[00:03:15] [CHAT] South Ferry: Alright
[00:03:15] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: You didn't call me that did you? XD
[00:03:15] [CHAT] South Ferry: I will have a look Korra.
[00:03:15] [CHAT] South Ferry: [[MediaWiki:Chat.css]]
[00:03:16] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: /me hugs and kisses Lea
[00:03:16] [CHAT] Lea l HPNG Angelz: /me hugs and kisses Mike
[00:03:16] [CHAT] Qstlijku: And there went the bot and Mess
[00:03:16] [CHAT] South Ferry: li[data-user="FalcoLombardi99:"] .username {
           [CHAT]     color: #00008b;
           [CHAT]     font-weight: bold;
           [CHAT] }
[00:03:16] [CHAT] South Ferry: Korra what is the purpose of the : after 9, tell me.
[00:03:16] [CHAT] South Ferry: :P
[00:03:16] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: oh, that messed it up, didn't it?
[00:03:16] [CBOT] SlendyBot: SlendyBot v1.9 is online!
[00:03:22] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: (facepalm)
[00:03:22] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !log
[01:01:17] [CHAT] Meowrails: im ok at it
[01:01:17] [CHAT] Meowrails: im drawing atm
[01:01:17] [CHAT] Meowrails: when im done i will show you all!
[01:01:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Cool.
[01:01:17] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: Hey
[01:01:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hi, Cup.
[01:01:17] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: hey Korra
[01:01:17] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Hi
[01:01:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hi, Q.
[01:01:17] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: hi
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[01:01:25] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !log
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[01:02:10] [JOIN] Belle hurts forever has joined Team Demon Light.
[01:02:17] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I see Mist is here
[01:02:46] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Yep
[01:02:53] [CHAT] Qstlijku: The bot hadn't been here?
[01:03:06] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Ember is about to be demoted if she doesn't agree toedit we can't have a mod who refuses to edit the wikik
[01:03:08] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: wiki*
[01:03:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: :(
[01:03:35] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: sorry Korra but you know it's true
[01:03:42] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Well I don't edit much...
[01:03:52] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: but you still edit
[01:04:05] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: she refuses to get one edit
[01:04:11] [CHAT] Qstlijku: ok
[01:05:08] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Jerome and Goth really need to go to PM on CC chat
[01:05:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ikr
[01:05:16] [JOIN] DemisionalDarkgirl has joined Team Demon Light.
[01:05:20] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Hi ddg
[01:05:21] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and Korra we can't have one rule for everyone else and another rule for Ember it's not fair and they should Q
[01:05:23] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: hey DDG
[01:05:24] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hi
[01:05:36] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i am so nervous excited
[01:05:37] [CHAT] South Ferry: ah
[01:05:39] [CHAT] South Ferry: O Damn it All!
[01:05:49] [CHAT] South Ferry: Mess said to STFU when I called for demotion, now she is calling for it
[01:05:49] [JOIN] Scarlet Outlaw has joined Team Demon Light.
[01:05:49] [CBOT] SlendyBot: South Ferry, please don't swear!
[01:05:54] [CHAT] South Ferry: O Damn, Damn!
[01:06:01] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hi, Scar.
[01:06:07] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i get to go a bonfire
[01:06:07] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: whats with the extra damn
[01:06:12] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Swear checking disabled.
[01:06:12] [CHAT] South Ferry: Welcome, Scarlet Outlaw.
[01:06:27] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i was in my rebel mode
[01:06:29] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: my chat froze
[01:06:30] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hello scar
[01:06:32] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: that is over now
[01:06:33] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: hi
[01:06:52] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: hi
[01:06:56] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: mess discord dm
[01:06:58] [CHAT] Qstlijku: btw did Addie show up today?
[01:07:13] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i got kicked off my school band ;(
[01:07:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Nope
[01:07:18] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: um no
[01:07:19] [CHAT] Qstlijku: ok
[01:07:53] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: we have another drummer they decided to use her for the two songs ;(
[01:07:57] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: hey falco
[01:08:03] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Ember?
[01:08:08] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: ddg are they better then u
[01:08:19] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: well they knew the beat
[01:08:20] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: ?
[01:08:39] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: ddg just practice more
[01:08:41] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: but i only just learn't it bc they didn't let me on the drum kit
[01:08:45] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: Did ya want something? @mess
[01:08:57] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: ddg do u have a drum kit at your place
[01:09:07] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: one can you at else get some edits and 2 do you know what i always say when people ask if i know you
[01:09:17] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: no there is no room because we don't have a big house
[01:09:20] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Mess can you take control of Slendy?
[01:09:22] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: what do you say?
[01:09:24] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: rip
[01:09:25] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: and how many edits?
[01:09:32] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !log
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[01:09:39] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: ddg i been playing the drums since i was 5
[01:10:01] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: lucky
[01:10:10] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i say "Yes i know Ember she is like a little sister to me." and maybe about 10
[01:10:16] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: i only just started this year
[01:10:25] [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl: btw mess how are you
[01:10:31] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: oh ok ddg
[01:11:09] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I'm leaving Slendy now
[01:11:10] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !log
[01:35:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I have to say
[01:35:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: that was random af.
[01:35:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I don't even know why I did that and I was the one who did it. lol
[01:35:13] [CHAT] Qstlijku: lol
[01:35:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: lol
[01:35:13] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: You scared me omg!
[01:35:13] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: hi belle
[01:35:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /me whispers/yells BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO in Belle's ear.
[01:35:13] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: he Belle
[01:35:13] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: hey*
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[01:35:17] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !log
[01:35:20] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Logging...
[01:35:22] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Now im pissed off really bad
[01:35:24] [CBOT] SlendyBot: An error occurred. Reverting logs to a non-broken state...
[01:35:37] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Really Slendy?
[01:35:48] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !log
[01:35:51] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Logging...
[01:35:54] [CBOT] SlendyBot: I'm so sorry Q ;(
[01:35:57] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Q broke the bot. smh
[01:36:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: OMG
[01:36:13] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: /me starts to kick the wall as hard as possible
[01:36:38] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Don't abuse the wall.
[01:36:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: lol
[01:36:53] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Jerome Joker Valeska
           [CHAT] Alice!
           [CHAT] 8:35
           [CHAT] Aiyooweiijii26
           [CHAT] Is this random users chat box??
           [CHAT] 8:35
           [CHAT] Devil entity
           [CHAT] Jerome be nice.
           [CHAT] 8:35
           [CHAT] Jerome Joker Valeska
           [CHAT] Never
           [CHAT] DemisionalDarkgirl has left the chat. 
           [CHAT] 8:35
           [CHAT] Jerome Joker Valeska
           [CHAT] Make me
           [CHAT] 8:35
           [CHAT] Devil entity
           [CHAT] you will get banned...
           [CHAT] 8:35
           [CHAT] Jerome Joker Valeska
           [CHAT] Hahaha
           [CHAT] So?
           [CHAT] Thunderbird1InternationalRescue has left the chat. 
           [CHAT] 8:35
           [CHAT] Devil entity
           [CHAT] that's a bad thing
           [CHAT] 8:35
           [CHAT] Jerome Joker Valeska
           [CHAT] Idc
           [CHAT] 8:36
           [CHAT] Devil entity
           [CHAT] ok.
           [CHAT] 8:36
           [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic
           [CHAT] TyA?
           [CHAT] 8:36
           [CHAT] Jerome Joker Valeska
           [CHAT] Tehe
           [CHAT] Plus I I did nothing
[01:37:06] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !test
[01:37:09] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: I pissed
[01:37:09] [CBOT] SlendyBot: ʇsǝʇ¡
[01:37:21] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !log
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[01:37:42] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: /me starts to punch the wall
[01:37:45] [CHAT] Qstlijku: There you go Slendy
[01:37:51] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Eh
[01:37:55] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /me joins her
[01:37:59] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Belle why did you block Slendy?
[01:38:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Where ever thou goest, I goest.
[01:38:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /me attacks the wall like a madman
[01:38:19] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: ?
[01:38:20] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I thought you blocked Belle @Slendy
[01:38:20] [CBOT] SlendyBot: lol
[01:38:29] [CBOT] SlendyBot: no
[01:38:36] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Belle blocked me ;(
[01:38:40] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Brb need to refresh and I did?
[01:38:48] [JOIN] Messenger Deception has joined Team Demon Light.
[01:38:51] [CBOT] SlendyBot: YES
[01:38:57] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Hi Mess
[01:38:59] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Damn
[01:39:01] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /me hits the wall with a sledge hammer
[01:39:06] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: finely i'm back
[01:39:10] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Okay chill
[01:39:24] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: bye guys
[01:39:24] [CHAT] CupCakeBabeXX: talk in 2 days
[01:39:30] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Bye cup
[01:39:42] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Bye, Cup.
[01:39:42] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Bye Cup
[01:40:01] [CHAT] Qstlijku: brb
[01:40:06] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: kk
[01:41:02] [JOIN] Frankiesinatra20 has joined Team Demon Light.
[01:41:04] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Nooo damn demon
[01:41:37] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: What are you guys talking about
[01:42:09] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: No clue
[01:42:46] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: now Belle why were you mad
[01:43:50] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Because my uncle got a teddy bear with one fucking try and I had to send about 10 fucking dollars and didn't get anything 😤😤😡😡
[01:44:20] [CHAT] Twixtie: ????
[01:44:26] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Other than that I'm not mad at anyone
[01:44:29] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: 😤😤😡😡
[01:44:37] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: 😡😡😡😡
[01:44:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: 😡😡😡😡
[01:45:20] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Now I also have a headache and I'm in a car too
[01:45:33] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: What the fucj
[01:45:35] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: typo
[01:45:40] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: fuck
[01:46:03] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: [[User:BaronessLagomorph]]
[01:49:32] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !log
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[01:49:54] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: !on
[01:49:54] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: !speak i love my creator
[01:49:55] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Already up and running!
[01:49:57] [CBOT] SlendyBot: i love my creator
[01:50:14] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: aww i love you so Slendy!
[01:50:20] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Did Mist ever say anything when she joined?
[01:50:23] [CBOT] SlendyBot: /me hugs Mess
[01:50:26] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: !google my divorce documents
[01:50:28] [CBOT] SlendyBot:
[01:50:32] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: lol
[01:50:39] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me hugs back
[01:50:40] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me hugs back
[01:50:41] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I don't event think she said Hi, Q>
[01:50:50] [CHAT] Qstlijku: She was away when I joined
[01:52:13] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Oh
[01:53:35] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Devil entity:
           [CHAT] thank god jerome isn't here. 
           [CHAT]  8:53 
           [CHAT] Jerome Joker Valeska:
           [CHAT] Or so you thought
[01:53:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Devil entity:
           [CHAT] oh god
[01:53:46] [CHAT] Qstlijku: lol
[01:53:55] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: lol
[01:54:01] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: lol
[01:54:42] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: You know, ALice and Goth DO NOT act the same
[01:54:58] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: until Mess told me last night irl Alice and Goth were the same person, I had no clue that they were.
[01:55:07] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: goth sent me a weird empty pm to me today idk why
[01:55:20] [CHAT] Qstlijku: ^
[01:55:23] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Mostly
[01:55:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Alice just acted so weird.
[01:55:35] [CHAT] Qstlijku: No Alice was normal
[01:55:36] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I had no clue they were the same person.
[01:55:42] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Goth acted so weird
[01:55:47] [CHAT] Qstlijku: XD
[01:55:57] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: You must not remember the deer following her home and talking to her story.
[01:56:12] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Well except for when Alice's mother was using her account
[01:56:25] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Was that story on her Alice the dancing demon account?
[01:56:27] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: true, that was odd af
[01:56:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Yes
[01:56:42] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Devil entity:
           [CHAT] wait Qstlijku what did you and jerome last night?. 
           [CHAT] you look stiff
[01:56:43] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: wtf?
[01:56:46] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: why would her own mother user her account
[01:57:07] [CHAT] Qstlijku: idk
[01:57:15] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Unless it was her pretending to be her mother
[01:57:27] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Anyway
[01:57:33] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Dun dun dunnn
[01:57:39] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: wait
[01:57:42] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i understand that
[01:57:48] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Alice just acted insane.
[01:57:50] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: she was trying to break up with GJ
[01:57:51] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I'm not gonna be friends with her anymore
[01:58:05] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I am honestly thinking about it too.
[01:58:21] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i was never friends with her so oh well
[01:58:28] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I'm trying to decide if I should tell her that or just not say anything
[01:58:34] [JOIN] Lea l HPNG Angelz has joined Team Demon Light.
[01:58:41] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hmmmm
[01:59:01] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: So, what did Q and Jerome do last night? I am so confused.
[01:59:17] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: IDK and i don't wanna know
[01:59:21] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Jerome is confused too
[01:59:33] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Everyone is
[01:59:36] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: jerome is a interesting person
[01:59:42] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Wait
[01:59:47] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: he is a nut job
[01:59:49] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Jerome wasn't even on last night
[01:59:50] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Does this describe how insane she is
[01:59:53] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: lol mess
[01:59:56] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: just like the joker
[01:59:59] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Two days ago was when he wanted to "squash my beef"
[02:00:05] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ...
[02:00:09] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: wtf
[02:00:12] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ......
[02:00:27] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: .....
[02:00:34] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Wut
[02:00:36] [CBOT] SlendyBot: .....
[02:00:36] [CHAT] Qstlijku: lol
[02:00:37] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: when did Q get any beef
[02:00:42] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Jerome Joker Valeska:
           [CHAT] I wasn't even here last  
           [CHAT]  8:59 
           [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic:
           [CHAT] wtf? 
           [CHAT]  8:59 
           [CHAT] Jerome Joker Valeska:
           [CHAT] Night  
           [CHAT] ~ Mario&LuigiBowser'sInsideStory has left the chat.  ~
           [CHAT]  8:59 
           [CHAT] Jerome Joker Valeska:
           [CHAT] This guy Hahaha 
           [CHAT]  9:00 
           [CHAT] Qstlijku:
           [CHAT] Yeah 
           [CHAT] Two nights ago I last saw Jerome 
           [CHAT] Not last night 
           [CHAT]  9:00 
           [CHAT] Devil entity:
           [CHAT] oh god.
[02:01:18] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: may we change the topic
[02:01:20] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: ok that was awkward
[02:01:23] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I love Arby's.
[02:01:28] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: me to
[02:01:37] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: ok weird again
[02:01:41] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me goes afk
[02:01:49] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: rip mess
[02:02:02] [CHAT] Qstlijku: I've never been to Arby's
[02:02:11] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: same Q
[02:02:15] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: WAT
[02:02:17] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: WHAT
[02:02:20] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: You people suck!!
[02:02:22] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: jjkjkjkjjkkjkj
[02:02:24] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !log
[02:02:27] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Logging...
[02:02:29] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Adding to [[Project:Chat/Logs/24_Jun_2017|chatlog]] 0 kicks and 0 bans reported. 1 joins, 0 leaves, and 62 messages logged.
[02:02:38] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: there isn't an arby's in new york
[02:02:41] [CHAT] Qstlijku: They don't have very many in my area either
[02:02:49] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ew ew ew ew ew
[02:02:52] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: the microwave was just on fire damn
[02:02:55] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Did you see what Jerome just said?
[02:02:59] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ew ew ew ew
[02:03:03] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Yeah
[02:03:04] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: damn mess
[02:03:07] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Well I gotta go
[02:03:12] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Bye, Q. (wave)
[02:03:13] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Bye everyone
[02:03:26] [CHAT] Twixtie: /me starts to cry
[02:03:29] [CHAT] Twixtie: its so...
[02:03:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: (wave)
[02:03:32] [CHAT] Twixtie: so... soo....
[02:03:33] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /me hugs her
[02:03:35] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Q isn't it like 4 am for u
[02:03:45] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: bye Q
[02:03:46] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: dem Yankees don't respect the beef 'n chedder
[02:03:58] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: frankie is being rude
[02:03:59] [CHAT] Twixtie: /me fangirls
[02:04:05] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: it's 9:03 for Q he has the same time as us
[02:04:07] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Q lives in Texas.
[02:04:08] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: i am not a yankee
[02:04:17] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: really mess
[02:04:17] [JOIN] Rick Sanhez has joined Team Demon Light.
[02:04:25] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: i thought Q lived in england
[02:04:38] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Scar you are so a Yankee
[02:04:44] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: and Q lives in texas
[02:04:48] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Lmao
[02:04:48] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: rip
[02:05:08] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: he was in Sheveport a few weeks ago
[02:05:12] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: oh ok
[02:05:15] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: God damn Yankees
[02:05:15] [CHAT] Meowrails: back everyone
[02:05:32] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: korra this isn't 1865
[02:05:34] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: we could have met him if our parents weren't the way they are
[02:05:36] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hi
[02:05:40] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: the civil war is over
[02:05:46] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Scar you are a damn yankee
[02:05:53] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: rip rip rip
[02:05:56] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: face it and live with it
[02:05:58] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: You're a god damn yankee!
[02:06:10] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ^^^^^
[02:06:12] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: /me looks down ashamed
[02:06:33] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me hugs Scar "yankees are cool."
[02:06:41] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: /me hugs mess
[02:06:43] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: thanks
[02:07:07] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: you're welcome
[02:07:36] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: What have I done
[02:08:10] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: You a yankee too?
[02:08:36] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: No I'm from North Carolina
[02:08:41] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: damn the yankees are taking over
[02:08:48] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: lol
[02:08:54] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: yankees?
[02:09:06] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: yankee spankee
[02:09:11] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: whats a yankee?
[02:09:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Yankee
[02:09:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I am in love with a yankee.
[02:09:20] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: a new yorker
[02:09:24] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: okay
[02:09:28] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: korra check SA
[02:09:34] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: this moment is filled with tension
[02:09:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ikr
[02:09:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: lol
[02:09:55] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: welli am a city person
[02:12:40] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Yeah I know I'm a asshole
[02:13:48] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw:
           [CHAT] mess listen to this song
[02:14:26] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ok
[02:14:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic:
[02:14:34] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: :)
[02:14:36] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I may have tired to kick Jerome
[02:16:09] [CHAT] Rick Sanhez: why though
[02:16:19] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He's annoying.
[02:16:35] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: and filthy as hell on main chat
[02:17:00] [JOIN] HPNG Apex has joined Team Demon Light.
[02:17:48] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: /me sprays some Febreze
[02:18:44] [CHAT] Rick Sanhez: complain to a mod
[02:18:46] [CHAT] Twixtie: its the 24th not 23rd
[02:18:59] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: we are used to modding here it's hard to hold in the mod in us when we see that but we did
[02:19:07] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: @twix its the 23rd still
[02:19:12] [CHAT] Twixtie: no
[02:19:18] [CHAT] Twixtie: its 24th
[02:19:18] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: yes
[02:19:21] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: its the 23rd
[02:19:25] [CHAT] Twixtie: no
[02:19:30] [CHAT] Twixtie: 24th
[02:19:38] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: nope
[02:19:41] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: it's the 23rd
[02:19:43] [CHAT] Twixtie: yes
[02:19:45] [CHAT] Twixtie: no
[02:19:47] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: yes
[02:20:16] [CHAT] Twixtie: ok whatever but anyways
[02:20:21] [CHAT] Twixtie: ITS SO HOT
[02:20:24] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: lol
[02:20:33] [CHAT] Twixtie: UGH
[02:20:42] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: do u feel the sweat on you body
[02:20:42] [CHAT] Twixtie: /me fans herself
[02:20:42] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: What's hot
[02:20:47] [CHAT] Twixtie: ANIME BOYS
[02:20:48] [CHAT] Twixtie: UGHHHHHH
[02:20:49] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: her body is ready
[02:20:55] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: oh god
[02:21:01] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: frankie wtf
[02:21:03] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: XD
[02:21:22] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: twix do u have ac in your place
[02:21:30] [CHAT] Twixtie: NO
[02:21:33] [CHAT] Twixtie: IT BROKE
[02:21:35] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: rip
[02:22:04] [CHAT] Twixtie: MY HEART
[02:22:13] [JOIN] Michael I HPNG Shadow has joined Team Demon Light.
[02:22:23] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Wtf
[02:22:40] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Twixtie, please lower the caps (eyes)
[02:22:52] [JOIN] ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor has joined Team Demon Light.
[02:22:54] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: I can see recent comments too.
[02:23:01] [CHAT] ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor: I'm back
[02:23:04] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: shadow chill out
[02:23:04] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Hello Greaves
[02:23:08] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: its ok to caps a little
[02:23:11] [CHAT] ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor: Hey Mickeal
[02:23:25] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Scarlet Outlaw, please don't mini mod and please call me Michael
[02:23:40] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: pls don't be rude mike
[02:23:46] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Hello South Ferry
[02:24:12] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Scarlet Outlaw, PM
[02:24:26] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: why?
[02:24:52] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: did anyone get a weirdpm from Imiss right now
[02:24:56] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: *weird pm
[02:25:04] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: No
[02:25:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: nah
[02:25:17] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: I have currently got one PM open and that was with you @Scarlet Outlaw
[02:25:24] [CHAT] Twixtie: /me runs over to HP
[02:25:34] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: HP?
[02:25:35] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: weird
[02:25:48] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: TheKorraFanatic: do not say nah it's rude
[02:26:03] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor is a old friend
[02:26:14] [CHAT] Twixtie: /me falls down and crawls over to mess
[02:26:16] [CHAT] Twixtie: ugghhhh
[02:26:18] [CHAT] Twixtie: messss
[02:26:20] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: It is?
[02:26:21] [CHAT] Twixtie: help meeee
[02:26:23] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Nah is rude?
[02:26:25] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: How?
[02:26:34] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor
           [CHAT] Temple of the Tigers
           [CHAT] 10:24
           [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw
           [CHAT] what
           [CHAT] 10:24
           [CHAT] ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor
           [CHAT] I am an 18 foot long King cobra who has gotten into lots of fights with Bengal Tigers
           [CHAT] 10:26
           [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw
           [CHAT] wtf bro
[02:26:40] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: wtf is right
[02:26:51] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: What are you guys talking about
[02:27:01] [CHAT] ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor: It happens a lot in Asia, I watch too much documentaries
[02:27:02] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: scroll up and read it
[02:27:55] [CHAT] ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor: It wasn't obscene or anything though sorry
[02:27:58] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Welcome back FalcoLombardi99
[02:28:13] [CHAT] Twixtie: boys mess... anime boys... so.... freking..... HOT
[02:28:15] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He's modding. It's beautiful.
[02:28:19] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: @Greaves, that's ok, just please reframe from that.
[02:28:22] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: IKR KPG
[02:28:26] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: it is Korra
[02:28:31] [CHAT] Twixtie: MY HEART IS BEATING SO FAST
[02:28:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ikr
[02:28:39] [CHAT] Twixtie: /me faints
[02:28:42] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i love anime boys
[02:28:46] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: well then
[02:28:49] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /me cries from the beauty of Shadow's modding.
[02:28:51] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me faints
[02:28:58] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: :O
[02:29:02] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: K I'm back and wth did I walk into
[02:29:11] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /me hugs Belle crying
[02:29:19] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: /me gets some air and water for mess
[02:29:21] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Shadow modded like a true mod and it was beautiful.
[02:29:21] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Ummm
[02:29:26] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: /me is confused
[02:29:30] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: /me hugs back
[02:29:38] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Me too
[02:29:43] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Wth is happening
[02:29:53] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: I'm just making sure people are following the rules
[02:29:57] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: idk belle
[02:29:59] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Ik
[02:30:07] [CHAT] Twixtie: Other girls in google searches vs me
           [CHAT] other girls: "anime boys"
[02:30:10] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: and it's beautiful, Shadow.
[02:30:10] [CHAT] ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor: Who's shadow, is he a black jaguar
[02:30:18] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: shadow is like joseph Stalin
[02:30:18] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: wth?
[02:30:21] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: What u got is.... Mess and twix fainting
[02:30:28] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: But why
[02:30:38] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Over ugly anime boys
[02:30:41] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: lol
[02:30:46] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Thursday, Shadow is a user on this chat
[02:30:49] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Scarlet Outlaw, I am not like Joseph Stalin, please don't call me any more names
[02:30:53] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Anime boys are hit what are you talking about
[02:30:57] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Hot*
[02:30:59] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: hit?
[02:31:00] [CHAT] ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor: Oh my bad
[02:31:01] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: lol
[02:31:14] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Anime boys are so freaking hot
[02:31:16] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Hot miss speelling
[02:31:19] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Yes they are
[02:31:25] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: fine i think anime girls are hotter
[02:31:45] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: No anime boys are WAY hotter
[02:31:55] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: anime girls are hotter
[02:31:57] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ANIME BOYS ARE TOO HOT
[02:32:04] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: IM TOTALLY FANGIRLING
[02:32:07] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Yeah, anime boys are hot especially the ones with six pack abs
[02:32:08] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Scarlet Out
[02:32:08] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: anime girls are super duper hot
[02:32:13] [CHAT] Rick Sanhez: anime hermaphrodites are best tbch
[02:32:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ikr Falco
[02:32:44] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: *Scarlet Outlaw, please stop trying to argue with me in PM. I have blocked your PM for the next 10 minutes
[02:32:54] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: ok idk
[02:32:58] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He's so professional.
[02:33:03] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: It's beautiful.
[02:33:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: It's like we kidnapped a CC mod
[02:33:10] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: XD
[02:33:13] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: lol
[02:33:18] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: i wasn't arguing
[02:33:25] [CHAT] Rick Sanhez: who @korra
[02:33:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Shadow, Rick.
[02:33:47] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: shadow u are being unfair
[02:33:55] [CHAT] Rick Sanhez: i disagree but whatever
[02:34:03] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He's usually not professional. lol
[02:34:42] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: ok chill out shadow
[02:35:08] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: I'm sorry, I am too hot to "chill out"
[02:35:11] [CHAT] Twixtie: AHHHH
[02:35:12] [CHAT] Twixtie: OH NO
[02:35:17] [CHAT] ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor: Roasted
[02:35:32] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: wow
[02:35:35] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: XD
[02:36:11] [CHAT] ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor: Btw instead of calling me Imiss can you please call me Greaves or Mr. Greaves,
[02:36:43] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: How about Thursday?
[02:37:10] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Scarlet Outlaw, I am going to ask you once to calm down before typing because you seem to be mad. I advise you to have a few deep breaths, come and apologize to everyone for the drama then we can all move on
[02:37:17] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: i am calm
[02:37:27] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: u are the one thats not
[02:37:31] [CHAT] ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor: Oh I meant for users other than you or Messanger, I'm fine with. Both of you calling me Thursday
[02:37:33] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: pls leave me alone shadow
[02:37:54] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Scarlet Outlaw, please call me Michael from now on
[02:37:58] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Scar aren't you the one begging for another chance?
[02:37:58] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: ok sorry
[02:38:13] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: yes
[02:38:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: this ain't gonna help you earn that chance
[02:39:03] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: May we end this conversation? I feel like an argument is about to dtart
[02:39:05] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: *Start
[02:39:14] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: We should all do something
[02:39:15] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: mess, shadow was being rude to me
[02:39:18] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: i am sorry
[02:39:25] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: i am going to shut up now
[02:39:31] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Like discuss a certain subject or play a game in main
[02:39:38] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Ok
[02:40:15] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Type ";)" if you want to talk about something or type ":/" if you wanna play a game
[02:40:25] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: :/
[02:40:43] [CHAT] ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor: How many of you here live in Florida
[02:40:43] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Talk - 0 Game -1
[02:40:43] [CHAT] Twixtie: ;) :/
[02:40:59] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Greaves, I am in Miami
[02:41:04] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Close enough though
[02:41:13] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Thursday, I'm in Ohio
[02:41:17] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Wait, isn't Miami classed as Florida?
[02:41:34] [CHAT] ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor: Yes it's South Florida
[02:41:39] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: I have never known that, I am gonna ask google
[02:41:48] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: !google is Miami in Florida
[02:41:51] [CHAT] ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor: You Serously don't know that ?
[02:41:51] [CBOT] SlendyBot:
[02:41:51] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sad
[02:42:17] [CHAT] ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor: I live in Kissimmee, Florida which is near Orlando
[02:42:32] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah.
[02:42:37] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Greaves, I forget 1000 things everyday, I think that was one of them
[02:42:44] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sad
[02:43:01] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Wut
[02:43:03] [CHAT] South Ferry: Seems this "Michael I HPNG Shadow" has completely changed.
[02:43:40] [CHAT] South Ferry: Why did you type "LOL", ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor?
[02:43:48] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: *South Ferry
[02:43:50] [CHAT] South Ferry: Are you proud of yourself, Michael I HPNG Shadow?
[02:44:14] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Wtf
[02:44:23] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: In what way @South
[02:44:37] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: im nuts
           [CHAT] baby im mad
           [CHAT] the craziest friend
           [CHAT] that you've ever had
[02:45:08] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: im pretty crazy
[02:45:21] [CHAT] South Ferry: Messenger Deception: Do not kick people without a valid reason.
[02:45:24] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Messenger Deception, please don't kick me without a good reason
[02:45:26] [CHAT] South Ferry: (giggle)
[02:45:30] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: XD, it was fu though
[02:45:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: WTF?
[02:45:37] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: *fun
[02:45:40] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: THEY SAID IT AT THE SAME TIME
[02:45:46] [CHAT] South Ferry: Perhaps so.
[02:46:23] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: What are you going to do to me?
[02:46:26] [CHAT] ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor: damn
[02:46:46] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: "Ah" me to death.
[02:46:48] [CHAT] ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor: He's got admin powers you can't do shit ha ha
[02:46:48] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: lol
[02:46:50] [CHAT] South Ferry: We will make sure you are prosecuted fairly, according to [[The Demon's Light Wiki:Wiki Rules|The rules.]]
[02:47:11] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: TheKorraFanatic, South Ferry could do more than "Ah" you to death while I force you to read the rules
[02:47:23] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Well damn
[02:47:23] [CHAT] Twixtie: o-o
[02:47:27] [CHAT] Twixtie: YOU CANT FORCE ME
[02:47:36] [CHAT] Twixtie: >:D
[02:47:38] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I feel double-teamed.
[02:47:38] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: #rebel
[02:47:46] [CHAT] Twixtie: HHNNNYYYAAHHH
[02:47:50] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: /me hugs TheKorraFanatic
[02:47:54] [CHAT] ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor: Have you ever been prosecuted in real life
[02:47:58] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /me hugs back
[02:47:58] [CHAT] Twixtie: /me jumps out of a window
[02:48:06] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: No, Thursday
[02:48:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: wtf?
[02:48:12] [CHAT] ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor: Savage
[02:48:40] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Ah
[02:49:01] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Greaves, have you ever seen something so small but so amazing before
[02:49:18] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Korra, what is the smallest but most amazing thing you have seen
[02:49:29] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: And don't say me acting like a mod
[02:49:31] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: somehow i popped out a kid without knowing
[02:49:33] [CHAT] ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor: Yep it was a coral snake, it was small but had such bright colors of red black and yellow and was highly venomous
[02:49:33] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: lol
[02:49:52] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Shadow, it IS you acting like a mod.
[02:50:01] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Greaves, that sounds amazing
[02:50:01] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: lol
[02:50:18] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: BELLE!!
[02:50:23] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Korra, well I am sorry to say that I am not small, I am 5'8 :)
[02:50:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /me charges Belle and tackles her into a hug
[02:50:35] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: MINE MINE MINE AND MINE!
[02:50:37] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Ember is that mad hatter by Melanie Martinez
[02:50:43] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: /me hugs back
[02:50:43] [CHAT] South Ferry: The Reverend Michael I HPNG Shadow is simply executing his duties given to him by The Demon's Light Wiki administrators.
[02:50:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: MY BFFL!!!
[02:50:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: MINE
[02:50:48] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: XD
[02:50:52] [CHAT] ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor: I'm 5 foot 8 and a half inches tall
[02:51:02] [CHAT] South Ferry: He was given a position, and tasked with full enforcement of the rules, regardless of position, and that is exactly what he will do.
[02:51:05] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: What the hell is happeing
[02:51:07] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Greaves, you are lucky lol
[02:51:07] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /me is still hugging Belle.
[02:51:08] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Mine.
[02:51:21] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: /me hugging back still laughing
[02:51:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /me is never letting go.
[02:51:46] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: XD
[02:51:51] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: South Ferry, I am only doing what is right for TDL. Many people don't follow the rules so I think I should start helping for once
[02:51:53] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: well i would have to say my nieces and nephew they are so small and so amazing :)
[02:52:06] [CHAT] ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor: My namesake though is 6 ' 2 '' tall
[02:52:08] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Awww
[02:52:08] [CHAT] South Ferry: This is exactly what I said in my previous message, Michael I HPNG Shadow.
[02:52:18] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Messenger Deception, guess what
[02:52:24] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: what
[02:52:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: It's like they share one brain now.
[02:52:32] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: South, I am fully agreeing with you
[02:52:45] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: /me lets Mess hold Alex, Josh and Freya
[02:52:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I would not be surprised to find out South hacked Shadow's account.
[02:52:56] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Lol
[02:52:57] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: I now have rights over Josh and Alex :)
[02:53:10] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: south bot lives bitches!!
[02:53:13] [CHAT] South Ferry: Seems the chatroom is quite full today.
[02:53:15] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Korra, nobody has hacked me, I have a firewall :)
[02:53:20] [CHAT] ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor: You have rights over them meaning you get to abuse them
[02:53:21] [CHAT] South Ferry: We will need someone to enforce the rules; of course.
[02:53:23] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: I agree, South
[02:53:29] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me hold them smiling. "I miss my daughter."
[02:53:30] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: I will take that roll
[02:53:48] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: I will enforce the rule
[02:53:50] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: s
[02:53:52] [CHAT] South Ferry: This is a fair institution where everyone is punished based on the rules, ImissMr..GreavesTeacherPastor.
[02:53:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: No one is to be abused.
[02:54:02] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ^
[02:54:02] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: We got plenty of mods to enforce rules though
[02:54:09] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Yeah
[02:54:11] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Indeed.
[02:54:14] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: lol
[02:54:16] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: I agree with South Ferry and FalcoLombardi99
[02:54:22] [CHAT] ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor: Right I know that all too well ..............
[02:54:28] [CHAT] South Ferry: Calling out administrators because of abuse of power is a symbol of revolutionaries during the divided stages of The Demon's Light Wiki.
[02:54:32] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: i am bored
[02:54:58] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: wut
[02:55:06] [CHAT] South Ferry: Seems Julienger previously had a daughter.
[02:55:11] [CHAT] South Ferry: What happened to this daughter?
[02:55:33] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: I don't know South
[02:55:36] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I think everyone should take the time to read the rules.
[02:55:38] [CBOT] SlendyBot: a place
[02:55:38] [CHAT] ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor: You should call out admins in CC they literally cursed me on main chat and when I said something back I got severe consequences .....................................................................................................
[02:55:40] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: !rules
[02:55:43] [CBOT] SlendyBot: You can find the chat rules [[Project:Regulations|here]].
[02:55:46] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: /me lets Korra hold his 3 kids
[02:55:48] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: I don't care south
[02:55:50] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Thursday, no dot spam
[02:55:59] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: When did they mods cuss you out on CC?
[02:56:00] [CHAT] Twixtie: o-o
[02:56:02] [CHAT] ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor: I didn't spam
[02:56:03] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I don't remember them cussing.
[02:56:16] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: and yes, the long line of dots is spam
[02:56:18] [CHAT] South Ferry: ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor: Warning 1, please do not stretch dots.
[02:56:34] [CHAT] South Ferry: This is classified as spam, the next offense, under the decision of me as administrator, will be another warning.
[02:56:40] [CHAT] ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor: Oh sorry
[02:56:48] [CHAT] South Ferry: Strike three you will be out, and removed from the chatroom for a period of two hours.
[02:57:01] [CHAT] ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor: I am a law abiding user of the chatroom
[02:57:08] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Am I
[02:57:12] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: That is good to hear
[02:57:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /me cries
[02:57:27] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: I don't really fucking care if I am
[02:57:30] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: /me hugs TheKorraFanatic
[02:57:36] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: We have rules here now. It's beautiful.
[02:57:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /me cries more
[02:57:49] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: what are the rules
[02:57:53] [CHAT] South Ferry: !rules
[02:57:54] [CBOT] SlendyBot: You can find the chat rules [[Project:Regulations|here]].
[02:58:01] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: You're a chat mod and you haven't read the rules?
[02:58:05] [CHAT] ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor: language please
[02:58:34] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: cussing is allowed.
[02:58:37] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: It seems Frankie will be the new Shadow because Shadow used to be the rebellious mod and now Frankie is
[02:58:40] [CHAT] ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor: There's rules ? Wow I haven't been here in what like 2 months
[02:58:46] [CHAT] South Ferry: It's truly ridiculous, that on June 23rd of The Demon's Light Wiki, some chat moderators have still not even read the Wiki RUles.
[02:58:56] [CHAT] South Ferry: have even read*; pardon me.
[02:59:03] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: IKR, Faloc.
[02:59:08] [CHAT] South Ferry: Never mind, it is correct.
[02:59:46] [CHAT] ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor: Fuck creepypastas
[03:00:37] [CHAT] ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor: um isn't cussing alowed
[03:00:43] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Yeah
[03:01:00] [CHAT] ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor: Then why did SlendyBot kick me
[03:01:02] [CHAT] South Ferry: This is a violation of guideline 5; section Chatroom Guidelines.
[03:01:08] [CHAT] Twixtie: /me melts
[03:01:09] [CHAT] South Ferry: This is clearly stated; SlendyBot.
[03:01:23] [CHAT] South Ferry: SlendyBot kicked you because they disagreed with you, in violation of guideline 5; section Chatroom guidelines.
[03:01:32] [CHAT] South Ferry: Therefore, SlendyBot was warned.
[03:01:38] [CHAT] ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor: Thank you
[03:01:45] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Creepypasta = stories made up by emo kids
[03:01:52] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Don't mock emos
[03:01:57] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: lol
[03:02:17] [CHAT] ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor: The Grifter creepypssta has scarred me for life
[03:02:21] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Frankie, people die because they are emo, please don't joke about emos
[03:02:57] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: 😐 yeah sure whatever man.
[03:03:08] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Jane is emo, so please don't joke about emos.
[03:03:30] [CHAT] South Ferry: I would state guideline 5; section Chatroom guidelines to defend Frankie, but this discussion has fallen into ridiculousness and irregularity, so for now we will discuss Teira Harpuia's regime.
[03:03:33] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: I am emo, please don't joke about it.
[03:03:41] [CHAT] ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor: I'm scarred for life because of Hand Thing and The Grifter
[03:03:57] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Thank you south
[03:04:05] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: shit
[03:04:08] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ok here it is: Shadow becomes  Freezy then Freezy becomes South. then Frankie becomes Shadow and Shadow becomes South then Frankie becomes Freezy and then becomes South. then we have 4 Souths: and the Demon's light wiki dies
[03:04:15] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ^^^^^^
[03:04:29] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: along with all the other users
[03:04:34] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: wut
[03:04:38] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
[03:04:38] [CHAT] South Ferry: Teira Harpuia's regime was a ridiculous regime led by a twelve year old; who wished to promote everyone to bureaucrat and date everyone. Hopefully she learns from this.
[03:04:54] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
[03:05:01] [CHAT] South Ferry: She has improved since this FANDOM-wide disgrace of a founder performance.
[03:05:14] [CHAT] South Ferry: She is now a good twelve year old girl, though she may be in love with a seventeen year old.
[03:05:24] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Wtf
[03:05:29] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Messenger Deception, I am not another "south". I am your brother, Michael
[03:05:49] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: fucking kids...
[03:06:04] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Ok, Frankie. How am I a "kid"
[03:06:46] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Frankie, I apologize for my misunderstanding
[03:07:00] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: parents don't know how to raise there kids right
[03:07:03] [JOIN] BurdenBoost has joined Team Demon Light.
[03:07:32] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: let them get away with to much
[03:08:01] [CHAT] ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor: Yo mama don't know how to raise u right Frank dick sucker all you do Is suck on ur daddy's long cock dick and get cum in ur stomach
[03:08:03] [CHAT] South Ferry: Good evening, BurdenBoost.
[03:08:46] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: *god*
[03:08:57] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Where the fuck is he!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[03:09:05] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He got banned
[03:09:06] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: I think 2 hours would be too short
[03:09:14] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ^^^
[03:09:22] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: My sentence ruined me
[03:09:23] [CHAT] BurdenBoost: Aa
[03:09:27] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: *that*
[03:09:37] [CHAT] South Ferry: Shall the general court think of a worse punishment?
[03:09:42] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: same Korra
[03:09:43] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: unban him so I can show him a piece of my mind
[03:09:49] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: What greaves wrote was too sexual and gross for chat, I think it should be a 24h ban
[03:09:50] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: um no
[03:09:54] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: yes
[03:10:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I agree, Shadow.
[03:10:10] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: frankie, no. It may get you banned
[03:10:11] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i think a 3 day ban
[03:10:18] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: fine
[03:10:24] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: @Mess I agree
[03:10:30] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Mess, let's not be too harsh, 1 say would be enough
[03:10:34] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: *day
[03:10:42] [CHAT] BurdenBoost: aa'
[03:10:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I agree with Shadow
[03:10:47] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i'm freakin' scarred
[03:10:56] [CHAT] South Ferry: I agree with Michael I HPNG Shadow aswell.
[03:11:00] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: I know you are but things happen
[03:11:02] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: ok can we stop being scared it pings me
[03:11:02] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: What was his name
[03:11:03] [CHAT] BurdenBoost: same
[03:11:21] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Whoa, I didn't know people actually agree with my choices XD
[03:11:27] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor:
[03:11:29] [CHAT] South Ferry: I hereby authorize Frankiesinatra20 to leave a message on ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor's wall.
[03:11:30] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: But 2 hours is too short definitely for general annoyance
[03:11:37] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: HPNG Shadow was a shitty mod
[03:11:44] [CHAT] BurdenBoost: i agree
[03:11:50] [CHAT] South Ferry: I like Michael I HPNG Shadow better.
[03:11:50] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Micheal I HPNG Shadow is a good one.
[03:11:55] [CHAT] BurdenBoost: i disagree
[03:11:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: !contributions ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor
[03:12:05] [CBOT] SlendyBot: You can view ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor's contributions [[Special:Contributions/ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor|here]].
[03:12:05] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: gimme a link to that fuckers wall please
[03:12:10] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: oh thanks
[03:12:14] [CHAT] South Ferry: You may leave a message on his wall,
[03:12:16] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Korra, they are the same person
[03:12:18] [CHAT] South Ferry: and you will be pardoned.
[03:12:18] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Fuck
[03:12:20] [CHAT] South Ferry: That is the joke;
[03:12:24] [CHAT] South Ferry: Michael I HPNG Shadow.
[03:12:25] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: I am HPNG Shadow
[03:12:39] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: The best one Alive
[03:12:44] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: [[User; ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor]]
[03:13:01] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: wait
[03:13:03] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: In a bit, I am going to continue making that page on TDL
[03:13:10] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: [[User: ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor]]
[03:13:52] [CHAT] Twixtie: does anyone know when james usually comes on
[03:14:38] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Sorry, I don't.
[03:14:45] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Maybe in 1-2 hours though
[03:15:25] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: James Is usually on from real early morning to like noonish
[03:15:47] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: ^ @Falco
[03:16:58] [CHAT] Twixtie: What time is that???
[03:17:34] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Like possibly midnight est to noon est
[03:18:41] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: !seen TheKorraFanatic
[03:18:43] [CBOT] SlendyBot: They're in chat right now so... you just pinged them.
[03:18:53] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: When I had my sleeping problems, he would be on when it was 4am for me
[03:18:57] [JOIN] Michael I HPNG Shadow has joined Team Demon Light.
[03:19:02] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Its still getting at me
[03:20:02] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: That motherfucker
[03:20:07] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: What?
[03:20:20] [CHAT] South Ferry: We will make sure ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor is punished.
[03:20:35] [CHAT] South Ferry: Seems ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor used the N word aswell.
[03:20:53] [CHAT] South Ferry: Did you enjoy your revenge?
[03:20:55] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: I believe he should now be banned for 3 days as he used the N word
[03:21:02] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Great
[03:21:03] [CHAT] South Ferry: That will be the punishment.
[03:21:16] [CHAT] South Ferry: Frankie's thread will stay up for a few more minutes, before it is removed, and he is pardoned.
[03:21:22] [CHAT] South Ferry: ImissMr.GreavesTeacherPastor will be banned for 3 additional days.
[03:21:42] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: I agree with South Ferry
[03:21:43] [CHAT] South Ferry: Thank you; Falco.
[03:22:03] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Please may I have a link to the thread? I would like to see what was written.
[03:22:48] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Should he be blocked as well?
[03:23:02] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99:
[03:23:04] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: I wanna hurt em
[03:23:07] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Yes, for 4days
[03:23:11] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Frankie, no
[03:23:40] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: i wanna fuck em UP
[03:24:46] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: He's blocked now
[03:24:54] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: I said something on the thread
[03:26:01] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: !seen Twixtie
[03:26:06] [CBOT] SlendyBot: They're in chat right now so... you just pinged them.
[03:26:16] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Welcome back TheKorraFanatic and South Ferry
[03:26:33] [CHAT] South Ferry: Thank you, Michael I HPNG Shadow.
[03:26:42] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Bro, PM. @Korra
[03:26:48] [CHAT] South Ferry: I believe we all deserve a round of applause for today's performance.
[03:26:49] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: No problem @South
[03:26:59] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: (clapping)
[03:27:16] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Wait? "Performance"?
[03:27:21] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Wut
[03:27:23] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Idk what your talking about now
[03:27:53] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Welcome back Messenger Deception
[03:27:56] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: :)
[03:28:06] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i gtg to bed
[03:28:08] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Aww
[03:28:15] [CHAT] South Ferry: Good night; Messenger Deception. o/
[03:28:18] [CHAT] South Ferry: \o
[03:28:20] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Ok, I hope you have a great night
[03:28:26] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: /me hugs Mess
[03:28:28] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: goodnight
[03:28:32] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me hugs back
[03:28:43] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Cya tomorrow Mess
[03:29:29] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: bye mess
[03:29:35] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Love u Mess :)
[03:29:57] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: /me hugs and kisses mess
[03:30:26] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me hugs and kisses back
[03:30:27] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Scar, are you dating Mess again?
[03:30:41] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: michael take a guess
[03:30:57] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: Nooooooooooooo
[03:31:00] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Yes?
[03:31:10] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: goodnight everyone love ya too Shadow
[03:31:19] [CHAT] South Ferry: The thread has been removed; Frankie.
[03:31:20] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: michael u guessed correctly
[03:31:25] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Ok
[03:31:32] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Congrats @Mess and Scar
[03:32:09] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: kick me out please
[03:32:10] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: thanks
[03:33:11] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: bye
[03:33:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ember!!!!!!!
[03:33:20] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: bye mess sleep well
[03:33:31] [CHAT] Frankiesinatra20: She done been kicked
[03:34:41] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Lol
[03:34:42] [CBOT] SlendyBot: bye everyone
[03:34:52] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Good night :)
[03:34:57] [CBOT] SlendyBot: nd she asked to be kicked
[03:35:01] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: I will see you tomorrow
[03:35:09] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: lol mess aka slendy
[03:35:49] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: !restart
[20:46:48] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: no
[20:46:48] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: on the banning admin's wall
[20:46:48] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah.
[20:46:48] [CHAT] South Ferry: How did
[20:46:48] [CHAT] South Ferry: ImissGreavesMr.Pastor
[20:46:48] [CHAT] South Ferry: Find staff hours
[20:46:48] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: IDK
[20:46:48] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I hate Belle's name being like that. Lol.
[20:46:48] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Also, I am back from burying our uncle.
[20:46:48] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sad..
[20:46:49] [CBOT] SlendyBot: SlendyBot v1.9 is online!
[20:47:07] [JOIN] FalcoLombardi99 has joined Team Demon Light.
[20:49:01] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: finely Slendy it's about time
[20:49:07] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Lol.
[20:49:25] [JOIN] Belle hurts forever has joined Team Demon Light.
[20:49:40] [CHAT] South Ferry: Where is Julienger Deception's deposition against GJ-LewisX?
[20:50:00] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Why do you hate my name Korra
[20:50:13] [CHAT] South Ferry: Because it is difficult to see, Belle hurts forever.
[20:50:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I hate the color.
[20:50:14] [CHAT] Mendes2: not the name, the colour is too bright
[20:50:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Lol.
[20:50:29] [CHAT] South Ferry: Julienger is to submit her deposition by Sunday.
[20:50:30] [CHAT] Mendes2: I didn't know we were all named Korra, but sure
[20:50:35] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: XD
[20:50:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: We're a village of Korras.
[20:50:55] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: People
[20:51:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I have news.
[20:51:01] [CHAT] South Ferry: A village of South Ferries is more accurate.
[20:51:06] [CHAT] South Ferry: What is the news; Korra?
[20:51:09] [CHAT] South Ferry: Good or bad?
[20:51:20] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I did an infobox.
[20:51:21] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Also,
[20:51:31] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I would nuke the fuck out of a village of South Ferries.
[20:51:37] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: XD
[20:51:48] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: The world only needs one of you.
[20:51:51] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: XD
[20:52:06] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: XD
[20:52:07] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Omg no more than one south
[20:52:18] [CHAT] South Ferry: I will be stubbing Korra Aneothite.
[20:52:26] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: South
[20:52:29] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: it's not done.
[20:52:32] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I am still working on it.
[20:52:49] [CHAT] South Ferry: Which is why it is STUBBED,
[20:52:51] [CHAT] South Ferry: not MFD.
[20:54:11] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Oh.
[20:58:03] [JOIN] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin has joined Team Demon Light.
[20:58:06] [CHAT] Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin: kor SA
[20:58:34] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: KK
[20:58:44] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: South, PM
[20:59:05] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sure
[20:59:27] [CHAT] South Ferry: TD:L deserves a beautiful theme.
[21:01:53] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: hows that
[21:02:58] [CHAT] South Ferry: TDL'
[21:03:00] [JOIN] Scarlet Outlaw has joined Team Demon Light.
[21:03:07] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Hi
[21:03:14] [CHAT] South Ferry: TDL's ability to reach 1 common idea - a global disgrace
[21:03:19] [CHAT] South Ferry: Welcome, Scarlet Outlaw
[21:03:19] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: hi
[21:04:15] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: never insult TDL
[21:04:26] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Wait is he calling me a disgrace
[21:04:27] [JOIN] South Ferry has joined Team Demon Light.
[21:04:45] [CHAT] South Ferry: Messenger Deception: Warning 1. Accept the opinions of others, do not kick without a valid reason.
[21:05:35] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: watch me
[21:06:51] [CHAT] South Ferry: Messenger Deception, it seems you refuse to follow the chatroom moderator guidelines.
[21:07:01] [CHAT] South Ferry: Welcome; Belle hurts forever.
[21:07:11] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hi, Belle.
[21:07:29] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: South Ferry no lower rank tells me what to do
[21:07:39] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Belle was already in chat when I came in korra
[21:08:15] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: learn your place and learn respect @South
[21:08:50] [CHAT] South Ferry: Seems the bureaucrats are immune to the rules.
[21:08:57] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: they are
[21:09:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Then again
[21:09:22] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: It does say "Chat mod guidelines"
[21:09:27] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ^
[21:10:02] [CHAT] South Ferry: So I am immune to the rules aswell, very good.
[21:10:10] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: No
[21:10:14] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: no
[21:10:21] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: We have a set of South Ferry rules as well.
[21:10:28] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i fixed this page
[21:10:44] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Nice mess very cool
[21:10:45] [CHAT] South Ferry: Then do not use the "Chat mod guidelines" as a valid point, then
[21:11:12] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: South aren't u a chat mod
[21:11:23] [JOIN] Chase McFly has joined Team Demon Light.
[21:11:50] [CHAT] South Ferry: Where will the elusive South Ferry rules,
[21:11:52] [CHAT] South Ferry: be put?
[21:12:06] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I will show you
[21:12:07] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: you will see
[21:12:42] [CHAT] South Ferry: Is there Blue Tree Roots rules aswell?
[21:13:23] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: no but there was once "Issy's rules."
[21:13:34] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: that was when my daughter used to come
[21:13:41] [CHAT] South Ferry: I would like there to be no South Ferry rules, and myself given immunity
[21:13:54] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: there are South Ferry rules
[21:14:54] [CHAT] South Ferry: I would like for Julienger to submit her deposition later today against GJ-LewisX,
[21:14:59] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic:
[21:15:08] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: my wha?
[21:15:28] [CHAT] South Ferry: O Damn it All
[21:15:34] [CHAT] South Ferry: I would like for those rules to be revamped
[21:15:48] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: We said no O Damn it All
[21:16:26] [CHAT] South Ferry: I would like for each no to be renamed to No Excessive use of
[21:16:36] [CHAT] South Ferry: And I would also like the last one to be replaced with no informing of personal affairs
[21:16:36] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Huh?
[21:17:25] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Lol
[21:18:11] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i love it
[21:19:38] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Messenger of Heaven - Today at 4:01 PM
           [CHAT] @ABoxNamedAnInklingNamedKimari
           [CHAT] The Demon's Light Wiki
           [CHAT] Rules for South Ferry?venotify=created
           [CHAT] ABoxNamedAnInklingNamedKimari - Today at 4:17 PM
           [CHAT] I added a category to it already
           [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven - Today at 4:17 PM
           [CHAT] lol
           [CHAT] ok
           [CHAT] ABoxNamedAnInklingNamedKimari - Today at 4:17 PM
           [CHAT] "Important"(edited)
           [CHAT] damn right it is
           [CHAT] Messenger of Heaven - Today at 4:18 PM
           [CHAT] lol
[21:20:05] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: I like it too
[21:23:26] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me is laying on the ground laughing hard
[21:23:37] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me is laying on the ground laughing hard
[21:24:17] [CHAT] South Ferry: I did some.....
[21:24:22] [CHAT] South Ferry: "Edits" to the ferry rules page
[21:24:24] [CHAT] South Ferry: (giggle)
[21:24:42] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: South evil u
[21:24:52] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: WE SAID NO GIGGLE EMOJIS!
[21:24:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: Have a look, indeed
[21:25:18] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: NO INDEED!
[21:25:19] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: South wtf man
[21:25:20] [JOIN] Miststream has joined Team Demon Light.
[21:25:42] [CHAT] South Ferry: O damn it All
[21:26:24] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: We said no O damn it all!
[21:27:37] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: south Ferry, I hate you sometimes.
[21:27:44] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: The Giggle emoji got big
[21:27:50] [CHAT] South Ferry: ah
[21:28:40] [JOIN] Michael I HPNG Shadow has joined Team Demon Light.
[21:28:58] [JOIN] MCR-The-Orange has joined Team Demon Light.
[21:29:41] [CHAT] Miststream: hey mcr
[21:29:52] [CHAT] MCR-The-Orange: HI
[21:29:56] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hi, Misty. (wave)
[21:29:57] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Welcome to TDL, MCR-The-Orange. I hope you enjoy your stay :)
[21:30:34] [CHAT] MCR-The-Orange: I've been here for a while, actually
[21:30:57] [CHAT] South Ferry: Welcome back to The New Demon's Light Wiki.
[21:31:02] [CHAT] MCR-The-Orange: No need for the welcome
[21:31:04] [CHAT] MCR-The-Orange: Lol
[21:31:17] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Oh, I apologize. I just haven't seen you here before
[21:31:19] [CHAT] South Ferry: When was the last time you joined, MCR-The-Orange?
[21:31:19] [CHAT] South Ferry: During the Harpuia Regime?
[21:31:39] [CHAT] MCR-The-Orange: I forgot it says on my profile somewhere
[21:31:46] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: South, I fixed the page.
[21:31:53] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic:
[21:32:22] [CHAT] South Ferry: O Damn it All to the Depths of Hell!
[21:32:27] [CHAT] South Ferry: Why was it changed, damn, damn, damnnn!
[21:32:35] [CHAT] MCR-The-Orange: Also sorry if I'm typing slow I have a cast on, I can only type with one hand.
[21:32:48] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: MCR, you seem to be a My Chemical Romance fan
[21:32:51] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I added another rule.
[21:32:52] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: South Ferry: stop the damn spam hehe
[21:33:10] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: falco what a good band
[21:33:11] [CHAT] South Ferry: Did you join in Febuary and leave March, MCR-The-Orange?
[21:33:18] [CHAT] MCR-The-Orange: No
[21:33:25] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: no
[21:33:30] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: bo
[21:33:32] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: *no
[21:33:35] [CHAT] MCR-The-Orange: I joined in April I think
[21:33:46] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: yeah
[21:33:50] [CHAT] South Ferry: The Wiki was much different during that stage.
[21:33:55] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: 5 EDITS SINCE JOINING THIS WIKI
           [CHAT] APRIL 20, 2017
[21:34:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He joined April 20.
[21:34:04] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ^ What Scar said.
[21:34:07] [CHAT] MCR-The-Orange: Yes
[21:34:54] [CHAT] South Ferry: What shall we discuss?
[21:35:02] [CHAT] South Ferry: The Teira Harpuia Regime
[21:35:06] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: nope
[21:35:08] [CHAT] South Ferry: Korra-Mess occupied TDL
[21:35:11] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: the future of this wiki
[21:35:12] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Let us discuss
[21:35:15] [CHAT] South Ferry: Democratic Federation of TDL
[21:35:16] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: NO GIGGLE EMOJI
[21:35:18] [CHAT] MCR-The-Orange: Anyway I gtg o/
[21:35:20] [CHAT] South Ferry: The New Demon's Light Wiki
[21:35:21] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: bye mcr
[21:35:24] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Bye, MCR. (wave)
[21:35:33] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: south the future of the wiki
[21:35:57] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sure.
[21:36:04] [CHAT] South Ferry: This Wiki will have a GOOD future actually
[21:36:31] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: Will this wiki last more than a year?
[21:36:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Yes.
[21:36:57] [CHAT] South Ferry: Indeed
[21:37:07] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: I doubt it will last 7 years though
[21:37:08] [JOIN] South Ferry has joined Team Demon Light.
[21:37:40] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: That would be cool though.
[21:38:07] [CHAT] South Ferry: The Demon's Light Wiki will last a few years.
[21:38:21] [CHAT] South Ferry: Perhaps it will end in around late 2019.
[21:38:28] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: But how?
[21:38:37] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: WIll it end to lack of interest?
[21:38:45] [CHAT] South Ferry: Perhaps so
[21:38:48] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Or will JMurph destroy it and drive everyone off?
[21:38:52] [CHAT] South Ferry: Nah
[21:38:53] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I doubt that will happen.
[21:40:05] [CHAT] South Ferry: Let us discuss
[21:40:05] [CHAT] South Ferry: Which is better:
[21:40:05] [CHAT] South Ferry: The State of Louisiana or The State of New York
[21:41:06] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Louisiana.
[21:41:33] [CHAT] South Ferry: O D**n it A**!
[21:41:36] [CHAT] South Ferry: D**n it A** to Hell!
[21:44:43] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: lol
[21:46:14] [CHAT] South Ferry: let us discuss
[21:46:21] [CHAT] South Ferry: The storm in the Southern United States
[21:46:26] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Sure.
[21:46:34] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: It knocked our power out and Q's.
[21:46:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: !log
[21:46:50] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Logging...
[21:46:53] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sad
[21:46:59] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: !logs
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[21:47:01] [CBOT] SlendyBot: [[[Project:Chat/Logs|All logs]]] - [[[Project:Chat/Logs/24_Jun_2017|Today]]]
[21:47:02] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah, many users here are dixies.
[21:47:15] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: dixies?
[21:47:25] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ?
[21:47:42] [CHAT] South Ferry: uhhhh
[21:47:54] [CHAT] South Ferry: You have 2 choices:
[21:48:01] [CHAT] South Ferry: Do not look it up and I will not say anything,
[21:48:03] [CHAT] South Ferry: or look it up
[21:48:08] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Hi
[21:48:09] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Hello
[21:48:25] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Sorr lag
[21:48:29] [CHAT] Chase McFly: /me kills lag
[21:49:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: [[Rules for South Ferry
[21:49:31] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: dix·ie.
           [CHAT] [díksee]
           [CHAT] NOUN
           [CHAT] a metal cooking pot used for making tea, e.g. by soldiers
[21:49:46] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: [[Rules for South Ferry]]
[21:49:48] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Mess why did you show that
[21:50:01] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: cuz South told me too
[21:50:19] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah
[21:50:28] [CHAT] South Ferry: Do you want the real definition?
[21:50:33] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Sure.
[21:50:41] [CHAT] South Ferry: As a definite geographic location within the United States, "Dixie" is usually defined as the eleven Southern states that seceded in late 1860 and early 1861 to form the new confederation named the Confederate States of America.
[21:50:44] [CHAT] Chase McFly: South look [[Rules for South Ferry]]
[21:51:10] [CHAT] Chase McFly: You can't say that
[21:51:27] [CHAT] South Ferry: Sad
[21:51:35] [CHAT] South Ferry: O D****!!!!!!!!
[21:51:38] [CHAT] Chase McFly: You can't say that either
[21:51:40] [CHAT] South Ferry: D*** it all to Hell!
[21:51:47] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: you can't say that
[21:51:48] [CHAT] South Ferry: This truly is S**, in****.
[21:51:49] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Is that cheating>
[21:52:25] [CHAT] South Ferry: Good afternoon, Michael I HPNG Shadow.
[21:52:30] [CHAT] South Ferry: Also, McFly is dixie aswell I think
[21:52:34] [CHAT] Chase McFly: WB Michael
[21:52:41] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Korra PM
[21:52:44] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i love it
[21:53:01] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me laughing hard laying on ground wiping away tears
[21:53:10] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Mess PM
[21:53:50] [CHAT] South Ferry: list of dixies: Korra, Mess, McFly, Q, Shadow
[21:54:02] [CHAT] Chase McFly: /me laughs too
[21:54:05] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me slaps South
[21:55:08] [CHAT] South Ferry: Whyyyy
[21:55:34] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: for fun
[21:55:38] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah
[21:55:41] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: (silly)
[21:55:46] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: NO AH!
[21:55:47] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: you can't say that
[21:55:51] [CHAT] South Ferry: Korra is a Southern Democrat, this is fairly rare
[21:55:57] [CHAT] Chase McFly: As am I
[21:56:06] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: We're rare. :)
[21:56:22] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Korra you're not on my screen
[21:56:39] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: wtf?
[21:56:40] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Lol.
[21:56:42] [CHAT] South Ferry: wtf?
[21:56:48] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: I'm a  Southern Democrat too
[21:57:18] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: And South is a Northen Republican. Also fairly rare.
[21:57:29] [CHAT] South Ferry: indeed
[21:57:47] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: South is a northern African-American republican. very rare
[21:58:13] [CHAT] South Ferry: let us discuss
[21:58:18] [CHAT] South Ferry: The European Union.
[21:58:32] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Let's not and say we did
[21:58:40] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Lol.
[21:58:43] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Jerome Joker Valeska
           [CHAT] Hi Mess  o/
           [CHAT] 4:55
           [CHAT] Messenger Deception
           [CHAT] hi
           [CHAT] Joshua95 has joined the chat. 
           [CHAT] 4:55
           [CHAT] Jerome Joker Valeska
           [CHAT] How are you?
           [CHAT] 4:55
           [CHAT] Mendes2
           [CHAT]  o/ mess
           [CHAT] 4:56
           [CHAT] Messenger Deception
           [CHAT] i'm good how are you and Hi Mendes
           [CHAT] 4:56
           [CHAT] Jerome Joker Valeska
           [CHAT] Meh
           [CHAT] My aunt was supposed too bring me something and never did
           [CHAT] This is why I'm glad most of my family is dead
           [CHAT] 4:57
           [CHAT] Messenger Deception
           [CHAT] ehhh
           [CHAT] we buried my uncle today so...
           [CHAT] 4:57
           [CHAT] Jerome Joker Valeska
           [CHAT] My family was not a good family
           [CHAT] 4:58
[21:58:44] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Lol
[21:58:55] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Who is that guy
[21:59:14] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: the guy who vanlaized every page of TDL
[21:59:15] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He vandalized the wiki, remember?
[21:59:18] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: All the pages>
[21:59:21] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Oh yeah
[21:59:50] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: wow
[22:00:14] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Let us dicuss
[22:00:18] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: cofeve.
[22:00:34] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Hi Scar
[22:00:38] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: hey
[22:00:41] [CHAT] Chase McFly: You're not on my screen either
[22:00:47] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: who me?
[22:00:51] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Yeah
[22:00:54] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: chase refresh your chat
[22:01:18] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Ok
[22:01:34] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I'd love to RP now, but we must wait for Baroness...
[22:01:49] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: why
[22:01:56] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: also aren't we restarting the rp
[22:01:57] [CHAT] South Ferry: Episode 1:
[22:02:00] [CHAT] Chase McFly: She's a main character
[22:02:01] [CHAT] South Ferry: To Baroness?
[22:02:06] [CHAT] South Ferry: Or not to Baroness?
[22:02:24] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: south u aren't a play writer
[22:02:31] [CHAT] Chase McFly: That was to explain Baroness' prolonged absence from the wiki
[22:02:41] [CHAT] Chase McFly: We will begin with The Mysterious Light
[22:02:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Someone can just RP as her.
[22:02:46] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: we can do it without Baroness
[22:02:47] [CHAT] Chase McFly: But we have no Baroness
[22:02:54] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i'll play her for now
[22:03:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Everyone wanna go to Quotev and RP it?
[22:03:04] [CHAT] Chase McFly: But ian't it against the rules to RP as soemone else's OC?
[22:03:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: No?
[22:03:11] [JOIN] BurdenBoost has joined Team Demon Light.
[22:03:12] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: she left wikia
[22:03:14] [CHAT] South Ferry: Let us do a korra
[22:03:17] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Alright
[22:03:21] [CHAT] Chase McFly: No Baroness
[22:03:22] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Let's not and say we did.
[22:03:23] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: how do i rp if idk when i come in
[22:03:28] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: idk when i am relevent
[22:03:46] [CHAT] South Ferry: I believe I will make a character.
[22:03:46] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: you just watch for now
[22:03:47] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Scar, you should be introduced in the fifth episode
[22:03:55] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: thats a lot
[22:04:00] [CHAT] South Ferry: My character will be a Reverend of the Church.
[22:04:05] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Fourth?
[22:04:11] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: The Church of Ah Indeed.
[22:04:17] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: chase depends on how long u make each episode
[22:04:18] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Lol Korra
[22:04:20] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Ok
[22:04:51] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: if each episode is like a star wars movie then i should be coming in in episode 3
[22:04:59] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Chase, PM
[22:05:03] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Ok
[22:07:30] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Mess PM
[22:08:37] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ok
[22:12:44] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Deadish chat
[22:14:03] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: #Chat deaded
[22:15:03] [CHAT] FalcoLombardi99: I gtg to the movies to see Transformers and Wonder Woman now, I'll be back tomorrow since I'll go to bed when I get home
[22:15:50] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: bye
[22:16:03] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Messenger Deception, why did you use my word?
[22:16:36] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: "Deaded"
[22:16:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Bye, Falco.
[22:16:46] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Welp
[22:17:25] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Hello, TheKorraFanatic (wave)
[22:17:29] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i was summoning you
[22:17:53] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Mess, there is no way to "summon" me
[22:19:38] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: but i said it and you showed up so it worked
[22:20:14] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: It was just lucky timing
[22:20:43] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: mhm or i'm magic
[22:20:57] [JOIN] Superbionic 2009 has joined Team Demon Light.
[22:21:05] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: No, it was just good timing
[22:21:56] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: brb going to shower and eat dinner
[22:22:05] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Cya Scar
[22:22:57] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Goodbye Scar. Have a great time :) (wave)
[22:23:46] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: bye Sweetie
[22:23:55] [CHAT] Superbionic 2009: saw you new Project Chase
[22:24:21] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Messenger Deception, have you seen what I have been working on so far?
[22:24:27] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: she....she spoke.
[22:24:28] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Lol.
[22:24:29] [CHAT] Superbionic 2009: are you making a wki for it?
[22:24:38] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I think I might
[22:24:52] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: This is the most I've ever seen her speak. Lol
[22:25:04] [CHAT] South Ferry: Hello, Superbionic 2009.
[22:25:06] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow:'s_Pages_/_Names
[22:25:17] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: This is what I have been doing :D
[22:25:31] [CHAT] Superbionic 2009: I would love to help with rp and anything else
[22:26:15] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Sure
[22:26:22] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: !avatar TheKorraFanatic
[22:26:23] [CBOT] SlendyBot:
[22:26:41] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Thank you Slendy.
[22:26:51] [CHAT] Chase McFly: !avatar Chase McFly
[22:26:52] [CBOT] SlendyBot:
[22:27:00] [CHAT] Chase McFly: !log
[22:27:05] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Logging...
[22:27:15] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Adding to [[Project:Chat/Logs/24_Jun_2017|chatlog]] 0 kicks and 0 bans reported. 0 joins, 0 leaves, and 1 messages logged.
[22:27:16] [CHAT] Superbionic 2009: the caldera Ideal cool
[22:28:01] [CHAT] Superbionic 2009: keep me post if the wiki get make
[22:28:07] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Thanks
[22:28:22] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Ok
[22:28:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Shadow look at this hehe
[22:28:53] [CHAT] Superbionic 2009: see you all later
[22:29:04] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Bye for now. (wave)
[22:29:33] [CHAT] Chase McFly: 'Bye
[22:29:42] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: bye
[22:30:02] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: !avatar Zmario
[22:30:07] [CBOT] SlendyBot:
[22:30:08] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: fuck
[22:30:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: wait, it did it. :D
[22:30:27] [CHAT] Chase McFly: !avatar JMurph
[22:30:32] [CBOT] SlendyBot:
[22:30:46] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Lol
[22:31:06] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: They removed his avatar when they globalled his account.
[22:31:40] [CHAT] Chase McFly: I know
[22:31:51] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Korra what is your Quotev mother named
[22:32:01] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Also are teh sheets ready?
[22:32:15] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I am almost done. :D
[22:33:09] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: I'm working on [[Kent]] no editing it
[22:33:43] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I am working on [[Kaz Heater]] btw.
[22:35:07] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ok
[22:38:47] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Mess will you make Jordan, Kent, and Lewis relate to TDL?
[22:38:53] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Chase, PM.
[22:38:56] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i'm trying
[22:41:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Mess, look at Quotev.
[22:43:33] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ik
[22:43:51] [CHAT] Chase McFly: !avatar Chase McFly
[22:43:51] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: [[Messenger Deception]]
[22:43:52] [CBOT] SlendyBot:
[22:45:10] [CHAT] South Ferry: !avatar South Ferry
[22:45:11] [CBOT] SlendyBot:
[22:45:14] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Mess Pm
[22:45:36] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ok
[22:46:20] [CHAT] South Ferry: Good afternoon, Michael I HPNG Shadow.
[22:46:27] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: !seen Lea l HPNG Angelz
[22:46:28] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Michael I HPNG Shadow: I last saw Lea l HPNG Angelz 1 day, 6 hours, 14 minutes, and 17 seconds ago.
[22:46:32] [CHAT] Chase McFly: South no
[22:46:39] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: You too, South Ferry. How have you been?
[22:46:45] [CHAT] South Ferry: I have been very good.
[22:47:22] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Good
[22:47:55] [CHAT] South Ferry: Let us discuss the fall off the Teira Harpuia regimw.
[22:47:58] [CHAT] South Ferry: regime*
[22:48:02] [CHAT] South Ferry: of*
[22:48:18] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Ok
[22:49:58] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Mess, we are waiting your reply on Quotev.
[22:50:19] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Yes in the story section
[22:50:41] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Ah, Quotev. The social media I was banned from
[22:50:50] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: You got banned?
[22:50:52] [CHAT] South Ferry: I will go to Quotev now.
[22:51:00] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: yes Koora
[22:51:06] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: *Korra
[22:51:38] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: until tomorrow
[22:51:52] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Odd.
[22:51:59] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: What happened?
[22:52:18] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: i don't know
[22:52:32] [JOIN] Devil entity has joined Team Demon Light.
[22:52:58] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hi, Dev, (wave)
[22:53:01] [CHAT] South Ferry: Welcome Devil entity.
[22:53:15] [CHAT] Chase McFly: GTG bye
[22:53:26] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Ah man
[22:53:29] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Bye. (wave)
[22:53:41] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: bye
[22:54:14] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Chase PM real quick
[22:57:19] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Rip
[22:58:21] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I'm going to PM my test wiki to someone so I can test something on it.
[23:00:21] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Ok
[23:01:32] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: BELLE!!
[23:01:35] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Hello
[23:01:57] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: /me tackles Korra into a hug
[23:02:04] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /me hugs back
[23:04:53] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: I leave be how chat dies after that
[23:05:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: What?
[23:05:31] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: BELLE
[23:05:43] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: I NEED YOU
[23:05:45] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: PM
[23:06:31] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: BELLE I NEED YOU TOO.
[23:07:21] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: SHUT UP KORRA
[23:07:27] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Jezz okay okay
[23:07:35] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: BELLE PLEASE ANSWER PM ASAP
[23:07:49] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Korra go shut up now.
[23:08:01] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: I am
[23:08:03] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Chill
[23:08:44] [JOIN] Twixtie has joined Team Demon Light.
[23:08:57] [CHAT] Twixtie: Oh mah lurd
[23:09:34] [CHAT] Twixtie: hahaha
[23:09:41] [CHAT] Twixtie: TheKorraFanatic
           [CHAT] Korra go shut up now.
[23:10:00] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Lol.
[23:10:03] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: back
[23:10:23] [CHAT] Twixtie: frount
[23:10:25] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Hola scar
[23:10:32] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: hi spanish belle
[23:10:41] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: XD
[23:11:23] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Yaaa
[23:11:29] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: That damn demon tho
[23:11:46] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Lol.
[23:11:49] [CHAT] Twixtie: Hola scar ¿cómo estás hoy?
[23:11:56] [CHAT] Twixtie: :P
[23:12:13] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Hola Twix.n
[23:12:20] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: :p
[23:12:24] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Lol
[23:12:27] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Hola kpg estoy bien solo cansado de trabajo es una mierda
[23:13:09] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Que tal tu kpg como te va hoy
[23:13:13] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah
[23:13:19] [CHAT] South Ferry: Scarlet Outlaw takes Spanish in school
[23:13:20] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Bonjour Twix. Je m'appele Michael et jai joer un GTA 5
[23:13:33] [CHAT] South Ferry: yo tambien, yo estoy aprendio espanol en mi clase.
[23:13:34] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: south i did like 6 years ago
[23:13:38] [CHAT] Twixtie: wait i cant really speak and talk french
[23:13:39] [CHAT] South Ferry: a mi me encantra espanol
[23:13:40] [CHAT] Twixtie: ;-;
[23:13:44] [CHAT] Twixtie: thats kits job
[23:13:51] [CHAT] Twixtie: not mine
[23:14:02] [CHAT] South Ferry: Let us discuss
[23:14:05] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: @Twix I said - "Hello, my name is Michael and I am playing GTA 5
[23:14:08] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: South Ferry deja de decir ah es molesto para la gente
[23:14:11] [CHAT] South Ferry: Mario&LugiBowser'sInsideStory
[23:14:14] [CHAT] Twixtie: but i know you said "my name is michael"
[23:14:42] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah, a good message Scar
[23:14:43] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: !seen Mario&LuigiBowser'sInsideStory
[23:14:44] [CBOT] SlendyBot: Michael I HPNG Shadow: I last saw Mario&LuigiBowser'sInsideStory 20 days, 17 hours, 46 minutes, and 53 seconds ago.
[23:14:48] [CHAT] South Ferry: Are you writing this all out?
[23:14:53] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Oh ;(
[23:15:16] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: Ferry del sur que usted está consiguiendo en mis nervios ahora para realmente para el bueno
[23:15:30] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Ooh, more Spanish
[23:15:33] [CHAT] Twixtie: annoiato...
[23:15:35] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: :)
[23:15:45] [CHAT] South Ferry: Did you write that or translate it Scar?
[23:15:46] [CHAT] South Ferry: (giggle)
[23:15:57] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: i wrote it
[23:16:02] [CHAT] Twixtie: hahahaa
[23:16:11] [CHAT] Twixtie: ur getting on his nervs south
[23:16:23] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah, Outlaw wrote it, indeed (giggle)
[23:16:39] [CHAT] Twixtie: (giggle)
[23:16:46] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: south i am not dumb
[23:16:52] [CHAT] Twixtie: you sure?
[23:16:54] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: Hey be nice
[23:16:57] [CHAT] Twixtie: me?
[23:17:01] [CHAT] South Ferry: (giggle)
[23:18:04] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Guys, be nice.
[23:18:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Any more comments like that and I will kick.
[23:18:14] [CHAT] Twixtie: I am
[23:18:16] [CHAT] Messenger Deception:
[23:18:21] [CHAT] Twixtie: oml XDDD
[23:18:30] [CHAT] Twixtie: you made rules for south
[23:18:30] [CHAT] South Ferry: Everyone: Warning 1. Be nice, or face a punishment.
[23:18:38] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Brb
[23:19:04] [CHAT] Twixtie: my brain is coming up with weird things for me to read
[23:19:12] [CHAT] South Ferry: O Damn it all.
[23:19:13] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: i love the rules
[23:19:30] [CHAT] Twixtie: for korra it was like "Any more comments like that and I will lick"
[23:19:47] [CHAT] South Ferry: Korra will lick? (giggle)
[23:19:48] [CHAT] Belle hurts forever: XD i love the rules for south
[23:19:53] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: xD
[23:20:07] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: (radical)
[23:20:13] [CHAT] Twixtie: and for south it was "Everyone: Warning 1. Be nice, or your face is a punishment"
[23:20:20] [CHAT] Twixtie: idk how i saw that\
[23:20:23] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah
[23:20:23] [CHAT] Twixtie: XD
[23:21:02] [CHAT] South Ferry: Seems Rick has entered the chatroom.
[23:21:18] [CHAT] Twixtie: ....
[23:21:22] [CHAT] Rick Sanhez: 90% of the time i'm online there's only one person here who's not a mod or admin
[23:21:34] [CHAT] Twixtie: thats kinda sad... nit going to lie
[23:21:37] [CHAT] Twixtie: *not
[23:22:04] [CHAT] Rick Sanhez: also i've grown strangely accustomed to this avatar, even though it was meant to be a joke and i'd immediatly revert back to my old one
[23:22:36] [CHAT] Twixtie: its kinda like me saying to korra "you cant love jane anymore" and saying "YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO ME OR U DIEEEE >:S"
[23:22:55] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Twix, PM :)
[23:23:13] [CHAT] South Ferry: Rick Sanhez's current avatar is good.
[23:23:24] [CHAT] South Ferry: I believe I will go to Starpolar Wiki and begin contributing.
[23:23:41] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Ok, South Ferry. I hope you have fun
[23:23:48] [CHAT] Twixtie: oml what is his avatar
[23:23:57] [CHAT] Twixtie: Dx
[23:23:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: Odysseus
[23:24:00] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: I honestly don't know, sorry
[23:24:28] [CHAT] Twixtie: oi HP i didnt get ur PM
[23:24:37] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: what about Odysseus?
[23:24:54] [CHAT] Rick Sanhez: he's my icon
[23:24:57] [CHAT] Twixtie: wait a sec
[23:25:07] [CHAT] Twixtie: why cant he go on CC and say that??
[23:25:16] [CHAT] South Ferry: Rick is trying to fix SPW, very good
[23:25:21] [CHAT] Twixtie: CC isnt really your chat...
[23:25:22] [CHAT] South Ferry: He is marking pages for deletion
[23:25:30] [CHAT] South Ferry: He will soon revert SP to it's previous state
[23:25:47] [CHAT] Rick Sanhez: don't assume stuff you don't know
[23:25:48] [CHAT] Twixtie: can ya make rules for meh?
[23:25:51] [CHAT] Twixtie: XD
[23:26:18] [CHAT] Rick Sanhez: SP was one guy making reviews on a wiki where 1-2 people also edited at weird times
[23:26:19] [CHAT] South Ferry: Nvm, I was incorrect
[23:26:27] [CHAT] South Ferry: Seems Rick is still doing his thing there
[23:26:43] [CHAT] South Ferry: I believe the guy was Fatal Disease and another guy.
[23:26:56] [CHAT] Rick Sanhez: simba, username was gator something
[23:27:01] [CHAT] Twixtie: has south always talked like this?
[23:27:07] [CHAT] Rick Sanhez: G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY
[23:27:12] [CHAT] South Ferry: I have always talked like this, yes.
[23:27:38] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Indeed, he has
[23:27:40] [CHAT] Rick Sanhez: he was blocked across every creepypasta network wiki for plaigirism and tpw still mocks him for it
[23:28:17] [JOIN] Rick Sanhez has joined Team Demon Light.
[23:28:26] [CHAT] South Ferry: So on SP, seems what you do is
[23:28:41] [CHAT] South Ferry: Make a page, add every image to it,
[23:28:56] [CHAT] South Ferry: and add letter categories
[23:28:58] [CHAT] Rick Sanhez: i stopped
[23:29:05] [CHAT] South Ferry: What are you doing there now?
[23:29:15] [CHAT] Rick Sanhez: those were the pages i marked for deletion
[23:29:54] [CHAT] South Ferry: That must have taken a lot of effort
[23:29:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: What is your current agenda there?
[23:30:04] [CHAT] Rick Sanhez: nothing
[23:30:30] [CHAT] Rick Sanhez: or more accurately
[23:30:48] [CHAT] South Ferry: So you are just marking them for the hell of it?
[23:31:06] [CHAT] Rick Sanhez: i tried to get an admin to delete them but he didn't
[23:31:16] [CHAT] Rick Sanhez: so i'm just leaving it like it is
[23:32:08] [CHAT] Rick Sanhez: i'd prefer we stop discussing this in main
[23:32:11] [CHAT] Rick Sanhez: pm
[23:32:34] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: I was about to ask you two to take it to PM but you have done it yourselves. Thank you :)
[23:33:46] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me is laughing hard. "Brick banned me at his test wiki I never thought i would get banned by him." (he was testing something out)
[23:34:08] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: /me hugs Mess
[23:34:17] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Well, tests will be taken.
[23:34:21] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: /me hugs back
[23:34:33] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: it was funny
[23:35:22] [CHAT] Twixtie: ha ha ha ha ha..
[23:35:27] [CHAT] Twixtie: l o l
[23:35:36] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: /me hugs Twix tightly
[23:35:56] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: [[Rules for South Ferry]] Best page on the whole wiki. ;)
[23:35:56] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: i am bored
[23:36:04] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: korra is right
[23:36:05] [CHAT] Twixtie: nyah
[23:36:09] [CHAT] Twixtie: oi korra
[23:36:11] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hi, I am bored. I'm Korra. (wave)
[23:36:19] [CHAT] Twixtie: hey hey
           [CHAT] KIT?!
           [CHAT] MY KIT?
           [CHAT] MY KITTY KIT?
[23:36:20] [CHAT] Twixtie: XDDDD
[23:36:27] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: How did you get that?
[23:36:33] [CHAT] Twixtie: secrets ;)
[23:36:35] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Like, for real how?
[23:36:52] [CHAT] Twixtie: /me feels the PLL song coming
[23:36:54] [CHAT] Twixtie: ...
[23:36:55] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Oh no
[23:36:58] [CHAT] Twixtie: got a secret can ya keep it
[23:37:06] [CHAT] Twixtie: swear this one you will.. HELP ME
[23:37:07] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: PLL?
[23:37:21] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Pretty Little Liars.
[23:37:27] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: what is that
[23:37:33] [CHAT] Twixtie: qwkjdflwf taking this one to the grave.. I CANT STOP
[23:37:43] [CHAT] Twixtie: mk im done
[23:37:49] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: !google Pretty Little Liars
[23:37:50] [CBOT] SlendyBot:
[23:37:54] [CHAT] Twixtie: just too lazy to write the rest of the words
[23:38:17] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: @korra so its a movie?
[23:38:47] [CHAT] Rick Sanhez:
           [CHAT] er... ferry i guess
[23:38:57] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: XDXDXD
[23:39:02] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: XDXDXD
[23:39:07] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: It's a TV series about insanely hot girls, Scar.
[23:39:11] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD
[23:39:21] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: i knew korra would like that
[23:39:22] [CHAT] South Ferry: It would be better to say there are no breaks on the one train, or perhaps the W train, as both of those go to South Ferry terminal - Whitehall Street.
[23:39:32] [CHAT] Twixtie: No its not korra
[23:39:33] [CHAT] South Ferry: Scarlet Outlaw should go to SOuth Ferry terminal,
[23:39:33] [CHAT] South Ferry: it is a good place
[23:39:38] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: no
[23:39:50] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: i don't need to get  on a damn ferry
[23:40:09] [CHAT] South Ferry: Nah
[23:40:09] [CHAT] South Ferry: Just to visit the station
[23:40:20] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Station?
[23:40:31] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Where is this "station"?
[23:40:37] [CHAT] Twixtie: they are trying to solve their best friends murder, but this A person keeps on harassing them and making their life hell A is always 1 step ahead of everything
[23:40:42] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: RIck, PM.
[23:40:45] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Oh
[23:40:50] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: So A is their JMurph?
[23:40:58] [CHAT] Twixtie: Jmurph isnt real
[23:41:09] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: wtf?
[23:41:13] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: what]
[23:41:14] [CHAT] Twixtie: A better than Jmurph
[23:41:19] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: JMurph is real
[23:41:22] [CHAT] Twixtie: A's
[23:41:23] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: A isn't real, JMurph is real.
[23:41:25] [CHAT] Twixtie: better
[23:41:27] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Twixtie, JMurph is unfortunately real. Without him, my life would be complete
[23:41:38] [CHAT] South Ferry: What
[23:41:43] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: West said once "I'M NOT JMURPH I'M BETTER THEN JMURPH"
[23:41:53] [CHAT] South Ferry: So Jacob Murph stopped your life from progressing?
[23:42:09] [CHAT] Twixtie: more like more pathetic than murp
[23:42:12] [CHAT] Twixtie: hahsha
[23:42:19] [CHAT] Twixtie: im gonna call him murp now
[23:42:39] [CHAT] South Ferry: WestHeater and Jacob Murph are the same person,
[23:42:43] [CHAT] South Ferry: for anyone who was wondering.
[23:42:44] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: South, he ruined my life.
[23:42:49] [CHAT] Twixtie: how
[23:42:50] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: same
[23:42:58] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: i ruined mine too
[23:42:59] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: He tore a hole into my life
[23:42:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: How did Jacob Murph ruin your life?
[23:43:00] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: he*
[23:43:01] [CHAT] South Ferry: He is some guy over the internet.
[23:43:01] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: JMurph and West aren't the same person
[23:43:02] [CHAT] Twixtie: tell an adult
[23:43:20] [CHAT] South Ferry: Jacob Murph is a young adult who lives in Dallas, Texas.
[23:43:22] [CHAT] Twixtie: stop trying to deal with it yourself
[23:43:28] [CHAT] Twixtie: sorry but its true
[23:43:38] [CHAT] South Ferry: Why do you even need an adult?
[23:43:43] [CHAT] South Ferry: He is an online troll from Texas, what can he do?
[23:44:15] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: he lives close to us he could do anything
[23:44:16] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: ^
[23:44:22] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: @South.
[23:44:24] [CHAT] Twixtie: be a cowboy
[23:44:26] [CHAT] Twixtie: @south
[23:44:45] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Twix, PM
[23:44:46] [CHAT] South Ferry: You believe Jacob Murph will come to your house and assault you?
[23:44:59] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: idk
[23:45:03] [CHAT] Devil entity: back.
[23:45:15] [CHAT] Devil entity: is the anti lag system in?.
[23:45:17] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Welcome back, Devil entity
[23:45:18] [CHAT] Twixtie: highly unlikely
[23:45:19] [CHAT] Rick Sanhez: if you do then inform the police
[23:45:35] [CHAT] Twixtie: inform the cowboy police
[23:45:40] [CHAT] Devil entity: what happened when i was gone?.
[23:45:43] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Dev, sadly, no anti-lag system can be built.
[23:45:44] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Guys, can I very quickly hold a live vote here in main?
[23:45:44] [CHAT] South Ferry: Jacob Murph is an online troll who lives in Dallas, Texas, far away from you. He cannot do anything.
[23:45:59] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: he lives 2 hours from us
[23:46:01] [CHAT] Rick Sanhez: inform this man
[23:46:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: /me informs that man
[23:46:35] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: we used a IP tracker too see how far he was from us
[23:46:37] [CHAT] Twixtie: TELL THE COWBOY POLICE
[23:46:50] [CHAT] Devil entity: i'm supersized that Twixtie is still here..
[23:46:56] [CHAT] Twixtie: YYYEEEEEE HAR
[23:46:57] [CHAT] Twixtie: ow
[23:47:08] [CHAT] South Ferry: All Jacob Murph will do is spam your chats.
[23:47:14] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: dang i need to do chores
[23:47:14] [CHAT] Devil entity: (not to be rude)
[23:47:23] [CHAT] Twixtie: what does thatmean???
[23:47:42] [CHAT] Twixtie: that mean***
[23:47:43] [CHAT] Twixtie: XD
[23:47:43] [CHAT] South Ferry: You all think of him as being able to come to your house, yet you joke about him from time to time.
[23:47:43] [CHAT] Devil entity: nevermind
[23:47:43] [CHAT] Twixtie: bUT WUt
[23:47:43] [CHAT] Twixtie: nawh tell me
[23:47:54] [CHAT] Devil entity: *throws twixtie a cookie
[23:47:59] [CHAT] Devil entity: better?
[23:48:03] [CHAT] Twixtie: NO
[23:48:07] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I'm a big boy now. XD
[23:48:16] [CHAT] Twixtie: /me throws rock at him
[23:48:17] [CHAT] Devil entity: *throws korra a cokkie
[23:48:20] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Can I hold a live vote in main?
[23:48:23] [CHAT] Twixtie: not really @korra
[23:48:24] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I can do JS, CSS, and I made two infoboxes today.
[23:48:27] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Its will be really quick
[23:48:28] [CHAT] South Ferry: A vote on what?
[23:48:30] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I'm a big boy. XD
[23:48:33] [CHAT] South Ferry: Ah, Korra can do JS.
[23:48:41] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Some of it.
[23:48:44] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: korra your yo young
[23:48:49] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: *to
[23:48:53] [CHAT] South Ferry: Alright Korra, make a front page consisting of borders, columns, and also customize the tabber aswell.
[23:49:00] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Who would like me to stay the way I am with a high amount of maturity?
[23:49:11] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: not me
[23:49:11] [CHAT] South Ferry: Michael I HPNG Shadow,
[23:49:11] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I'm too young for what?
[23:49:24] [CHAT] South Ferry: are you holding a vote on whether you should change your personality?
[23:49:25] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: korra u aint a big boy yet
[23:49:32] [CHAT] South Ferry: This is your personality, and no one elses.
[23:49:35] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: No, my maturity
[23:49:42] [CHAT] Devil entity: he's to young to get out of the nest???.
[23:49:54] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: devil he aint a bird
[23:49:57] [CHAT] South Ferry: Same thing in relation to this conversation, my point still stands.
[23:49:59] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Hi
[23:50:02] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hi.
[23:50:03] [CHAT] Devil entity: no it's a saying
[23:50:06] [CHAT] South Ferry: This vote shall not be held, and you shall decide yourself.
[23:50:09] [CHAT] Twixtie: hey cheese
[23:50:11] [CHAT] South Ferry: Welcome, Chase McFly.
[23:50:29] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: twix its chase not cheese
[23:50:36] [CHAT] Twixtie: i like cheese better
[23:50:43] [CHAT] Devil entity: cheese cake?.
[23:50:44] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Hi Keypaygay
[23:50:46] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Who wants me to lower my maturity a little?
[23:50:57] [CHAT] Chase McFly: What do you mean Shadow?
[23:50:59] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: I think that
[23:51:02] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: you should stay mature
[23:51:04] [CHAT] Twixtie: not me
[23:51:04] [CHAT] South Ferry: What the hell is lowering your maturity?
[23:51:10] [CHAT] South Ferry: Make your own choice.
[23:51:12] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Ok Korra, your vote has been locked
[23:51:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: but address us by Korra and Mess and etc
[23:51:17] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: not out full usernames
[23:51:19] [CHAT] South Ferry: Do not let people control you, like how Jacob Murph is trolling you.
[23:51:20] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Ok
[23:51:23] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: *our*
[23:51:35] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: South, he can't do anything to me.
[23:51:40] [CHAT] South Ferry: Speaking of Jacob Murph, I wonder how the Deception Brawl - The Real Murph pact is doing.
[23:51:42] [CHAT] Twixtie: I like it when he does that
[23:51:43] [CHAT] Devil entity: anyone want a bed time story?>
[23:51:46] [CHAT] Devil entity: .*
[23:51:47] [CHAT] South Ferry: He can ruin your life, apparently.
[23:51:52] [CHAT] South Ferry: You said it yourself.
[23:52:05] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: so south ferry saids the full name that being formal nothing to do with maturity korra
[23:52:09] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Rick deleted the rules for South page
[23:52:10] [CHAT] Twixtie: OOO
[23:52:16] [CHAT] Twixtie: CAN I SAY A BEDTIME STORY?@
[23:52:18] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: But Shadow is becoming another South Ferry.
[23:52:22] [CHAT] South Ferry: That was a sensible decision by the bureaucrat Rick Sanhez.
[23:52:23] [CHAT] Devil entity: sure?.
[23:52:26] [CHAT] Twixtie: I HAVE REALLY GOOD ONES
[23:52:30] [CHAT] South Ferry: Michael I HPNG Shadow and I are completely different.
[23:52:33] [CHAT] Devil entity: mine are real..
[23:52:34] [CHAT] Rick Sanhez: no plz
[23:52:38] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: I agree, south
[23:52:41] [CHAT] South Ferry: What is wrong, Sanhez?
[23:53:03] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Belle hasn't been back online since Brick banned her. Lol.
[23:53:18] [CHAT] Rick Sanhez: how can south and micheal be the same when micheal said i was south
[23:53:19] [CHAT] Devil entity: what happened?.
[23:53:21] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: who is brick
[23:53:31] [CHAT] Twixtie: im lost
[23:53:34] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: OneFootTallBrickWall
[23:53:38] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: oh
[23:53:39] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: ^
[23:53:40] [CHAT] Rick Sanhez: [[w:User:TheOneFootTallBrickWall]] @scar
[23:53:40] [CHAT] Twixtie: lol
[23:53:41] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Shadow has had a personaitly change.
[23:53:51] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: he banned me too on his test wiki lolol
[23:53:52] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: He's more mature and I like that
[23:53:57] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: but he's lost his old self as well
[23:54:07] [CHAT] Twixtie: i havent changed :P
[23:54:25] [JOIN] Qstlijku has joined Team Demon Light.
[23:54:26] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: there is a way to be yourself and be mature i'm doing it Korra is doing it
[23:54:26] [CHAT] Chase McFly: KPG, yes you have
[23:54:26] [CHAT] South Ferry: Do you believe that Michael I HPNG Shadow has changed since the username change?
[23:54:35] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Q does it
[23:54:36] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Yes, tbh.
[23:54:37] [CHAT] Twixtie: how have i changed?
[23:54:40] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: Hi, Q. (wave)
[23:54:42] [CHAT] Messenger Deception: Hi Q (wave)
[23:54:43] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: korra, shadow is just more annoying he yelled at me earlier when i came onto the chat to talk and  i did nothing  wrong
[23:54:47] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: You haven't Twix
[23:54:48] [CHAT] Qstlijku: Hi
[23:54:50] [CHAT] South Ferry: Welcome, bureaucrat Qslijku.
[23:54:58] [CHAT] Chase McFly: You're kinda Scar combined with Mess and Amamnda KPG
[23:54:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: Scarlet Outlaw: Warning 1. Please do not cause drama in Main.
[23:55:06] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Scar, please don't cause drama because of what has happened in the past
[23:55:07] [CHAT] Chase McFly: JK
[23:55:12] [CHAT] Qstlijku: !log
[23:55:13] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: KPG, you changed so much everyone thought you were impersonating youself.
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[23:55:21] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: *yourself*
[23:55:23] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: chase wtf are u trying to say
[23:55:28] [CHAT] Twixtie: hahahahhahaha
[23:55:29] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Hi Q
[23:55:34] [CHAT] Twixtie: OOOOO SHIZ IS GONNA GO DOWN
[23:55:40] [CHAT] Twixtie: i can feeeeel it
[23:55:40] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Scar I was making a joke
[23:55:41] [CHAT] Devil entity: lol.
[23:55:52] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: chase i didn't see it as a joke
[23:55:54] [CHAT] Twixtie: /me places scar and chase in a ring together
[23:55:55] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Or maybe KPG is your kid
[23:55:59] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: there was no lol or hahahahahah
[23:56:11] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: chase wtf
[23:56:12] [CHAT] Twixtie: fight fight fight fight fight!
[23:56:12] [CHAT] Chase McFly: There was a JK
[23:56:14] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: now thats weird
[23:56:56] [CHAT] Devil entity: i'm so confused..
[23:56:56] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Scar I'm just messing around
[23:57:03] [CHAT] Twixtie: O-O
[23:57:04] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: ok what ever man
[23:57:11] [CHAT] Twixtie: DEVIL BE QUIET
[23:57:15] [CHAT] Twixtie: WHAT
[23:57:16] [CHAT] Twixtie: NO
[23:57:19] [CHAT] Devil entity: ????.
[23:57:20] [CHAT] Twixtie: ITS CANT END
[23:57:23] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: devil in I
[23:57:26] [CHAT] Twixtie: IT*
[23:57:29] [CHAT] Devil entity: twix it just did.
[23:57:30] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: Twixtie, please lower the caps
[23:57:30] [CHAT] Chase McFly: /me looks at Scar in the ring saying "Fu** You Chase"
[23:57:33] [CHAT] South Ferry: Let's discuss the Community reaction to the re-branding of Wikia to | FANDOM | Powered by Wikia.
[23:57:36] [CHAT] Twixtie: ....
[23:57:42] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: chasee wtf
[23:57:46] [CHAT] Twixtie: waddid ya just say to meh HP
[23:57:46] [CHAT] Chase McFly: That was ages ago South
[23:57:49] [CHAT] South Ferry: Why did you censor the word fuck, Chase McFly?
[23:57:50] [CHAT] TheKorraFanatic: That's so old, South.
[23:57:51] [CHAT] Devil entity: *throws twix another cookie
[23:57:52] [CHAT] South Ferry: Indeed.
[23:57:59] [CHAT] South Ferry: What was the Community Reaction?
[23:58:00] [CHAT] Chase McFly: Scar it's what you always say to me
[23:58:05] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: /me eats cookie
[23:58:06] [CHAT] Michael I HPNG Shadow: YES, South swore
[23:58:15] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: chase wtf man chill out
[23:59:24] [CHAT] Scarlet Outlaw: /me eats 1000000000  cookies
[23:59:35] [CHAT] Devil entity: wow...just wow...........
[23:59:45] [CHAT] Arch Wizard Megumin: my main account gets disabled in 17 days @south
[23:59:54] [CHAT] South Ferry: An interesting choice.
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