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Character Adoption Requests

Would you like to join in on The Demon's Light roleplay? This page is an opportunity to do just that, but with an already existing character that you can "adopt" to make your own.

In order to adopt a character page, the creator has to be retired from the community for, at least, four weeks or put their own character up for adoption.

How to file for adoption

So, you've decided to officially adopt a character page and you're wondering how to do that? In order to file for adoption of any page, you'll need to go to The Demon's Light Wiki talk:Character Adoption Requests and fill out this form. First, you'll need to create a section named after the character you want to adopt, for example, "Xeren." Then you'll need to fill out the following:


Link to character page:

Reason why you want to join the role-play as this character:

After you do all that, your request will be linked on the Discord server and RP participates will vote and decide if your adoption is successful or not.