jamesb1: first song plays.. now!
[11:34:08] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: *takes her hand and places other hand on her hip and slowly starts to dance with DDG*
[11:34:17] [CHAT] A Google User: /me throws grenade at james music system
[11:34:39] [CHAT] A Google User: Booom
[11:34:44] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *giggles and puts my hand in his and my other on his shoulder*
[11:35:04] [CHAT] A Google User: You need a new music system @James
[11:35:51] [CHAT] Jamesb1: did anyone actually listen to the song?
[11:35:59] [CHAT] A Google User: Pm Ddg
[11:36:03] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: *slowly dances and smiles at DDG*
[11:36:39] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *smiles back and follows his lead*
[11:37:22] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: he got jealous
[11:37:45] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hi google
[11:37:50] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: *giggles and keeps dancing slowly*
[11:38:11] [CHAT] A Google User: Blueeeeeeeeeeeeee dude what do you want to me??? Please tell me now
[11:38:21] [CHAT] A Google User:
[11:38:26] [CHAT] A Google User: What is it?
[11:38:34] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *smiles and kisses blue*
[11:38:51] [CHAT] A Google User: Oh god
[11:39:15] [CHAT] A Google User: Everytime kiss wow
[11:39:28] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: mm *kisses back deeply*
[11:40:39] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: mm i thought we were dancing*smiles*
[11:42:20] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: *pulls DDG closer* we are
[11:43:22] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *blushes keeps dancing* mm we are
[11:43:40] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: *smiles and caresses your hair* indeed
[11:44:05] [CHAT] Jamesb1: /me kisses kpg
[11:44:38] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *smiles* sorry james if i ignored you i didn't mean to
[11:44:48] [CHAT] Jamesb1: nah i was afk
[11:45:13] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ok *giggles*
[11:46:04] [CHAT] Jamesb1: you two carry on fucking, i dont mind
[11:46:23] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: we aren't fucking *blushesred*
[11:47:04] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: you ok james
[11:47:14] [CHAT] Jamesb1: yeh
[11:47:18] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: lol we are just dancing
[11:48:09] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: yeah if we were fucking i wouldn't be wearing a dress or anything
[11:48:10] [CHAT] Jamesb1: oh right, you wannt a new song?
[11:48:20] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: (giggle)
[11:49:00] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: yes please *blushes* sorry that is in excusable for a lady
[11:49:42] [CHAT] Jamesb1:
[11:50:02] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: *keeps dancing slowly with DDG and rubs her back softly*
[11:50:29] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *keeps dancing with blue and smiles*
[11:52:39] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: one minute blue*stops dancing*
[11:53:48] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: Ok baby
[11:55:06] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *walks over to james and hugs him*
[11:55:25] [CHAT] Jamesb1: /me hugs ddg
[11:55:41] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: you ok
[11:56:12] [CHAT] Jamesb1: Yeh
[11:56:21] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *hugs him again*
[11:57:08] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ugh i hate dresses
[11:57:46] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *smiles and twirls*
[11:58:27] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: well you look beautiful *takes her hand*
[11:58:37] [CHAT] Jamesb1: Aww
[11:58:48] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *blushes and looks down*
[11:59:39] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *curtsies to james and blue*
[12:02:34] [CHAT] Jamesb1: /me bows to the princess
[12:03:17] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *giggles* my noble lord
[12:03:56] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: wait no prince james
[12:04:12] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: *giggles and hugs DDG from behind*
[12:04:39] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *smiles* hello prince will
[12:05:14] [CHAT] Jamesb1: King james ;)
[12:05:31] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *bows at king james*
[12:05:49] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: oops i forgot someone was behind me
[12:05:55] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *giggles*
[12:06:29] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: mmm i don't mind
[12:06:30] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: ;)
[12:06:48] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *blushes* king james how are you
[12:07:29] [CHAT] Jamesb1: Im good u?
[12:08:26] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i'm excellent your majesty *smiles and twirls in the dress more*
[12:09:25] [CHAT] Jamesb1: Where is queen kpg
[12:10:04] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: she is out sir *keeps twirling*
[12:10:50] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: *smiles and claps at DDG*
[12:11:37] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: **blushes and stops* hello prince William
[12:12:05] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: Hello beautiful.. or should i say queen of beauty *bows*
[12:13:09] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *curtsies and blushes* your both amazing kings
[12:14:58] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: someone say Will
[12:15:06] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: will
[12:15:09] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: K good
[12:15:14] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: just testing my pings
[12:15:18] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: thanks baby
[12:15:18] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hi google
[12:15:26] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: np babe
[12:15:47] [CHAT] A Google User: Blue just tell me what she said to you in pm about me?
[12:15:54] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i was going to ask him to dance
[12:16:36] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: lol
[12:16:44] [CHAT] A Google User: Blu listen
[12:16:54] [CHAT] A Google User: Im talking to u
[12:17:00] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: King William care to dance
[12:17:18] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *curtsies*
[12:17:33] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: bebe of course my lady *bows*
[12:17:37] [CHAT] A Google User: Oh ah okay
[12:17:41] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: hehe
[12:17:59] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: *takes DDG's hand and dances with her slowly*
[12:18:01] [CHAT] A Google User: Im leaving
[12:18:10] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: k bye o/
[12:18:16] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *smiles and dances with him slowly*
[12:18:28] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: sorry google i distracted him
[12:19:02] [CHAT] A Google User: Blue please bro tell me
[12:19:06] [CHAT] A Google User: I beg u
[12:19:09] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: Tell you what?
[12:19:24] [CHAT] A Google User: What she said to u?
[12:19:29] [CHAT] A Google User: Amber*
[12:19:33] [CHAT] A Google User: In pm
[12:19:38] [CHAT] A Google User: About me
[12:20:02] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: She was angry at you. Cause you started dating BQ so fast.
[12:20:14] [CHAT] A Google User: And?
[12:20:18] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: and I am glad Amber is rid of you. You broke her heart too many times
[12:20:33] [CHAT] A Google User: And?
[12:20:36] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: awkward *falls*
[12:20:53] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: all im saying
[12:20:54] [CHAT] A Google User: And??
[12:21:05] [CHAT] A Google User: ;(
[12:21:28] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: lol u can go now
[12:21:58] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *gets up and dust myself off* google care to dance
[12:22:09] [CHAT] A Google User: Will she come here today?
[12:22:51] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ok never mind *sits down on a chair*
[12:23:06] [CHAT] A Google User: Bluuuu
[12:23:18] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: No idea.
[12:23:34] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: You better leave her alone though. Don't try and ask her out cause you and quin are no longer together
[12:24:20] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *plays with the hem of my dress*
[12:25:52] [CHAT] A Google User: I will do not try to talk her and listen ask to Dora that Quinn.............. um dont mind ;(
[12:26:09] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *cries*
[12:28:49] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: huh
[12:28:55] [CHAT] A Google User: Love is not a joke but Idk what is true love Cuz Stupid people do not know what is true love thats wht im Everytime messing up with girls!
[12:28:57] [CHAT] A Google User: ;(
[12:29:10] [CHAT] A Google User: Why**
[12:29:18] [CHAT] A Google User: Im**
[12:29:26] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: aww*hugs you*
[12:29:48] [CHAT] A Google User: I think Blue is right
[12:29:57] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: wwhat
[12:30:54] [CHAT] A Google User: Quin thoughts that Purdy is my girlfriend but actually Purdy is my friend only Cuz she's older than me i dont love her as a girlfriend!
[12:31:11] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ok
[12:31:23] [CHAT] A Google User: /me hugs back
[12:31:45] [CHAT] A Google User: /me cries and hugs you if u want ;(
[12:32:02] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *hugs you back*
[12:32:21] [CHAT] A Google User: Cuz nobody hug stupid people
[12:32:33] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i stupid
[12:33:18] [CHAT] A Google User: Me
[12:33:25] [CHAT] A Google User: Not u
[12:34:01] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i am stupid
[12:34:38] [CHAT] A Google User: Nope
[12:34:54] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i am
[12:35:01] [CHAT] A Google User: Alicia you aren't a stupid im more stupid
[12:35:33] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: really i suck at math and lots of other stuff
[12:35:47] [CHAT] A Google User: Math ewww
[12:35:56] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ikr
[12:36:05] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: king jaames has returned
[12:36:20] [CHAT] A Google User: Wb James
[12:36:25] [CHAT] Jamesb1: O/
[12:36:36] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *hugs  james*
[12:36:47] [CHAT] Jamesb1: /me hugs back
[12:36:54] [CHAT] A Google User: first of all close this threat please
[12:37:28] [CHAT] A Google User: Thread**
[12:37:42] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ok
[12:38:27] [CHAT] Jamesb1: We caant
[12:39:57] [CHAT] Jamesb1: The only people who can close it are admins, the creater of the thread and the owner of the wall the message is on
[12:40:08] [CHAT] A Google User: Hmm
[12:40:22] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: sorry
[12:42:03] [CHAT] A Google User: Evening
[12:42:07] [CHAT] Jamesb1: You can unfollow it, stopping u from getting notifications from it
[12:42:26] [CHAT] Jamesb1: Hi amanda
[12:42:35] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: Hey :)
[12:42:37] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hi
[12:43:07] [CHAT] A Google User: How?
[12:43:20] [CHAT] A Google User: Jam
[12:43:44] [CHAT] Jamesb1: Click unfollow on the first message
[12:43:47] [CHAT] A Google User: Bye cya soon take care all of u
[12:44:05] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ok bye
[12:44:42] [CHAT] A Google User: /me throws elephant at Amanda
[12:44:43] [CHAT] A Google User: lol
[12:44:46] [CHAT] A Google User: Bye
[12:51:23] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: lol yay
[12:53:32] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: noooooooooo
[12:55:01] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: how are you
[12:55:11] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Tired
[12:55:18] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: aww why
[12:55:26] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Work
[12:55:43] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ok well how are you and mess
[12:56:33] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Fine
[12:56:42] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Workings things out
[12:59:10] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hi
[12:59:25] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ok
[12:59:49] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: like always alone
[13:00:51] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hi
[13:01:53] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: why do i try
[13:03:18] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hi i know you will leave me alone but hi
[13:03:48] [CHAT] Jamesb1: I wont
[13:03:55] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: right
[13:04:02] [CHAT] Jamesb1: Could we go to ur chat
[13:04:16] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: sure
[13:18:29] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hi
[13:18:29] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ok
[13:18:29] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: like always alone
[13:18:29] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hi
[13:18:29] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: why do i try
[13:18:29] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hi i know you will leave me alone but hi
[13:18:29] [CHAT] Jamesb1: I wont
[13:18:30] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: right
[13:18:30] [CHAT] Jamesb1: Could we go to ur chat
[13:18:30] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: sure
[13:18:30] [CBOT] Back Up2: Back Up2 v1.9 is online!
[13:18:56] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: / hi
[13:23:07] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: who are you
[13:30:03] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: loneliness like always
[13:47:00] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Hey
[13:47:13] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: how are you
[13:47:18] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: Hi, Ruby.
[13:48:03] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Awww you got me here now
[13:48:29] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: blue james and everyone else left me
[13:48:49] [CHAT] RubyRose123: I'm amazing I'm still so happy about last night
[13:48:54] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: awwwwwwww
[13:48:54] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: I just woke up so yeah
[13:49:41] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Dun cry
[13:49:44] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Ddg what's wrong
[13:49:51] [CHAT] RubyRose123: /me hugs ddg
[13:50:04] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *hugs back* i was left alone to my murderous thoughts
[13:50:29] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: No self harm
[13:50:31] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Shhhhhh it's okay
[13:50:43] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Your okay
[13:50:48] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i won't now that you are here
[13:50:59] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Okay good
[13:51:03] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i nearly cried
[13:51:46] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: *hugs tightly even with my tummy still hurts*
[13:51:51] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: he lied
[13:51:53] [CHAT] RubyRose123: I'm sorry I left because I went home and went to bed
[13:52:02] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: it is ok ruby
[13:52:11] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Who lied
[13:52:24] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Yes who lied
[13:52:25] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: blue
[13:52:36] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Whaaaat
[13:52:37] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: About what
[13:53:01] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: he said he would be back in 30 mins and it's been longer than 30 mins
[13:53:19] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Maybe he fell asleep
[13:53:29] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Maybe he got really busy
[13:53:36] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: yeah maybe
[13:53:45] [CHAT] RubyRose123: That happens to me sometimes
[13:54:19] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hi
[13:54:24] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: Heya baby
[13:54:28] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Look there he is
[13:54:34] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Look im not trying to make you feel bad but I haven't see amore in about a day or so. Be happy that you get to sweet blue.
[13:54:57] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: yea i should sorry belle *hugs belle*
[13:55:12] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: *hugs back* it's okay
[13:55:48] [CHAT] RubyRose123: /me stands there awkwardly
[13:56:17] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *hugs ruby too* group hug
[13:56:31] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: *group hug* yaaaaa
[13:56:41] [CHAT] RubyRose123: /me being dramatic
[13:56:53] [CHAT] RubyRose123: da hugs da hugs kill me
[13:57:19] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *laughs* me and blue danced on main
[13:57:29] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Oh no we killed Ruby(dramatic)
[13:57:51] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: og my god
[13:58:03] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: :D
[13:58:45] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Niooiooooiiiiioooooooooo
           [CHAT] Rubyyyyyyyyy
[13:58:47] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Noooo
[13:59:11] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: today we lost a dramatic person we will miss her
[13:59:40] [CHAT] RubyRose123: /me comes back as a ghost
[13:59:58] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: 👻👻👻👻👻👻
[14:00:34] [CHAT] RubyRose123: De hugs killed me
[14:00:38] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: dora make a dramatic return today at the JTK wiki
[14:00:48] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: What happened
[14:00:55] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Nooo rubyyyyyyyyy
[14:01:32] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: everyone was happy and myself was emotional and dora came and keep cracking jokes like no one
[14:01:46] [CHAT] RubyRose123: /me laughs
[14:02:20] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: aww so he is unbanned
[14:02:23] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Oh
[14:02:29] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: no
[14:02:32] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Dora's a boy
[14:02:37] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: aww damn it
[14:02:41] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: yeah
[14:02:49] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: I thought Dora was a girl
[14:03:07] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Don't tell him I said that
[14:03:27] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: any pokemon lover here
           [CHAT] i uploaded pokemon stadium gameplay on youtube
[14:03:35] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: k NP @belle
[14:03:48] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Nope I don't understand it
[14:03:48] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: ME!!!!!!!!!!
[14:03:57] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Awesome
[14:04:00] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: yes big poemon lover right here
[14:04:16] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: k wait
[14:04:16] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: I love the Charmander
[14:04:23] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: let me link it
[14:04:28] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Still don't understand it
[14:04:46] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i love pikachu
[14:04:52] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Idk how to explain it
[14:05:17] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: i`m a squirtle lover
[14:05:50] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: My friend.loves squirtle
[14:05:57] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: Pigeot.
[14:06:18] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: pidgey
[14:06:30] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *kisses blue*
[14:07:07] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: tnx to dora for actually giving me the gameplay vid
[14:07:22] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: Wait who the heck throw a elephant at me when I was gone
[14:07:33] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Idk
[14:07:34] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: google
[14:07:43] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: PLZZZ like share and subscribe
[14:07:48] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Okay
[14:07:52] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: Revenge >:)
[14:09:26] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: belle your back
[14:09:55] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ruby your back
[14:10:15] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: anyone watching it?
[14:10:20] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: yeah me
[14:10:52] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: tnx
[14:11:02] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: np mate
[14:11:14] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: Cheese
[14:11:17] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: Cake
[14:11:23] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: yess
[14:11:31] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: CHEESECAKE
[14:11:41] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: !test
[14:11:41] [CBOT] Back Up2: ʇsǝʇ¡
[14:11:49] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Whaaaa
[14:12:01] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: !speak /me makes cheesecake fall from the sky
[14:12:01] [CBOT] Back Up2: /me makes cheesecake fall from the sky (Mario wants this command to be used wisely so this is a reminder).
[14:12:20] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: i`m gonna do a South Park Rally gameplay for james
[14:12:27] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: /me eats cheesecake happliy
[14:12:34] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: he'll love that
[14:12:50] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: yeah
[14:13:07] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: actually dora has the game and he will play it
[14:13:22] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: yay i miss him
[14:13:47] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: well i can give u jtk wiki link and dora will come there
[14:14:14] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ok yay please
[14:15:45] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: hi mess
[14:15:47] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: Who thinks I'm crazy enough to try all of theses
[14:15:50] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: hi me don't feel good
[14:16:01] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: Hi Mess
[14:16:10] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and it's raining so the internet may go out
[14:16:15] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: mess
[14:16:24] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: it rains too much here
[14:16:33] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: NOOOOO RAIN
[14:16:41] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: dora asked did u get 100 likes on qoutev post?
[14:16:55] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: idk i'll check
[14:17:28] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: k
[14:17:32] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: I have 80 likes
[14:17:54] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: what will happen after 100 like?
[14:18:28] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: I'll make my real pic my profile pic on quotev and leave it up for a week
[14:18:34] [CHAT] Messenger Deception:
[14:18:48] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: oh
[14:20:25] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hi belleeeeeeeeeeee
[14:20:53] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Hi demiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
[14:21:10] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i missed you
[14:21:23] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: You too
[14:21:24] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: now I have 86 likes
[14:21:34] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *hugs belle*
[14:21:42] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: *hugs back*
[14:22:29] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *kisses and hugs blue* min he mine
[14:22:32] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: mine
[14:22:40] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: read and comment on the story please
[14:22:46] [CHAT] Messenger Deception:
[14:22:49] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ok
[14:23:11] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: How many chapters do you plan to do?
[14:23:28] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: not sure
[14:23:38] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: brb
[14:23:56] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: until we can't write anymore and want to end the story
[14:24:38] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: I have 90 likes I still need 10
[14:26:43] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hi, Korra (wave)
[14:26:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: welp
[14:26:47] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: scar was on earlier
[14:26:55] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hi korra
[14:27:25] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Hi
[14:27:53] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: well I got my 100 likes
[14:28:18] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: really
[14:29:02] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: yup
[14:29:46] [CHAT] Messenger Deception:
[14:29:47] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: Ugh my youtube is messing up bad. Not going full screen.
[14:29:52] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: *rages inside*
[14:30:25] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: click the link and you'll see what I look like
[14:30:31] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: you look pretty
[14:30:38] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: nah
[14:31:04] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: WHERE IS Q?
[14:31:12] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: IDK
[14:31:24] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: he was here
[14:31:38] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I'm kinda scared to go back to CC. Lol.
[14:31:39] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: part of me hopes Scar doesn't come back on today
[14:31:46] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: ....
[14:31:47] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: just like scar was
[14:31:56] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: scar was on mess
[14:32:12] [CHAT] RubyRose123: ?
[14:32:14] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: dear lord I had a panic attack cause of the return of Jmurph
[14:32:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Same.
[14:32:39] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: oh *hugs mess and korra*
[14:32:39] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: hopeful I'm not on when Scar comes on
[14:32:45] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me hugs back
[14:32:53] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Fndjdo
[14:32:57] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: !on
[14:33:00] [CHAT] RubyRose123: From what I heard this guy needs to go to prison
[14:33:03] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: What happened
[14:33:08] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: !seen Qstlijku
[14:33:08] [CBOT] Back Up2: TheKorraFanatic: I last saw Qstlijku 12 hours, 56 minutes, and 22 seconds ago.
[14:33:09] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: scar basically said nothing when he was on he just left
[14:33:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: 12 hours ago?
[14:33:16] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: holy shit
[14:33:24] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: no one tell Scar what i said
[14:33:43] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i won't
[14:34:12] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i promise
[14:34:26] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: good
[14:35:00] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: same
[14:35:01] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hi google
[14:35:06] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Hello Google
[14:35:31] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Blue everything lags you. Lol
[14:35:35] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: hi googs
[14:35:42] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: oh no
[14:35:45] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Hi
[14:35:47] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: The ping sound
[14:35:52] [CHAT] RubyRose123: What mess
[14:36:24] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: my ex left about 2 months and he is back today on CC and wants to know if we can be a thing again
[14:36:32] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: can this get any worst
[14:36:35] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: What
           [CHAT] ...
[14:36:36] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Yes
[14:36:41] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: JMurph can enter the scene
[14:36:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Then it would be worst.
[14:36:45] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: say no
[14:36:49] [CHAT] RubyRose123: What's the username
[14:36:56] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i did @DDg
[14:37:02] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: good girl
[14:37:06] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Creator of Darkness 666666\
[14:37:18] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: KORRA
[14:37:25] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: lol he once asked me out cause I had a cute avatar
[14:37:26] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: no one talk to him pleaseeeeeee
[14:37:30] [CHAT] RubyRose123: /me hits korra
[14:37:34] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: lol
[14:37:35] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Is he gay?
[14:37:39] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: o
[14:37:42] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: no*
[14:37:44] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: No i just had a girly avatar
[14:37:48] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: lol
[14:37:52] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: creator of darkness is dora`s bestie cause dora was know as lord of darkness
[14:38:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Chris,
[14:38:03] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: quick question.
[14:38:10] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Are you in love with Dora?
[14:38:12] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: lol
[14:38:12] [CHAT] Empire Carpetbagger: hello
[14:38:19] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: stranger
[14:38:21] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ...
[14:38:21] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: How did you find this wiki?
[14:38:22] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: no we are friends
[14:38:25] [CHAT] Empire Carpetbagger: I was here earlier
[14:38:28] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: stranger danger
[14:38:29] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: .....
[14:38:30] [CHAT] Empire Carpetbagger: you saw me demissional
[14:38:34] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: he helps me everyone
[14:38:41] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Korra Dora is a guy
[14:38:49] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: *hides behind Demi*
[14:38:50] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: um ok..
[14:38:52] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: How did youf ind this place though?
[14:38:55] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: yea your really rude i asked who you were and you didn't respond
[14:39:11] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: I'll handle Creator NO ONE TALK TO HIM
[14:39:11] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: hey empire
[14:39:15] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Does JMurph or West Heater ring a bell?
[14:39:26] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Chris, I was telling a joke when I said that, btw.
[14:39:28] [CHAT] RubyRose123: I came here bye Q
[14:39:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Speaking of Q, where the fuck is he??
[14:39:49] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: i know
[14:40:01] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: WE NEED TO TALK TO Q
[14:40:29] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: Q is the guy with no avatar right?
[14:40:34] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Yes.
[14:40:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Um, Does anyone know who that guy is?
[14:41:01] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: no
[14:41:09] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: he is maybe creator
[14:41:22] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Creator is on CC.
[14:41:29] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: heor sheis rude
[14:41:31] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: k
[14:41:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I think it's West.
[14:41:52] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: Jmurph?
[14:41:56] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Yes.
[14:42:06] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He has too many names. lol
[14:42:07] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: googs pm
[14:42:26] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: i know bubble beam blackout
[14:42:51] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Bubblegum Blackout.
[14:42:51] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: belle you ok
[14:43:02] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: oh
[14:43:05] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: There's also Bubblegum Blowout.
[14:43:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: and BlackBlizzardBlinging 1-100
[14:43:31] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Lag
[14:43:39] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: he is the master of trollers
[14:43:41] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Really
           [CHAT] Bad
[14:44:11] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: should i  go OORP on wikia too
[14:44:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He has over 1000 accounts.
[14:44:22] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He's the sock puppet king.
[14:44:38] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: no
[14:46:14] [CHAT] RubyRose123: What's the news
[14:46:26] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: PM
[14:46:50] [CHAT] RubyRose123: K
[14:50:15] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: /announce has a blue Spinner thingy
[14:50:18] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: XD
[14:50:31] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: /announce Hello down there
[14:52:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: huh?
[14:52:15] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: /announce the chat has deaded
[14:52:49] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: /announce added deaded to the Google Dictionary
[14:53:18] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Hi
[14:53:20] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /announce rips up the Google Dictionary
[14:53:44] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: /announce hits Korra with Spinny thing
[14:53:48] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: ...
[14:53:49] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: gd thnx
[14:53:50] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: u?
[14:54:16] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /announce What the fuck is a Spinny thing?
[14:54:55] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: ^
[14:55:19] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: it stopped me from hurting myself
[14:55:19] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: it's raining hard we may lose power
[14:55:28] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: Korra PM
[14:55:29] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: aww ok
[14:55:31] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: ikr Mess
[14:55:37] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: its wet here too
[14:55:55] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: I got really sick because of the rain
[14:56:12] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: same
[14:56:38] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /announce Jane said she can't talk at all today, so I am now depressed. :(
[14:57:11] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: is it weird my chest still hurts after the panic attack last night
[14:57:16] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: /announce will be gone for 2 days tomorrow
[14:57:26] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: No, Mine does too.
[14:57:27] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: aww*hugs mess*
[14:57:35] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *hugs korra*
[14:57:35] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /announce THE RETURN OF FUCKFACE JMURPH
[14:58:14] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: /announce hugs Korra & Mess
[14:58:17] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Shadow remember that day you and Korra were joking about RETURN OF WANK 1 -100 and stuff
[14:58:25] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: um, yea
[14:58:40] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: it's coming true
[14:58:46] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: shit
[14:59:08] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: 1 man fire support team, going out
[14:59:21] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: /me gets ready to win war
[14:59:48] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: *lays down*
[15:00:12] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *lays on belle*
[15:00:13] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i thought he was gone i was finely relaxing then he popped up now of the blue which caused Korra and I both to have a panic attack
[15:00:20] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: lol wow
[15:00:22] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: that pinged me
[15:00:26] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: when ya said blue in there
[15:00:31] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: its an annoying sound
[15:00:33] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: ima turn it off
[15:00:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He screamed SINCLIAR PARISH and freaked us both the fuck out.
[15:01:01] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: Mess, I gtg for 2 days tmoz
[15:01:31] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: my m8 needs help moving house so i offered 2 help out
[15:01:55] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: he's moving out his parents lol
[15:02:29] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: I had flashbacks of everything yesterday from quotev to the last attack
[15:02:53] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: /me remembers everything
[15:02:53] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Last night is called
[15:03:03] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: "Surprise Attack of the JMurph."
[15:03:23] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: Korra, no time for names
[15:03:39] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: that gave two of his victems panic attacks
[15:03:39] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: I think we need 2 make plans
[15:03:51] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: THERE ARE NO PLANS TO BE MADE
[15:03:59] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Don't forget he also drove Baroness to a mental breakdown at one point.
[15:04:01] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: there's nothing else we can do
[15:04:01] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: WE WILL WIN
[15:04:02] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: puppies
[15:04:06] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: She hasn't been the same since.
[15:04:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He got in her head and he got in there good.
[15:04:22] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: we don't need ww4
[15:04:37] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: ??? Im so confused
[15:04:40] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: /announce WILL LEAD YOU TO VICTORY
[15:04:46] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: Join me
[15:05:04] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: lets win the war
[15:05:11] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: if this doesn't end either Korra or i will have a  mental breakdown
[15:05:39] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ok war
[15:05:44] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: That's why I will lead us to VICTORY
[15:05:51] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: we MUST win
[15:06:02] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: for Mess & Korra
[15:06:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Cool the caps (wave)
[15:06:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: (look)
[15:06:32] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: fuck,
[15:06:34] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: lol
[15:06:38] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ok um can war happen when i'm not busy
[15:06:39] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: Bro, sis. I'm doing this for our victory
[15:07:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: War will not happen.
[15:07:03] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: That is feeding him.
[15:07:10] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: It's what he wants.
[15:07:12] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: DDg, it happens wen FuckFace is here
[15:07:14] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i wanna slap him
[15:07:41] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: fudgeface
[15:07:57] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: I wanna make him feel pain for what he did to Korra & Mess
[15:08:11] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: I'm avenging my family
[15:08:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: and Jane.
[15:08:21] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Korra, Mess, and Jane.
[15:08:25] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: bcoz i love them
[15:08:34] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: For Jane too
[15:08:35] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: awww
[15:08:47] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: family
[15:09:02] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Again, no wars.
[15:09:18] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: I WILL avenge you guys. I'm doint this bcoz I love you
[15:09:29] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i apologise for WWI
[15:09:40] [CHAT] A Google User: ;(
[15:09:58] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: My Plan: Tell a VSTF or higher to warn them about FuckFace
[15:10:05] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Shadow:
[15:10:08] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hi goog;e
[15:10:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic:
[15:10:17] [CHAT] A Google User: Hi
[15:10:27] [CHAT] A Google User: Korra pm
[15:10:37] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hi
[15:11:00] [CHAT] A Google User: Have you seen Quin ?
[15:11:16] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: /announce has left the chat.
[15:11:28] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: no
[15:11:37] [CHAT] A Google User: Agent K pm
[15:11:48] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Google, read your PM.
[15:11:52] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I answered already.
[15:12:01] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: Agent K? Whos dat?
[15:12:16] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: /announce has joined the chat.
[15:12:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Me
[15:12:30] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: o
[15:12:56] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: Korra
[15:13:24] [CHAT] A Google User: Whats ur answer?
[15:13:29] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: me & Emily r now FULLY back 2 BF & GF!!!!
[15:13:36] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: awwwwwwww
[15:13:36] [CHAT] A Google User: Cuz my pm is messing up
[15:13:46] [CHAT] A Google User: Because of rain
[15:13:46] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: true love
[15:13:55] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: DDg, lol
[15:14:07] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: soory i a romantic
[15:14:22] [CHAT] A Google User: Romantic ahh
[15:14:23] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: its ok :)
[15:14:28] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: yay
[15:14:57] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: google what's wrong with me being romantic
[15:15:11] [CHAT] A Google User: no romance please
[15:15:44] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: Google, ur allowed romance
[15:15:57] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: look at Mess
[15:16:18] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: she does kisses 2 Scar in main XD
[15:16:50] [CHAT] A Google User: Hmm
[15:16:57] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: And Google
[15:17:06] [CHAT] A Google User: Hmm?
[15:17:10] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: you kiss your many GFs in public
[15:17:17] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: lol
[15:17:25] [CHAT] A Google User: Wait..... many gfs
[15:17:28] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Also, quit minimodding chat.
[15:17:32] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: Korra can i kcik plz?
[15:17:44] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Nope.
[15:17:45] [CHAT] A Google User: Mess, Korra teasing me ;(
[15:17:57] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I am not.
[15:18:03] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I'm doing my job.
[15:18:14] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: lol
[15:18:17] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: /announce has kicked TheKorraFanatic
[15:18:24] [CHAT] A Google User: What do you mean by many gfs?
[15:18:29] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /announce has deaded
[15:19:02] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /me slaps Google
[15:19:02] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: true
[15:19:04] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: /me kicks Google
[15:19:11] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and to be clear
[15:19:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: You wanna fight????
[15:19:16] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: dont hit my brother
[15:19:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Shadow,
[15:19:25] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: or i tickle you
[15:19:27] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i don't like kissing on main and everything so much
[15:19:29] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: XD
[15:19:29] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He's our brother too.
[15:19:33] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Mess
[15:19:33] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: ok
[15:19:33] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Scar makes me do it
[15:19:37] [CHAT] A Google User: Ummm ask to dora what happened in morning time btw Quin and me ;(
[15:19:40] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: You do it more than anyone else here.
[15:19:45] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: i froget 2 much
[15:19:59] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: You made chat a soap opera yesterday.
[15:20:01] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Lol.
[15:20:12] [CHAT] A Google User: Me?
[15:20:14] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: If Emily had Fandom, I wud b the Main Chat Kisser lol
[15:20:23] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i broke a nail
[15:20:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Mess did, Google.
[15:20:27] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Korra Scar using me so people will talk to him and about him saying how sweet he is
[15:20:30] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: I'd get the world record
[15:20:32] [CHAT] A Google User: Ohh
[15:20:37] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Wooooooooooooooow, DDG.
[15:20:56] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: (That was sarcasm, btw)
[15:20:58] [CHAT] A Google User: Wow Alice
[15:21:05] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i know i lying my hair more important than my nail
[15:21:34] [CHAT] A Google User: /me pulls DDG's hair
[15:21:46] [CHAT] A Google User: (giggle)
[15:21:49] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: /announce throws brick at Googles foot
[15:21:55] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: >:)
[15:21:58] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ow
[15:22:05] [CHAT] A Google User: /me cries
[15:22:20] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: thx shadow
[15:22:24] [CHAT] A Google User: /me throws elephant at Haptic
[15:22:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i regret saying to Scar i'll stay with him for 2 weeks if things don't change it's over i know things won't change
[15:22:41] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: elephant
[15:22:48] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: Mess
[15:22:48] [CHAT] A Google User: Who was crazy girl in your video? @Haptic
[15:22:55] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: do wit u want
[15:23:05] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: Wot one?
[15:23:45] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: to the left was Hannah, Jacks m8 & behind was Chloe, his other m8
[15:24:10] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: in the front we're my
[15:24:18] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: my parents
[15:24:25] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: be;;e no
[15:24:28] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: belle
[15:24:34] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: they sound so british tho XD
[15:25:06] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: I guess i sound American as I grew up here & was born here
[15:25:08] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: your parents
[15:25:32] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Yet
[15:25:52] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: they're
[15:25:54] [CHAT] A Google User: I need help
[15:26:00] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: not here tho
[15:26:00] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: Hey
[15:26:03] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: ;(
[15:26:14] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: Hi Amanda
[15:26:17] [CHAT] A Google User: Who have an experience about true love?
[15:26:19] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me hugs Shadow
[15:26:32] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: /me throws a elephant at Google
[15:26:40] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *hugs shadow* aww
[15:26:40] [CHAT] A Google User: Hehehehe
[15:26:42] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: REVENGE
[15:26:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic:
[15:26:47] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: >:)
[15:26:51] [CHAT] A Google User: /me throws tight
[15:26:51] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: from what I've seen there is no thing as true love
[15:26:55] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: /me hugs Mess and DDg
[15:27:02] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: /me dodges it
[15:27:06] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: It says you were born in England
[15:27:08] [CHAT] A Google User: /me throws tiger at Amanda
[15:27:21] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: On Fandom Yes
[15:27:29] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: /me dodges it and throws tiger back at Google
[15:27:43] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: i aint letting ppl kno where i was born
[15:27:48] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: fuk dat
[15:27:48] [CHAT] A Google User: /me throws pigs at Amanda
[15:28:11] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i was born in my mum
[15:28:12] [CHAT] A Google User: /me throws Dinosaurs at Amanda
[15:28:20] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: /me throws Hot Wheel Cars at Google
[15:28:23] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: /me dodges it
[15:28:36] [CHAT] A Google User: /me throws King kong at Amanda
[15:28:42] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: damn
[15:28:44] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: lol
[15:29:01] [CHAT] A Google User: /me throws rats at Amanda
[15:29:02] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: o shit
[15:29:42] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /me throws Donald Trump at Google.
[15:29:46] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He's an ape.
[15:29:52] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: ^
[15:29:53] [CHAT] A Google User: Ewwwwwwwwwwwww
[15:29:58] [CHAT] A Google User: Donald
[15:31:02] [CHAT] A Google User: Whos love Trump?
[15:31:10] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: No one.
[15:31:12] [CHAT] A Google User: Im not
[15:31:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Not even his family.
[15:31:18] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: oh no high tiger
[15:31:25] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: Im not high rn
[15:31:30] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ok good
[15:31:36] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: I ran out
[15:31:37] [CHAT] A Google User: Hmm
[15:31:41] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: im pissed
[15:31:43] [CHAT] A Google User: Korra
[15:31:48] [CHAT] South Ferry: President Donald John Trump's supporters loves him.
[15:31:50] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: my meds havent come yet
[15:31:56] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: and im in serious pain
[15:32:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Tiger, we don't want to hear about you being high.
[15:32:15] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: aww *hugs tiger*
[15:32:16] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Take it to PM.
[15:32:20] [CHAT] A Google User: Obama was best president for America
[15:32:25] [CHAT] A Google User: Actually
[15:32:33] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: But im not high :p
[15:32:46] [CHAT] South Ferry: However A Google User, this is not true.
[15:33:01] [CHAT] South Ferry: President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the best president of the United States of America.
[15:33:01] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Obama was a very good president.
[15:33:08] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: FDR was pretty good.
[15:33:08] [CHAT] South Ferry: Or, Lyndon Banes Johnson.
[15:33:08] [CHAT] A Google User: Yup
[15:33:20] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: JFK?
[15:33:22] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: JFK was good too.
[15:33:28] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: :p
[15:33:28] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: My phone keeps lagging and it's making me mad
[15:33:33] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: BELLE!
[15:33:42] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Why you ignoring me? Lol.
[15:33:43] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: KORRA! YES
[15:33:44] [CHAT] A Google User: Where are u from? @South
[15:33:59] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: The lag I tell you
[15:34:05] [CHAT] South Ferry: I am from New York City.
[15:34:15] [CHAT] A Google User: Cool
[15:34:30] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: /announce is now called Dead Man Walking
[15:34:35] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: I am an awesome admin
[15:34:50] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i am from god
[15:34:50] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: My brother wants to live in New York City
[15:35:06] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i am from my mum
[15:35:35] [CHAT] South Ferry: Indeed, your mother gave birth to you, DeminsonalDarkgirl.
[15:35:36] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: Amanda pms? and Korra i just want to talk, I have a real life girl now
[15:35:37] [CHAT] A Google User: I want to live in Louisiana with my siblings :)
[15:35:45] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: i was born in Miami
[15:35:52] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: best place here
[15:35:59] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: Born and raised in England.
[15:36:04] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: But live in Australia now
[15:36:04] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i wanna get a life
[15:36:10] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: That's cool
[15:36:11] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: Born in Scotland, Lives in Canada
[15:36:14] [CHAT] South Ferry: Messenger Deception and TheKorraFanatic live in Lousina. Sadly, TheKorraFanatic MISSES Jane the Killer, as she is in New York, camping.
[15:36:34] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: yup
[15:36:36] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: She lives in New York too
[15:36:41] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: Wait
[15:36:45] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: I was born in Maryland and now in Iowa. I don't like it here that much
[15:36:52] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: Theres 2 differant korras?
[15:36:52] [CHAT] A Google User: Blue you live in Australia its cool because DDG is also live in Australia
[15:36:56] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i was born in australia and i descend from europe
[15:37:05] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Who said that, Tiger?
[15:37:12] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: DDG
[15:37:17] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: Messenger Deception and TheKorraFanatic live in Lousina. Sadly, TheKorraFanatic MISSES Jane the Killer, as she is in New York, camping.
[15:37:18] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: We're white.
[15:37:23] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: We all descend from Europe
[15:37:25] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: I was confused by that
[15:37:39] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Now im confused
[15:37:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Good going, Tiger.
[15:37:50] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i wanna be aboriginal
[15:37:53] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: You got Belle confused. lol
[15:37:55] [CHAT] A Google User: Im from Africa jk
[15:37:59] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: "*takes muse's favorite belonging and throws it into a fire*"
           [CHAT] "WHAT THE HELL" Zero immediately yells at admin while rushing to her black and white scarf and getting it out of the fire then Zero picks up her slegehammer and voilently swings it dreiectily at admin's head and because of all of this happening so fast admin doesn't have enough time to get out of the way. "Should have kept you hands off my stuff" Zero says while rewrapping the scarf around her neck.
[15:38:25] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: belle was born in no on needs to know and came from no one needs to know
[15:38:30] [CHAT] South Ferry: I am African American. I descend from the continent of Africa.
[15:38:48] [CHAT] A Google User: Umm actually im from India
[15:39:19] [CHAT] Dead-Ma- Walking: KPDZ
[15:39:20] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: I HATE THAT NAME
[15:39:23] [CHAT] South Ferry: It seems that Messenger Deception has returned to the chatroom.
[15:39:26] [CHAT] Dead-Ma- Walking: im testing
[15:39:37] [CHAT] South Ferry: Why do you dislike the name "Dead-Ma- Walking", Messenger Deception?
[15:39:37] [CHAT] Dead-Ma- Walking: yup
[15:39:38] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD:
[15:39:38] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ok
[15:39:38] [CHAT] A Google User: Ummm i dont like Gandhi @South
[15:39:40] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD:
[15:39:50] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: Gandi was a great man
[15:39:53] [CHAT] Dead-Ma- Walking: im Dead Man Walking
[15:40:00] [CHAT] South Ferry: Gandhi was a good man.
[15:40:06] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: no not man ma
[15:40:07] [CHAT] Dead-Ma- Walking: I miss 2Pac
[15:40:09] [CHAT] South Ferry: Thanks to him, India is independent.
[15:40:09] [CHAT] A Google User: Really?
[15:40:11] [CHAT] Dead-Ma- Walking: he was gd
[15:40:22] [CHAT] South Ferry: 2Pac was a good man, but he sadly died.
[15:40:33] [CHAT] A Google User: I dont like him actually
[15:40:44] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i white
[15:40:52] [CHAT] Dead-Ma- Walking: w8
[15:41:00] [CHAT] A Google User: India's present president is cool
[15:41:07] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: white
[15:41:17] [CHAT] South Ferry: Why do you dislike Gandhi, A Google User?
[15:41:18] [CHAT] Dead-Ma- Walking: HOW CAN I INCORRECTLY WRITE THE WORD "MAN"????
[15:41:21] [CHAT] South Ferry: Hello Rick Sanhez.
[15:41:22] [CHAT] Dead-Ma- Walking: sry Korra
[15:41:28] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ...
[15:41:53] [CHAT] South Ferry: This truly is an embarrassment to TheKorraFanatic and the Demon's Light Family.
[15:41:54] [CHAT] Rick Sanhez: i did actually
[15:41:56] [CHAT] Dead-Ma- Walking: it was made for Testing
[15:41:56] [CHAT] A Google User: Reasons @SF
[15:42:01] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: white
[15:42:02] [CHAT] Dead-Ma- Walking: im running tests
[15:42:08] [CHAT] A Google User: Hey Ricky o/
[15:42:17] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Why do you keep saying that Demi
[15:42:19] [CHAT] South Ferry: Why do you dislike Gandhi? Maybe you shall give one reason against him.
[15:42:31] [CHAT] South Ferry: DemisonalDarkgirl is proud of her white heritage, it seems.
[15:42:32] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Who dislikes Gandhi?
[15:42:44] [CHAT] A Google User: Me!
[15:42:45] [CHAT] Dead-Ma- Walking: not me
[15:42:47] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: because i bored
[15:42:52] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Oh me too
[15:42:58] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Im bored
[15:43:04] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I don't get people who say black people should be proud of their heritage, but white people.
[15:43:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Shouldn't we all be proud?
[15:43:32] [CHAT] South Ferry: What exactly does that mean TheKorraFanatic?
[15:43:33] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: no i shouldn't german people kill people
[15:43:51] [CHAT] South Ferry: You do not like the bias against the "white power" term?
[15:44:04] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Some people say other races should be proud of their heritage, but white people should be ashamned.
[15:44:08] [CHAT] South Ferry: It is quite the shame that the relation to the Ku Klux Klan has resulted in those terms being frowned upon.
[15:44:15] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I hate the KKK
[15:44:24] [CHAT] A Google User: Gandhi was killed by an Indian citizen! @SF
[15:44:33] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: /me is bored
[15:44:34] [CHAT] South Ferry: And that is why you hate Gandhi?
[15:44:36] [CHAT] Dead-Ma- Walking: We should all be treated the same, no matter what color we are.
[15:44:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I mean, you can be proud to be white and not be racist, right?
[15:44:50] [CHAT] South Ferry: Of course, TheKorraFanatic.
[15:44:54] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Korra and i are not fully white though
[15:44:55] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: german kill
[15:44:58] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Just like other races ar proud to be their race
[15:45:00] [CHAT] South Ferry: But it has a bad connotation because of the relation to the Ku Klux Klan.
[15:45:10] [CHAT] Dead-Ma- Walking: Korra
[15:45:10] [CHAT] A Google User: Why indian citizen killed gandhi?
[15:45:19] [CHAT] Dead-Ma- Walking: PM, i got BAD News
[15:45:39] [CHAT] South Ferry: An Indian citizen assassinated Gandhi because that citizen wanted to remain under British control.
[15:45:58] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i am a panda bear
[15:46:33] [CHAT] Blue Tree Roots: I am paleish
[15:46:41] [CHAT] A Google User: Hahahahaha whatever but i dont like Gandhi
[15:46:45] [CHAT] A Google User: @SF
[15:46:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: You have never stated why you dislike Gandhi so far, A Google User.
[15:47:02] [CHAT] South Ferry: A shame.
[15:47:20] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: our grandmothers family was Native American
[15:47:36] [CHAT] A Google User: Ricky, my pm is messing up
[15:47:40] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: mess your awesome
[15:47:46] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: we know the history of both sides of our family
[15:47:58] [CHAT] A Google User: Messey is an Angel
[15:48:04] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: your so cool mess
[15:48:06] [CHAT] South Ferry: Interesting, I believed Messenger Deception to be a pure Aryan.
[15:48:09] [CHAT] A Google User: :)
[15:48:24] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Aryan?
[15:48:24] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and how the whites and Native American hated each other and the wars they had
[15:48:28] [CHAT] A Google User: Quin said to me that she love mess as a sista
[15:48:30] [CHAT] Dead-Ma- Walking: im a twat, theres my history
[15:48:34] [CHAT] Dead-Ma- Walking: XD
[15:48:34] [CHAT] A Google User: :)
[15:48:47] [CHAT] A Google User: Aryan?
[15:48:58] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: we also know how
[15:49:19] [CHAT] South Ferry: Messenger Deception is aware of how the white colonists went to America and caused the genocide of the Aboriginal people.
[15:49:22] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: our great great great grandfather fought with againsted KKK
[15:49:37] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: and our grandfather was in the KKK.
[15:49:45] [CHAT] A Google User: What is Aryan?
[15:49:48] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it's fucked up.
[15:49:58] [CHAT] South Ferry: Your Great-Great-Great grandfather fought with heraldic Ku Klux Klan, and your grandfather was part of the Ku Klux Klan?
[15:50:03] [CHAT] A Google User: Kkk?
[15:50:13] [CHAT] South Ferry: It seems you all living in the state of Louisiana makes sense.
[15:50:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Yes. Different sides of the family.
[15:50:29] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: they murdered him and killed his son for fighting againsted them (our great great great great grandfather)
[15:50:54] [CHAT] A Google User: GGGG GF
[15:52:00] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: we found out that that had saved 33 black men from the KKK  or grandfather regreted being in the KKK and told his kids how wrong it was
[15:52:37] [CHAT] Dead-Ma- Walking: gd
[15:52:42] [CHAT] Dead-Ma- Walking: I h8 KKK
[15:52:47] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: same
[15:53:01] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: Would it be bad if i was in it
[15:53:03] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: jk
[15:53:04] [CHAT] South Ferry: The Ku Klux Klan is not a good group.
[15:53:17] [CHAT] Dead-Ma- Walking: i call em White Triangle Clan
[15:53:30] [CHAT] South Ferry: Aswell as the Aryan Brother hood are not a good group, and the Alt-Reich nation is not a good group either.
[15:53:37] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: but people earn from their mistakes and history
[15:53:44] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: learn*
[15:53:47] [CHAT] Dead-Ma- Walking: KKK kill black ppl just bcoz of their skin color
[15:53:58] [CHAT] Dead-Ma- Walking: thats wrong
[15:54:06] [CHAT] Dead-Ma- Walking: & racist
[15:54:19] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: if you take away the past and forget about it then the mistakes will be repeated
[15:54:25] [CHAT] South Ferry: Indeed, Nazi Germany was not a good group either.
[15:54:55] [CHAT] Dead-Ma- Walking: DONT Get me started on Hitler & The Nazi Party
[15:55:16] [CHAT] Dead-Ma- Walking: btwHitler never suicided in his bunker
[15:55:24] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: Im part of the Nazi SS group
[15:55:26] [CHAT] Dead-Ma- Walking: he actually escaped
[15:55:29] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Okay, let's not talk Hitler. This is taken an inappropriate turn. I suggest moving on.
[15:55:40] [CHAT] Dead-Ma- Walking: ??
[15:55:43] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: *has*
[15:55:54] [CHAT] Dead-Ma- Walking: tbh, it's just history tho
[15:56:02] [CHAT] Dead-Ma- Walking: its in the past
[15:56:20] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I said move on.
[15:56:33] [CHAT] Dead-Ma- Walking: kk
[15:56:35] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: everyone has a bad past I come froma family where both sides where once at war with each other
[15:56:43] [CHAT] Dead-Ma- Walking: BUT Korra
[15:56:44] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Also, no conspiracy theories.
[15:56:56] [CHAT] Dead-Ma- Walking: i ALWAYS wondered
[15:57:50] [CHAT] Dead-Ma- Walking: i was gonna ask how Dumbass found u, Mess & Jane
[15:57:56] [CHAT] South Ferry: Let us discuss,
[15:58:17] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: the whites and Native American hated each other and killed each other now they are at peace with each other and like Korra and I they are family to each other we have white and Native American  blood in our veins
[15:59:11] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: what is Aryan????
[15:59:32] [CHAT] Dead-Ma- Walking: i'm just a guy who thinks mistakes shouldnt b a thing
[15:59:34] [CHAT] South Ferry: <---- A good story.
[15:59:38] [CHAT] South Ferry: Perhaps even the best.
[15:59:51] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: Hey.
[15:59:59] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: South what is Aryan
[16:00:10] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: Sad news...
[16:00:22] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: what?!
[16:00:28] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: I'm unable to login to my new account on Quotev...
[16:00:41] [CHAT] South Ferry: A Pure Aryan is relating to or denoting a people speaking an Indo-European language who invaded northern India in the 2nd millennium BC, displacing the Dravidian and other aboriginal peoples.
[16:00:55] [CHAT] South Ferry: That is quite the shame, GJ-Lewis X.
[16:01:11] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: As soon as I login with my Gmail account, it says "Email not found".
[16:01:16] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Wth, South? That story is odd as fuck.
[16:01:27] [CHAT] South Ferry: Do you like that story?
[16:01:42] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: And when I try to login with my Google account, it says "Login blocked".
[16:01:43] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: nooooooooooooooo
[16:01:45] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: What's going on?
[16:01:54] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: idk!
[16:02:24] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i'm gonna go take a shower bye
[16:02:28] [CHAT] South Ferry: That story is similar to Messenger Deception's storu.
[16:02:30] [CHAT] South Ferry: story*
[16:02:36] [CHAT] South Ferry: Farewell, Messenger Deception.
[16:03:07] [CHAT] Dead-Ma- Walking: DDg
[16:03:22] [CHAT] Dead-Ma- Walking: /announce loves TDL
[16:03:23] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: yeah
[16:03:36] [CHAT] Dead-Ma- Walking: /announce is cool
[16:03:39] [CHAT] Dead-Ma- Walking: ??
[16:03:46] [CHAT] Dead-Ma- Walking: nvm
[16:05:20] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: /announce loves Korra, Mess & DDg
[16:05:53] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: /announce has left the chat.
[16:06:50] [CHAT] HPNG Shadow: /announce has banned HPNG Shadow
[16:07:42] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: I realized that there's no way to get a new Quotev account with your same email address.
[16:07:45] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: I can't breath
[16:07:50] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: JMURPH IS ON CC
[16:08:04] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: HE WAS HERE TODAY TOO
[16:08:11] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: >:(
[16:08:13] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Empire Carpetbagger IS JMURPH
[16:08:26] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: knew it i smart
[16:08:38] [CHAT] South Ferry: It will be alright Messenger Decepton.
[16:08:41] [CHAT] South Ferry: Deception*
[16:09:14] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: I can't freakin' breath
[16:09:46] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Imma go block his IP from here
[16:10:02] [CHAT] South Ferry: So The Real Murph joined this chatroom?
[16:10:13] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: yes
[16:10:15] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Yes
[16:10:24] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me cries rocking back and forth
[16:10:28] [CHAT] South Ferry: Did he attack?
[16:10:43] [CHAT] DZyR Haptic: /me hugs Mess
[16:10:53] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me hugs back crying
[16:11:27] [CHAT] South Ferry: You must eradicate your fear of [[User:The Real Murph|The Real Murph.]]
[16:12:07] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I don't fear him. I hate him.
[16:12:28] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: You know what.
[16:12:32] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Imma try something different.
[16:12:41] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I'm not going to block him right now.
[16:12:46] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: I both fear and hate him
[16:12:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Let him come back here.
[16:13:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Mess, PM
[16:13:14] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: ...what the hell is happening
[16:13:37] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: night all
[16:13:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Night (wave)
[16:13:50] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Bye Demi
[16:13:56] [CHAT] South Ferry: The Real Murph has returned as a monster from a totally different league.
[16:14:01] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: ...
[16:14:46] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: bye DDg
[16:14:54] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: bye mess
[16:16:10] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: If he is back on CC and TDL
[16:16:15] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: it means he's changed his IP
[16:16:29] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: because he Is IP banned on both
[16:17:21] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hmm
[16:17:30] [CHAT] South Ferry: The Real Murph will be arriving here soon.
[16:18:19] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: .......
[16:18:26] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: The Real Murph came alrady
[16:18:29] [CHAT] DZyR Haptic: gtg
[16:18:34] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Bye...
[16:19:12] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: What the hell is happening someone plz tell me
[16:19:13] [CHAT] DZyR Haptic: i got a clan recruitment in 5 mins so i hope it goes well
[16:19:27] [CHAT] DZyR Haptic: idk Bwlle
[16:19:32] [CHAT] DZyR Haptic: Byee
[16:19:38] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Bye
[16:20:47] [CHAT] South Ferry: Farewell, DZyR Haptic.
[16:22:18] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me hugs Shadow
[16:22:20] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: bye
[16:22:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: Stay calm, the Real Murph is gone.
[16:23:46] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me hugs South crying slightly
[16:23:58] [CHAT] South Ferry: /me hugs back.
[16:24:02] [CHAT] South Ferry: The Real Murph is gone.
[16:24:19] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: no it's just started
[16:26:16] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: *hugs self rocking back and forth trying to call self*
[16:26:31] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: Hey, Amanda. I gotta tell you something - You made a new account? If so, you use your same email address.
[16:26:42] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: I need some advice of making a new Quotev account for myself.
[16:27:19] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: I'm going to go now be back soon
[16:29:19] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: Umm.. Amanda? I need advice.
[16:29:30] [CHAT] RubyRose123: /me waves
[16:29:33] [CHAT] RubyRose123: hi
[16:29:40] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: Hey.
[16:33:24] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Empire Carpetbagger even came here this morning.
[16:33:30] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Oh
[16:33:34] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Let me check the logs there
[16:33:38] [CHAT] South Ferry: The Real Murph is back and ready to strike.
[16:33:55] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ^
[16:34:14] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Looks like Breakdown Kush was banned for 2 weeks for an inappropriate discussion
[16:34:18] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Hi Ruby
[16:34:33] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He was talking about drugs. He also said he was Sinclair Parish
[16:34:35] [CHAT] Qstlijku: And then Saigon Sally's a sockpuppet
[16:34:41] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Oh
[16:34:42] [CHAT] South Ferry: Of course JMurph would use a term such as Carpetbeggar, indeed.
[16:34:44] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Well
[16:34:53] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Hey Q
[16:35:12] [CHAT] Qstlijku: All those names are related
[16:35:18] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Q, remember when you said he was going to make a Saigon Sally account? He did.
[16:35:25] [CHAT] Qstlijku: They're part of the same list as Bubblegum Blackout
[16:35:37] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: What is Bubblegum Blackout?
[16:35:45] [CHAT] Qstlijku: And they are related to drugs
[16:35:50] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[16:35:54] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Also
[16:35:59] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Do you remember what he said about that?
[16:35:59] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He was high last night
[16:36:18] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He came on talking about how high he was.
[16:36:37] [CHAT] South Ferry: Do you really think he was truly high?
[16:36:41] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Well more specifically
[16:36:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: TBH
[16:36:50] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: he always acts high
[16:37:01] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: and bipolar.
[16:37:01] [CHAT] Qstlijku: In Mafia III there's an activity where you grow your own strains of weed
[16:37:07] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: damn, Q.
[16:37:21] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Every time you make a new the strain you have to choose a name for it
[16:37:33] [CHAT] Qstlijku: The game gives an option to randomize the name
[16:37:34] [CHAT] RubyRose123: I know how people can always stay high and he probably is always high
[16:37:42] [CHAT] Qstlijku: So that's where all these names are coming from
[16:38:02] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Empire Carpetbagger came to CC asking how Bubblegum could be unblcoked
[16:38:03] [CHAT] Qstlijku: And some of them are pretty weird which is probably why he likes them
[16:38:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: If he can now come to CC and TDL
[16:38:43] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: It means he's changed his IP
[16:39:12] [CHAT] Qstlijku: He does that occasionally
[16:39:19] [CHAT] Qstlijku: That's how he comes to my wiki
[16:39:26] [CHAT] South Ferry: I believe a full on invasion will come soon.
[16:39:30] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Oh
[16:39:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Same
[16:39:39] [CHAT] RubyRose123: I really don't want to meet this guy
[16:39:43] [CHAT] Qstlijku: The Empire Carpetbagger account was created this morning
[16:39:53] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Saigon Sally was created yesterday shortly before it was banned
[16:40:31] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Not sure about the Breakdown Kush account
[16:41:10] [CHAT] South Ferry: We all must say calm, and carry on.
[16:41:44] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Ill just go IP ban him
[16:41:52] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: simple af
[16:42:01] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Not if he changes it
[16:42:06] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Trie
[16:42:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: True
[16:42:53] [CHAT] South Ferry: Keep calm, and IP ban the account,
[16:42:57] [CHAT] South Ferry: and if he comes back, you ban him.
[16:43:35] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Y'all have to make a plan on catching him
[16:43:51] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !seen Empire Carpetbagger
[16:43:51] [CBOT] Back Up2: They're in chat right now so... you just pinged them.
[16:43:56] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: uhhhhhh
[16:43:57] [CHAT] South Ferry: what
[16:44:05] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !seen Scarlet Outlaw
[16:44:06] [CBOT] Back Up2: Qstlijku: I last saw Scarlet Outlaw 3 hours, 44 minutes, and 12 seconds ago.
[16:44:13] [CHAT] South Ferry: JMurph is currently in the chatroom.
[16:44:19] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !seen Breakdown Kush
[16:44:19] [CBOT] Back Up2: I have not seen Breakdown Kush. Sorry.
[16:44:23] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !seen Saigon Sally
[16:44:23] [CBOT] Back Up2: I have not seen Saigon Sally. Sorry.
[16:44:27] [CHAT] South Ferry: He is watching us at the moment.
[16:44:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I IP banned those accounts last night when they came to CC.
[16:44:31] [CHAT] South Ferry: !seen Empire Carpetbeggar
[16:44:32] [CBOT] Back Up2: I have not seen Empire Carpetbeggar. Did you mean Empire Carpetbagger?
[16:44:38] [CHAT] Qstlijku: lol
[16:44:39] [CHAT] South Ferry: !seen Empire Carpetbagger
[16:44:40] [CBOT] Back Up2: They're in chat right now so... you just pinged them.
[16:44:42] [CHAT] South Ferry: Yep.
[16:44:47] [CHAT] South Ferry: JMurph is hidden in the chatroom.
[16:44:54] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: if he still came back this morning, it means he's changed it again
[16:45:03] [CHAT] South Ferry: He will strike at any moment, Qstiijku and Korra.
[16:45:04] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Do you know the user
[16:45:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Call him Q.
[16:45:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: and the bot just needs to refresh
[16:45:39] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !seen DemissionalDarkgirl
[16:45:39] [CBOT] Back Up2: I have not seen DemissionalDarkgirl. Did you mean DemisionalDarkgirl?
[16:45:42] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Yes
[16:45:49] [CHAT] South Ferry: For now we shall discuss, [[User Flags]]
[16:45:54] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !seen DemisionalDarkgirl
[16:45:54] [CBOT] Back Up2: They're in chat right now so... you just pinged them.
[16:47:05] [CHAT] South Ferry:
[16:47:07] [CHAT] South Ferry: ????????????
[16:47:25] [CHAT] Qstlijku: What about that?
[16:48:07] [CHAT] South Ferry: That thread made absolutely no sense.
[16:48:24] [CHAT] Qstlijku: He actually did get banned
[16:48:37] [CHAT] Qstlijku: And Shadow was making him drink bleach right before that
[16:49:01] [CHAT] Qstlijku: So what part of it doesn't make any sense?
[16:50:03] [CHAT] South Ferry: So, Shadow made Scar drink breach
[16:50:08] [CHAT] South Ferry: then Scar started drinking bleach?
[16:51:05] [CHAT] South Ferry: Who is Messenger bird?
[16:52:00] [CHAT] Qstlijku: That's Mess
[16:52:02] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Why
[16:52:45] [CHAT] South Ferry: Curious.
[16:52:54] [CHAT] South Ferry: "*'''Roleplaying IS allowed '''- Unlike most non TV-show wikis, role-playing is allowed in public chat, but if a Mod, Admin, or Bureaucrat says to stop, it must stop."
[16:53:03] [CHAT] South Ferry: The Non-TV show is interesting.
[16:53:16] [CHAT] South Ferry: It would make sense to write, "Unlike most non roleplay Wikis"
[16:54:58] [CHAT] South Ferry:
[16:55:02] [CHAT] South Ferry: Quite the edits Q :)
[16:55:33] [CHAT] Qstlijku: How did you find that South?
[16:55:57] [CHAT] South Ferry: It was on your profile
[17:06:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: That was odd as hell.
[17:07:49] [CHAT] A Google User: ahhh!! where is everyone?
[17:11:52] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Hi
[17:12:06] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hi
[17:12:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: rain knocked us out
[17:12:14] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: How you been
[17:12:17] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Oh
[17:12:38] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: !seen Empire Carpetbagger
[17:12:38] [CBOT] Back Up2: They're in chat right now so... you just pinged them.
[17:12:44] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: It's sunny and warm here
[17:13:03] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Yesterday was all rainy
[17:13:12] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: That's why im sick
[17:13:17] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Hi south
[17:13:31] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: oh
[17:13:55] [CHAT] South Ferry: Aw
[17:13:57] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Yeah and I don't like being sick
[17:14:00] [CHAT] South Ferry: You guys are getting intense rain?
[17:14:08] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Not me
[17:14:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Mess and I are.
[17:15:02] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Im so dizzy
[17:15:19] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: I forgot about tomorrow
[17:15:27] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: What happens tomorrow?
[17:15:38] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Memorial day
[17:15:57] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: My fam remembered and I didn't
           [CHAT] Lag
[17:16:18] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: oh
[17:16:22] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Yeah
[17:16:26] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I hate you. Lag!
[17:16:37] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: I agree with you
[17:16:53] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: It always goes after me I swear
[17:16:54] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /announce Lag wants to kiss Belle
[17:17:54] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: ...
[17:17:55] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: nah
[17:17:55] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /announce LAG LOVES YOU, BELLE
[17:18:28] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: I'm going to go get my bot
[17:18:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /announce LAG! LAG! LAG!
[17:19:24] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: SOMEONE DO SOMETHING CRAZY
[17:19:40] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Fuck lag
[17:19:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
[17:19:49] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I ain;t going to fuck lag.
[17:19:55] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I do that with jane only (silly)
[17:19:59] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Hahahaha yes Korra
[17:20:08] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: O.O
[17:20:12] [CHAT] South Ferry: what
[17:20:15] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah.
[17:20:21] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: I didn't need to know that
[17:20:23] [CHAT] South Ferry: Korra really loves Jane.
[17:20:29] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: uh, yeah. lol
[17:20:29] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: He does
[17:20:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: NO DOING LAG THAT IS JUST EWWWWWWWWW
[17:20:56] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /announce Lag: Belle, come on. Give our love a shot.
[17:21:31] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: South i don't think there is going to be a Scar + Mess much longer
[17:22:04] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: I will never give "our love" a shot
[17:22:04] [CHAT] Creator of Darkness 666666: Whaaaaat
[17:22:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Soon it will be
[17:22:12] [CHAT] Creator of Darkness 666666: Well....
[17:22:12] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Mess x ?
[17:22:16] [CHAT] Creator of Darkness 666666: I haz no love
[17:22:31] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: I hate the lag
[17:22:46] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: But lag loves you.
[17:22:55] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: *sings*
[17:23:29] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: sadly Scar was someone i should have never dated  now he forcing me to stay with him I'm not going to stay with him
[17:23:40] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: ...
[17:23:52] [CHAT] South Ferry: It is your choice Messenger Deception.
[17:23:52] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Mess x ?
[17:23:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: Whether or not you remain with Scarlet Outlaw is your choice.
[17:24:01] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Me, myself and I
[17:24:21] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: I regret ever starting to date
[17:24:25] [CHAT] South Ferry: Belle has Logan :)
[17:24:30] [CHAT] South Ferry: You will find someone, Messenger Deception.
[17:24:33] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Yes I do
[17:24:49] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Belle picked a real good one.....
[17:24:55] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and if Logan hurts you I'll break him in two
[17:25:16] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Okay
[17:25:33] [CHAT] South Ferry: Messenger Deception will find a nice man who will treat her right.
[17:25:41] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Yeah she will
[17:25:54] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ...........
[17:27:04] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: I still hate the lag tho
[17:28:18] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: for once shut up South
[17:28:21] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Does anyone remember a CC user named Felix pls 1?
[17:28:35] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: IT
[17:28:37] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: IS
[17:28:38] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: ?
[17:28:40] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: JMURPH!
[17:28:43] [CHAT] South Ferry: I do not remember a user named Felix Please One.
[17:28:43] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: ..
[17:28:53] [CHAT] South Ferry: JMurph has returned yet again as a monster from a totally different league.
[17:29:03] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: I think I've seen that user
[17:29:09] [CHAT] South Ferry: I believe that he will launch an all-out assault on this Wiki in a few moments.
[17:29:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: on CC
[17:29:15] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Hi
[17:29:15] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He blocked my PM for no reason
[17:29:44] [CHAT] South Ferry: Of course, JMurph would not want to talk to a person he hates.
[17:30:19] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: can we not speak of the Murpher right now
[17:30:46] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sure, we shall not speak of the Murphy and discuss a good SCP, perhaps even the best.
[17:30:55] [CHAT] South Ferry:
[17:31:06] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: *sings*
[17:32:57] [CHAT] South Ferry: I think you all liked the Creepypasta I linked, about how she deserved it.
[17:33:07] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: um
[17:33:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: no
[17:33:10] [CHAT] South Ferry: It is far beyond Eyeless Jack, is it not?
[17:33:14] [CHAT] South Ferry: Why do you not like it?
[17:34:56] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: So what's going on people
[17:35:06] [CHAT] South Ferry: Nothing much.
[17:36:25] [CHAT] South Ferry: Wait a second, hold on, hold on.
[17:36:42] [CHAT] South Ferry:
[17:36:44] [CHAT] South Ferry: What
[17:37:11] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: huh?
[17:37:20] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ?????????????????
[17:37:45] [CHAT] South Ferry: That Wiki is quite the interesting Wiki, if I do say so myself.
[17:37:45] [CHAT] South Ferry: For now, we are going to try and get in contact with Teiko14.
[17:38:25] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hi
[17:38:47] [CHAT] South Ferry: Hello, DemisisonalDarkgirl.
[17:39:08] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: couldn't sleep
[17:39:44] [CHAT] Creator of Darkness 666666: why not?
[17:39:44] [CHAT] Creator of Darkness 666666: Go sleep
[17:39:44] [CHAT] Creator of Darkness 666666: You should all sleep.
[17:40:04] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Don't go to sleep, You won't wake up
[17:40:07] [CHAT] South Ferry: Why would I sleep at 1:40 PM?
[17:41:12] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: where did shadow go
[17:41:16] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: 12: 41 here
[17:42:15] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Lol
[17:42:26] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i have to study that is also why i'm up
[17:43:45] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ruby
[17:44:12] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hi guys
[17:44:26] [CHAT] A Google User: Hey Creator
[17:44:35] [CHAT] A Google User: Hey gj
[17:44:40] [CHAT] A Google User: Hey scar
[17:44:44] [CHAT] A Google User: Hey ddg
[17:44:52] [CHAT] A Google User: Hey messey
[17:44:55] [CHAT] South Ferry: Who is Creator of Darkness?
[17:44:58] [CHAT] A Google User: Hey Agent
[17:45:36] [CHAT] A Google User: Hey Bele
[17:45:41] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Hi
[17:45:45] [CHAT] A Google User: Hey Baby o/
[17:45:46] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: Never mind. Quotev is working fine for me.
[17:45:53] [CHAT] South Ferry: Let us discuss the "She Deserved it" Creepypasta.
[17:46:14] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Yo people (wave)
[17:46:18] [CHAT] A Google User: Quinn?
[17:46:21] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hi belle
[17:46:24] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: hmm?
[17:46:34] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: I am so tired
[17:46:38] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: What's the link for and why does it have my name on it
[17:46:44] [CHAT] A Google User: Quin?
[17:46:50] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: yeah?
[17:46:53] [CHAT] South Ferry: this, Belle?
[17:46:58] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Yes that
[17:47:04] [CHAT] A Google User: Quin?
[17:47:18] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: What?
[17:47:28] [CHAT] South Ferry: This Wiki was founded by Belle Hurts Forever.
[17:47:38] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Yessssssssssss
[17:47:42] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Why is belle's name with korra on the link
[17:47:43] [CHAT] A Google User: Q-Q-Quin? ;(
[17:47:52] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He's back...........................
[17:47:58] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Is korra doing stuff with belle
[17:47:58] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: What do you want?
[17:48:03] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: XD
[17:48:15] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He's a busy MFer today.
[17:48:27] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: ....
[17:48:33] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: .......
[17:48:52] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Scar...........
[17:48:55] [CHAT] A Google User: Quin pm
[17:48:59] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: someone slap me i can't fall asleep
[17:49:06] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: /me slaps Ddg
[17:49:13] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: There
[17:49:17] [CHAT] A Google User: Nope
[17:50:00] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Anytime Ddg (wink)
[17:50:14] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: that's only one time
[17:50:14] [CHAT] South Ferry:
[17:50:19] [CHAT] South Ferry: A good pasta!
[17:50:41] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: ....
[17:50:52] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *hugs belle*
[17:51:14] [CHAT] Creator of Darkness 666666: brb
[17:51:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I am actalluy pissed at Scar
[17:51:31] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: O.o
[17:51:31] [CHAT] Creator of Darkness 666666: Korra, I can be too. But if it's a redhead or blondie, Probably not. but, probably yes
[17:51:56] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ?
[17:52:09] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: /me hugs BQ and belle
[17:52:19] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: /me hugs back
[17:52:24] [CHAT] South Ferry: She was asking for it, Korra.
[17:52:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ?
[17:52:48] [CHAT] South Ferry: The pasta.
[17:52:49] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: BQ do you agree men are confusing
[17:52:52] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: *hugs back*
[17:52:59] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ok drop this South
[17:53:15] [CHAT] RubyRose123: I'm back what has happened
[17:53:16] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: I SUPER AGREE
[17:53:24] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: /me nods
[17:53:27] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: /me drops the beat
[17:53:28] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and you still have not demoted your other account South
[17:53:36] [CHAT] South Ferry: I will soon
[17:53:38] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Very
[17:53:43] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: confusing
[17:53:56] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: shit i'm losing my voice
[17:54:00] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: you said Saterday it's sunday
[17:54:07] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: I'm losing my sanity
[17:54:08] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: do it now
[17:54:11] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Oh
[17:54:18] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: I already lost it
[17:54:18] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: @South
[17:54:20] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: XD
[17:54:28] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: /me coughs
[17:54:40] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: oh Quin I've started chapter 2
[17:54:40] [CHAT] RubyRose123: i can give it back to you BQ
[17:54:43] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Drink water dark
[17:54:49] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: No Ruby
[17:54:59] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: thx scar i did
[17:55:00] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: I was born to be crazy
[17:55:34] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I am tired of him making rumors all the time.
[17:55:43] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Why was I kicked
[17:55:44] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: btw that is no joke i was born nearly dead
[17:55:52] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I can be friends with a girl without fucking them. He needs to stop. Just because he flirts with every girl
[17:55:55] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Doesn't mean everyone does.
[17:56:04] [CHAT] South Ferry: Google does?
[17:56:08] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: another reason i want to break up with him
[17:56:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Scar does
[17:56:11] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: XD
[17:56:12] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Why was I kicked
[17:57:02] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I am sick of you making up shit and rumors.
[17:57:06] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Who said that
[17:57:09] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: you
[17:57:14] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: YOU
[17:57:20] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Ok
[17:57:20] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: belle is in love with logan
[17:57:31] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Yes I am
[17:57:37] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: And Quinn is in love with herself
[17:57:44] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: I barely said anything today
[17:57:46] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: And I am in love with Jane.
[17:57:50] [CHAT] South Ferry: Scarlet Outlaw said that because I was talking about,
[17:57:57] [CHAT] South Ferry: And he asked in a non sexual way.
[17:57:58] [CHAT] GJ-Lewis X: And Belle is no longer hurted anymore, so she'll might as well rename her username. :P
[17:57:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: He was confused..
[17:58:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Scarlet Outlaw:
           [CHAT] Is korra doing stuff with belle
[17:58:00] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ever since Korra got Jane back Scar has been making up rumors
[17:58:46] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: the taste disgusting
[17:58:47] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Scar stop acting like a baby your 21
[17:58:48] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: I was asking is Belle Donghae stuff on their wiki together
[17:58:56] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: *doing
[17:59:05] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: yeah right
[17:59:08] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Ii don't remember making that wiki
[17:59:10] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: True
[17:59:18] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Ask south ferry korra
[17:59:20] [CHAT] South Ferry: I can vouch for Scar.
[17:59:29] [CHAT] South Ferry: It was the Belle is Awesome and Friends with Korra Wiki,
[17:59:30] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me slaps Scar and South
[17:59:33] [CHAT] South Ferry: founded by Belle hurts forever.
[17:59:33] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: I'm done
[17:59:36] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Ouch
[17:59:37] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I know what he is talking about.
[17:59:42] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: What
[17:59:51] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: But he asked were we doing 'stuff' on that wiki
[17:59:51] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i was born at 3:20 in the mmorning
[17:59:51] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: I am being famed
[18:00:09] [CHAT] South Ferry: Korra, may I?
[18:00:19] [CHAT] South Ferry: This is like when Logan asked to......
[18:00:53] [CHAT] South Ferry: Nor would Messenger Deception.
[18:00:55] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: South tell me
[18:00:57] [CHAT] Loygansono55: Salutations o/
[18:01:00] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: omg BQ your going further with the wall then i have
[18:01:05] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Bye nobody wants me and I am to much trouble
[18:01:11] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: I know Ddg
[18:01:16] [CHAT] South Ferry: I won't say it.
[18:01:16] [CHAT] All Alone In The World: Sup
[18:01:19] [CHAT] South Ferry: :)
[18:01:24] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: /me makes out with the wall again then slaps it
[18:01:27] [CHAT] South Ferry: Hello All Alone in The World.
[18:01:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Logan asked to if he could 'do stuff' to jane
[18:01:38] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Hell-o
[18:01:39] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: the wall is yours now BQ
[18:01:39] [CHAT] South Ferry: Welcome to the Wiki.
[18:01:41] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: XD
[18:01:50] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Thanks Ddg
[18:01:57] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: You can have the roof
[18:02:05] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Scar stay
[18:02:06] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Peota my life
[18:02:07] [CHAT] Loygansono55: Thought you said Loygan
[18:02:08] [CHAT] Loygansono55: I was like wot
[18:02:09] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: spider woman powers
[18:02:23] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: /me sighs
[18:02:27] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: lol Loygan lol
[18:02:28] [CHAT] Loygansono55: DemisionalDarkgirl
[18:02:34] [CHAT] Loygansono55: You sound like a Yu-Gi-Oh card
[18:02:50] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: damn it i do
[18:02:52] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: XD
[18:03:06] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Mess, nobodyou wants me here and u guys kick me all the time
[18:03:23] [CHAT] South Ferry: Scarlet Outlaw.. don't!
[18:03:31] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: we want you to act better
[18:03:34] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Scar, take it to PM
[18:03:43] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: google
[18:03:48] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hi
[18:03:59] [CHAT] A Google User: Hi
[18:04:02] [CHAT] Loygansono55: That's not a bad thing, Darkgirl lol
[18:04:04] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: BQ wanna waltz
[18:04:13] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Huh?
[18:04:15] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Korra I am sorry
[18:04:24] [CHAT] A Google User: Who said im a Player?
[18:04:34] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: no one
[18:04:38] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: /me raises her hand
[18:04:40] [CHAT] A Google User: (angry)
[18:04:41] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Ooops
[18:04:44] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: I wanted to ask why your name was with belle's on a link korra
[18:04:48] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Seriously
[18:04:52] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: yes i'm a player........
[18:04:54] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Ask south ferry
[18:04:58] [CHAT] Loygansono55: I play games
[18:04:59] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: of games
[18:05:00] [CHAT] Loygansono55: I am a player
[18:05:01] [CHAT] Loygansono55: lol
[18:05:07] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: you are
[18:05:07] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: I'm a player
[18:05:14] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: I play SOCCER!
[18:05:16] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i'm a player of games
[18:05:16] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: XD
[18:05:29] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i play soccer as well BQ
[18:05:32] [CHAT] A Google User: ;(
[18:05:35] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: oooh!
[18:05:52] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: /me chest bumps BQ
[18:05:55] [CHAT] A Google User: I play GTA 5
[18:05:56] [CHAT] A Google User: ;)
[18:06:04] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: dude no
[18:06:07] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: /me chest bumps as well
[18:06:11] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: ??
[18:06:22] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: oww my chest
[18:06:23] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: What are you in your team Ddg?
[18:06:32] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: goalie
[18:06:43] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: sometimes i'm forward
[18:07:12] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i can not get the fizzyest out of my hair today
[18:07:16] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Well
[18:07:24] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i could help mess
[18:07:26] [CHAT] Loygansono55: What is happen
[18:07:29] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: I'm a forward
[18:07:34] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: girls are taking over
[18:07:43] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: But I sometimes go to fullback
[18:07:48] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: how can you help?
[18:07:52] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: @DDg
[18:07:59] [CHAT] A Google User: /me eats ice cream
[18:08:00] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: gently brush your hair
[18:08:16] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i'm doing that
[18:08:24] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: I don't feel good
[18:08:31] [CHAT] A Google User: Same scar
[18:08:37] [CHAT] Loygansono55: I'd rather be taking over girls
[18:08:41] [CHAT] Loygansono55: JK
[18:08:46] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: idk i have dead straight hair like my sexuality
[18:08:48] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: stop not on main
[18:08:55] [CHAT] A Google User: Oh hey Loygan
[18:09:50] [CHAT] South Ferry: Belle will make a new account, simply known as "Belle".
[18:09:52] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ewwwwwwwwww logan
[18:09:55] [CHAT] Loygansono55: Wait
[18:09:58] [CHAT] Loygansono55: Did I already say that
[18:10:00] [CHAT] Loygansono55: Chat lag plz
[18:10:06] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Hhahaha
[18:10:07] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: google kiss the floor
[18:10:08] [CHAT] South Ferry: However, that may be taken, so it could be "Belle misses LOGAN.WOOD2".
[18:10:17] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Yeah kiss the floor
[18:10:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Dude
[18:10:19] [CHAT] South Ferry: Similar to how TheKorraFanatic misses JANE THE KILLER
[18:10:20] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: *blushes bright red*
[18:10:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: how did you know about my old account?
[18:10:27] [CHAT] A Google User: Someone
[18:10:34] [CHAT] South Ferry: Because you had the account in the chatroom
[18:10:41] [CHAT] Creator of Darkness 666666: I am back !
[18:10:44] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: kiss your dream goodbye
[18:10:44] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Kiss Purdy
[18:10:51] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: /me laughs
[18:10:53] [CHAT] A Google User: Ewww
[18:10:59] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: What is funny
[18:11:07] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: wb creator
[18:11:11] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Good one Ddg
[18:11:20] [CHAT] A Google User: Purdy's boyfriend is here already
[18:11:23] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i need help
[18:11:31] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Oooh!
[18:11:36] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: I'll help ya
[18:11:39] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: my friends made me to good with jokes
[18:11:43] [CHAT] South Ferry: Creator is the friend of Messenger?
[18:11:53] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: yeah
[18:12:15] [CHAT] A Google User: And Purdy isn't my girlfriend.....
[18:12:18] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: anyone else asthmatic
[18:12:26] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: not me
[18:12:39] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i'll die alone of my asthma
[18:12:50] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i'm also to dramatic
[18:12:59] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: /me hugs Ddg
[18:13:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: some friends at a new wiki are coming
[18:13:06] [CHAT] South Ferry: Bring 'em in!
[18:13:07] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ok
[18:13:10] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Well I gtg back to work
[18:13:17] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: /me hugs BQ back
[18:13:19] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Cool
[18:13:20] [CHAT] A Google User: Hmm im new here
[18:13:26] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: bye scar
[18:13:28] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: new crazies comin
[18:13:35] [CHAT] A Google User: /me hugs Quin please
[18:14:02] [CHAT] A Google User: Okay
[18:14:03] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Yo nuts!
[18:14:06] [CHAT] A Google User: Im new here
[18:14:14] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: oh cool
[18:14:21] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i want ice cream
[18:14:51] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: /me gives Ddg a chocolate ice cream
[18:15:00] [CHAT] A Google User: Haha im eating ice cream
[18:15:27] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: mmm yes chocolate /me licks the ice cream
[18:15:52] [CHAT] South Ferry: What.
[18:15:52] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: I feel like I have lots of sisters now
[18:15:53] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: iewwwwwwwwwww
[18:16:05] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: XD
[18:16:18] [CHAT] A Google User: I feel like i have a girlfriend now
[18:16:30] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: yeah same i call her BQ
[18:16:33] [CHAT] South Ferry: Who is your girl-friend?
[18:16:41] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Eeeeek
[18:16:44] [CHAT] A Google User: SF dont mind
[18:16:45] [CHAT] South Ferry: Is she a friend who is a girl? Or a girlfriend?
[18:16:48] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: /me hugs Ddg again
[18:16:53] [CHAT] South Ferry: I have friends who are girls.
[18:16:58] [CHAT] South Ferry: But not a girlfriend.
[18:17:04] [CHAT] A Google User: Lol
[18:17:26] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: it's what they called their friends in the 80s otherwise the old days
[18:17:37] [CHAT] A Google User: Ddg pm
[18:18:03] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: spongebob squarpants
[18:18:22] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
[18:18:26] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: lol
[18:18:36] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: spongebob square of the pants
[18:18:55] [CHAT] A Google User: U!
[18:19:17] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Spongebob of the square of the pants
[18:19:22] [CHAT] A Google User: SF, you aren't a kid right?
[18:19:23] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: yeah
[18:19:38] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: who sf
[18:19:45] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: South ferry
[18:19:51] [CHAT] A Google User: Hmm
[18:20:05] [CHAT] South Ferry: I am fourteen years old.
[18:20:07] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Yo All
[18:20:07] [CHAT] South Ferry: A good age.
[18:20:12] [CHAT] A Google User: Nooooo
[18:20:17] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: omg sf same
[18:20:18] [CHAT] A Google User: I cant believe
[18:20:25] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: /me facepalms
[18:20:26] [CHAT] South Ferry: What's wrong, A Google User?
[18:20:32] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: I feel so old now
[18:20:32] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: he is old
[18:20:38] [CHAT] Loygansono55: I'm 19 lol
[18:20:41] [CHAT] A Google User: Really your 14?
[18:20:42] [CHAT] South Ferry: A Google User is 21 years old.
[18:20:43] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: I'm 16
[18:20:50] [CHAT] A Google User: 16
[18:20:51] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I'm 16
[18:20:54] [CHAT] South Ferry: I am, in-fact, 14 years old.
[18:20:55] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: don't worry BQ the queen is old
[18:20:55] [CHAT] A Google User: Im 16
[18:20:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: Korra is two years older then me,
[18:21:05] [CHAT] South Ferry: And Messenger Deception is like 22 or something.
[18:21:10] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: XD
[18:21:11] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: yes sf i am 14
[18:21:11] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: mess is 18
[18:21:15] [CHAT] South Ferry: what
[18:21:16] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Oooh
[18:21:18] [CHAT] South Ferry: I thought...
[18:21:23] [CHAT] South Ferry: Didn't she...
[18:21:24] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: so she's like my big sister
[18:21:24] [CHAT] South Ferry: ?!?!?!
[18:21:27] [CHAT] A Google User: Sf is younger than me
[18:21:28] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: I'm 18
[18:21:30] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: (giggle)
[18:21:38] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i just turned 18
[18:21:45] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Oh thats cool mess
[18:21:50] [CHAT] A Google User: My girlfriend is also 16 and im also 16
[18:21:52] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: This is hard
[18:22:05] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: belle is my age
[18:22:07] [CHAT] South Ferry: I remember Messenger Deception stating that it was her twenty-second birthday soon.
[18:22:12] [CHAT] South Ferry: Belle is thirteen years old.
[18:22:13] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: no
[18:22:25] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: I said scar was going to be 22 this year
[18:22:37] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: We the best music - Another one - DJ KHALED
[18:22:40] [CHAT] A Google User: Tell tha truth how old are you? @SF
[18:22:46] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Thats Murhpy boy
[18:22:51] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: What
[18:23:01] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: snotty nose
[18:23:04] [CHAT] A Google User: Murphy i hate murph word
[18:23:06] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: ??
[18:23:07] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: People are goin craaaazy
[18:23:07] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: We the best music - Another one - DJ KHALED is JMurph.
[18:23:13] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: woot woot
[18:23:14] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: I can tell
[18:23:19] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Korra get to CC Jr Mime is fighting with a troll
[18:23:24] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Parteeeeey!
[18:23:24] [CHAT] South Ferry: Alright Google, I will tell the truth.
[18:23:29] [CHAT] South Ferry: I am fourteen.
[18:23:45] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: someone stab my stomach i am suffering from the cramps
[18:23:53] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Creeper1230:
           [CHAT] a racing game 
           [CHAT] what age are you 
           [CHAT]  1:21 
           [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin:
           [CHAT] 13 
           [CHAT] Why 
           [CHAT]  1:21 
           [CHAT] Creeper1230:
           [CHAT] ok wii do you live 
           [CHAT]  1:22 
           [CHAT] Child Demons:
           [CHAT] salut comment allez-vous 
           [CHAT]  1:22 
           [CHAT] Creeper1230:
           [CHAT] i think i know you 
           [CHAT]  1:22 
           [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin:
           [CHAT] Umm 
           [CHAT] Texas 
           [CHAT]  1:22 
           [CHAT] Creeper1230:
           [CHAT] ok 
           [CHAT]  1:22 
           [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin:
           [CHAT] I'm from texas 
           [CHAT]  1:22 
           [CHAT] Creeper1230:
           [CHAT] iok 
           [CHAT]  1:22 
           [CHAT] Jr Mime:
           [CHAT] Creeper1230 stop asking personal questions 
           [CHAT]  1:22 
           [CHAT] Creeper1230:
           [CHAT] why 
           [CHAT]  1:22 
           [CHAT] Jr Mime:
           [CHAT] That's against the homepage:Terms of Use 
           [CHAT] That can get you globally banned 
           [CHAT]  1:22 
           [CHAT] Creeper1230:
           [CHAT] no its not 
           [CHAT]  1:22 
           [CHAT] Child Demons:
           [CHAT]  qui aime jeff le tueur 
           [CHAT]  1:22 
           [CHAT] Jr Mime:
           [CHAT] Wana bet? 
           [CHAT]  1:22 
           [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin:
           [CHAT] Yes it is 
           [CHAT]  1:22 
           [CHAT] Creeper1230:
           [CHAT] yeah 
           [CHAT]  1:23 
           [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin:
           [CHAT] Mime is an admin 
           [CHAT]  1:23 
           [CHAT] Creeper1230:
           [CHAT] ok 
           [CHAT]  1:23 
           [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin:
           [CHAT] You must listen to him 
           [CHAT]  1:23 
           [CHAT] Jr Mime:
           [CHAT] I suggest you stick to the rules
[18:23:58] [CHAT] A Google User: Okay but i cant believe ;)
[18:24:13] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: This is hard
[18:24:15] [CHAT] South Ferry: Why can't you believe?
[18:24:21] [CHAT] South Ferry: What's wrong Belle Hurts Forever?
[18:24:35] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Belle first off
[18:24:50] [CHAT] South Ferry: Are you sad
[18:24:53] [CHAT] South Ferry: ?*
[18:25:02] [CHAT] A Google User: Quin?
[18:25:07] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i got hickups
[18:25:07] [CHAT] A Google User: ;(
[18:25:08] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: ?
[18:25:13] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: DistustingWastelander has left the chat.  ~
           [CHAT]  1:23 
           [CHAT] CavaX:
           [CHAT] :-/  
           [CHAT] ~ Creator of Darkness 666666 has joined the chat.  ~
           [CHAT]  1:23 
           [CHAT] Creeper1230:
           [CHAT] ok 
           [CHAT] do you know lola 
           [CHAT] ~ TheKorraFanatic has joined the chat.  ~
           [CHAT]  1:23 
           [CHAT] CavaX:
           [CHAT] ? 
           [CHAT]  1:23 
           [CHAT] Creeper1230:
           [CHAT]  1:23 
           [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin:
           [CHAT] Who 
           [CHAT] ~ BlackQuinn has joined the chat.  ~
           [CHAT]  1:23 
           [CHAT] Creeper1230:
           [CHAT] lolaloud 
           [CHAT]  1:23 
           [CHAT] CavaX:
           [CHAT] ._. 
           [CHAT]  1:23 
           [CHAT] BlackQuinn:
           [CHAT] O.o 
           [CHAT]  1:23 
           [CHAT] Creeper1230:
           [CHAT] go on 
           [CHAT] please 
           [CHAT]  1:24 
           [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin:
           [CHAT] Ni 
           [CHAT] ~ Creeper1230 has been banned by Jr Mime .  ~
           [CHAT]  1:24 
           [CHAT] Jr Mime:
           [CHAT] don't go there 
           [CHAT] ~ Matti567 has joined the chat.  ~
           [CHAT]  1:24 
           [CHAT] Jr Mime:
           [CHAT] please nobody go there 
           [CHAT]  1:24 
           [CHAT] PyroNacht:
           [CHAT] Per Mime 
           [CHAT]  1:24 
           [CHAT] Matti567:
           [CHAT] hola? 
           [CHAT]  1:24 
           [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin:
           [CHAT] My mom would ban me if I did
[18:25:34] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Second im trying to make a wiki and I can't
           [CHAT] Lag
[18:25:35] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: OHMYGOSH!
[18:25:38] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: if Jr Mime is begging people not to go i ain't going
[18:25:41] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Why am I there?
[18:25:44] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: ...
[18:25:47] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: /Is that my ghost
[18:25:50] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: ?
[18:25:54] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Wtf
[18:25:57] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: It's a porn site
[18:25:59] [CHAT] Loygansono55: lmao
[18:26:01] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: XD
[18:26:04] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Ew
[18:26:09] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever:
[18:26:21] [CHAT] A Google User: I hate stupid sites
[18:26:29] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: BQ belle we should save ourselves
[18:26:29] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: I tried
[18:26:33] [CHAT] A Google User: And stupid sites Developers
[18:26:59] [CHAT] A Google User: Quin?
[18:27:20] [CHAT] South Ferry: Why can't you make the Wiki Belle?
[18:27:39] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: /me slaps google
[18:27:55] [CHAT] A Google User: Whym
[18:28:08] [CHAT] A Google User: Why slap?
[18:28:13] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: /me smirks then claps her feet
[18:28:28] [CHAT] A Google User: Quinpm
[18:28:29] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: no reason tell her you love her yourslef you putah
[18:28:35] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: I tried okay
[18:28:47] [CHAT] Loygansono55: :P
[18:28:50] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: We broke up
[18:28:56] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ?
[18:29:03] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i know he a putah
[18:29:18] [CHAT] South Ferry: Messy would love Pintrest (giggle)
[18:29:26] [CHAT] South Ferry: What's the name of the Wiki Belle? (look)
[18:29:38] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /////////
[18:29:42] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: .......***
[18:29:55] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever:
[18:29:56] [CHAT] South Ferry: Hm....? (confused)
[18:30:09] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: didn't hold down the shift key lol
[18:30:24] [CHAT] South Ferry: (giggle)
[18:30:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: //////////////////////////////
[18:30:50] [CHAT] A Google User: Belle you are using an adroid phone right? ;(
[18:30:54] [CHAT] A Google User: ;)
[18:32:19] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Why
[18:33:58] [CHAT] South Ferry: I am using a Galaxy S7 (giggle)
[18:36:05] [CHAT] A Google User: Im using stupid samsung tab
[18:37:19] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i'm going to be afk writing in my story ping if needed
[18:38:36] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Why Google
           [CHAT] Okay
[18:38:53] [CHAT] A Google User: Why what?
[18:39:00] [CHAT] A Google User: Okay Boss
[18:46:55] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: TheKorraFanatic
[18:48:40] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever:
[18:49:48] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Come join
[18:50:22] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: I'm on mobile
[18:50:33] [CHAT] A Google User: Ugh
[18:51:10] [CHAT] A Google User: Mobile is a diamond lol
[18:51:29] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: XD
[18:52:53] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: TheKorraFanatic?
[18:54:36] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: He's not here right now
[18:54:45] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: he is doing dishes
[18:55:00] [CHAT] South Ferry: Proposal:
[18:55:04] [CHAT] South Ferry: Staff application system.
[18:55:23] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: Ah
[18:55:32] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: that is how it is at JTK
[18:55:35] [CHAT] A Google User: South
[18:55:37] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: My poor poor chat
[18:55:42] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: Tell him I want him on discord @mess
[18:55:55] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: he doing chores
[18:56:00] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: he's*
[18:56:01] [CHAT] South Ferry: Here is how it will go:
[18:56:08] [CHAT] South Ferry: It will be a large subpage system.
[18:56:13] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: wait
[18:56:15] [CHAT] South Ferry: There will be a page called Staff Applications,
[18:56:28] [CHAT] South Ferry: then there are lots of subpages with stuff like "Staff Applications/Admin"
[18:56:43] [CHAT] South Ferry: there, you will link your application so it would be like "Staff Applications/Admins/User:
[18:56:51] [CHAT] South Ferry: then people would put support or oppose in the comments
[18:56:55] [CHAT] South Ferry: Anyone can apply at any time,
[18:56:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: but not everyone will be accepte
[18:57:01] [CHAT] South Ferry: accepted*
[18:57:10] [CHAT] South Ferry: do you like this mess
[18:57:15] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: My poor chat
[18:57:22] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: I am bored
[18:57:23] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: you have to edit the wiki helpful edits and then message the main B-crats thye will look over everything too see if you suit the job
[18:58:00] [CHAT] South Ferry: So in this system, at the "staff applications/admins/user"
[18:58:07] [CHAT] South Ferry: the bcrats will vote on it in the comments
[18:58:08] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: I want to rp on my rp server on discord
[18:58:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: as of now we don't need any admins or mods but in the future we may
[18:59:36] [CHAT] A Google User: Hmm
[18:59:37] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: Can mess rp on the server for now
[18:59:58] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: Or...?
[18:59:59] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: I'e never done anything in those rps idk what they are about
[19:00:03] [CHAT] South Ferry: chase has said we need more chat, content, and discussion mods
[19:00:05] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: I've*
[19:00:07] [CHAT] A Google User: South my avatar is cool kr not?
[19:00:15] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Chase is wrong
[19:00:24] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sad.
[19:00:33] [CHAT] A Google User: Well im CM yay
[19:00:34] [CHAT] South Ferry: at the moment, we have 1 content mod and 0 discussions
[19:00:42] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: We have more than enough
[19:01:04] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: Mods that is
[19:01:04] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and Chase McFly was trying to find something to global Korra and I over
[19:01:12] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: Why
[19:01:18] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: of course there was nothing
[19:01:34] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: Aren't you like friends
[19:01:34] [CHAT] South Ferry: wait
[19:01:35] [CHAT] South Ferry: CHase
[19:01:37] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: cause he hatess us and likes causing drama
[19:01:37] [CHAT] South Ferry: hates
[19:01:39] [CHAT] South Ferry: Korra?!
[19:01:43] [CHAT] South Ferry: NO... it cant be
[19:01:44] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: Oh
[19:01:47] [CHAT] South Ferry: chase... is a bcrat?!
[19:01:51] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: yes
[19:02:00] [CHAT] South Ferry: then vote for his d-demiton?!
[19:02:08] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: Ask staff to demote him
[19:02:22] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: no one will vote to demote him
[19:02:23] [CHAT] South Ferry: nah
[19:02:30] [CHAT] South Ferry: w
[19:02:30] [CHAT] South Ferry: Mess wants him
[19:02:36] [CHAT] South Ferry: to
[19:02:36] [CHAT] South Ferry: STAY
[19:02:36] [CHAT] South Ferry: bcrat
[19:02:41] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: no
[19:02:49] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i never wanted him as B-crat
[19:02:54] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: Ask cc for advice on bcrat demotion
[19:02:55] [CHAT] South Ferry: How did he get it?!
[19:03:03] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Teiko
[19:03:15] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah.
[19:03:15] [CHAT] South Ferry: We will hold a vote, then
[19:03:18] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: Do what I said
[19:03:23] [CHAT] South Ferry: no
[19:03:37] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: Ask cc for advice
[19:03:37] [CHAT] South Ferry: we need a vote first
[19:03:46] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: Not always
[19:03:56] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: Just ask cc
[19:04:20] [CHAT] South Ferry: last time we had to vote
[19:04:33] [CHAT] South Ferry: such as
[19:04:33] [CHAT] South Ferry: the demotion of brawl
[19:04:35] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: Well
[19:05:00] [CHAT] A Google User: Wait wait wait wait chase Mcfly????
[19:05:06] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Gtg ppl
[19:05:10] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: bye bye
[19:05:10] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: We all agree that he should be demoted.
[19:05:15] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: So
[19:05:24] [CHAT] South Ferry: nah
[19:05:27] [CHAT] South Ferry: staff needs proof
[19:05:28] [CHAT] South Ferry: for example
[19:05:31] [CHAT] South Ferry: everyone hated brawl
[19:05:34] [CHAT] South Ferry: we still needed a vote
[19:05:41] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: Well
[19:06:07] [CHAT] A Google User: Bye Baby \o take care
[19:06:17] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: Ask cc if it's a requirement
[19:06:36] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Bye babe. Take care as well
[19:07:25] [CHAT] A Google User: Hmm you too
[19:07:45] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: I'm going to b watch YouTube
[19:07:48] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Now I have a headache
[19:08:02] [CHAT] South Ferry: Whats wrong Belle?
[19:08:23] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Nothing for now at least
[19:08:29] [CHAT] South Ferry: So Messenger Deception
[19:08:29] [CHAT] South Ferry: Should we do it
[19:08:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: yes
[19:09:11] [CHAT] South Ferry: Are you sure?!
[19:09:11] [CHAT] South Ferry: L-let us........
[19:09:11] [CHAT] South Ferry: G-get it done...........
[19:09:43] [CHAT] A Google User: Messey?
[19:09:52] [CHAT] South Ferry: Messy... please
[19:10:01] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: what?
[19:10:21] [CHAT] A Google User: I want to ask you something
[19:11:37] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ok
[19:13:28] [CHAT] A Google User: Pm
[19:13:29] [CHAT] South Ferry: You would betray Chase?!
[19:13:44] [CHAT] South Ferry: I do not know if I should setup the vote?!
[19:13:59] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i sat here and used a crayon to color my sock blue i was that bored
[19:14:13] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah
[19:14:18] [CHAT] South Ferry: So we chase shall remain admin
[19:14:20] [CHAT] South Ferry: :)
[19:15:08] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Chat is dead at least mine is
[19:16:02] [CHAT] A Google User: South
[19:17:04] [CHAT] South Ferry: Yes?
[19:18:46] [CHAT] A Google User: Do you like my logo?
[19:18:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: It's a good log,
[19:19:14] [CHAT] South Ferry: I could make a flag with it
[19:20:32] [CHAT] A Google User: Dude i like editing and i like picture editing logo and video and etc
[19:20:58] [CHAT] South Ferry:
[19:21:03] [CHAT] South Ferry: I like making flags.
[19:21:11] [CHAT] A Google User: I saw
[19:21:26] [CHAT] A Google User: Your flags at undertale wiki
[19:21:38] [CHAT] A Google User: Hey GJ
[19:23:52] [CHAT] A Google User: South??
[19:24:43] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah
[19:25:22] [CHAT] A Google User: Pm
[19:29:26] [CHAT] A Google User: Wb K
[19:29:44] [CHAT] A Google User: Wb Panzer
[19:30:09] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: Bye
[19:33:04] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: #deatchat
[19:33:07] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: dead*
[19:33:13] [CHAT] A Google User: Hmm
[19:33:42] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: hi
[19:33:53] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: hi
[19:34:07] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: wassup?
[19:34:16] [CHAT] South Ferry: Hello Christopher
[19:34:26] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: hello
[19:35:03] [CHAT] South Ferry: Messenger Deception, you made the right choice.
[19:35:15] [CHAT] South Ferry: By not calling for the demotion of Chase McFly.
[19:35:35] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: South I'm writing you pinged me for that lol
[19:35:50] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: why would chase even be demoted?
[19:35:57] [CHAT] South Ferry: I hope this story is good!
[19:36:16] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: drop the topic chris
[19:36:24] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: k
[19:36:42] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: South did you read my creepypasta story yesterday
[19:38:35] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: i will write a story about tdl couple
[19:39:43] [CHAT] Creator of Darkness 666666: Hello people.
[19:39:56] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: hi creator
[19:40:54] [CHAT] A Google User: Hello 666666
[19:41:00] [CHAT] South Ferry: I read the story
[19:41:06] [CHAT] South Ferry: Where eyeless jack is a dominatrix.
[19:41:24] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: creator of darkness
[19:41:43] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ok I'll PM you the little bit i wrote today truth is I'm stuck i hate writersblock
[19:42:59] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and the book is is called Broken dreams
[19:43:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Mess
[19:43:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: yes?
[19:43:41] [CHAT] A Google User: Please upload ur book on kindle or Wattpad
[19:43:46] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I provided proof to Speedit about the JMurph socks.
[19:43:54] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ok
[19:44:00] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and what did he say
[19:44:12] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He hasn't replied yet. He went offline
[19:44:20] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: dang it
[19:44:53] [CHAT] South Ferry: Mess' story is a good story
[19:44:55] [CHAT] A Google User: Chocolates Korra ;) again
[19:44:59] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: !block Felix Pls1
[19:44:59] [CBOT] Back Up2: [[Special:Block/Felix Pls1]]
[19:44:59] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: where's Amanda I need help
[19:45:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: !block Bubblegum Blackout3
[19:45:19] [CBOT] Back Up2: [[Special:Block/Bubblegum Blackout3]]
[19:46:00] [CHAT] Creator of Darkness 666666: Dinner was so amazing today
[19:46:06] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: !block Wank
[19:46:06] [CBOT] Back Up2: [[Special:Block/Wank]]
[19:46:13] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: dang
[19:46:19] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: there is a Wank account
[19:46:34] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: that better not show up in chat
[19:46:40] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i will die
[19:46:54] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: !block Bubblegum Blowout
[19:46:55] [CBOT] Back Up2: [[Special:Block/Bubblegum Blowout]]
[19:47:05] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: !block Bubblegum Blowout2
[19:47:05] [CBOT] Back Up2: [[Special:Block/Bubblegum Blowout2]]
[19:47:07] [CHAT] South Ferry: Imma making some signs for TDL
[19:47:11] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: My chat is dead
[19:47:15] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: !block Bubblegum Blowout3
[19:47:15] [CBOT] Back Up2: [[Special:Block/Bubblegum Blowout3]]
[19:47:27] [CHAT] A Google User: You blocked more accounts
[19:47:44] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: !block Bubblegum Blowout1000
[19:47:44] [CBOT] Back Up2: [[Special:Block/Bubblegum Blowout1000]]
[19:47:44] [CHAT] A Google User: In few seconds lol
[19:48:09] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: hey google pm
[19:48:32] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: my head hurts
[19:48:51] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: trying to think too hard about what to write i hate writerblock
[19:49:54] [CHAT] South Ferry: im making symbols to symbolize who can edit a page
[19:49:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: ill show you the first when its done
[19:50:02] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: OMG
[19:50:12] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: There is a account
[19:50:15] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /me cries
[19:50:22] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me cries
[19:50:26] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: NO
[19:50:27] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: NONO
[19:50:28] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: MO
[19:50:33] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: NO*
[19:50:39] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: NO
[19:50:46] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /announce has banned Wank from the chat
[19:51:19] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: Im exposed but i dont car OwO
[19:51:24] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: !block Wank2
[19:51:24] [CBOT] Back Up2: [[Special:Block/Wank2]]
[19:51:52] [CHAT] Loygansono55: Only 230 messages
[19:51:53] [CHAT] A Google User: You need a secret wikia i think ?
[19:52:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: !block A Google User
[19:52:09] [CBOT] Back Up2: [[Special:Block/A Google User]]
[19:52:11] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: XD
[19:52:11] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me whimpers and hides on quotev then runs away from quotve cuz Wank is there too
[19:52:21] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: why?
[19:52:27] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /me runs to discord and then runs back cuz he is there too
[19:52:39] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: dang it he is everywhere
[19:52:43] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He is
[19:53:12] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me hides on twitter  then runs back cuz Wank is there as well
[19:53:26] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: HE'S EVERYWHERE
[19:53:28] [CHAT] A Google User: Noooo
[19:53:35] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD:
[19:53:37] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: MY TWITTER
[19:53:51] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me bans Tiger
[19:54:01] [CHAT] A Google User: Korra you want to ban me ;(
[19:54:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Google, it was a joke.
[19:54:10] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: duh
[19:54:16] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: google pm
[19:54:26] [CHAT] South Ferry: I will be making some templates for this wiki
[19:54:39] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me hides behind South
[19:54:56] [CHAT] South Ferry: It will be alright.
[19:55:00] [CHAT] South Ferry: JMurph will not attack
[19:55:03] [CHAT] South Ferry: He has lost intrest
[19:55:08] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Speedit said he is on it.
[19:55:16] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: thank god
[19:55:28] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and no South he hasn't
[19:55:37] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: !block
[19:55:37] [CBOT] Back Up2: [[Special:Block/ ]]
[19:55:42] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: That is his IP
[19:56:02] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: he has been attacking Q for 2 years now it's only just started with us
[19:56:17] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: google pm
[19:56:22] [CHAT] South Ferry: now for the first template
[19:57:15] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I blocked his IP.
[19:58:21] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Korra can you screenshot and send to me what you said to Speedy
[19:58:33] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: sure
[19:59:01] [CHAT] A Google User: Korra is a screenshot master ;)
[19:59:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: AMANDA
[19:59:48] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i saw
[19:59:49] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: google pm
[19:59:50] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: look at this NOW
[19:59:54] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hey back gotta do my assignment why my clothes dry
[19:59:58] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: AMANDA
[20:00:00] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: AMANDA THANK GOD I NEED YOU
[20:00:05] [CHAT] A Google User: Wait you both are live in same house right?
[20:00:06] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: HEY
[20:00:11] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Amanda
[20:00:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: LOOK AT THIS
[20:00:15] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: I HAVE WRITERSBLOCK IN OUT STORY
[20:00:16] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic:
[20:00:22] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: IT WAS WANK
[20:00:30] [CHAT] A Google User: Wb Ddg
[20:00:33] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: HE HAS A WANK ACCOUNT ON WIKIA
[20:00:34] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: Cool the caps you two (eyes)
[20:00:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /me cools the caps
[20:02:14] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: #Indy500 amirite bois
[20:02:15] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Amanda I PMed the only thing i have done in chapter 2
[20:02:36] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: mess could you pm it to me if that is ok
[20:02:40] [CHAT] A Google User: Chris pm
[20:03:04] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: sure but first DDg did you read chapter 1
[20:03:17] [CHAT] South Ferry:
[20:03:19] [CHAT] South Ferry: :D
[20:03:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: DDg?
[20:03:48] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: yeah
[20:04:11] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: of Broken Dreams right? i have alot of stories
[20:04:29] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: yeah
[20:04:37] [CHAT] South Ferry: I made a good symbol
[20:04:38] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: I PMed it
[20:04:42] [CHAT] South Ferry: Now for the next one
[20:04:43] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: Amanda pmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
[20:04:57] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Tiger (look)
[20:05:06] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: I have a real life gf
[20:05:09] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Tiger we are busy working on our story leave Amanda alone
[20:05:11] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: chill ur panties
[20:05:58] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: yeah, I do.
[20:06:54] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i might rip my hair out of my head
[20:07:11] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: I might rip the stitches out of my leg
[20:08:18] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: TigerTanksHD: That is not appropriate for public chat.
[20:08:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ^
[20:09:35] [CHAT] Chris The Great Maverick: google pm
[20:13:10] [CHAT] A Google User: Hmm
[20:13:37] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: .-.
[20:13:46] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i might pass science
[20:14:33] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I reported
[20:15:28] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: mess pm
[20:16:22] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: my friend gave me a lecture on if i was going to publish a book that i only came up with as an idea
[20:16:35] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: and she said some other stuff that ignored
[20:17:01] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: [Chorus]
           [CHAT] Take it back, take it way back
           [CHAT] Take it way, way back to the first black man
           [CHAT] Long ago before the white man
           [CHAT] Could paint the black man with a gun in his hand
           [CHAT] Take it back, take it way back
           [CHAT] Take it way, way back to the first white man
           [CHAT] At the very moment when they looked around and said
           [CHAT] "Fuck it, I’ma steal this land"
           [CHAT] Take it back, take it way back
           [CHAT] Take it way way back to the first black man
           [CHAT] Long ago before the white man
           [CHAT] Could paint the black man with a gun in his hand
           [CHAT] Take it back, take it way back
           [CHAT] Take it way way back to the first white man
           [CHAT] At the very moment when they looked around and said
           [CHAT] "Fuck it, I’ma steal this land"
           [CHAT] [Outro]
           [CHAT] Take it back, take it way back
           [CHAT] Take it way, way back to about 1990
           [CHAT] Shady Grove Hospital in Rockville, Maryland
           [CHAT] 7:36 a.m., where a biracial baby was born
           [CHAT] To a black father and a white mother
           [CHAT] Father that wasn’t there
           [CHAT] Addicted to crack cocaine, alcohol, and various other drugs
           [CHAT] Same as his mom
           [CHAT] (Way, way back)
           [CHAT] So I’m gonna tell you about that, right?
[20:17:06] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: Geuss the song
[20:18:57] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hi ruby
[20:19:04] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Hi
[20:20:22] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: korra i need tips on how to not stress over an assignment
[20:20:48] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Let me PM you.
[20:20:52] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ok thx
[20:22:02] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: /me yells at Mess
[20:22:07] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: SAY SOMETHING
[20:22:17] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: I
[20:22:22] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: HATE
[20:22:25] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: THIS
[20:22:28] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: ;-;
[20:22:28] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i can't my quotev friend is trying to kill himself right now
[20:22:35] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: Oh
[20:22:35] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: aww
[20:22:52] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: no ruby
[20:24:19] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: he..he said he started to drink shots of bleach..................
[20:24:26] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: No
[20:24:34] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: oh no
[20:24:38] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: TigerTanksHD: I think by now you should be educated enough to know what is appropriate and what is not appropriate for chat.
[20:24:38] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me is crying irl too
[20:24:51] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: /me hugs mess
[20:25:00] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me hugs back
[20:25:13] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: Im just going to leave and hide on twiiter and CC
[20:25:16] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: If u guys need me
[20:25:22] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: U know where to find me
[20:25:32] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Okay.
[20:25:44] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: Im going to leave in 5 mins
[20:26:06] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: BOREDOM​
[20:26:06] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: idk how to help him
[20:26:32] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: oh wait nother mind I know what to do now :)
[20:26:33] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: What is his name?
[20:26:52] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: Amanda pmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm before i leave
[20:26:59] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Jason the toy Maker
[20:27:18] [CHAT] A Google User: Who's he?
[20:27:29] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Tiger (look)
[20:27:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: how are you
           [CHAT] Chat from Jason The Toy Maker, 
           [CHAT] ...not good
           [CHAT] Chat from Homicidal Messenger is OORP for a week, 
           [CHAT] what's wrong
           [CHAT] Chat from Jason The Toy Maker, 
           [CHAT] ...I...she...deactivated...i
           [CHAT] Chat from Homicidal Messenger is OORP for a week, 
           [CHAT] who?
           [CHAT] Chat from Jason The Toy Maker, 
           [CHAT] P..poppyseed... person who made the art I put in my activity... she...she's gone
           [CHAT] Chat from Homicidal Messenger is OORP for a week, 
           [CHAT] maybe she'll come back
[20:27:48] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: What's his URL, Mess?
[20:27:49] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Chat from Jason The Toy Maker, 
           [CHAT] No...she won't...she said she loved me and I turned her away...i... she said she'd...d o suicide...she said... we....and its my... my fault...she's....
           [CHAT] Chat from Homicidal Messenger is OORP for a week, 
           [CHAT] that's not true
           [CHAT] Chat from Homicidal Messenger is OORP for a week, 
           [CHAT] I had a friend
           [CHAT] Chat from Homicidal Messenger is OORP for a week, 
           [CHAT] she um killed herself
           [CHAT] Chat from Homicidal Messenger is OORP for a week, 
           [CHAT] I blamed myself cause I wasn't there when she needed me the most
           [CHAT] Chat from Jason The Toy Maker, 
           [CHAT] ....she's....she's gone....she... I ....know she did... it' fault....I should've said.... said yes...I... should've....
[20:28:02] [CHAT] RubyRose123: I loooove my lil cousin
[20:28:17] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: here's his link
[20:29:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Korra I'm talking to him i think he is  calming down
[20:30:15] [CHAT] A Google User: Pm Chris
[20:30:16] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: Yeah I already follow him
[20:30:27] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: amanda pm before i go
[20:31:14] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hi
[20:31:57] [CHAT] MedionPhoenixDB94: and now I'm liberating Lavanda
[20:33:17] [CHAT] South Ferry: i am making another pictogram
[20:33:37] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Amanda PM
[20:34:02] [CHAT] MedionPhoenixDB94: so what happened to the other flags
[20:34:23] [CHAT] South Ferry: No one else wants a flag
[20:34:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Mess, he says he's not talking until you stop trying to help him.
[20:35:03] [CHAT] MedionPhoenixDB94: it's actually she, Korra
[20:35:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: No, it's a he.
[20:35:22] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: We are talking about someone on Quotev named Jason.
[20:35:24] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Not Amanda.
[20:35:28] [CHAT] MedionPhoenixDB94: Jason? OK.
[20:35:30] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: what do you mean Korra
[20:35:53] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Jason said he is not talking until you stop trying to help him.
[20:36:33] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ...
[20:36:50] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: why
[20:36:55] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: Bye ppl
[20:36:59] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Annabeth and Percy has left the chat.  ~
           [CHAT] ~ Annabeth and Percy has joined the chat.  ~
           [CHAT] ~ MariChatón218 has joined the chat.  ~
           [CHAT] ~ $nowCat has joined the chat.  ~
           [CHAT] ~ Josetrujillo has joined the chat.  ~
           [CHAT] ~ Josetrujillo has left the chat.  ~
           [CHAT] ~ GTAFan86 has joined the chat.  ~
           [CHAT] ~ $nowCat has left the chat.  ~
           [CHAT] ~ Caring16 has left the chat.  ~
           [CHAT] ~ TigerTanksHD has left the chat.  ~
           [CHAT] ~ PyroNacht has left the chat.  ~
           [CHAT]  3:36 
           [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic:
           [CHAT] Left joined left joined left right
[20:38:50] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: lol
[20:39:51] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: XD
[20:40:52] [CHAT] A Google User: Hey Ricky
[20:41:12] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: omg thx korra your awesome
[20:41:45] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: 🍫🎂
[20:41:54] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: :)
[20:42:05] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: he helped with my assignment
[20:43:34] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: No prob :)
[20:44:03] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I'm not just here to mod chat, I am also here to help the users.
[20:44:41] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: Lag
[20:46:05] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Amanda what did Jason say
[20:47:45] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Back
[20:48:23] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: yay
[20:49:08] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: No reply yet ;-;
[20:50:04] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: NOBODY TALKS ANYMORE
[20:50:04] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: same ;(
[20:50:08] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: :(
[20:50:23] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: sorry i'm busy with my assignment
[20:50:31] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I am busy editing on wikis.
[20:50:58] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: nearly finished i won't die
[20:50:58] [CHAT] RubyRose123: I'm Babysitting
[20:51:24] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hi
[20:51:41] [CHAT] A Google User: Chris
[20:51:54] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i have had no sleep and it feels like i have
[20:52:29] [CHAT] A Google User: Umm
[20:52:32] [CHAT] A Google User: Bye guys
[20:52:34] [CHAT] A Google User: I gtg
[20:52:50] [CHAT] A Google User: I gtg to bed
[20:52:54] [CHAT] A Google User: Night
[20:52:57] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: night
[20:53:02] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Night (wave)
[20:53:02] [CHAT] A Google User: 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴
[20:53:20] [CHAT] A Google User: /me pulls ddg hair ;)
[20:53:27] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ow wth
[20:53:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me hugs Google
[20:53:39] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: bye
[20:53:42] [CHAT] A Google User: /me throws elephant at Amanda
[20:53:49] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: korra can i slap him he pulled my hair
[20:53:52] [CHAT] A Google User: /me hugs mess back
[20:53:55] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: /me sprays Google with a water bottle
[20:54:00] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: Say up
[20:54:10] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Sure, DDg.
[20:54:21] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: yay thx
[20:54:29] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: /me slaps google
[20:54:35] [CHAT] A Google User: Fast tell me south
[20:54:52] [CHAT] A Google User: Quickly
[20:55:08] [CHAT] RubyRose123: I can make him stay up
[20:55:11] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: he like them too much
[20:55:16] [CHAT] A Google User: South tell me tomorrow
[20:55:39] [CHAT] A Google User: /me throws elephants at Amanda lol
[20:55:41] [CHAT] A Google User: Bye
[20:55:44] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: bye
[20:56:03] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hi belle
[20:56:07] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Hi
[20:56:17] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: how are you
[20:56:31] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Eh i have to do chores so i won't be here long
[20:56:55] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: oh ok well i have been studying
[20:57:09] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: and i have to wait for my clothes to dry
[20:57:25] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hi ruby
[20:57:30] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Heyo
[20:57:44] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i wish i got sleep
[20:58:19] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: STOP
[20:58:22] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: BEING
[20:58:23] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: ...
[20:58:24] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: NORMAL
[20:58:27] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: DAMNIT
[20:58:30] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: .
[20:58:31] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: I HATE THAT
[20:58:31] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: ..
[20:58:46] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ok well i tired and i try to help ok amanda
[20:59:01] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Oh I'm anything but normal
[20:59:09] [CHAT] RubyRose123: 😛
[20:59:09] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Okay well I'll have to go finish my chores and i might be on later idk
[20:59:13] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Bye guys
[20:59:14] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ok bye
[20:59:23] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Bye Belle
[20:59:28] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: ttyl
[20:59:31] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: I'm friends with someone who's afraid of normal people
[20:59:32] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Bye Belle (wave)
[20:59:48] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Bye
[21:00:48] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: bye
[21:01:17] [CHAT] Creator of Darkness 666666: I am back!
[21:01:24] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hi
[21:01:29] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hi, Back. I am Korra. Nice to meet you. (wave)
[21:01:30] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: wb
[21:01:30] [CHAT] Creator of Darkness 666666: Hi Dimensional
[21:01:32] [CHAT] MedionPhoenixDB94: why are they afraiid
[21:01:36] [CHAT] Creator of Darkness 666666: Not funny Korra
[21:01:40] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ?
[21:01:41] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: omg those dad jokes
[21:01:48] [CHAT] South Ferry: Now
[21:01:50] [CHAT] Creator of Darkness 666666: Yeah -__
[21:01:53] [CHAT] South Ferry: to upload the second pictogram
[21:01:53] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Lol.
[21:02:04] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: my dad did that a lot
[21:02:41] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: when i said i'm hungry hat'd for dinner he would respond hi hungry i'm dad
[21:02:48] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: whats
[21:02:53] [CHAT] Creator of Darkness 666666: poor you
[21:02:55] [CHAT] Creator of Darkness 666666: I feel sorry for you
[21:03:09] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: not really it was annoying but i laughed
[21:03:37] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: lol
[21:03:38] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i am not poor
[21:03:44] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: tho
[21:04:06] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Jane needs to stop camping!
[21:04:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Doesn't she know it drives me crazy when she's gone???
[21:04:17] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: aww he misses her
[21:04:22] [CHAT] South Ferry:
[21:04:31] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Yes, I do miss her.
[21:04:40] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: awwww young love
[21:05:04] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: :)
[21:05:15] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: He doesn't trust me ;-;
[21:05:24] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i might be late for school
[21:05:25] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: who
[21:05:28] [CHAT] South Ferry: I will hop on the other account and add the pictograms.
[21:05:37] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hi
[21:06:19] [CHAT] MedionPhoenixDB94: I did liberate Lantuina.
[21:06:19] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: btw darkness i not poor
[21:06:41] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He goes by Creator.
[21:06:45] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ...................................................
[21:06:56] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: nah i call him of
[21:07:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: What the fuck are you liberating and who are you liberating it from, Medion?
[21:07:25] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ................................................. someone is trying to get me to kill my parents um ok blocking time
[21:07:31] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ...........................
[21:07:41] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: yes block them
[21:07:44] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ^
[21:08:01] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: YO C man
[21:08:06] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: wth happened to quotev while we were gone
[21:08:13] [CHAT] Creator of Darkness 666666: Anyone wants to PM me?
[21:08:14] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: idk honey
[21:08:33] [CHAT] MedionPhoenixDB94: Insula Fonte in a game and I'm liberating it from a bad apple called Di Ravello.
[21:08:36] [CHAT] Creator of Darkness 666666: Me, honey?
[21:08:40] [CHAT] Creator of Darkness 666666: Oh I am not that sweet :3
[21:09:07] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: she wasn't talking to you
[21:09:09] [CHAT] MedionPhoenixDB94: btw that is Medici
[21:09:19] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: no not you mess is honey she sweet
[21:09:56] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ....
[21:10:02] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: me sweet nah
[21:10:09] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: mmmm right
[21:10:28] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hi
[21:11:11] [CHAT] South Ferry: Added the pictograms
[21:11:20] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hi
[21:11:35] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: gtg byee
[21:11:41] [CHAT] MedionPhoenixDB94: what are the pictograms
[21:11:51] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: omg our friend just became admin on CC
[21:12:02] [CHAT] South Ferry: Pyro is your friend mess?
[21:12:05] [CHAT] MedionPhoenixDB94: who's that
[21:12:13] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: yes Pyro is a friend
[21:13:01] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: /announce THUNDER AND LIGHTNING THE CAT GODDESS IS HEREEEEE
[21:13:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: KIT!
[21:13:32] [CHAT] South Ferry: /announce stay quiet kit.
[21:13:54] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: /announce sorry OwO
[21:14:33] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: South I have already read them
[21:14:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: lol
[21:14:52] [CHAT] South Ferry: no,
[21:14:54] [CHAT] South Ferry: the diagrams
[21:14:56] [CHAT] South Ferry: :)
[21:15:12] [CHAT] MedionPhoenixDB94: What does U and R leading to a M mean?
[21:15:17] [CHAT] South Ferry: U - user
[21:15:20] [CHAT] South Ferry: R - rollback
[21:15:22] [CHAT] South Ferry: M - mod
[21:15:42] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: duh
[21:15:48] [CHAT] MedionPhoenixDB94: yeah but why does that look like a boy and a girl leading to a child?
[21:16:02] [CHAT] South Ferry: Lol
[21:16:09] [CHAT] South Ferry: guess you could say the X looks like that
[21:16:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: South look at CC
[21:17:00] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: Sounds like chum like from SpongeBob
[21:17:24] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: Wow I'm really that bored aren't I
[21:19:26] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: XD
[21:21:10] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: I don't know why but when I saw that I immediately thought of the chum bucket XD
[21:21:29] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: lol
[21:24:25] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Jason gets mad when you call him Jason
[21:24:38] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Why?
[21:25:15] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: cuz his real name is Vincent but he hates being called that too he said just don't call him by a name
[21:26:31] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Uhhhhh
[21:26:35] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: that is weird af.
[21:28:16] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: /me stays stiff
[21:28:49] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Why?
[21:28:51] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: /me always gets stiff when nervous about stuff
[21:29:29] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /me hugs Amanda
[21:29:34] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Why are you nervous?
[21:29:48] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: Reasons
[21:29:50] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ohhhhhhhhhh
[21:29:58] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: now we have a hot admin on CC.
[21:30:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: sweet
[21:30:22] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: /me punches Korra off of me
[21:30:23] [CHAT] South Ferry: what
[21:30:27] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: Okay no more hugs
[21:30:30] [CHAT] South Ferry: I'm sure Jane would like to see that.
[21:30:38] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I am not talking about you.
[21:30:43] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I am talking about PyroNacht.
[21:32:33] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Can someone speak?
[21:32:40] [CHAT] South Ferry: .
[21:32:56] [CHAT] South Ferry: I believe we must all send a telegram to Teiko
[21:33:01] [CHAT] South Ferry: "A public apology from TDL"
[21:33:16] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Nah.
[21:33:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: lol
[21:33:24] [CHAT] South Ferry: where else would the pictograms go??
[21:33:45] [CHAT] South Ferry: ?*
[21:34:22] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ?
[21:34:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: KIT!!!!!!!!!1
[21:35:05] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: KORRA SHAKIRA HAS A NEW ALBUM!
[21:35:09] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: im so excited
[21:35:29] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: YAY!
[21:36:30] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: Tablet keeps refreshing
[21:37:12] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713:😂😂-fnaf-880425.png
[21:39:54] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: .....
[21:40:22] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ............
[21:40:32] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: .............
[21:44:43] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: .......................
[21:44:50] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: #deadchat
[21:47:56] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: 493 Global edits
[21:48:04] [CHAT] South Ferry: i will count mine
[21:48:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: You have tons most likely.
[21:49:06] [CHAT] South Ferry: alright so i will ESTIMATE
[21:49:12] [CHAT] South Ferry: by looking at my user activity
[21:49:19] [CHAT] South Ferry: I estimate its around 7,000
[21:49:33] [CHAT] South Ferry: my previous account had account 1k
[21:49:36] [CHAT] South Ferry: So it is ~8k
[21:49:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: My previous account had over 120
[21:49:52] [CHAT] South Ferry: a decent amount
[21:50:27] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: It is odd I've been here since March 8th, 2017 but have had 3 accounts?
[21:51:13] [CHAT] South Ferry: thats decent
[21:53:05] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: lol
[21:53:32] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: 331 Global edits
[21:53:44] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I have more. XD
[21:53:47] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and this isn't my first account
[21:53:58] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: my first account had WAY more edits
[21:54:01] [CHAT] South Ferry:
[21:54:04] [CHAT] South Ferry: A peek at mine
[21:54:07] [CHAT] South Ferry: this is 1 page
[21:56:02] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Wow.
[21:58:22] [CHAT] Creator of Darkness 666666: *test*
[21:58:24] [CHAT] Creator of Darkness 666666: ok am back
[21:58:32] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: wb
[21:58:34] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hi, (wave)
[21:59:23] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: .i hope Jason is ok he said he was tired so he was going to sleep that scares me after what he said he was doing
[22:00:23] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Don't Go To Sleep. You Won't Wake Up.
[22:01:00] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Korra this is the worst time for that
[22:01:10] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i scared my friend won't wake up
[22:01:16] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: I'm*
[22:01:52] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: oj
[22:01:54] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Oh
[22:03:00] [CHAT] South Ferry: It's gonna be alright Messenger Deception!
[22:03:19] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: I hope so and please cal me Mess
[22:03:27] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: call**
[22:03:30] [CHAT] South Ferry: Your friend will be waking up.
[22:03:30] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Hey
[22:04:05] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: BLECH
[22:04:19] [CHAT] RubyRose123: I'm sooooooo tired!
[22:05:06] [CHAT] South Ferry: I remember when I first joined FNAFF.
[22:05:11] [CHAT] South Ferry: its a good place
[22:05:45] [CHAT] RubyRose123: Yeah
[22:06:10] [CHAT] RubyRose123: /me yawns
[22:06:22] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: South i didn't know you edited my wiki
[22:07:14] [CHAT] RubyRose123: hmmmm
[22:07:17] [CHAT] South Ferry: I did the staff page at ATCB
[22:07:45] [CHAT] RubyRose123: hmmm
[22:08:13] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin:
           [CHAT] I am happy to be on computer again 
           [CHAT]  5:07 
           [CHAT] Ditto Creeper Bot:
           [CHAT] MessengerBud!! (heart)  
           [CHAT] * Ditto Creeper Bot tackles and hugs \o/ 
           [CHAT] ~ Maurice.136 has joined the chat.  ~
           [CHAT]  5:07 
           [CHAT] Messenger Deception:
           [CHAT] * Messenger Deception giggles and hugs back
[22:08:37] [CHAT] South Ferry: Where is this?
[22:08:42] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: on CC
[22:09:28] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: Boredom comment something
[22:12:12] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Amanda
[22:12:15] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: answer
[22:15:07] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: I AM A SLOW TYPER
[22:17:24] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: XD
[22:17:34] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Hi
[22:17:59] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: hi
[22:18:27] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Amanda i need a creepy song to listen to it helps when i'm writing
[22:20:06] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: K
[22:20:48] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713:
[22:21:04] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: No wait
[22:21:14] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ok
[22:22:34] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713:
[22:23:52] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: thanks
[22:24:13] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !seen UsurperKing
[22:24:13] [CBOT] Back Up2: Qstlijku: I last saw UsurperKing 4 days, 3 hours, 33 minutes, and 54 seconds ago.
[22:24:53] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: !seen Empire Carpetbagger
[22:24:53] [CBOT] Back Up2: They're in chat right now so... you just pinged them.
[22:25:51] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: WTH
[22:25:55] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ......
[22:26:08] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: did he some how make it where we can't see him
[22:26:17] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: oh dear lord
[22:27:15] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: :(
[22:28:03] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !seen Wank
[22:28:03] [CBOT] Back Up2: I have not seen Wank. Did you mean Bioko?
[22:28:14] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: Im back :)
[22:29:07] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hi, Back. I am Korra (wave)
[22:29:57] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: Bruh
[22:30:44] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: nope
[22:30:47] [CHAT] South Ferry: Welcome back Logan.wood2.
[22:30:48] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hi, Back. I am Korra (wave)
[22:30:54] [CHAT] South Ferry: Belle hurts forever missed you.
[22:31:03] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: yes i am busy
[22:31:23] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: weekends is a pain sometimes
[22:31:34] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Hmmmmmm
[22:31:35] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: who is on
[22:31:45] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: that can talk
[22:31:56] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: u know what i mean guys
[22:32:02] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Is the user Belle & Logan any of you?
[22:32:08] [CHAT] Qstlijku: *either of you
[22:32:18] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Logan, is it you?
[22:32:26] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: SHE WANTS TO KILL KORRA NOW
[22:32:35] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Who does????
[22:32:36] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: yes it is me do u think i am jmurph
[22:32:39] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Who
[22:32:41] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: no
[22:32:44] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: Zero
[22:32:54] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: It's Belle.
[22:33:00] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: yes it is a part of me korra
[22:33:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I just checked their profile out
[22:33:11] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: wait what
[22:33:26] [CHAT] Harleyquin16: Hi
[22:33:27] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: their is a profile of me and belle
[22:33:32] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic:
[22:33:34] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: It's Belle.
[22:33:40] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Korra do u know where mess is
[22:33:57] [CHAT] South Ferry: She Was Asking for it, Korra.
[22:33:59] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: slaps  korra
[22:34:09] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Mess just left
[22:34:10] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: i wanted to find out myself
[22:34:18] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Rip
[22:34:22] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: not u joining in
[22:34:40] [CHAT] South Ferry: Logan - Belle.
[22:34:50] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: scar how are u
[22:34:50] [CHAT] South Ferry: Met each other 1.5 weeks ago
[22:34:52] [CHAT] South Ferry: married
[22:34:54] [CHAT] South Ferry: :)
[22:34:54] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: I really wanted to talk to mess
[22:35:04] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: talk to me then
[22:35:13] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Logan I feel like shit
[22:35:15] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: No one notices me
[22:35:28] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: I did a 10 hour shift at work
[22:35:33] [CHAT] Harleyquin16: Hi dad
[22:35:35] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: i know how u feel
[22:35:44] [CHAT] Harleyquin16: Mummy
[22:35:53] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Hi Harley
[22:36:10] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: ._.
[22:36:28] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: scar do u want to pm
[22:36:47] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Not really
[22:36:52] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: Rekt
[22:36:53] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: ok thats fine
[22:36:58] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: tiger no
[22:37:00] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: anyone catch the #Indy500
[22:37:01] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: I am just out of it
[22:37:13] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: what is wrong scar
[22:37:20] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: I am so tired
[22:37:21] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: something is up
[22:37:28] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: And I feel like shit
[22:37:32] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: ok just in your mood
[22:37:35] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: mess
[22:37:38] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: is here
[22:37:39] [CHAT] South Ferry: Welcome back Mess.
[22:37:45] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: hi mess
[22:37:52] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: i know your not away
[22:37:54] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Yeah Logan
[22:37:59] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Hi mess
[22:38:22] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: mess your not going to act like korra by spying
[22:38:31] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: not right
[22:38:41] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: hi
[22:38:47] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i was eating
[22:38:47] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: see
[22:39:02] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Question: Is Q really away?
[22:39:04] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: lol
[22:39:11] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: nah
[22:39:28] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: your spy thing korra has being stolen
[22:39:32] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Lol.
[22:39:55] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: looks like u need a new thing
[22:39:55] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: is Amanda here i love this song she linked to me
[22:40:16] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: kind of
[22:40:24] [CHAT] Messenger Deception:
[22:40:25] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: away/here
[22:40:56] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: hoodini
[22:41:02] [CHAT] South Ferry: She Was Asking for It.
[22:41:05] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: hoodini
[22:41:09] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Mess why did you link that to the desktop?
[22:41:19] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: i love the magic i do
[22:41:23] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: it did that idk why
[22:41:31] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: South, can you please stop talking about that disturbing story before I kick?
[22:41:39] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Iqtss@@s
[22:41:40] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: korra no
[22:41:44] [CHAT] South Ferry: It is somewhat disturbing,
[22:41:50] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: It's a good song mess
[22:41:51] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: don't do that
[22:41:54] [CHAT] South Ferry: but Jeff & Jane are more disturbing.
[22:41:56] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Logan, stay out.
[22:42:05] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Jane is not more disturbing than a rape story.
[22:42:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Named "She was asking for it."
[22:42:13] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: oh a rape
[22:42:16] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: ok
[22:42:19] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Where did that story even come from?
[22:42:23] [CHAT] South Ferry: In this story,
[22:42:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Now stop before I kick.
[22:42:36] [CHAT] Qstlijku: And did he say anything about it?
[22:42:37] [CHAT] South Ferry: the person puts a pretty girl's face in a burner so she will not get, r word Q, its from cpwiki
[22:42:38] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !log
[22:42:38] [CBOT] Back Up2: Logging...
[22:42:40] [CBOT] Back Up2: Adding to [[Project:Chat/Logs/28_May_2017|chatlog]] 0 kicks and 0 bans reported. 0 joins, 0 leaves, and 38 messages logged.
[22:42:41] [CHAT] South Ferry: now i will stop
[22:42:45] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Jeff story is some what based off a true story
[22:42:46] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: korra he is in a tired mood
[22:42:58] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Logan, learn your place for once.
[22:43:02] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: 10 hours of work
[22:43:09] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: i have
[22:43:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: South is 14.
[22:43:20] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: South does not have a job.
[22:43:22] [CHAT] South Ferry: It seems you did not get the story Korra, but i will find a better one :P
[22:43:38] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: oh gee
[22:43:39] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: You can get a job at 14 in canada just not ones that involve heavy machinery
[22:43:40] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I can't wait.
[22:43:48] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: south has a job as chat mod silly
[22:43:49] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: Doi same in the uS
[22:43:55] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Some places
[22:43:59] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: I banned rape from being said here
[22:44:01] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Most places it's 16 though
[22:44:11] [CHAT] South Ferry: But yeah, the story is about a guy protecting a girl by burning her face, so she does not get, you know
[22:44:11] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: Or 15 for heavy food machinery
[22:44:15] [CHAT] South Ferry: thats the story Q :)
[22:44:15] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: That's good mess
[22:44:17] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: ok good i waited for that
[22:44:30] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: scar how are u doing
[22:44:41] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: still tired as f**k
[22:45:22] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: I swear the next one to talk about rape will be banned for a week
[22:45:25] [CHAT] South Ferry: That is the reason, indeed.
[22:45:31] [CHAT] South Ferry: Perhaps we shall stop saying the word.
[22:45:41] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: no talking about it
[22:45:42] [CHAT] South Ferry: A shame the censor emoji was removed
[22:45:44] [CHAT] South Ferry: :(
[22:45:45] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: how about garden rakes mess
[22:45:55] [CHAT] Qstlijku: [[MediaWiki:Emoticons]]
[22:46:32] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: strange
[22:46:32] [CHAT] Qstlijku: (jane)
[22:46:37] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Because we need to be able to see what cuss words are said
[22:46:38] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: God damn phone
[22:46:40] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: so we can kick and ban
[22:46:46] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Glitch in out
[22:47:00] [CHAT] Qstlijku: (sushi)
[22:47:01] [CHAT] South Ferry: With it being censored,
[22:47:04] [CHAT] South Ferry: you can instantly kick
[22:47:05] [CHAT] South Ferry: :)
[22:47:20] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: (ban) of justice
[22:47:29] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: is always here
[22:47:33] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: waiting
[22:47:46] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: I think tappreciate
[22:47:46] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: km l
[22:47:47] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: till it gets it's prey
[22:47:53] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Fucker p
[22:47:54] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Scar PM quick i want to write in my story i like listening to music when i have writersblock it helps that why Amanda gave me that song
[22:47:58] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Hnew
[22:47:59] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: P
[22:48:00] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: P
[22:48:01] [CHAT] South Ferry: ah yes!
[22:48:04] [CHAT] South Ferry:
[22:48:08] [CHAT] South Ferry: the BEST creepypasta!
[22:48:13] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: mess what the hell is wrong with a rake
[22:48:16] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Damn p
[22:48:16] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Honeed
[22:48:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: !block Empire Carpetbagger
[22:48:20] [CBOT] Back Up2: [[Special:Block/Empire Carpetbagger]]
[22:48:20] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Ppp
[22:48:25] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Ppp
[22:48:37] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: i am not saying the word
[22:48:53] [CHAT] South Ferry: Why was Logan demoted?!
[22:48:55] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: i am not saying cause the banned system is high
[22:49:07] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: no replacing it either
[22:49:09] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: cause my behaviour
[22:49:17] [CHAT] South Ferry: O Damned Logan
[22:49:25] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and south he was demoted for good reasons
[22:49:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: !block the real JANE THE KILLER
[22:49:30] [CBOT] Back Up2: [[Special:Block/the real JANE THE KILLER]]
[22:49:31] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: i don't care anymore
[22:49:32] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: hehehehe
[22:49:44] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: I think we should not talk about any personal stuff in chat
[22:50:15] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: why is the bans are high here
[22:50:19] [CHAT] Qstlijku: [[MediaWiki:Emoticons]]
[22:50:25] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Fixed that last one
[22:50:34] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: I hope jason is ok...
[22:50:41] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: (jane)
[22:51:14] [CHAT] Logan.wood2: anyway brb remember (ban) of justice
[22:51:53] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: idk how to make them
[22:52:08] [CHAT] South Ferry: I can make emoticons for Messenger.
[22:52:16] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: Can u make one for me
[22:52:23] [CHAT] Qstlijku: (mario)
[22:52:28] [CHAT] Qstlijku: That image is gone
[22:52:29] [CHAT] South Ferry: I would hop on the other account and install them.
[22:52:36] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Supposed to be Mario
[22:52:37] [CHAT] South Ferry: Also, the purpose of my other account
[22:52:42] [CHAT] South Ferry: Is to work on the front page
[22:52:42] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: So now what
[22:52:44] [CHAT] South Ferry: coding
[22:52:45] [CHAT] South Ferry: and emoticons
[22:52:48] [CHAT] South Ferry: WHen I have to
[22:52:51] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: now I'm listening to music singing along enjoying myself writing please keep things calm
[22:53:06] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: I want a mess and scar emoticon
[22:53:20] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: And I am going AFK
[22:53:23] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: or am I???
[22:53:28] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: lol
[22:53:28] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Cool mess
[22:53:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: (look)
[22:54:17] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: I'm in a good mood don't mess it up please
[22:54:24] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: South pm
[22:54:28] [CHAT] Qstlijku: me too @Korra
[22:55:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: lol
[22:55:33] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i think i'm the only girl here right now
[22:55:56] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Superbionic 2009 is a girl
[22:55:56] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: me don't like being out numbered
[22:56:06] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: they are??
[22:56:21] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: plus they never talk just watch so still
[22:56:26] [CHAT] Superbionic 2009: I am
[22:56:32] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: (tiger)
[22:56:33] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: hey!
[22:56:38] [CHAT] Superbionic 2009: hey
[22:57:03] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: (look) (look) (look) (look) (look)
[22:57:18] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: /me hugs mess,tightly
[22:57:26] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me hugs scar back
[22:57:54] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Idk why I feel so quiet today
[22:58:31] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: in this moment it's the first time i felt like me since i was deleted from quotev
[22:59:53] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: ]
[23:00:01] [CHAT] South Ferry: Everyone refresh
[23:00:02] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Wow mess
[23:00:05] [CHAT] South Ferry: We have three new emoticons.
[23:00:09] [CHAT] South Ferry: (wannasprite)
[23:00:11] [CHAT] South Ferry: (ferry)
[23:00:12] [CHAT] South Ferry: (mess)
[23:00:25] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: (wanna sprite)
[23:00:29] [CHAT] South Ferry: No spaces
[23:00:32] [CHAT] Creator of Darkness 666666: ...
[23:00:33] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Can I have a,emoticon of myself south
[23:00:36] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: (wannasprite)
[23:00:38] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sure
[23:00:41] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: It doesnt work
[23:00:44] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Thank u
[23:00:45] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: (mess)
[23:00:48] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Also a Korra emoji
[23:00:50] [CHAT] Qstlijku: (ferry)
[23:00:56] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: make my avatar the emoji
[23:00:57] [CHAT] Qstlijku: [[MediaWiki:Emoticons]]
[23:01:17] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: Make the images smaller
[23:01:20] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i wonder if my emoji will ping me
[23:01:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: (ferry)
[23:01:31] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: Then it will work
[23:01:33] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: (Mess)
[23:01:34] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: (mess)
[23:01:40] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: (wannasprite)
[23:01:51] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: odd as hell, tbh
[23:01:53] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: do my emoji again
[23:01:55] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: lol
[23:02:05] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: (wannasprite)
[23:02:08] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: BOIIIIIIIII
[23:02:10] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: (tiger)
[23:02:20] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: Make my emoji saying (tiger)
[23:02:22] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i had to pause my music
[23:02:35] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: (Mess)
[23:02:42] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: yup it pings me
[23:02:44] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: (wannasprite)
[23:02:51] [CHAT] Qstlijku: The Mechanical Feline?
[23:02:58] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Is that you South?
[23:03:05] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: yes it's south
[23:03:06] [CHAT] Qstlijku: That account's still a bureaucrat
[23:03:10] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ik
[23:03:20] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: he refuses to demote it
[23:03:48] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Wow
[23:03:55] [CHAT] Qstlijku: [[User:The Mechanical Feline]]
[23:04:09] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Scar why do you keep saying Wow????????/
[23:04:39] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: (tiger)
[23:04:44] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: (wannasprite)
[23:04:57] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: (mess)
[23:05:12] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Q get a pic so you can have a emoji
[23:05:16] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Mess idk I forgot
[23:05:31] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me facepalms
[23:05:37] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: We could still do a Q emoji
[23:05:39] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Wow
[23:05:47] [CHAT] South Ferry: Everyone refresh.
[23:05:54] [CHAT] South Ferry: (Korra)
[23:05:56] [CHAT] South Ferry: (Scar)
[23:06:00] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: (tiger)
[23:06:00] [CHAT] South Ferry: (I love jane the killer)
[23:06:03] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: BRUH
[23:06:10] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Korra PM
[23:06:18] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: I TOLD U TO MAKE (wannasprite) TO BE (tiger)
[23:06:32] [CHAT] South Ferry: A shame.
[23:07:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: test?
[23:07:17] [CHAT] South Ferry: (Korra) (heart) (Jane)
[23:07:20] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: Hey Tiger
[23:07:29] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Hi cup
[23:07:37] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: how does this sound
[23:07:41] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: (Y/n)'s POV
           [CHAT] I woke up my head was  pounding I sat up I saw i had chains on my wrists and ankles that was connected to the wall. i looked around i couldn't see anything it was too dark I sat up a little as I did a small door opened and the blue masked boy walked in. he chuckled a bit.
           [CHAT] Eyeless Jack's POV
           [CHAT] I look at (Y/n) I chuckled a bit as I looked at her. I walked over to her "Well look whose awake, it's my little pet." i watched as she jumped in fear. I smiled and walked closer and kneed down. "well how are you little pet?"
[23:07:42] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: Hey scar
[23:07:57] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Test
[23:08:07] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Very cool mess
[23:08:08] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i see you
[23:08:12] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: @Q
[23:08:55] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: (mess)
[23:09:11] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: (korra)
[23:09:13] [CHAT] South Ferry: (ferry)
[23:09:19] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Kpg we have a scar emoticon too
[23:09:19] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: (kit)
[23:09:19] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: (wannasprite)
[23:09:21] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: South it's part of the story
[23:09:38] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: wheres kits emote?
[23:09:52] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: (kpg)
[23:09:53] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: this isn't some story for a kid his is a creepypasta story and it will have dark parts
[23:09:53] [CHAT] South Ferry: An interesting story.
[23:09:56] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: (scar)
[23:10:04] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Kpg ask south ferry to make u one
[23:10:04] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: but there will be light parts too
[23:10:05] [CHAT] South Ferry: That story is more like a lemon story
[23:10:20] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ummmmmm no it's not
[23:10:29] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah!
[23:10:30] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ohh!
[23:10:32] [CHAT] South Ferry: So Eyeless
[23:10:34] [CHAT] South Ferry: will TORTURE
[23:10:36] [CHAT] South Ferry: the reader.
[23:10:37] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: South what do u mean
[23:10:45] [CHAT] South Ferry: Mess knows what a Lemon is.
[23:10:48] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Lemon story
[23:11:02] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: yes i do know what a lemon is
[23:11:03] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: It's a fruit
[23:11:08] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: no Scar
[23:11:19] [CHAT] South Ferry: a lemon story is where there is 18+ content.
[23:11:19] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Lol
[23:11:24] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Oh
[23:11:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: a Lemon story is well um sexual stuff in it............
[23:11:42] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: I see
[23:12:21] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: So anything emotional is part of it
[23:12:21] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: blech
[23:12:32] [CHAT] TigerTanksHD: Hoiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
[23:12:47] [CHAT] South Ferry: Tiger, warning 1: do not stretch (look)
[23:12:53] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: ...
[23:12:54] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Amanda wants it to have lemon parts in there but idk have to wait and see plus I'm the one writing it mostly and idk if i'm ok writing a lemon part
[23:12:55] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: what
[23:12:59] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: oh
[23:13:01] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: lemon
[23:13:12] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Jane wanted me to write a lemon with her.
[23:13:16] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I said no.
[23:13:18] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: I didnt know what a lemon was
[23:13:26] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: it's a sexual story.
[23:13:27] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Mess well if it's violence it's ok
[23:13:29] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: untill someone told me to look it up
[23:13:35] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: /me shivers
[23:13:40] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: my eyes will never be the same
[23:13:43] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Buy sexual stuff would be weird mess
[23:13:48] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: *by
[23:13:49] [CHAT] South Ferry: If it is violence it is not a lemon
[23:13:52] [CHAT] South Ferry: It is just a gory story.
[23:13:57] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Oh
[23:14:12] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Lemon is sexual stuff
[23:14:34] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: How sexual does amanda want it
[23:14:43] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: we haven't talked about it
[23:14:54] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: kit
[23:14:55] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Hmm mm
[23:14:58] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: frekin
[23:15:02] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: send me a pic plz
[23:15:03] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Okay, chat is getting inappropriate.
[23:15:06] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Move on now.
[23:15:11] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: may we move on
[23:15:14] [CHAT] South Ferry: Let us move on
[23:15:16] [CHAT] South Ferry: to promotions!
[23:15:21] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: no
[23:15:22] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: im desperate
[23:15:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: no promotions
[23:15:42] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: only demotions
[23:15:42] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: how about what we should do to get our wiki more pages
[23:15:45] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Lol south ferry
[23:15:51] [CHAT] South Ferry: A shame.
[23:15:54] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: it's raining hard again
[23:15:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: (korra) MISSES (jane)
[23:16:00] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: lol
[23:16:08] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: we may lose internet
[23:16:09] [CHAT] South Ferry: what happened to the Jane emoticon
[23:16:15] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Mess oh no
[23:16:24] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: I want a levi emoji
[23:16:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: (jane the killer)
[23:16:56] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: (I love jane the killer) MISSES (jane the killer)
[23:17:05] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: ...
[23:17:05] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: awesome.
[23:17:09] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: *rimshot*
[23:17:10] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: I love the mess emoticon  (mess)
[23:17:10] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I have no need fro words now.
[23:17:12] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: XD\
[23:17:17] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: LEVI EMPJI PLEASE!
[23:17:24] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: From now on, I will speak in emoji only.
[23:17:26] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: i could get sevreal people
[23:17:28] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: (wave)
[23:17:31] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: to help me
[23:17:41] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: 🐌
[23:18:28] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Omg the snail from adventure time
[23:18:53] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ??
[23:19:00] [CHAT] South Ferry: or
[23:19:04] [CHAT] South Ferry: WHich flag is better
[23:19:04] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: okay, I will not speak in just emojis
[23:19:07] [CHAT] South Ferry: I made both :)
[23:19:09] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: ✡✡✡✡✡
[23:19:10] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: that annoyed even me
[23:19:37] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: 💁💁🥗
[23:19:57] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: I love the first flag south ferry
[23:19:58] [CHAT] South Ferry: (ferry) has made an alliance with (korra) , (mess), and (scar).
[23:20:04] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah, the liberated tdl flag is good
[23:20:18] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: It is,amazing
[23:20:20] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: only ping if I'm needed
[23:20:27] [CHAT] South Ferry: we will hold a vote
[23:20:27] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Ok mess love u
[23:20:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: love you too
[23:20:37] [CHAT] South Ferry: on which flag is better on discussions
[23:20:47] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Kk
[23:21:03] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: (korra) doesn't like (ferry) , (mess) , and (scar) .
[23:21:06] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: XD
[23:21:15] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: WTH
[23:21:19] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: (itisthekawaiigirl)
[23:21:22] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: dang
[23:21:26] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: I want a kit emoji
[23:21:34] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: but (mess) is (korra)'s older sister
[23:21:34] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: no
[23:21:38] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: Levi emoji
[23:21:40] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: LOGAN!!!
[23:21:58] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: Hey Demi
[23:22:06] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hi
[23:22:14] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: one min
[23:22:32] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Lol mess
[23:22:50] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hi again is logan on
[23:22:57] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: it's raining super hard
[23:23:03] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: any second 
           [CHAT] we will lost power 
           [CHAT] so bye to all (wave)
[23:23:06] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: internet may go out
[23:23:10] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: bye
[23:23:16] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Oh God mess
[23:23:18] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: bye just in case
[23:23:26] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me hugs scar
[23:23:32] [CHAT] South Ferry: Vote everyone
[23:23:43] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: /me hugs mess
[23:23:50] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: test?
[23:24:11] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: omg kpg is on
[23:24:20] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: *loves to be innored*
[23:24:25] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Lol
[23:24:30] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Hi Belle
[23:24:53] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: U are so quiet
[23:25:26] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: *hugs belle*
[23:25:36] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Rip
[23:25:43] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: They lost power
[23:25:53] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: ???
[23:25:55] [CHAT] South Ferry: Yep.
[23:25:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: All gone.
[23:26:01] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: kpg i missed you
[23:26:15] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: lol k
[23:26:29] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: and so did james he wants to kiss and hug you
[23:26:33] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: ...
[23:26:34] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: gtg byeeeee
[23:27:57] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: o-o
[23:28:03] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: mk
[23:28:11] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: /me walks away
[23:28:20] [CHAT] South Ferry:
[23:28:25] [CHAT] South Ferry: Everyone must have a voice!
[23:34:49] [CHAT] South Ferry: oh no dont ddo it
[23:34:49] [CHAT] Mario&LuigiBowser'sInsideStory: [img=""]
[23:34:50] [CHAT] Mario&LuigiBowser'sInsideStory: My own emoji.
[23:34:50] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah!
[23:34:50] [CHAT] South Ferry: I thought you were gonna emotebomb for a sec
[23:34:50] [CHAT] Mario&LuigiBowser'sInsideStory: Brb gonna go do some modifications to my bot.
[23:34:50] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: I want a levi emoji!
[23:34:50] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: Hey
[23:34:50] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: hah
[23:34:50] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: hey
[23:34:50] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: lllloooolll
[23:34:50] [CBOT] Back Up2: Back Up2 v1.9 is online!
[23:34:55] [CHAT] Mario&LuigiBowser'sInsideStory: !test
[23:34:56] [CBOT] Back Up2: ʇsǝʇ¡
[23:34:58] [CHAT] Mario&LuigiBowser'sInsideStory: !np
[23:34:58] [CBOT] Back Up2: [img=""]
[23:35:07] [CHAT] Mario&LuigiBowser'sInsideStory: Lol
[23:35:13] [CHAT] Creator of Darkness 666666: wow
[23:35:21] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: wwowoowowowowoowowoowowoowowowoowowowoowowow
[23:35:25] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: KIT PM
[23:35:39] [CHAT] South Ferry: O Damned Bot.
[23:35:53] [CHAT] Mario&LuigiBowser'sInsideStory: !spingeville
[23:35:53] [CBOT] Back Up2: [yt="2KAJ6sCbEiM"]
[23:36:02] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: tiger pm
[23:36:03] [CHAT] South Ferry: O Damned Mario
[23:36:13] [CHAT] South Ferry: !spingeville
[23:36:13] [CBOT] Back Up2: [yt="2KAJ6sCbEiM"]
[23:37:45] [CHAT] Stanjeff123: my is cloudy
[23:38:23] [CHAT] Stanjeff123: !log
[23:38:41] [CHAT] Mario&LuigiBowser'sInsideStory: !log
[23:38:42] [CBOT] Back Up2: Logging...
[23:38:46] [CBOT] Back Up2: Adding to [[Project:Chat/Logs/28_May_2017|chatlog]] 0 kicks and 0 bans reported. 0 joins, 0 leaves, and 25 messages logged.
[23:38:51] [CHAT] Stanjeff123: !test
[23:38:57] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: hah
[23:39:00] [CHAT] Stanjeff123: why it doesn't work?
[23:39:13] [CHAT] Mario&LuigiBowser'sInsideStory: Mods only.
[23:39:14] [CHAT] GoddessOfEverything: byr
[23:39:14] [CHAT] GoddessOfEverything: bye*
[23:39:23] [CHAT] Mario&LuigiBowser'sInsideStory: But, I can make it work without mods.
[23:39:32] [CHAT] South Ferry:
[23:39:33] [CHAT] Stanjeff123: oh
[23:39:35] [CHAT] South Ferry: everyone vote o/
[23:39:39] [CHAT] Mario&LuigiBowser'sInsideStory: Only with certain users.
[23:40:12] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: sorry guys the Goddess Of Everything
[23:40:52] [CHAT] Mario&LuigiBowser'sInsideStory: Okay I've freaking had it with bureaucrat promotions.
[23:41:10] [CHAT] Stanjeff123: what?
[23:41:16] [CHAT] Mario&LuigiBowser'sInsideStory: From now on, I'm gonna make it where only [b]I[/b] can promote buros.
[23:41:20] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: is me
[23:41:35] [CHAT] South Ferry: Mario, no one else was promoted to bcrat
[23:41:53] [CHAT] Mario&LuigiBowser'sInsideStory: Amanda Heart 15713 was recently.
[23:42:37] [CHAT] South Ferry: ANd I would not know if Mess would like only you having the power.
[23:42:43] [CHAT] South Ferry: Remember, she and Korra own the Wiki
[23:42:49] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: actually
[23:42:58] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: I still thik teiko should be a b-crat
[23:43:01] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: lol
[23:43:03] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: yea
[23:43:11] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: she DID make this wikia
[23:43:13] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: and I stand by her
[23:43:17] [CHAT] Mario&LuigiBowser'sInsideStory: [big] NO MORE BUROS.
[23:43:21] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: ..
[23:43:22] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: oo
[23:43:25] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: *o-o
[23:43:26] [CHAT] South Ferry: ah
[23:43:30] [CHAT] South Ferry: [b]TEST
[23:43:35] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: We accept Mess and Korra
[23:43:37] [CHAT] South Ferry: [b][u]THANKS MARIO
[23:43:43] [CHAT] South Ferry: [big]TEST
[23:43:45] [CHAT] Itisthekawaiigirl: but we also think teiko should have some say
[23:43:51] [CHAT] KawaiiPotatoGirl: yep
[23:43:53] [CHAT] Mario&LuigiBowser'sInsideStory: !tell Messenger Deception that [big] NO MORE BUROS. STOP PROMOTING BUROS.
[23:43:53] [CBOT] Back Up2: Okay! I will tell Messenger Deception that next time we meet. (Please tell Doru to make a central database.)
[23:44:00] [CHAT] South Ferry: Teiko [b][big]RESIGNED.
[23:44:01] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: /me is confused
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