[11:58] <Qstlijku> How long has it been in the chat?
[11:58] <South Ferry> I will do it manually now.
[11:58] <C.Syde65> Done.
[11:58] <Qstlijku> Thanks
[11:59] <Qstlijku> Oh
[11:59] <TheKorraFanatic> "I will do it manually now"
[11:59] <Qstlijku> It actually didn't work (therp) 
[11:59] <TheKorraFanatic> Huh???
[11:59] <Qstlijku> Mess why is Slendy not here?
[11:59] <Qstlijku> [[Special:Contribs/SlendyBot]]
[12:00] <South Ferry> Lisa Fiss is now 18.
[12:00] <Qstlijku> Nope!
[12:00] <Qstlijku> :P 
[12:00] <C.Syde65> Huh?
[12:00] <TheKorraFanatic> Tell me,
[12:00] <C.Syde65> What do you mean it didn't work?
[12:00] <TheKorraFanatic> Does she need an official age?
[12:01] <TheKorraFanatic> Ain't she that chick that heads in for a short amount of time and then heads out back again.
[12:01] <South Ferry> She is the chick that never appears. 
[12:01] <TheKorraFanatic> Oh yeah, that one.
[12:01] <C.Syde65> If you're meaning the bot, it did work.
[12:01] <South Ferry> Has Lisatticus been dissolved? 
[12:01] <Qstlijku> [[The Demon%27s Light Wiki:Chat/Logs/23 April 2018|The Demon's Light Wiki:Chat/Logs/23 April 2018]]
[12:01] <C.Syde65> It worked.
[12:01] <Qstlijku> Not immediately
[12:01] <Qstlijku> I'm assuming the bot just joined a few minutes ago?
[12:02] <C.Syde65> No. It's been around for more than just a few minutes.
[12:02] <Qstlijku> Well it didn't log anything till a few minutes ago
[12:02] <TheKorraFanatic> Yes, South.
[12:02] <TheKorraFanatic> It was dissolved ages ago.
[12:02] <C.Syde65> It's supposed to log automatically every so often.
[12:03] <South Ferry> Good.
[12:03] <South Ferry> Has Delvin been nerfed?
[12:04] <TheKorraFanatic> I am sorry,
[12:04] <TheKorraFanatic> but does Q know what today is?
[12:05] <TheKorraFanatic> Tf you call me on CCC, South?
[12:05] <Qstlijku> ^
[12:05] <South Ferry> Today is Ilpsyog day.
[12:05] <Qstlijku> brb
[12:05] <Qstlijku> Nope! @South
[12:05] <TheKorraFanatic> Yes, it is!
[12:05] <TheKorraFanatic> It's her sixteenth birthday today!
[12:05] <South Ferry> Not true.
[12:06] <TheKorraFanatic> Fuck off, Mr. Furry.
[12:06] <South Ferry> ll
[12:06] <South Ferry> kk\
[12:08] <TheKorraFanatic> I assume SlendyBot is non-canon now?
[12:08] <C.Syde65> What do you mean?
[12:09] <South Ferry> Syde BOT is currently the true bot.
[12:09] <South Ferry> While SlendyBot is fanmade.
[12:09] <Downtown Freezy> SlendyBot
[12:09] <Downtown Freezy> Is
[12:09] <Downtown Freezy> F*non
[12:09] <South Ferry> B****le B** was the original book.
[12:09] <South Ferry> Welcome, WEeGeE I.
[12:09] <Downtown Freezy> Book, eh?
[12:09] <C.Syde65> Both are true bots.
[12:10] <South Ferry> Yes.
[12:10] <TheKorraFanatic> B****le B** was a good man.
[12:10] <South Ferry> However, B*****le B** was made first as the book,
[12:10] <South Ferry> Syde BOT was then the original tv show based from the book,
[12:10] <South Ferry> And SlendyBot is the non-canon fanmade wiki
[12:10] <TheKorraFanatic> However,
[12:11] <Downtown Freezy> Ah
[12:11] <TheKorraFanatic> SlendyBot was made in the image of B****** B **.
[12:11] <South Ferry> Perhaps so.
[12:11] <Downtown Freezy> B****le B** is Teiko14's book, Syde BOT is the Demon's Light RP, and Slendy Bot is the Demon's Light Fanon wiki?
[12:11] <South Ferry> Perhaps so.
[12:12] <South Ferry> New rules:
[12:12] <TheKorraFanatic> by Dua Lipa.
[12:12] <South Ferry> --The word "meme" is to be suppressed, it is now forbidden to say it. --No more "another user would have been warned" to staff, regular civic servants. 
[12:13] <TheKorraFanatic> I reject those rules.
[12:14] <South Ferry> I see.
[12:14] <South Ferry> Why?
[12:14] <Alex.sapre> meme
[12:14] <TheKorraFanatic> Proposal:
[12:14] <TheKorraFanatic> We become an autocracy led by Goddess Aii.
[12:14] <Downtown Freezy> Aii is false.
[12:14] <Downtown Freezy> Praise Lord Seth.
[12:15] <TheKorraFanatic> Nope!
[12:15] <Downtown Freezy> I rememba
[12:15] <TheKorraFanatic> I see Q and MOH are in battle together.
[12:15] <C.Syde65> XD
[12:15] <TheKorraFanatic> Never do that again.
[12:15] <Downtown Freezy> South Ferry, in 2015, praised a user named "LOLSKELETONS"
[12:15] <TheKorraFanatic> For XD is the ultimate cringe.
[12:15] <Downtown Freezy> I do not know who LOLSKELETONS is
[12:15] <South Ferry> Never happened, Downtown Freezy.
[12:15] <TheKorraFanatic> Ah, LOLSKELETONS.
[12:15] <South Ferry> That was 2013, and even though it is a username, it is only right to still watch the caps.
[12:15] <Downtown Freezy> You have called him the lord or smth in FNaFF!
[12:16] <Downtown Freezy> In 2015!
[12:16] <C.Syde65> XD will be an emote. It can use the same emote that :D uses.
[12:16] <South Ferry> (XD)
[12:16] <South Ferry> Sure.
[12:16] <TheKorraFanatic> Brillant! :D 
[12:16] <South Ferry> Fantastic. :D 
[12:17] <Alex.sapre> D:
[12:18] <TheKorraFanatic> I've been on Wikia since December 2013, so yeah, there's certainly a good chance that I'll still be on Wikia today.
[12:18] <South Ferry> What?
[12:18] <TheKorraFanatic> It's obvious.
[12:19] <C.Syde65> If I've been on Wikia for a couple of years, I might as well be on Wikia for a couple more.
[12:19] <TheKorraFanatic> True, C.Syde65.
[12:19] <TheKorraFanatic> @SF
[12:19] <South Ferry> I have been on for around one presidential term.
[12:20] <South Ferry> 1 year, 92 days, 7 hours, 33 minutes and 18 seconds what is the significance of this?
[12:20] <TheKorraFanatic> Tell me, South Ferry,
[12:20] <TheKorraFanatic> Who is Jessica Jung?
[12:20] <South Ferry> Jessica Jung (born April 18, 1989), known professionally as Jessica, is an American singer, songwriter, actress, model, fashion designer, and businesswoman currently based in South Korea. 
[12:21] <TheKorraFanatic> That is the presidentcy length of Donald J. Trump.
[12:21] <TheKorraFanatic> True, South Ferry.
[12:21] <TheKorraFanatic> *presidency 
[12:21] <South Ferry> And how do you know this?
[12:22] <TheKorraFanatic> It was obvious.
[12:22] <South Ferry> How?
[12:22] <TheKorraFanatic> Because you mentioned a presidential term in your earlier statement.
[12:22] <TheKorraFanatic> And the dates you gave matched the round about time Trump has been in office.
[12:24] <South Ferry> I see, I see.
[12:25] <TheKorraFanatic> I see Zmario is currently battling a flock of ducks on Wikia Community Discord.
[12:25] <South Ferry> I see, I see.
[12:25] <TheKorraFanatic> I see that Jr Mime has a penguin avatar now.
[12:27] <TheKorraFanatic> Interestin'
[12:29] <Alex.sapre> qbert
[12:39] <Alex.sapre>
[12:39] <Alex.sapre> judging by that edit history
[12:39] <Alex.sapre> we have an educated user
[12:42] <TheKorraFanatic> I noticed.
[12:46] <Downtown Freezy> fascinatin
[12:47] <TheKorraFanatic> *Fascinatin'
[12:47] <Downtown Freezy>
[12:47] <Downtown Freezy> Fascinatin'...
[12:48] <C.Syde65> wb Mess! o/ 
[12:48] <Downtown Freezy> Tell me, TheKorraFanatic, what is the meaning of this?
[12:50] <TheKorraFanatic> It
[12:50] <TheKorraFanatic> It's my Steam profile.
[12:51] <Downtown Freezy> Correct
[12:51] <Downtown Freezy> You win
[12:52] <Alex.sapre> level 0 I see
[12:57] <Downtown Freezy> Do you know what is a good movie?
[12:57] <Downtown Freezy> Leon: The Professional is a good movie
[12:58] <TheKorraFanatic> Never heard of it.
[01:00] <Downtown Freezy> Watch it!
[01:00] <Downtown Freezy> It is a masterpiece!
[01:01] <South Ferry> Do you know what is a good song?
[01:01] <South Ferry> Kendrick Lamar - XXX. 
[01:01] <TheKorraFanatic> Syde, Discord DM.
[01:02] <TheKorraFanatic> Johnny don't wanna go to school, no mo, huh? @South
[01:03] <South Ferry> True.
[01:03] <South Ferry> I presume you have listened to it already?
[01:12] <TheKorraFanatic> Nope.
[01:12] <Alex.sapre> Kendrick rapped in Bad Blood
[01:13] <South Ferry> True.
[01:18] <TheKorraFanatic> I see I have 900 edits on Community Central now.
[01:21] <South Ferry> Just leave cc.
[01:22] <TheKorraFanatic> I see Popstar792 left.
[01:22] <TheKorraFanatic> I didn't even see them join, wtf.
[01:24] <An-Editor542> ~ Popstar792 has joined Team Demon Light. ~
[01:42] <TheKorraFanatic> I currently rule #ducks on CCD.
[01:44] <C.Syde65> How?
[01:44] <TheKorraFanatic> I'm the only one playing and I keep shooting a lot of ducks. :P 
[01:44] <C.Syde65> Ah.
[01:45] <An-Editor542> Ah.
[01:47] <TheKorraFanatic> Going AFK for a bit. o/ 
[01:48] <C.Syde65> o/ 
[01:48] <An-Editor542> Oh
[02:00] <TheKorraFanatic> Back.
[02:00] <TheKorraFanatic> Rip, it's only 9 PM and I'm already tired.
[02:02] <An-Editor542> Good.
[02:02] <An-Editor542> Enjoy it.
[02:17] <Alex.sapre> sleep
[02:18] <TheKorraFanatic> Someone must shoot that duck on CCD.
[02:18] <TheKorraFanatic> I have no bullets and it must die.
[02:47] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Hi.
[02:47] <TheKorraFanatic> Welcome, Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls.
[02:48] <C.Syde65> Jack! o/ 
[02:49] <TheKorraFanatic> I keep forgetting to send in a S:C/g.
[02:50] <Alex.sapre> john o/ 
[02:51] <TheKorraFanatic> Huh???
[02:53] <TheKorraFanatic> Someone must explain!
[02:54] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Affiliation: The Protagonists
[02:54] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> The Protagonists sounds like a band. :P 
[02:54] <TheKorraFanatic> True.
[02:54] <TheKorraFanatic> Affiliation: The Protagonists should be changed to Affiliation: Humankind. 
[02:55] <TheKorraFanatic> Otherwise, The Protagonists become the new Team Demon Light.
[02:55] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I did not think TDL would be full of fourth wall jokes lol.
[02:55] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> It also doesn't fit the setting as it's really not meant to be a comedy IIRC.
[02:55] <TheKorraFanatic> Indeed.
[02:56] <TheKorraFanatic> Now explain this shit.
[02:56] <Alex.sapre> you explain
[02:56] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I didn't know you knew Serbian. :P 
[02:56] <TheKorraFanatic> I haven't even edited there and this dude is messaging me.
[02:56] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> OML LOL.
[02:56] <Alex.sapre> he's a bot
[02:58] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Korra, your bot added so many unnecessary spaces. I'm using Ninja5Bot to fix it all now.
[02:59] <Alex.sapre> when fanatic bot gets dissed by ninja bot
[02:59] <TheKorraFanatic> LOL.
[02:59] <TheKorraFanatic> And it was probably the find and replace script that added all the unnecessary spaces, rip.
[02:59] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I use my bot manually. :P 
[03:00] <TheKorraFanatic> I can just bot myself and edit manually. :P 
[03:00] <TheKorraFanatic> So I use my actual bot for automated edits.
[03:00] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I'm using my bot so I don't spam for badges or edit numbers.
[03:01] <C.Syde65> I use my bot manually sometimes.
[03:01] <TheKorraFanatic> Same. ^
[03:01] <TheKorraFanatic> I talked to the elusive Ditto Duck Penguin on Discord the other day.
[03:01] <C.Syde65> Since I can't use AWB until I get a new PC, I sometimes have no choice.
[03:02] <C.Syde65> I've spoken to Ditto quite a few times recently.
[03:02] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> AWB isn't working for me for some reason so meh.
[03:02] <C.Syde65> My PC is outdated and it won't let me upgrade to a newer version of AWB until I get a new PC.
[03:04] <TheKorraFanatic> Bae is late.
[03:05] <TheKorraFanatic> <span style="text-decoration:line-through;"><span style="font-size:7pt;">I will make sure to attack her with kisses for being late.</span>
[03:05] <TheKorraFanatic> </span>
[03:05] <C.Syde65> lol.
[03:06] <TheKorraFanatic> She's online now!
[03:07] <TheKorraFanatic> Fuck you, Ninja5Bot.
[03:08] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yeah, tell it! :D 
[03:12] <Qstlijku> Mess PM
[03:12] <Qstlijku> ASAP
[03:12] <TheKorraFanatic> Ninja5Bot can't do it.
[03:12] <Qstlijku> Because I don't wanna stay here longer than I need to
[03:12] <TheKorraFanatic> Welcome, Qstlijku.
[03:12] <C.Syde65> o/ 
[03:12] <TheKorraFanatic> She says she has to refresh.
[03:12] <Qstlijku> ok
[03:13] <Alex.sapre> wow q
[03:13] <Alex.sapre> what's wrong with TDL :p 
[03:15] <C.Syde65> Nothing.
[03:18] <Qstlijku> Mess did you respond?
[03:19] <Qstlijku> Messenger of Heaven
[03:19] <TheKorraFanatic> Messenger of Heaven.
[03:20] <TheKorraFanatic> Kk.
[03:20] <Qstlijku> brb
[03:20] <Qstlijku> Mess are you going to reply? :/ 
[03:21] <TheKorraFanatic> I'll go tell her to.
[03:21] <Qstlijku> brb
[03:21] <TheKorraFanatic> Yo, tf
[03:21] <TheKorraFanatic> I am sorry, but we agreed to never kick each other.
[03:22] <C.Syde65> True.
[03:23] <TheKorraFanatic> Welcome, Q.
[03:23] <TheKorraFanatic> Seems MOH did not return.
[03:23] <C.Syde65> Aye.
[03:23] <C.Syde65> I wonder why.
[03:24] <Qstlijku> I saw she went away
[03:25] <C.Syde65> wb Mess! o/ 
[03:25] <TheKorraFanatic> She has returned, as informed.
[03:25] <C.Syde65> Knew she'd be back.
[03:25] <Qstlijku> Mess PM
[03:29] <Qstlijku> Heading out now
[03:29] <Qstlijku> \o 
[03:29] <TheKorraFanatic> o/ 
[03:29] <TheKorraFanatic> Probably gonna head out soon as well.
[03:29] <TheKorraFanatic> Very tired.
[03:29] <Alex.sapre> sad
[03:29] <Alex.sapre> o/ head outters
[03:29] <Alex.sapre> i'm joining you
[03:30] <Alex.sapre> \o 
[03:30] <TheKorraFanatic> \o 
[03:32] <TheKorraFanatic> The bot sucks cuz it ain't a assistant like its owner, eh? @JackNinja5DipperGravityFalls
[03:32] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yep.
[03:32] <TheKorraFanatic> Tell me,
[03:46] <TheKorraFanatic> (frustrated) 
[04:01] <C.Syde65> wb Mess! o/ 
[04:16] <TheKorraFanatic> Aii! <3
[04:16] <C.Syde65> Aii! o/ 
[04:16] <TheKorraFanatic> Fuck you, Syde!
[04:17] <Aiihuan> lol-
[04:17] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> :o 
[04:21] <C.Syde65> What?
[04:21] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Korra rood.
[04:21] <TheKorraFanatic> Korra gud.
[04:30] <An-Editor542> Dead chat
[04:31] <Aiihuan> Indeed.
[04:31] <TheKorraFanatic> Jindeed.
[04:31] <Aiihuan> Jidneed,
[04:31] <Aiihuan> * Jindeed.
[04:31] <TheKorraFanatic> Look.
[04:32] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Kindeed.
[04:32] <Aiihuan> Nope.
[04:34] <TheKorraFanatic> Tell me,
[04:34] <TheKorraFanatic> Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls,
[04:34] <TheKorraFanatic> Why tf do you have such a long name!
[04:34] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Ow! Pings!
[04:34] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> IDK.
[04:34] <Aiihuan> <span class="me-username">* <span>Aiihuan</span></span> pings Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls.
[04:34] <TheKorraFanatic> Oh, Jackninja5DipperGravityFall pings you, eh?
[04:35] <TheKorraFanatic> I did not expect this myself.
[04:35] <TheKorraFanatic> I never knew Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls pinged you.
[04:35] <Aiihuan> I did not know Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls pings you either.
[04:35] <Aiihuan> Interesting, Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls .
[04:35] <TheKorraFanatic> I just cannot believe Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls pings him.
[04:35] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> There we go. Now the ping is something you are not allowed to say. >:D
[04:35] <Aiihuan> :C
[04:43] <An-Editor542> kk
[04:43] <TheKorraFanatic> Tell me,
[04:43] <TheKorraFanatic> Ehsy is the significance of March 11th, 2019?
[04:43] <An-Editor542> <span class="me-username">* <span>An-Editor542</span></span> tells Korra
[04:43] <TheKorraFanatic> Um..
[04:43] <TheKorraFanatic> *What
[04:45] <TheKorraFanatic> Aiii. ;;; - ;;;;
[04:47] <TheKorraFanatic> bts
[04:47] <TheKorraFanatic> bangtan!
[04:47] <TheKorraFanatic> rm
[04:47] <TheKorraFanatic> Aii! <3
[04:47] <Aiihuan> >:C
[04:47] <C.Syde65> wb Aii! o/ 
[04:47] <Aiihuan> Hi. < 3
[04:47] <TheKorraFanatic> Huh???
[04:47] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Thank lord my ping survived.
[04:47] <TheKorraFanatic> Why, Aii!
[04:48] <Aiihuan> What!
[04:48] <TheKorraFanatic> Why did you <3 Syde!
[04:49] <Aiihuan> It was to you.
[04:49] <Aiihuan> Not him!
[04:49] <TheKorraFanatic> Who is you???
[04:49] <Aiihuan> To the one I responded, who else!
[04:49] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Korra is the stereotypical mistrusting boyfriend. XP
[04:49] <TheKorraFanatic> Nope.
[04:49] <TheKorraFanatic> Issa meme.
[04:49] <TheKorraFanatic> I am sorry, but I trust Aii!
[04:49] <Aiihuan> : p
[04:50] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I was joking too lmao.
[04:50] <TheKorraFanatic> I know that.
[04:50] <C.Syde65> I don't believe that.
[04:50] <TheKorraFanatic> So get the fuck out NOW.
[04:50] <Aiihuan> Believe what.
[04:50] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> OK Bye.
[04:50] <C.Syde65> You didn't respond with hi until I said wb.
[04:50] <TheKorraFanatic> Bye. o/ 
[04:50] <TheKorraFanatic> Nice knowing ya.
[04:50] <Aiihuan> I was lagging.
[04:50] <Aiihuan> So it came a bit late after ">:C".
[04:51] <C.Syde65> Either way, I didn't take it the wrong way.
[04:51] <TheKorraFanatic> Head out, Jack!
[04:51] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I already did.
[04:51] <TheKorraFanatic> No!!
[04:53] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> If I leave, you're just gonna ask me to come back. :P 
[04:53] <TheKorraFanatic> We don't discuss that!
[04:54] <TheKorraFanatic> Tell me, JN5DGF,
[04:54] <TheKorraFanatic> You gonna apply for bureaucrat of ESB?
[04:54] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> No.
[04:54] <TheKorraFanatic> True.
[05:00] <TheKorraFanatic> Tell me,
[05:01] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> ?
[05:02] <Aiihuan> Tell you what. : p
[05:02] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Ah well.
[05:02] <Aiihuan> Test.
[05:02] <Aiihuan> Oh, he left.
[05:03] <TheKorraFanatic> I died.
[05:03] <TheKorraFanatic> Anywaysss
[05:03] <TheKorraFanatic> Tell me,
[05:03] <TheKorraFanatic> 
[05:03] <TheKorraFanatic> Why is White torch VSTF?
[05:03] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Dying is my job.
[05:03] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> IDK.
[05:03] <Aiihuan> If you died, what are yuo doing here?
[05:03] <Aiihuan> * you
[05:04] <Aiihuan> Is it your... ghost?! D:
[05:04] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I'm Kenny.
[05:04] <C.Syde65> I'm not sure why they are still VSTF.
[05:04] <TheKorraFanatic> The ghost of end differently. 
[05:04] <TheKorraFanatic> @Aii
[05:04] <Aiihuan> D:
[05:04] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> TBH I'm not sure why many still are.
[05:04] <TheKorraFanatic> I am sorry,
[05:04] <C.Syde65> True.
[05:04] <TheKorraFanatic> But White torch ain't edited since 2016.
[05:05] <Aiihuan> Woah.
[05:05] <C.Syde65> Looks like they are overdue for a clean out.
[05:05] <TheKorraFanatic> Ain't no cleanout.
[05:05] <TheKorraFanatic> I am sorry,
[05:05] <TheKorraFanatic> but most people won't even know if they demoted White torch.
[05:05] <TheKorraFanatic> Most people probably don't even know he exists.
[05:05] <C.Syde65> Several of the newer VSTF are active, but a lot of the older ones aren't.
[05:06] <TheKorraFanatic> Like Lady Lostris.
[05:06] <TheKorraFanatic> She only edits Avatar Wiki.
[05:06] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> TBH, only Ripto, Mime, FalconX, DeXart, Minato and Laundry Machine actually do shit.
[05:06] <TheKorraFanatic> True.
[05:06] <Aiihuan> I have seen Lady Lostris cleaning up spam sometimes.
[05:06] <C.Syde65> Lady Lostris used to be active, but now that you mention it, her activity has steadily declined.
[05:06] <TheKorraFanatic> Actually
[05:06] <TheKorraFanatic> I ain't seen LM do shit.
[05:06] <TheKorraFanatic> Though he's still nwe.
[05:06] <TheKorraFanatic> *new
[05:07] <C.Syde65> I wonder why TK is still VSTF.
[05:07] <TheKorraFanatic> Hmm, same.
[05:07] <TheKorraFanatic> Seeing as Helper as <span style="font-style:italic;">every</span> VSTF tool.
[05:07] <TheKorraFanatic> And he's also staff.
[05:08] <TheKorraFanatic> He's like a mega-god or something.
[05:08] <C.Syde65> He seems to have stopped living up to his position as VSTF so much, in favour of his position as Staff.
[05:08] <C.Syde65> Helpers have all but a few VSTF tools.
[05:08] <TheKorraFanatic> He's the only volunteer I've seen with that many roles.
[05:08] <C.Syde65> Yeah.
[05:09] <TheKorraFanatic> He had more, but he removed himself as CCC mod and coucilor.
[05:09] <TheKorraFanatic> Must've got tired of being a god. (think) 
[05:09] <C.Syde65> Non-Support Staff seem more likely to have more than just the conventional Staff rights than the Support Staff do.
[05:09] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> TBH Staff only choose their friends for global roles nowadays.
[05:10] <C.Syde65> I've counted up the Support Staff, and none of them seem to have anything other than conventional Staff rights.
[05:10] <TheKorraFanatic> Interestin', JN5DGF.
[05:10] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Well, except maybe Councillor.
[05:10] <TheKorraFanatic> I am sorry, but I got chosen for a global role and I am a nobody.
[05:10] <TheKorraFanatic> I am sorry,
[05:10] <Aiihuan> I mean, I am not really friend with any Staff and yet I was invitied to Vanguard, lol.
[05:11] <TheKorraFanatic> but Councilor is their preferred users.
[05:11] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Well, there have been a few who have legit earned global rights.
[05:11] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> The new VSTF are good examples.
[05:11] <C.Syde65> Content-Reviewer doesn't count because it's a Staff only role, and several Staff have Fandom Editor so that doesn't count either.
[05:11] <TheKorraFanatic> I think /most/ people have earned it.
[05:11] <Aiihuan> Yeah.
[05:11] <Aiihuan> And it is good to not assume otherwise unless there is a solid proof.
[05:11] <C.Syde65> What about me? I'm not really friends with any Staff either, and I became Council.
[05:12] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Yeah, you're probably right. I really do need to calm down with rants at times.
[05:12] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I did say except Councillor.
[05:12] <C.Syde65> Oh.
[05:12] <TheKorraFanatic> Bye.
[05:12] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Bye.
[05:12] <TheKorraFanatic> Aii is in charge because she's amazing. <3
[05:12] <Aiihuan> < 3
[05:13] <TheKorraFanatic> Stayy cute, Aii.
[05:13] <TheKorraFanatic> Ly. <3
[05:13] <TheKorraFanatic> Byee.
[05:13] <TheKorraFanatic> kick TheKorraFanatic
[05:13] <TheKorraFanatic> Oh.
[05:13] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> LEL.
[05:13] <TheKorraFanatic> Never LEL again!
[05:13] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> LAWL.
[05:13] <Aiihuan> lel-
[05:13] <TheKorraFanatic> Cute, Aii.
[05:13] <C.Syde65> Sactage had quite a few rights when she was an Intern.
[05:13] <TheKorraFanatic> Tf is a "LAWL"
[05:13] <Aiihuan> Kick yourself already, lel-
[05:13] <TheKorraFanatic> Stop being cute. > . >
[05:14] <TheKorraFanatic> Bye!
[05:14] <Aiihuan> Kick yourself, lawl.
[05:14] <TheKorraFanatic> @kick TheKorraFanatic
[05:14] <TheKorraFanatic> Tf
[05:14] <Aiihuan> I am sorry,
[05:14] <Aiihuan> but if you keep it up, I will do it.
[05:14] <TheKorraFanatic> Oooh, that sounds hot.
[05:14] <TheKorraFanatic> Kick me please. ^^
[05:14] <Aiihuan> Leave. :}
[05:14] <TheKorraFanatic> Kick me, Aii. > . >
[05:14] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Uh oh.
[05:14] <Aiihuan> No.
[05:14] <Aiihuan> Kick yourself.
[05:14] <TheKorraFanatic> Kick me!
[05:14] <Aiihuan> Now.
[05:14] <Aiihuan> No.
[05:14] <TheKorraFanatic> Do it. > . >
[05:14] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> I will kick your ass, Korra. :P 
[05:14] <Aiihuan> No.
[05:14] <TheKorraFanatic> NO.
[05:14] <TheKorraFanatic> Bye. o/ 
[05:15] <Aiihuan> lmao
[05:15] <Aiihuan> Nice job, Jack. : p
[05:15] <Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls> Thanks.
[09:00] <Jamesb1> hi
[09:12] <C.Syde65> Hames! o/ 
[09:21] <Jamesb1> sup
[09:28] <C.Syde65> The sky.
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