Tessa Lancaster (also known as Queen of Thieves) is one of the main antagonists in The Demon's Light. She is Xeren's half-human daughter.


Tessa Lancaster is the oldest daughter of Xeren. Her mother had been a known thief in Silivia by the name of Melody Lancaster who raised her daughter to follow in her steps. She grew up to force a code upon the thieves and is now in charge of most of the thieves on Thales and a few other places. She has always known Xeren was her father and she despised her brother Kaz. Despite this, she often does favors for her half-brother. After befriending Melissa Devlin albeit while she was Vanessa, her evil alternative personality, she started becoming more friendly to Melissa and she becomes a more neutral character by aiding the protagonists but still remaining loyal to Xeren, her father. Kaz is suspicious but she often shuts him down when he tries to bring up their father.

Role In Series

Tessa enters the series in episode 8 of Season One as Beth a student in the lab after learning they were researching The Demon's Light in order to keep tabs on the investigation. She changed her appearance by changing her eyes to blue and darkening her skin tone.


She has chestnut hair with dark eyes she has a small pale scar on her jawline that could be easily noticed against her tanned skin. She is about 5'4 ft tall and weighs 99 lbs. She perfects dark clothes that often help her blend in with her surroundings.


Tessa is an evil, ruthless demon with the desire to kill. She can also be very protective, especially towards her father Xeren, and her best friend Melissa Devlin. After becoming friends with Melissa, she started to show her more friendly and nice side since she knew the girl needed help and disgusted with the actions of her brother she decided to aid the protagonists in their quest while remaining loyal to her father. Until his downfall in which her ambitions took over and she decided to fill his spot believing she could do better than her brother, after this she becomes a rather dark character.

Weapons and Abilities

Queen of Thieves has the ability to make hallucinations, In addition, she has the power to manipulate fire and use it at will. She is also able to easily blend into her surrounding though this is a skill she learned. She is also rather fast and has the ability to control certain objects. She has a black bow and arrows long with two small daggers that she had stolen from her years as a thief. She is also a master manipulator who can change her appearance when needed.


  • She is the daughter of Xeren, The Demon King. Her older brother is Kaz. She often switches being against him and sometimes on his side. Later she befriends the Protagonists after helping Melissa as a way to use the group to take down her older brother after her father's fall so she could take the role as The Demon Queen, while on this mission she becomes in conflict with her later discovered younger sister Savannah Whitesmith. She also as heavy sway over the thieves so she often uses them during the series to gain what she needs.
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