The following article is a satire page written solely for the purpose of comedy and does not have any connections to the canon role-play The Demon's Light.

The Chad is the most important character in The Demon's Light.

Dramatic Backstory

The Chad crashed into Euclid millions of years ago on a comet made of titanium. He woke up and didn't have any idea who he was so he just kinda walked around and did tons of cool shit for a while.

Eventually, he met Gabriel Alchemilia and told him opening "the object known as a portal"[sic] would be a bad idea. Alchemilia ignored him because he's a meanie jerk face. After Gabe doomed Euclid to a thousand years of darkness, The Chad punched Xeren in the face to try and stop him but found that even his punches were not enough to break through his plot armor.

The Demons forced him deep in the Euclid's mantle. While the Chad was able to sustain himself in the lava due to sheer force of will, it would have eventually killed him had he not been saved by Chris Wellington.


  • Super Strength: He can lift whatever he wants to lift.
  • Laser Eyes: He can shoot lasers out of his eyes that's pretty cool.
  • Weaknesses: He can do literally none of these things if he isn't awake. Luckily, The Chad doesn't need to sleep.
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