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The Demon's Light is a roleplay series about five teenagers: Atticus Anoethite, Chris Wellington, Melissa Devlin, Marshall Rooke, and Savannah Whitesmith, all of whom are on a journey across a post-apocalyptic world that is caught in a struggle between angels and demons.


Season One

After finding themselves in an abandoned barn with no memories, Atticus Anoethite, Chris Wellington, Melissa Devlin, and Savannah Whitesmith set out to discover who they are. Along the way, they meet people such as Marshall Rooke and inadvertently cross paths with a very dangerous company.

Season Two

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Character Role
Season One
Season Two
Atticus Anoethite Main character
Chris Wellington Main character
Melissa Devlin Main character
Marshall Rooke Main character
Blossom Cane Main character
Wen Li Main character
Samuel Brownlee Main character
Steven Devlin Side character Mentioned only
Savannah Whitesmith Recurring character Main character
Gabriel Alchemilia Main antagonist
Da Chang Mentioned only Supporting character
Dexter Wellington Minor character Supporting character
John Fontaine Recurring antagonist Mentioned only
Jordan Walesh Supporting character
Lisa Fiss Minor character Supporting character
Richard Devlin Recurring character Supporting character
Yu Li Minor character Supporting character
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