[00:00:01] [CHAT] SmilingBrave: Drama is my thing tho
[00:00:03] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: test?
[00:00:52] [CHAT] SmilingBrave: TheKorraFanatic: test?
[00:01:01] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Can I be seen?
[00:01:04] [CHAT] SmilingBrave: no
[00:01:07] [CHAT] South Ferry: SmilingBrave, you will receive one, and only one warning.
[00:01:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Lag is being a bitch right now.
[00:01:12] [CHAT] South Ferry: Yes, TheKorraFanatic.
[00:01:22] [CHAT] South Ferry: SmilingBrave is playing around.
[00:01:30] [CHAT] SmilingBrave: no
[00:01:33] [CHAT] SmilingBrave: XD
[00:01:57] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sad.
[00:03:25] [CHAT] SmilingBrave: and South stop aacting all and mighty this chat is supposed to be equality no one rules thus chat even if u claim to be Co- Founder hence Korra and mess yes i know ur a bloody yellow star and yes i deleted my user rights but will u ever understand everyone is equal here
[00:03:27] [CHAT] SmilingBrave: brb
[00:04:40] [CHAT] South Ferry: For when SmilingBrave comes back: It seems that you do not understand that this Wiki has implemented rules, and we are going to follow them. Everyone is going to follow the rules, whether you like it or not. Drama has been outlawed, and you are going to follow that.
[00:05:48] [JOIN] SmilingBrave has joined Team Demon Light.
[00:06:50] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: personal attacks are not allowed
[00:07:21] [CHAT] SmilingBrave: since it seems i am truely unwelcomed i will be leaving u guys for not understanding my point so ban me if u want u made an enemy i am now truely an enemy so "reality Rejected Synapsed Shattered BANISHMENT FROM THIS WORLD" hence means u r now banished from my alliance i was creating good bye
[00:07:42] [CHAT] South Ferry: Get out.
[00:08:10] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Drop the topic immediately
[00:08:14] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: good South
[00:08:19] [CHAT] South Ferry: 2 hours
[00:09:09] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: it should be a week
[00:10:15] [JOIN] CupCakeBabeXX has joined Team Demon Light.
[00:10:18] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: hey
[00:10:20] [CHAT] Mendes2: o/ cup
[00:10:25] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: hey Mendes
[00:11:35] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: hey Korra
[00:11:55] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hey
[00:12:23] [CHAT] Mendes2: wb korra
[00:12:31] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: hi
[00:13:24] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Cup, PM
[00:13:39] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: my pms are not working hold on
[00:14:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ohhhhh
[00:14:05] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: try now
[00:14:24] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Let me refresh
[00:14:47] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: k..
[00:15:35] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: I have to go peace
[00:15:37] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: Hey Belle
[00:15:47] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Hi but bye cup
[00:16:05] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Peace out, Belle
[00:16:08] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: what?
[00:16:08] [CHAT] South Ferry: Welcome, Cupcake
[00:16:28] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: hey South
[00:16:32] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: BELLE WHAT?
[00:16:34] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Cup, Pm.
[00:17:04] [CHAT] South Ferry: Messenger Deception, the user in has responded.
[00:17:28] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Thanks for letting us know -eyeroll-
[00:17:33] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: @korra i did
[00:18:11] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: South
[00:18:17] [CHAT] South Ferry: Yes, Messenger Deception?
[00:18:19] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i thought i was the Messenger not you
[00:18:29] [CHAT] South Ferry: I am the informer, you are the messenger
[00:18:31] [CHAT] South Ferry: ;)
[00:18:44] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: stop trying to take my job
[00:19:02] [CHAT] South Ferry: I am not, I told you he responded.
[00:19:10] [CHAT] South Ferry: So that you could respond.
[00:19:27] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i'm the Messenger i deliever messages
[00:19:45] [CHAT] South Ferry: Perhaps so, Messenger  (pirate)
[00:21:46] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: lol
[00:22:26] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: At least he didn't giggle
[00:22:31] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: true
[00:23:20] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ^
[00:23:49] [CHAT] South Ferry: Let us discuss in 2015
[00:23:53] [CHAT] South Ferry: When I helped with adoptions
[00:24:03] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I help with adoptions all the time.
[00:24:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: So, why must we discuss it?
[00:24:22] [CHAT] South Ferry: You have put messages on them?!
[00:24:26] [CHAT] South Ferry: [b][big]O darn it all.
[00:25:06] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Yep
[00:26:02] [CHAT] South Ferry:
[00:26:06] [CHAT] South Ferry: let us discuss this
[00:29:07] [JOIN] Ink dismay has joined Team Demon Light.
[00:29:44] [CHAT] Ink dismay: hello hello
[00:30:02] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hello
[00:30:06] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: hi
[00:30:28] [CHAT] South Ferry: Hello,, Ink DIsmay.
[00:30:58] [CHAT] Ink dismay: why the bot message when you greet people?
[00:31:04] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ^
[00:31:21] [CHAT] South Ferry: !hi Ink DIsmay
[00:31:22] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Hello there Ink DIsmay!
[00:31:39] [CHAT] South Ferry: now cupcake found UTRP
[00:32:35] [JOIN] Goth little bad girl has joined Team Demon Light.
[00:32:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hi, Goth.
[00:32:45] [CHAT] Mendes2: o/ goth
[00:32:56] [CHAT] Mendes2: korra beat me to it :(
[00:33:00] [CHAT] Goth little bad girl: Hay...
[00:33:07] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: hey
[00:33:44] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Something wrong, Goth?
[00:34:06] [JOIN] Rick Sanhez has joined Team Demon Light.
[00:35:10] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hi, Rick. (wave)
[00:35:20] [CHAT] Rick Sanhez: hi korra
[00:35:30] [CHAT] Mendes2: o/ rick
[00:35:32] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: hi rick
[00:35:38] [CHAT] Ink dismay: rick
[00:36:00] [CHAT] South Ferry: Seems Rick has changed their profile yet again
[00:36:08] [CHAT] South Ferry: [[The Demon's Light Wiki Staff]]
[00:37:09] [CHAT] South Ferry: updated
[00:38:50] [CHAT] Goth little bad girl: Can we cures
[00:39:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: What?
[00:39:09] [CHAT] Mendes2: curse
[00:39:18] [CHAT] Goth little bad girl: Can we say fuck
[00:39:24] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Yep.
[00:39:28] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Fuckity fuck fuck
[00:39:35] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: fuck yes
[00:39:37] [CHAT] South Ferry: We can [b][big]FUCKIN'[/b][/big] curse, in-[b][big]FUCKIN'[/big][/b]deed
[00:39:38] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: hehe
[00:39:57] [CHAT] Goth little bad girl: Ok I wanna fucking kill some motherfuck
[00:39:58] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: XD
[00:40:07] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Klaus?
[00:40:10] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Go right ahead.
[00:40:20] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: /
[00:40:22] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: ?
[00:40:35] [CHAT] South Ferry: You wanna [big][b]FUCKIN'[/big][/b] kill some mother[b][big][u]FUCKERS?
[00:40:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Her ex-BF who called her a slut.
[00:40:42] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sad
[00:40:48] [CHAT] Goth little bad girl: Ya I wanna fucking rip his guys out
[00:41:02] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: i wanna kill someone too.
[00:41:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: okay, cool it down. @Goth.
[00:41:18] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Who do you want to kill, Cup?
[00:41:25] [CHAT] Goth little bad girl: ..
[00:41:41] [CHAT] South Ferry: Whomst'd've'ly'yaint'nt'ed'ies's'y'es do you wish to kill
[00:41:42] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: myself@ korra
[00:41:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: CUP NO
[00:41:51] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: WHY?
[00:41:56] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: No, don't
[00:42:01] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: We need you here
[00:42:02] [CHAT] South Ferry: Cupcake - please do not discuss suicide in main, whether it be serious or joking.
[00:42:03] [CHAT] South Ferry: Warning 1.
[00:42:04] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: NO suicide.
[00:42:21] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: South, stop the god-damn Whomst'd've'ly'yaint'nt'ed'ies's'y'es. It hurts my head.
[00:42:37] [CHAT] South Ferry: Heh
[00:42:53] [CHAT] Goth little bad girl: I wanna kill myself....
[00:42:54] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: ok well i will just say it to myself then
[00:43:25] [CHAT] South Ferry: Goth - [b][big]SUICIDE[/b][/big] in main is unacceptable.
[00:43:29] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Goth and up, PM.
[00:43:31] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: *Cup*
[00:43:41] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: ok Korra
[00:45:40] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Who has seen the cartoon Villainous?
[00:50:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Goth, PM
[00:51:47] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: #deadchat
[00:51:57] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Lol.
[00:52:36] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: dont laugh
[00:53:02] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: :(
[00:53:46] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hey guys
[00:53:55] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: :(
[00:54:05] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Those riaders are trying to raid Ember's wiki
[00:54:38] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sad
[00:54:48] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: :(
[00:56:38] [JOIN] BaronessLagomorph has joined Team Demon Light.
[00:56:45] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: hey Baron
[00:56:50] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: Hi!
[00:56:56] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: Wait,
[00:57:01] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hi
[00:57:05] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: IT WORKED!
[00:57:14] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: what wroked?
[00:57:18] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: worked*
[00:57:21] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: Well,
[00:57:31] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: hi
[00:57:46] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: for the last few days I wasn't able to go on.
[00:58:01] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: oh
[00:58:07] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: And now I can.
[01:00:24] [JOIN] Superbionic 2009 has joined Team Demon Light.
[01:03:23] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: So (yay)!
[01:04:18] [CHAT] Goth little bad girl: (nyan cat)
[01:04:39] [JOIN] Chase McFly has joined Team Demon Light.
[01:04:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: hi
[01:06:31] [CHAT] Goth little bad girl: Hay  (nyan cat)
[01:08:25] [JOIN] Qstlijku has joined Team Demon Light.
[01:09:05] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !log
[01:09:06] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Logging...
[01:09:09] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Adding to [[Project:Chat/Logs/28_Jun_2017|chatlog]] 0 kicks and 0 bans reported. 1 joins, 0 leaves, and 1 messages logged.
[01:12:59] [CHAT] Mendes2: slendy killed chat
[01:13:20] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ikr
[01:13:32] [CHAT] Goth little bad girl: Slenderman
[01:14:06] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Yep.
[01:14:19] [CHAT] Goth little bad girl: Haha
[01:15:06] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: XD
[01:20:39] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: never tell Q i shipped him and Issy
[01:20:55] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: You know he'll read that in the log
[01:20:58] [JOIN] Frankiesinatra20 has joined Team Demon Light.
[01:21:18] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Did I miss ir
[01:21:26] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: typo
[01:21:29] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: it
[01:22:26] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Fack
[01:22:34] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: XD
[01:25:10] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Mess
[01:25:13] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I see what you said
[01:25:22] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Lo
[01:25:25] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: l
[01:25:27] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ^^^^^^^^^^^^@Q
[01:26:05] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !log
[01:26:06] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Logging...
[01:26:09] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Adding to [[Project:Chat/Logs/28_Jun_2017|chatlog]] 0 kicks and 0 bans reported. 1 joins, 0 leaves, and 13 messages logged.
[01:26:11] [CHAT] South Ferry: Seems our Qstlijku knows what she said.
[01:26:17] [CHAT] Qstlijku: ^
[01:26:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ^^
[01:26:45] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: so has murphmageddon ended or what
[01:26:52] [CHAT] Qstlijku: brb
[01:27:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: kk
[01:27:59] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me hides
[01:28:06] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: I don't even fucking know
[01:29:04] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: @Frank Murphageddon hasn't started yet
[01:29:20] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Ok
[01:29:32] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !seen JMurph
[01:29:33] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Qstlijku: I last saw JMurph -17 days-2 hours, -11 minutes, and -28 seconds ago.
[01:29:39] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Is that what you're referring to?
[01:29:43] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !seen WestHeater
[01:29:46] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Qstlijku: I last saw WestHeater 99 days, 16 hours, 36 minutes, and 23 seconds ago.
[01:29:48] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Why is it red?
[01:29:49] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !test
[01:29:51] [CBOT] SlendyBot: ʇsǝʇ¡
[01:30:10] [CHAT] Ink dismay: ?
[01:30:10] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Is it one of your pings, Q?
[01:30:12] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Hey Cup
[01:30:14] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Never mind
[01:30:15] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: But tomorrow is Murphageddon because it's the 28th tomorrow
[01:30:34] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: It's his birthday lol
[01:30:36] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: hey im back
[01:31:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hey, Back. (wave)
[01:31:46] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Mess?
[01:32:11] [CHAT] Qstlijku: MESS
[01:32:23] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: MESS
[01:32:30] [CHAT] Qstlijku: ^
[01:32:38] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Cup, PM me. my PMs aren't working well
[01:32:45] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Still hiding Mess :P?
[01:32:54] [CHAT] Goth little bad girl: (Mess) hi mess
[01:33:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: (Korra) x (Janethekiller)
[01:33:18] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: fuck
[01:33:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: dammit
[01:33:20] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: crap
[01:33:21] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: hell
[01:33:29] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: shit
[01:33:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: (Korra) x (jane the killer)
[01:33:42] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: better
[01:33:54] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: (Korra) x  (belle)
[01:34:01] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: NO.
[01:34:04] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: lol
[01:34:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Lol.
[01:34:31] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Frankie x (southferry)
[01:34:32] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: (Mess) X (JMurph)
[01:34:40] [CHAT] South Ferry: what
[01:34:40] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah
[01:34:45] [CHAT] Qstlijku: MESS
[01:34:47] [CHAT] Qstlijku: SAY SOMETHING
[01:34:49] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: nooppe
[01:35:04] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: i ain't gay
[01:36:01] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: XDXDXD
[01:36:02] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: ?
[01:36:06] [JOIN] Messenger Deception has joined Team Demon Light.
[01:36:38] [CHAT] Qstlijku: /me prepares to unban himself
[01:36:39] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me hides behind Frankie
[01:36:46] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Wtf
[01:37:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: That was funny
[01:37:11] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Q is mad i shipped him and Issy
[01:37:26] [JOIN] Qstlijku has joined Team Demon Light.
[01:37:35] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Lmao
[01:37:44] [CHAT] Ink dismay: paka wo
[01:37:47] [CHAT] Qstlijku: When did you ever ship me and Issy?!
[01:37:57] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: OH
[01:37:58] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Now he's mad
[01:38:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: XD
[01:38:22] [CHAT] Ink dismay: does anyone have a link to messengers hangout
[01:38:37] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: :D
[01:38:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Cup, PM
[01:39:31] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: ok KOrrra
[01:39:42] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: qstlijku & issy
           [CHAT] qssy, qsty, qissy, qsissy, qstissy
           [CHAT] issy & qstlijku
           [CHAT] ijku, isku, issu, isjku, issku, ilijku, isijku, issyku, islijku, issijku, issyjku, itlijku, isslijku, istlijku, issylijku, issytlijku, issystlijku
[01:39:42] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: There is no KOrrra in this chat. XD
[01:39:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: OMFG
[01:39:58] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: issystlijku looks fucked up.
[01:40:06] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: Korra*
[01:40:10] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: fuck im sorry
[01:40:40] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: it's okay. XD
[01:40:49] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: :(
[01:41:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: It's okay, I swear.
[01:41:24] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I need to refresh
[01:41:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: brb
[01:41:31] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: ok
[01:41:44] [CHAT] Qstlijku: brb
[01:42:08] [JOIN] Messenger Deception has joined Team Demon Light.
[01:42:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: B a n n e d
[01:43:20] [CHAT] South Ferry: B a n n e d
[01:43:25] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Wat
[01:43:39] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: B a n n e d
[01:44:08] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: ?
[01:44:12] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: (Ban)
[01:44:30] [JOIN] Amanda Heart 15713 has joined Team Demon Light.
[01:44:45] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: Hey
[01:44:54] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: hi\
[01:44:55] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: AMANDA
[01:44:56] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: hi*
[01:45:03] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Wut
[01:45:07] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: KORRA
[01:45:51] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: WHAT?
[01:45:58] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: HI
[01:46:03] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: why did i get kick or something ?
[01:46:15] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: You didn't get kicked.
[01:46:18] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: You left chat
[01:46:20] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: what happened?
[01:46:27] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: it said that i couldnt get back in
[01:47:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Ohhhh
[01:47:31] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: yeah
[01:47:32] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: ?
[01:48:24] [CHAT] Mendes2: korra, you mean Odddd
[01:48:27] [CHAT] Mendes2: ?
[01:48:31] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: nah
[01:48:35] [CHAT] Mendes2: oh
[01:48:36] [CHAT] Mendes2: i do
[01:49:03] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Lol.
[01:49:06] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Hi
[01:49:07] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Hello?
[01:49:07] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Test\
[01:49:13] [CHAT] Mendes2: o/ chase McLag
[01:49:24] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: /me tackles Chase into a hug
[01:49:25] [CHAT] Ink dismay: can someone invite me to messenger hangout?
[01:50:15] [JOIN] Devil entity has joined Team Demon Light.
[01:50:19] [CHAT] Devil entity: hey.
[01:50:27] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20:
[01:50:37] [CHAT] Devil entity: i'm back from my friends graduation.
[01:50:56] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Ink one sec
[01:50:57] [CHAT] Devil entity: hey goth.
[01:51:25] [CHAT] Messenger Deception:
[01:51:28] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: @Ink
[01:51:30] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: gtg
[01:51:43] [CHAT] Mendes2: o/ cup
[01:51:45] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: bye
[01:52:29] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Really Mess?
[01:52:33] [CHAT] Qstlijku: You had to go spam my wall now?
[01:52:50] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Spaaaamm
[01:53:02] [CHAT] South Ferry:
[01:53:06] [CHAT] South Ferry: O damn it All.
[01:53:25] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I removed them
[01:54:07] [CHAT] Mendes2: there were just 2 threads, Q
[01:54:10] [CHAT] Mendes2: could have been worse
[01:54:33] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: yes Q i had too
[01:54:42] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: you banned meand ran
[01:54:49] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: me and*
[01:56:07] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Seriously
[01:56:12] [CHAT] Qstlijku: When did you ship me and Issy?
[01:56:49] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Was it right after I came here?
[01:57:21] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Or was it after I hated her?
[01:57:36] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Hi Baroness
[01:57:43] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: well today
[01:57:43] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: Hi!
[01:57:52] [CHAT] Qstlijku: 8:50
           [CHAT] The Oogie Boogie Man
           [CHAT] Hueueueueueue
[01:57:58] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: Hmmm?
[01:58:05] [CHAT] Qstlijku: What was he saying about raiding?
[01:58:16] [CHAT] Qstlijku: He claimed he was paid money to raid this chat?
[01:58:22] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He threated to raid Ember's SA wiki
[01:58:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: yes, he did.
[01:58:26] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: WHAT?
[01:58:32] [CHAT] Mendes2: that's against the ToU
[01:58:36] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He said someone who hated us all very much paid him to raid this chat
[01:58:45] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Did he bring it all up?
[01:58:49] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: Are you kidding?
[01:58:50] [CHAT] Qstlijku: What about The Greatest Mole?
[01:59:13] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: I hope he was kidding.
[01:59:35] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: raid pings me
[01:59:38] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I haven't seen The Greatest Mole since.
[01:59:47] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Oh
[02:00:02] [CHAT] Mendes2: i haven't seen him either
[02:00:07] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Wut
[02:00:19] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: (facepalm)
[02:00:21] [CHAT] Mendes2: and my wiki haven't been vandalized yet, so that might be a good thing
[02:00:49] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: oh fuck
[02:00:50] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Sayu's on CC chat now
[02:00:53] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I left Jane waiting for 21 mins
[02:00:55] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: REALLY?
[02:00:57] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Oh no
[02:00:58] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I mean
[02:00:59] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Cool
[02:01:00] [CHAT] Qstlijku: 21 minutes?
[02:01:01] [JOIN] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin has joined Team Demon Light.
[02:01:06] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Hi Ember
[02:01:06] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: yeah
[02:01:07] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: 21 mintues
[02:01:09] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: thekorrafanatic star aura
[02:01:10] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: 🙄😐
[02:01:20] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Waiting for you to get on?
[02:01:34] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: No she wrote me on Quotev and we were talking
[02:01:42] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: and then I look back and her last reply was 21 mins
[02:02:05] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Oh
[02:02:16] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: what were you doing kor
[02:02:18] [CHAT] Qstlijku: 9:00
           [CHAT] Qstlijku
           [CHAT] Hi Sayuri
           [CHAT] 9:00
           [CHAT] SayuriDarling
           [CHAT] hi hi
           [CHAT] 9:00
           [CHAT] PyroNacht
           [CHAT] hi bb
           [CHAT] Slyst has joined the chat. 
           [CHAT] 9:01
           [CHAT] Mendes2
           [CHAT]  o/ sayu
           [CHAT] 9:01
           [CHAT] SayuriDarling
           [CHAT] hi bb <3
           [CHAT] Hi Slyst <3
[02:02:24] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: XD
[02:02:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Korra
[02:02:43] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: mods and admins on CC call each other "bb" and stuff
[02:02:47] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: and heart at each other
[02:02:52] [CHAT] Qstlijku: lol
[02:02:57] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: and sometimes users do it to each other
[02:03:02] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Brick does it a lot too
[02:03:04] [CHAT] Mendes2: i never do that :O
[02:03:05] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: Really?
[02:03:07] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: I only heart at my gf, haven't seen her in a while
[02:03:10] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: Mendes YES YOU DO XD
[02:03:11] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: remember when you got thaat badge for the 7.000 edit?
[02:03:16] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I gotta go
[02:03:21] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Bye everyone
[02:03:22] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: I wonder what Sam's been up to
[02:03:25] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: </3
[02:03:26] [CHAT] Mendes2: o/ Q
[02:03:27] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: well i just got the one for the 8,000 edit
[02:03:29] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !log
[02:03:30] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Logging...
[02:03:33] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: bye Q
[02:03:35] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Adding to [[Project:Chat/Logs/28_Jun_2017|chatlog]] 0 kicks and 0 bans reported. 1 joins, 0 leaves, and 63 messages logged.
[02:03:36] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: Mess cool
[02:03:40] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I got one for like the 115,000 edit on my wiki recently
[02:03:43] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Or even more
[02:03:44] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Bye, Q. (wave)
[02:03:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: whoa
[02:03:49] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: that's a lot Q
[02:03:53] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: woah
[02:03:56] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Out of everybody
[02:03:58] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: /me leaves the room cause he forgot what was happening again
[02:04:00] [CHAT] Qstlijku: On the whole wiki
[02:04:02] [CHAT] Mendes2: big wikis are like that
[02:04:23] [CHAT] Mendes2: my wiki has 6,482 edits now
[02:04:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: wow
[02:04:37] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !log
[02:04:38] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Logging...
[02:04:42] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Adding to [[Project:Chat/Logs/28_Jun_2017|chatlog]] 0 kicks and 0 bans reported. 0 joins, 0 leaves, and 14 messages logged.
[02:04:43] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Anyway
[02:04:44] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: mine has 00000000000000000000
[02:04:45] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Bye
[02:04:58] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Bye
[02:05:50] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: !speak Hello child
[02:05:51] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Hello child
[02:06:46] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: That's all I got I can't speak slender
[02:07:46] [CHAT] Chase McFly: !hello Amanda
[02:07:47] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Hello there Amanda!
[02:08:06] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: Hi
[02:08:18] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Lol
[02:09:28] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Chase i need a favor link 4 pages that don't have pics that need one
[02:10:28] [CHAT] Mendes2: i was just about to like Chase's page (Y)
[02:10:34] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: !test
[02:10:35] [CBOT] SlendyBot: ʇsǝʇ¡
[02:10:40] [CHAT] Chase McFly: [[Baroness Lagomorph]]
[02:10:51] [CHAT] Chase McFly: [[Gabriel]]
[02:11:11] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Oh wow am I magic
[02:11:18] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I said Baroness and she arrived
[02:11:19] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Lol
[02:11:24] [CHAT] Mendes2: [[Special:Insights]] helps with this kind of thing, mess
[02:11:37] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Got that Mess?
[02:11:49] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: yup
[02:12:14] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: Nope.
[02:13:47] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: !speak I would like for all the people present here to speak
[02:13:49] [CBOT] SlendyBot: I would like for all the people present here to speak
[02:13:58] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Hi
[02:14:29] [CHAT] Mendes2: no
[02:14:30] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: SAY SOMETHING ALREADY
[02:14:32] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: It's 99.9% luck.
[02:14:48] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: What?
[02:15:02] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Baroness maybe there is magic
[02:15:17] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Do you like your photo
[02:15:20] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: My next call is if ya don't stat saying stuff then I'll start breaking arms :)
[02:15:28] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Amanda I'm saying something
[02:15:53] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: I know but I want to break some arms
[02:15:58] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: :)
[02:16:08] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: I learned how to do it and now I must try it
[02:16:32] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: you character is meant to look human right?
[02:16:45] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Amanda what if someone wants to give you a hug, then would you break their arms?
[02:16:58] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Baroness do you want to be a Lagomorph
[02:17:02] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: There isn't.
[02:17:21] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: maybe.
[02:17:28] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: Depends
[02:17:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Test?
[02:17:42] [CHAT] Chase McFly: On your page do you want to have a human photo I mean
[02:17:50] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: What?
[02:17:58] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i found her pic already
[02:18:11] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: I don't know...
[02:18:20] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Same
[02:19:14] [CHAT] Mendes2: korra, have you ever gotten the Pounce! badge?
[02:19:20] [CHAT] Messenger Deception:
[02:19:23] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: I tried to get a profile pic but it didn't work.
[02:19:23] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: !test
[02:19:23] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: !google anime flower
[02:19:26] [CHAT] Mendes2: or at least, i think it's Pounce!
[02:19:31] [CBOT] SlendyBot: ʇsǝʇ¡
[02:19:34] [CBOT] SlendyBot:
[02:19:34] [CHAT] Devil entity: back.
[02:19:58] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: I beat I can draw something like that
[02:20:54] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Whats
[02:20:58] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Typo
[02:21:01] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: MESS
[02:21:10] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Ping everyone on Discord and tell them lag got me.
[02:21:15] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: Oh well.
[02:23:06] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Why do users here get there own wiki pages
[02:23:23] [CHAT] Chase McFly: They are for OCs we invented
[02:23:29] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I named mine after myself
[02:23:47] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Korra gave his the name Korra
[02:23:51] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Baroness named hers after herself
[02:24:03] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Mess named hers after her username
[02:24:07] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Ok that explains why scar's is basically quicksilver
[02:24:10] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Shadow used his IRL name
[02:24:29] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: Someone drop kicked a hamster
[02:24:41] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: aw shat
[02:24:52] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713:
[02:26:12] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: MESS
[02:26:16] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: IT HAPPENED AGAIN
[02:26:31] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Mess IDK what to think of my character photo
[02:26:48] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I don't see much resemblance to Marty McFly
[02:27:04] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: well he isn't the character
[02:27:25] [CHAT] Chase McFly: He is supposed to look like Marty McFly I thought
[02:27:53] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: anyways
[02:27:58] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: [[Chase McFly]]
[02:28:12] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i need another character page that doesn't have a pic
[02:28:28] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Here we go:
[02:28:31] [CHAT] Chase McFly: [[Luther]]
[02:28:47] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: thx
[02:28:48] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: hey
[02:29:05] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: (headbang)
[02:29:54] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: hey Baron
[02:29:58] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: I don't really want a photo.
[02:30:04] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: Hi Babe!
[02:30:09] [CHAT] South Ferry: Seems our Mess is adding random anime pics to pages
[02:30:16] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: /umm?
[02:30:24] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: Oh,
[02:30:27] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: who are you calling babe?/
[02:30:44] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: i was calling the wall babe.
[02:30:46] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Baroness it needs one
[02:30:55] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: what?
[02:30:56] [CHAT] South Ferry: i do not think the pic on McFly looks like a robot
[02:31:09] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: well he is meant to look human
[02:31:14] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: IDK,
[02:31:17] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: cup..
[02:31:18] [CHAT] South Ferry: Damn
[02:31:20] [CHAT] South Ferry: thats a good robot.
[02:31:22] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: Anyways,
[02:31:23] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: that is a robot but he was made to look human
[02:31:24] [CHAT] Chase McFly: It is supposed to look like Marty McFly
[02:31:28] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Yes
[02:31:31] [CHAT] Chase McFly: An android
[02:31:35] [CHAT] South Ferry: A damn good robot.
[02:31:37] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Hmmm I see random anime guy number 1233456758
[02:31:39] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: How are you doing, Cup.
[02:31:53] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: well find a better one and i'll add it
[02:32:02] [CHAT] Chase McFly: How about my profile picture?
[02:32:17] [CHAT] South Ferry: lol the description on [[Gabriel]] does not match the appearance at all
[02:32:20] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: nah
[02:32:32] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: yes it does unless i mistread
[02:33:02] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: oops i misread
[02:33:10] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: back to looking for a pic
[02:33:30] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Mess can I find anoher Marty McFlyish anime?
[02:34:17] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: yeah and link it toome i couldn't find one so i found one that matched how the character acted
[02:34:32] [CHAT] South Ferry: idk if freezy wants a pic on his page
[02:34:39] [CHAT] South Ferry: Maybe we should let him find one he likes
[02:34:44] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: korra PM
[02:34:56] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: South but this is our rp
[02:35:05] [CHAT] Chase McFly:
[02:35:12] [CHAT] South Ferry: His page man
[02:35:23] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: idc
[02:35:24] [CHAT] Chase McFly: That could be me in BattleMode
[02:35:27] [CHAT] South Ferry: we will see what happens.
[02:35:35] [CHAT] South Ferry: he may like it,
[02:35:37] [CHAT] South Ferry: he may not
[02:35:54] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i'm looking for a better one
[02:36:03] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: whats going on?
[02:36:12] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: So your just gonna take a random person's artwork
[02:36:32] [CHAT] South Ferry: I will stay out of this discussion,
[02:36:41] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Indeed
[02:36:43] [CHAT] South Ferry: Because it will [b][big]most certainly[/b][/big] dwelve into madness.
[02:36:51] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Indeed
[02:36:53] [CHAT] South Ferry: I will watch while i play around a chess in the other tab.
[02:36:54] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: I don't want a character pic..
[02:37:02] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: Okay.
[02:37:09] [CHAT] South Ferry: Here we go
[02:37:19] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me rolls eyes
[02:37:24] [CHAT] Chase McFly: How about this Baroness:
[02:37:26] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: there are things a page needs
[02:37:34] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and a pic is one of them
[02:37:35] [CHAT] Chase McFly: !google anime bunny
[02:37:36] [CBOT] SlendyBot:
[02:37:37] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: I don't want one.
[02:37:41] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: idc
[02:38:04] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i'm sorry but it means nothing other then a finished page
[02:38:15] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sigh
[02:38:18] [CHAT] Chase McFly:
[02:38:21] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: This is plagiarism
[02:38:26] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Baroness could be that girl
[02:38:34] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: No.
[02:38:40] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: just blank.
[02:38:50] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Or
[02:39:12] [CHAT] Chase McFly:
[02:39:43] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: IDK,
[02:39:53] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: I'm keeping it blank.
[02:40:33] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Wut
[02:40:47] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: Because I don't like any of them.
[02:41:00] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: there ya go
[02:41:06] [JOIN] DeMarco Murray has joined Team Demon Light.
[02:41:17] [CHAT] Chase McFly: What would you like?
[02:41:24] [CHAT] South Ferry: (facepalm)
[02:41:30] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: I like it blank.
[02:41:34] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: don't give in to the plagiarism
[02:41:37] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Anime, Baroness?
[02:41:42] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Bunnies, demons?
[02:41:44] [CHAT] South Ferry: anime (giggle)
[02:41:44] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: well it can't be blank
[02:41:56] [CHAT] South Ferry: why, mess
[02:41:58] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: @South (radical)
[02:42:04] [CHAT] DeMarco Murray: Check my profiel
[02:42:07] [CHAT] Chase McFly: !google Human Bunny
[02:42:08] [CHAT] DeMarco Murray: very epic
[02:42:09] [CBOT] SlendyBot:
[02:42:13] [CHAT] Chase McFly: What about that Baroness
[02:42:23] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: NO.
[02:42:24] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: @DeMarco we're talking about the roleplay run
[02:42:29] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: Blank it is.
[02:42:35] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: maybe she doesn't like anime
[02:42:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: no
[02:42:37] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: Hi Demarco!
[02:42:38] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: *rn
[02:42:43] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: TDL is a anime
[02:42:46] [CHAT] South Ferry: this is the best choice (giggle) (giggle)
[02:42:50] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: that we are writing
[02:42:53] [CHAT] South Ferry: I said that once mess (giggle)
[02:42:58] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: @South (radical)
[02:43:19] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Hell no
[02:43:26] [CHAT] Chase McFly: South no, she should be a bit bunny-like, as well as demonic
[02:43:32] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: NO.
[02:43:34] [CHAT] DeMarco Murray: Oh, okay.
[02:43:36] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: blank.
[02:43:39] [CHAT] DeMarco Murray: See ya guys, gotta run
[02:43:42] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Maybe just bunny-like?
[02:43:45] [CHAT] DeMarco Murray: remember, be EPIC
[02:43:47] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: bye!
[02:43:52] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: IDK,
[02:43:57] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: how about Blank?
[02:44:04] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: no
[02:44:08] [CHAT] South Ferry: thats the joke chase (giggle)
[02:44:11] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: !blank rule 34 anime
[02:44:18] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: @South (radical)
[02:44:25] [JOIN] BurdenBoost has joined Team Demon Light.
[02:44:27] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: ah shit
[02:44:33] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: #RemoveGiggle @South
[02:44:40] [CHAT] BurdenBoost: HI
[02:44:45] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: hi
[02:44:51] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: Hi.
[02:44:59] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: !google blank rule 34 anime
[02:45:00] [CBOT] SlendyBot:
[02:45:34] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: @Frankie don't look up porn in chat
[02:45:42] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: No,
[02:45:47] [CHAT] BurdenBoost: DAmn Frank
[02:45:54] [CHAT] Chase McFly: !google blank anime
[02:45:57] [CBOT] SlendyBot:
[02:45:58] [JOIN] Frankiesinatra20 has joined Team Demon Light.
[02:46:05] [CHAT] BurdenBoost: !google cute guys
[02:46:08] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: /me does a handstand cause of boredom
[02:46:11] [CHAT] BurdenBoost: oooooooooooooooooooooooooops my bad
[02:46:14] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: what?
[02:46:15] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: She said she wanted blank
[02:46:19] [CHAT] BaronessLagomorph: Maybe instead of a picture, we can do a description of Baroness.
[02:46:31] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: @Burden what ?
[02:46:40] [CHAT] BurdenBoost: gay
[02:46:44] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: no it needs a Pic
[02:47:00] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: @Frankie but you typed rule 34 which is not just against this wiki rules but all wiki rules
[12:53:04] [CHAT] Chase McFly: All his edits are his profile
[12:53:04] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Hi Q
[12:53:04] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: hi Q
[12:53:04] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i saw that Chase
[12:53:04] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Mess why is Slendy not here?
[12:53:04] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: because i just got here
[12:53:04] [CHAT] Chase Martin: Because slenderman is asleep
[12:53:04] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ^
[12:53:04] [CHAT] Qstlijku: You used to bring him on every time
[12:53:04] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: he is a very busy bot he needs his rest
[12:53:05] [CBOT] SlendyBot: SlendyBot v1.9 is online!
[12:53:08] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: sometimes it's hard to bring him on
[12:53:10] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !log
[12:53:11] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Logging...
[12:53:12] [JOIN] South Ferry has joined Team Demon Light.
[12:53:14] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Adding to [[Project:Chat/Logs/28_Jun_2017|chatlog]] 0 kicks and 0 bans reported. 1 joins, 0 leaves, and 12 messages logged.
[12:53:42] [CHAT] Chase Martin: Mess has to take care of her first baby(dog) and second baby(bot)
[12:54:27] [CHAT] Jamesb1: Gtg
[12:54:32] [CHAT] Chase Martin: Social Innocent is coming back in july
[12:54:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and then there is my kitten whoi got when she was 8 weeks old
[12:54:45] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: bye Jamie
[12:54:46] [CHAT] Qstlijku: How old is she now?
[12:54:49] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me hugs James
[12:54:51] [CHAT] Mendes2: And third baby (korra)
[12:55:14] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: she is 3 years old but she is one of those cats who stay the size of a kitten
[12:55:22] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Oh
[12:55:27] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: she looks like she is 2 months ol
[12:55:32] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: old*
[12:55:55] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: she is so cute  and so mean and sassy
[12:56:01] [JOIN] EmeraldDonut has joined Team Demon Light.
[12:56:10] [CHAT] EmeraldDonut: Ummm hi
[12:56:13] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: hi
[12:56:39] [CHAT] EmeraldDonut: I thought I could just stay here for a bit?
[12:56:40] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Korra calls butter the queen of Sass
[12:57:08] [CHAT] Qstlijku: lol
[12:57:31] [CHAT] Qstlijku: CCChatBot started joining and leaving again
[12:57:48] [CHAT] Mendes2: I noticed that too
[12:58:08] [CHAT] EmeraldDonut: /me sits in the corner
[12:58:48] [CHAT] Mendes2: O/ emerald
[12:58:54] [CHAT] EmeraldDonut: hi....
[12:59:09] [CHAT] Chase Martin: DONUTS YUMMMMMMM
[12:59:09] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Oh
[12:59:14] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Hey Emerald, welcome to the wiki
[12:59:17] [CHAT] EmeraldDonut: ....
[12:59:23] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Looks like West Heater was banned from CC chat again
[12:59:26] [CHAT] EmeraldDonut: Im just.... sad
[12:59:36] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Why are you sad?
[12:59:47] [CHAT] EmeraldDonut: Its about Michael
[13:00:09] [CHAT] EmeraldDonut: I miss him
[13:00:19] [CHAT] EmeraldDonut: alot
[13:00:26] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Emerald, he'll be on here later likely
[13:00:40] [CHAT] EmeraldDonut: .... No he won't .....
[13:00:48] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: What?
[13:01:01] [CHAT] EmeraldDonut: He won't
[13:01:20] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: When will he return?
[13:01:23] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Did he tell you he was leaving the site?
[13:01:36] [CHAT] EmeraldDonut: I dunno....
[13:01:46] [CHAT] EmeraldDonut: And no he isn't leaving the site
[13:02:04] [CHAT] EmeraldDonut: He wouldn't want me talking about it....
[13:02:04] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: this is a pic of Butter
[13:02:15] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ohhShadow is having another one of those moments
[13:02:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i wonder if he willl die for the 3rd time or be shot for the 9th time
[13:03:05] [CHAT] EmeraldDonut: /me starts crying because of Messenger
[13:03:52] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !unban Test
[13:03:54] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Unbanning Test...
[13:04:09] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: yes his family died but in a car crash everything else is fake
[13:04:11] [CHAT] Qstlijku: [[MediaWiki:Chat-user-was-banned]]
[13:04:22] [CHAT] Qstlijku: idk what to think
[13:04:39] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Emily told me a lot of that is true...
[13:04:47] [CHAT] Qstlijku: But maybe she just believes him
[13:04:48] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i think i have a really cute cat
[13:04:55] [JOIN] EmeraldDonut has joined Team Demon Light.
[13:05:01] [CHAT] Qstlijku: That's not a cat
[13:05:10] [CHAT] EmeraldDonut: ...
[13:05:44] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: you don't know him like i do, all his stories are fake, yes his family died but in a car crash everything else is fake @Emerald
[13:05:54] [CHAT] Chase Martin: Thats a stick of butter mess,not a cat
[13:05:56] [CHAT] EmeraldDonut: ....
[13:06:12] [CHAT] EmeraldDonut: I am not amused
[13:06:18] [CHAT] EmeraldDonut: ....
[13:06:21] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Shadow is British right?
[13:06:22] [CHAT] Chase Martin: ....
[13:06:26] [CHAT] Chase Martin: WTF
[13:06:27] [CHAT] Chase Martin: ....
[13:06:28] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: she is a cat and what do you mean Q that's not a cat
[13:06:32] [CHAT] EmeraldDonut: Im supposed to be smart....
[13:06:40] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Why is it so close up?
[13:06:46] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and Shadow has been stabbed 5 times
[13:06:51] [CHAT] Qstlijku: You can't see the whole cat
[13:06:55] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: she was attacking me at the moment
[13:06:56] [CHAT] EmeraldDonut: This kid is gonna pay
[13:07:33] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i try to get a better one it's hard to find a pic where she isn't attacking me
[13:07:46] [CHAT] Chase Martin: wait till butter sleeps
[13:07:52] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: she was slapping the camara then
[13:08:09] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Can't you take a pic from farther away?
[13:08:51] [CHAT] Chase McFly: GTG bye Time for my operation
[13:09:26] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: she won't stay still i'm trying to find a old pic i think i have a few
[13:09:30] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: bye Chase
[13:09:34] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me hugs Chase
[13:10:27] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: here's another
[13:11:13] [CHAT] Qstlijku: ok
[13:11:25] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Still I never take pics so close
[13:11:58] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: well it's hard to get one from farther away because you having to use the other hand to hold her still
[13:12:22] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Can you get one when she's asleep?
[13:12:54] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i think i have one from where she is sleeping but i have so many pics and folders it's taking time to fine it
[13:13:10] [CHAT] Qstlijku: You don't have to link it right now
[13:13:19] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Mess PM
[13:14:08] [CHAT] Messenger Deception:
[13:15:18] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Everyone left
[13:15:25] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !log
[13:15:26] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Logging...
[13:15:30] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Adding to [[Project:Chat/Logs/28_Jun_2017|chatlog]] 0 kicks and 0 bans reported. 0 joins, 0 leaves, and 5 messages logged.
[13:15:37] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: did you see the pic?
[13:16:19] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Yeah
[13:16:42] [CHAT] Mendes2: o/
[13:16:59] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: (wave)
[13:17:12] [CHAT] Qstlijku: o/
[13:17:30] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Did anyone see what I said earlier about West Heater?
[13:18:00] [CHAT] Mendes2: that west heater was banned from CC again?
[13:18:09] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Yeah
[13:18:16] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Three accounts
[13:18:36] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Jamaican Train, Jamaican Rainbow Train, and Long Jamaican Rainbow Train
[13:18:42] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !test
[13:18:43] [CBOT] SlendyBot: ʇsǝʇ¡
[13:19:13] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: wow
[13:19:59] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Blue got mad because i told him he couldn't put his wikia life on his character page and it looks like he deleted it
[13:20:37] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: just because i wouldn't allow him going on and on about DDG on it and all their internet kids
[13:20:52] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: THE RP IS NOT ABOUT THEM OR THEIR WIKIA LIFE
[13:21:16] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and when i said no he asked why can't that be in the rp it just can't it doesn't fit
[13:21:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and DDg doesn't even have a character in the RP
[13:22:52] [JOIN] BlackQuinn has joined Team Demon Light.
[13:23:10] [CHAT] Chase Martin: Am I?
[13:23:14] [CHAT] Chase Martin: Or am i not?
[13:23:21] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ?
[13:23:26] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: ....
[13:24:00] [CHAT] Mendes2: o/ chris martin, quinn
[13:24:07] [CHAT] Chase Martin: WTF MENDES
[13:24:08] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: (wave2)
[13:24:14] [CHAT] Chase Martin: CALL ME IJAAZ NOT CHRIS MARTIN
[13:24:15] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ya know sometimes when someone says something funny on here i take it and put it on quotev feed
[13:24:21] [CHAT] Chase Martin: Oh well
[13:24:36] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: XD
[13:24:40] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Really sis?
[13:24:45] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: yup
[13:24:46] [CHAT] Chase Martin: i hope 1000000000000000000 idiots dont message me on quotev with 'lol u so funny!'
[13:24:53] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: XD
[13:25:01] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: lol
[13:25:24] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i never add the names of who said it only what they said
[13:26:48] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: lol
[13:27:17] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Chase Martin: watch the caps
[13:27:22] [CHAT] Chase Martin: kkkkkkkkkkkk
[13:27:32] [CHAT] Chase Martin: bq pm
[13:28:19] [CHAT] Chase Martin: bq pm
[13:28:30] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: okay
[13:28:45] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: anyways
[13:29:03] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me tackles and hugs Quin
[13:30:28] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: XD
[13:30:31] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me giggles too
[13:30:49] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: so how are you sis
[13:31:02] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Who's Xan on discord?
[13:31:24] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Oh (happy)
[13:31:25] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: BurdenBoost he is a friend we call him Net
[13:31:31] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: I'm cool sis
[13:31:52] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Why is he calling ink a gay? XD
[13:32:02] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Thanks for asking (content
[13:32:26] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: that is Nett for you he does that (he is bi btw) he just being silly
[13:33:00] [CHAT] Chase Martin: BQ dont wanna interrupt your chat but....PM
[13:33:11] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Oh XD
[13:34:02] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Quin PM
[13:34:09] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Okay sis
[13:34:16] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Sure Chase
[13:35:01] [JOIN] BlackQuinn has joined Team Demon Light.
[13:37:33] [JOIN] Twixtie has joined Team Demon Light.
[13:39:11] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Btw
[13:48:55] [CHAT] Chase Martin: DEAAAAAAAD
[13:49:10] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: WUIN PM
[13:49:15] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: QUIN*
[13:49:29] [CHAT] Mendes2: wuin
[13:49:32] [CHAT] Chase Martin: LOOOOOOOOOOOL
[13:49:42] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: lol
[13:50:21] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: XD
[13:50:26] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Sure thang sis
[13:50:37] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: XD
[13:50:44] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Btw
[13:51:05] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Why is Scar still not banned from TDL?
[13:51:18] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: he is banned
[13:51:33] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: On discord
[13:51:39] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: idk
[13:51:40] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !log
[13:51:41] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Logging...
[13:51:45] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Adding to [[Project:Chat/Logs/28_Jun_2017|chatlog]] 0 kicks and 0 bans reported. 0 joins, 0 leaves, and 15 messages logged.
[13:52:26] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me pokes Quin. "Stop poking me in PM."
[13:52:30] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Did the bot leave for a little bit?
[13:52:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: no
[13:52:38] [CHAT] Mendes2: not that I know of
[13:52:46] [CHAT] Mendes2: CCChatbot did, but this one didn't
[13:52:49] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Never mind then
[13:52:56] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I guess chat died about 10 minutes ago
[13:53:10] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: /me giggles
[13:53:11] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: it was dead for a while
[13:53:11] [CHAT] Mendes2: yes
[13:53:12] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: XD
[13:53:14] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Oh
[13:53:30] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me keeps poking Quin giggling
[13:53:58] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: NO
[13:54:08] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: /me smirks
[13:54:09] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: XD
[13:54:19] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: NOW SHE IS TICKLING ME IN PM XDXDXD
[13:54:26] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: STOP IT
[13:54:28] [CHAT] South Ferry: XD
[13:54:34] [CHAT] South Ferry: (giggle)
[13:54:42] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Your fault XD
[13:54:45] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: (antigiggle)
[13:55:00] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me tackles and tickles Quin
[13:55:01] [CHAT] Qstlijku: lol
[13:55:06] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Wtf...
[13:55:45] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: XDXD
[13:55:47] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: NOOO
[13:55:49] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: BlackQuinn
           [CHAT] * BlackQuinn giggles then pokes you
           [CHAT] 8:51
           [CHAT] Messenger Deception
           [CHAT] * Messenger Deception giggles and slaps your hand
           [CHAT] no i don't
           [CHAT] 8:53
           [CHAT] BlackQuinn
           [CHAT] * BlackQuinn smirks then knocks you down while tickling you
           [CHAT] XD
[13:56:11] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me keeps tickling Quin. "Pay back time!!!"
[13:56:29] [CHAT] Qstlijku: /me goes in between Mess and Quinn
[13:56:43] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: /me squeals while laughing hard
[13:57:02] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me laughs
[13:57:18] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Ohmyfuckingoulash XD
[13:57:24] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: XD
[13:57:36] [CHAT] Qstlijku: lol
[13:57:55] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: use your space bar, girl lolol
[13:58:09] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Make me, girl XD
[13:58:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ok
[13:58:39] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: What a ride!
[13:58:40] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: XD
[13:58:49] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: XDXD
[13:59:02] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: XDXD
[13:59:31] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: lol
[13:59:40] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: brb i need to finish my chores
[13:59:52] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Okay sis (wave)
[13:59:56] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i'll be back in maybe 5 minutes
[14:00:05] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: You better be!!
[14:00:14] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: or else what??
[14:00:39] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: That would be a secret
[14:00:48] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: lol
[14:00:50] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: /me smirks then laughs evily
[14:00:51] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: XD
[14:01:22] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: you got nothing XD
[14:01:37] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I gotta go
[14:01:39] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Bye Mess
[14:01:41] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: We'll see (wink)
[14:01:41] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Bye Quinn
[14:01:45] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: bye Q
[14:01:47] [CHAT] BlackQuinn: Bye Q (wave)
[14:14:45] [CHAT] Twixtie: 😭😭😭
[14:14:51] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: hi
[14:15:04] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: !restart
[14:15:42] [CHAT] Mendes2: Apple
[14:15:42] [CHAT] Chase Martin: TWIX
[14:15:42] [CHAT] Chase Martin: Mandy what you doing now?
[14:15:42] [CHAT] Twixtie: It's so cold
[14:15:42] [CHAT] Twixtie: /me shivers
[14:15:42] [CHAT] Twixtie: 😭😭😭
[14:15:42] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: hi
[14:15:42] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Logging...
[14:15:42] [CHAT] Mendes2: wb mess
[14:15:43] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: thx
[14:15:44] [CBOT] SlendyBot: SlendyBot v1.9 is online!
[14:15:52] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i'm thinking of getting a new pic
[14:16:31] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: this one she is named Messenger on a anime
[14:16:37] [JOIN] Frankiesinatra20 has joined Team Demon Light.
[14:17:53] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: hi Frankie
[14:20:01] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: bye Frankie
[14:20:28] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Ded chat
[14:20:44] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: yup
[14:21:46] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: wb Frankie
[14:22:01] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Hai
[14:22:26] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: how are you
[14:22:43] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Good
[14:23:01] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: same
[14:24:09] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Well shit just got awkward
[14:24:17] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: lol
[14:24:34] [CHAT] Twixtie: Mess
[14:24:39] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: KPG
[14:24:53] [CHAT] Twixtie: are you an innie or outtie?
[14:24:59] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: wth
[14:25:00] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Wut
[14:25:24] [CHAT] Twixtie: ????
[14:25:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: are you 2?
[14:25:40] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: 😐
[14:25:44] [CHAT] Twixtie: Yes
[14:25:52] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: knew it!
[14:26:04] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: that explains a lot
[14:26:10] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ^^^^^
[14:26:35] [CHAT] Twixtie: Every one knows I'm 2
[14:26:47] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: even your bf?
[14:26:53] [CHAT] Twixtie: Mmmhm
[14:27:07] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: wow
[14:27:32] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: it's went from awkward to weird real fast
[14:27:33] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me slaps KPG. "2 years old should not be dating."
[14:27:41] [CHAT] Twixtie: Vuehat??
[14:28:00] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ?
[14:28:01] [CHAT] Twixtie: Nyahhhhh
[14:28:16] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ???????///
[14:28:23] [CHAT] Twixtie: I'm a teen irl ;-;
[14:28:30] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: IK
[14:28:32] [CHAT] Twixtie: i just act really young
[14:28:38] [JOIN] Jamesb1 has joined Team Demon Light.
[14:28:39] [CHAT] Twixtie: ;-;;-;-;-;-;-;-;
[14:28:47] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: same sometimes lol
[14:29:07] [CHAT] Twixtie: Is Jane really 18????
[14:29:13] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: yes
[14:29:14] [CHAT] Jamesb1: Twiiiiiiix!
[14:29:20] [CHAT] Jamesb1: /me hugs and kisses twix
[14:29:25] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: she turned 18 last month
[14:29:31] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Jamie!
[14:29:35] [CHAT] Twixtie: Hola james
[14:29:36] [CHAT] Jamesb1: eww?
[14:29:45] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ew
[14:29:52] [CHAT] Twixtie: Eeeewwwww
[14:29:54] [CHAT] Twixtie: cooties
[14:29:57] [CHAT] Twixtie: XDDD
[14:30:00] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: lol
[14:30:01] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: XD
[14:30:06] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Wit
[14:30:12] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: wut
[14:30:49] [CHAT] Twixtie: Periods are.... EVIL
[14:31:43] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: you kissing KPG was ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
[14:31:50] [CHAT] Twixtie: Let meh finish my sentence
[14:31:58] [CHAT] Twixtie: ;-;
[14:32:05] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: you did
[14:32:18] [CHAT] Twixtie: No
[14:32:20] [CHAT] Jamesb1: why was it ewww
[14:32:21] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Do you speak'a the English
[14:32:28] [CHAT] Twixtie: i pressed the return button by accident
[14:32:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: mhm
[14:32:53] [CHAT] Twixtie: this is why I hate using the phone
[14:33:01] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: mhm..
[14:33:30] [CHAT] Twixtie: Periods are the worst... Don't get me wrong but I wish here was only one so I wouldn't move from class to class
[14:33:51] [CHAT] Twixtie: Walking all around the school
[14:33:52] [CHAT] Mendes2: and where in that sentence did you say "evil"?
[14:34:04] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: /announce flys like an eagle
[14:34:04] [CHAT] Twixtie: Blech
[14:34:18] [CHAT] Jamesb1: ohhhhhh thats what u meant
[14:34:20] [CHAT] Twixtie: Do I have to say evil??
[14:34:24] [CHAT] Jamesb1: we call them lessons
[14:34:37] [CHAT] Twixtie: We call them periods
[14:34:49] [CHAT] Twixtie: We have 6 in a day
[14:34:50] [CHAT] Mendes2: yes you have to say evil, otherwise It isn't finishing the sentence
[14:35:00] [CHAT] Twixtie: It's evil
[14:35:01] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Ok staph
[14:35:02] [CHAT] Twixtie: thrre
[14:35:05] [CHAT] Twixtie: thers
[14:35:08] [CHAT] Twixtie: i said it
[14:35:12] [CHAT] Mendes2: yay
[14:35:15] [CHAT] Twixtie: Yhere
[14:35:16] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: i don't wanna know
[14:35:18] [CHAT] Twixtie: there
[14:35:27] [CHAT] Jamesb1: live is an anagram of evil
[14:35:37] [CHAT] Jamesb1: MINDBLOWN
[14:35:46] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: what happened was
[14:35:58] [CHAT] Twixtie: But my fav class is lunch
[14:36:06] [CHAT] Twixtie: 1. I get to see kit
[14:36:08] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: KPG broke a rule and was talking about something she shouldn't have been so she tried covering it up
[14:36:18] [CHAT] Twixtie: 2. We sit in our fav corner
[14:36:29] [CHAT] Twixtie: 3. we talk about weird stuff
[14:36:36] [CHAT] Mendes2: what do you learn during "lunch"
[14:36:40] [CHAT] Mendes2: what kind of class is it?
[14:36:44] [CHAT] Jamesb1: Sounds fun
[14:36:47] [CHAT] Twixtie: Eating class
[14:36:55] [CHAT] Jamesb1: @mendes you learn what foods taste nice
[14:36:57] [CHAT] Twixtie: Or you just think that mess
[14:37:24] [CHAT] Twixtie: But I hate it when boys talk to me
[14:37:29] [CHAT] Twixtie: #scary
[14:37:32] [CHAT] Jamesb1: ;-;
[14:37:44] [JOIN] Qstlijku has joined Team Demon Light.
[14:38:04] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: hi
[14:38:08] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Hi
[14:38:10] [CHAT] Mendes2: o/ Q
[14:38:11] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !log
[14:38:12] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Logging...
[14:38:16] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Adding to [[Project:Chat/Logs/28_Jun_2017|chatlog]] 0 kicks and 0 bans reported. 1 joins, 0 leaves, and 19 messages logged.
[14:38:18] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and where did Quin go?
[14:38:31] [CHAT] Twixtie: This guy was saying that me and kit were watching p**n when I was on TDL XD
[14:38:36] [CHAT] Mendes2: she said "brb"
[14:38:41] [CHAT] Mendes2: and then left
[14:38:57] [CHAT] Twixtie: and he was like "I will get #### to r*pe you if you don't tell me"
[14:39:01] [CHAT] Twixtie: so I slapped him
[14:39:04] [CHAT] Twixtie: XD
[14:39:19] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: wow
[14:39:28] [CHAT] Twixtie: Yea
[14:39:32] [CHAT] Twixtie: then he left
[14:39:51] [CHAT] Twixtie: He's always joking about r*pe, it's so annoying
[14:40:01] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Wat
[14:40:08] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: the
[14:40:13] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: hell
[14:40:14] [CHAT] Twixtie: I feel like kicking him in de balls whenever he jokes like that
[14:41:02] [CHAT] Twixtie: PEW PEW PEW
[14:41:34] [JOIN] Chase McFly has joined Team Demon Light.
[14:41:46] [CHAT] Twixtie: Hey cheese
[14:41:55] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Cheese?
[14:41:56] [CHAT] Jamesb1: hi cheese
[14:42:03] [CHAT] Twixtie: Ye
[14:42:09] [CHAT] Mendes2: o/ chase
[14:42:13] [CHAT] Qstlijku: CCChatBot joined and left again
[14:42:18] [CHAT] Twixtie: Mm mm.... Now I want cheese XD
[14:42:28] [CHAT] Mendes2: it's been doing that for the last 2 hours, Q
[14:42:40] [CHAT] Twixtie: R
[14:42:41] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Before that it was working fine?
[14:42:49] [CHAT] Jamesb1: /me giives twix a cheese toastie
[14:42:50] [CHAT] Mendes2: I don't know, I wasn't online then
[14:42:52] [CHAT] Twixtie: S... T U V... W X Y n Z
[14:43:39] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Meaning it stopped working for a while?
[14:43:40] [CHAT] Mendes2: it was in the last technical update
[14:43:43] [JOIN] Twixtie has joined Team Demon Light.
[14:43:52] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Shouldn't that have been yesterday though?
[14:44:03] [JOIN] South Ferry has joined Team Demon Light.
[14:44:06] [CHAT] Mendes2: they delayed the chat update
[14:44:09] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i didn't know you had to have fandom enable achievements or that something they just started
[14:44:24] [CHAT] Mendes2: it's a recent thing, mess
[14:44:27] [CHAT] Twixtie: ;-;
[14:44:35] [CHAT] Twixtie: i was singing my ABC's
[14:44:36] [CHAT] Jamesb1: /me hugs twix
[14:44:37] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Ah well i don't like it
[14:44:47] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: @mendes
[14:45:04] [CHAT] Mendes2: that's because you're used to achievements
[14:45:09] [CHAT] Twixtie: Spell the letter A?
[14:45:10] [CHAT] Mendes2: as am I, so I don't like it either
[14:45:13] [CHAT] Twixtie: aye?
[14:45:15] [CHAT] Qstlijku: You used to be able to enable and disable them yourselves
[14:45:17] [CHAT] Twixtie: Bee
[14:45:18] [CHAT] Qstlijku: *yourself
[14:45:20] [CHAT] Twixtie: Sea
[14:45:21] [CHAT] Twixtie: Dee
[14:45:23] [CHAT] Twixtie: XD
[14:46:00] [CHAT] Jamesb1: ^
[14:46:07] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: KPG was kicked for a good reason and if James can't see that because she is his GF then maybe he shouldn't be admin and KPG Q warned you before that
[14:46:18] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: the first kick was the warning
[14:46:22] [CHAT] Twixtie: No
[14:46:26] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: yes
[14:46:33] [CHAT] Twixtie: ✌✌️✌✌
[14:46:34] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: now deal with it
[14:46:36] [CHAT] Mendes2: Q
[14:46:42] [CHAT] Twixtie: Lol
[14:46:47] [CHAT] Jamesb1: pleeeeeeaase dunt arguuue
[14:46:53] [CHAT] Twixtie: OI let me PM something to you james
[14:46:57] [CHAT] Jamesb1: bad news
[14:46:59] [CHAT] Jamesb1: gtg
[14:47:05] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: bye James
[14:47:52] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Ohh @Mended
[14:47:54] [CHAT] Qstlijku: *Mendes
[14:48:15] [CHAT] Twixtie: /me Stands infrount of James so he can't leave
[14:48:34] [CHAT] Twixtie: YOUUU SHALL NOT PASS (anyone get the reference??)
[14:48:46] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Sort of
[14:48:52] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Forgot what it's from though
[14:48:54] [CHAT] Mendes2: no one gets that reference from one of the most popular movie trilogies ever
[14:49:05] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: KGP i got it lolol
[14:49:08] [CHAT] Qstlijku: What movie was it again?
[14:49:10] [CHAT] Mendes2: it's LotR
[14:52:50] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i had to do something
[14:52:54] [CHAT] Twixtie: /me does CPR
[14:52:59] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !log
[14:53:00] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Logging...
[14:53:01] [CHAT] Twixtie: Well...
[14:53:04] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Adding to [[Project:Chat/Logs/28_Jun_2017|chatlog]] 0 kicks and 0 bans reported. 0 joins, 0 leaves, and 28 messages logged.
[14:53:06] [CHAT] Twixtie: i can't save him now
[14:54:22] [CHAT] Qstlijku: [[User:Qstlijku]]
[14:54:25] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i finely remembered the password for my twitter account
[14:54:40] [CHAT] Twixtie: Luurmurcey
[14:55:26] [CHAT] Twixtie: Un eye saucy uh lurs Jejus its eh feir
[14:55:42] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Twixtie please stop saying nonsense
[14:55:43] [CHAT] Twixtie: Wow
[14:55:50] [CHAT] Twixtie: 10/10 grammar
[14:56:22] [CHAT] Twixtie: My grammar is on point today XDDDD
[14:56:43] [CHAT] Twixtie: Look at the beauty
[14:57:00] [CHAT] Qstlijku: no it's not
[14:57:03] [CHAT] Qstlijku: -_-
[14:57:16] [CHAT] Twixtie: It's a thing called being sarcastic
[14:57:31] [CHAT] Twixtie: O_O
[14:57:55] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: -_-
[14:58:02] [CHAT] Qstlijku: ^
[14:58:09] [CHAT] Twixtie: :-)
[14:58:17] [CHAT] Qstlijku: :/
[14:58:19] [CHAT] Twixtie: ...
[14:58:27] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: :/
[14:58:32] [CHAT] Twixtie: Awww
[14:58:34] [CHAT] Qstlijku: :|
[14:58:38] [CHAT] Twixtie: i liked the thing
[14:58:41] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i'm talking to Zombie on twitter so :D
[14:58:52] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Does he still come on here?
[14:59:02] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: sometimes but rarely
[14:59:07] [CHAT] Twixtie: :-0
[14:59:17] [CHAT] Twixtie: :?)
[14:59:23] [CHAT] Twixtie: ^thats a cute face
[14:59:43] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ?
[14:59:56] [CHAT] Twixtie: !
[15:00:01] [CHAT] Qstlijku: .
[15:00:10] [CHAT] Twixtie: '
[15:00:16] [CHAT] Qstlijku: ,
[15:00:30] [CHAT] Twixtie: '
[15:00:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: KPG have you been eating candy? you're very hyper right now
[15:01:00] [CHAT] Twixtie: Candy doesn't make me hyper
[15:01:10] [CHAT] Qstlijku: You still call her KPG?
[15:01:14] [CHAT] Twixtie: And why whould I have candy at night?
[15:01:15] [JOIN] TheKorraFanatic has joined Team Demon Light.
[15:01:28] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: you're like a little kid after they have eaten alot of sugar
[15:01:32] [CHAT] Twixtie: it will just want me having more anyways
[15:01:35] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Hi Korra
[15:01:40] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hi, Q. (wave)
[15:01:46] [CHAT] Qstlijku: PM
[15:01:49] [CHAT] Twixtie: But my mum doesn't let me have sugar
[15:01:54] [CHAT] Twixtie: Because it's bad
[15:01:58] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i see why
[15:02:02] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: you go nuts
[15:02:04] [CHAT] Mendes2: o/ korra
[15:02:04] [CHAT] Twixtie: No you font
[15:02:08] [CHAT] Twixtie: *dont
[15:02:16] [CHAT] Qstlijku: [[Special:Log/upload]]
[15:02:17] [CHAT] Twixtie: not a lot of people understand
[15:02:37] [CHAT] Twixtie: She doesn't let me have a lot of thing
[15:02:48] [CHAT] Twixtie: witch I'm grateful for
[15:03:01] [CHAT] Twixtie: because she is the best mother I could ever have
[15:03:10] [CHAT] Twixtie: And I will miss her when she's gone
[15:03:16] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: you're lucky
[15:03:29] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i wish my mom was like that
[15:03:30] [CHAT] Twixtie: shes already on her heart medication but I pray every day for her
[15:03:43] [CHAT] Twixtie: my dads weird
[15:04:21] [CHAT] Twixtie: You want a mum that's fighting for her life and that is so sick sometimes she can't get out of bed??
[15:04:28] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i just wish my mom cared.......... moving on um KPG, Q have you read the rolyplay?
[15:04:42] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: roleplay*
[15:04:54] [CHAT] Twixtie: Let's talk about animals
[15:05:03] [CHAT] Twixtie: I have (
[15:05:05] [CHAT] Twixtie: 5
[15:05:13] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Now
[15:05:15] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Mess
[15:05:17] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Korra
[15:05:24] [CHAT] Twixtie: wait
[15:05:29] [CHAT] Twixtie: tbTs 6
[15:05:31] [CHAT] Qstlijku: It looks like Klaus and Jerome are indeed the same person
[15:05:44] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Yeah, Klaus got banned last night.
[15:05:48] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: 9 cats, 3 dogs and a bird
[15:05:54] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Sayu banned Klaus for socking last night and then extended Jerome's ban to a month for ban evasion
[15:05:58] [CHAT] Twixtie: Out bird died
[15:06:03] [CHAT] Twixtie: Our
[15:06:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Ah, so they are the same person.
[15:06:21] [CHAT] Twixtie: Who owns all the cats???
[15:06:26] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: OMG.
[15:06:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He played Goth.
[15:06:46] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Klaus got Goth a slut while Jerome pretended to be her friend.
[15:06:57] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Yeah
[15:07:02] [CHAT] Qstlijku: You mean called not got?
[15:07:19] [CHAT] Twixtie: People change
[15:07:23] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Jerome is dating Harley...
[15:07:33] [CHAT] Qstlijku: That's what Iris suspected all along
[15:07:36] [CHAT] Twixtie: Woah look at the tiem
[15:07:36] [CHAT] Qstlijku: And now it's confirmed
[15:07:41] [CHAT] Twixtie: time
[15:07:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: [[User:DeMarco Murray]]
[15:07:54] [CHAT] Twixtie: I'm goin ice scaring tomorrow
[15:08:01] [CHAT] Qstlijku: We knew Jerome is the user Gokussj30
[15:08:07] [CHAT] Qstlijku: So that's apparently Klaus's old account too
[15:08:07] [CHAT] Twixtie: How big is the ocean
[15:08:09] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ice scaring?
[15:08:14] [CHAT] Qstlijku: lol
[15:08:16] [CHAT] Twixtie: Oops
[15:08:18] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: lol
[15:08:34] [CHAT] Twixtie: icescatubg
[15:08:35] [CHAT] Twixtie: aicescqryy
[15:08:35] [CHAT] Twixtie: ice scaring
[15:08:37] [CHAT] Twixtie: ICE
[15:08:39] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: you are so scary you scare ice lol
[15:08:41] [CHAT] Twixtie: SCATI G
[15:08:50] [CHAT] Twixtie: SCATIBG
[15:08:51] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Are you doing that on purpose?
[15:08:57] [CHAT] Twixtie: No
[15:09:09] [CHAT] Twixtie: This is why I like the computer berrre
[15:09:11] [CHAT] Twixtie: etter
[15:09:27] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Then just look before you hit enter l
[15:09:55] [CHAT] Twixtie: But hen I have to hit ba Ci space and I'm a fast typer
[15:10:17] [JOIN] Ink dismay has joined Team Demon Light.
[15:10:22] [CHAT] Mendes2: what does "fast typer" have to do with looking before you hit enter
[15:10:26] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I don't believe that
[15:10:28] [CHAT] Twixtie: KORRA
[15:10:46] [CHAT] Twixtie: ASK
[15:10:47] [CHAT] Ink dismay: hello hello
[15:11:47] [CHAT] Twixtie: I have my thoughts to keep me company
[15:11:51] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I deleted the ban message
[15:11:55] [CHAT] Twixtie: And my pillow to cry on
[15:11:56] [CHAT] Qstlijku: It still isn't working
[15:12:11] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Okay then.
[15:12:20] [CHAT] Twixtie: ;-;
[15:12:27] [CHAT] Ink dismay: wtf????
[15:12:42] [CHAT] Qstlijku: see now you're typing normally KPG
[15:12:50] [CHAT] Twixtie: Mmmmmmmmhm
[15:13:03] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I do think you were doing it on purpose up there
[15:13:08] [CHAT] Twixtie: I stopped using my thumbs
[15:13:17] [CHAT] Qstlijku: ?
[15:13:20] [CHAT] Twixtie: :/
[15:13:23] [CHAT] Qstlijku: What are you using now?
[15:13:30] [CHAT] Twixtie: Pinky
[15:13:39] [CHAT] Qstlijku: What?
[15:13:48] [CHAT] Qstlijku: how is that better?
[15:13:59] [CHAT] Twixtie: Pinky finger
[15:14:01] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: KPG, just calm down.
[15:14:10] [CHAT] Twixtie: I can't
[15:14:18] [CHAT] Twixtie: I'll really hungry
[15:14:21] [CHAT] Twixtie: im
[15:14:23] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I also undid all of DeMarco Murray's edits here, at Ember's wiki, and at Cup's wiki.
[15:14:33] [CHAT] Qstlijku: How did he even find the wiki?
[15:14:39] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !seen DeMarco Murray
[15:14:40] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: IDK.
[15:14:41] [CBOT] SlendyBot: I have not seen DeMarco Murray. Sorry.
[15:14:47] [CHAT] Twixtie: With the internet
[15:14:51] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He just showed up here.
[15:15:05] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: !seen DeMarco Murray
[15:15:09] [CBOT] SlendyBot: I have not seen DeMarco Murray. Sorry.
[15:15:17] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Korra did you notice the chat bot on CC is broken again?
[15:15:25] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: DeMarco is an unusual user, and he RPs as a sports star whenever he's in chat
[15:15:34] [CHAT] Twixtie: Q, why do thy call it a cheater??
[15:24:44] [CHAT] Twixtie: One last question
[15:24:44] [CHAT] Twixtie: is soap healthy to drink?????
[15:24:44] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: @Korra can I extend DeMarco's block to infinite?
[15:24:44] [CHAT] Twixtie: I need answers
[15:24:44] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Falco make it a year
[15:24:44] [CHAT] Twixtie: My dogs snoring
[15:24:44] [CHAT] Twixtie: Is that normal?
[15:24:44] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: yeah???
[15:24:44] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Stop saying random nonsense stuff Twixtie.
[15:24:44] [CHAT] Twixtie: I'm not!!!
[15:24:49] [CBOT] SlendyBot: SlendyBot v1.9 is online!
[15:24:51] [CHAT] Twixtie: i just wanted to know if it's normal
[15:24:54] [JOIN] Messenger Deception has joined Team Demon Light.
[15:25:13] [JOIN] FalcoLombardi99 has joined Team Demon Light.
[15:25:41] [CHAT] Twixtie: Wow...
[15:25:44] [CHAT] Twixtie: they were right
[15:26:05] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: What?
[15:26:14] [CHAT] Twixtie: I'm gonna go
[15:26:50] [CHAT] Twixtie: So...
[15:26:57] [CHAT] Twixtie: Ba bye
[15:27:11] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Bye. (wave)
[15:27:30] [CHAT] Twixtie: Who knew they were right about you :P
[15:27:31] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: bye
[15:27:55] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Who was? You talking to West again?
[15:29:57] [CHAT] Ink dismay: ?
[15:30:35] [CHAT] Ink dismay: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so tired
[15:34:24] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /me sits down and becomes humble.
[15:34:50] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: God, that Kendrick Lamar song is stuck in my head now
[15:34:59] [JOIN] Stanjeff123 has joined Team Demon Light.
[15:35:07] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Ever since JMurph spammed it, it's been in my head too.
[15:35:19] [CHAT] Stanjeff123: hi
[15:35:33] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: @Korra I heard that song before JMurph spammed it
[15:35:36] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hi.
[15:36:24] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Sooooooo, you listen to the same music as him.
[15:36:26] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: XD
[15:36:55] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: @Korra no I listen to anything that's charting and K-Pop
[15:36:58] [JOIN] South Ferry has joined Team Demon Light.
[15:37:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: !seen Goth little bad girl
[15:37:19] [CBOT] SlendyBot: TheKorraFanatic: I last saw Goth little bad girl 13 hours, 44 minutes, and 7 seconds ago.
[15:37:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Ah.
[15:37:38] [CHAT] South Ferry: !seen The Real Brawl
[15:37:40] [CBOT] SlendyBot: I have not seen The Real Brawl. Did you mean The Real Brawl again?
[15:37:55] [CHAT] South Ferry: !seen The Real Brawl again
[15:37:58] [CBOT] SlendyBot: South Ferry: I last saw The Real Brawl again 7 days, 14 hours, 29 minutes, and 59 seconds ago.
[15:38:21] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: We need a dictionary for terms used on wiki XD
[15:39:12] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Ikr. XD.
[15:40:11] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: does any one here have a twitter account?
[15:40:21] [CHAT] Mendes2: I do
[15:40:23] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: There also needs to be a Just Dance wiki one as well XD because some I.conic things are said here and on this wiki XD
[15:40:28] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: @Mess yes
[15:40:34] [CHAT] Mendes2: not that I do anything with it though
[15:40:43] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i'll follow you two
[15:40:51] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: My Twitter is @Falco_Lombardi9
[15:40:53] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: links please
[15:41:22] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i found you Falco lol
[15:41:38] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Okay
[15:41:52] [CHAT] Mendes2: mine is @Justlvls
[15:43:09] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i followed you
[15:43:23] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: brb
[15:43:25] [CHAT] Mendes2: I saw it
[15:49:05] [JOIN] Jamesb1 has joined Team Demon Light.
[15:49:07] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Korra has a twitter account to o
[15:50:09] [CHAT] Jamesb1: i followed u mendes
[15:50:29] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: I have 186 followers
[15:51:21] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: @James my Twitter is @Falco_Lombardi9
[15:52:04] [CHAT] Jamesb1: i think i follow you
[15:53:25] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: who is MarionAndAnti0126?
[15:53:54] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: nvm
[15:54:44] [JOIN] Qstlijku has joined Team Demon Light.
[15:55:08] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hi, Q. (wave)
[15:55:18] [CHAT] South Ferry: Hi, Qstlijku.
[15:55:59] [CHAT] Mendes2: o/ Q
[15:56:05] [CHAT] Jamesb1: a new user @messe
[15:57:08] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Chat took forever to load
[15:57:17] [CHAT] Qstlijku: And now it's lagging
[15:57:20] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ikr,
[15:57:29] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Did they come here?
[15:58:01] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: no we are talking on CC
[15:58:30] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Oh
[15:58:34] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: um things just got awkward.................
[15:58:49] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: it's weird talking to new people......
[15:58:54] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Lol.
[15:59:00] [CHAT] Qstlijku: lol
[15:59:15] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: lol
[15:59:23] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I hate Wattpad. It's so hard to figure out and it's so god-dang ugly.
[15:59:59] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Then why do you even use it?
[16:00:02] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ikr
[16:00:13] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: @korra
[16:00:28] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Because Ember is making a story there and she wants me to read it.
[16:00:44] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Oh
[16:00:49] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Do you have to sign up to read stuff?
[16:01:07] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: no
[16:01:10] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: If you want to save your place in it, yes.
[16:01:36] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Oh
[16:02:35] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: oh wow this is weird
[16:02:40] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Lol.
[16:02:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Sooooo
[16:02:55] [CHAT] Qstlijku: What's weird?
[16:03:07] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: When I talked to Jerome about Klaus and I talked to Klaus about Jerome
[16:03:15] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I was talking to the same person.....
[16:03:15] [CHAT] Qstlijku: When was that?
[16:03:22] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: well yesterday me and her talked about fandom she was a little chy and we talked like friends i didn't think anything of it well
[16:04:13] [CHAT] Qstlijku: And?
[16:04:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ^
[16:04:29] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: look at this don't say anything i'm having a weird talk with her about how i only date guys and stuff it's very awkward but i'm handling it
[16:04:50] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !log
[16:04:56] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Logging...
[16:05:00] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Adding to [[Project:Chat/Logs/28_Jun_2017|chatlog]] 0 kicks and 0 bans reported. 0 joins, 0 leaves, and 35 messages logged.
[16:05:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: XD
[16:05:17] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: it's weird
[16:05:55] [CBOT] SlendyBot: WTH *cries*
[16:06:16] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Why are you both speaking?
[16:07:51] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i'm telling her i only date guys i think from me being nice to her yesterday and explaining fandom and telling her about other wikis and stuff acting like a friend that she got the wrong idea so i'm telling her i was just being a friend and i'm removing that thread
[16:08:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Okay.
[16:08:21] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: thread removed
[16:08:25] [JOIN] KanraDuda has joined Team Demon Light.
[16:08:46] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Test
[16:08:53] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hi, Stan and Kanra.
[16:09:02] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Test passed, Q.
[16:09:32] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Who's Kanra?
[16:09:53] [CHAT] Stanjeff123: HI
[16:09:55] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: A friend from Discord.
[16:10:18] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Isn't that person on Fire Emblem discord?
[16:10:38] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: yup
[16:10:58] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Oh
[16:12:04] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Um
[16:12:07] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Guys
[16:12:20] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: what
[16:12:27] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: West was back.
[16:12:46] [CHAT] KanraDuda: hi
[16:12:55] [CHAT] Jamesb1: wow, it took me 25 years to get back here
[16:13:43] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I saw that earlier
[16:15:09] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I guess he didn't create that account yet
[16:15:26] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Yep..
[16:15:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: fuck
[16:15:50] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: messed that up. Lol.
[16:16:16] [CHAT] Qstlijku: What?
[16:16:21] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: His names are so random
[16:16:28] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I tried banning an account but it messed up. Lol.
[16:16:32] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Oh
[16:16:46] [CHAT] Qstlijku: He gets them from a list @Falco
[16:16:54] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I think he's just about exhausted that list now
[16:17:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: What was the Gorilla account he had named?
[16:17:19] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: sorry Q but i want to nuke that game
[16:17:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Lol.
[16:17:48] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Gorilla Chillout
[16:18:02] [CHAT] Qstlijku: It's globally blocked
[16:18:07] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Oh
[16:18:11] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: no need to ban then.
[16:18:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: [[User:Gorilla Chillout]]
[16:18:21] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I think it is anyway
[16:18:39] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Wow, that list is really cringey, which explains his cringeworthy usernames
[16:18:54] [CHAT] Qstlijku: What list?
[16:18:59] [CHAT] Qstlijku: The ban log?
[16:19:36] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: No the list he uses for his usernames
[16:19:50] [CHAT] Qstlijku: It's not really a list posted anywhere
[16:19:54] [CHAT] Qstlijku: It's from a game
[16:19:55] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me nukes all the mafia games "Sorry Q it had to be done."
[16:20:02] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: What game?
[16:20:07] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Mafia 3
[16:20:22] [CHAT] Qstlijku: A specific mini-game in it
[16:20:33] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He must not like Mafia 1 and 2. Lol.
[16:20:51] [CHAT] Qstlijku: He used to make some accounts based on Mafia 2
[16:20:55] [JOIN] Chase McFly has joined Team Demon Light.
[16:21:06] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me nukes all the Mafia 3 games
[16:21:12] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Oh.
[16:21:22] [CHAT] Qstlijku: There's only one Mafia 3 game @Mess
[16:21:31] [CHAT] Qstlijku: But it has 3 DLCs
[16:21:43] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: No, she nuked all it's copies.
[16:21:49] [CHAT] Stanjeff123: i quited Mafia 3 and deleted
[16:21:52] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Oh
[16:21:57] [CHAT] Stanjeff123: and started to play GTA 5
[16:22:27] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Have you ever seen this page on my wiki @Korra?
[16:22:35] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: which one?
[16:22:36] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Hello?
[16:22:42] [CHAT] Qstlijku:
[16:22:45] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Hello
[16:22:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hola
[16:22:46] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: hi Chase
[16:22:52] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me hugs Chase
[16:22:55] [CHAT] Chase McFly: How is everybody
[16:23:01] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Thanks Mess lol
[16:23:25] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: we are all ok how are you
[16:23:32] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I am at the hospital
[16:23:41] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ik
[16:24:00] [CHAT] Stanjeff123: why?
[16:24:06] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I am feeling a bit scared
[16:24:19] [CHAT] Stanjeff123: what u mean?
[16:24:26] [CHAT] Jamesb1: im sure it'll be fine chase
[16:24:35] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I am having an embarrassing operation
[16:24:37] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: it will be fine Chase
[16:24:37] [CHAT] Jamesb1: theyre skilled in operating on people
[16:24:58] [CHAT] Stanjeff123: my teacher is like 60 and he getting a surgery
[16:24:58] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Okay thanks guys
[16:25:48] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: It'll be okay, I promise.
[16:26:00] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Any sign or Murph?
[16:26:03] [CHAT] Chase McFly: *Of
[16:26:04] [CHAT] Stanjeff123: i was suppose to go to Orlando but then a cruise to the Medderritean Sea to Italy to Bahama
[16:26:13] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Captain Leon Rex
           [CHAT] Hey User, What's going on?
           [CHAT] 11:25
           [CHAT] A Google User
           [CHAT] Cloud
[16:26:32] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Since yesterday on Discord, he's shut up. But West was on CC earlier.
[16:26:49] [CHAT] Chase McFly: It is the 28th though
[16:27:04] [CHAT] Qstlijku: 11:25
           [CHAT] Captain Leon Rex
           [CHAT] Why did you blocked me?
           [CHAT] What is the matter?
           [CHAT] 11:26
           [CHAT] A Google User
           [CHAT] Reason
[16:27:30] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ik something will happen today
[16:28:18] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Test
[16:28:32] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Test?
[16:28:44] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I think Q and I got hit with lag at the same time.
[16:29:01] [CHAT] Chase McFly:
[16:29:03] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Not really
[16:29:09] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Just checking to see if there was lag
[16:29:13] [CHAT] Chase McFly: RP Mess Korra?
[16:29:16] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I got it on CC chat
[16:29:41] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: test
[16:29:45] [CHAT] Qstlijku: 11:26
           [CHAT] Captain Leon Rex
           [CHAT] I want to know the reason.
           [CHAT] 11:26
           [CHAT] GTAFan86
           [CHAT] I thınk ı have to pay for ıt
           [CHAT] i have to pay for it
           [CHAT] 11:26
           [CHAT] Captain Leon Rex
           [CHAT] So allow me.
           [CHAT] 11:26
           [CHAT] GTAFan86
           [CHAT] hello super saiyan rage
           [CHAT] 11:26
           [CHAT] A Google User
           [CHAT] Pay for what? @GTA
           [CHAT] 11:26
           [CHAT] Captain Leon Rex
           [CHAT] User?
           [CHAT] 11:27
           [CHAT] A Google User
           [CHAT] What you called me in pm?
           [CHAT] Welcome to the Community Central chat. Please read the chat guidelines and have fun! 
           [CHAT] 11:28
           [CHAT] Captain Leon Rex
           [CHAT] Let's talk in PM, Not here.
           [CHAT] Speedit has joined the chat. 
           [CHAT] 11:28
           [CHAT] Qstlijku
           [CHAT] Test
           [CHAT] 11:28
           [CHAT] A Google User
           [CHAT] Nope
           [CHAT] Sorry
           [CHAT] 11:29
           [CHAT] Captain Leon Rex
           [CHAT] So, What I called you in PM which hurts you?
[16:31:10] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Google is just crazy.
[16:33:49] [CHAT] Qstlijku: How long ago did it say I joined?
[16:35:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: {"blockedChatUsers":["Scarlet Outlaw","Logan.wood2","HydrargiaSaffron","Creator of Darkness 666666","Mirski13","TigerTanksHD","Taiyang Xiao Long","A Google User","Brawl The Leader Of The Order Of The Stone","Michael I HPNG Shadow","Bendy The Devil567","Fight For Freedom 97","Addison Garcia","Pugmaster8","Frozen Cup","The Greatest Mole"],"blockedByChatUsers":["Mirski13","Addie Garcia","A Google User","HopeyBear","Bubblegum Blackout","Paigeblake21","Rexaf","TheWhatByWhat","Fight For Freedom 97","Addison Garcia","Addie Morris5"]}
           [CHAT] IDK, Q.
[16:35:10] [CHAT] South Ferry: wtf
[16:35:18] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: My list has gotten big.
[16:35:18] [CHAT] South Ferry: Why so many
[16:35:38] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I see you blocked Frozen Cup @Korra
[16:35:46] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Who's Pugmaster8?
[16:36:24] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He was another troll on CC.
[16:36:32] [CHAT] Jamesb1: @korra can u link where u found that
[16:36:34] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Oh
[16:36:44] [CHAT] Qstlijku: http:/
[16:36:50] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Frozen Cup PMed me that day and yelled F YOU (he didn't censor it) and I blocked him.
[16:36:56] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Who's Taiyang Xiao Long?
[16:37:08] [CHAT] Qstlijku:
[16:37:12] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I think I've seen that Chinese user before
[16:37:21] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Not for a while though
[16:37:33] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Yeah
[16:38:24] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: GforGolden","Steventhehighschoolstudent07025","Stevenhatesthanaree07025","Steventhebarneyfan07026","Steventhecommenter070236","Steventhegrannylover070245"],"blockedByChatUsers":["Justme13","Super alex420","Billythefridge"]} mines is much smaller
[16:38:28] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Also what did Michael do yesterday?
[16:38:59] [CHAT] Jamesb1: {"blockedChatUsers":["Tirambaby","Falloutkidda","ArrowPassedROBLOX","KrKaixa"],"blockedByChatUsers":["RPFan","Iulix Master","Usm116","KrKaixa","Vikarter","StrayNeko","Tovarfans"]} thats what mine says
[16:39:26] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He went crazy screaming at me in PM and on main about how I don't care for him and he hates me and his usual trolling behavior.
[16:39:45] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Here's mine
[16:39:55] [CHAT] Qstlijku: {"blockedChatUsers":["TestHeater","Shiragirl1","Mirski13","TigerTanksHD","$elements of insanity132[16:39:55] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Korra
[16:39:59] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: He went back to his old self?
[16:40:06] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Wait
[16:40:22] [CHAT] Qstlijku:
[16:40:28] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I didn't know they blocked me
[16:40:42] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Shadow gave me a message to deliver: Come to CC so we can talk
[16:40:46] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Who is $elements of insanity132$?
[16:40:54] [CHAT] Qstlijku: And Superbionic2009?
[16:41:24] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Mess, give him this message:
[16:41:29] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: No, wait your ban out.
[16:41:52] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: it's not over his ban
[16:41:55] [CHAT] Qstlijku: $elements of insanity132$, Puppy Cat123, and Gir is here162 are the same person
[16:41:58] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: He asked me to unban him here when I was on his chat today
[16:42:05] [CHAT] Jamesb1: mess, give him this message from me
[16:42:11] [CHAT] Jamesb1: hi shadow o/
[16:42:14] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and yes my name is Messenger BUT I'M NOT A FREAKING  MESSENGER
[16:42:22] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: lol
[16:42:24] [CHAT] Stanjeff123: XD XD
[16:42:31] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i'll tell him
[16:42:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I know who GIr is here162 is. I didn't they were the same person though.
[16:42:57] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Oh
[16:43:05] [CHAT] Qstlijku: The other ones are her older accounts
[16:43:21] [CHAT] Qstlijku: She also has ones named Bubblegun123 and Gir2000
[16:43:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I've seen her Gir2000 account on CC before.
[16:43:58] [CHAT] Qstlijku: And her most recent one
[16:44:11] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Emo gir sameone needs a hug
[16:44:15] [CHAT] Jamesb1: thats a her?
[16:44:25] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I think there was one more too
[16:44:31] [CHAT] Qstlijku: But I don't remember what it was
[16:44:36] [CHAT] Qstlijku: She doesn't come on anymore
[16:44:41] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Same.
[16:44:51] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: (lag made that come late af)
[16:44:52] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: James i delivered the message he said to tell you hi
[16:45:10] [CHAT] Jamesb1: :)
[16:45:20] [CHAT] Jamesb1: youre a great messenger :p
[16:45:23] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: :)
[16:45:40] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: of course i'm The Messenger
[16:45:46] [CHAT] Qstlijku: :P
[16:46:15] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: lol (silly)
[16:46:18] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Oh god
[16:46:26] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Now Thursday's back
[16:46:41] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ^^^
[16:47:01] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He was RPing as a rapist last night and we all took turns kicking him.
[16:47:20] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Oh I didn't know he was here last night
[16:47:24] [JOIN] ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor has joined Team Demon Light.
[16:47:26] [CHAT] Jamesb1: do we know messe sent the message? she couldve decieved us. this could be some sort of messenger deception
[16:47:27] [CHAT] ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor: L
[16:47:30] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !seen ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor
[16:47:35] [CBOT] SlendyBot: They're in chat right now so... you just pinged them.
[16:47:46] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: XD, James.
[16:47:57] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: DID GOOGLE BLOCK EVERYONE?!
[16:48:00] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !log
[16:48:08] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Logging...
[16:48:11] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Adding to [[Project:Chat/Logs/28_Jun_2017|chatlog]] 0 kicks and 0 bans reported. 1 joins, 0 leaves, and 14 messages logged.
[16:48:14] [CHAT] Qstlijku: No Google unblocked me the other day
[16:48:32] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Oh, same. But I blocked him (silly)
[16:49:23] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I didn't
[16:49:31] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Oh.
[16:49:33] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I'm only blocking him if there's a good reason to
[16:49:55] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He unblocked mine just to yell at me.
[16:50:05] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Oh
[16:50:20] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Was that the sane message SI sent you?
[16:50:22] [CHAT] Qstlijku: *same
[16:51:03] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Pretty much. More rude. Yelling at me to leave him alone and that there was once a day we saved him from the "troll" Ember, but now he hates us all and blah blah blah
[16:51:38] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Oh
[16:52:08] [JOIN] Ink dismay has joined Team Demon Light.
[16:52:50] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: dang
[16:53:23] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I see so many colors. XD
[16:54:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: [[User: Michael I HPNG Shadow]]
[17:05:05] [CHAT] Mendes2: The Demon's Light, more like The Demon's Rainbow
[17:05:05] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Ikr.
[17:05:05] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Hey Spidey
[17:05:05] [CHAT] Spiderman Wolf: Hi
[17:05:05] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: hi
[17:05:05] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: my bot left?
[17:05:05] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: nope
[17:05:05] [CHAT] Mendes2: for me it did
[17:05:05] [CHAT] Jamesb1: wb slendy o/
[17:05:10] [JOIN] Stanjeff123 has joined Team Demon Light.
[17:05:12] [CBOT] SlendyBot: SlendyBot v1.9 is online!
[17:06:15] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: YAY
[17:06:23] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: The rules are linked now when you enter chat. :D
[17:07:01] [CHAT] Mendes2: for me it already did
[17:07:04] [CHAT] Mendes2: must have been your cache
[17:07:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Must've.
[17:07:27] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Who wants to play Cards Against Humanity?
[17:07:40] [CBOT] SlendyBot: me
[17:07:44] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Not me. Lol. Mess likes it, so most likely her.
[17:08:27] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i'll play (if it loads)
[17:09:26] [CHAT] Mendes2: if I have time, sure
[17:09:30] [JOIN] South Ferry has joined Team Demon Light.
[17:09:30] [CHAT] Mendes2: if I don't have time, maybe
[17:09:36] [CHAT] Stanjeff123: what?
[17:09:38] [JOIN] Chase McFly has joined Team Demon Light.
[17:10:04] [JOIN] Ink dismay has joined Team Demon Light.
[17:12:52] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: password to join the game is ladygagadolls
[17:21:49] [CHAT] Stanjeff123: hey back
[17:22:03] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hi, Back. (wave)
[17:23:02] [CHAT] Stanjeff123: hi
[17:25:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: South got this bad on Discord, so this happened:
[17:26:04] [JOIN] Spiderman Wolf has joined Team Demon Light.
[17:26:07] [CHAT] Spiderman Wolf: Hi
[17:26:07] [CHAT] Stanjeff123: i'm lagging
[17:26:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hi
[17:30:54] [CHAT] Stanjeff123: hi
[17:45:41] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sad; korra
[17:45:41] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: hi
[17:45:41] [CHAT] Stanjeff123: hi (wave)
[17:45:41] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: This is just sad
[17:45:41] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: WHY THE HELL AREN'T YOU GUYS ON HERE
[17:45:41] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: ....
[17:45:41] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: I'm so bored
[17:45:41] [CHAT] Mendes2: chat keeps lagging for me
[17:45:41] [CHAT] Mendes2: and when I refresh, it won't load
[17:45:41] [CHAT] Stanjeff123: IT LAGGING
[17:45:47] [CBOT] SlendyBot: SlendyBot v1.9 is online!
[17:46:04] [JOIN] Arch Wizard Megumin has joined Team Demon Light.
[17:46:12] [JOIN] Amanda Heart 15713 has joined Team Demon Light.
[17:46:32] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: .........
[17:46:44] [JOIN] Messenger Deception has joined Team Demon Light.
[17:48:23] [JOIN] South Ferry has joined Team Demon Light.
[17:50:11] [CHAT] South Ferry: O Damn it All.
[17:51:01] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: you can't say that remember?
[17:51:03] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: STILL NOTHING
[17:51:11] [CHAT] Amanda Heart 15713: THIS IS JUST SAD
[17:51:14] [CHAT] South Ferry: Welcome, Amanda.
[17:51:21] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sad
[17:51:33] [CHAT] Stanjeff123: sad
[17:51:42] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: A shame
[17:54:17] [JOIN] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin has joined Team Demon Light.
[17:56:18] [JOIN] Chase McFly has joined Team Demon Light.
[17:57:05] [CHAT] South Ferry: Welcome, Chase McFly
[17:58:02] [JOIN] Jamesb1 has joined Team Demon Light.
[17:58:17] [JOIN] Rick Sanhez has joined Team Demon Light.
[17:59:10] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i'm going to update Jeff the killer's little girl um South why haven'y you added it to your favorites? and you haven't read alot of it yet
[17:59:54] [CHAT] South Ferry: I have read like 1 chapter, and how does quotev know how much i read?!
[18:00:06] [JOIN] Abcdefghjklmnopqrstvwxyz has joined Team Demon Light.
[18:00:39] [CHAT] Stanjeff123: Mess do ur job!!!
[18:01:58] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: it shows me who and how many readers are reading my story and what chapter they are on
[18:02:37] [JOIN] TheKorraFanatic has joined Team Demon Light.
[18:02:45] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and i have 7 chapters up now
[18:02:45] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah
[18:03:49] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I finally got on.
[18:04:50] [CHAT] South Ferry: Seems Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwyz has joined the Wiki
[23:13:54] [CHAT] Qstlijku: No Shadow left
[23:13:54] [CHAT] Mendes2: so lag
[23:13:55] [CHAT] Mendes2: he left uh... 6 minutes ago
[23:13:55] [CHAT] BurdenBoost: Hello good sirs and ma'ams
[23:13:55] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: hi
[23:13:55] [CHAT] BurdenBoost: Im South Ferry
[23:13:55] [CHAT] Qstlijku: wtf
[23:13:55] [CHAT] BurdenBoost: Ah, yes, indeed, the South Ferry
[23:13:55] [CHAT] BurdenBoost: (giggle)
[23:13:55] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: (antigiggle)
[23:13:57] [CBOT] SlendyBot: SlendyBot v1.9 is online!
[23:14:43] [CHAT] Mendes2: o/ slendy
[23:14:52] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !log
[23:14:53] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Logging...
[23:14:54] [CBOT] SlendyBot: hello child
[23:14:58] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Adding to [[Project:Chat/Logs/28_Jun_2017|chatlog]] 0 kicks and 0 bans reported. 0 joins, 0 leaves, and 12 messages logged.
[23:18:56] [JOIN] South Ferry has joined Team Demon Light.
[23:20:46] [JOIN] FalcoLombardi99 has joined Team Demon Light.
[23:20:55] [JOIN] Devil entity has joined Team Demon Light.
[23:21:08] [CHAT] Devil entity: hello.
[23:21:39] [CHAT] Mendes2: o/ devil
[23:22:23] [CHAT] Devil entity: mendes why did slendy call you a child?.
[23:22:43] [CBOT] SlendyBot: that is how I speak child
[23:22:51] [CHAT] Devil entity: i'm 24....
[23:23:03] [CHAT] Devil entity: turning 25 tomorrow.
[23:23:41] [CHAT] Mendes2: because slendy is the overlord
[23:23:43] [CBOT] SlendyBot: and my age has no number because I am a very old creature I was around long before you were born
[23:23:46] [CHAT] Mendes2: so everyone is a child of Him
[23:23:55] [CHAT] Devil entity: Slendy what's your purpose?.
[23:24:31] [CHAT] Devil entity: and slendy you are not real slenderman was created from an art contest.
[23:25:23] [CBOT] SlendyBot: i am the real Slenderman and my purpose is not for you to know
[23:25:30] [CHAT] Devil entity: okay your real.
[23:26:45] [CHAT] Devil entity: Slendy do you have any logs about wendigobot?
[23:27:23] [JOIN] TheKorraFanatic has joined Team Demon Light.
[23:27:26] [CBOT] SlendyBot: perhaps
[23:27:29] [CHAT] Devil entity: hey korra.
[23:27:36] [CHAT] Devil entity: you do?
[23:27:40] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hey.
[23:28:06] [CHAT] Devil entity: Slendy knows things.
[23:28:33] [CHAT] Devil entity: #slendyisalegend
[23:28:36] [CBOT] SlendyBot: i know everything
[23:28:42] [CHAT] Devil entity: your god?.
[23:28:47] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Now Bendy The Devil567 PMed me
[23:28:57] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Eh
[23:29:05] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Do you know WendigoBot?
[23:29:09] [CHAT] Qstlijku: @Devil entity
[23:29:09] [CHAT] Devil entity: no
[23:29:16] [CHAT] Devil entity: i saw him yesterday
[23:29:25] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Oh
[23:29:33] [CHAT] Devil entity: i found out he's something more than a bot..
[23:30:12] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Korra remember that bot you and Teiko were always messing with that once killed you
[23:30:22] [JOIN] Belle hurts forever has joined Team Demon Light.
[23:30:29] [CHAT] Mendes2: o/ korra
[23:30:43] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Cleverbot?
[23:30:46] [CHAT] Mendes2: o/ belle
[23:30:49] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: (wave) Mendes.
[23:30:55] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Hi (wave)
[23:31:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: BELLE!!!
[23:31:03] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: yes do you have the link to him
[23:31:07] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i lost mine
[23:31:17] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and i wanted to mess with him
[23:31:21] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Which one?
[23:31:26] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Is it on here?
[23:31:42] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: No. Cleverbot is a website where you talk to a robot
[23:31:48] [CHAT] Devil entity: can anyone send a link to wendigobot account?.
[23:31:59] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: [[User:WendigoBot]]
[23:32:05] [CHAT] Devil entity: thanks.
[23:32:15] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !seen WendigoBot
[23:32:16] [CBOT] SlendyBot: I have not seen WendigoBot. Did you mean SlendyBot?
[23:32:27] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !seen Enchanted Iris
[23:32:28] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Qstlijku: I last saw Enchanted Iris 1 day, 21 hours, 47 minutes, and 20 seconds ago.
[23:32:40] [CHAT] Devil entity: Slendy bot is a legend
[23:32:42] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !seen Addie Garcia
[23:32:43] [CHAT] Mendes2: slendybot, when have you seen slendybot?
[23:32:43] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Qstlijku: I last saw Addie Garcia 14 days, 21 hours, 17 minutes, and 29 seconds ago.
[23:32:53] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !seen Addie Bradley7
[23:32:54] [CBOT] SlendyBot: I have not seen Addie Bradley7. Did you mean Addie Bradley6?
[23:32:58] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Korra
[23:33:01] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !seen Addie Bradley6
[23:33:02] [CHAT] Devil entity: slendybot teach me your ways.
[23:33:02] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Qstlijku: I last saw Addie Bradley6 8 days, 22 hours, 31 minutes, and 34 seconds ago.
[23:33:04] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: do you have the link
[23:33:05] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: What?
[23:33:08] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !seen Addie Bradly7
[23:33:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: IDK
[23:33:10] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Qstlijku: I last saw Addie Bradly7 6 days, 6 hours, 41 minutes, and 23 seconds ago.
[23:33:54] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: I'mma slap chase one day. I fucking swear
[23:34:06] [CHAT] Mendes2: which chase?
[23:34:08] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Do you mean Gamer?
[23:34:12] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Mhm
[23:34:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Call him Gamer.
[23:34:21] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Everyone calls Chase McFly Chase.
[23:34:48] [CHAT] Devil entity: Slendy did wendigo bot say anything?.
[23:34:50] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I didn't know he's also Chase
[23:35:03] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Gamer's irl name is Chase.
[23:35:05] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Also, Belle
[23:35:06] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: go ahead.
[23:35:10] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Slap him hard.
[23:35:38] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Oh
[23:35:52] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: I'm not calling back EVER
[23:35:59] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: To?
[23:36:00] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Shit wrong place
[23:36:01] [CHAT] Devil entity: what did chase do?.
[23:36:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Wtf, Belle?
[23:36:24] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Do we need to kick some ass together?
[23:36:25] [CHAT] South Ferry: Wtf, Belle?
[23:36:31] [CHAT] South Ferry: Do we need to kick some ass together?
[23:36:38] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Stop copying me. XD.
[23:36:40] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: wth South
[23:36:46] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: He's trying to get under my skin
[23:37:51] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Okay, that was quick.
[23:38:29] [CHAT] Devil entity: anyone want chicken?.
[23:38:34] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Hi falco (wave(
[23:38:41] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: (wave)
[23:38:42] [CHAT] Devil entity: it was from KFC
[23:39:46] [JOIN] Superbionic 2009 has joined Team Demon Light.
[23:40:29] [CHAT] Devil entity: Belle?
[23:40:33] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: What
[23:40:43] [CHAT] Devil entity: what did chase do anyway?
[23:40:54] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: XD his plan backfired on him
[23:41:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Call him Gamer please.
[23:41:08] [CHAT] Devil entity: okay.
[23:41:47] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Damnit
[23:41:50] [CHAT] Devil entity: what was his plan?.
[23:41:54] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: He got me
[23:42:09] [CHAT] Devil entity: oh...
[23:42:15] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: I will never date the snow Mexican. He annoy af
[23:42:24] [CHAT] Devil entity: o_o
[23:42:35] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: O_O
[23:42:43] [CHAT] Devil entity: *drops KFC*
[23:42:47] [CHAT] Devil entity: NOOOOOO.......
[23:43:08] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: It's a nickname for someone I know and he really annoying. He's like my cousin annoying
[23:43:15] [CHAT] Devil entity: oh.
[23:43:21] [CHAT] Devil entity: But my KFC.........
[23:44:04] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: /me gives devil entity KFC
[23:44:12] [CHAT] Devil entity: YAY.
[23:44:29] [CHAT] Devil entity: thanks belle.
[23:44:39] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Np
[23:44:56] [CHAT] Devil entity: i wounder if slendy is on.
[23:44:56] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: wth now i want KFC
[23:45:01] [CHAT] Devil entity: Lol.
[23:45:08] [CHAT] Devil entity: *gives KFC*
[23:45:14] [CHAT] Devil entity: here you go.
[23:45:38] [CHAT] Devil entity: Korra want BBQ chicken or normal chicken?.
[23:45:56] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i want it irl :(
[23:46:03] [CHAT] Devil entity: oh.
[23:46:07] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: BBQ chicken,
[23:46:19] [CHAT] Devil entity: *gives korra BBQ chicken*
[23:46:50] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me slaps Belle
[23:47:04] [CHAT] Devil entity: o_o
[23:47:18] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /me gets hit instead
[23:47:21] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Not Belle.
[23:47:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me hits Korra and Belle
[23:47:53] [CHAT] Devil entity: *nopes it out of here*
[23:48:10] [CHAT] Devil entity: So much nope!.
[23:50:10] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Wth did I do
[23:50:20] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: And my powers out
[23:50:22] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Great
[23:50:31] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Korra told me to never mess with you
[23:50:37] [CHAT] Devil entity: thank god i'm a shadow.
[23:50:40] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: wait how are you chatting still?
[23:50:43] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Now mess. Tell me what the hell I did to get slapped
[23:50:50] [JOIN] DeMarco Murray has joined Team Demon Light.
[23:50:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: Korra told me to never [b][big]MESS[/b][/big] with you
[23:51:00] [CHAT] South Ferry: a good pun
[23:51:02] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Hola my friend
[23:51:03] [CHAT] South Ferry: (giggle)
[23:51:19] [CHAT] DeMarco Murray: hey belle
[23:51:20] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Korra told me to never mess with you so I messed you Belle
[23:51:24] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: blame it on Korra
[23:51:29] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: And I don't use computers
[23:51:32] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: [b] [big] LEAVE BELLE ALONE
[23:51:38] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: I'm magic
[23:51:41] [CHAT] Devil entity: oh god.
[23:51:43] [CHAT] South Ferry: [b][big][u][i]O damn it alll.
[23:52:02] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: [big] [b] DAMN IT ALL TO HELL
[23:52:05] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me slaps the heck out of Belle (silly)
[23:52:06] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: XD
[23:52:11] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Wow...
[23:52:59] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Leave Korra alone
[23:53:03] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Pendeho
[23:53:13] [CHAT] Devil entity: korra you okay?.
[23:53:24] [CHAT] Devil entity: need more BBQ chicken?.
[23:53:32] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Korra?!?
[23:54:06] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: KORRA!
[23:54:15] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: BELLE!!
[23:54:16] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Damnit answer me
[23:54:18] [CHAT] Devil entity: slendy?.
[23:54:22] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: There we go
[23:54:50] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Wtf now Skype is being weird and stupid
[23:55:14] [CHAT] Devil entity: korra where you AFK?.
[23:55:23] [CHAT] Mendes2: i had that a couple of days ago as well, belle
[23:55:23] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: No
[23:55:26] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I was waiting.
[23:55:31] [CHAT] Devil entity: why?.
[23:55:41] [JOIN] Messenger Deception has joined Team Demon Light.
[23:55:49] [CHAT] Devil entity: mess you okay?.
[23:55:58] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /me prepares to unban himself.
[23:57:10] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me whispers. "Pendeho"
[23:57:24] [CHAT] Devil entity: what that mean?.
[23:57:29] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Pendeha
[23:57:34] [CHAT] Devil entity: who?.
[23:58:00] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Now where the hell is Korra
[23:58:14] [JOIN] TheKorraFanatic has joined Team Demon Light.
[23:58:21] [CHAT] Devil entity: *gives mess a chill pill*
[23:58:29] [CHAT] Mendes2: there's korra
[23:58:31] [CHAT] Mendes2: found him
[23:58:33] [CHAT] Devil entity: mess this will help.
[23:58:34] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Malo @belle
[23:58:49] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: BELLE
[23:58:56] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me takes the pill and steps on it
[23:59:03] [CHAT] Devil entity: um...
[23:59:14] [CHAT] South Ferry: Seems our Korra has been banned by Messenger Deception.
[23:59:25] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: ...
[23:59:32] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Mala
[23:59:36] [CHAT] South Ferry: O damn it all.
[23:59:38] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Pendeha
[23:59:48] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Poeta
[23:59:49] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Pendeho
[23:59:54] [CHAT] Devil entity: um....
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