The Demon's Light: Genesis is a roleplay series that serves as the prequel to The Demon's Light. The story is centered around the events that lead to Kaz stealing Xeren's soul causing the start of the post-apocalyptic war between the angels, demons, and humans.

Genesis starts with the beginning of the Great War. With Xeren in full power, the story portrays when Kaz betrays his father and indirectly starts a war based around power. After many years have passed, a man named Thero Ackerman forms the Xerthic Militia, to train and protect the human race.

Euclid faces its biggest threat ever, this war will continue until the Demons Light series begins. Before that time, the AM's original location in Xerthic is destroyed by the demons and later the whole continent, making the group of freedom fighters run to Thales.




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