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The Demon's Light is a powerful source of energy that was once the soul of Xeren. It functions both as a powerful, unlimited power source, as well as possibly the most powerful artifact for one to acquire on Euclid. It manifests as a metaphysical force, a travelling, moving streak of red light. It is highly unstable, and can decay agriculture and humans, empower humans, or make humans insane.

Nobody recorded has ever been able to truly harness it, as in the control of Kaz it remains still unstable. The closest example is Xeren at his peak of power, during which he was an uninhibited god, whose omnipotence was blinded only by his good nature and trust in his creations.


"Long ago... The world was at peace. People and their lands flourished, war was a long-forgotten concept, only heard of in stories and legends. Technology was at an all-time high, inventors such as Andy Wellington, who was able to create robotic creations akin to humankind, being held in high esteem. Then one day, it all changed when Kaz, son of the god Xeren, employed a long almost forgotten dark magic to wrench the godly soul of Xeren from his body, turning the god into a horrific monster, leaving the world without a god. Xeren quickly laid set out on a path of destruction, with Kaz following behind him." —The Mysterious Light

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